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一 I have a strong faith that families are not only relatives, but sometimes people who turn up and love you when no one else will. In May 1987, I was living in a Howard Johnson’s motel off Interstate 10 in Houston. My dad and I __1__ a room with two double beds and a bathroom. It was too __2_ for a 15-year-old girl and her father. Dad’s second marriage was _3__ and my stepmother had __4_ us both out of the house. Dad had no __5_ what to do with me. And that was when my other family __6_ . Barbara and Roland Beach took me into their home __7__ their only daughter, Su, my best friends, asked them to. I _8__ with them for the next seven years. Barbara washed my skirts just as she did Su’s. She __9_ I had lunch money, doctors’ appointments, help with homework and nightly hugs. Barbara and Roland Beach attended every football games where Su and I were being cheerleaders.10 I could tell,for the Beaches there was no 11 between Su and me;I was their daughter, too. When Su and I (12 )college they kept my room the same for the entire four years I attended school. Recently, Barbara presented me with an insurance policy they bought when I first moved in with them and had continued to pay for 23 years. The Beaches knew 13 about me when they took me in:They had heard the whole story from Su.When I was seven, my mother died and from then on my father relied on other people to 14 his kids. Before the time I went to live with the Beaches I believed that life was entirely 15 and that love was shaky and untrustworthy. I believed that the only person who would take care of me was me. 16 the Beaches, I would have become a bitter, cynical(愤世嫉俗的)woman. They gave me a(n) 17 that allowed me to grow and change.They kept me from being paralyzed by my 18 , and they gave me the confidence to open my heart. I 19 the family.For me,it wasn’t the family that was there on the day I was 20 ,but the one that was there for me when I was living in a Howard Johnson’s motel off Interstate 10. 1.A.lived 2.A.cheap 3.A.in trouble 4.A.struck 5.A.plan 6.A.looked after 7. A. so 8. A. worked 9. A. worked out 10. A. As long as 11. A. change 12. A. set off 13.A.all 14.A.supply 15.A.different B.teach B.unfair B.shared B.noisy B.in sight B.removed B.choice B.showed up B. because B. traveled B. called up B. As far as B. problem B. left for B.little C.possessed C.small C.in place C.kicked C.chance C.turned over C. until C. lived C. watched out C. As soon as C. conflict C. entered into C.something C.encourage C.stressful 1 D.bought D.limited D.in parts D.knocked D.idea D.came across D. while D. learned D. made sure D. As much as D. difference D. admitted into D.nothing D.raise D.hopeful

16.A.Thanks to 17.A.home 18. A. choice 19.A.doubt about 20. A. born

B.In spite of B.house B. failure

C.Except for C.ability C. past

D.But for D.lesson D. present D.believe in D. deserted

B.care about B. accepted

C.center on C. educated 二

In the doorway of my home , I looked closely at my 23-year-old son , Daniel .In a few hours he would be flying to France to __36__ a different life .It was a transitional ( 过渡的) time in Daniel’s life .I wanted to __37__ him some words of significance .But nothing came from my lips , and this was not the __38___ time I had let such moments pass . When Daniel was five , I took him to the bus stop on his first day of kindergarten .He asked , “What is it going to be like , Dad ? Can I do it ? ” Then he walked __39___ the steps of the bus and disappeared inside .The bus drove away and I said nothing . A decade later , a similar __40___ played itself out . I drove him to college . As I started to leave , I tried to think of something to say to give him ___41___ and confidence as he started this new stage of life .Again , words ___42___ me . Now , as I stood before him , I thought of those ___43__ opportunities.How many times have I let such moments ___44__ ? I don’t find a quiet moment to tell him what he has ___45__ to me , or what he might ___46__ to face in the years ahead .Maybe I thought it was not necessary to say anything . What does it matter in the course of a lifetime if a father never tells a son what he really thinks of him ? ___47___ as I stood before Daniel , I knew that it did matter . My father and I loved each other . Yet I always ___48__ never hearing him put his __49___ into words .Now I could feel my palms sweat and my throat tighten .Why is it so __50___ to tell a son something from the heart ? My mouth turned dry , and I knew I would be able to get out only a few words clearly .“Daniel , ” I said , “if I could have picked , I would have picked you .” That’s all I could say .He hugged me .For a moment , the world __51__ , and there were just Daniel and me .He was saying something , but tears wet my eyes , and I couldn’t understand what he was saying .All I was __52__ of was the stubble ( 短胡须) on his chin as his face pressed __53__ mine .What I had said to Daniel was ___54__ .It was nothing .And yet , it was___55___ . 36.A.experience B.spend C.enjoy D.shape 37.A.show B.give C.make D.instruct 38.A.last B.first C.very D.next 39.A.off B.into C.down D.up 40.A.sign B.scene C.scenery D.sight 41.A.interest B.instruction C.courage D.direction 42.A.failed B.discouraged C.struck D.troubled 43.A.future B.embarrassing C.obvious D.lost 44.A.last B.pass C.fly D.remain 45.A.counted B.meant C.valued D.cared 46.A.think B.want C.expect D.wish 47.A.But B.And C.Instead D.So 48.A.wondered B.regretted C.minded D.tried 49.A.views B.actions C.feelings D.attitudes 50.A.important B.painful C.hard D.complex 51.A.disappeared B.changed C.progressed D.advanced 52.A.sensitive B.convinced C.aware D.tired 53.A.by B.against C.on D.with 54.A.clumsy B.gentle C.relevant D.moving 55.A.something B.nothing C.anything D.everything 三 2

If you want to have a good life, then having good friends is necessary. Before you learn how to make friends, here are some of the important things you have to 36 in mind. Be 37 to others. Do you often smile at others when you’re out 38 ? Do you often show 39 to strangers? Everybody is looking for a good friend, so 40 other’s feelings first, and you needn’t worry about the 41 you have making friends. Be yourself. One of the worst things we can do is to 42 to be something we are not. We all want to be understood, 43 and accepted, so reveal who you are. 44 and trust can only be built in a friendship where both people are being completely 45 . Be 46 . In order to have true friends, you need to treat them the way that you would want to be treated. 47 , would you want a friend who was around for the fun times, but 48 you when things got hard, or when you made mistakes? Of course not. That’s why you must 49 the quality of being loyal, that is, of being 50 to your friends. Every friendship goes through 51 times. But the 52 friends are those who have gone through conflict, 53 it out, and become stronger friends because of it. True friendships54 when they are tested; grace and forgiveness are their 55 . 36. A. connect B. turn C. put D. keep 37. A. optimistic B. friendly C. innocent D. strict 38. A. in public B. in time C. in secret D. in need 39. A. mercy B. kindness C. interest D. coldness 40. A. ignore B. consider C. reflect D. balance 41. A. disadvantage B. puzzle C. trouble D. weakness 42. A. refuse B. guarantee C. pretend D. deserve 43. A. appreciated B. adopted C. envied D. pleased 44. A. Confidence B. Self-respect C. character D. Honesty 45. A. ambiguous B. authentic C. awkward D. determined 46. A. sensitive B. outgoing C. devoted D. loyal 47. A. For example B. All in all C. such as D. in additio 48. A. threatened B. abandoned C. affected D. scolded 49. A. form B. increase C. develop D. grow 50. A. faithful B. helpful C. grateful D. regretful 51. A. short B. long C. easy D. hard 52. A. worst B. closest C. cleverest D. safest 53. A. cried B. worked C. broke D. came 54. A. quit B. decline C. last D. fade 55. A. brochure B. barrier C. currency D. excuse 四 Early in the morning, I was taken in a nylon bag into a truck. I felt horrible as well as 36 .What would she do with me? She was almost mad after the 37 of her husband. A few minutes later, I heard the truck start its engine and move fast. I 38 making sounds to how my protest ,but failed to make any 39 . Finally she put me down in a 40 place. maybe she didn't want me to die from lack of air, so she untied the bag. I 41 out and looked up, only to see many unfamiliar faces and fingers pointing at me. It turned out that my owner meant to 42 me. I saw my owner on the truck, which was going farther and farther away. So I cast my 43 in the direction of the truck. The days we spent together were like a movie playing in front of my eyes as I ran after the truck. I saw my male owner, ho suffered from liver cancer, look at me with his sad eyes. I saw myself 44 my owner everywhere; I saw him lie in his dying bed, she all 45 . I ran as fast as I could. And the 46 I saw her wave to me, my eyes became wet. I wouldn't blame her for treating me like this for she was such a (an) 47 lady. She seemed even somewhat 48 at his leaving her alone, trying many ways to 49 the pains of losing him. She 50 his photos and clothes; she redecorated the whole house. Now I was the only 51 thing to remind her of him. 52 later, I am pretty sure that she would realize how mad she was to do this... The truck finally stopped when I was almost 53 . She ran up to me and hugged me 54 I heard her 55 :”I Know you are a present he left to me 36. A. 37. A. frightened death B. B. excited C. disappearance C. delighted D. separation puzzled D. departure 3

38. A. 39. A. 40. A. 41.A. 42. A. 43. A. 44. A. 45. A. 46. A. 47. A. 48. A. 49. A. 50. A. 51.A. 52. A. 53. A. 54. A. 55. A.

started B. risked C. kept D. continued sense B. difference C. effort D. trouble usual B. dark C. familiar D. strange struggled B. walked C. rushed D. jumped desert B. harm C. punish D. sell hands B. tail C. head D. feet guide B. follow C. support D. bring at length B. by heart C. in tears D. out of breath time B. way C. direction D. moment cruelB. unfortunate C. disturbed D. unfriendly lonely B. sad C. angry D. calm prevent B. remove C. bear D. kill hung B. kept C. donated D. burned walking B. moving C. existing D. blessing But B. And C. Thus D. So given away B. fed up C. carried off D. worn out gently B. patiently C. tightly D. hopelessly shout B. whisper C. speak D. talk

五 I learned about life from an ant farm. When I was seven years old, my family tried to __36__ an ant farm at home. First, we put clean sand in a thin glass box, and then we brought some ants from the backyard and placed them into the __37__ home. Shortly after the new __38__ were dropped into the glass structure, they got to work making tunnels. I was amazed that each one knew __39__ what to do. After hours of staring, I realized that the ants had particular given jobs. With my mom’s help, I kept a journal of what happened each day and __40__ the ants. My favorite was the biggest, Cinderella. I drew a picture of her in my journal, which I still have. On day five a disaster __41__ the ant farm. While I was __42__ the ants, I had put my face so close to the structure that I accidentally tipped it over, __43__ in all the tunnels. Although the ants __44__ their earthquake, one by one they began to die. I was __45__ as I watched them give up their tunnel-building to carry the bodies to a corner of the farm. My mother reported that the ants were dying of “frustration”—feeling annoyed and impatient as they couldn’t control the situation. They simply could not __46__ the reality that their tunnels had been destroyed. Cinderella was the last to die; she did so while carrying a dead ant on her back. Although much time has passed, I still think of that ant farm. Mom had hoped it would teach me about the natural world, __47__ it taught me much more. __48__ the years, I came to realize the ants were a study in the benefits of __49__. Working together, they were able to create a(n) __50__ world for themselves. I also learned that they should be __51__ for their hard work. Day in and day out, each labored at their task. The ant farm demonstrated that teamwork and perseverance are indeed two key __52__ to success. But there was an even larger lesson that I did not __53__ until recently: Disaster is a natural part of life, and must be __54__. Unlike the ants, humans cannot give up when they face __55__. Unlike the ants, we have to realize that if a tunnel caves in, we just have to build another. 36. A. get B. buy C. run D. find 37. A. empty B. new C. strange D. distant 38. A. guests B. settlersC. friends D. members 39. A. probably B. roughly C. exactly D. normally 40. A. named B. trained C. compared D. measured 41. A. affected B. struck C. kicked D. beat 42. A. removing B. teaching C. observing D. collecting 43. A. turning B. rushing C. filling D. caving 44. A. experienced B. predicted C. faced D. survived 45. A. annoyed B. horrified C. moved D. thrilled 46. A. reflect B. ignore C. confirm D. stand 47. A. and B. but C. so D. or 48. A. In B. For C. From D. Over 49. A. teamwork B. devotion C. responsibility D. organization 50. A. relaxingB. amusing C. moving D. amazing 51. A. supported B. inspired C. admired D. admitted 52. A. certificates B. approaches C. ingredients D. circumstances 4

53. A. give B. realize C. take 54. A. accepted B. suffered 55. A. challenges B. barriers

D. adopt C. achieved C. pressure

D. managed D. disappointment

六 Working Christmas Day It was unusually quiet in the emergency room on December 25.I was a triage nurse(分诊护士) 36 that day, sighing about having to work on Christmas.Just then five bodies showed up at my 37 , a pale woman and four small children. "Are you all 38 ?" I asked doubtfully. "Yes." the woman said 39 and lowered her head. But when it came to the 40 of their problems, things got a little strange.Two of the children had headaches, 41 weren't accompanied by the normal symptoms of being ill.Two children had earaches, but only one could tell me which ear was 42 .The mother complained of a 43 but seemed to work to produce it. "It may be a little while 44 a doctor sees you." I explained. "Take your time; it's warm here." She 45 . While they were waiting, I checked the chart.They had no 46 -they were homeless. The waiting room was warm. I looked out at the 47 by the Christmas tree. The youngest one was saying 48 to her mother. The oldest one was looking at the Christmas tree. I went back to the nurses' station and 49 the homeless family in die waiting room. The nurses, complaining about the working Christmas, began to feel pity for a family just trying to get 50 on Christmas. The team went into action, as we do when there's a 51 emergency, but this was a Christmas emergency. We 52 a simple dinner for our Christmas guests in the hospital cafeteria.They needed 53 , so we collected from different departments candies and other things 54 that could be presents. As the family walked to the door to leave, the four-year-old came running 55 , gave me a hug and whispered, "Thanks for being our angel today." 36.A.on business B.on holiday C.on duty D.on purpose 37.A.desk B.book C.computer D.chair 38.A.cold B.well C.sick D.poor 39.A.highly B.secrecy C.happily D.weakly 40.A.treatments B.descriptions C.suggestions D.solutions 41.A.or B.but C.and D.thus 42.A.controlled B.reflected C.attacked D.affected 43.A.break B.trouble C.mistake D.cough 44.A.before B.after C.until D.unless 45 A.hesitated B.announced C.responded D.regretted 46.A.identity B.address C.money D.problem 47.A.nurses B.doctors C.patients D.family 48.A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything 49.A.informed B.mentioned C.rejected D.criticized 50.A.relaxed B.busy C.free D.warm 51.A.mental B.physical C.medical D.vital 52.A.shared B.enjoy C.prepared D.delivered 53.A.medicine B.courage C.houses D.presents 54.A.cheap B.available C.healthy D.convenient 55.A.forward B.back C.around D.away 七 I recently had a patient undergo surgery. He’d been out to have dinner with some friends and had started to feel 36 , so he came in to see me. I made the diagnosis (诊断) and 37 a surgical colleague to do the operation on him. 5

Afterwards, I 38

the surgeon, who reported the operation had gone well, with almost no blood loss, and considered

the whole process a(n) 39 . When I went to visit my patient in his hospital room, however, he painted a much 40 picture. He was very thankful to be 41 and to all of us who’d worked hard to bring that 42 about. But what he was most focused on was how 43 his minute-by-minute experience had been. He’d been in terrible pain and felt incredibly uncomfortable after the operation. He had to wait in recovery for an hour 44 they’d gotten his post-operative pain under 45 (肩胛骨) that he was unable to . He’d also had a terrible itch (痒痒) between his shoulder blades . 46 by himself and couldn’t get anyone else to help him until he’d gotten his nurse’s 47

When he’d been cleared to 48 the operation room, he’d been all but forgotten about for another hour until his hospital room was ready. He’d wanted to 49 the room number so he could text his wife, but no one around told him. Finally, when he’d arrived at his room, he 50 that he couldn’t eat anything until he started passing gas. It was harmful for him to eat before passing gas. He understood the full meal once he felt hungry. As I listened to his 53 , I realized what a gap existed in doctors’ goals and his. Doctors 54 understand how much the little things 55 his experience in hospital. 36. A. sick 37. A. brought 38. A. cared for 39. A. challenge 40. A. exact 41. A. shameful 42. A. benefit 43. A. costly 44. A. since 45. A. control 46. A. treat 47. A. payment 48. A. repair 49. A. recall 50. A. learned 51. A. outcome 53. A. efforts 54. A. aimed B. happy B. forced B. talked with B. experience B. different B. calm B. future B. awful B. until B. discussion B. reach B. instruction B. clean B. know B. suggested B. reason B. complaints B. suggested C. sleepy C. called C. thought of C. joy C. beautiful C. alive C. news C. confusing C. before C. pressure C. recognize C. attention C. visit C. record C. insisted C. attitude C. expecting C. measures C. afforded C. improved D. tired D. begged D. looked after D. success D. strange D. popular D. result D. unforgettable D. unless D. investigation D. see D. advice D. leave D. say D. thought D. belief D. agreeing D. experiences D. seemed D. kept 八 Sheena had spent three days trying to memorize a poem for an oral test. But whenever she got to the third stanza (诗节), 6 to save him, but they didn’t 51 , but he hadn’t been warned about it and had been 52 to have a

52. A. continuing B. offering

55. A. discovered B. affected

she was 36 . It took her a week to remember the poem. Sheena often wondered how her friend Nashua did it. She merely scanned a new poem twice 37 reciting it from memory! Sheena and Nashua had almost the same 38 . Why was there a 40 ? 42 learning. 44 more of intelligence and came from similar family 39

Psychologists and educators have the answer: Nashua just knew how to learn better than Sheena did. She had 41 the capacity of her brain by applying some skills. Here are some steps to Preview the matter first: That is, don’t 43 your head into reading new and unfamiliar material. You can table of content and preface (序言). Speed reading is fine for 45 material but for more complex works, slower reading is much more 46 repeat, either loudly or in their digest it. If we are sure about 49 concentration and focus, fix a(n) you’ve read or 52 capacity. 54 your own learning style: Each person has his own way of learning. If given the pieces of an object to assemble 55 your approach and follow the method that you (装配), each of us uses a different method to arrive at the same result. feel most comfortable with. 36. A. stuck 37. A. until 38. A. height 39. A. positions 40. A. change 42. A. excellent B. puzzled B. before B. level C. missed C. after C. class D. lost D. when D. rank we’ll gain from learning something, we learn it faster and 51 50 it less. To improve 53 your learning time and place for studying. Use a variety of methods, like writing down what 47 , listening to each wo rd as they read. They also 48 . Good learners think about what they read and

and keep more if you first scan it or skim through it quickly. Read the first sentence of each paragraph, and glance at the

it and then listening to it. Take a break if you become too tense or tired. It will

B. conditions C. situations D. backgrounds B. difference C. difficulty D. trouble C. lessened C. better C. lay C. complex D. decreased D. bury D. remember D. easy D. important D. memories D. actively B. good D. wonderful

41. A. increased B. added 43. A. cover B. drop 45. A. difficult 47. A. feelings 49. A. which 50. A. resist 52. A. speaking 53. A. raise 54. A. Follow B. strange B. minds B. that B. enjoy B. copying B. hold B. Stop

44. A. understand B. appreciate C. require 46. A. valuable B. affective 48. A. passively B. hurriedly C. effective C. thoughts C. quickly C. what C. accept C. typing C. improve C. Master C. Consider

D. how D. understand D. accurate D. taping D. keep D. Value D. Take 7

51. A. special B. particular C. exact

55. A. Investigate B. Analyze

九 Before hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, an expensive car stopped at the Mississippi River Bridge and a gentleman stepped out of the car wearing very 1 He climbed over the rail and 2 clothing. the bridge onto a platform below the roadway 3 5 . down to the man on the edge of the .If you decide not to jump, tomorrow is going to 11!” to jump. Cars started stopping

and the traffic was 4 for miles. The police arrived with firefighting vehicles, ministers and mental health professionals. They began talking to the man and telling him not to his bones and be 6 got out of his truck and walked up to where the crowd 8 . They told him that he might not die; he might break all of . About half mile back in traffic was an old truck with lawnmowers, rakes, and shovels. An elderly 7

He made his way through the people, looked over the side and 9 platform ,“Hey, I’ve got to go to walk. Either jump or get on the 10 With that the man 12 gardener walked back to his truck waiting for the 14 to move.

up the bridge. The police 13 him and placed him in the back seat of the police car. The

The minister asked the fireman 15 ,“What did he say?” The fireman said , “He said he had to go to walk!” The police reported to the press that all the way to the 16 “Tomorrow is going to be better.” One must see a 1. A. shabby 2. A. above 3. A. preparing 4. A. slowed down 5. A. risk 6. A. sentenced 7. A. lawyer 8. A. gathered 9. A. looked 10. A. car 11. A. warmer 12. A. climbed 13. A. caught 14. A. police 15. A. loudly 16. A. station 17. A. future 18. A. urge 19. A. what 20. A. rivers 17 to have a futur e. It is not what you do not know that will 18 C. warm C. beyond C. wondering C. held up C. jump C. ashamed C. soldier C. attracted C. shouted C. bank C. longer D. walked D. whipped D. crowd D. puzzlingly D. church D. result D. hurt D. who D. trees 8 C. questioned C. gentleman C. angrily C. hospital C. honor C. cost C. that C. walls D. rail D. better D. off D. refusing D. built up D. fall D. paralyzed D. worker D. blocked D. waved D. expensive you the most. It is what you think you know 19 does so! Please do not stand too close to see the 20 B. thick B. under B. fearing B. went by B. hesitate B. concerned B. gardener B. controlled B. smiled B. bridge B. colder B. welcomed B. traffic B. politely B. prison B. chance B. give B. when B. mountains ! You will not be able to enjoy the forest. for an examination the man kept saying over and over,

B. rolled C. rushed






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2014届高考英语二轮专题复习测试 书面表达24 - 2014 届高考英语二轮专题复习测试:书面表达 1. 请用英语写一篇 120 词左右的短文, 介绍你初中或高中生活中印象深刻...