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江苏省南菁高级中学2012-2013学年度第二学期高三第一次考试英 语

江苏省南菁高级中学 2012-2013 学年度第二学期高三第一次考试


一、单项填空(共 35 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 35 分) 1. — We had ______ really damp October this year. — I can’t remember ______ autumn when it rained so much. A. a; 不填 A. anything A. actions A. holding A. consistent A. had lost A. ruin A. While A. might A. associate B. 不填; the B. something B. favors B. to hold B. arbitrary B. lost B. to ruin B. Despite B. must B. abolish C. the; an C. anywhere C. deeds C. hold C. fragile C. would lose C. ruining C. As C. should C. accumulate

D. a; an D. somewhere D. help D. should hold D. bound D. have lost D. ruined D. However D. will D. acquire

2. Since people are fond of humor, it is as welcome in conversation as _______ else. 3. My neighbor is very kind. I’ll never forget the ______ she’s done for me. 4. The place he suggested to us ______ the meeting is a five-star hotel. 5. Children are ______to meet with setbacks as they grow up, so their parents don’t have to worry about it. 6. Did you foresee that so many investors ______ all their money in the stock market? 7. Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ______the happiness of your present. 8. _______ difficult explorations are, humans have never stopped moving forward. 9. When disaster strikes, you _____ find yourself without water, gas and electricity. 10. Many of us who have never been to Egypt always _______ Egypt with the ancient pyramids. 11. --- What attracted you to our university? --- You have a great basketball team and I can _______ for it. A. work out B. look out C. try out D. carry out 12. According to the Nobel Prize organization, Mo Yan’s work displays ―a mixture of fantasy and reality, ______ historical and social aspects. A. conducting A. lived B. combining B. has lived C. conflicting C. was living D. concluding D. had lived 13. Our new English teacher, who is said to have moved back to China, _____ in America for almost ten years. 14. --- Do you enjoy the moves of Gangnam Style? --- ______ . I just do it to keep fit. A. Of course A. proud --- _______. A. It’s a pleasure A. have been included B. Go ahead B. had been included C. Help yourself C. were included

B. Not really B. jealous

C. Not likely C. ambitious

D. Not a little D. enthusiastic

15. He is very ______ and well-qualified, so he should reach the top of his profession. 16. --- Albert, I have a favor to ask you. D. It doesn’t matter D. are included

17. The Diaoyu Islands _____ in Chinese maps since the 14th and 15th centuries.

18. — Why does the lake smell terrible? — Because large quantities of water______. A. have polluted A. brought up B. is being polluted B. brought about C. has been polluted D. have been polluted 19. A huge amount of environmental damage has been _____ by the destruction of the rainforests. C. brought down D. brought out 20. More consumers are waiting for the further drop of housing prices with money in their hands ______ buying houses, according to a report. A. no better than A. where A. is the need come A. out of shape B. little more than B. that C. other than C. if D. rather than D. whether D. comes the need D. out of order 21. Nowadays, you’ll notice a phenomenon _____ a lot of people are wearing jeans to concerts. 22. Along with graduation _____ to look for a job! B. does the need come C. the need comes B. out of breath C. out of control 23. After walking a whole day, I was almost________, not feeling bad, though. 24. Today’s college is appropriate as a setting for a society,______ its members must acquire and manage knowledge from a wide variety of sources. A. which B. of which C. where D. so that 25. Being from a family _____ produced great actors, it’s no wonder that she quickly found her way into the spotlight. A. who A. witnessed A. Following B. where B. accumulated B. To follow C. what C. arisen C. Follow D. which D. introduced D. Followed

26. With economy developing at great speed, our city has _____ quite a few changes in recent years. 27. _____ the instructions very carefully when filling in the form. 28. — Are these seats available? — Sorry, sir. The seats _____. A. have reserved B. are reserved C. reserved D. are reserving 29. They ______ so tired if they ______ for a whole day. A. wouldn’t feel, didn’t walk C. wouldn’t be feeling, weren’t walking — _______. Thanks for your mention. A. Good idea A. If only from an early age. A. Otherwise B. Therefore C. Besides D. However 33. Come on, Mary! You can also enjoy _____ you have been dreaming of, if you don’t lose heart A. as a convenient life as C. as a life convenient as 34. — Thanks for the lift. I do appreciate it.

B. wouldn’t feel, weren’t walking D. wouldn’t be feeling, hadn’t been walking

30. — The party will start at 7:00 sharp. Come earlier! B. I will B. Even if C. I think so C. Only if D. You’re right D. So that

31. _____ these experiments were successfully completed would we think of going into humans. 32. It is difficult for children to change their eating habit later in life. _____,parents should encourage healthy eating

B. as convenient a life as D. convenient as a life as

— _____. A. No problem B. With pleasure C. Not necessary D. A piece of cake 35. You are always telling me I am lazy. Look at your room. What a mess it is! ________. A. The day has eyes, the night has ears B. The great thieves punish the little ones C. That is like the pot calling the kettle black D. When one will not, two cannot quarrel 二、完型填空(共 20 题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑。 A few weeks after my first wife, Georgia, was called to heaven, I was cooking dinner for my son and myself. For a 36 , I had decided on frozen peas. As I was cutting open the bag, it 38 everywhere. I tried to use a broom, 40 37 from my hand and crashed to the 39 with each sweep they just rolled floor. The peas, like marbles, across the kitchen. For the next week, every time I was in the 41 underneath. At the time I found those few remaining 43 , I was in a new relationship with a wonderful 44 I’d met in 46 a support group. After we married, I was reminded a son having trouble When life gets you the peas 45 those peas under the refrigerator, and realized that my , I found a pea---in a corner, or behind a table leg. They kept 42 12 frozen peas hidden . Eight months later I pulled out the refrigerator to clean behind it, and

had been like that bag of frozen peas. It had shattered. My wife had died; I was in a new city with a busy job, and with 47 his new surroundings and the 48 of his mother. I was a bag of spilled frozen peas; my 50 , life had come apart and scattered. 49 , when everything you know comes apart, and when you think you’ll never 53 remember that it’s just a bag of scattered frozen peas. The peas can be whole again. The life you know can break apart at any time. But you’ll have to depends on you. Will you keep scattering them around with a broom, put your life back together? 36. A. drink 37. A. moved 38. A. rubbed 39. A. but 40. A. bedroom 41. A. getting up 42. A. found 43. A. presents 44. A. man 45. A. of 46. A. wife 47. A. turning to B. fruit B. walked B. rolled B. and B. living room B. turning up B. ate B. cans B. child B. for B. life B. leading to C. vegetable C. ran C. grew C. although C. kitchen C. taking up C. left C. vegetables C. woman C. with C. son C. adjusting to

51 , and life will move on. You’ll find all you’ll start to feel

52 , including the ones that are hardest to find. And when you’ve got them 54 55

, and how fast you collect your peas will you pick them up one by one and D. meat D. slipped D. existed D. so

D. storeroom D. using up D. planted D. peas D. boy D. in D. friend D. adding to

48. A. thank 49. A. down 50. A. get it 51. A. grew 52. A. eventually 53. A. both 54. A. call on 55. A. while

B. love B. near B. make it B. bought B. fortunately B. all B. put on B. because

C. help C. close C. take it C. collected C. properly C. either C. bring on C. since

D. loss D. wide D. leave it D. frozen D. specially D. each D. move on D. or

三、 阅读理解(共 15 题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, A Lighter and cheaper than high-quality video cameras, today’s best smartphones can shoot and edit high-definition (HD) videos. With lower-quality lenses(透镜) and image sensors, smartphones probably won’t replace professional video cameras anytime soon. Still, some creative filmmakers are extending the borders of smartphone moviemaking by shooting professional-quality films using only smartphones. Soon after Apple’s iPhone 4 was released, two filmmakers decided to make a short film using only their iPhone 4s. Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James shot and edited the one-and-a-half-minute film Apple of My Eye in only 48 hours. Audiences were fascinated with the film, in which a man and his grandfather connect emotionally while admiring a model train set in a store window. The filmmakers followed up their success with Goldilocks, an extraordinary spy novel told over nine, three-minute films. Many filmmakers are convinced that smartphone films are here to stay. One sign is their inclusion in major film festivals. In February 2012, organizers of the Berkshire International Film Festival staged the 10 X 10 On North Festival. Entries included Oliver by Hooman Khalili, an award-winning film about a girl whose special powers enable her to brighten the lives of three lonely people. Another entry was Yearlapse’11, a 365-second film by Zsolt Haraszti that describes an actual journey he made from New York to London. During the festival, which ran from February 16 to 26, these and many other smartphone films were shown at the Beacon Cinema in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Similar festivals in Canada and South Korea have given smartphone filmmakers opportunities to show off their creative work. 56. What does the article imply about smartphone filmmakers? A. Their efforts have gotten little attention. C. They’ve influenced famous movie studios A. It uses slow-motion effects. C. Its cast was quite large. 58. Which film is about secret agents? A. Apple of My Eye. C. Olive. A. They’re held at the same time of year. C. They both receive government support. B. Goldilocks. D. Yearlapse ’11. B. They’re part of an emerging trend. D. They’re still in the planning stages. B. Their biggest challenge is finding actors. D. They must overcome equipment limitations.

57. What does the article point out about Haraszti’s film? B. It took just minutes to make. D. It’s based on true events.

59. According to this article, what is true about the festivals in Canada and South Korea?



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_______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Valued Customer, We regret that your baggage was not available to claim after your recent flight. Everything possible will be done to locate your property and return it to you promptly. For information regarding your delayed baggage, contact the United Airlines Baggage Resolution Center at its 24 hour, seven day a week number: 1-800-335-BAGS (2247) (US – Toll Free) 281-821-3536 (Local Houston Number) Or visit site: http://www.united.com/for/bagtracing As soon as you file your Delayed Baggage Report, United Airlines will begin to trace for your baggage system wide. Our Baggage Resolution staff will make every effort to call you once a day to keep you updated on our progress. So that we can quickly access your records, please refer to the File Reference Number on this receipt when corresponding or calling. Keep this receipt with your claim check and E-Ticket receipt until your baggage is returned to you. In most circumstances, United Airlines will deliver your baggage when it is located. Delivery times vary depending on location. If your baggage has not been returned to you within the initial five-day tracing period, please download a claim form at http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/delayed.aspx and return it to us with the required documentation included. http://csmcbagapp.nam.coair.com/bmswtweb/Docs/FileCreatedPrintPC.aspx?ref_num=144… _______________________________________________________________________________ DELAYED BAGGAGE REPORT Name: JOHN JACKSON BRANDON VERMONT USA 05745 _______________________________________________________________________________ Bag Tag Description 0037387643 Soft-Side Upright suitcase 0037387657 Non-Zippered, hard side horizontal suitcase 60. Where does the receipt most probably come from? A. Suitcase Tracing Website. B. Delivery Center of United Airlines.

FILE REFERENCE: ALBUA25876 Contact Number: 802-247-9999 Email: minminvt@yahoo.com

_______________________________________________________________________________ Delivery Address: 66 MOONBROOK DR

C. Baggage Resolution Center.

D. Information Center of the Airport.

61. From the receipt we can learn that John Jackson ______. A. must have filed his Delayed Baggage Report already B. couldn’t deal with his delayed baggage on line until July 17, 2012 C. should call 802-247-9999 for the information about his delayed baggage D. may not know anything about his delayed baggage during the first five days 62. Which of the following information is not provided in the receipt? A. The description of the customer’s checked suitcases. B. The regular routine of the delayed baggage tracing. C. The contact phone number of Albany N.Y. Airport. D. The customer’s delayed baggage file reference number. C Does solving a math problem give you a headache? Do you feel nervous when you sit a math exam? For most students, math can be tough but scientists have proved that math problems can actually trigger physical pain. Scientists came to his conclusion with an in-depth experiment, which was published in the Public Library of Science One journal. They began by finding out how much participants fear math. Those involved were asked a series of questions such as how they feel when they receive a math textbook or when they walk into a math lesson. Based on their answers, participants were divided into groups. One group was made up of people who were particularly afraid of math and participants in the other group were more comfortable with the subject. Both groups were then given either math tasks or word tasks. When a math task was going to come next, a yellow circle would appear but when a word task was soon to come, a blue square would be shown. Using a brain-scan machine, scientists noticed that whenever people from Group One saw a yellow circle, their brain would respond in a way similar to when their body is feeling pain. It was like the pain they would fee, for example, if they burnt their hand on a hot stove. But they reacted less strongly when they knew that they would be faced with a word task. However, scientists saw no strong brain response from people in the second group. Math can be difficult, and for those with high levels of mathematics-anxiety (HMA), math is associated with tension, apprehension and fear. ―When you are really thinking about the math problems, your mind is racing and you are worrying about all the things that could go wrong,‖ explained Ian Lyons from University of Chicago, US, leader of the study. ―The higher a person’s anxiety of a maths task, the more he activated brain regions associated with threat detection, and the experience of pain.‖ More interestingly, the brain activity disappeared when participants actually started dealing with the math tasks. ―This means that it’s not that math itself hurts; rather, the anticipation of math is painful,‖ Lyons said. Based on the study, scientists suggested that things could be done to help students worry less and move past their fear of math, which might mean they perform better in tests. 63. In the first stage, scientists ask participants some questions to A. see whether math hurts C. observe how their brain response A. the attempt of learning math C. the effort to understand math _. B. find out how much they fear math D. test their endurance of pain . B. the motivation to work out math problem D. the act of thinking about math

64. The underlined word ―the anicipation of math‖ is closest in meaning to

65. Which is the best title for the passage? A. How to overcome math fear. C. Math pain in your brain. 66. What can be concluded from the experiment? A. The anticipation of math has no relation to students’ confidence in math. B. Moderate mathematic anxiety promotes students’ academic performance. C. Effective solutions have been worked out to lower students’ anxiety of math. D. Physical pain caused by HMA disappears in the process of doing math problem. D As we drove along, my spirits went up again, and I turned, with pleasure, to the thought of the new life which I was entering. But though it was not far past the middle of September, the heavy clouds and strong north-easterly wind combined to make the day extremely cold; and the journey seemed a very long one, so that it was nearly one o’clock before we reached the place of our destination. Yet when we entered the gateway, my heart failed me, and I wished it were a mile or two farther off. For the first time in my life I must stand alone: there was no retreating now. I must enter that house, and introduce myself among its strange people. But how was it to be done? True, I was near nineteen; but, thanks to the protecting care of my mother and sister, I well knew that many a girl of fifteen, or under, was gifted with a more womanly address, and greater ease and self-possession, than I was. Yet, anyway, I would do very well, after all; and the children, of course, I should soon be at ease with them. "Be calm, be calm, whatever happens," I said within myself; and truly I was so fully occupied in steadying my nerves and keeping down the rebellious beat of my heart that when I was admitted into the hall and into the presence of Mrs. Bloomfield, I almost forgot to answer her polite greeting; and it afterwards struck me that the little I did say was spoken in the tone of one half-dead or half-asleep. With due politeness, however, she showed me my bedroom, and left me there to take a little refreshment for a little while and led me into the dining-room. Some beefsteaks and potatoes were set before me; and while I dined upon these, she sat opposite, watching me (as I thought) and trying to keep something like a conversation— consisting chiefly of commonplace remarks. In fact, my attention was almost wholly absorbed in my dinner: not from appetite, but from the toughness of the beefsteaks, and the numbness of my hands. ―I have had so little time to attend to their education myself, but I think they are clever children, and very willing to learn, especially the little boy; he is, I think, the flower of the flock— a generous, noble-spirited boy, one to be led, but not driven, and remarkable for always speaking the truth.‖ ―His sister Mary Ann will require watching,‖ continued she, ―but she is a very good girl on the whole, though I wish her to be kept out of the nursery as much as possible, as she is now almost six years old, and might acquire bad habits from the nurses. I have ordered her bed to be placed in your room, and if you will be so kind as to look after her washing and dressing, and take charge of her clothes, she needs to have nothing further to do with the nursery maid.‖ I replied I was quite willing to do so; and at that moment the children entered the room. Tom Bloomfield was a well-grown boy of seven. Mary was a tall girl, for her age of six, somewhat dark like her mother. The second sister was Fanny, a very pretty little girl, looking little younger than Mary. The remaining one was Harriet, a little broad, fat, merry, playful thing of scarcely two, whom I had more desire for than all the rest — but with her I had nothing to do. 67. Which of the following statements best describes how the writer felt when she entered Mrs. Bloomfield's home? A. She was nervous, dissatisfied with her manners but still confident. B. She was cold, hungry but eager to see all the children in the family.

B. Physical pain affects math performance. D. Unknown truth about pain.

C. She was frightened, nervous and regretful about her decision. D. She was calm, confident and very happy with all the family. 68. What job would the writer take in Mrs Bloomfield's home? A. A nursery maid. B. A house cleaner. C. A home cook. D. A family teacher. 69. Which of the following was TRUE according to the passage? A. The writer had some difficulty with her lunch because of the tough food and the cold. B. The delicious food took the writer's attention away from Mrs. Bloomfield’s words. C. All the children were well educated before the writer came to the family. D. All the children in the family were looked after by Mrs Bloomfield herself. 70. From the passage, we can infer that ___________. A. Mrs Bloomfield would treat the writer kindly and help her a lot B. The youngest girl Harriet would be the writer’s favorite student C. the writer would take on more responsibilities than she should D. Tom Bloomfield would be the cleverest of all the children 四、任务型读写 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容在表格中的空白处填入恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填一个单词。 Guiding students through open-ended discussions can help students develop their understanding of the nature of science. One useful practice in classroom discussions involves developing a discussion map. A discussion map is a graphic timeline created by the teacher on which a discussion is recorded --- who initially states the idea and who adds to or refuses the idea. Discussion maps let teachers gain a deep understanding of students’ level of participation, the origins of ideas, and the claims that seem meaningful, useful, and/or reasonable to students. They also give the teacher an idea of students’ science thoughts of phenomena and ideas. To make a discussion map, the teacher needs to do a couple of things. First, the teacher needs to keep informed of the ideas that are shared and who shared the idea. The teacher does this as the children talk, making quick notes of the ideas and thoughts. It can be helpful to record the discussion, but it isn’t required. Then, after the discussion is over, the teacher reflectively creates the discussion map to clarify the understanding of the ideas and connections that students were making in their talk. Educators have identified discussions as consistent with reform recommendations in that they help children learn about the nature science and are useful in combining literacy and science. It is suggested that discussions can be useful for teachers in evaluating students’ ideas and building excitement as science. Discussions offer windows on students’ thinking, provide students who struggle in reading and writing with a chance to participate more actively in class, and create situations where students can express their ideas differently than in traditional schools tasks. However, I suggest that there are additional reasons for having reasoned discussions in classrooms. First, discussions like this allow students to use their own vocabulary --- the words and terms that make sense to them and their classmates --- to drive the intellectual and academic work of understand phenomena. Many times learning science can become focused on learning terms but not necessarily understanding and explaining phenomena. Second, discussions allow students to think about their experiences and the things that they know and try to reconcile these with science ideas. This is challenging, but working together with classmates can help. Finally, reasoned discussions

are fundamentally scientific because they offer an open forum that allows all students to be heard, and students’ ideas can be evaluated and connected to their experiences with scientific explanations of those phenomena. For example, during the children’s reasoned discussion about plants, the group came to the agreement that seeds grow into plants. The students understood that most seeds get buried in the ground, the seeds get wet, and then plants grow. This led to a question about whether the seed was still in the ground when the plant had grown into an adult plant. The students came up with several ideas about where the seeds were. During this conversation, the teacher took careful notes so that later investigations could respond to the questions that children were asking. Thus the students were working together using their ideas and understandings and realized something as a group that they didn’t understand as individuals. Discussion maps make sense! Passage outline The (71)______ of a discussion map Supporting details A discussion map is a graphic timeline the teacher creates to record a discussion by initially (72)______ the idea and adding to or refusing the idea. With discussion maps, teachers can get a deep understanding not only of how The advantages of discussion maps students (73)______, who put forward the ideas, and the claims that seem meaningful, useful, and/or reasonable to the students, but also of what the students think of phenomena and ideas in scientific ways. The teacher (74)______ quick notes of the children’s ideas and thoughts as they talk. Afterwards, he or she reflectively (75)______ the map to clarify the understanding of the ideas and connections made by students in their talk. Discussions are consistent with reform recommendations because they help children learn about the nature of science and (77)______ literacy and science. Discussions can be useful for teachers in evaluating students’ ideas and building excitement at science. Discussions offer windows on students’ thinking, enable slow students to take a more (78)______ part in class, and allow students to express their ideas differently than in traditional school tasks. The author’s reasons for having reasoned discussions Reasoned discussions allow students to use their own (79)______ to drive the intellectual and academic work of understanding phenomena and reconcile their (80)______ and knowledge with science ideas. They are also fundamentally scientific.

The procedure of making a discussion map ? Educators’ ? (76)_________ for having reasoned discussions ?

五、书面表达(满分 25 分) 作为中学生,你肯定经历过多次考试,体验过成功,也遭遇过失败。请你根据下面的提示内容,简要概述 中学生中普遍存在的对考试失败的两种态度,并结合自身实际,说明你的观点。 态度一 情绪低落,自暴自弃。 态度二 我激励,增强信心,避免错误 重犯。

你的观点 失败乃成功之母……

当考试结果不如人意时, 当考试失败时,总结分析,自

要求:1、词数:150 左右; 2、可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3、开头已经给出,不计入总词数。 As middle school students, we have all taken examinations of different types and _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________


Suggested answers to this test
一、单选题 (每题 1 分,共 35 分) 1-5 DCBBD 6-10 CADAA 11-15 CBABC 31-35 CBBAC 46-50 BCDAB 51-55 CABDD 67 – 70 ADAC 16-20 BADBD 21-25 ADBCD 26-30 ACBDB 36-40 CDBAC 56—59 DDBB 41-45 BADCA 60-62 CAC


二、完型填空 (每题 1 分,共 20 分) 三、阅读理解 (每题 2 分,共 30 分) 63-66 BDCD


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