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(通用版)2016高考英语二轮复习 第一部分 题型专题方略 专题三 完形填空针对训练


记叙文 A (2015· 山东 潍坊 高三 一模 )“Mum, you ’ re always on the computer !” Laure complained. “No,I’m not, ”I __1__. “Every day I come home from school you’re working on the computer.” “Well,at least I’m here __2__ you!” My daughter was right.Day after day,in my home office,I would stare into space as my __3__ typed out the thoughts of a speaker or research completed for an article.It seemed that my work as a writer and speaker __4__ my fingers to the keyboard and my mind to valuable ideas.What Laure did not __5__ was that during her day away,I’d also be doing a lot of housework.It was only around three in the afternoon that I’d __6__ seat myself at my desk for a few __7__ moments of deep thought.Then she’d come from school. I was __8__ of myself on being available to my children.After all,I am a speaker on child behavior and parenting.But Laure’s observation __9__ my heart.In her eyes, I must have been a mom who was __10__ but unapproachable.I wouldn’t make such an image (形象) before her.My relationship with my children is more __11__ than any other work. “Laure, ” I called, “come here a minute.” She wandered to my doorway.I had decided to have her __12__ me when I was too devoted to work.I wanted her to have the __13__ to let me know when she thought I was cold. After I explained my __14__ and the fact that I chose home office to be accessible to her and her sister,I offered Laure the following __15__. “ Whenever you feel I’m ignoring you or you need my __16__,I want you to __17__ me, ” I said.“Just come up and give me a little hug.That’ll be our signal that you __18__ me.” Years later we still have that __19__ sign.I’ve become much more sensitive to my daughters’ comings and goings.__20__ she always gives me a little hug to remind me of the real reason why I work at home. 【解题导语】 本文主要讲述了作者在发现自己和孩子们之间的相处出了问题之后, 如 何平衡工作和家庭之间的关系的故事。 1.A.thought B.refused C.defended D.agreed 解析:选 C。根据语境“No,I’m not”可推知,作者并不承认女儿的说法,作者在为 自己的行为进行辩解,defend“辩解,辩白”,故 C 项正确。 2.A.for B.over C.against D.after 解析:选 A。根据下文中的“the fact that I chose home office to be accessible


to her and her sister”可知,作者选择在家工作是为了孩子们,故 A 项正确。 3.A.feet B.hands C.eyes D.ears 解析:选 B。与“typed out”和下文中的“my fingers”呼应可知,是用手把想法转 换成文字打出来,即 B 项正确。 4.A.connected B.turned C.gave D.added 解析:选 A。看起来作为作家和演说家的作者就是要把自己的手指和键盘连接起来,把 自己的思想和有价值的观点连接起来。connect...to...“把??和??连接起来”,符合 语境,即 A 正确。 5.A.admit B.realize C.believe D.recognize 解析:选 B。Laure 没有意识到的是在她白天不在家的时候,作者也做了许多家务活。 admit 意为“承认”; realize 意为“意识到”; believe 意为“相信”; recognize 意为“认 出,认可”。 6.A.luckily B.gradually C.instantly D.finally 解析:选 D。根据上文中的“I’d also be doing a lot of housework”可知,作者 一天在家里也会忙着做许多家务, 因此在下午 3 点左右的时候才终于得空来工作, 即 D 项正 确。 luckily 意为“幸运地”; gradually 意为“逐渐地”; instantly 意为“立刻, 马上”; finally 意为“最终”。 7.A.anxious B.precious C.busy D.rare 解析:选 B。根据上文可知,作者要忙着做很多家务,因此用来工作的时间就弥足珍贵 了,故 B 项正确。anxious 意为“焦虑的”;precious 意为“珍贵的”;busy 意为“忙碌 的”;rare 意为“稀少的”。 8.A.proud B.ashamed C.afraid D.scared 解析:选 A。作者为能够和孩子们在一起感到骄傲。proud 意为“骄傲的,自豪的”; ashamed 意为“惭愧的”;afraid 意为“害怕的”;scared 意为“害怕的”。 9.A.filled B.broke C.touched D.mended 解析:选 C。根据下文作者的反思可知,Laure 的观察触动了作者的心,即 C 项正确。 fill 意为“充满”; break 意为“(使)破”; touch 意为“触动, 感动”; mend 意为“修理”。 10.A.suitable B.available C.acceptable D.reasonable 解析:选 B。在 Laure 的眼里,作者肯定是一个能找得到但是难以接近的妈妈。上文 “myself on being available to my children”也是提示,故 B 项正确。 11.A.important B.funny C.obvious D.wonderful 解析:选 A。作者认为与孩子们的关系比任何其他的工作都重要。故 A 项正确。 12.A.warn B.persuade C.encourage D.remind 解析: 选 D。 作者决定让 Laure 在作者太专注于工作时提醒作者。 下文 “she always gives


me a little hug to remind me of the real reason why I work at home”也是线索,故 D 项正确。 13.A.patience B.time C.power D.honor 解析:选 C。由作者想让孩子提醒自己可知,她想赋予孩子这样的权利去让自己知道自 己忽略她们了,即 C 项正确。have the power to do sth.意为“有权利做某事”。patience 意为“耐心”;time 意为“时间”;power 意为“权利”;honor 意为“荣誉”。 14.A.pattern B.dream C.schedule D.choice 解析:选 C。根据上文“I had decided”可推知,作者已经下定决心做一些改变,这 属于计划的内容, 故 C 项正确。 pattern 意为“模式, 图案”; dream 意为“梦想”; schedule 意为“工作计划” ;choice 意为“选择”。 15.A.promise B.chance C.answer D.truth 解析:选 A。根据对下文的理解可知,作者是在给孩子做出承诺,故 A 项正确。 16.A.help B.attention C.decision D.advice 解析:选 B。作者说:“无论什么时候你感觉我忽略了你或者你需要我的关注时,我想 让你来拥抱我一下。 ”与“I’m ignoring you”形成呼应,孩子需要作者的关注,即 B 项正 确。 17.A.hug B.shake C.kiss D.kick 解析:选 A。与“Just come up and give me a little hug”呼应,故 A 项正确。 18.A.miss B.hate C.need D.scold 解析:选 C。根据“or you need my __16__”的提示可知,孩子的拥抱提醒作者孩子 们需要她,故 C 项正确。 19.A.unknown B.unexpected C.unfinished D.unspoken 解析:选 D。多年以后我们仍然沿用这种心照不宣的信号。unspoken“心照不宣的”, 故 D 项正确。 20.A.And B.But C.Or D.Yet 解析:选 A。而且她总是给作者一个小小的拥抱来提醒她在家工作的真正原因。根据上 下文可知,此处表示逻辑上的顺承关系,即 A 项正确。 B (2015· 黑 龙 江 大 庆 市 第 二 次 教 学 质 量 检 测 )I believe different people have experienced different adolescence.I must admit I was still an angry __21__ in my first year of college.My __22__ was that my parents didn’t please me at all. Our finances were __23__,so I chose to go to a(n) __24__ college and take a bus to classes every day.One day I had a(n)__25__ fight with my father.We both exploded into shouts.I __26__ out of the house and missed my bus to school. I rushed all the way to school.As I __27__ across the campus toward my class, I suddenly realized I didn’t have the __28__ that was due: a thought card.My


professor asked us to __29__ an index card with our names and the dates every Tuesday.__30__ what was on the rest of the card,we could write a thought,a question or something else. Now,outside the door,ten minutes later,I took an index card.__31__ to write something on it,I could only think about the __32__ I’d just had with my dad.I wrote “I am the son of an idiot!”,then __33__ into the room,and handed it to our professor. Next day,our professor __34__ the thought cards and I __35__ he wrote, “What does ‘ the son of an idiot ’ do with the rest of his life ?”The professor’s innocent?seeming question __36__ me to the issue:whose problem is it?__37__, my thinking began to shift.I realized that I had created a life __38__ I was not a central figure! The __39__ of growth wasn’t easy or fast.__40__ later , from a struggling student,I became a successful student and then a successful teacher. 【解题导语】 青春期的作者有一次与父亲发生冲突,但在教授的“thought card”的 启发下,作者慢慢地走出了青春期叛逆的心境,最终走向了成功。 21.A.child B.adult C.adolescent D.student 解析:选 C。“我”必须承认,大学一年级时“我”仍是一个愤青。adolescent“青少 年”,文中的第一句话已经给出了提示。 22.A.temper B.anger C.mood D.pain 解析: 选 B。 根据空格前的“I was still an angry __21__ in my first year of college” 可知, “我”生气是因为“我”的父母让“我”不高兴。 23.A.limited B.special C.practical D.fantastic 解析:选 A。由下文可知, “我”经常乘公交车上学,因此此处表示“我们家的经济不 宽裕”,故选 A 项。 24.A.ordinary B.private C.local D.state 解析:选 C。我们家的经济条件不宽裕,因此“我”选择去上“当地的”一所大学,每 天乘公交车去上学。ordinary 意为“普通的”;private 意为“私人的”;local 意为“当 地的” ;state 意为“政府的,州的”。 25.A.serious B.controversial C.unfriendly D.anxious 解析:选 A。由后文中的“We both exploded into shouts”可知, “我与父亲发生了 一次严重的(serious)争吵”。故选 A 项。 26.A.stormed B.wandered C.slipped D.stepped 解析:选 A。由语境可知, “我”和父亲发生冲突之后, “气冲冲地走”出了屋子。storm 意为“气冲冲地走”;wander 意为“游荡,漫游,闲逛”;slip 意为“滑倒”;step 意为 “迈步”。 27.A.leaped B.waked C.ran D.headed


解析:选 C。由空格前的“I rushed all the way to school”可知, “我”跑(ran)向 教室。leap 意为“跳跃”;walk 意为“步行”;head 意为“朝(某个方向)行进” 。 28.A.duty B.assignment C.commitment D.material 解析:选 B。教授布置的任务就是我们要在每周二带来自己的“thought card”,写上 自己的姓名、日期、想法、问题或者其他事情。assignment“任务”,符合语境,故选 B 项。 29.A.take up B.put down C.hand out D.bring along 解析:选 D。参见上题解析。take up 意为“开始从事,继续,占据”;put down 意为 “镇压,放下”;hand out 意为“分发”;bring along 意为“带上,带来”。 30.A.Due to B.Regardless of C.As for D.Thanks to 解析:选 C。卡片上要写姓名,日期,至于余下的部分,可以写想法、问题或其他事情。 as for 意为“至于”; thanks to 意为“幸亏, 由于”; regardless of 意为“不管, 不顾”; due to 意为“由于, 归功于”。 31.A.Concerned B.Desperate C.Excited D.Active 解析:选 B。作者刚与父亲发生冲突,又忘记带教授布置的作业,因此应是“绝望地” 在上面写了一些东西。故选 B。 32.A.issue B.conversation C.dispute D.fight 解析:选 D。由上文中的“One day I had a(n) __25__fight with my father”可知, 此处应选 D 项。 33.A.poured B.entered C.dashed D.approached 解析:选 C。根据语境可知,此处应该是“冲进”教室,故选 C 项。dash 意为“猛冲, 急奔”。 34.A.gave back B.checked out C.put away D.passed on 解析:选 A。第二天,教授归还了我们的卡片。give back 意为“归还”;check out 意 为“结账离开”;put away 意为“将??收起”;pass on 意为“转交,递给”。 35.A.explored B.recognized C.discovered D.ignored 解析:选 C。教授归还了卡片, “我”发现(discovered)教授写的话。故选 C 项。 36.A.awoke B.forced C.scared D.adjusted 解析:选 A。教授看似平淡的问题“唤醒”(awoke)了“我”。 37.A.Slowly B.Rapidly C.Generally D.Swiftly 解析:选 A。根据空格后的“my thinking began to shift”可知,作者的想法“慢慢 地”改变了。 38.A.what B.in which C.which D.that


解析:选 B。此处应该是“in which”引导的定语从句,在从句中作状语,先行词为 “life”。 39.A.process B.progress C.period D.challenge 解析:选 A。成长的“过程”既不容易,也不快。 40.A.Weeks B.Terms C.Months D.Years 解析:选 D。由上文可知,成长过程时间长,而作者后来又成为一位成功的老师,故此 处选 D 项。 C (2016·吉林长春月考)I guess you can say I’m not healthy.I throw up almost everything I __41__,and I have no idea what is going on with my body in the __42__of doing it.I’m 17 years old,and I have been suffering from this __43__for about 6 months.That doesn’t seem like a __44__time,but those 6 months feel like 6 years. I was never __45__or even close to it.I’ve always been short and in shape, but it __46__me every time to see a really pretty girl because I __47__think, “Why can’t I __48__like that?” Also,the town I live in is full of drugs,__49__, and drinking,and I’ve fallen into all of those.I’m tired of the __50__that I have been living.My parents are __51__in me and practically think I’m a failure.I’m always worried if my trousers are going to __52__me the next day.And on top of that, I’m __53__friends because they think I’ve changed. Bulimia(暴食症) is a black hole that,__54__you have entered,it is extremely hard to get out.And if you do get out,you are so __55__. I hope that someday I can say I’ve __56__from this terrible thing,because all I want to do is to live my life and not to have to __57__my weight all the time. At the point I’m going,I might end up in the __58__,and that is what frightens me most.All I can do is to try and get the __59__I need.However,I know the best help comes from my heart and the actual need within me to __60__this illness. 【解题导语】 本文是记叙文。作者是一名暴食症患者,她描述了自己身患暴食症后的 痛苦感受。 41.A.remember B.see C.read D.eat 解析:选 D。此处的 eat 与上文的 throw up(呕吐)相对应,根据语境可知,此处是说作 者将吃进的大部分食物又都吐了出来。 42.A.experiment B.purpose C.process D.plan 解析:选 C。作者不知道自己的身体在这个吃然后吐的过程(process)中到底怎么了。 experiment 意为“实验”;purpose 意为“目的”;plan 意为“计划”。 43.A.accident B.illness C.loss D.punishment 解析:选 B。根据 suffer from(遭受)及下文内容可知应选 illness,同时,文章结尾 处的 illness 也是提示。 44.A.free B.meaningful C.bad D.long


解析:选 D。根据空后的 but those 6 months feel like 6 years 可知,虽然六个月 的时间看似不算长(long),但对作者而言就像六年一样煎熬。 45.A.fat B.rude C.sick D.wrong 解析:选 A。根据下一句中的 in shape 可知,作者以前不胖(fat)。 46.A.shocks B.kills C.excites D.encourages 解析:选 B。作者每次见到漂亮的女孩,感觉都非常痛苦、难受,故选 kills,意为“使 极度难受”。shock 意为“使震惊”;excite 意为“使激动”;encourage 意为“鼓舞”。 47.A.always B.sometimes C.also D.even 解析:选 A。每当看到漂亮的女孩,作者总是(always)想为什么自己不能像她那样。 sometimes 意为“有时”;also 意为“也”;even 意为“甚至”。 48.A.feel B.look C.sound D.taste 解析:选 B。句意:为什么我就不能看上去像她那样好看呢? look like 意为“看起来 像”;feel like 意为“感觉好像,摸起来像”;sound like 意为“听起来像”;taste like 意为“尝起来像”。 49.A.parties B.matches C.lessons D.lectures 解析:选 A。根据设空处前后的 drugs 和 drinking 可知,作者所住的小镇里都是吸毒、 派对和酗酒。四个选项中只有 A 项符合语境。 50.A.dream B.belief C.life D.food 解析:选 C。live a...life 意为“过着??的生活”,为固定搭配。 51.A.pleased B.honest C.interested D.disappointed 解析:选 D。根据空后的 a failure 可知父母对作者很失望(disappointed),pleased “高兴的,满意的”;honest 意为“诚实的”;interested 意为“感兴趣的”。 52.A.carry B.support C.fit D.attack 解析:选 C。作者心理负担很重,一直担心第二天自己的裤子是否还适合(fit)自己。 carry 意为“搬,扛”;support 意为“支持”;attack 意为“袭击”。 53.A.blaming B.losing C.visiting D.making 解析:选 B。因为作者行为和外貌上的变化,朋友们都离她而去,所以用 lose(失去), B 项为答案。 54.A.once B.although C.unless D.because 解析:选 A。句意:暴食症就犹如一个黑洞,一旦(once)你掉进去就难以自拔。设空处 表示假设,故选 A 项。 55.A.friendly B.lovely C.busy D.lucky 解析: 选 D。 句意: 如果你真能走出暴食症这个黑洞(克服暴食症), 那你就很幸运(lucky)


了。friendly 意为“友好的”;lovely 意为“可爱的”;busy 意为“忙碌的”。 56.A.suffered B.returned C.recovered D.separated 解析:选 C。句意:我希望有一天自己能康复(recover)??根据语境,作者肯定是想 从暴食症中康复,故 C 项为答案。suffer 意为“遭受”;return 意为“回到”;separate 意为“分开”。 57.A.add to B.worry about C.talk about D.depend on 解析: 选 B。 作者想过属于自己的正常生活, 不用每天为自己的体重担心(worry about)。 add to 意为“增加”;talk about 意为“谈论”;depend on 意为“依靠”。 58.A.hospital B.school C.house D.station 解析:选 A。根据空前的 end up 可知,作者认为也许自己会病重住院(hospital)。 59.A.education B.space C.help D.money 解析:选 C。根据下一句的 the best help 可知,此处指得到自己所需要的帮助(help)。 education 意为“教育”;space 意为“空间”;money 意为“钱”。 60.A.catch B.spread C.forget D.stop 解析:选 D。作者知道最好的帮助源于自己的内心,源于自己对戒除(stop)暴食症的强 烈需求。 夹叙夹议文 A (2015·山东省二模)One of my fondest Christmas memories was also one of our family’s bleakest(最令人沮丧的).We were just little kids,and on Christmas Day my mom__1__us all around her to tell us, __2__, that there would be no presents because all we really wanted was to __3__for our daddy.He was very sick.I don’t remember anything else except four little girls surrounding my mother , crying __4__a miracle(奇迹). At that very moment,someone__5___loudly on the door.__6__behind him was a merry group of soldiers from the Army base where my father __7__ as a minister.News had__8__that we were in trouble,and his colleagues knew we needed some __9__.With all the excitement,even my dad,__10___in a blanket to keep warm,came down and sat in front of a roaring fire in our room to watch his children be __11__by good Samaritans(乐善好施的人).The presents were unwrapped,and we girls __12__packages and found a doll each and four board games. What is __13__to me is that I don’t even remember what sickness my father was suffering from.I __14___remember an evening of laughter and __15__.There were no expensive toys but __16__moments of friendship and fun given by young men who knew that a family was having a(n) __17__time.They gave their time and their __18__to little children who needed to laugh.The most important things in life aren’t things.And what about the true __19__of holidays?I hope we all are able to remember a thing about the holidays that stirs(搅动)our hearts,that isn’t really a thing at all,but the smile on a child’s face because we take a moment to hug or__20__a


tear. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者讲述他们一家遇到了困难,父亲得了重病 所以母亲不能给他们买圣诞礼物,他们只能为父亲祈祷,期待奇迹出现。但奇迹真的来了, 于是他们度过了一个珍贵的圣诞夜。那奇迹是什么呢? 1.A.requested B.commanded C.gathered D.recommended 解析:选 C。根据后文 four little girls surrounding my mother 可知,妈妈将孩子 们召集到自己周围。 2.A.in tears B.in doubt C.in silence D.in surprise 解析:选 A。根据下文中 He was very sick 说明父亲生了很重的病,可知母亲是含着 泪说的。 3.A.apply B.pray C.pay D.ask 解析:选 B。根据 He was very sick,可知母亲让我们为父亲祈祷。 4.A.to B.with C.for D.in 解析:选 C。此处指父亲病得很严重,我们哭着祈求一个奇迹。cry for sth.“求得 到??,哭着要??”为固定搭配,符合语境。 5.A.knocked B.beat C.tapped D.struck 解析:选 A。根据下文中说有朋友来访,可知应该是有人大声地敲门。knock on the door“敲门”。 6.A.Fighting B.Shooting C.Running D.Following 解析:选 D。根据下文可知,一群士兵跟在这个人的后面,follow 表示“跟随”。 7.A.charged B.existed C.governed D.worked 解析:选 D。此处指父亲在军队基地担任部长一职。work as...“担任??一职”为固 定搭配。 8.A.expanded B.spread C.distributed D.disappeared 解析:选 B。根据上文可知部队的战士都来看望父亲,由此可推知关于我们一家遇到困 难的消息传开了,故应选 B 项,spread“传播,蔓延”。 9.A.confidence B.cheer C.trust D.wisdom 解析: 选 B。 根据语境可知基于我们家现在的处境, 需要有一些愉快的事情来激励我们, 结合后文这些战士带给我们的欢乐可知答案为 B 项,cheer“欢呼、令人愉快的事。” 10.A.dressed B.attached C.trapped D.wrapped 解析:选 D。从后文 to keep warm 可知父亲裹在毯子里。be wrapped in 表示“包裹 在??”。 11.A.persuaded B.saved C.taught D.entertained


解析:选 D。根据语境可知这些战士是为了让我们高兴才来到我们家。entertain“娱 乐,消遣”,符合语境。 12.A.discovered B.sought C.unfolded D.packed 解析:选 C。从后文中 found a doll each and four board games 可知孩子们打开了 包裹。 13.A.strange B.frightening C.useful D.encouraging 解析:选 A。经历了这些,作者却不记得父亲患过何种疾病,因此是奇怪的。 14.A.seldom B.just C.even D.hardly 解析: 选 B。 根据上文的我不记得父亲患过何种疾病, 可知此处表示我“只”记得??。 15.A.happiness B.surprise C.doubt D.anxiety 解析:选 A。根据 laughter 可知此处要填一个相似意义的词,故填 happiness。 16.A.shocking B.priceless C.worthless D.beneficial 解析:选 B。根据前文的 no expensive gifts but...可知,礼物不贵,但情谊无价。 17.A.relaxing B.great C.ordinary D.tough 解析: 选 D。 从前文作者家庭的经历, 可知是处于困难时期, 故使用 tough。 have a tough time“日子不好过、很困难”。 18.A.praise B.treatment C.attention D.response 解析:选 C。句意:他们把自己的时间和关心(attention)给了这些需要笑声的小孩子 们。 19.A.theme B.spirit C.principle D.theory 解析:选 B。根据前文 The most important things in life aren’t things 可知, 作者想表明生活中重要的并非物质, 那么节日的真谛到底是什么呢?根据后文对假期收获的 描述可知此处表达“精神”,所以答案为 B 项。 20.A.wipe away B.deal with C.write about D.burst into 解析:选 A。节日激动人心的并非 事物,而是因为我们拥抱或者擦去孩子泪珠时他们脸上显现的笑容。wipe away a tear“擦 掉泪水,擦干泪水”符合语境。 B (2015·山西师大附中高三期中) The writer Devin with his friend Johnson went to his favorite news?stand.Johnson__21__the salesman selling the newspapers gently, but in return he received poor __22__.The salesman never even looked up at his customer when he__23__the late?night edition.Accepting the__24__,Johnson politely smiled and wished the salesman a pleasant weekend.The salesman made an unclear sound and seemed__25__that the two men had completed their business.As the two friends walked down the street,Devin asked, “Does he always treat you so__26__?” “Yes,__27__,he does, ” Johnson responded.“And are you always so__28__and


friendly to him?”“Yes,I am!” Johnson __29__as they turned a corner.“Why are you so nice when he is so unfriendly to you?” Johnson __30__, “Because I don’ t want him to decide how I am going to__31__.” Who__32__?How you are going to act?Is it your circumstances or the difficult people in your life that determine your__33__?When we allow our conflicts to__34__us,we behave as if getting rid of our difficulties is our only priority.__35__,it doesn’t really matter how we treat one another.For example, we’ll say, “This__36__is causing me problems right now so I don’t care about exercising__37__,self?control,and loving kindness.Instead,I want to let him know how__38__I am because of his action.” We forget our difficulties will eventually weaken.But the way we handle conflicts will influence our__39__for a long time.Will you only respond to the momentary crisis or will you be more concerned about the__40__of what kind of person you are becoming?Who decides how you will behave when the pressure is on? 【解题导语】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文,通过 Devin 和 Johnson 的对话告诉人们:生活 中我们总是会遇到令人不快的人和事,重要的是我们如何让自己不受这些人和事的影响。 21.A.praised B.paid C.invited D.greeted 解析:选 D。由文章第一句可知,Devin 和 Johnson 去了报刊亭,根据上下文语境此处 是指“Johnson 友好地与售报员打招呼,但是他却没有享受到很好的服务”。故选 D 项。 praise“称赞,表扬”;pay“支付”;invite“邀请”均与语境不符。 22.A.service B.harvest C.instructions D.scores 解析:选 A。根据下文中对 salesman 言行举止的描述可推知,此处是指 Johnson 热情 的招呼却换来 salesman 差的“服务态度”,故选 A 项 service。harvest“丰收,收成”; instruction“说明,指导”;score“分数,比分”均与语境不符。 23.A.printed B.requested C.completed D.took 解析:选 B。句意:在他买晚报的时候,售货员甚至连头都没有抬一下。故选 B 项,此 处“request”指“要求售报员给他拿一份晚报”。print“印刷”;complete“完成”; take“拿,获得”均不符合语境。 24.A.newspaper B.record C.radio D.food 解析:选 A。根据文中信息可知他们是去报刊亭买晚报,此处选 A 项 newspaper,句意: 接过报纸之后,Johnson 回笑了一下,然后祝他周末愉快。record“记录”;radio“录音 机”;food“食物”均不符合语境。 25.A.encouraged B.disappointed C.relieved D.worried 解析:选 C。根据上文这个 salesman 的行为判断:等他们买完了报纸之后,这个售报 员似乎大松了一口气,故选 relieved“放松的,释放的”。encouraged“鼓励的”; disappointed“失望的”;worried“担心的”均不符合语境。 26.A.separately B.seriously C.quickly D.rudely 解析:选 D。此处售报员与上文 Johnson 礼貌的态度形成鲜明对比,所以 Devin 提出疑


问: 他是否一直对你如此不友好(rudely)。 separately“分别地, 个别地”; seriously“严 肃地,糟糕地”;quickly“迅速地”均不符合语境。 27.A.obviously B.originally C.unfortunately D.finally 解析: 选 C。 根据 Johnson 的答语 Yes 可知, 他确实一直如此, 故选 C 项 unfortunately“遗 憾地”,带有一定的感情色彩。而 obviously“明显地”;originally“最初地,原始地”; finally“最终地”均不符合语境。 28.A.content B.smart C.energetic D.kind 解析:选 D。由空后的“and friendly”可知此空所填词与 friendly 相近,再由上下 文中 Johnson 对这个售报员的态度关键词 gently,politely,nice 可知选 D 项 kind“友善 的”。 29.A.struggled B.hesitated C.continued D.watched 解析:选 C。由上下文描述可知,此处是指“Johnson 一边走一边接着说”,故选 C 项 continued。struggle“努力,挣扎”;hesitate“犹豫”;watch“观察,看”均不符合语 境。 30.A.ordered B.wondered C.advised D.explained 解析:选 D。对于上一句 Devin 提出的疑问,此处是指 Johnson“解释”(explained) 道:因为我不想让他来决定我的行为举止。 31.A.work B.act C.arrive D.write 解析:选 B。此空可以从下一段“Who__32__?How you are going to act?”得到提 示选 B 项 act“行为,行动”。 32.A.decides B.imagines C.answers D.doubts 解析:选 A。根据上一段最后一句“Because I don’t want him to decide how I am going to__31__. ”可知此处选 decides,此处是对上面句子的反问,故而可以相互参照得 出答案。 33.A.responses B.appearance C.growth D.progress 解析:选 A 。此处是指“是你所处的环境或者你生活中难缠的人们来决定你的反应 吗?”故选 A 项 responses“回应, 反应”。 而 appearance“外表, 容貌”; growth“成长, 生长”;progress“进步,发展”均不符合语境。 34.A.wound B.control C.cheat D.kill 解析:选 B。此处是指,当我们允许这些冲突“控制”我们时,我们首先会选择摆脱这 种窘境。wound“伤害”;cheat“欺骗”;kill“杀害”均不符合语境,故选 B 项。 35.A.Instead B.Again C.Therefore D.Besides 解析:选 C。此处与上句构成因果关系,意为:因此,我们如何对待别人就会显得无关 紧要。故选 C 项。 36.A.exam B.person


C.trip D.enemy 解析:选 B。此处是指生活中带给我们麻烦的某个人,故选 B 项。 37.A.pressure B.power C.duty D.patience 解析:选 D。分析句子,此处所填词应与下文中:self?control 和 loving kindness 构成并列,故选 D 项 patience“耐心”。 38.A.proud B.glad C.angry D.fearful 解析: 选 C。 句意: 与之相反的是, 我真的想让他知道, 我对他的行为感到多么“愤怒”。 由该句 Instead 一词可知此处表达的是与上文所述内容相反的意思,故选 angry。 39.A.lives B.experiments C.friendship D.team 解析:选 A。句意:我们处理冲突的方式会长时间地影响我们的“生活”。 experiment“实验”;friendship“友谊”;team“团队”均与语境不符,故选 A 项。 40.A.time B.value C.use D.nationality 解析:选 B。根据语境可知,此处就是作者对人生价值的一个思考:你在意的是对瞬间 危机作出的反应还是你的人生价值呢?故选 B 项。 C (2016·辽宁省五校联考) A Brick in Life A young and successful manager was traveling down a neighborhood street,going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar.He was __41__ kids rushing out from __42__ parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. __43__ his car passed,one child appeared,and a brick smashed into the Jaguar’ s side door.He slammed on the __44__ and turned the Jaguar back to the spot from where the brick had been thrown. He jumped out of the car,grabbed the kid and __45__ him up against a parked car,shouting, “What was that all about and who are you?Just what __46__ are you doing?”Then he went on, “Didn’t you know that brick you threw is going to __47__ a lot of money.Why did you do it?” “Please,sir.Please,I’m sorry.I didn’t know __48__ else to do!”begged the youngster. “__49__my brother, ” he said.“He rolled off the sidewalk and fell out of his __50__ and I can’t lift him up.” Sobbing,the boy asked the manager, “Would you please help me get him __51__ into his wheelchair?He’s hurt and he’s too __52__ for me.” Moved __53__ words,the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat.He lifted the young man back into the wheelchair and __54__ his handkerchief and wiped the scrapes and cuts,checking to see __55__ everything was going to be okay. “Thank you,sir.And God bless you, ” the__56__ child said to him.The man then __57__ the little boy push his brother to the sidewalk toward __58__ home. It was a long __59__ back to his Jaguar—a long,slow walk.He never did repair


the side door.He kept the dent(凹痕) __60__ him not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention. 【解题导语】 本文通过一个小故事告诉我们:生活的道路上不要走得太匆忙,我们需 要其他人的敲打来引起我们的注意。 41.A.watching for B.looking for C.heading for D.leaving for 解析:选 A。watch for 意为“密切注意,留意”;look for 意为“寻找”;head for 意为“朝??前进”; leave for 意为“出发去某地”。 经理留意着从车子间跑出来的孩子。 由此可知 A 项符合语境。 42.A.among B.between C.in D.through 解析:选 B。从车子之间跑出来,根据语境可知选 B 项。 43.A.While B.Before C.As D.After 解析:选 C。当经理的车通过的时候,一个小孩儿丢了一块砖头打到他的车的侧门,由 此可知 C 项 as“当??时”,符合语境。 44.A.window B.door C.wheel D.brake 解析:选 D。经理猛踩刹车并后退到被扔砖头的地方。brake“刹车”,符合语境。 45.A.pushed B.pulled C.held D.caught 解析:选 A。经理抓住那个小孩儿并把他推向一辆停着的车子。push“推”,符合语境。 46.A.in earth B.on earth C.after all D.above all 解析:选 B。经理质问小孩儿到底想干什么,on earth 意为“到底,究竟”,符合语境。 47.A.spend B.charge C.cost D.pay 解析:选 C。经理质问小孩儿:“你知不知道你扔那块砖要付很多钱,你为什么要这样 做?”此处 cost 意为“需付费”,符合语境。 48.A.which B.who C.that D.what 解析:选 D。此处表示“我不知道我还能怎么办?”考查名词性从句,do 后面缺宾语, 因此用 what。 49.A.It’s B.Which’s C.That’s D.Who’s 解析:选 A。根据下文可知,此处小孩儿在说明情况,是他的哥哥从轮椅上摔了下来, 他没有办法把他抬回去。此处 It’s 用以明确身份,故选 A 项。 50.A.Jaguar B.wheelchair C.sidewalk D.bike 解析:选 B。根据下文中的“get him __51__ into his wheelchair”可知,他哥哥从 轮椅上摔了下来。 51.A.up B.down C.back D.forward 解析:选 C。此处表示“你可以帮我把他抬回轮椅上吗?”,back 符合语境。下文中的


“lifted the young man back into the wheelchair”也是提示。 52.A.light B.funny C.terrible D.heavy 解析:选 D。根据上文可知,此处表示“他受伤了,而且对我来说他太重了”。D 项 heavy“重的”,符合语境。 53.A.beyond B.inside C.outside D.around 解析:选 A。这些话让这位年轻的经理深受感动,没法用语言表达,beyond“超出?? 之外,非??所能及”,符合语境。 54.A.broke out B.took out C.run out D.gave out 解析:选 B。经理把小孩儿的哥哥抱回轮椅上,并拿出手帕擦拭小孩儿的哥哥的伤口, 确定他哥哥没有什么问题。A 项意为“爆发”;B 项意为“拿出,取出”;C 项意为“用完” ; D 项意为“分发,公布”。故选 B 项。 55.A.what B.where C.that D.which 解析:选 C。参见上题解析。see that 意为“确保,务必(做到)”,符合语境。 56.A.angry B.willing C.satisfactory D.grateful 解析:选 D。根据空格前的“Thank you,sir.And God bless you”可知,小孩儿非常 感激这个经理。故选 D 项。 57.A.watched B.glared C.noticed D.witnessed 解析:选 A。然后经理看着小孩儿推着他哥哥回他们的家。watch 意为“注视,看”; glare 意为“怒目而视”;notice 意为“注意到”;witness 意为“目击”。根据语境可知 选 A 项。 58.A.his B.their C.her D.its 解析:选 B。参见上题解析。 59.A.journey B.trip C.walk D.running 解析:选 C。经理返回 Jaguar 的路变得很漫长。破折号后面的“a long,slow walk” 也是提示,故选 C 项。 60.A.reminding B.reminded C.reminds D.to remind 解析:选 D。经理保留着车子侧门上的凹痕是为了提醒他自己,此处用动词不定式表示 目的,故选 D 项。 说明文和议论文 A (2016· 安 徽 六 校 高 三 联 考 )You had better learn to be grateful.If you are grateful,you naturally __1__yourself up to receive all kinds of blessings and good things in life.You can receive almost everything you want__2__.If you want recovery soon,start by feeling grateful that you are still __3__.If it is more money that you want,start being grateful for whatever __4__of money you already have.


You see,showing gratitude(感恩) is the key to every __5__thing in life.It is the key to successful relationships,it is the key to successful futures and it is the key to __6___healthier and happier lives.And this is where the importance of being grateful lies.__7__,it makes life better. One of my favorite __8___is “If you learn to appreciate more of what you already have,you will find yourself having more to appreciate.” Think about that! Something as __9___as a “Thank you for being in my life” or “I __10___having you here with me”,can go a long way.It will make the other person feel good, and __11__ it also will make you feel better! So maybe your wife is not very __12__around the house,but she’s great at cooking your favorite __13__.Or,maybe your child __14___milk all over your new shirt right before you walked out the door for work,but usually he makes you laugh so much and makes you __15__the luckiest parent in the world. I strongly__16__you to make a promise to yourself for the next week.Decide to __17__every morning and think of at least 5 things that you are__18__for.Then say them out loud.You will notice a smile on your face without even__19___.In 30 days you will feel completely renewed.This is the__20__of being grateful! 【解题导语】 本文是议论文,旨在告诉人们学会感恩,从感恩中得到回报及快乐。 1.A.open B.make C.stand D.take 解析: 选 A。 句意: 如果你感恩, 你自然就会接受生活中的各种福气和好事。 open oneself up to do sth.意为“使自己暴露于某事下”,为固定搭配。 2.A.easily B.correctly C.truly D.clearly 解析: 选 C。 句意: 你几乎能够得到你真正想要的一切。 truly 意为“真正地, 的确地”; easily 意为“容易地”;correctly 意为“正确地”;clearly 意为“清楚地”。 3.A.lovely B.alive C.lively D.living 解析:选 B。句意:如果你想很快恢复,就从感恩自己还活着开始吧。lovely 意为“可 爱的”;alive 意为“活着的”;lively 意为“活泼的”;living 意为“活着的”,通常 不作表语。根据语境可知选 B 项。 4.A.amount B.number C.kind D.plenty 解析:选 A。money 为不可数名词,所以用 amount(数量)来表达“钱的数量”。 5.A.terrible B.negative C.positive D.confusing 解析:选 C。句意:你知道,感恩是通向生活中每一件积极正面(positive)之事的关键。 terrible 意为“可怕的”;negative 意为“消极的,负面的”;confusing 意为“令人迷 惑的”。 6.A.leading B.taking C.enjoying D.looking 解析: 选 C。 enjoy healthier and happier lives 意为“享受更健康和更幸福的生活”。 lead a...life 意为“过??的生活”,文章主旨是说学会感恩能让你更好地享受生活, 但不会使你直接过上更好的生活; take 意为“带走”;look 意为“看”,作不及物动词。


7.A.Therefore B.Besides C.Anyway D.In a word 解析:选 D。根据上文可知,这句话是对本段的总结,所以选 D 项,意为“总之,简而 言之”。therefore 意为“因此,所以”;besides 意为“而且,除??之外”; anyway 意为“无论如何”。 8.A.mottos B.rules C.habits D.word 解析:选 A。句意:我最喜欢的格言之一是??。motto 意为“格言”;rule 意为“制 度”;habit 意为“习惯”;word 意为“话语;词汇”,此处是单数,不合适。根据语境可 知选 A 项。 9.A.pleasant B.wonderful C.short D.moving 解析:选 C。根据下文的 long 可知此处用 short(简短的)。pleasant 意为“愉悦的, 宜人的”;wonderful 意为“精彩的”;moving 意为“动人的”。 10.A.want B.look forward to C.appreciate D.would like 解析: 选 C。 根据设空处后的 having 可知 A、 D 两项不正确。 根据文章主旨及上文的 thank you 可知此处同样表达“感激”之意, appreciate 意为“感激”, 所以选 C 项。 look forward to 意为“期待,希望”。 11.A.for sure B.in general C.instead of D.in addition 解析: 选 A。 句意: 它会让对方感觉舒服, 肯定(for sure)也会让你感觉更好。 in general 意为“通常来看”;instead of 意为“而不是”;in addition 意为“除此之外”。 12.A.lazy B.beautiful C.careless D.organized 解析:选 D。根据 but 及 great 可知 A、C 两项不正确;根据 around the house 可知 D 项正确。 organized 意为“井井有条的”; lazy 意为“懒惰的”; beautiful 意为“漂亮的”; careless 意为“粗心的”。 13.A.vegetables B.dishes C.beef D.drinks 解析:选 B。根据上文的打扫房间及 cook 可知此处为 dishes(饭菜)。vegetable 意为 “蔬菜”;beef 意为“牛肉” ;drink 意为“饮料”。 14.A.painted B.stopped C.spilled D.threw 解析:选 C。根据空后的 milk 可知此处用 spilled(洒出)。paint 意为“刷漆;画”; stop 意为“停止”;throw 意为“扔”。 15.A.become of B.feel like C.act as D.look like 解析:选 B。句意:??让你自己感觉像是世界上最幸运的父母。become of 意为“?? 降临于,发生??情况”;feel like 意为“感觉像”;act as 意为“充当”;look like 意为“看起来像”。 16.A.persuade B.advise C.demand D.suggest 解析:选 B。句意:我强烈建议(advise)你下周给自己许下承诺。advise sb.to do sth.


意为“建议某人做某事”; demand 和 suggest 后不接不定式作宾补。 persuade sb.to do sth. 意为“说服某人做某事”,不符合语境。 17.A.dress up B.make up C.get up D.wake up 解析: 选 D。 句意: 决定每天早晨醒来至少考虑五件你要感恩的事情。 根据空后的 every morning 判断应是 wake up(醒来)。dress up 意为“打扮”; make up 意为“化妆”;get up 意为“起床”。 18.A.grateful B.concerned C.anxious D.upset 解析:选 A。全文讲述人应该学会感恩,所以此处与上文呼应,grateful 意为感激的, 符合语境。concerned 意为“关心的;担心的”;anxious 意为“焦急的”;upset 意为“心 烦的”。 19.A.pretending B.looking C.trying D.smiling 解析:选 C。句意:你就会注意到自己不经意地面带微笑。without even trying 意为 “甚至都没有费力”。 20.A.disadvantage B.power C.award D.consequences 解析:选 B。句意:这就是感恩 的力量(power)。 disadvantage 意为“劣势, 缺点”; award 意为“奖, 奖项”; consequence 意为“后果”。 B (2016· 山 西 四 校 第 一 次 联 考 )Dramatic performing is an excellent method of building confidence in children and adults alike.Learning drama allows students to __21__their creativity and have fun while leaving their __22__and worries behind.Drama also works by supporting the growth of imagination and other skills. Entertainment has become rather passive with __23__,television and computer games becoming more popular.These screen?based methods have had a __24__effect on communication.They prevent children communicating with others.__25__,drama puts the children enthusiastic about communication back into entertainment.Children have the opportunity to __26__with others in a more meaningful way__27__drama encourages speech development , awareness of body language and allows children to become more__28__aware. Play and drama are closely linked.When children play a game,they are using their__29__and moving away from reality to__30__their own story.Drama is a vehicle __31__which children can express themselves more freely to make education fun. Children gain __32__by understanding that there is no final answer in drama and that their opinion and contribution are valued.They are able to__33__to many issues and situations such as poverty,recycling and global warming.Drama and __34__have a strong link as drama can __35__children to take an active interest in other subjects such as geography, history and English and so they can __36__a more rounded education. As a drama teacher,I have witnessed a child at his first class holding onto his parent’s arm—__37__to let go.Then to see the same child running into my class with a smile is an __38___sight.Drama installs confidence in children by allowing them to improvise(即兴创作) and excitement.Everyone is given the opportunity to


shine __39___drama.Besides learning the history of the theatre,drama __40___dance, music,and directing,etc..These classes are especially designed to be of great fun. 【解题导语】 本文为说明文,讲述了戏剧课在教育中的重要作用。作者认为,无论是 成年人还是儿童,通过表演都能够建立自信,激发创造力和培养交际能力。戏剧表演课需要 孩子们和他人沟通,戏剧课中的即兴创作能激发孩子的想象力和创造力。 21.A.explore B.express C.expose D.experience 解析:选 A。句意:学习戏剧能够开发(explore)学生的创造力??。explore 意为“探 索;开发”; express 意为“表达”;expose 意为“使暴露”;experience 意为“经历”。 22.A.sadness B.excitement C.happiness D.shyness 解析:选 D。根据 and worries 可推出前面也是表示负面含义的词,故排除 B、C 两项。 sadness 意为“伤心”; excitement 意为“激动, 兴奋”; happiness 意为“开心”; shyness 意为“羞怯”。学习戏剧可以增加自信,因此能够摆脱羞怯。故选 D 项。 23.A.drama B.movies C.radio D.media 解析:选 B。根据后面的 television 以及 these screen?based methods 可知选 B 项。 movie 意为“电影”;drama 意为“话剧” ;radio 意为“收音机”;media 意为“媒体”。 24.A.subjective B.positive C.negative D.sensitive 解析: 选 C。 根据上文的 passive 以及下文 They prevent children communicating with others(它们阻碍了孩子们与他人交流 ).可知,此处为消极(negative)作用。subjective 意为“主观的”;positive 意为“积极的” ;sensitive 意为“敏感的”。 25.A.Meanwhile B.However C.Besides D.Therefore 解析:选 B 。下文讲述了戏剧积极的影响,与上文娱乐的消极影响形成对比,故用 however(然而)表转折。meanwhile 意为“与此同时”;however 意为“然而”;besides 意 为“除此以外”;therefore 意为“因此”。 26.A.compete B.compare C.discuss D.connect 解 析 : 选 D 。 根 据 上 句 中 的 . ..drama puts the children enthusiastic about communication...可知,戏剧表演可以让孩子们更多地交流联络(connect)。compete 意为 “竞争”;compare 意为“比较”;discuss 意为“讨论”。 27.A.before B.though C.as D.if 解析: 选 C。 根据句意可知前后两句为因果关系, 所以选 as(因为)。 before 意为“在?? 之前”;though 意为“尽管”;if 意为“如果”。 28.A.socially B.mentally C.physically D.emotionally 解析:选 A。根据上文可知,戏剧表演会使孩子们更多地进行交流,增进他们的社交意 识。socially 意为“善于交际地,社交方面地”,符合语境。mentally 意为“精神上” ; physically 意为“身体上”;emotionally 意为“情感上”。 29.A.imagination B.determination C.consideration D.communication


解析:选 A。孩子们在玩游戏时将故事和现实结合起来,所以他们在游戏中会运用自己 的想象力(imagination)。determination 意为“决心”;consideration 意为“考虑”; communication 意为“交流”。 30.A.believing B.creating C.telling D.reading 解析:选 B。根据空前的 away from reality 和空后 their own story,可判断出,孩 子们会创造(create)自己的故事。believe 意为“相信”;tell 意为“讲”;read 意为 “读”。 31.A.for B.through C.beyond D.across 解析:选 B。根据句意及结构可知此处是说通过(through)戏剧这种载体,孩子们可以 自由地表达自己。 for 意为“为了”; through 意为“通过”; beyond 意为“超过”; across 意为“穿过”。 32.A.confidence B.success C.hope D.admiration 解析:选 A。句意:孩子们是通过理解戏剧没有最终的答案,从而知道他们的意见和贡 献都是有价值的,并以此来获得自信。confidence 意为“自信”,符合语境。success 意为 “成功”;hope 意为“希望”;admiration 意为“羡慕,钦佩”。 33.A.reply B.stick C.turn D.respond 解析:选 D。此处是说他们会对很多事情和情形作出反应。respond to 意为“对??作 出反应/回应”;reply to 意为“回复”;stick to 意为“坚持”;turn to 意为“转向; 求助于”。 34.A.entertainment B.language C.education D.play 解析: 选 C。 entertainment 意为“娱乐”; language 意为“语言”; play 意为“玩”。 根据下文的. ..other subjects such as geography, history and English...a more rounded education.可知此处讲述教育(education)与戏剧之间的关系。 35.A.train B.persuade C.require D.encourage 解析: 选 D。 此处是说戏剧能够鼓励孩子们对其他学科产生积极的兴趣。 encourage sb.to do sth.意为“鼓励某人做某事”,为固定搭配。train 意为“训练”;persuade 意为“说 服”;require 意为“要求”。 36.A.give B.have C.continue D.provide 解析: 选 B。 孩子们对他们在学校里学的地理、 历史和英语感兴趣了, 他们就能拥有(have) 全面的教育。give 意为“给”;continue 意为“继续”;provide 意为“提供”。 37.A.pleased B.tired C.unwilling D.sorry 解析:选 C。根据 holding onto his parent’s arm(抓住他家长的胳膊)可知此处为 不愿(unwilling)他们离去。 pleased 意为“高兴的”; tired 意为“累的”; sorry 意为“抱 歉的”。 38.A.imaginary B.ordinary C.excellent D.odd


解析:选 C 。看见同一个孩子面带微笑地跑进我的教室是很棒的 (excellent) 事情。 imaginary 意为“虚构的,幻想的”;ordinary 意为“普通的”;odd 意为“古怪的”。 39.A.within B.over C.above D.after 解析:选 A。句意:在戏剧中(within),每个孩子都被给予了发光发亮的机会。within 意为“在??之内”; over 意为“在正上方”; above 意为“在上面”; after 意为“在?? 之后”。 40.A.links B.possesses C.applies D.covers 解析: 选 D。 此处是说戏剧涵盖了(covers)舞蹈、 音乐、 导演等方面。 link 意为 “连接” ; possess 意为“拥有”;apply 意为“申请;应用”。 C (2016·甘肃兰州市高三实战考试)Many students often say that they don’t have “enough time” to do all their schoolwork. My __41__ is often brief, “You have as much time as the president.” I usually carry on a bit about __42__ twenty?four hours in the day for everyone,and suggest that“not enough time” is not an __43__ explanation of __44__something done. __45__ in graduate school,I tried to prove to one of my professors __46__ saying that I was working hard.His answer to me was, “That’ s irrelevant (无关紧要的). __47__ is important is the __48__ of your work.” Since then I have had time to think carefully about the trick (诀窍) of“__49__”,and I have come to some __50__— all relevant to the problem of how much time we have. If you analyze the matter,you can identify two parts of the problem: There is, __51__,the matter of “time” ,which we can think of __52__.Then there is the problem of “work”during that time.But,as my professor suggested,it’s not how hard one works __53__ the quality of the product that’s important. That led me to a new idea: the quality of the work.That __54__ is perhaps best explained by a sign I once saw on the wall in someone’s office: “Don’t work harder.__55__.”There is a lot of sense in that idea. If you can’t get more time,and few of us can,the only solution is to improve the quality of the work.That means thinking of ways to get more out of __56__ time than we might otherwise get.That should lead us to an analysis of our work habits.Since “work” for students usually means “homework” ,the expression “work habits” should be read as“ __57__ habits”. Then,as a smart student,you will __58__ those skills that you use in study, __59__ reading and writing.If you learn to read better and write better,there are big benefits that __60__ in all your studies. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文。每个人每天拥有的时间都是相同的,那么想把事情 做好就要有一定的技巧。作者认为:不要苦干,而要巧干。 41.A.question B.idea C.reply D.key 解析:选 C。根据上文的内容可知,此处是对上文很多同学说没有足够的时间做功课这 一问题的答复(reply)。 42.A.there being B.there are


C.there be D.there to be 解析:选 A。介词后面应该用动名词,因此此处用 there being 的形式。 43.A.strange B.acceptable C.surprising D.demanding 解析:选 B。每个人都是一天拥有 24 小时,因此“没有足够的时间”是一个不可接受 的解释。strange“奇怪的”;acceptable“可接受的”;surprising“令人惊奇的”; demanding“苛求的,要求过高的”。 44.A.no getting B.not getting C.no letting D.not letting 解析:选 B。此处介词后面应该用动名词,对动名词的否定其前应加 not;此处是考查 “get sth.done”的结构,因此选 not getting。 45.A.Since then B.Just now C.Ever D.Once 解析:选 D。此处叙述的是过去发生的事情,因此选 once“曾经”。since then“自从 那之后”常与完成时的句子连用; just now“刚才”; ever“在任何时候”, 常用于疑问句、 否定句、比较结构或带 if 的句子中。 46.A.by B.in C.on D.upon 解析:选 A。by 表示“通过,以”。 47.A.That B.What C.Whether D.If 解析:选 B。重要的是你工作的质量。“__47__ is important”是一个主语从句,主 语从句中缺少主语,因此此处用 what 引导从句。 48.A.quantity B.amount C.number D.quality 解析: 选 D。 参见上题解析, 此处应填 quality“质量”。 quantity“数量”; amount“数 额,数量”;number“数字”。53 空后的“quality”也是提示。 49.A.hard worker B.honest student C.busy president D.future graduate 解析:选 A。根据上文教授的回答可知,此处是说“我”在思考勤奋工作的人的诀窍。 hard worker“勤奋工作的人”,符合语境。 50.A.constructions B.contributions C.conclusions D.concentrations 解析:选 C。根据破折号后的内容可知, “我”在思考后,得出了一些结论。 construction“ 建 造 物 ” ; contribution“ 贡 献 ” ; conclusion“ 结 论 ” ; concentration“集中,聚集”。 51.A.of course B.in fact C.as a result D.as a whole 解析:选 A 。根据上文提到的与时间相关可知,此处是说当然是时间的问题。 of course“当然”;in fact“事实上”;as a result“结果”;as a whole“总的来说”。 52.A.if followed B.if fixed C.as followed D.as fixed 解析:选 D。我们认为时间是固定的 (fixed)。此处是 think of...as...“认为?? 是??”。


53.A.so B.but C.nor D.and 解析:选 B。正像教授建议的那样,一个人工作多么努力并不重要,重要的是产品的质 量。此处考查的是短语“not...but...”的结构,意为“不是??而是??”。 54.A.concept B.sense C.explanation D.solution 解析: 选 A。 根据上文的“我”的新想法可知, 应选 concept“观念, 想法”。 sense“意 义”;explanation“解释”;solution“解决方法”。 55.A.Work smarter B.Work faster C.Think twice D.Think aloud 解析:选 A。根据上文可知, “我”说的是不要苦干,而要巧干。work smarter“更加 聪明地工作”,符合语境。 56.A.a little B.the more C.the less D.the same 解析:选 D。那就意味着想办法从同样多的时间里得到更多。 57.A.living B.study C.thinking D.sleeping 解析:选 B。既然对于学生来说“工作”通常意味着“家庭作业”,那“工作习惯”就 应该被理解为“学习习惯” 。 58.A.seek improving B.seek to improve C.find improving D.find to improve 解析:选 B。作为一个聪明的学生,你应该努力寻求方法来提高这些在学习上使用的技 能。固定结构:seek to do sth.,符合语境。 59.A.chiefly B.briefly C.actually D.occasionally 解析:选 A。根据常识可知,在学习上的技能主要是阅读和写作。chiefly“主要地”; briefly“简要地”;actually“事实上”;occasionally“偶尔”。 60.A.are paid B.is paid C.pays off D.pay off 解析:选 D。如果你学会了更好地阅读和写作,那么会有极大的好处来回报你学习的各 个方面。短语 pay off“回报”,符合语境;再根据定语从句的引导词 that 指代的先行词 benefits 可知,应选 D。


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