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【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总复习测试:完形填空专题 专题三 完形填空解题四防范

Cloze 1 There was a man who played the piano in a bar.He was a(n) 1 piano player.People came out just to hear him play.But one night,a customer told him he didn't want to hear him play but to sing a song.The man said,“I don't sing.” But the customer was 2 .He told the waiter,“I'm 3 listening to the

piano.I want that guy to sing.”The waiter shouted across the room,“Hey buddy! If you want to get had no 5 4 ,sing a song.The customers are asking you to sing!”So he 6 ,he sang so well that everybody 7 prolonged cheering.He had the

but to sing a song.To his

remained silent for a few minutes before they 8

he was sitting on! He may have lived the rest of his life as a noname piano

player in a noname bar, but because he had to sing, he went on to become one of the bestknown 9 in America.He was Nat King Cole.

You,too,have skills and abilities.You may not feel as if your “talent”is very great, but it may be 10 than you think! And with persistence, most skills can be

11 .Besides,you may as well have no ability at all if you sit on whatever talent you 12 ! The better question is not “what ability do I have?”It is rather “How will I use whatever ability I have?” 【语篇导读】 本文为议论文。短文通过一个普通的钢琴家成为一个著名歌

手的故事告诉我们一个道理:每个人都有才能和天赋。然而不管什么天赋,如果 熟视无睹,不加开发,任由埋没,你或许真的变得一无所获。 1. A.ordinary C.strange 解析 B.professional D.good

根据后面的 People came out just to hear him play.可以判断他是一位非

常优秀的钢琴演奏家。 答案 D

2.A.generous C.rude 解析 答案

B.persistent D.hard

persistent 意为“坚持不懈的;固执的”。 B B.fond of D.afraid of

3.A.tired of C.interested in 解析 答案

“我厌倦了听钢琴,我想听那个小伙子唱歌”。 A B.promoted D.inspired

4.A.changed C.paid 解析 答案 5.A.chance C.right 解析 答案 get paid 意为“得到报酬”。 C

B.choice D.space

have no choice but to do sth 意为“不得不做某事”。 B B.delight D.sorrow

6.A.surprise C.disappointment 解析 答案

他没有料到自己会唱得这么好。to one's surprise 令某人吃惊的是。 A B.called out D.burst into

7.A.shouted at C.burst out 解析

burst out doing sth=burst into sth 突然??; shout at 对??大声喊;

call out 大声叫唤。 答案 D B.opportunity D.gift

8.A.status C.emotion 解析

gift 在此意为“才能, 天赋”。 后面的. ..you may as well have no ability 12 ! 也有提示。

at all if you sit on whatever talent you 答案 D

9.A.pianists C.singers 解析 答案

B.dancers D.waiters

根据语境判断他成了美国最著名的歌唱家之一。 C B.better D.easier

10.A.worse C.smaller 解析 答案 你的才能比你想象的要好。 B

11.A.improved C.corrected 解析 答案

B.changed D.displayed

只要坚持不懈,大多数的技能是可以提高的。 A B.use D.borrow

12.A.possess C.master 解析 答案 possess 意为“拥有”。 A

Cloze 2 The Monkey with the Wooden Apples There once was a happy monkey in the jungle.He was wandering all days,eating delicious fruit when hungry and 1 when tired.One day he came upon a house, 2 .He took one in each hand and ran

where he saw a bowl of the most beautiful back into the forest.

The monkey tried to eat them,but hurt his teeth.The apples were made of wood, but they were beautiful, and when the other monkeys even tighter. The monkey admired his new possessions proudly as he wandered the jungle.They glistened (闪亮) red in the 4 , and seemed perfect to him.He became 5 at first. 3 them, he held onto them

so attached to them that he didn't even notice his

A fruit tree reminded him,but he felt the apples in his hands.He couldn't bear to set them down to reach for the fruit.In fact,he couldn't


,either,if he was to

defend his apples.This proud,but less happy monkey continued to walk along the

forest trails. The apples became 7 , and the poor little monkey thought about leaving them

behind.He was tired and hungry; he couldn't climb trees or collect fruit with his hands 8 .What if he just let go? Letting go of such 9 things seemed crazy,but what else could he do? He

was so tired.Seeing the next fruit tree and smelling its fruit,the monkey stopped.He 10 the wooden apples and reached up for his meal.He was happy again. Like that little monkey,we go off them seems crazy.But else. 【语篇导读】 省的故事。 1.A.walking C.resting 解析 答案 B.shouting D.crying 本文以猴子为主人公,以木苹果为载体,讲述了一个令人深 12 11 carry things that seem too valuable.Letting

: only with open hands can we receive something

根据空后的 when tired 可知是 resting“休息”。 C B.pears D.apples

2.A.bananas C.stones 解析 答案 3.A.picked C.saw 解析

根据第二段的 The apples were made of wood 可知答案。 D B.carried D.enjoyed

下一句“抱得更紧”,可见是别的猴子 saw “看见”了。pick“捡起,

接收等”;carry“携带,搬运”。 答案 4.A.rain C.shade 解析 答案 C B.sun D.wind

在 sun “阳光”下闪光。shade“阴影”。 B B.hunger


C.danger 解析


他甚至没有感到 hunger “饥饿”,下文有提示。appearance“外貌”;

danger“危险”。 答案 6.A.stop C.relax 解析 B B.look D.breathe


不肯 relax“放松”。 breathe“呼吸”。 答案 C B.larger D.cheaper

7.A.heavier C.taller 解析 答案 8.A.full C.wet 解析

根据第 6 题的提示,不放下,就越来 heavier “越重”。 A B.dirty D.flat

不能上树摘水果是因为手里是 full “满满的”。 dirty“肮脏的”;

wet“潮湿的”; flat“平坦的”。 答案 A B.delicious D.valuable

9.A.expensive C.strange 解析

金光 闪闪 的苹 果,看 起来 是 valuable “ 有价 值的, 珍贵 的 ” 。

expensive“昂贵的”;delicious“美味可口的”; strange“奇怪的”。 答案 D B.dropped D.passed

10.A.finished C.sold 解析

此题与第 5 题对应。它只能 dropped “丢掉”不能果腹的木苹果来充

饥了。finish“完成”;sell“卖掉”;pass“传递”。 答案 B B.seldom D.sometimes

11.A.always C.never

解析 答案

这种疯狂的行为,只是 sometimes“有时”发生。seldom“极少”。 D B.write D.hope

12.A.copy C.remember 解析

冒号后是这个故事的教训,是要用心 remember“记住”的。copy“拷

贝,复制”。 答案 C Cloze 3 Laomi and her husband along with their son were move to a foreign land because of a 2 1 to leave their home and famine(饥荒) in their homeland.Over 3 ,leaving

time,the son married a foreign daughter.Then,her husband and son

Laomi and her daughterinlaw,widows.In those times,widows,especially foreign widows,had no support.These two women were alone and without 4 .So Laomi

set out to return home to the place she had left.She encouraged her daughterinlaw to return to her family.But Ruth spoke words of loyalty, 5 ,and grace to Laomi:

“Don't urge me to turn back from you.Where you go I will go,and where you stay I will stay.Your people will be my people.Where you die I will die,and there I will be 6 .” These two women,broken by life but tied to each other by Laomi's home.It was hard and dangerous for Ruth to 8 7 ,returned to

Laomi, but Ruth did it to

provide for her motherinlaw.Before long,Ruth's faithfulness and beauty caught the 9 of a man named Boaz,who made sure Ruth was provided enough opportunity to 10

provide for Laomi and also made sure she was protected from those who might her.Ruth was surprised by such grace and tenderness. Laomi's bitterness began to 12 11

due to the faithfulness of Ruth.Ruth was

by Boaz and became his wife.The story ends with Laomi, the one who was once

nicknamed “Bitterness”,living a happy life. 1.A.reminded C.forced 解析 B.sent D.allowed

由于家乡的饥荒, 老米一家被迫远走他乡。 remind“提醒”; send“派

遣”; force“强迫”; allow“允许”。 答案 2.A.severe C.curious 解析 C B.obvious D.nervous

能迫使人们远走他乡的饥荒一定是非常 “严重的 ” 。 severe “ 严重

的”;obvious“明显的”;curious“好奇的”;nervous“紧张的”。 答案 A B.died D.left

3.A.escaped C.disappeared 解析


他几个选项与“widow(寡妇)”不一致。 escape “逃跑”; disappear“消失”; leave“离开,留下”。 答案 4.A.care C.doubt 解析 B B.sense D.hope


妇是没有什么生活支援的。care “关怀”; sense“感觉”;doubt“怀疑”; hope“希望”。 答案 D B.faithfulness D.seriousness

5.A.bravery C.luck 解析

但是 Ruth 说出的话表现出了她的忠诚,诚实和优雅。下文中多处出现

该词。 bravery “勇敢”; faithfulness“忠诚”; luck “幸运”; seriousness“严 肃”。 答案 B B.working D.buried

6.A.living C.defeated 解析


那里。承接上一句 I will die 的后续动作。defeat “击败”;bury“埋葬”。 答案 D

7.A.happiness C.curiosity 解析

B.friendship D.love


是媳妇对婆婆的爱。happiness “幸福”;friendship“友谊”; curiosity“好 奇心”; love“爱”。 答案 D B.pay attention to D.make use of

8.A.get used to C.take care of 解析


活自己照顾婆婆该是多么的艰难。 get used to “习惯于”; pay attention to “注 意”;take care of “照料”;make use of“利用”。 答案 C B.eye D.sight

9.A.imagination C.interest 解析

Ruth 的忠诚和美丽引起了一个叫 Boaz 的男人的注意。 catch the

eye/attention of sb“引起某人的注意”; catch the imagination of sb“激发某人的想 象”;catch the interest of sb“激发某人的兴趣”;catch the sight of sb/sth“看见 某人或某物”。 答案 B B.tease D.fight

10.A.abuse C.cheat 解析

这个男人确保了 Ruth 有足够的机会为老米提供一切,并保护 Ruth 免

遭可能的侮辱。abuse “侮辱”;tease“取笑”; cheat“欺骗”; fight“战 斗”。 答案 A B.change D.improve

11.A.better C.sweeten 解析

老米生活的苦开始变甜了。根据上段的叙述和后面“Ruth 的忠诚”有

了别人的帮助可知。better “变好”; change “改变”;sweeten “由苦变 甜”;improve“改善”。


C B.respected D.selected

12.A.admired C.favored 解析

Ruth 受到那个男人的爱护成了他的妻子。admire “钦佩,爱护”;

respect “尊敬”; favor “赞成”;select“挑选”。 答案 A


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