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必修 3 Unit 4

Astronomy:the science of the stars 天文学:恒星科学
晨读· 记忆
Explore MKII

MKII, a planetbillions of kilometers away, is the origin of life in many religions. Physicists have proved the theory that its gentle climate and the pull of its gravity are similar to the earth’s. And astronomers have found that oxygen atoms and carbon dioxide, which are fundamental to life, exist in its atmosphere through satellites. Cheered up by this news, biologists, in their turn, began to do some research to remove people’s puzzles—Now that there are some suitable conditions, does life really exist on this globe? Do they multiply by laying eggs or giving birth to babies? Last month, a spaceship was sent there. It’s a pity that this mission failed. Unlike the earth, MKII is a much younger planet. Thus, masses of harmful acid clouds float everywhere causing violent chain reactions to break out. These clouds not only blocked outthe pilots’ sight but also damaged the engine system. Luckily, the pilots watched out carefully and prevented the spaceship from crashing in time. 探测 MKII 行星 MK 二号是一颗几十亿公里外的行星,它在许多宗教里都是生命起源的地方。物理学家已经证明了它温和的气 候和重力的牵引都和地球相似的理论;天文学家也通过卫星, 在它的大气层里发现了氧原子和二氧化碳的存在, 这些 都是对生命来说,都是基本的。受到这一消息的鼓舞,生物学家们接着开始了研究以解开人们的迷惑——既然有了 适合的条件,生命真的存在于这个星球吗?他们是通过下蛋,还是产仔来繁殖后代的呢? 上个月,一艘太空飞船被派到了那儿。可惜的是,这次任务失败了。不像地球,MK 二号是一颗年轻得多的行星。 因此,大团大团的有害酸云到处漂浮,引起猛烈的连锁反应的爆发。这些云团不仅阻挡了飞行员的视线,而且还损 坏了发动机系统。幸运的是,飞行员小心注意,才及时阻止了飞船的坠毁。

1._____________(n.) 2._____________(n.) 3._____________(n.) 4._____________(n.) 天文学 系统;体系;制度 太阳系 宗教;宗教信仰 →_____________(adj.) 9._____________(adj.) →_____________(adv.) →_____________(n.) 10._____________(n.) 11._____________(prep.) 12. _____________(adj.) 13.____________(adj.) →_____________(n.&v.) 全球性的;全世界的 猛烈的;激烈的;强暴的 猛烈地;强烈地;凶猛地 暴力;暴行 碳 不同;不像 基本的;基础的 有害的 损害;伤害;危害

→_____________(adj.) 宗教上的;虔诚的 5._____________(n.) 6._____________(n.) 学说;理论 原子

7._____________(pron.&n.&adj.) <英语>万亿;<美> 十亿 8._____________(n.) 球体;地球仪;地球

→_____________(adj.) 14._____________(n.) 15._____________(n.) →_____________(n.) 19._____________(adv.) 20._____________(n.) 21._____________(n.) → _____________(adj.) → _____________(adj.) 22._____________(n.) →_____________(n.) 23._____________(n.) 24._____________(n.) 25._____________(adj.)

无害的 酸 链子;连锁;锁链 存在;生存 因此;于是 二氧化物 迷;难题 (vt.&vi) (使)迷惑;(使)为难 感到迷惑的 令人迷惑的 生物学 生物学家 万有引力;重力 卫星;人造卫星 温和的;文雅的

16._____________(vt.&vi.)乘;增加 17._____________(n.) 18._____________(vi.) 26._____________(n.) →_____________(n.) 27._____________(n.) 28._____________(vt.&vi.) 29._____________(n.) 氧 存在;生存 物理学家 物理学 气候 碰撞;坠落 宇宙飞船

30._____________(n.&v.)拉(力);拖;牵引力 31._____________(vi.&vt.) 32._____________(n.) 33._____________(vt.) →_____________(adj.) (使)浮动;(使)漂浮(n.)漂浮物 小屋;船舱 用尽;耗尽;使精疲力尽 精疲力尽的;耗尽的

1.及时;终于 2.下蛋 3.产生;分娩 4.轮到某人;接着 5.阻止;制止 __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ 6.感到高兴;感到振奋 7.既然 8.突发;爆发 9.密切注视;当心;提防 10.挡住(光线) __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

1.What it was to become was uncertain until between 4.5 and 3.8 billion years ago when the dust settled into a solid globe.(教材 P25) 直到 45 亿到 38 亿年前,这团尘埃逐渐稳定下来变成了固定的球 体,它将成为什么仍然不得而知。 2.Why they suddenly disappeared still remains a mystery.(教材 P26) 他们为什么突然消失仍然是个谜。 3.This produced a chain reaction ,which made it possible for life to develop.(教材 P26) 这就产生了一系列的反应,使得生命有可能发展了。 4.“Oh,dear,”I cried,walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.(教材 P26) “天啊,”我大声说,“既然重力改变了,看来走路也的确需要练一 练了。” 5.But when I tried to step forward,I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.(教材 P31) 但是,当我试着向前迈步的时候,我发觉我被送出去很远,步子 的跨度是地球上的两倍远,因而我摔倒了。


Ⅰ.单词填空 1.Everyone was a bit____________(puzzle)by her sudden departure. 2.I consider that it is______________(harm) for students to play computer games ,though some of them don't think so. 3.Some believe in the______________(exist)of life on Mars,while others consider it as a myth. 4.It's_____________(like)him to be late;he's usually on time. 5.I could feel the wind______________(gentle) blowing through my hair ,it was a warm summer breeze. 6.Not all people are aware of the various effects of_______________ (globe)warming on Earth. 7.The__________(presence) situation cannot be allowed to continue. 8.Seeing the________(violence)scene,the girl trembled violently as she was afraid of violence. 9.Look!There is something_____________(float) on the water. 10.After the earthquake ,____________(billion) of people became homeless. Ⅱ.短语填空 go by,prevent from,as if,cheer up,break out,lay eggs,now that,get close to,depend on,get the hang of, block out ,in time 1.The government took immediate measures and the disease was________________spreading. 2.Our success________________whether everyone works hard. 3.It was difficult for the helicopters to________________the roof of the building because of the heavy smoke. 4.He_______________at once when I promised to help him. 5.They got to the airport by taxi just_______________for their flight. 6.____________you've passed your test,you can drive on your own. 7.Press the button when the light goes on,and you'll soon_________ _________it. 8.A fighting between the two friends________________,ending the friendship kept for many years. 9.She felt___________________she were floating in the air. 10.It was foolish of him to let the chance________________. 11.Please move that curtain as it is _______________ the light. 12.Not all the animals on the earth produce young by ____________ ________. Ⅲ.单句填词 1.She lost heart since she failed in the exam.She was_____________ about the future.(puzzle) 2.What____________the fans was that the young player performed well in the table tennis tournament.(delight) 3.The police will reward whoever___________________useful information to catch the robber. (provide) 4.They made _______clear to the public that they did an important and necessary job. 5.The heavy rain makes________impossible for us to go out. 6.Our city has experienced twice as___________rain this year as it did last year. 7.He has read three times________many books as I have. 8.This building is three times the_________of that one.(high) Ⅳ.单句改错 1.A fire broke off in the lower story during the midnight and soon the whole building was in flames. 2. The students were told that they are to meet at the school gate at eight o’clock the following afternoon.

3.Harry was puzzling that Dick didn’t seem to recognize him. 4.He has read three times as much books as I have. 5.The heavy rain makes impossible for us to go out. 6.After the earthquake ,million of people became homeless.

English or Chinglish?
好性感 You're so hot ! Being from Canada I tend to prefer cooler weather.One particularly hot day I walked into the classroom and one student, seeing hot sweaty I was, commented.“Teacher, you look so hot."Some students understood the double meaning of "hot"and laughed. What she could have said was“You must be uncomfortable in this heat. " 来自加拿大,所以我比较喜欢凉的天气。有一天非常热,当我走进教室一个学生看到我满身是汗就说: “Teacher,you look so hot.(老师,你看起来很性感)”一些学生知道“hot”有两个意思,因此都笑了。她应该 说的是:“You must be uncomfortable in this heat.(这么热的天气你肯定很难受)” Tip: In English, the word "hot" of course means“热”.But in spoken English, "hot" also means "very attractive" or "sexy(性感)”,so never say someone "looks hot" unless you really like them. 与“长得好看”相关的词汇: babe n.靓女 chic n.靓女 hunk n.帅哥 doll n.洋娃娃,玩偶 voluptuous adj.艳丽的 model material 模特胚子(特别适合当模特的人) head turner 漂亮的转头 He/She is trouble 让人冲动的帅哥/美女 ——摘自 Kirk Kenny《笑死我的英文书》

参考答案 I.单词盘点 1.astronomy 2.system 3.solar system 4.religion ;religious 5.theory 6.atom 7.billion 8.globe;global 9.carbon 10.atmosphere 11.unlike 12.fundamental 13.harmful;harm;harmless 14.acid 15.chain 16.multiply 17.oxygen 18.exist; existence 19.thus 20.dioxide 21.puzzle 22.biology; biologist 23.gravity 24.satellite 25.gentle 26.physicist; physics 27.climate 28.crash 29.spaceship 30.pull 31.float 32.mass 33.exhaust ;exhausted II.短语回顾 1.in time 2.lay eggs 3.give birth to 4.in one’s turn 5.prevent...from... 6.cheer up 7.now that 8.break out 9.watch out 10.block out IV.小试牛刀 Ⅰ.单词填空 1.puzzled 2.harmful 3.existence 4.unlike 9.floating 10.billions 5.gently6.global

7.present 8.violent Ⅱ.短语填空

1.prevented from 2.depends on

3.get close to4.cheered up 12.laying eggs

5.in time 6.Now that

7.get the hang of8.broke

out 9.as if 10.go by 11.blocking out Ⅲ.单句填词 1.puzzled

2.delighted 3.provides 4.it 5.it 6.much

7.as 8.height

Ⅳ.单句改错 1.off 改为 out 改为 millions 2.are 改为 were 3.puzzling 改为 puzzled 4.much 改为 many 5.makes 后面加 it 6.million

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