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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题7


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 7 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 重点单词单选巩固......................................................... 挑挑拣拣单词速查......................................................... 参考答案:............................................................... 1 2 4 5



【2013 福建卷】 We have been driving in fog all morning, but the fog is lifting now. The little seaside villages are 36 , one by one. “There is my grandmother's house,” I say, 37 across the bay to a shabby old house. I am in Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage (朝圣) with Lise, my granddaughter, seeking roots for her, retracing (追溯) 38 memory for me. Lise was one of the mobile children, 39 from house to house in childhood. She longs for a sense of 40 , and so we have come to Nova Scotia where my husband and I were born and where our ancestors 41 for 200 years. We soon 42 by the house and I tell her what it was like here, the memories 43 back, swift as the tide (潮水). Suddenly, I long to walk again in the 44 where I was once so gloriously a child. It still 45 a member of the family, but has not been lived in for a while. We cannot go into the house, but I can still walk 46 the rooms in memory. Here, my mother 47 in her bedroom window and wrote in her diary. I can still see the enthusiastic family 48 into and out of the house. I could never have enough of being 49 them. However, that was long after those childhood days. Lise 50 attentively as I talk and then says, “So this is where I 51 ; where I belong.” She has 52 her roots. To know where I come from is one of the g reat longings of the human 53 . To be rooted is “to have an origin”. We need 54 origin. Looking backward, we discover what is unique in us; learn the 55 of “I”. We must all go home again—in reality or memory. 36. A. appearing B. moving C. exposing D. expanding 37. A. referring B. travelling C. pointing D. coming 38. A. shared B. short C. fresh D. treasured 39. A. passed B. raised C. moved D. sent 40. A. home B. duty C. reality D. relief 41. A. built B. lived C. remained D. explored 42. A. catch up B. pull up C. step down D. come down 43. A. falling B. turning C. rushing D. bringing 44. A. yard B. village C. room D. house 45. A. adapts to B. appeals to C. belongs to D. occurs to 46. A. across B. through C. along D. past 47. A. lay B. played C. stood D. sat 48. A. marching B. looking C. breaking D. pouring 49. A. between B. with C. near D. behind


50. A. wonders 51. A. began 52. A. deepened 53. A. heart 54. A. one 55. A. meaning ? 完形单词单选巩固

B. B. B. B. B. B.

listens grew recognized rights its expression

C. C. C. C. C. C.

reacts studied accepted interest that connection

D. D. D. D. D. D.

agrees stayed found behaviors every background

1. [2005 湖北,30] He hasn't slept at all for three days. _____ he is tired out. A)There is no point B)There is no need C)It is no wonder D)It is no way 2. [2005 湖南,25] He suddenly saw Sue _____ the room. He pushed his way _____ the crowd of people to get to her. A)across; across B)over; through C)over; into D)across; through 3. [2005 浙江,3] The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without _____ his notes. A)bringing up B)referring to C)looking for D)trying on 4. [2006 安徽,25] I _____ along the street looking for a place to park when the accident _____. A)went; was occurring B)went; occurred C)was going; occurred D)was going; had occurred 5. [2006 湖北,23] The _____ on his face told me that he was angry. A)impression B)sight C)appearance D)expression 6. [2007 上海,30] With the help of high technology, more and more new substances _____ in the past years. A)discovered B)have discovered C)had been discovered D)have been discovered 7. [2007 天津,13] If Newton lived today, he would be surprise by what _____ in science and technology. A)had discovered B)had been discovered C)has discovered D)has been discovered 8. [2009 湖南,25]At the age of 29, Dave was a worker, _____ in a small apartment near Boston and _____ what to do about his future. A)living; wondering B) lived; wondering C)lived; wondered D)living; wondered 9. [2009 浙江,11]The good thing about children is that they _____ very easily to new environments. A)adapt B)appeal C)attach D)apply 10. [2009 重庆,30] Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future _____ to the well-educated. A)belongs B)is belonged C)is belonging D)will be belonged 11. [2010 安徽, 23]—How did you like Nick's performance last night?—To be honest, his singing didn't _____ to me much. A)appeal B)belong C)refer D)occur 12. [2010 安徽, 35]— _____ ?—That would be great! Please drop me off at the library. A)Could you bring me the bill B)Would you like me to give you a lift


C)Could you tell me the postcode for Paris D)Would you like to have my e-mail address 13. [2010 湖南, 30]So far nobody has claimed the money _____ in the library. A)discovered B)to be discovered C)discovering D)having discovered 14. [2010 江西, 32]There were many talented actors out there just waiting _____. A)to discover B)to be discovered C)discovered D)being discovered 15. [2010 辽宁, 35]Alexander tried to get his work _____ in the medical circles. A)to recognize B)recognizing C)recognize D)recognized 16. [2010 山东, 33]Those who suffer from headache will find they get _____ from this medicine. A)relief B)safety C)defense D)shelter 17. [2011 安徽, 34]If you _____ faults but yo u still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A)come across B)care about C)look for D)focus upon 18. [2011 江西, 31]What's the _____, in your opinion, of helping him if he doesn't make an effort to help himself? A)sympathy B)theme C)object D)point 19. [2011 天津, 8]She _____ an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store. A)turned down B)dealt with C)took after D)came across 20. [2012 北京, 34] Do you think this shirt is too tight ____ the shoulders? A)at B)on C)to D)across 21. [2012 江苏,24]—Don't worry, Mum. The doctor said it was only the flu.— _____! I'll tell Dad there's nothing serious. A)What a relief B)Congratulations C)How surprising D)I'm so sorry 22. [2013 湖南,35] Not once _____ to Michael that he could one day become a top student in his class. A)occurred it B)it did occur C)it occurred D)did it occur 23. [2013 上海,32]The students are looking forward to having an opportunity _____ society for real-life experience. A)explore B)to explore C)exploring D)explored 24. [2004 浙江,28] — Brad was Jane's brother!— _____ he reminded me so much of Jane! A)No doubt B)Above all C)No wonder D)Of course 25. [2003 安徽春]If you're driving to the airport. Can you give me a _____ ? A)hand B)seat C)drive D)lift


高频词汇集中速记 [?'kr?s] [?'d?pt] ['?nsest?(r )] [?'pi:l] ad. 横过,交叉,另一边 prep. 横过 ,交叉 vt. 使适应,改编 vi. 适应 n. 祖先,祖宗 n. 恳求,上诉,吸引力,要求 vi. 求助,诉请,要求 vt.

across adapt ancestor appeal


attentively background backward bay behavior belong connection deepen diary discover duty enthusiastic expand explore expose expression fog fresh gloriously grandmother lift mobile occur origi n pilgrimage point pour pull react reality

[?'tent?vl?] ['b?kgra?nd ] ['b?kw?d] [be?] [b?'he?vj?] [b?'l?? ] [k?'nek??n] ['di:p?n] ['da??r?] [d?'sk?v?(r )] ['dju:t ?] [?n?θ ju:z? '?st?k] [?k'sp?nd] [?k'spl?:(r) ] [?k'sp??z] [?k'spre??n ] [f?g] [fre?] ['g l?:r??sl? ] ['gr?nm???( r)] [l?ft] ['m??ba?l] [?'k?:(r)] ['?r?d??n] ['p?lgr?m?d?] [p??nt] [p?:(r)] [p?l] [r?'?kt] [r?'?l?t?]

控诉 ad. 注意地,留意地 n. 背景 n. 背景,后台 ad.a. 向后地(的),相反地(的) n. 海湾,狗吠声,月桂 vt. 吠,使走投无路 vi. 吠 n. 行为,举止 vi. 属于,住 n. 连接,关系,前后关系 v. 加深,使...加深,使...强烈 n. 日记 vt. 发现,找到,暴露 vi. 有 所发现 n. 责任,关税,职务,尊敬 a. 狂热的,热心的,热烈的 vt. 使膨胀,详述,扩张 vi. 张开,发展 v. 展开 vt.vi. 探险,探测,探究 vt. 使暴露,揭穿,陈列,使曝光 n. 表达,语法,措辞 n. 雾,迷惑,苔藓 vi. 被雾笼罩,变模糊 vt. 使困惑,以 雾笼罩 a. 新鲜的,新奇的,生的,冒失的 ad. 最新地,刚刚 n. 开始,泛滥 adv. 光荣地, 辉煌地 n. 祖母 n. 举起,帮助,昂扬,电梯 vt. 升高,提高,鼓舞,清偿,剽 窃,举起 vi. 升起,消散,耸立 a. 移动的,易变的,机动的 n. 运动物体 vi. 发生,想到,存在 n. 起源,起因,出身,开端 n. 朝圣之旅 vi. 朝拜,朝圣 n. 点,小数点,标点,地点,一点,要点,细目,特点,尖端, 穴位,得分,分数 vt. 弄尖,强调,指出,嵌填,瞄准 n. 流出,倾泻,骤雨 vt. 倒,灌,注,倾吐,诉说,倾泻 vi. 倾泻,蜂涌而来,下大雨 vt. 拉,拖,拔,牵,划,吸引,拉伤,撕开 vi. 拉,拖,拔,有 吸引力 vi. 起反应,起作用,反抗,反攻 n. 真实,事实,实在,逼真


recognize refer relief retrace root seaside seek shabby swift tide treasure unique wonder

['rek?gna?z] [r?'f?:(r)] [r?'li:f] [r?'tre?s] [ru:t] ['si:sa?d] [si:k] ['??b?] [sw?ft] [ta?d] ['tre??(r)] [j?'ni:k] ['w?nd?(r)]

vt. 认出,认可,赏识,公认 vi. 具结 vt. 提交,谈及,使求助于,指点把...提交,归诸于 vi. 提到,涉及,咨询,查询,查阅 n. 减轻,解除,救济,安慰,调剂,地势的起伏 vt. 重描,折回,绕回 n. 根,根本,底部,基础 vt. 使扎根,使固定,根除,用鼻 拱,搜出,肃清 a. 海边的,海滨的 n. 海滨胜地 vt. 寻求,寻找,探索,请求,搜索 vi. 寻找,搜索 a. 衣衫褴褛的,不体面的,卑鄙的,吝啬的,破旧的 n. 雨燕,大滚筒 a. 迅速的,快的,敏捷的,立刻的 ad. 迅速地,敏捷地 n. 潮,潮汐,趋势,高潮,涨潮,潮流 vt. 使随潮漂流 vi. 顺潮行驶 n. 宝物,财富 vt. 珍爱,重视,密藏 a. 独一无二的,独特的,稀罕的 n. 奇迹,惊奇,惊愕 vt. 惊奇,想知道 vi. 惊讶,怀疑

? ?

参考答案: 完形填空

36. A 37. C 38. D 39. C 40. A 41. B 42. B 43. C 44. D 45.C[46. B 47. D 48. D 49. B 50. B 51. A 52. D 5 3. A 54. C 55. A 词汇真题 1.C 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.D 7.D 8.A 9.A 10.A 11.A 12.B 13.A 14.B 15.D 16.A 17.A 18.D 19.D 20.D 21.A 22.D 23.B 24.C 25.D


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