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English Exercises (B3 Unit1 词汇)
1. Being short of food, many people _______ to death. A. hungered B. starved C. sentenced D. brought 2. –No matter how hard she worked, she couldn’t ______ her boss. --Isn’t that the reason why she decided to resign? A. satisfy B. meet C. suit D. adapt 3. She is ______ her daughter ’s progress in her study. A. satisfying with B. satisfied with C. satisfied at D. satisfying at 4. After moving into the town, my wife did some washing for the rich so that we had just enough to ______ our expenses. A. serve B. support C. satisfy D. cover 5. You have ______ time to get to the station. A. a plenty of B. plenty of C. a number of D. a great deal 6. What a hard life they ______! You should have helped him. A. had B. led C. played D. made 7. Have you found the path ______ to the forest? A. leading B. lead C. led D. is led 8. –For what reason did you build that monument? --In ______ of the people’s heroes. A. memory B. hope C. praise D. favour 9. You can turn to the manager who is ______ the company for help. A. in the charge of B. in charge C. in charge of D. under charge of 10. ______ in her best clothes, the girl tried to make herself ______ at the party. A. Dressed; noticed B. Dressing; to be noticed C. Get dressed; noticed D. Dressing; noticing 11. You will have nothing to ______, if you refuse to listen to our advice. A. gain B. grasp C. seize D. earn 12. People generally think that smoking is a bad ______. A. custom B. habit C. behavior D. action 13. Three university departments have been ______ $600,000 to develop good practice in teaching and learning. A. promoted B. included C. secured d. awarded 14. It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because acts lead to ______. A. rewards B. prize C. awards D. results 15. The old man got nothing ______ for his kindness. A. in prize B. for award C. in reward D. due to 16. She always wears beautiful ______. A. clothes B. cloth C. dress D. clothing 17. An enemy in disguise is a wolf in sheep’s ______. A. dress B. clothing C. clothes D. cloth

18. What ______ fun it is to jump into a river in hot summer. A. a B. an C. the D. / 19. As students you should ____ of each other and never ___ of others while they’re in trouble. A. think good; laugh B. bring well; make a fun C. get on well; play a joke D. think well; make fun 20. There is no ______ of his coming back this week. A. possibilities B. a possibility C. possibility D. possible 21. He promised to come, but he hasn’t ______ yet. A. turned up B. turned over C. turned out D. turned back 22. –So how is your new roommate? --She really ______. She’s always making loud noises at midnight and when I remind her, she always makes rude remarks. A. turn me over B. turns me off C. turns me down D. turns me out 23. The actor whom I admired very much ______ to be a great disappointment. A. turned down B. turned in C. turned out D. turned up 24. For a long time they walked without saying ______ word. Jim was the first to break ______ silence. A. the; a B. a; the C. a; / D. the; / 25. –How is Tom getting along with his new job? --Perhaps he is very busy. ______has come from him all the week. A. A word B. No a word C. No word D. No words 26. The child was told to ______ for being rude to his uncle. A. excuse B. apologize C. pardon D. forgive 27. The headmaster told the boy to make an ______ the angry teacher, but he refused to. A. apologize to B. apology for C. apology to D. apologize for 28. He was ______ while trying to save the ______ girl in the river. A. drowned; drowning B. drowned; drowned C. drowning; drowning D. drowning; drowned 29. I had to ______ my sorrows in work. A. leave B. let C. drown D. give 30. She did some things about me, but I have ______ her for traffic.\ A. regretted B. freed C. relaxed D. forgiven 31. My advice is that it’s best to ______. In this way it is easier to get along with others. A. reason and effect B. forget and forgive C. forgive and blame D. pardon and excuse 32. The film reminds me ________ my old days in the country. A. of B. on C. at D. for 33. Why is he always forcing his daughter to practise playing the piano if she is not ______ for a pianist?

A. intended B. meant C. trained D. asked 34. –Kate really upset Granny. –I’m sure she didn’t ______. A. want so B. mean to C. have to D. hope so 35. I shall never forget those years ______I lived in the country with the farmers, ______ has a great effect on my life. A. that; which B. when; which C. which; that D. when; who 36. Mary had to go to Beijing on June 15, ______ happened to be her only son’s birthday. A. which B. when C. then D. it 37. The company has a free long-distance telephone number ______customers may call if they have any questions about its products. A. so that B. although C. as D. even if 38. John shut everybody out of the kitchen ______ he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if 39. We kept milk in a refrigerator ______ it will not spoil. A. in order B. in case C. so that D. lest 40. Mary is ______ clever ______ she understands everything. A. such a; that B. such an; that C. so; that D. so; as 41. ______ is true that English is being accepted as an international langrage. A. There B. This C. That D. It 42. It’s strange that they ______ nothing about this matter. A. know B. would know C. knows D. knew 43. The Foreign Minister said, ―______ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.‖ A. This is B. There is C. That is D. It is 44. Can you wait for me ______ the work? A. finish B. finished C. finishing D. to finish 45. Suddenly, a tall man driving a golden carriage ______ the girl and took her away, ______ into the woods. A. seizing; disappeared B. seized; disappeared C. seizing; disappearing D. seized; disappearing 46. She looked ______ she was very interested in what she was reading. A. even if B. as if C. though D. as 47. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it ______. A. breaks B. has broken C. were broken D. had been broken 48. You must be tired now since you ______ for five hours. A. have been worked B. have been working C. worked D. would work 49. Even though they ______ for twenty hours, the two neighbors are not on good terms. A. have been lived side by side B. had been living side by side

C. have been side by side living D. have been living side by side 50. The pupils here ______ all kinds of exercises every day in the past four weeks. A. kept busy doing B. keep on doing C. have kept busy doing D. have been kept busy doing 51. The crazy fans ______ patiently for two hours and they would wait till the movie star arrival. A. were waiting B. had been waiting C. had waited D. would wait 52. Great changes ______ in the rural areas in the last two decades. A. have taken place B. took place C. have been taken place D. are happening 53. When John woke up he found he was in the hospital, but he didn’t know how that had ___. A. been happened B. come about C. been come out D. been taken place 54. --______both Ann and I going to the party? --No, neither you nor Ann ______ going. A. Are; are B. Is; is C. Are; is D. Is; are 55. Either you or the headmaster ______ the prizes to these gifted students at the meeting. A. is handing out B. are to had out C. are handing out D. is to hand out 56. –Which would you like to have, tea or coffee? --I’ve ____coffee. Let me have some tea. A. gone for B. gone off C. felt like D. looked like 57. the day I was looking forward to ______ at last. A. coming B. come C. came D. comes 58. The pupil, who comes from the country, is starving ______ the friendship from ______ who come from the city. A. for; others B. about; some C. for; those D. about; the ones 59. ______ at the airport, he was arrested by the police. A. When arrived B. On his arrival C. At arriving D. As arrived 60. –Will you take part in the party tomorrow evening? --_________. A. It is known B. As is known C. It depends D. It depends on 61. The captain ______ all the soldiers before him, telling them to get ready for the fight. A. collected B. selected C. gathered D. elected 62. It is the ______ for Westerners to celebrate Christmas. A. way B. habit C. manner D. custom 63. After she made herself up, she ______ herself in the mirror. A. found B. admired C. showed D. enjoyed

64. Ha! You ______ by a ______. How ______ of you. A. is fooled; fool; foolish B. were fooled; fool; foolish C. are fooled; foolish; foolish D. were fooled; foolish; fool 65. He has lost all in the flood. You’d better ______ him the debt. A. give up B. throw away C. forgive D. put up 66. It’s known that taking exercise ______ your health. A. do good to B. does good to C. is good to D. are good for 67. When ______ help, one often says ―Thank you.‖ or ―it’s kind of you.‖ A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered 68. The discovery of new evidence led to ______. A. the thief having caught B. catch the thief C. the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 69. –I usually travel to the east by air. –Why not try _____ a train this time for a change? A. to take B. to drive C. taking D. hiring 70. 70% of the surface of the earth ______ water. A. are covered by B. are covered with C. is covered by D. is covered with 71. Martin set out ______his homework as soon as he went home. A. doing B. for doing C. to do D. to doing Keys: 01—05 B A B C B 11—15 A B D A C 21—25 A B C B C 31—35 B A B B B 41—45 D A D D C 51—55 B A B C D 61—65 C D B B C

06—10 B A A C A 16—20 A B D D C 26—30 B C A C D 36—40 A A C C C 46—50 B C B D D 56—60 C C C B C 66—71 B D C C D C


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