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广东省化州市2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空训练(2)

2016 高考英语完型填空(日常生活类) After breakfast in the morning, my mother came to ask me to go shopping. She told me that she and I’m not a(n) visited nearly every my mother a new dress. I don’t usually like to go shopping person, but we went to the mall together. We that sold ladies’ dresses, and dress after dress, giving all of them up. the day

went on, I grew tired. Finally, at our dress. The shop, my mother tried on a lovely blue three-piece had a bow (蝴蝶结) at the neckline, and as I stood in the as she tried, with much difficulty, to tie the from arthritis (关节炎) that she

dressing room with her, I bow. Her hands were so badly couldn’t do it.

, my impatience gave way to a great wave of compassion the tears filling

(同情) for her. I turned away(避开,走开) to try and my eyes. I managed to her. Our shopping trip was over, but the memory. For the rest of the day, my mind the dressing room and to the moment of my mother’s bow. Those also the

myself down and turned back to tie the bow for

was left in my

returning to that moment in trying to tie that

hands had fed me, bathed me and dressed me. She had me whenever I felt sad. unforgettable manner. And they were now touching me in

Later in the evening, I went to my mother’s room, kissed them and, much to her beautiful hands in the world. 【小题 1】 【小题 2】 【小题 3】 A.solved B.chose C.needed D.reduced D.generous

her hands in mine,

, told her that to me they were the most

A.patient B.optimistic A.church B.store


C.hospital D.school


【小题 4】 【小题 5】 【小题 6】 【小题 7】 【小题 8】 【小题 9】

A.carry on B.put on A.Before B.As


D.tried on

C.Because D.For D.favorite

A.last B.personal C.first A.trousers B.shoes A.played A.killed B.cried

C.cap D.blouse C.watched D.applied

B.disabled C.shocked D.attacked B.Luckily D.Immediately

【小题 10】 A.Unfortunately C.Strangely

【小题 11】 A.hide B.move C.drop D.offer 【小题 12】 A.calm B.put C.write 【小题 13】 A.headline B.event 【小题 14】 A.suggested D.take

C.opportunity D.attitude

B.enjoyed C.finished D.kept D.face

【小题 15】 A.thought B.mind C.hands 【小题 16】 A.young B.loving

C.relaxing D.stressful C.injured D.comforted

【小题 17】 A.suffered B.bored

【小题 18】 A.too B.most C.far D.much 【小题 19】 A.covered B.waved 【小题 20】 A.confidence C.crowded D.involved

B.harm C.sadness D.surprise


完形填空 【2013·山东省济南市高考模拟】 What is it that you love to do but never feel that you get it quite right?Perhaps you don’t even try any more because you think what you do is not__1__enough. Discouragement seems to follow us a good part of the time,__2__however hard we work,it seems that there is__3__someone else who can do it much better. I have always enjoyed music and it is__4__to me that every musician has a__5__of their own.My father__6__several instruments and when he played with others,it was not difficult to__7__his sound in a group.Whether it was a guitar or another instrument,he had his own__8__sound. I__9__heard of a music teacher who commented to a discouraged student, “__10__else can make the sound that you make.” The sound that you make may not be the same as anyone else’s,but who is to say which is__11__.It is said that__12__is in the eye of the beholder (观看者).Perhaps it could be said that a delightful sound is in the ear of the__13__! Every person has a different tone of voice that__14__only to them,__15__we all

know people with an unforgettable laugh or a way of __16__that is unique to them.It might not be the sound of your music or your voice at all.It__17__be the way you whistle or the sound of your footsteps. Each person has a(n)__18__on the world in some way.Someone else can do what you do,but they cannot do it__19__in the same way that you do it.The next time you feel__20__,remember nobody else can make the sound that you make. 1.A.easy C.simple 2.A.because C.when 3.A.seldom C.never 4.A.satisfying C.inspiring 5.A.gift C.life 6.A.played C.created 7.A.turn down C.pick out 8.A.loud C.perfect 9.A.once C.even 10.A.Anybody C.Nobody 11.A.bigger C.deeper 12.A.beauty C.patience 13.A.speaker C.listener 14.A.devotes C.adapts B.good D.hard B.although D.if B.always D.sometimes B.convincing D.interesting B.sound D.song B.designed D.checked B.call up D.give off B.powerful D.special B.yet D.still B.Somebody D.Everybody B.better D.lower B.interest D.honesty B.receiver D.looker B.adds D.belongs

15.A.but C.and 16.A.running C.jumping 17.A.must C.would 18.A.choice C.duty 19.A.exactly C.cautiously 20.A.annoyed C.discouraged

B.yet D.for B.walking D.speaking B.might D.could B.opinion D.effect B.carefully D.seriously B.puzzled D.bothered

语篇解读 无论你怎么努力,生活中总有人做得比你好,但你也不要因此而气馁,因为 没有人能发出你所发出的声音,你是独一无二的。 1.解析: 或许你甚至不再尝试因为你认为自己做得不够好(good)。文章首句中的 “never feel that you get it quite right”是线索提示。 答案: B 2.解析: 灰心似乎在很多时候都跟着我们,因为(because)无论我们怎么努力工作, 似乎总有人做得更好。 答案: A 3.解析: 参见上题解析。always 总是。 答案: B 4.解析: 在“我”看来,每个音乐家都有自己的声音(sound),这非常有趣 (interesting)。 答案: D 5.解析: 参见上题解析。下文多次出现的“sound”是线索提示。 答案: B 6.解析: “我”的父亲会弹奏(played)几种乐器。 答案: A 7.解析: 从一群人中辨别出(pick out)他所弹奏的声音是不难的。 答案: C 8.解析: 无论是吉他还是其他乐器,他都有自己特别的(special)声音。 答案: D

9.解析: “我”曾经(once)听说过一位音乐老师向一个气馁的学生发表意见说,“没 有人(Nobody)能发出你所发出的声音。” 答案: A 10.解析: 参见上题解析。另外,下文的“nobody else”是线索提示。 答案: C 11.解析: 你发出的声音可能和别人的都不一样,但是谁又能说哪个声音更好(better) 呢。 答案: B 12.解析: 俗话说,情人眼里出西施。beauty 美,符合语境。 答案: A 13.解析: 根据前文的“in the eye of the beholder(观看者)”和空前的“in the ear of”可知此处应用 listener。 答案: C 14.解析: 每个人都有只属于(belongs to)自己的音调。 答案: D 15.解析: 答案: C 16.解析: 我们都认识那些有着令人难忘的笑声或独特的说话(speaking)方式的人。 答案: D 17.解析: 空前的“It might not be the sound of your music or your voice at all.” 中出现的“might”与本句对应。 答案: B 18. 解析: 每个人都以某种方式影响着这个世界。 have an effect on“对??有影响”, 是固定搭配。 答案: D 19.解析: 别人可以做你能做的事,但他们不能用和你完全相同的方法去做。exactly 准确地,确切地,符合语境。 答案: A 20.解析: 下次你感到泄气的(discouraged)时候,要记住没有人能发出你所发出的声 音。此处与前文的“Discouragement”和“a discouraged student”相呼应。 答案: C。 根据上下文内容可知,空前后的两个句子是并列关系,故选 and。



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