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unit3 computer language points_图文

language points

1.In pairs discuss what they have in common.
In common 常常同have连用,如: have nothing in common 无共同之处 have little in common 几乎无共同之处

have something in common
have a lot in common



(1)They have a lot________ and became good friends very soon. A.in common B. in case

C. in surprise D. in interest
common people (2)We are______________ (普通人), but we can do something well. In common with most Englishmen (3)_____________________________ ( 和多数英 国人一样), he enjoys football. is common (常见) in cold countries. (5)Snow____________ common sense 常识

3 work out a list and compare it with your partner. compare ……with 把……与……相比较 I compared the copy with the original, but there was not much difference.

compare with/ to与……相比(在句中做状语) compared with other girls, she is tall. 做“与……比较”时,既可以用with也可以用 to 但做“把……比作”只能用to

? He compared his camera with/ to mine. ? Books can be compared to friends.

? ? ? ? ? ?

4 calculating machine计算器 calculate计算 It is a traditional way to calculate one's age. calculator计算器 calculation计算 where did I go wrong in my calculation?

? ? ? ?

5 universal machine通用机器 universal 普遍的,通用的,宇宙的 Humor is a universal language. Climate change is a universal problem.

2.Although I was young, I could_________ simplify difficult sums. Vt. 简化
adj. simple 简单的,朴素的 sum in sum n. 总数,算术题,金额 总之

a large sum of 大量,许多(不可数名词) He gave me a large sum of food.

? in sum 总而言之 ? In sum, theory should be combined with practice. ? a sum of一笔 ? You will be fined a sum of money.

重点单词 1.calculate?
I began as a calculating machine in France in 1642. (回归课本P18)

Mary always calculates the cost of goods before she buys them.? 玛丽总是在买东西之前先估算好价钱。?

Mr.Li calculated that it would take him three hours to get to Shenzhen. ? 李先生估计他要花三个小时才能到达深圳。? What I said yesterday was not calculated to hurt you.? 昨天我说的话不是有意伤害你的。

calculate v.计算;打算;推测。? calculate on/upon指望;打算? It is calculated that...据估算??? be calculated to do打算做;故意做?

be calculated for适合于

即学即用 (1)这些广告旨在吸引年轻的单身消费者。?

The advertisements are calculated to attract young single consumers.
(2)据估算,去年至少丧失了47 000个工作。? It has been calculated that at least 47,000 jobs were lost last year.

1.I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.我发 育缓慢,差不多到了两百年之后,查尔斯·巴比

考点提炼 (1)“It took/was+一段时间+before 从句”是一个固定句型,意为“过了??后才??”。

①It didn’t take/was long (或一段时间) before...过了不久(一段时间)就???

②It will take/be long (或一段时间) before...要过很久(一段时间)才??? ③It won’t take/be long (或一段时间) before...不久(一段时间后)就会?? 2.As time went by,I was made smaller. 随着时间 的推移,我被制造得越来越小。? 考点提炼 句中的as是连词,引导 时间状语从句, 意为“ 一边??一边?? ”或“ 随着??”。 表示“随着??”时,也可以用with,但with后只 接名词短语。

7 logically逻辑的 They do not think logically, but emotionally. logical合逻辑的,合情理的

3.intelligence n.智力;聪明
intelligent adj. 有智力的;聪明的; 理解力强的 ①He is a person of great intelligence.

②海豚是有智力的动物。 A dolphin is an intelligent animal.

From then on, I grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower.

from ….on: 从….时起
from then on: 从那时起 从现在起

from now on

6. As time went by ,I was made smaller.
=With time going by 随着时间的流逝,….. go by ①(时间)过去,逝去 ②从……经过 ③遵循,以……来判断

As time goes by, my memory seems to get worse.
Did you see a boy go by on a bicycle?

That’s a good rule to go by.

原文再现 ① As time went by, I was made smaller.(译) 随着时间的推移,我被造得越来越小。 ② As I have grown older, I have also grown smaller.(译) 随着我年龄越来越大,我也变得越来越小。 观察探究 With time going on, we grow older.=As time goes on, we grow older.

D (1)As time________, she became more and more anxious about her son's safety.
A. passing B. going by C. passed D. goes by

B our anxiety grew. (2)With the time________,
A.goes by B. going by C.has gone by D.had gone by (3)Three months__________ before we knew it.


A. passed by

B. went C. went by

D. past

7. As a result, I totally changed my shape.
He got up late. As a result, he was late for the class.

as a result(=therefore ) As a result of(=because of)

结果,因此 因为…

result in 导致,结果为 result from 因为,源自

as a result
① It doesn't often rain in summer. As a result,we have to water the garden. ② As a result of the accident, he became lame(跛). 归纳:as a result意思是 结果 ,只能单独用; as a result of= because of , 意思是 因为,由于 。


A. 用as a result或as a result of 填空。 ① As a result of (由于)exercise,he has built up his health. As a result ② He got up late. (因此),he missed the early bus.

B. 翻译句子。 就我个人而言,我能解决这个难题。因此我没有向 老师求助。 Personally, I could solve the problem. As a result I didn’t ask the teacher for help/turn to the teacher for help. C. 请用as a result表 述图片内容。 He spent too much time in surfing the Internet. As a result, he fell asleep in class.

15 totally 总共的,完全的 I totally agree with you the total population of Britain.

8.And my memory became so large that I couldn’t believe it! so + 形容词(副词)+ that…. 如此….以致于 such + 名词 + that….
so that+ 句子 为了….,以致于 He is so clever that we like him very much. He is such a clever boy that we like him very much.


请用so…that…表述图片内容 2


因为太痴 迷于电脑 游戏才犯 了法

Picture 1. The boy has so much homework to do that he can’t get enough sleep.

Picture 2. He was so crazy about computer games that he broke the law

1) She told us _______ story that we all forget the time.

A.Such an interesting
C. So an interesting

B. such interesting a
D. a so interesting

2)He has ___ few friends that he often feels _____.
A.such; lonely B. such a; alone

C. so; lonely

D. so; alone

3)So loudly ______ that every one of the class could hear him. A. he spoke C. Spoke he B. did he spoke D. did he speak

so + 形容词(副词)在句首时,句子用倒装结构

17 application n 应用,用途,申请 He is busy writing a job application. application form申请表 make an application to sb for sth向某人申请

When should I make an application if I expect to enter the university? apply vt. 申请,请求 vi. 应用,运用 Any of them can apply for the job. In this way they can better apply theory to practice.

? 18 finance n 金融,财政 ? His father is an well-known expert in finance. ? Financial crisis ? Financial center

19 explore vt探究,探索 Before you discover , you must explore. Exploration n 探索 Space exploration is still in its infancy.

9. anyhow 无论如何,总之,反正

= anyway

Anyhow it’s worth trying.
也许会下雨,但我们无论如何都要去。(句末) It may rain, but we’ll go anyhow.

. anyhow adv. ① The door won’t open anyhow. ② Anyhow, it is worth trying. 归纳:anyhow = anyway意思是①无论如何 ② 不管怎样

② 结果,一些学生在考试中失败。不管怎样,他们 没有灰心(放弃)。(译) As a result, some students failed in the exam. Anyhow, they didn’t lose heart/give up.

Ⅲ. Consolidation
1. 完成句子 ①It rained heavily for three days. As a result (结果), many buildings were destroyed. ② With the help of (在……的帮助下) his friends, he finally solved the problem. ③ As time goes by/With time going by (随着时间的流 逝), computers are made more and more advanced. ④ He was so angry (that) (如此生气以致于) he left the room without saying a word. ⑤ In a/one/some way (在某种程度上), I am not quite against surfing the Internet.

2. 单项选择 ① Last summer I took a course on ______ A poisonous gases. A. how to deal with B. what to deal with C. how to be dealt with D. what to be dealt with ② ______ B time goes by, we grow wiser. ______ time going by, we grow wiser. A. With; As B. As; With C. When; As D. While; For ③ Susan advised me not to buy the vase, but I bought it ______. C A. however B. though C. anyhow D. therefore ④ I haven’t seen Ann for ______ C long that I have forgotten what she looks like.(08 四川) A. such B. very C. so D. too

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