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轨道交通信号系统术语及缩写 轨道交通信号系统术语及缩写
Term or Acronym/术语或缩写 术语或缩写 A/D AB Description/说明 说明 Analogue to Digital 数/模转换 Service brake rate as a function of a commanded braking profile. 做为指令制动包络函数的运营制动率 Axle Counter Block 计轴区块 Asynchronous Communications Controller 异步通信控制器 Any unforeseen event or occurrence resulting in injury or property damage. 任何不可预知的造成伤害或财产损失的事 件 Axle Counter Evaluator 计轴评估 Area of Control Region (also see AOA). 控制区地带(参见 AOA) One of four states in which a VOBC can exist. The state in which a VOBC can control and monitor a communicating train’s motion. On a communicating train one and only one VOBC can exist in the Active State at any given time. VOBC 可存在的四种状态之一。在此状态 下 VOBC 能控制和监视一辆通信列车的运 动。在一辆通信列车上有且仅有一个 VOBC 可在任何给定时间处于主用状态 Automatic Global Schedule Slide 全系统自动时刻调整 The entire physical guideway comprising running rails, switches, power rails, inductive loops and associated communication and station platform equipment. 全部的轨道设备,包括运行轨道、道岔、 导电轨道、感应环和相关的通信以及车站 站台设备。



ACE ACR Active State/主用状态





ASM Aspect

ATA ATC ATC Boundary

ATC Territory


American National Standards Institute. 美国国家标准化局 Antenna Filter 天线滤波器 Two input or output bits having opposite logic levels, e.g., logic values 1 and 0. 2 个输入和输出比特具有相反的逻辑电 平、例如 1 和 0 Area of Authority (also see ACR) 管辖区域(参见 ACR) Approved Parts List 批准的部件表 Advanced Rapid Transit 先进高速交通 Automatic Speed Control 自动速度控制 American Standard Code for Information Interchange 美国信息交换标准码 Assembler 汇编器 The appearance of a signal conveying an indication as received from the direction of an approaching train. 一个信号机状态显示,信号机从接近列车 方向传送的标准的指示。 ALCATEL TRANSPORT AUTOMATION 阿尔卡特交通自动化 Automatic Train Control 车辆自动控制 The transition between ATC and Non ATC territory. ATC 控制区域和非 ATC 控制区域的交界 The area of guideway equipped with the ATC system the boundaries of which are delineated by Entry Loop locations. 装备了 ATC 系统的轨道。 Automatic Train Operation 列车自动运营 Automatic Train Protection 列车自动防护 Automatic Train Regulation 自动列车调整 Automatic Train Supervision

列车自动监督 Automatic Global Schedule Slide/全系统 A value calculated based on the 自动时刻调整 schedule variance of the latest train, applied to all trains. 以最晚列车的时刻偏差为基准计算出的一 个列车时刻调整数值。 Automatic Mode Train/自动模式列车 A train operating within the ATC boundary under the control of the Active VOBC and in accordance with VCC command input. 一辆运行在 ATC 边界以内,在 VOBC 和 VCC 控制之下的列车 Automatic Speed Control A series of algorithms used by the VOBC 自动速度控制 to perform train speed control. VOBC 用来控制列车速度的一系列算法 Automatic Train Control The system for automatically controlling 自动列车控制 train movement, enforcing train safety and directing train operations. ATC includes the functions for automatic train operation (ATO), automatic train protection (ATP) and automatic train supervision (ATS). 用来自动控制列车运行,保证列车安全和 运营的系统。自动车辆控制系统包括保证 列车运行的所有功能,自动列车运营、自 动列车保护和自动列车监控 Automatic Train Operation Performs any or all of the functions of 自动列车运营 speed regulation, programmed stopping, door and dwell time control and other functions normally assigned to the train operator. 执行下列任何或所有功能:速度控制、停 车、开门和进站等所有通常由列车运营人 员执行的职责 Automatic Train Protection A series of vital functions performed by 自动列车防护系统 the ATC system to ensure that communicating and non communicating trains operating within an ATC territory will not infringe on another train's safety distance, violate maximum speed/target point criteria, etc 由 ATC 系统执行的一系列重大功能, 以保 证所有在 ATC 控制范围以内的列车不超 过安全距离,超过最高速度和越过停车点

Availability 可靠性

AW0 AW1 AW2 AW3 AW4 AWG BAS BCD BCN Bits Per Second/比特/秒

Border Crossing VCC 边界 Braking Curve Number 刹车曲线代码

Buffer 缓存


The probability that a given system is operational or ready to be placed in operation. . 一个给定系统可以操作和使用的概率 The weight of an empty vehicle. 一辆空载车的重量 AW0 + weight of seated passengers. 空载车重量+全部坐席乘客重量 AW1 + weight of standees @ 4/m2. 上面的 AW1+站立乘客重量 (每平米 4 人) AW1 + weight of standees @ 6/m2. 上面的 AW1+站立乘客重量 (每平米 6 人) AW1 + weight of standees @ 8/m2. 上面的 AW1+站立乘客重量 (每平米 8 人) American Wire Gauge/美国线径标准 Building Automation System 楼宇自动化系统 Binary Coded Decimal 二进制双极性编码 Braking Curve Number 刹车曲线代码 A measurement used to characterize the data throughput of a serial communication channel or device. 每秒种通过一个串行通道或设备的比特数 目。 The location on a guideway where trains cross between VCC control areas. 轨道上列车转换控制 VCC 的地方 The number used to define the rate at which a train decelerates relative to the guideway. These values are supervised by the VOBC and represent the dv/dt rate of the train. 用来确定列车减速特性的曲线的代码。这 些代码由 VOBC 管理,代表列车的减速度 The memory area in a computer or peripheral device used for the temporary storage of information. 电脑或外设中的存储区域,用来做信息的 临时存储 Positive 110VAC Single Phase 正极性 110V 单相交流 See Line Replaceable Unit 参见线路可替

CASE CAZ CC CCO CDB CDRL CESB CFID Checked-redundancy 冗余检查

Civil Speed 线路最大速度


换单元 Computer Aided Software Engineering 电脑辅助软件设计 Conflict Avoidance Zone 冲突保护区 Central Computer 中心电脑 Central Control Operator 中央控制操作员 Cable Distribution Box 分线合 Contract Data Requirements List 合同数据需求单 Central Emergency Stop Button 中央紧急停车按纽 Central Feed-In Device 中央馈入设备 A vital system design principle that may be applied to either hardware or software. In each case, the vital function is performed by two or more independent subsystems, each of which is independently capable of enforcing a safe reaction as well as periodically checking the other subsystem(s). The checks normally include verification that checks are performed and that the interval between checks is short enough to reduce, to an acceptable level, hazards caused by multiple failures. 一种可以用在任何系统硬件和软件的设计 原则。在任何时候事管生命的功能都由 2 个或 2 个以上独立的子系统参与,每个子 系统单独都能够保证系统的安全,同时互 相校验。 The maximum velocity at which a train can safely travel (permanent speed limit) over a given section of guideway. A Civil Speed is designated for each section of an automated guideway. 一辆列车可以在一段轨道上安全运行的的 最大速度。 每段线路的最大速度在 ATC 系 统中都要指明 Current loop 电流环路 Current Loop Converter 电路转换器

CLK Closed Track 关闭的轨道

CMCC CMOS CO Computer Software Configuration Item 计算机软件配置项

Conflict Avoidance Zone 冲突防护区

Corrective Maintenance 纠正性维护

Correlation 相关性

Count Direction 记数方向

CPU CRC Critical Delay time

Clock 时钟 A track within the ATC guideway that is closed to all communicating trains 一端对所有 ATC 控制下的列车都关闭的 ATC 轨道 CCR Manager's Control Console Workstation CCR 经理的控制台工作站 Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor 全金属氧化半导体 Central Operator 中央调度员 An aggregation of computer programs which satisfies an end use function and is designated for configuration management. 一种对所有能够满足一定功能并且指明配 置的计算机程序的统称 A portion of guideway that can be reserved and occupied by only one automatic mode train. 轨道上可以预留并且只能被一辆自动列车 占用的区域 All maintenance tasks associated with the restoration of a system or subsystem to operational status as the result of a service-affecting failure or any failure of a redundant element that may place the system availability in jeopardy. 所有与恢复系统或子系统到运行状态的维 护,其原因可能是一个影响服务的故障或 任何备用单元的故障。 Term used to describe the orientation of a train relative to the guideway. 用来描述一辆列车相对于轨道运行的方向 的术语 The counting up or counting down of positions within a loop. The VOBC uses previous loop ID and current loop ID to determine count direction. 在一个环路中对于位置信息的记数增还是 减。 VOBC 使用前一个感应环路的 ID 和当 前感应环路 ID 的对比来决定记数方向 Central Processor Unit 中央处理器 Cyclic Redundancy Check 循环校验 The maximum delay time which may be


Crossover 环线交叉点

CRT CSA CSCI CSPEC CTA CTF CTP Cyclic Redundancy Check 循环冗余校验

D/A Data Communication Equipment 数字通信设备

Data Flow Diagram 数据流向显示图

Data Terminal Equipment 数据终端设备

incurred by any one train without interfering with the movement of a following on time train on the guideway. 一辆列车不影响其随后列车运行时刻的最 大允许延迟时间 The point at which the conductors of an ATC communications loop physically cross over one another. This "crossover" point is detected by the VOBC and is used to locate the train with respect to a ground reference. Crossovers are nominally spaced at 25 m intervals. ATC 系统的感应环路线路交叉“打节”的 点。这个交叉将被 VOBC 感知以用来确定 列车位置。一般每 25M 一个交叉。 Cathode Ray Tube 阴极射线管 Canadian Standards Association 加拿大标准化组织 Computer Software Configuration Item 电脑软件配置 Control Specification 控制规范 Central Traffic Area/中央交通区域 Cable Termination Frame 配线架 Common Train Power 通用列车电源 An error checking control technique utilizing a specific binary prime divisor which results in a unique remainder. . 循环冗余校验。一种使用冗余比特校验通 信错误的技术 Digital to Analog 数/模转换 Equipment used to establish, maintain, and terminate a communication circuit and to provide signal conversion and coding. 用于建立,维持和终结通信电路并提供信 号转换和编码的设备 A diagram that depicts data sources, data sinks, data storage and processes performed on data as nodes and logical flow of data as links between the nodes 显示数据源、数据链路、数据存储和处理 过程的逻辑图 Any piece of equipment at which a communications path begins or ends.

Data Transmission Rack 数据传送架

DC DCA DCE DCS Depot 车辆段

DFD DH Dispatcher Disturbed Switch 干扰道岔

Door Hazard 门风险


任何终结或发起通信的设备 The name used to describe the equipment, which provides the communications interface between the VCC, SMC, STC and Inductive Loops. 在 VCC、SMC、STC 和感应环路之间提 供通信接口的设备 Direct Current, or Door Control 直流或门控 Designated Coupling Area 指定编组区域 Data Communications Equipment 数据通信设备 Door Closed Status 关门状态 An area including the maintenance facility of repair workshops, work bays, and other amenities; a yard of tracks and switches that includes a Transition Zone (TZ) and storage lanes; and necessary administrative offices. Also see OMC. 包含了维护和修理车间、工作台和其他设 备,一段轨道、道岔、转换区域、车库和 管理办公室的区域。参见 OMC Data Flow Diagram 数据流向图 Door Hazard 门事故 See Train Dispatcher. 参见列车调度员 A condition in which the status of a switch is out of correspondence or unknown to the VCC 当道岔的状态 VCC 无法获知或控制时, 称 该道岔为不受控道岔 Any failures which could result in incorrectly commanding automatic door opening while the train is in motion or stopped at a station. DH also includes any failures, which could result in the starting up of an ATO mode train without the doors closed. 当列车运行或停站时,任何可以导致错误 自动开门的故障,以及车门未关闭而启动 自动列车的事故。 Disk Operating System 磁盘操作系统


DTE DVCB DVM Dwell Point 停车点

Dwell Time 停车时间

DWP EB EC ECC ECN ECR Edit Field 编辑区域


Digital Receiver A 数字接收机 A Digital Receiver B 数字接收机 B Dispatch Terminal, Data Transmission, also Digital Transmitter 调度终端,数字传输,数字发送机 Data Terminal Equipment 数据终端设备 Data Vehicle Control Block 数据车辆控制块 Digital Volt Meter 数字电压表 The term used to identify the station or track section where the SMC requests a train (via the VCC and VOBC) to stop. 用来描述车站或轨道上 SMC 要求列车停 靠的地点的术语 The time duration from the time the train comes to a full stop at a station to the time the train starts to move away from the station 一列车在车站从完全停止到开始移动离开 的时间 Dwell Point 停靠点 Emergency Brake 紧急刹车 Error Code 误码 Engineering Change Control 工程变更控制 Engineering Change Notice 工程变更通知 Engineering Change Request 工程变更请求 Similar to a text field, but has additional edit restrictions. For example, the characters may be numeric or they may have to conform to a valid date format. 类似于一个文件区域,但是具有附加的编 辑限制,例如,填如的是数字或,日期, 并且需要规定的格式 Electrical Equipment 电气设备 Electronics Equipment Room 电子设备机房 Entry Feed-In Device 入段馈入设备 Expanded Isolation 扩展隔离

Emergency Brake 紧急刹车闸

EMI End Station

Entry Feed-In Device 入段馈入设备

Entry Point 进入点

Entry Point 进入点




The application of the emergency braking mechanism(s) due to an ATP violation resulting in an irretrievable braking to a stop. 按下紧急停车闸,会使列车紧急停车 Electromagnetic Interference 电磁干扰 A station on a Line Assignment at which the train performs a direction reversal. . 在线路上列车折返的站点 A component of the wayside equipment used to initialize the VOBC's positioning system as a train enters the ATC territory. 轨旁设备的一种, 当列车进入 ATC 控制区 时,用来初始化 VOBC 的定位系统 A location on the guideway that can be used to re-initialize the VOBC positioning system and enter the vehicle into the VCC database. 轨道上用来再次初始化 VOBC 定位系统的 位置, 并且 VCC 将接纳该列车进入其数据 库 A location on the guideway at which an automated train waits until proceeding onto main line in accordance to SMC schedule. 轨道上的一个位置,自动列车将等待并根 据 SMC 的运行时刻表进入正线运行。 Entry Point 进入点 Electronic Pulse Generator 电子脉冲发生器 Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 可擦写只读存储器 Emergency Stop Button 紧急停车按纽 Electrostatic Discharge, or Emergency Stop Device (including emergency stop buttons) 防静电,或紧急停车设备(包括紧急停车 按钮 Electronics Unit 电子单元 First Article Inspection 优先商品检验

Fail-Safe 故障-安全

A system characteristic used to describe the ability of a system and its elements to ensure that any fault or malfunction within the ATC system will not result in an unsafe condition. . 一种系统特性,当任何故障发生时系统和 它的构成单元能够保证不发生不安全事 故。 Failed Train A train operating within the ATC territory, 故障列车 which experiences failure of all VOBCs or has lost communications with the VCC. 在 ATC 控制区域内运行的列车,当所有 VOBC 故障或 VCC-VOBC 通信失去时称 为故障列车 Failure 故障 A failure is any incident, malfunction, intermittent condition, or failure of equipment or hardware that prevents the equipment or hardware from performing its intended function. A failure is independent when it is not caused by the malfunction of other equipment or hardware, component abuse or incorrect maintenance procedure. 故障是指致使设备无法完成其应有功能的 任何事件,情况,或者设备问题。当故障 不是由于其他故障或设备导致,以及由于 错误维护和部件导致时,是独立的。 Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analysis A procedure by which each potential 故障最大影响分析 failure mode in a system is analyzed to find the results or effects thereof on the system. Information developed in this procedure shall be integrated with reliability, logistics, operations, maintainability and troubleshooting procedures. 一个程序,通过它对系统的每种潜在故障 模式进行分析,以发现这些故障的影响效 果。这个程序发现的信息和数据应该被综 合到系统的可靠性、运输、运营、维护和 故障排查程序中。 The number of failures expected in a Failure Rate 故障率 given interval of time. Failure rates are expressed in failures per million

FAR FAS FAT Fault-Tolerant 容错性

FCB FCFS FDIR FDR Feed-In Device 馈入设备

FEP FID FIFO Flare-out 拉平

Fleet 车队

operating hours. 在一个给定时间段内故障出现的次数。一 般是每 100 万运行小时内的故障次数 Force Actuated Relay 动力促动继电器 Fire Alarm System/火警系统 Factory Acceptance Test 工厂测试 The ATC system ability to remain operational possibly with reduced functionality as the result of one or more failures related to specific subsystems or components. 当一个或多个故障发生时,自动列车控制 系统仍然能以降级的状态运行的能力。 Field Change Bulletin/区域变换公告 First Come First Serve/先到先发 Failure/Defect Investigation Report 故障/缺陷调查报告 Final Design Review 最终设计评审 The device, which provides the interface capability between the VCC and the inductive loop for the transfer of modulated command and status telegrams. 在 VCC 和感应环线之间提供接口的设备, 它能够传送调制的命令和状态报文 Front End Processor 前端处理器 Feed-In Device 馈入设备 First In First Out 先进先出 The transition from the current braking (driving profile) to follow a different braking curve to reduce the jerk at station stops. FLAREOUT is usually triggered when the distance to go is < 6.25m. 当列车进站停车时,从一种制动曲线到另 外一种制动曲线的转换,以舒适乘客。通 常在制动距离小于 6.25M 以后,拉平才触 发。 The rolling stock of passenger vehicles. 乘客列车的全部车辆


FON Fouling Point 警冲标

FPM Frequency Shift Keying 频移键控

Friction Brake 摩擦制动

FSK Full-Service Brake 完全脚踏闸

GD GE GEBR Go Slow Zone 慢速区

First Line Maintenance 一线维护 First Line Maintenance Device 一线维护设备 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis 故障模式及影响分析 Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis 故障模式及最大影响分析 Fibre Optic Network 光纤网络 The point associated with a switch at which a train approaching the merging side of the switch will physically interfere with traffic travelling over the other leg of the switch. 轨道上与道岔相关的标记,当一列车接近 道岔的合并处时会干扰在道岔另外一端的 交通运行。 Fine Position Measurement 精确位置测量 A form of frequency modulation in which the carrier frequency is made to vary or change at the instant when there is a change in the state of the signal being transmitted. 一种频率调制方式,载波随着传输信号状 态的变化而立即变化 The term used to describe a braking method utilizing friction between stationary brake pads and a disk or drum integrated with the rotating wheel. 描述利用固定刹车垫和一个安装在轮子上 刹车蝶之间的摩擦来制动的一种制动方法 Frequency Shift Keying/频移键控 The name used to identify a type of braking application in which full braking is applied until train comes to a stop. 完全脚踏闸名称用来识别刹车的类型,应 用完全刹车使得列车停车为止。 Guideway Direction 轨道方向 Guideway End 轨道终点 Guaranteed Emergency Braking Rate 保证的紧急停车率 A portion of the alignment in which a temporary speed restriction has been


GSZ Guideway 轨道

Guideway Direction 轨道方向

Guideway List 轨道清单

H/W Hazard 危险

HMI Headway 间隔

imposed by the dispatcher. Also known as Temporary Speed Restriction. 轨道上临时需要速度限制的一个区域。另 外一个叫法是临时速度限制区。 The gradient of a guideway position and is expressed in percent. 轨道的坡度用百分数来表示 Go Slow Zone/慢速区 The area of operation in which vehicle movement may occur. 列车运行和移动的区域 The direction of movement of train on the guideway. GD0 and GD1 represent guideway directions zero and one respectively. 列车在轨道上的移动方向。GD0/1 分别代 表相反的方向。 Document which contains system alignment parameters, including locations of track boundaries, loop boundaries, station platforms, civil speed restrictions, Safety Distance changes, grade changes, Points & Point Zones, Axle Counter Blocks, Entry Points, etc 包含了系统平面图参数:轨道边界、感应 环线边界、站台、土建速度限制、安全距 离变更,坡度变更、道岔和道岔区,计轴 单元区间,进入点等的文件 Hardware 硬件 Any real or potential condition which can cause serious injury or death to persons, or loss or damage of equipment or property. 任何真实或潜在的能造成人身伤亡或设备 财产损失的情况 Human Machine Interface 人机接口 The time separation between two trains, both travelling in the same direction on the same track, measured from the time the head end of the leading train passes a given reference point to the time the head end of the train immediately following passes the same reference point.

I/F I/O I/O Rack I/O 架

ID Idle Train

IEU IMC Incident 事故

Independent Failure 独立故障

Inductive Loop 感应环路

INF Inherent Availability 固有可靠性

在同一条轨道上运行的 2 列车之间的时间 分隔,以后一辆车的头部和前一辆车的尾 部通过同一轨道参考点的时间差计量。 Interface 接口 Input/Output 输入输出 The set of equipment used to provide the communications interface between the associated computer subsystem and external peripheral units. 指提供相关计算机系统和外部设备之间通 信接口的设备 Identification 识别代码 A stationary train that has no ATC applied Run, Line or Route assignment. 一辆没有分配 ATC 系统运行线路的静止 车辆 INTERSIG Electronics Unit INTERSIG 电子单元 Interval Measurement Circuit 间隔测量电路 Any unexpected event in which a deviation from normal or expected function occurs. 任何非预期的,与预期状态偏差的情况 An equipment failure which has not been caused by the malfunction of other equipment or component or as the result of abuse or incorrect maintenance procedure 不是由其他设备或部件故障引起的,或者 由错误维护造成的故障 A circuit of metallic cable of defined limits, laid parallel to the running rails within the ATC territory. 在 ATC 区域内, 同铁道并行布放的金属电 缆。 Information Bits 信息比特 The ratio of the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) divided by the sum of the MTBF and the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). This is mathematically expressed as: A(i) = MTBF/[MTBF + MTTR] =平均无故障时间/(平均无故障时 间+平均维修时间)

Interlocking 联锁


Interval Measurement Circuit 间隔测量电路




An arrangement of signals and signal appliances so interconnected that their movements must succeed each other in proper sequence and for which interlocking rules are in effect. It may be operated manually or automatically. 一种安排信号和信号设备的方法,以使他 们的动作相互制约。联锁可以是人工的也 可一是自动的。 Registered Trade Mark of Alcatel Canada Transport Automation 阿尔卡特交通自动化的注册商标 An electronic circuit in the EU, which is used to interface the EU with the CPU and the emergency brake relay. 电子单元内的电子电路, 用于带 CUP 的电 子单元和紧急刹车继电器之间的接口。 Initial Program Load/程序初始装载 INTERSIG Pre-Processor INTERSIG 预处理器 Interface Relay Unit/接口继电器 International Standards Organization 国际标准化组织 Internal VCC Error 内部 VCC 错误 Kilobyte (1024 bytes) 千字节 Local Area Network 局域网 A software design concept comprised of a collection of activities, which work together to provide a distinct level of functionality in the system. 一种软件设计理念。 由多个作业集合组成, 各个作业在系统中提供独特的功能级别。 Loop Begin 环路开始 Local Control, also Lines of Code, Loop Channel 本地控制、线路编码、环路通道等 Line Control Block 线路控制单元 Liquid Crystal Display 液晶显示器

LCP LDP LE LED LID LIM Limited Deviation Permit 有限的偏离允许

Line 运行线

Line Assignment 线路的分配

Line Replacement Unit 线路替换单元

Local Control Panel 本地控制面板 Limited Deviation Permit 偏差有限允许 Loop End 环路终点 Light Emitting Diode 发光二极管 Loop ID 环路识别码 Linear Induction Motor 线性感应电机 An internal ATA control mechanism used to control product which is allowed to deviate from standard procedures and/or drawing and/or requirements. 一个内部的阿尔卡特交通自动化控制机 制,用来控制产品与标准程序或图纸或需 求的偏差 A sequence of train routings to one or more stopping points that end at the originating point of departure. The next destination type (stations dwell point), direction of travel and the route to follow are defined by the line for each stopping point of the line. 一系列的一个或多个停车点的列车进路, 在列车发车的地点终结。运行线对其停车 点定义了下一个目标地类型(车站停靠 点),运行方向和跟随进路。 A routing assignment consisting of a defined series of paths, which may or may not include a short turn-back, taking a train on a round trip of the mainline system. It includes a list of the train station platforms that are to be serviced by the routing and the nominal dwell at each platform. 列车运行线路的分配,这个线路包括一系 列明确的进路,以及一系列停靠站台和停 靠时间。这个线路分配也许会包括折返, 使列车在主线上进行环路运行 The smallest faulty unit the maintenance personnel can identify and correct to

LLRU LOD Loop Channel 环线信道

Lowest Level Replacement Unit 最低层替换单元 LRS LRT LRU LS LSB

LSF LSMC LTB mA Mainline 正线

Maintainability 可维护性


restore system availability within a given Mean Time To Restore (MTTRs). 那些维护人员可以在一个给定的平均恢复 时间内识别、并纠正使系统恢复运转的最 小故障单元。 Lowest Level Replaceable Unit 最低级别可替换单元 Line Overview Display 线路总体显示 The communication link between the VCC and the inductive loop. VCC 和感应环线之间的通信链路 The smallest faulty unit the maintenance personnel can identify and correct . 维护人员可以发现和纠正的最小故障单元 Light Rail System 轻轨系统 Light Rail Transit 轻铁运输 Line Replaceable Unit 线路可替换单元 Switch Locking Stick Relay 道岔锁闭自保持继电器 Least Significant Bit, also Least Significant Byte 最低有效位,也为最低有效字节 Low Smoke and Flammability 低燃烧和烟火性 Local SMC Workstation 本地 SMC 工作站 Loop Termination Box 环路终端合 milli Ampere 毫安 The portion of the guideway, specifically excluding the Depot, in which revenue service is provided. 轨道上除了车辆段以外,产生运营收益的 区域 The probability that a system can be restored to operation within a stated interval of time under stated conditions of maintenance. 系统可以在规定的维护状态下能够在规定 的时间内恢复运行的几率 The VOBC, which is selected by the VCC to talk to. 选择通信的 VOBC Megabytes 兆字节 Miniature Circuit Breaker 微型电路开关

ME Mean Time Between Failures 平均无故障时间

Mean Time Between Service Affecting Failures 平均运行时间

Mean Time Between Train Removal 平均列车无撤消时间

Mean Time to Repair 平均维修时间

MH MHz Modem 调制解调器

Merging Switch 合并道岔 The total operating hours during a specific interval of time divided by the total number of failure events during that same interval of time. Alternately, MTBF is also known as the reciprocal of the failure rate. 在一端时间内,所有运行时间除以发生故 障的次数。 The total operating hours during a specific interval of time divided by the total number of service-affecting failure events of a system, subsystem or part during that same interval of time. 在一端时间内,所有运行时间除以发生影 响服务运行故障的次数 The total train operating time during a specific interval of time divided by the total number of train removals for a service-affecting failure requiring the removal of a train from the system during that same interval of time. 在一端时间内,所有运行时间除以所有由 于影响服务的故障而造成撤消列车的次 数。 At a given level of maintenance is defined as the value obtained by dividing the total active corrective maintenance repair time expended during a specific interval of time by the total number of failure events requiring corrective maintenance action during that same interval of time. MTTR can also be stated as the average active repair time for individual faults over the life of the equipment. 在一段时间内所有维修工作花费的总时间 除以该段时间内发生的维修次数 Main Line Signal Clearing Relay 正线信号机清除继电器 Mega Hertz (1000 kHz) 兆赫兹 Device used to modulate/demodulate digital information into an analog carrier signal to be sent over an analog line.

Module 模块




调制解调器,调制/解调数字信号到模拟载 波,通过模拟线发送此信号。 A discrete and identifiable part of software program with respect to compiling, combining with other units, and loading for example the input to or output from an assembler, compiler, link editor or executive routine. 模块,软件程序的分散和可确认的部分, 和其他单元汇编,合并和装载,例如,汇 编程序,编译器,联接编辑器或执行程序。 Metal Oxide Semiconductor 金属氧化半导体 Metal Oxide Varistor 金属氧化变阻器 Manual Pushbutton Panel 人工按纽盘 Mimic Projection System 大屏幕投影系统 Material Review Board 材料评审委员会 Master Resolution List 主要的分辨率清单 Manual Route Reservation 人工进路预留 milli second 毫秒 Most Significant Bit, also Most Significant Byte 最重要比特/字节 Microsoft Disk Operating System, Copyright Microsoft International 微软公司磁盘操作系统 Mean Time Between Service Affecting Failure 平均无中断服务故障时间 Mean Time Between Failure 平均无故障时间 Mean Time To Repair 平均维修时间 Mean Time to Restore 平均恢复时间 At a given level of maintenance the value obtained by dividing the total active corrective maintenance time expended to restore service during a specific

MUX Next Destination 下一目的地

NIC NOCOM Non-Revenue Operation 不载客运营 Non-Safety Critical Command 非安全的重要命令


interval of time by the total number of failure events requiring restoration during that same interval of time. Note: Restoration is related to the return to service. It differs from the repair time in that not all service-affecting failures require a repair for the system to be returned to service. For example, a switch need not be repaired for the service to be restored. By manually placing the switch in a position that service can resume, the system is considered to have been restored. Repair action may then take place during the engineering hours. 在一段时间内所有维修工作花费的总时间 除以该段时间内发生的维修次数,注意: 恢复指从新返回服务,不包括所有的故障 的维修时间。例如,服务恢复不需要维修 道岔,可人工扳动道岔使服务重新开始, 维修发生在工程时间内。 Multiplexer 复用器 A location on the guideway, which is identified by either a Track Section number or Station platform identification and assigned to a train as the next required stopping point. 轨道上的一点,以轨道号码或者站台号码 来标识, 被分配给列车作为下一个停车点。 Network Interface Card 网络接口板 Non-Communicating 无通信 The period of system operation during which passengers are not carried. 系统不载客运营 The name of the VCC/VOBC telegram command field used to transmit non-safety critical data from the VCC to the VOBC. VCC 和 VOBC 通信报文中与安全无关的 部分 Non-Safety Critical Commands 非安全命令 Notification to Proceed 前进通知 Non Vital 非安全

NVCC NWP NWZ OBPG OCC OMSF Operating System 操作系统 Operating System 运营系统

Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility 运营,维护和储存设施

OS OTP OV Overdwell Window 超时停留

Overrideable Train Fault 忽略的列车故障

Neighbouring VCC 相邻 VCC Normal Switch Repeater Relay 通用道岔中继继电器 Normal Switch Control Relay 通用道岔控制继电器 On-Board Passenger Guidance System 车载乘客导引系统 Operations Control Centre 运营控制中心 Operations, Maintenance & Storage Facility 运行、维护和储存设施 The computer software that controls the execution of programs. 电脑操作系统 The vehicles, running surfaces, switches, other guideway equipment, power distribution, central control and other ATC, communications, maintenance, and all other equipment associated with operating the trains. 地铁运营系统:车辆,运行表面,道岔, 其他轨道设备,电源分配,中央控制,其 他 ATC,通信,维护, 和其他与运营列 车相关的其他设备。 The area within the Yard comprising a storage and maintenance facility of repair workshops, work bays, necessary administrative offices, and other amenities 车辆段中的储存、维护和修理工作车间以 及管理办公室等 Operating System, or Over Switch 操作系统或跨越道岔 On-board Telegram Processor 车载报文处理器 Over Voltage 过压 The time delay at a station that a train may experience without incurring a serious delay. 列车在车站可以多停留而不至于影响运行 时刻表的时间段 A train fault, which may be ignored following operator input. 一种可以由运行控制人员操作而忽略的列 车故障

Overshoot 车头越过

Overspeed 超速

PA PAS Passengers 乘客 Passive State 备用状态


PHA PICO Platform 站台



The distance by which the front of a train is past its target point. 列车车头越过预定停车点的距离 A condition in which a train exceeds past a tolerance the maximum speed commanded by the VCC. 列车超过了 VCC 命令的速度一定程度后 的状态 Public Address 播音 Public Address System 播音系统 All riders on the System. 乘客 One of four states in which a VOBC can exist. The state in which a VOBC cannot control a train’s motion but supports communications to the VCC. VOBC 可能处于的 4 种状态中的一种。在 此状态下,VOBC 不控制列车的移动,但 与 VCC 保持通信 Printed Board Assembly 印刷板装配 Personal Computer 个人电脑 Platform Departure Indicator 站台发车指示器 Preliminary Design Review 设计预审 Platform Emergency Stop Button, or Passenger Emergency Stop Button (a type of ESD) 站台紧急停车按钮,或乘客紧急停车按钮 Preliminary Hazard Analysis 风险预分析 Post Installation Checkout 安装后检查 The area of a station serving a single track for the purposes of passenger loading and unloading. 站台。车站上用来上下乘客的区域 Phase Locked Loop 锁相环 Presentation Manager, Project Manager, Preventive Maintenance, Protected Manual 推介经理,项目经理,预防性维护,保护 人工 Point of Frog 岔心

POS Position 位置

Post Installation Check-Out 安装后检查

PPG PPHPD Preventive Maintenance 预防性维护

Program 程序

PROM PS & D PSBA PSR PSU Pulse Width Modulation 脉冲宽度调制

Point of switch 道岔点 The logical resolution of the guideway. A Position is nominally one-quarter of the distance between inductive loop crossovers, nominal 20.5 foot (6.25 metre). 轨道上的一个逻辑分辨位置。一个位置是 1/4 的感应环线交叉间距 A group of tests performed for the purposes of verifying the installation and functionality of the equipment to at least the level proven in the FAT. 安装后检查,至少达到在工厂验收测试证 实程度。 Platform Passenger Guidance System 站 台乘客导引系统 Passengers per hour per direction. 每小时,每个方向的乘客数量 All maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals or corresponding to prescribed criteria, and intended to reduce the probability of failure or the performance degradation of an item. 按照规定标准和时间间隔采取的,以及为 了降低故障可能性而采取的所有维护行 为。 A combination of computer instructions and data definitions that enable computer hardware to perform computational or control functions. 用以使计算机硬件进行计算或控制的计算 机指令和数据的集合。 Programmable Read Only Memory 可编程只读存储器 Power Supply and Distribution 电力供应和分配 Power Supply Board Assembly 配电箱 Preliminary Safety Report 初步安全报告 Power Supply Unit 供电单元 A method of controlling a periodic signal, such that information is contained in the width of the pulses. The PWM PBA is a vehicle EU subsystem that provides a pulse width modulated signal used to

PWM PWR I/F QA QAP QC QCB RAM Remote Feed Box 远端馈电盒

Repair Action 维修作业

Replenishment Cycle 补给周期

REV Revenue Service 运营


control the demand level of propulsion and braking systems. 控制周期信号的一种方法,信息是包含在 脉冲宽度中。PWM PBA 是一个车辆电子 单元子系统,它提供脉冲宽度调制信号以 控制牵引力和制动系统所需的级别。 Pulse Width Modulation 脉冲宽度调制 Power Interface Module 电源接口 Quality Assurance 质量保证 Quality Assurance Plan 质量保证计划 Quality Control 质量控制 Queue Control Block 排队控制模块 Random Access Memory 内存 A device, which is mounted along the guideway and is used to provide an interface between the FID and the inductive loop cable. 轨道上用来提供感应环路和 FID(馈入设 备)接口的设备 The term used to identify the active corrective maintenance required to restore failed equipment to a fully serviceable state. 用来表明主动维修以是故障设备恢复服务 的行为的术语 The interval of time for which the spares holding recommended shall protect the holder from stockout at a specified level of risk. 按照建议的备品数量,在一定的风险水平 下,用户的备品不至于用光,所经历的时 间。 Reverser Switch 换向器开关 The name given to a system when it is operational and carrying passengers. 当系统投入运行并且运输乘客时 Remote Feed Box 远端馈入合 Railway Industry Association 铁路工业联合会 Remote Loop Box 远端环路合 Restricted Manual 受限人工 Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

Rollback 倒溜

ROM Route

RS-232 RS-422 RS-485 RTB RWP RWZ RX S/W SAF Safety Distance 安全距离

SCR SCADA Scan/Scanning 搜索

可靠性、可用性、可维护性和安全性 Train movement in the wrong travel direction and is usually as a result of the guideway grade. 列车在反运行方向移动,通常由于轨道的 坡度产生。 Read-Only Memory 只读存储器 A specific combination of switch positions which defines the possible movement of a train along the guideway. 一系列道岔位置的集合,它确定了列车在 轨道上的可能移动 EIA standard for serial information exchange. EIA 的串行数据交换标准 EIA standard for serial information exchange EIA 的串行数据交换标准 EIA standard for serial information exchange EIA 的串行数据交换标准 Remote Terminating Box 远端终端合 Reverse Switch Repeater Relay 反位道岔中继继电器 Reverse Switch Control Relay 反位道岔控制继电器 Receiver Coil, also Receiver Module 接收机 Software 软件 Service Affecting Failure 影响服务的故障 The minimum acceptable distance between the front of an ATC Train and the point at which an obstacle exists on the track in front of the train. The distance margin takes into account the additional stopping distance required to accommodate a worst case propulsion system and braking system hazard. ATC 列车的车头距离轨道上障碍物的最短 距离。这个距离考虑了最坏的推进动力情 况和刹车系统风险 System Change Report 系统变更报告 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition 监督控制和数据获取 The process by which the VCC computers search the dynamic database

Schedule 运行图

Schedule Compiler Workstation 运行图编辑工作站

Schedule Regulation Subsystem 运行图调整子系统

Scheduled Operation 预定的运行图操作


SD SDLC SDP SE SELTRAC Service Brake 脚踏闸

in order to prepare the appropriate command telegrams for the trains and to effect route interlocking. VCC 搜索动态数据库以准备合适的命令 报文发给列车和联锁设备的过程 The name given to a collection of subschedules defining revenue train operation for a period of time. In addition to detailed train information, the schedule defines subschedule numbers, subschedule start times and schedule end time. 一系列确定了营运列车时间的表格。除了 详细的列车信息,它还确定了子时刻表号 码、子时刻表开始和结束时间等 SMC subsystem used to create and maintain schedules. Also called the Timetable Compiler Workstation. SMC 的子系统, 用来编辑和维护运行图的 工作站 The SMC subsystem ensuring the adherence of trains to the system schedule. SMC 的子系统, 用来保证列车按照系统运 行图运行。 Operation of the System under full automatic control, in accordance with one of a number of pre-defined schedules. 系统根据一个预先确定的时刻表进行的全 自动操作 Switch Control System, also Station Controller 道岔控制系统,或者车站控制器 Safety Distance 安全距离 Synchronous Data Link control 同步数据链路控制 Software Development Plan 软件开发计划 System Entry, also Scan End 系统进入或扫描结束 Registered Trade Mark of Alcatel TAS 阿尔卡特注册商标 The application of variable friction

Service-Affecting Failure 服务影响故障



Station 车站


braking. 变化的摩擦力刹车应用 Any failure that causes unscheduled stoppage of one or more trains on any portion of the trackway for a period in excess of the headway applicable during the relevant operating period. Inability to dispatch from a station is also considered an unscheduled stoppage. The problem may be hardware or software related. 任何造成一辆或多辆列车非预期的停车的 故障,但是故障点的前方轨道仍然可用。 不能从一个车站发车也被视为服务影响故 障 Second Generation VCC 第 2 代 VCC Switch Hazard 道岔危险 Serial Input Data 串行输入数据 Switch Interface Unit 道岔接口单元 Second Line Maintenance Device 2 线维护设备 System Management Centre 系统管理中心 Signal to Noise Ratio 信噪比 Serial Output Data 串行输出数据 Software Quality Assurance 软件质量保证 Schedule Regulation Subsystem, also System's Requirements Specification 时刻表规划系统,或系统需求定义 State Railway Signalling System 国家铁路信号系统 Station Stopping Deviation 车站停车偏差 Station Stop 车站停车 The VOBC's not selected as the master VOBC by the VCC. 没有被 VCC 选为主 VOBC 的 VOBC A facility where passengers normally enter and leave the System, board and exit the trains, and complete fare transactions. 旅客进/出系统,上/下车, 和完成费用交易的场所。 Enhanced Station Controller

Subjective Availability 主观可用性

Subschedule 子时刻表

Subsystem 子系统

SW Switch 道岔

Switch Control System 道岔控制系统

Switch Deadlocking 道岔锁定

Switch Machine 道岔机

Switch Reservation 道岔预留

加强的车站控制器 The percentage of scheduled trips that are started and completed without significant increase in headway. A significant increase shall be an increase in headway greater than 12.5%. 无重大间隔增加而完成的预定旅行的百分 率。重大间隔增加指的是间隔的增加超过 12.5% Operating schedules within a daily operating schedule 在日常运营时刻表之内的运行时刻表 A lower level part of the System, the equipment of which has the same function. Major subsystems are also called systems, such as the "ATC system". 子系统是系统中低一级的部分。很多子系 统也被成为系统,如:“ATC 系统” Switch 道岔 A device used to position the running rails of the guideway to divert a train onto another track. 用来给轨道上的运行列车定位以使列车转 移到另一条轨道的设备 The name given to the system responsible for the operation of switches within its control area. 控制道岔运做的系统 Mechanism, which prevents the operation of a switch while a train, is within the bounds of the deadlocking section if the activation of the device results in an unsafe condition. 当列车通过道岔区域时,锁定道岔防止其 动作造成危险的情况 An electro-mechanical device the complete operation of which performs the three functions of switch unlocking, operating and locking. 负责道岔的解锁、扳动和锁定的电气-机械 装置 The means by which ATC reserves switches for trains as the means of

Switch Zone 道岔区

SWM Synchronous Data Link Control 同步数据链路控制 Syntax Error 语法错误

System Availability 系统可用性

System Down Time 系统中断时间

System Hold 系统暂停

SIT System Management Center 系统管理中心

implementing route interlocking. ATC 为一列车预先保留道岔,作为实施进 路联锁的手段 An area in the VCC Guideway List which surrounds one or more switches. 在 VCC 轨道清单中包含了一个或多个道 岔的区域 Switch Movement 道岔扳动 An IBM (Trade Mark) data communications message protocol. IBM(商标)的数据通信协议 An error in the relationship among characters or groups of characters, independent of their meaning or the manner of their interpretation and use. An error in the typing of a command. . 句子中单词关系的错误,独立于他们自己 本身意思。在书写时命令的错误 The percentage of hours the System is available for service divided by the hours the System is scheduled for service. 系统可以服务的时间除以系统应该服务的 时间,用百分数表示 The interval of time from the declaration of a service-affecting failure to the time that service is fully restored. 从服务影响故障开始到服务完全恢复的时 间间隔 A temporary suspension of service which results in all trains being held in their respective Next Destination. The means by which ATC commands a temporary suspension of service which results in all trains being held in their respective Next Destination. 系统临时终止服务,所有的列车都将在其 下一个目标点停车。 System Integration and Test 系统集成和测试 The central train control and supervision subsystem primarily responsible for ATS, ATR and display functions. 中心的列车控制和监控子系统,主要负责 自动列车监控、自动路线分配和显示等功

SZ T/R TACHO TALC Target Point 目标点

Target Velocity 目标速度 TBC TBD TD TE TEB Temporary Latch 'A' 暂时锁定“A”

Temporary Speed Restriction 临时速度限制

Terminating Box 终端合 Test Track 测试轨道

Throughswitch 通过切换

Time-Out 中断

能 Switch Zone 道岔区域 Transmit/Receive 收发 Tachogenerator 测速发电机 Train Automatic Longitudinal Control 列车自动纵向的控制 A location on the guideway to which a vehicle is commanded to proceed by the VCC. 轨道上 VCC 指定给一列车的前进目标位 置 Target Velocity 目标速度 Two Bit Counter 双比特计数器 To Be Defined or To Be Determined 待定 Travel Direction 旅行方向 Track End 轨道端点 Test Emergency Brake 测试紧急刹车 A VOBC module, which temporarily stores data output from the VOBC internal data bus. VOBC 的一个模块,它临时存储一些 VOBC 总线上的输出数据 A restriction imposed by the train dispatcher to limit a train’s operating speed over a specified region of track. Also known as Go Slow Zone. 列车调度员发出的限制列车在某一段轨道 上速度的限制。又被称为慢速区 A device used to terminate the inductive loop cable with a matched impedance. 用来终结感应环线,具有匹配阻抗的设备 A section of track designed and equipped for the testing of trains. 一段用来测试列车的轨道 The process by which the VCC Comparator allows a telegram to be sent to the designated subsystem. VCC 的比较器允许一个命令报文发送到 指定子系统的程序 The process by which the VOBC and switch controller enters the halt state due to loss of communications with the VCC


Track Section 轨道区段

Train 列车

Train Dispatcher 列车调度员

Train Fault 列车故障

Train ID Number 列车 ID 号

Train Integrity 列车完整性

for a preset time period. 一个预先设定的时间段,当 VOBC 和道岔 控制器与 VCC 的通信中断超过这个时间 时,VOBC 和道岔控制器将进入中断状态 Track Left 左轨 Temporary Latch 'A'暂时锁定“A” Train Management System 列车管理系统 Train Operator 列车操作员 Train Operator Display 列车操作员显示 Target Point 目标点 Sections of guideway resulting from the logical guideway subdivision and contained in the VCC guideway list. 轨道上,在 VCC 轨道清单中的部分 A specific grouping of up to four Positions which provides the resolution of the guideway to the SMC. 提供轨道分辨率给 SMC 的最大四个位置 元素的明确的分组. A set of one or more single-car vehicles coupled together and configured as a single unit. 列车,一辆或多辆编挂在一起的车辆 System employee located at central control, who uses ATC equipment and other communication, audio and visual equipment to interact with the System. 中央控制室的操作人员, 他通过 ATC 系统 和其他通信、声音、图象设备与系统互动。 A report from the VOBC to the wayside indicating problems with the train. 由 VOBC 发出的说明列车出问题的报告 A unique numeric string assigned to a train for the purposes of train identification while operating within the ATC territory. 一个分配给列车的特殊号码,使列车在 ATC 区域内能够被识别。 A status signal used by the VOBC to monitor the state of the train couplers and other vital circuits along the complete length of the train, In coupled trains it is used to ensure that the

Transition Zone 转换区



TTL TV TX TZ UART UB UIB UL Unsafe Condition 危险条件

vehicles have not separated. . VOBC 用来监控列车编挂情况和全列车长 度的其他重大电路的信号。 在编组列车上, 它被用来保证列车没有脱节 The section of track through which any train must pass in order to transfer from ATC-equipped track to non-ATC-equipped track, or vice-versa. 轨道上的一个区段,通过它列车将从 ATC 管辖的区域到达非 ATC 控制区域, 或者相 反 An SMC software term identifying train specific information for each train scheduled to operate in the ATC system 一个 SMC 的软件术语,用来在 ATC 系统 中识别每一列车的特殊信息. Track Section 轨道区段 Train Transfer Acceptance (push-button). This push-button is used by the Huangpulu operator to indicate to the SRSS and the State Railway Operator that he has accepted the State Railway Operator's request for transferring a train from the State Railway to the Guangzhou Line 3 mainline. 列车切换确认( 推-按钮 )。此推-按钮由黄 埔路的调度员指示国家铁路信号系统和国 家铁路调度员,他已接受国家铁路调度员 的从国家铁路到广州 3 号线正线转车的请 求。 Transistor Transistor Logic TTL 逻辑电路 Target Velocity 目标速度 Transmitter Coil, also Transmitter Module 发射单元 Transition Zone, also Traffic Supervision Zone 转换区或交通控制区 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter 通用异步收发机 Underbraking 刹车中 Universal Interface Box 通用接口合 Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL 认证组织 Any condition, which endangers human

Unscheduled Operation 无运行图运行


UZ V VA Valent

VCC VCC Control Mode VCC 控制模式


Vehicle Control Block 车辆控制块

life or property. 任何威胁生命或财产的情况 A train assignment to a route or line where schedule adherence is not enforced. 列车分配到无运行图的进路或线路 Uninterruptible Power Supply 不间断电源 Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter 通用同步异步收发器 Unallowed Zone 禁停区 Voltage 电压 Volt-Amp 伏安 The condition when two input/output bits have the same logic levels, e.g., logic values 0 and 0 or logic values 1 and 1. 2 个输入/输出比特具有相同逻辑电平 Vehicle Control Centre 车辆控制中心 The mode of operation in which communications between the SMC and the VCC has been disturbed and the system is forced to function without the SMC. 当 VCC 和 SMC 通信中断时, 系统由 VCC 控制运行的模式 VCC Central Operator Terminal 中央 VCC 操作员终端 VCC Representational Processor (part of SLMD) VCC 处理器 Vehicle Command Processing 车辆命令处理 Voltage DC 直流电压 Video Display Unit 视频显示器 Velocity Element 速度单元 An individual passenger-carrying unit or car which cannot operate individually, but must be connected and share equipment with other vehicles to form a train. 一辆单独的载客车辆,它不能单独运做, 必须和其他车辆连接在一起以构成一列列 车 A block of data in the VCC software,

Vehicle Control Centre 车辆控制中心

Vehicle ID 车辆识别号

Vehicle On-Board Controller 车载控制器


which describes real time vehicle characteristics. VCC 中控制车辆实时状态的软件模块 The central train control system facility, responsible for control system safety through the control of vehicle movements and switch settings within its control area. 中央车辆控制系统,通过控制其管辖范围 内的车辆的移动和道岔的位置而负责系统 的安全。 Unique ID of VOBC, which is used by VCC to address specific VOBC. VOBC 的特殊代码, 用来使 VCC 对 VOBC 进行寻址识别 The vital microprocessor based unit on each vehicle or train which interprets commands from the VCC, controls the vehicle movement according to these commands, and reports vehicle status back to the VCC 基于每辆列车单元的重 按 要微处理器, 它辨认来自 VCC 的命令, 照这些命令控制列车的运动并将车辆状态 报告回 VCC Vehicle Representational Processor (Part of the SLMD) 车辆控制器处理器 Video Graphics Adapter 图象转换器 Vehicle ID 车辆身份码 Vehicle Message Decoding 车辆信息解码 Vehicle Processing Selection 车辆处理选择 Vehicle Identity 车辆身份 Video Input/Output 视频输入/输出 A designation placed on a system, subsystem, element, component, device, or function denoting the satisfactory operation of such is mandatory to assure the safety of patrons, personnel, equipment and facilities. Either the Fail-Safe Principle or Checked-Redundancy Principle is used when implementing vital functions. 在系统、子系统、元素、元件、设备或功


VTSD Wayside 轨旁

Wayside Equipment 轨旁设备

Workshop Area 车间区


能上使用的一个名称,它要求有关的操作 必须确保顾客、人员、设备和设施的安全。 当执行安全性功能时,故障-安全原则和冗 余校验原则必须应用。 Loop Processing Selection 环路处理选择 VCC Multi Channel Monitor VCC 多通道监视器 Vehicle On Board Controller 车载控制器 A field of a telegram from the VCC to the VOBC 从 VCC 到 VOBC 报文的一个字段 Virtual Target point Stopping Distance 虚拟目标点停车距离 Locations within the System other than in or on transit vehicles. 系统中除了车上设备以外的位置 All ATC related equipment except that which is physically on board the Vehicle or located in central control. ATC 系统中除了车上和中央控制中心设备 以外的部分 The area of the storage and maintenance facility that is not supervised/controlled by the ATC system. 维护和储存车辆的区域, 它不在 ATC 系统 的控制区内 Wrong Position Registered 错误位置注册 Wrong Speed Registered 错误速度注册 Wrong Travel Direction Registered 错误旅行方向注册 Crossover Signal Clearing Relay 交叉信号清除继电器

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