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高考英语一轮课时作业 Module1 My First Day at Senior High 外研版必修1(陕西专用)

2013 届高三一轮英语课时作业 Module1 My First Day at Senior High (外 研版必修 1 陕西专用)
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Tom had a good time at the party. —________,and ________. A.So he had;so did I B.So had he;so I did C.So he did;so did I D.So did he;so I did 2.In order to change attitudes________employing women,the government is bringing in new laws. A.about B.of C.towards D.on 3 . Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise.________ , our minds are developed by learning. A.Probably B.Likely C.Similarly D.Generally 4.Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard,________, you failed. A.in the end B.after all C.in other words D.at the same time 5.There will be a discussion tomorrow;all those who want to ________,please raise your hands. A.join B.take part C.take a part D.take part in 6.Nowadays more and more students are working directly on the Internet________different types of courses are supplied. A.that B.which C.where D.whose 7.I’ve just seen no more than one copy of Gone With the Wind in the bookshop opposite.Lucy, go and buy________back. A.one B.it C.some D.them 8.The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people________to eat more fruit and vegetables. A.persuade B.will persuade C.be persuaded D.are persuaded 9.Most of the people________were famous scientists from America. A.were invited B.had been invited C.to be invited D.invited 10.—What’s that terrible noise? —The neighbour________a table to the floor. A.have fixed B.are fixing C.fix D.will fix 11.My advisor encouraged________a summer course to improve my writing skills. A.for me taking B.me taking

C.for me to take D.me to take 12.Exercise is________as any other to lose unwanted weight. A.so useful a way B.as a useful way C.as useful a way D.such a useful way 13.Mrs Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera,________? A.is he B.isn’t he C.doesn’t she D.does she 14.It is reported that the United States uses________energy as the whole of Europe. A.as twice B.twice much C.twice much as D.twice as much 15. We will be at the gate of the Central Park at six sharp,and________seeing you. A.long to B.look forward to C.wish to D.hope to Ⅱ.句子翻译 16.到日落的时候,我们已经走了 40 英里。(cover) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.这个手机跟在广告中说的完全不一样。(nothing like) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.歌手们的演唱给他们留下了深刻的印象。(be impressed by) ________________________________________________________________________ 19.这位老太太对照看邻家小孩非常热心。(enthusiastic) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.At first she turned down his invitation,but she agreed to go at last. ________________________________________________________________________

Ⅲ.完形填空 Some people who find themselves unable to solve a problem react by just giving up.But it is not good to__21__from problems by giving up or by making__22__for failure.You may be sure that all young people go through the same__23__process that you are going through:__24__new situations,developing new skills, and testing their abilities. In many cases,we only “think” there is no__25__to a particular problem.But__26__we can overcome the problem and achieve the goal by making a direct attack. __27__, a boy wanted to be a debater.When he__28__for the debating team as a freshman,the coach thought he was __29__.He was shy;he had a high pitched (音调) voice;and his posture (仪态) was poor.By his junior year,he__30__the school debating team, and in his senior year he was__31__the team in his state.He achieved his goal because he had made a direct attack upon his problem. __32__attack is often the best way to meet problems,we have to be realistic in judging situations.__33__it is necessary to __34__either the tactics (策略) or the goal. A boy who wants to be a great football player may be too light and not quite __35__for football.In this situation,becoming a great football player may be an __36__goal for him.__37__,he may become outstanding in tennis or golf, and__38__his desire to take part in sports. So,although direct attack is often the best way to __39__ problems,

21.A.ignore B.escape C.free D.neglect 22.A.excuses B.apologies C.stories D.decisions 23.A.different B.difficult C.easy D.unpleasant 24.A.overcoming B.facing C.meeting D.judging 25.A.key B.answer C.way D.solution 26.A.often B.possible C.fortunately D.ever 27.A.In fact B.For example C. After all D. In other words 28.A.tried out B.went in C.went out D.joined in 29.A.useless B.hopeless C.helpless D.priceless 30.A.became B.made C.entered D.got 31.A.at B.in C.on D.of 32.A.When B.As though C.While D.As if 33.A.Seldom B.Sometimes C.Frequently D.Usually 34.A.change B.rebuild C.start D.renew 35.A.smart B.strong C.confident D.fast 36.A.impossible B.unreasonable C.unfair D.unacceptable 37.A.Though B.However C.Fortunately D.Thus 38.A.satisfy B.complete C.achieve D.win 39.A.meet B.deal C.handle D.treat 40.A.cause B.phenomenon C.situation D.difficulty

it is important to study the_40__and make a wise decision about what to do. Ⅳ.阅读理解 (2010 年《学生双语报》 ) Since its opening,camp teachers at New Jersey’s Liberty Lake Day Camp disinfect (给…… 消毒) door knobs,take the temperatures of children as they arrive and remind the campers not to share canned Coke. Many of the 12,000-plus summer camps in the United States are making greater efforts to guard against the spread of the new A/H1N1 flu. Many parents are debating whether they should stop their kids from enjoying the summer camp because of the new flu.Jing Zhang of New York said she decided to keep her 5-year-old daughter at a local day-care center.“Why would I want to spend a fortune on the summer camp when the risk is the same?” she asked. Dr.Daniel Rauch,said the risk of catching A/H1N1 flu is only greater in close or group settings,for instance,when kids sleep near each other in beds,tents or cabins.Unless children already have potential illness or immunodeficiencies (免疫缺陷),going to summer camps does not necessarily have a greater risk of catching A/H1N1 flu than going to public spaces such as playgrounds and shopping centers,he added. Some camp administrators said they would send any sick child home immediately or separate them in a clinic and let them play board games while they are being observed.“We try to create a temporary camping center in the summer and we are very vigilant about it,” said Andy Pritikin, director of Liberty Lake Day Camp in Mansfield,who sent a child with fever home last week, with full credit to come back later in the summer. “Parents should know whether camp nurses are available.And if there’s only a bottle of medicine and a bed in the back room,and it takes three and a half hours to get to the nearest hospital, parents need to know that, ” said Sean Nienow, director of the National Camp Association. 41.To protect campers from A/H1N1 flu,the organizers have taken the following measures EXCEPT________. A.taking campers’ temperatures on their arrival B.building temporary clinics near camping places C.separating sick campers or sending them home soon D.reminding campers of some matters they need to pay attention to 42.According to Dr.Daniel Rauch,________. A.taking children to public places and sending them to camps are both safe B.parents should not let their children go camping or take them to public places C.going to summer camps doesn’t mean an increasing risk of catching A/H1N1 flu D.sending children to camps is more dangerous than taking them to public places 43.The “vigilant” in the fifth paragraph refers to“________”. A.cautious B.excited C.hopeful D.confident 44.Which of the following can be inferred from the passage? A.Experts encourage parents to send their kids to camps. B.Parents are very worried about the spread of A/H1N1 flu. C.A/H1N1 flu has spread widely among young campers in the US. D.Children who have potential illnesses are not allowed to go camping.

45.What can we learn from what Sean Nienow says in the last paragraph? A.The medical conditions are poor at the camp. B.Children should not be sent to camps far from the hospital. C.Parents should be informed of the medical conditions at the camp. D.Parents need to realize that camps have no good medical conditions. 课时作业(一)答案 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.C 考查 so 引导的固定句式,so+主语+助动词/系动词/情态动词,指“的确如此”。so+助动 词/系动词/情态动词+主语,指“某人也是如此”。本句句意为:汤姆在晚会上玩得很快乐。的确如此, 我也玩得很快乐。 2.C attitude to/towards sb./sth.对……的态度、看法等,为固定搭配。 3.C 句中是将 our minds 与 our bodies 相类比。因此,应用“相似地,类似地。” 4.C 根据本句的意思判断此处前后说的是一个意思,表现没有达到要求的标准也就意味着失败。 5.B 动词词组辨析。join“参加”表示加入某一团体和组织,成为其中一员。take part in 参加活 动。根据句意“想参加明天的讨论的请举手”可知要用 take part in,但 in 必须有宾语,所以本题要选 take part。 6.C where 引导定语从句,修饰 Internet。 7.B no more than 在意义上等于 only,所以要买回的那本书,就是提到的那本。 8.D people 与 persuade 之间存在被动关系,排除 A 项和 B 项;主句为一般将来时,因此 if 条件 句中用一般现在时表将来。 9.D invited 作后置定语修饰该句的主语。 10.B 现在进行时表示正在做某事。 11.D encourage sb.to do sth.鼓励某人做某事。 12.C as...as 结构中的中心词如果是单数可数名词,顺序为:as+adj.+a(n)+n.+as。 13.D 主句主语是第三人称,反意疑问句应与主句保持一致。 14.D 该题考查的是倍数的表达法。表示倍数、分数或百分数的修饰语一般放在比较内容的前面; 同时应该注意到题干中出现了 as。 15. B look forward to 盼望, to 是介词, 后接名词、 代词或动词-ing 形式; 而 long to/wish to/hope to 中的 to 是动词不定式符号,后接动词原形。 Ⅱ.句子翻译 16.We had covered 40 miles by sunset. 17.This cell phone is nothing like the one they advertised. 18.They were impressed by the performance of the singers. 19.The old lady is very enthusiastic about looking after the neighbour’s children. 20.起初她拒绝了他的邀请,但最后还是答应去了。 Ⅲ.完形填空 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。我们在成长的过程中,都会遇到很多问题。有时候,我们会想当 然地认为这些问题是无法解决的,因而放弃了尝试。为何不直接尝试呢?实在不行,也可以根据情况,作 出明智的决定:改变策略或更换目标。 21.B escape from 为固定搭配,意为“逃避”。面对(看似)无法解决的问题时,(靠)放弃或……而 逃避并没有什么好处。 22.A make excuses for failure 意为“为失败找借口”,与 give up 相呼应。 23.B 由文章首句的 unable to solve a problem 可推知此处应是“困难的”(difficult)。 24.C 由上文的 difficult process 可知,是指“遇到”(meet)新情况。 25.D solution 常与 to 搭配,意为“解决问题的方法”。 26.A 结合语境,前后文间为转折关系,前面指在多数情况下,此处指然而,经常地。

27.B 上一段作者提出了建议,本段则举例来论证自己建议的合理性,故选 for example 比如,举 例来说。 28.A try out for 参加选拔,符合文意。 29.B 由下文他害羞、音调高、仪态不好等可推断,教练认为他是 hopeless 没有希望的。 30.B 由本段第二句内容及下文可知,此处意为“他成为了学校辩论队里的一员”,故用 make。 31.C on the team 表示“队里的一员”。他已经成为了州辩论队里的一员。 32.C 上下段间为转折关系,用 while 表示“虽然”,符合语境。 33.B 全文讲了通常情况下及特殊情况下解决问题的两种方法,这里用 sometimes“有时候”符合语 境。 34.A 由下段所举例子可知,判断形势时我们要实际点,有时候“改变”(change)策略或目标是必 要的。 35.D 一名优秀的足球运动员应该跑得快。fast 快速的,敏捷的。 36.B unreasonable 不合理的,过分的。在这种情况下,成为一名优秀的足球运动员对他而言将会 是一个不合理的目标。 37.B 上下文间是转折关系。 38.A satisfy one’s desire 满足某人的愿望。无论是高尔夫还是网球,都能满足他参与体育运 动的愿望。 39.C handle problems 处理问题。 40.C 从下文所述可知,作出明智的决定要研究实际情况。第四段首句中的 situations 也有提示。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 【语篇解读】 文章讲述的是由于 A/H1N1 流感的爆发,家长们对是否送孩子去露营很犹豫,为此露 营地采取了一些措施。 41.B 细节理解题。从第五段的第一句知道 C 是采取的措施之一,从第一段知道 A、D 都是采取的措 施。只有 B 没有提到。 42.C 细节理解题。从第四段 Dr.Daniel Rauch 的话可看出参加暑假露营并没有加大染上甲型 H1N1 流感的风险。 43.A 词义猜测题。从文中提到的采取的一系列措施可知,“vigilant”表示“谨慎的”。 44.B 推理判断题。从家长对孩子们参加露营活动的犹豫我们可以推出答案。专家并没有鼓励,只 是客观说明露营的风险不比去公共场合大,A 项不正确;C 项无根据,各方采取预防措施,并不代表流感 已经在露营者中流行;文中提到患有隐性疾病的儿童只是说他们受感染的危险更大,并没有不允许他们露 营,D 项错。 45.C 推理判断题。Sean Nienow 此话的意思是,家长们需要被告知露营地的医疗情况,包括是否有 医护人员,以及药品配备,医疗设施的情况、还有距医院的距离等。