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【师说】2015-2016学年高中英语外研版必修一Module 1My First Day at Senior High1.3_图文

新知识· 预习探索 词汇热身 1.____________ correction n. 改正;纠正 enjoyment n. 享受;乐趣 2.____________ fluency 3.____________ n. 流利;流畅 misunderstanding n. 误解 4.___________________ 5.____________ disappointed adj. 失望的 system 6.____________ n. 制度;体系;系统 disappear vi. 消失 7.____________ move 8.____________ vi. 搬家 assistant n. 助手;助理 9.___________ cover 10.____________ vt. 包含

bit 11.a ____________ 有点;一些;稍微 about 12.feel good ____________... 对??感到快乐 start 13.at the ____________ of 在??开始的时候 than 14.more ____________ one 不止一个 about/at/with 对??感到失望 15.be disappointed ____________ into 16.be divided ____________ 被(划)分成?? oneself 17.enjoy ____________ 玩得开心 to 18.go ____________ college 上大学 part 19.take ______________ in 参加

句型熟记 1.Mr. Davies gave us a lot of encouragement—he made us feel really good about being there. 戴维斯先生给了我们很大的鼓励 —— 他让我们觉得在那儿挺 好。 2.He had an interesting attitude to correction —he said it didn't matter if we made mistakes. 对于纠正错误他持有一种有趣的态度 —— 他说我们出了错也 没关系。 3.Would you mind answering the questions for me? 你介意回答我这些问题吗?

4.Oh, really? So have I. 哦,真的吗?我也是。 5.The school year is divided into two semesters, the first of which is September through December, and the second January through May. 一个学年分为两个学期,第一个学期从九月到十二月,第二学 期从一月到五月。

新课堂· 互动探究 知识点详解——重点词汇、短语 1.disappear vi.消失;不复存在;灭绝 【语境领悟】 *The sun disappeared behind a cloud. 太阳消失在一朵云后面。 *Many beautiful fish are fast disappearing because of the severe pollution. 因为污染严重,许多美丽的鱼类正迅速灭绝。

【归纳拓展】 disappearance n.消失;灭绝 appear vi.出现;显得 appearance n.出现;外表 *His disappearance is being looked into by the police. 他失踪一事警方正在调查。 *She suddenly appeared in the doorway. 她突然出现在门口。 *We should not judge a person by his appearance. 我们不应该以貌取人。

即学即用 【完成句子】 ①莉萨一直看着火车从视线中消失。 Lisa watched until the train ________________. ②看样子她快四十岁了。 She ________________ in her late thirties.

答案:①disappeared from view

②appeared to be

2.cover vt.包含;包括 【语境领悟】 *Secondary school in the US usually covers seven years, grades six to twelve. 美国的中学通常包括从六年级到十二年级在内的七个年级。 *The review covered everything we learned last term. 这次复习包括上学期我们所学的全部课程。 *He laughed to cover his sorrow. 他大笑来掩盖他的痛苦。


cover 图解记忆

即学即用 【写出下列句子中 cover 的汉语意思】 ①The field is covered with snow.( ) ②She will stay there, covering the whole game.( ) ③ The Red Army covered 25,000 li during the Long March.( ) ④How many pages of the novel have you covered?( ) ⑤The discussion covered a wide range of subjects.( ) ⑥Our farms cover an area of 1 000 square metres.( ) ⑦ I wonder if the money can cover our living expenses.( )

答案:①覆盖 占有 ⑦支付





3.be divided into 被(划)分成?? 【语境领悟】 *The earth is divided into 24 time zones. 地球被分为二十四个时区。 *This apple is divided into halves. 这个苹果被分成两半。 【归纳拓展】 divide sth. in half/two=divide sth. into halves 将??分成两部 分 divide A by B 用 B 除 A *Divide the pastry in half and roll out each piece. 把油酥面团一分为二,把每块都擀平。 *Measure the floor area of the greenhouse and divide it by six. 测量温室的地表面积,再除以 6。

【易混辨析】 把一个整体分成若干份 divide 侧重于把混在一起的东西分开,常用短语是 separat e separate...from...;还可以作形容词,表示“单独的” A fence separated the cows from the pigs. 围栏把奶牛和猪分开。

即学即用 【用 be divided into 或 be separated from 的适当形式填空】 ①The basement ________________ two sections. ②England ________________ France by the English Channel.

答案:①is divided into ②is separated from

4.take part in 参加;参与 【语境领悟】 *John took part in the games, but the rest of us just looked on. 约翰参加比赛,而我们中剩下的人只是旁观。 *Who has been selected to take part in the project? 谁被选择来参加这一项目呢? 【名师点津】 详解 take part in (1)take part in 中 part 前不加冠词 a,但是当 part 前有形容词 修饰时,则需加不定冠词。例如 take an active part in(积极参加)。 (2)take part in 后面不跟宾语时,不使用介词 in。 *China takes an active part in UN activities in the human rights field. 中国积极参加联合国人权领域的活动。 *I'll take part, but I won't want to lead. 我会参加,但我不想当领导。

【易混辨析】 take part 通常指参加大型的群体性或集体性活动,并发挥一定作 in 用 通常指加入某一组织或团体,join sb. in (doing) sth.同某 join 人一道参加??活动 指参加活动, 多指参加小规模的活动, 如“球赛、 游戏” join in 等,常用于日常口语中 常指参加会议、典礼、婚礼;上学;听讲座、报告、音 attend 乐会等

即学即用 【用以上单词或词组填空】 ①May I ________ your conversation? ②I hope everybody will ________ the meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. ③He ________ us ________ the discussion yesterday. ④My brother can't wait to ________ the army. ⑤We all ________ the sports meeting held last month.

答案: ①join in ②attend ③joined; in in


⑤took part

知识点详解——重点句型 1.Would_you_mind_answering the questions for me? 你介意回答我的问题吗? 【归纳拓展】 句中 answering 是动名词作 mind 的宾语。 (1)当动名词的发出者与句子主语不一致时, 动名词通常带有自 己的逻辑主语。 (2)回答此句型表示“不介意”不要误用 Never mind。 Never mind 是回答别人道歉时的用语,意为“没关系”。

【语境领悟】 (1)Would you mind changing places with me? 你介意与我换位置吗? (2)—Would you mind my/me closing the window? —(“我”是 close 的动作发出者) =Would you mind if I closed the window? =Do you mind if I close the window? —Of course not. ——你介意我关上窗户吗? ——当然不。 即学即用 【完成句子】 Would you mind ________ here? 你介意我在这里抽烟吗?

答案:my/me smoking

2.So_have_I. 我也刚刚去上了第一节语言课。 【归纳拓展】 (1)“So+be 动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”是倒装语序, so 代替上句中的某个成分。表示上述肯定情况也适用于该主语。 (2)“Neither/Nor+助动词 /be 动词 /情态动词+主语”表示上 述否定情况也适用于该句主语。 (3)“so+主语+be 动词/助动词/情态动词”表示肯定上述的观 点或事实,意为“??的确如此”。 (4)当前面的句子中既有肯定形式又有否定形式, 或谓语的类型 不同时应使用:It is the same with sb.或 So it is with sb.。

【语境领悟】 (1)I don't go to school today. Neither/Nor does he. 今天我不上学,他也不上。 (2)I have seen the film twice; so has my sister. 这部电影我已看过两遍,我姐姐也是。 (3)—I went to the park yesterday. —So did I. ——昨天我去公园了。 ——我也去了。 (4)She cannot swim; neither can her sister. 她不会游泳,她的妹妹也不会。 (5)You say he is hardworking; so he is. 你说他很勤奋,他确实很勤奋。 (6)She is very clever but she doesn't work hard. And it is the same with her brother. 她很聪明但不努力,她哥哥也如此。

即学即用 【完成句子】 ①If he doesn't go; ________________. 如果他不去,我也不去。 ②—Li Lei likes playing basketball, but he doesn't like playing volleyball. 李磊喜欢打篮球,但不喜欢打排球。 —________________ 吉姆也是如此。

③—Mr. Smith was a good worker and worked very hard. 史密斯先生是个好工人,工作很努力。 —________________ 他儿子也是如此。 【句型转换】 ④I can't speak English, and my brother can't, either. I can't speak English, and ______ ________ ________ ________.

答案:①neither/nor will I ②It is the same with Jim./So it is with Jim. ③It is the same with his son./So it is with his son. ④ nor/neither; can; my; brother

新思维· 随堂自测 Ⅰ.根据汉语或首字母提示写出单词 1.We needed you there to offer words of ________ (鼓励). 2.There has been some ________ (误解) of our publishing aims.


3.The prisoner was sent to a labor camp for ________ (改过).

4.His studies ________ (涉及) a wide field.


5.I used to be a confident ________ (青少年). 6.As a lecturer, she is not only f________ and witty, but also scholarly (博学的).


7.He doesn't get any real e________ from dancing.

8 . The college offers the Higher National D________ in computer studies.

9.We looked for her but she had d________ into the crowd.

10.They are going to m________ to a new house next week.


Ⅱ.完成句子 1.Would you mind ________________ (帮我学英语)?

答案:helping me with my English
2.You work very hard; ________________ (我也是).

答案:so do I
3.Describe your ________________ (对??的态度) studying English.

答案:attitude to
4.The lazy girl never ________________ (参加) any activities.

答案:takes part in

5. I was given three books on English, ________________ (第一 本) is my favourite.

答案:the first of which
6.He finally passed the examination ________________ (在学 期末).

答案:at the end of the term
7.________________ (把班级分成) three groups.

答案:Divide the class into
8.He ________________ (鼓励我写小说).

答案:encouraged me to write novels

新视点· 名师讲座 写作指导 电子邮件 1.概念:电子邮件,译自英文 Email(即 Electronic mail),简称 电邮,是指通过网络的电子邮件系统可书写、发送和接收的信件, 是起初互联网最受欢迎且最常用到的重要功能。 2.区别:电子邮件相比传统信件而言,格式比较随意,并且 大多邮件篇幅短小,语言简单明了。 3.基本结构:(1)开头部分指明写邮件的目的。 (2)主题部分详细介绍要谈的主要问题或事件。 (3)结尾部分可以对主体内容进行总结或提出希望。

4.语言特征:(1)简明扼要,目的明确。 (2)语言运用得当,尽量口语化,使人感到亲切自然。 5.注意事项:电子邮件要符合书信的基本要求,但 Email 的 非正式的文体特点并不意味着它的撰写可以马虎行事,特别是给长 辈或上级写信;撰写业务信函更是如此。

【写作典例】 假如你叫李华,是一个刚刚踏入高中的新同学,请你通过自己 在食堂就餐的感受,给校长发一封电子邮件,反映一下食堂服务的 情况,然后给出自己的建议。词数 120 左右。 注意:1.食堂干净,食物可口,服务态度好; 2.价格高,种类少,等候时间长; 3.建议??


【关键词汇】 食堂服务 canteen service 美味的 delicious 服务态度 the attitude of service 优点 advantage 缺点 disadvantage 种类少 few varieties 参加 take part in 列举食物 list the food

【连词成句】 1.我想说说我们学校的食堂服务。 I'd like to say something about the canteen service in our school. 2.学校的食堂服务有三个优点。 There are three advantages of canteen service in our school. 3.但是也有一些不足之处。 But it also has some disadvantages. 4.我认为,我们可以邀请学生参加到食堂服务中来。 In my opinion, we can invite students to take part in the canteen for offering help.

【连句成篇】 Dear Mr Principal, I am a new student of our school. I'd like to say something about the canteen service in our school. There are three advantages of canteen service in our school. First, the canteen is very clean. Second, the dishes taste delicious. Third, the attitude of service is good. But it also has some disadvantages. Such as the high price of some food, few varieties to choose, too long waiting time for buying food and so on. In my opinion, we can invite students to take part in the canteen for offering help. We may let the students list the food they like to let the canteen make it. I hope more and more students will like our canteen service. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

【类文创作】 新的学期开始了,你告别初中,步入高中,开始了紧张的学习 和更加丰富的生活。现请你将新学校的情况及你新学期的感受发一 封 Email 告诉你的美国网友 Tony。 注意:1.正确使用书信格式; 2.表达准确,行文连贯; 3.词数不少于 60。

【范文】 Dear Tony, I am very glad to tell you that I get into a new high school. It's a very beautiful school with more than 1,000 students and teachers. I like to study here with my new classmates. However, I am tired with so many subjects to learn and so much homework to do in the first few weeks. Sometimes I just want to go directly into college. I guess it's a new term for you, too. How's your new school and your study? I hope to visit America one day and I am looking forward to meeting you then. Yours, ×××

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