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外研版高中英语必修一Module 6短语

Module 6 短语 1.consist of (无进行无被动现在分词作定语)=be made up of=be composed of 由……组成 consist in=lie in=exist in 在于、存在于 2.as well=too=also 也 (用于肯定句) as well as 和……一样好,不但……而且(as well as,along with,together with,with ,rather than 连接名词做主 语就前原则。 ) 例:A teacher,as well as his students is seeing an English film。 3.may/might as well do sth 不妨、还不如 4.become/be known as =be famous as 作为……而出名 5. become/be known for =be famous for 因……而出名 6. become/be known to 为……所熟知 7.be accessible to 可接近、可使用、可进入的 have access to 有机会\有权利使用\见到 8.crash into 撞上/击 9.go down 下降/沉/跌/落 go up 上升/涨 爬 rise vi 上升 10.come up with 提出 11.from that moment on /from then on 从那时起 from now on 从现在起 12.at the moment 目前,此刻 13.compare…with 将…与…相比 compare …to 把…比作…;将…与…相比 compared with/compared to 与…相比 (作状语) 例:Compared with/compared to other people,you are more lucky 14.concentrate on sth/doing sth 专注做某事 15.pass away 去世 pass by 经过 pass on 把……传下去 16.agree with sb/ what sb said / sb’s words 同意某人、某人说的话 agree to idea/decision/ plan / arrangement /advice /suggestion…..同意计划等 agree on sth 双方……达成一致 17.on an/the average 平均 18.log on 登陆 log off 下线,结束工作 19.in my opinion 就我而言,以我的观点 as far as I am concerned 20..the number of +名词复数 …… 的数量 (做主语时谓语动词怎么定?) a number of+ 名词复数 许多,若干 21.hesitate to do sth 犹豫不决做某事 22.Why not do sth ?为什么不做某事呢?(提出建议) Why not?为什么不呢?(同意建议) 重点句型: 1 【教材原句】 Berners?Lee made it possible for everyone to use the Internet not just universities and the army.(P52) , 贝尔纳斯· 李让每个人都能使用因特网成为可能,而不仅仅是大学和军队。 【句法分析】 made it adj \n +for sb to do sth \made it adj+that 从句 。 it 作形式宾语,把不定式和宾语从句放到句 末。除了 make,还可以是 consider,think ,find ,feel 等,除了用形容词,还可以用名词。 ①We must make it clear to the public that something should be done to stop pollution. 我们必须使公众明白应该采取措施制止污染。 ②I made it a rule to walk 2 kilometers a day. 我固定每天步行两公里路。 12.(高考辽宁卷)The fact that she was foreign made__________difficult for her to get a job in that country. A.so B.much C.that D.it 解析:选 D。句意:她是外国人这个事实使她很难在那个国家找到工作。it 作 make 的形式宾语,不定式是真正的宾 语。

2 【教材原句】 Our English teacher is excellent,but she can’t help everyone in the class in 50 minutes.(P56) 我们的英语老师非常优秀,但她不能在 50 分钟内帮助每一个人。 【句法分析】 (1)有些表示全体意义的词如代词 all,both,whole,everything everyone, 与 not 连用表示部分否定, (2)有些副词如 altogether,always,entirely,wholly,quite 等,若句中含有 not,则本句表示部分否定,而非全部否 定。 (3)若句中有 none,neither,no,never 时则表示全部否定。 ①All that glitters is not gold .[谚]闪光的未必都是金子。 ②Both of the sisters don’t like the film. 姐妹俩并非都喜欢这部电影。 —Which of the two computer games did you prefer? —Actually I didn’t like________. A.both of them B.either of them C.none of them D.neither of them 解析: B。 选 句意: ——这两个电子游戏你更喜欢哪一个?——实际上我两个都不喜欢。 not...either...“两者都不……”, 是全部否定,相当于 neither;not...both“两个并不都是……”,是半否定,不合语境;none 指代三者及以上,和第一 句中的 the two computer games 相矛盾;D 项意思相反。 3【教材原句】.It became possible for universities to use the system aswell。 【句法分析】It is +adj+for sb\of sb to do sth 某人做某事是……的。句中 it 是形式主语,真正主语是动词不定式 to do something。形容词是表达人的特点、性格、本质等如 kind, foolish, clever, wise, friendly 等词时,介词用 of。 E.g. It's difficult for you to deal with the problem. It's very kind of you to help me . 另外也可以是 It is +名词+ to do something 结构 e.g. It is great fun to see the pandas walking in the zoo. 1. Today it is easy_______ on-line and millions of people use the Internet everyday. A. get B. to get C. gets D. got 2. It is clever_______ you to answer such a question. A. for B. on C. with D. of 3. ______ fun it is to ride on a camel in the desert! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

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