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(一) If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why. Do you need it for a __1__ reason, such as your job or your studies? __2__ perhaps you're interested in the __3__, films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a __4__ of the language. Most people learn best using a variety of __5__, but traditional classes are an ideal (理想 的) start for many people. They __6__ an environment where you can practice under the __7__ of someone who's good at the language. We all lead __8__ lives and learning a

9.A.courage 10.A.theory

B.time B.business

C.energy C.routine

D.place D.project

11.A.some risks B.a lot less 12.A.old 13.A.closely 14.A.age 15.A.worry 16.A.singing 17.A.if 18.A.tiresome 19.A.blamed 20.A.their B.nervous B.quickly B.speed B.hesitate B.working B.and B.hard B.amazed B.his

C.some notes D.a lot more C.weak C.privately C.distance C.think D.tired D.quietly

D.school D.quarrel

language takes __9__. You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a __10__. It doesn't matter if you haven't got long. Becoming fluent in a language will take years, but learning to get by takes __11__. Many people start learning a language and soon give up. “I'm too __12__,” they say. Yes, children do learn languages more __13__ than adults, but research has shown that you

C.bargaining D.learning C.but D.before

C.interesting D.easy C.interrupted C.our D.informed


can learn a language at any __14__. And learning is good for the health of your brain, too. I've also heard people __15__ about the mistakes they make when __16__. Well, relax

(二) Everybody knows how to learn. Learning is a natural thing. It begins the __1__ we are born. Our first teachers are our family. At home we learn to talk and to __2__ and feed ourselves. We learn these and other skills by __3__. Then we go to school. A teacher tells us __4__ to learn and how to learn. Many teachers teach us, and we pass many tests and exams. Then people say we are __5__. Are we really educated? Let's __6__ the real meaning of learning. Knowing facts doesn't

and laugh about your mistakes __17__ you're much less likely to make them again. Learning a new language is never __18__. But with some work and devotion, you'll make progress. And you'll be __19__ by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in __20__ own language. Good luck! 1.A.technical 2.A.After 3.A.literature 4.A.view 5.A.paintings 6.A.protect 7.A.control 8.A.busy B.political B.So C.practical C.Though D.physical D.Or D.medicine

__7__ being able to solve problems. Solving problems requires creativity, not just a good __8__. Some people who don't know many __9__ can also be good at solving problems. Henry Ford is a good __10__. He left school at the age of 15. Later, when his company couldn't build cars __11__ enough, he solved the problem. He __12__ of the assembly line. Today the answer seems __13__. Yet, just think of the many university graduates who __14__ solve any problems. What does a good teacher do? Does he __15__ students facts to remember? Well, yes, we must sometimes remember facts. But a good teacher __16__ how to find answers. He

B.transport B.knowledge


C.form C.methods

D.database D.computers D.provide D.pressure D.normal

B.regulations B.change B.command B.happy

C.respect C.guidance C.simple

brings us to the stream of knowledge so we can think for ourselves. When we are __17__ , we know where to go. True learning combines intake with output. We take information __18__ our brains. Then we use it. Think of a __19__; it stores a lot of information, but it can't think. It only obeys commands. A person who only remember facts hasn't really learned. Learning takes __20__ only when a person can use what he knows. 1.A.month 2.A.wear 3.A.asking 4.A.what 5.A.controlled 6.A.pick up 7.A.mean 8.A.word 9.A.people 10.A.learner 11.A.new B.minute B.put on B.listening B.when B.educated B.turn away B.say B.thing B.facts B.teacher B.fast C.time C.have on C.following C.that C.suffered C.set out C.suggest C.memory C.techniques C.example C.beautiful C.talked C.simple C.seldom C.master C.orders C.bored C.about C.record C.place D.day D.dress D.drilling D.who D.passed D.think about D.show D.condition D.ways D.driver D.cheap D.thought D.special D.ever D.give D.encourages D.free D.into D.machine D.time


I used to be a very self-centered person, but in the past two years I have really

changed. I have started to think about other people __1__ I think about myself. I am happy that I am becoming a __2__ person. I think my __3__ started when I was at Palomar College. At first, I just wanted to get my __4__ and be left alone. I thought I was smarter than everyone else, so I hardly ever __5__ to anyone in my classes. By the end of my first semester, I was really __6__. It seemed as if everyone but me had made friends and was having fun. So I tried a(n) __7__. I started asking people around me how they were doing, and if they were having trouble I __8__ to help. That was really a big __9__ for me. By the end of the year, I had several new friends, and two of __10__ are still my best friends today. A bigger cause of my new __11__, however, came when I took a parttime job at Vista Nursing Home. One old lady there who had Alzheimer's disease became my __12__. Every time I came into her room, she was so __13__ because she thought I was her daughter. Her real daughter never __14__her, so I took her place. She let me __15__ that making others feel good made me feel good too. When she died, I was __16__, but I was also very grateful to her. I think I am a much __17__ person today than I used to be, and I hope I will not __18__ these experiences. They have __19__ me to care about other people more than about myself. I __20__ who I am today, and I could not say that a few years ago. 1.A.since 2.A.famous 3.A.education 4.A.balance 5.A.talked 6.A.careful 7.A.argument B.before B.simple B.career B.homework B.wrote B.lonely B.game C.or C.different C.tour C.degree C.lied C.curious C.experiment D.unless D.skilled D.change D.interest D.reported D.guilty D.defence

12.A.complained B.heard 13.A.ordinary 14.A.never 15.A.make 16.A.knows 17.A.thirsty 18.A.of 19.A.radio 20.A.measures B.strange B.almost B.understand B.shows B.tired B.for B.computer B.notes

8.A.dared 9.A.dream 10.A.us 11.A.attitude 12.A.friend 13.A.polite 14.A.bothered 15.A.explain 16.A.homeless 17.A.quieter 18.A.forget 19.A.forced 20.A.miss

B.offered B.problem B.which B.hobby B.partner B.happy B.answered B.guess B.heartbroken B.busier B.face B.preferred B.like

C.hesitated C.duty C.them C.hope C.guide C.strange C.visited C.declare C.bad-tempered C.better C.improve C.ordered C.wonder

D.happened D.step D.whom D.luck D.guest D.confident D.trusted D.see D.hopeless D.richer D.analyze D.taught D.expect

That night,we __15__ a lot,and his happy smiles made my anger and __16__ fade. I forgot how many times I __17__ about my life and my work. But Paul's life was a(n) __18__ to me. The man smiled at his life and treated any trouble as a __19__ of life. I owe my thanks to Paul, for he taught me to deal with life __20__ and move on. 1.A. delighted 2.A. called 3.A. forced 4.A. when 5.A. saying 6.A. with 7.A. surprised at 8.A. girls 9.A. carefully 10.A. tears 11.A. relatives 12.A. came to 13.A. sure 14.A. nothing 15.A. argued 16.A. weakness 17.A. complained 18.A. comfort 19.A. loss 20.A. cheerfully B. if B. talking B. across B. crazy about B. players B. quietly B. smiles B. friends B. passed away B. sorry B. something B. learned B. carelessness B. dreamed B. shock B. gift B. flexibly B. angry B. visited B. begged C. strict C. contacted C. invited C. since C. singing D. concerned D. met D. ordered

D. though D. dancing D. to D. proud of

C. through C. satisfied with C. brothers

D. singers D. steadily

C. cautiously C. love C. family C. hung about C. lucky C. anything C. recalled C. friendliness C. asked C. inspiration C. stage C. equally D. game D. worry

(四)It was an extremely busy day. I was so tired of my life that I was getting a little __1__ with myself and everyone around me. On my way home,I __2__ my old friend Paul in the street. He looked happy and __3__ me to his home for dinner. We had not seen each other for many years,so __4__ I was tired I accepted his invitation.

D. class D. gave in

D. ashamed D. everything D. talked D. tiredness D. thought D. instruction

As we entered the door of his house,Paul started __5__“I have a dream,a song to sing, to help you __6__ everything.” I felt __7__ his behavior, but in no time I understood. Two __8__walked to Paul and hugged him. They couldn't walk __9__ or speak clearly,but their faces were full of __10__ and sang the same song. We talked about our __11__ and work, and I learned from Paul that his daughters were

born as “special children”. They were mentally changed. Their mother __12__ years ago. Paul was both mother and father to his beautiful daughters. But Paul said he was __13__ that the little angels were together with him and that __14__ could stop him from living actively.

D. separately

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