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广东省增城县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空选练(3)

广东增城县 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮选练(3)
完成填空。阅读下面短文,理解大意,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个最佳答 案。 Tracy Wong is a well?known Chinese?American writer. But her writing__21__was something she picked up by herself. After her first__22__, teaching disabled children, she became a part?time writer for IBM. __23__, writing stories was simply a__24__interest. Tracy sent three of her stories to a publisher(出版商). __25__, they immediately suggested that she put them together to make a single one long__26__and paid Tracy a $ 50,000 advance. “A pretty money,”said the publisher, “for__27__writer.” __28__Tracy's characters(人物)are interesting, her stories sometimes__29__readers uneasy: those about the supernatural. “My mother believed I could__30__the afterlife world,”she told a close friend. “She used to have me speak with my grandmother, who died many years ago.” “Can I? I don't think I can,”Tracy said with a laugh. “But I do have__31__when things come to me__32__.” Once, she was wondering how to complete a__33__set in ancient(古代的)China. __34__the doorbell rang. It was a FedEx delivery man, with a copy of a book on Chinese__35__. It came without her having__36__it. Though she has published 10 books, Tracy has remained__37__by her fame. She lives in the same__38__she lived 27 years ago although in a more comfortable home. There's more room for__39__in her life—and it wasn't just__40__. 21.A.skill C.practice B.experience D.method

答案:A 从上下文我们知道,本文讲的是美籍华人女作家 Tracy Wong 如何开始写作及 其作品的主要特点等,再结合搭配很容易得出答案为 A。writing skill 意为“写作技能”, pick up writing skill 意为“培养写作技能”。experience 不能与 pick up 搭配。 22.A.duty C.job B.effort D.task

答案:C 逗号后的 teaching disabled children 是 her first__22__的同位语,同时也 与后面的 a part?time writer 相呼应,故此处选 job。 23.A.Instead C.Certainly B.Normally D.Then

答案:D 前面说 she became a part?time writer for IBM,以下说写作只是个人爱好, 即那时写作只是她的个人爱好,故填 Then。

24.A.general C.personal

B.deep D.lively

答案:C 从上下文来看,writing stories 并非专职工作,只是一件 part?time job, 由此可判断这是 personal interest。 25.A.Interested C.Seriously B.Anxiously D.Encouraged

答案:A 从后面的他们(the publisher)立即提出了修改等来推测,出版商对她写的故 事产生了兴趣。 26.A.film C.program B.story D.article

答案:B 由 they immediately suggested that she put them together to make... 可推测,此处说的是把 3 篇短的故事糅合在一起构成 1 篇长故事,故选用 story。 27.A.a foreign C.an unusual B.a popular D.an unknown

答案:D Tracy Wong 刚刚开始写小说,名不见经传,故可推测她是“不出名”的作家最 为恰当。 28.A.Now that C.Just because B.Even though D.Except that

答案:B 该题考查根据上下文来选用适当的连接词的掌握情况。前面说 Tracy 所写的人 物很有意思,后面说 her stories sometimes__29__readers uneasy 可推测,该从句应为让 步状语从句,而 even though 正符合这一意义。 29.A.find C.leave B.turn D.hold

答案:C 此处说她写的故事有时让读者不安或不舒服。在这 4 个选项中只有 leave 具有 这一用法。 30.A.make up C.control B.connect with D.explain

答案:B 从后面她说的话 She used to have me speak with my grandmother, who died many years ago 及下段的内容说明可知,她与 afterlife world 有关,故用 connect with。 31.A.events C.feelings B.chances D.moments

答案: D 前面说“我认为我不能??”, 紧接着用 but 引出确有这些时刻发生了一些事, 故用 moments,后面的 when things come to me...是修饰 moments 的定语从句。 32.A.for no reason B.from a distance

C.by accident

D.as gifts

答案:A 从上下文来看,此处是 Tracy 说自己与 afterlife world 有关的故事创作,这 里是举例说明有时一些事情会“无缘无故”地发生。 33.A.description C.scene B.painting D.talk

答案:C 从语境来看,这里谈论的是她写书时的一件怪事。句意为“当时她正不知道怎 么完成一个以古代中国为背景的场景”。这是她写的故事中一个场景,故用 scene。从结构来 看,此处补充完整为:...how to complete a scene which was set in ancient China。 34.A.Surprisingly C.Expectedly B.Suddenly D.Fortunately

答案:B 根据语境“正当她不知怎么完成一个以古代中国为背景的场景时,突然门铃响 了”。此处用 suddenly 突出两个动作的发生相继而来,衔接紧凑,同时突出了“没想到”。 35.A.cooking C.play B.history D.medicine

答案:B 她正构思以古代中国为背景的某个场景,而邮政快递人员送来的书正好解了燃 眉之急,故可推测应是一本有关中国历史的书。 36.A.known C.realized 答案:D B.sent D.ordered

order 意为“订购,预定”,在此符合语境。 B.excited D.unmoved

37.A.unchanged C.determined

答案:A 从后面的 She lives in the same...及动词 remain 来看,这里说的是尽管她 出版了 10 本书,Tracy 并没因成名而改变,即仍保持不变。 38.A.life C.house B.city D.way

答案:D 前面说她并没有因成名而变化,即此处说的是她成名后生活方式没有变化,仍 然保持着 27 年前的生活方式。 39.A.success C.joy B.work D.variety

答案:C 由下文可知她的时间不是全用来写作,有“娱乐”的时间。 40.A.writing C.luck B.reporting D.fun

答案:A 从上文的 although in a more comfortable home 及下文 it wasn't just... 来看,此处说的是 Tracy 并没有只是埋头“写作”,而是生活中有更多的空间留给“娱乐”。

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—40 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选 出一个最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The professor’s house,big and untidy,stood alone at one end of a huge garden.The place was totally uncared for,quite things. I 22 my way through bushes and tall weeds to the front door and rang the bell. I was glad that I had found him. In twenty minutes he the 24 25 of leaving when I looked out of his study 23 me right on all 21 and overgrown with all sorts of useless

that had puzzled me. I was on the

window and said, “You’re very fond of gardening,I see.” “No,I’m not, ” he said.“ 26 ,I love this garden,though. It’s always wanted it to be. I never touch it at all.” “It could be made lovely. It But perhaps you don’t 29 28 a pity to let all this ground go to waste. 27 I

that way?” said I. 30 of gardening then. 31 enough to do

“I don’t. I lived here when I was a child,and I had

It was my father’s hobby,you see. Unfortunately,he wasn’t

it himself. My brother and I did all of it between us year after year. There was one right way and many wrong ways. Each blade(叶片) of grass was an enemy to be by hand, not just cut off. I’ve spent a good part of life at work here.” “I see. You took a dislike to it, and now you’re getting even! ” “I dislike it. Then, of course, I didn ’ t understand the used to 34 33 it had. It 32

me. It appeared in my dreams—a mistake here, something not quite straight here, the enemy showing its head in a place I was 35 to have cleaned. The work was too much.

It seemed endless. The size of the place was itself a fight to a boy.” “And now it’s yours,you’re just letting it go to... ” “ 36 ?” he said.“No,I don’t agree with that. This garden and I are now it grow 38 its own way. I make no demands on it.

the best friends. I like 37

I never disturb it, and it never disturbs me. It has 39 at last, and so have I.” “But the path is over grown. It’s inconvenient for you,isn’t it?” “That’s part of my 40 , ” he laughed.“You can go out the back way. The weeds are shorter there because they don’t get the sun.” 21. A. wild 22. A. lost 23. A. let 24. A. gardening 25. A. time 26. A. Even if 27. A. as 28. A. seems 29. A. recognize 30. A. fond 31. A. interested 32. A. fought against down 33. A. effect 34. A. astonish 35. A. thought 36. A. Sell 37. A. noticing watching 38. A. on 39. A. freedom 40. A. life B. in B. time B. pleasure C. with C. sunlight C. job D. of D. space D. research B. reason B. shock B. supposed B. Develop B. attending C. cause C. worry C. ordered C. Grow C. watering D. result D. disappoint D. expected D. Ruin D. B. crazy B. felt B. put B. plants B. point B. So B. where B. is B. sense B. short B. fit B. cleared up C. took C. taught C. problems C. permission C. As though C. why C. proves C. see C. free C. content C. rooted out C. large D. made D. explained D. solution D. request D. Even so D. whether D. sounds D. know D. enough D. demanding D. cut D. nice

【参考答案】 21-25 ADBCB 26-30 DAACD 31-35 BCACB 36-40 DDBAB


2016 高考完形填空选练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 A few years ago, on a flight I fortunately met with a psychologist, Dan Gilbert. He was very humorous, and we talked a lot. I was completely 21 . He was interested in the questions that we 22 but never have the opportunity to 23 .Now Gilbert has written a book Stumbling on Happiness. Reading it 24 me of that plane ride long ago. It is a 25 to read his book. Gilbert is charming and 26 . He has a rare 27 for making very complicated ideas come 28 . Stumbling on Happiness is a book about a very simple 29 powerful idea. What distinguishes us from other animals is our ability to predict the future, 30 , our interest in predicting the future. We spend much time 31 what it would be like. Why? It is what allows us to 32 our life. It is by trying to apply some control over our futures 33 we attempt to be 34 . But by any objective measure, we are really 35 at that predictive function. We’ re terrible at knowing how we will feel tomorrow, and even worse at36 what will bring us happiness. Gilbert 37 to explain why we are so terrible. In making his case, Gilbert walks us 38 a series of attracting facts about the way our minds work.I suppose I really should go on at this point. But I think that might ruin the 39 of reading Stumbling on Happiness. This is a story about the mysteries of our lives. If you have even the slightest 40 about the human condition, you ought to read it. Trust me. 21. A. attracted 22. A. talked about 23. A. find 24. A. reminds 25. A. step 26. A. intelligent 27. A. interest B. shocked C. excited D. interested

B. thought about B. explore B. informs B. way B. firm B. gift

C. cared about D. worried about D. answer D. thinks D. pleasure D. active D. power

C. understand C. suggests C. hobby C. funny C. ability

28. A. magic 29. A. and 30. A. or rather 31. A. telling 32. A. make 33. A. when 34. A. relaxed 35. A. bad

B. serious B. besides B. in all B. developing

C. alive C. or D. but C. in addition C. imagining D. shape D. what D. perfect

D. good

D. or else D. guessing

B. protect C. thank B. that B. peaceful B. angry C. where C. happy C. slow

D. disappointed D. feeling D. sets up

36. A. predicting 37. A. sets about 38. A. over 39. A. love

B. knowing C. realizing B. sets off C. on C. sets out

B. to

D. through D. idea D. knowledge 36-40 BCDBA

B. experience B. hope

C. scene

40. A. curiosity 参考答案 21-25 ACBAD

C. patience 31-35 CDBCA

26-20 CBCDA

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 One sunny afternoon,a seven?year?old girl went for a walk.She crossed a large area of grassland into the woods __21__ she realised that she was lost. Sitting on a rock and __22__ what to do,she began crying.After a while,she __23__ to walk along a wide path lined with tall trees and thick bushes. __24__ it was getting dark,she saw a small,dark wooden house.She opened the door and __25__ stepped in.Suddenly,she heard a strange noise,and she ran out the door and back to the __26__.Cold and tired,she fell asleep near a __27__. The girl's parents were out and her dog,Laddy, was at home.Laddy __28__ that his mistress(女主人) was in danger.He jumped __29__ a window,breaking the glass.He looked in the fields,but he couldn't find his mistress anywhere.However,from the ground came a __30__ scent(气味)as he lowered his head.He __31__ the scent and walked across the grassland.Barking __32__ into the air,the dog __33__ through the woods until he found the __34__.But the girl was not there,so he headed back to the woods.Much

to his __35__,he saw his mistress'blue shirt in the distance.He __36__ over some bushes and saw the little stream,where the girl was __37__. When she opened her eyes and __38__ her dog standing beside her,the girl said, “You __39__ me, Laddy.”and she kissed him several times.Seeing their daughter and dog coming back,the parents burst into tears of __40__.That night Laddy had a hero's supper:a huge meal of steak. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇记叙文。文章讲述了一个小女孩在树林迷路了,家中的狗感觉到她有 危险并成功找到她的故事。 21.A.before B.since C.while D.as

解析 女孩穿过一大片草地进入树林后才发现自己迷路了。 答案 A 22.A.wondering C.remembering B.forgetting D.regretting

解析 女孩坐在石头上,想知道她该怎么办,于是开始哭了起来。wonder“想知道”。 答案 A 23.A.preferred C.failed B.expected D.decided

解析 过了一会儿,她决定沿着一条大路走下去。decide to do sth“决定做某事”。 答案 D 24.A.When B.Until C.If D.Because

解析 天渐渐黑了,她发现了一个小木屋。when 引导时间状语从句。 答案 A 25.A.carelessly C.hopelessly B.cautiously D.unwillingly

解析 她开了门,小心翼翼地走进去。cautiously“谨慎地”。 答案 B 26.A.trees B.bushes C.woods D.grasses

解析 根据第一段中的“She crossed a large area of grassland into the woods”可知, 她返回树林中。 答案 C 27.A.stream B.rock C.tree D.house

解析 根据第三段中的“saw the little stream,where the girl was __37__.”可知 A 项 正确。 答案 A





解析 狗感觉到女主人有危险。sense“感觉到,觉察出”。 答案 B 29.A.at B.through C.in D.onto

解析 狗撞碎了玻璃,跳出窗户。through“穿过”。 答案 B 30.A.terrible B.strange C.pleasant D.familiar

解析 狗从地面发现了它熟悉的气味(女主人的气味)。familiar“熟悉的”。 答案 D 31.A.missed B.discovered C.followed D.ignored

解析 狗追随着气味,走过草地。follow“跟随”。 答案 C 32.A.calmly B.loudly C.merrily D.gently

解析 狗为了寻找女主人,大声地叫着。 答案 B 33.A.searched B.wandered C.looked D.travelled

解析 狗大声地叫着,在树林里寻找女孩,直到发现了木屋。search“搜索,搜寻”。 答案 A 34.A.window B.girl C.house D.hero

解析 参见上题解析。 答案 C 35.A.satisfaction C.embarrassment B.disappointment D.delight

解析 让狗高兴的是,它发现了远处女主人的蓝色衬衣。to one's delight“让某人高兴的 是”。 答案 D 36.A.jumped B.climbed C.walked D.flew

解析 狗跳过一些灌木丛。jump“跳跃,跳过”。 答案 A 37.A.awake C.available 解析 第二段最后一句暗示答案为 D。 答案 D 38.A.spotted B.watched C.observed D.saw

B.abandoned D.asleep

解析 当女孩儿睁开眼睛时,看到她的狗站在旁边。see“看见,看到”。 答案 D 39.A.disturbed C.rescued B.comforted D.scared

解析 狗救了它的女主人。rescue“营救,援救”。 答案 C 40.A.pain B.shock C.sorrow D.relief

解析 女孩被找到了,她的父母宽慰地流出了眼泪。 答案 D

- 10 -

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