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四川省岳池县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空训练(2)

完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出 最佳选项。 Living in modern society,most people are likely to be under great stress which caused by living and succeeding.1.________,a lot of psychological and social problems arise. To deal with stress effectively,one has to be wellprepared both 2.________ and physically. One has to establish the conception that stress is normal and it can be a motivation of success as long as people accept 3.________ existence. Since we cannot destroy stress,why can't we treat with it in 4.________ optimistic way? Stress is not a thing that we should be afraid of 5.________ what we should make full use of.One has to change the way he lives to reduce the influences 6.________ stress. Staying up late and drinking alcohol helps 7.________ but add the risk of getting worse. Keeping a regular calendar and following a healthy diet helps reduce its effects. Stress is not as frightening as it is described 8.________ people build the right conception of it and keep physical health. (五) 1. Thus/Therefore 考查副词。根据前后的因果关系可判断填 thus/therefore,首字母 要大写。 2. mentally 考查副词。该空与 physically 相对应,故填 mentally。 3. its 考查代词。此处指“接受压力的存在” ,修饰名词 existence 要用形容词性物主 代词 its。 4. an 考查冠词。此处表泛指,并且 optimistic 以元音音素开头,故用 an。 in an

optimistic way 意为“以一种积极乐观的方法” 。 5. but 考查并列连词。not?but?不是??而是?? 6. of 考查介词。the influences of stress 压力的影响。 7. nothing 考查固定搭配。nothing but 仅仅,只。 8. if 考查状语从句的引导词。此处 if 引导条件状语从句。


【2013 界长宁区质量抽测】完形填空。 Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases

marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.

All over the world, people admire the beauty and grace of butterflies. Butterflies come in every color imaginable, and their 50 display an incredible variety of

patterns. The largest butterfly, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, has a wingspan (翼 展) of up to 280 millimeters and lives in Papua New Guinea. The smallest, the Western Pygmy Blue in the southern U.S., has a wingspan of only 12 millimeters. Sadly, some of these beautiful creatures are now 51 .

Estimates indicate that between 15 and 20 thousand species of butterflies exist around the world. A number of these species are endangered, over 20 in Japan Although that number may seem small, losing even one species would be scientists even look to butterflies as a they are 55 54 52 .

53 . Nowadays

of the environment’s health, since

to environmental changes. Many environmentalists around the world

are eager to protect the endangered butterflies from extinction. The American Museum of Natural History in New York, for example, has an unusual butterfly exhibit. This exhibit 56 the important role that butterflies play in our environment. 57

In recent years, environmental groups have made significant progress in

endangered butterfly populations. Governments throughout Asia have passed laws to help protect endangered wildlife, including butterflies. An area called Butterfly Valley in Assam, India, has become the focus of conscious 58 to protect the

butterflies’ habitat (栖息地). Other projects in Serbia, Japan, and Canada are also hoping to 59 . Some of these efforts are already starting to work. The population

of the El Segundo Blue Butterfly in California, for instance, has increased by 8 percent since 2010. Finding a cure for the butterfly crisis is, 60 , not just for environmental



citizens can plant butterfly gardens to support and enjoy these gentle

creatures. A group of female prisoners in Belfair, Washington, are helping to rescue an endangered species called Taylor’s Checkerspot. They recognize how 62

seemingly insignificant creatures can be. The world cannot afford to lose any butterflies. As environmentalist John Muir once anything by itself, we find it 64 63 , “When we try to pick out

to everything else in the Universe.”

50 . 51 . 52 . 53 . 54 . 55 . 56 . 57 . 58 . 59 . 60 .

A. colors

B. bodies

C. wings

D. feelers

A. out of control

B. in great danger

C. on the fly

D. out of date

A. nearby

B. though

C. besides

D. alone

A. predictable

B. possible

C. imaginable

D. terrible

A. factor

B. picture

C. measure

D. display

A. exposed

B. accustomed

C. sensitive

D. resistant

A. highlights

B. changes

C. replaces

D. finds

A. preserving

B. controlling

C. observing

D. recognizing

A. projects

B. efforts

C. steps

D. groups

A. set an example

B. keep the promise

C. make a difference C. otherwise

D. take the time

A. however

B. furthermore

D. therefore


61 . 62 . 63 . 64 .

A. Distinguished

B. Leading

C. Senior

D. Ordinary

A. graceful

B. significant

C. pitiful

D. mysterious

A. proposed

B. commented

C. promised

D. recommended

A. restricted

B. adapted

C. contributed

D. tied

【参考答案】Section A 50~54 CBDDC 55~59 CAABC 60~64 ADBBD

【2013 界上海市宝山区质量监测】完形填空。 Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Reading involves looking at illustrative symbols and expressing mentally the sounds and ideas they represent. Concepts of reading have changed 50 over the

centuries. During the 1950’s and 1960’s especially, increased attention has been devoted to 51 the reading process. Although experts agree that reading 52 a

complex organization of higher mental

53 , they disagree about the exact nature

of the process. Some experts, who regard language primarily as a code using symbols to represent sounds, 54 reading as simply the decoding(解码)of symbols into

the sounds they stand for. These authorities 55 that meaning, being concerned with thinking, must be

taught independently of the decoding process. Others maintain that reading is inexplainably related to thinking, and that a child who pronounces sounds without 56 their meaning is not truly reading. The reader, 57 some, is not just a person

with a theoretical ability to read but one who



Many adults, although they have the ability to read, have never read a book in its 59 . By some experts they would not be 60 as readers. Clearly, the

philosophy, objectives, methods and materials of reading will depend on the definition one use. By the most 62 61 and satisfactory definition, reading is the ability to 63 ,

the sound-symbols code of the language, to interpret meaning for various

at various rates, and at various levels of difficulty, and to do so widely and enthusiastically. 64 , reading is the interpretation of ideas through the use of

symbols representing sounds and ideas. 50. A. specifically ridiculously 51. A. understanding substituting 52. A. involves analyzes 53. A. opinions functions 54. A. view 55. A. support 56. A. interpreting 57. A. in addition to as 58. A. completely 59. A. part 60. A. applied 61. A. instructive complicated

B. dramatically

C. abstractly


B. translating

C. defining


B. concentrates

C. specializes


B. effects

C. manners


B. look B. argue B. saying B. for example

C. reassure C. attempt C. reciting C. according to

D. agree D. compete D. reading D. such

B. carefully B. whole B. granted B. doubtful

C. publically C. standard

D. actually D. straight D. graded D.

C. classified C. certain

62. A. strike 63. A. purposes 64. A. On the other hand 【参考答案】50—54 BCADA

B. illustrate B. degrees B. In short

C. define C. stages C. By the way

D. unlock D. steps D. So far

55—59 BACDB 60—64 CCDAB

完形填空。阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项《A、B. C 和 D》中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life, a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory __1__ course about 20 years ago. The professor __2__ the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans (豆), and invited the students to __3__ how many beans the jar contained. After __4__ shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced the __5__ answer, and went on saying, “You have just __6__ an important lesson about science. That is:Never __7__ your own senses.” Twenty years later, the __8__ could guess what the professor had in mind. He __9__ himself, perhaps, as inviting his students to start an exciting __10__ into an unknown world invisible (无形的) to the __11__, which can be discovered only through scientific __12__. But the seventeen?year?old girl could not accept or even __13__ the invitation. She was just __14__ to understand the world. And she __15__ that her firsthand experience could be the __16__. The professor, however, said that it was __17__. He was taking away her only __18__ for knowing and was providing her with no subsitute (替代). “I remember feeling small and __19__,” the woman says, “and I did the only thing I could do. I __20__ the course that afternoon, and I haven't gone near science since.” 本文通过一节科学课,向人们显示了教育是如何帮助人们成功的,并且这堂课向学生显 示了人们不能凭感觉做事,对于一些无形的东西,只能通过科学方法才能发现。 1.A.art C.science B.history D.math

答案:C。从第二段第 6 空后可知,此处应填 science。science course 科学课。

2.A.searched for C.got through

B.looked at D.marched into

答案:D。教授走进演讲大厅。search for 寻找;look at 看; get through 完成,打通; march into 走进。根据句意 D 项正确。 3.A.count C.report B.guess D.watch

答案:B。教授让学生们猜猜缸里有多少豆子。count 数;guess 猜;report 报告;watch 看,观看,因为豆子装在缸里,同学们只有猜一下有多少。并且 4 空后出现了 guess 一词。 4.A.warning C.turning away B.giving D.listening to

答案:D。根据上下文意思可知,同学们喊出答案,教授听到他们错误的猜测,而笑了。 5.A.ready C.correct B.possible D.difficult

答案:C。因同学们的答案错误,所以教授给出正确答案,correct 与 wrong 相对。 6.A.learned C.taught B.prepared D.taken

答案:A。你们学到了关于科学的重要一课。learn...about...学会关于??的知识。 prepare 准备;teach 教;take 拿走。 7.A.lose C.sharpen B.trust D.show

答案:B。根据上文可知,同学们凭感觉给出了错误的答案,所以教授说:永远不要相信 自己的感觉。lose 失去;trust 相信;sharpen 变锋利;show 显示。 8.A.lecturer C.speaker B.scientist D.woman

答案:C。此处指上文提到 the woman,也就是指说上面的人,因此填 speaker。 9.A.described C.saw B.respected D.served

答案:C。describe 描述;respect 尊敬;see 看见;serve 服务。当他鼓励他的学生对 未知世界进行有趣的航行时,他自己看到了。 10.A.voyage C.change B.movement D.rush

答案:A。voyage 航行;movement 运动;change 改变;rush 冲刺。根据 9 空解析,A 项 正确。 11.A.professor B.eye



答案:B。未知世界对人眼来说是无形的,故 B 项正确。 12.A.model C.spirit B.senses D.methods

答案:D。未知世界只有通过科学方法才能发现。model 模型;sense 感官,感觉;spirit 精神;method 方法。 13.A.hear C.present B.make D.refuse

答案:A。17 岁的女孩不能接受,甚至也不听他的激励。hear 听;make 成为;present 呈现;refuse 拒绝。 14.A.suggesting C.pretending B.beginning D.waiting

答案:B。对于一个 17 岁的女孩来说,她只是刚刚开始理解这个世界。begin to do sth. 开始干某事。 15.A.believed C.proved B.doubted D.explained

答案:A。她相信她的第一手经验就是对的。 believe 相信;double 怀疑;prove 证明; explain 解释。 16.A.growth C.faith B.strength D.truth

答案:D。growth 成长;strength 力气;faith 信仰;truth 正确。根据 15 题的解释 D 项正确。 17.A.firm C.wrong B.interesting D.acceptable

答案:C。由 however 可知此处表转折,尽管她认为她的想法是对的,但是教授认为她的 想法是不对的。firm 坚定的;interesting 有趣的;wrong 错误的;acceptable 可接受的。 18.A.task C.success B.tool D.connection

答案:B。从上文可知这个小女孩凭经验,凭感觉来了解世界,而教授认为不对,因此教 授把她了解世界的途径、工具拿走了。 19.A.cruel C.frightened B.proud D.brave

答案:C。根据下文可知,这个女孩再也没有听教授上课,表示教授的做法和观点使得她 害怕了。cruel 残酷的;proud 自豪的;frightened 害怕的;brave 勇敢的。

20.A.dropped C.passed

B.started D.missed

答案:A。因为害怕,所以下午就没来上课。drop 在此表示“辍学”。miss“错过”。

【2013 界内蒙古巴市一中一模】完形填空。 阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项《A、B. C 和 D》中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳 选项。 I grew up poor – living with six brothers, my father and a wonderful mother. We had 37 38 36 money and few worldly goods, but plenty of love and attention. I was

and energetic. I understood that no matter how poor a person was, they could afford a dream. My dream was to be a 39 . When I was sixteen, I could crush a baseball, throw 40 : my high – school coach

a ninety – mile – per – hour fastball. I was also was Ollie Jarvis, who 41

me the difference between having a dream and showing 42 with him changed my life forever. 43 . This meant a 44 of

strong belief. One particular

It was a summer and a friend recommended me for a summer

chance for my first income – cash for a new bike and new clothes, and the

savings for a house for my mother. The opportunity was attracting, and I wanted to 45 at it. Then I realized I would have to 46 summer baseball to handle the work schedule, 47

and that meant I would have to tell Coach Jarvis I wouldn’t be playing. I was about this. When I told Coach Jarvis, he was as your whole life to work,” he said. “Your to waste them.” I stood before him with my head 48

as I expected him to be. “You have

49 days are limited. You can’t afford

50 , trying to think of how to explain to him 51

why my dream of buying my mom a house and having money in my pocket was worth his disappointment in me. “How much are you going to make at this job?” he demanded.


“$ 3.25 an hour,” I replied. “Well, is $ 3.25 an hour the price of a That 52 ?” he asked.

53 laid bare for me the difference between wanting something right now 54 that summer, and within the year I was

and having a goal. I devoted myself to

offered a $ 20,000 contract. I signed with the Denver Broncos in 1984 for $ 1.7 million, and bought my mother the 36.A.some 37.A.happy 38.A.only B.little B.lovely B.ever 55 of my dreams. C.no C.Angry C.still C.doctor C.hopeful D.much D.noisy D.almost D.sportsman D.surprised D.trained D.incident D.course D.amount D.jump D.give up D.disappointed D.discouraged D.shining D.nodding D.expressing D.life D.order D.business

39.A.teacher B.coach 40.A.lucky 41.A.taught 42.A.match 43.A.job 44.A.cause 45.A.stand B.satisfied B.asked B.Story B.camp

C.told C.moment C.holiday C.need

B.start B.call


46.A.take out B.cut off C.put on 47.A.excited B.curious C.anxious 48.A.mad B.puzzled C.regretful

49.A.working B.playing C.learning 50.A.shaking B.hanging C.holding 51.A.feeling B.suffering 52.A.dream 53.A.offer 54.A.study B.game B.price C.facing C.chance C.question



55.A.clothes B.bike 【参考答案】36—55、BACDA

C.house ADABD


- 10 -

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