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2015 全国高考英语语法填空+7 选 5+短文改错汇编无答案
阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 【2015 全国Ⅰ】 Yang shuo, China It was raining lightly when I didn’t care. A few hours 62 was clean and fresh, even with the rain. I’d skipped nearby Guilin, a dream place for tourists seeking the limestone mountain tops and dark waters of the Li River city. Yang shuo 67 (be) really beautiful. A study of travelers 68 (conduct) by the website TripAdvisor 69 (regular) names Yang shuo as one of the top 10 destinations in the world. And the town is fast becoming a popular weekend destination for people in Asia. Abercrombie & Kent, a travel company in Hong Kong, says it arranges quick getaways here for people admired by even 62 70 (live) in Shanghai and Hong Kong. 61 (build)by the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest are 64 (use) electric 65 (slow) 【2015 全国Ⅱ】The adobe dwellings (土坯房) adobe dwellings admirable is their 63 64 are pictured by artists in so many Chinese 66 65 (painting). Instead, I’d head straight for Yang car and offers all the scenery of the better-known shuo. For those who fly to Guilin, it’s only an hour away 61 (arrive) in Yang shuo just before dawn. But I 63 (it) choking smog. Here, the air , I’d been at home in Hong Kong, with

most modern of architects and engineers. In addition to their simple beauty, what makes the (able) to “ air condition” a house without

equipment. Walls made of adobe take in the heat from the sun on hot days and give out that heat enough This cycle out exactly 66 68 70 (cool) the house du ring the hot day; 67 69

during cool nights, thus warming the house. When a new day breaks, the walls have given up their heat and are now cold the same time, they warm up again for the night. (nature) architects, the Pueblo Indians figured 1 farm, which looked 4 (go) day after day: The walls warm up during the day and cool off during the night and are thus thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days. 2 (lucky), he also had a cow which produced milk every day. He sold or exchanged some of 3 other food and made cheese and butter for the family with what 5 6 it began to rain

always a timely offset (抵消) for the outside temperatures. As

【2015 广东】 Mr. Johnson lived in the woods with his wife and children. He owned almost abandoned. the milk in the towns nearly

(leave). The cow was their only means of support, in fact. One day, the cow was eating grass heavily. While making great efforts to run away, she make a living 7

(fall) over the hill and died. Then the Johnson tried to 8 (sell) the wood. Thinking about his children’s 10 that his farm had much

the cow. In order to support his family, Mr. Johnson began to plant herbs and vegetables. Since

the plants took a while to grow, he started cutting down trees the market 9

clothes, he started growing cotton too. When harvest came around, he was already selling herbs, vegetables and cotton in people from the town met regularly. Now it occurred to potential and that the death of the cow was a bit of luck. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 【2015 全国Ⅰ】 Building Trust in a Relationship Again 36 . That is a risk. But you can’t be successful Trust is a learned behavior that we gain from past experiences, the mistake. Unfortunately, we’ve all been victims of betrayal. Whether we’ve been suffer from, lied to, misled, or cheated on, there are different levels of losing trust. Sometimes people simply can’t trust anymore,

when there’s a lack of trust in a relationship that results from an action where the wrongdoer takes no responsibility to fix


. It’s understandable, but if

you’re willing to build trust in a relationship again, we have some steps you can take to get you there.

● ●

38 39

having confidence in yourself will help you make better choices because you can see what the best If you’ve been betrayed, you are the victim of your circumstance. But there’s a difference between

outcome would be for your well-being. being a victim and living with a “victim mentality”. At some point in all of our lives, we’ll have our trust tested or violated. ● You didn’t lose “everything”. Once trust is lost, what is left? Instead of looking at the situation from this hopeless angle, look at everything you still have and be thankful for all of the good in your life. way to work through the experience to allow room for positive growth and forgiveness. A. Learn to really trust yourself. B. It is putting confidence in someone. C. Stop regarding yourself as the victim. D. Remember that you can expect the best in return. E. They’ve been too badly hurt and they can’t bear to let it happen again. F. This knowledge carries over in their attitude toward their future relationships. G. Seeing the positive side of things doesn’t mean you’re ignoring what happened. 【2015 全国Ⅱ】 Training for a marathon requires careful preparation and steady, gradual increases in the length of the runs. 36 , buy the best-fitting running shoes you can find. No one can say which brand will work best for you or feel best on 37 . As always, you should stretch (伸展) at least 38 39 , it is wise to take . After two weeks, your feet, so you have to rely on your experience and on the feel of each pair as you shop. When you have found shoes that seem right, walk in them for a few days to double-check the fit. ten minutes before each run to prevent injuries. During the first week, do not think about distance, but run five minutes longer each day. a day off to rest. But during the next week, set a goal of at least a mile and a half per run. start timing yourself. A. After six days B. For a good marathon runner C. Before you begin your training D. With each day, increase the distance by a half mile E. If they still feel good, you can begin running in them F. Time spent for preparation raises the quality of training G. Now you are ready out a goal of improving distance and time 【2015 北京】 This Way to Dreamland Daydreaming means people think about something pleasant, especially when this makes them forget what they should be doing. Daydreamers have a bad reputation for being unaware of what’s happening around them. They can seem forgetful and clumsy. 71 They annoy us because they seem to be ignoring us and missing the important things. 72 But daydreamers are also responsible for some of the greatest ideas and achievements in human history. Can you imagine what kind of world we would have without such ideas and inventions? So how can you come up with brilliant daydreams and avoid falling over tree roots or otherwise looking like a fool? First, understand that some opportunities (机会) for daydreaming are better than others. Feeling safe and relaxed will help you to slip into daydreams. 73 And if you want to improve your chances of having a creative idea while


Instead, it’s a healthy


. Depending on the kind of race you plan to enter, you can set up a timetable for the

remaining weeks before the race.

you’re daydreaming, try to do it while you are involved in another task—preferably something simple, like taking a shower or walking, or even making meaningless drawings. It’s also important to know how to avoid daydreams for those times when you really need to concentrate. “Mindfulness”, being focused, is a tool that some people use to avoid falling asleep. 74 75 Finally, you never know what wonderful idea might strike while your mind has moved slowly away. Always remember that your best ideas might come when your head is actually in the clouds. A. Having interesting things to think about also helps. B. They stare off into space and wander by themselves. C. Without wandering minds, we wouldn’t have relatively, Coke or Post-it notes. D. At one time, daydreaming was thought to be a cause of some mental illnesses. E. It involves slow, steady breathing for self-control that helps people stay calm and attentive. F. Daydreams are often very simple and direct, quite unlike sleep dreams, which may be hard to understand. G. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a notebook or voice recorder nearby when you’re in the daydream zone. 短文改错 【2015 全国Ⅰ】 When I was a child, I hoped to live in the city. I think I would be happy there. Now I am living in a city,

but I miss my home in countryside. There the air is clean or the mountains are green. Unfortunately, on the development of

industrialization, the environment has been polluted. Lots of studies have been shown that global warming has already

become a very seriously problem. The airs we breathe in is getting dirtier and dirtier. Much rare animals are dying out. We

must found ways to protect your environment. If we fail to do so, we’ll live to regret it.

【2015 全国Ⅱ】One day, little Tony went to a shopping center with his parent. It was very crowded. Tony saw a toy on a shop window. He liked it so very much that he quickly walked into the shop. After looks at the toy for some time, he turned around and found where his parents were missing. Tony was scared and begun to cry. A woman saw him drying and telling him to wait outside a shop. Five minutes later, Tony saw parents. Mom said, “How nice to see you again! Dad and I were terrible worried.” Tony promised her that this would never happen again.


【2015 四川】Hi, Janice, It's been a month since I came to this new school and I really want share with you some of the problems I have been experiencing. As I tell you last time, I made three new friend here. We hang out together during lunch and after school. We've been spending a lot of time sing in karaoke bars. It's been three Saturdays now and it really costs me many. And I started to see this as a time—wasting activity! In fact, I don’t like to go anymore, so I’m afraid I’ll lose their friendship. How do you think I should do? If you are me, would you talk to him? Please help with me and give me some advice. Grave 【2015 浙江】 My old classroom was interesting because three side of the classroom were made from glass. I enjoyed sit close to the windows and looking at the view. On the left-hand side of the class, I could easy see the football field. In the mornings, it was full of students exercising. The view from the back of the classroom is also splendid. Close to the school there was a beautiful park with many trees around them. Farther in the distance, I could not enjoy the view of snowy mountains. On the right side of the class was the road. I was always interested to see the drivers in hurry in the morning. The position of the classroom with its view made me felt like I was dreaming. If I was only a child when I studied in that classroom, I will never forget it. 【2015 陕西】 My soccer coach retired in last week. I wanted to do anything special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me some basic step of baking. I insisted on doing most of the baking myself. I thought the biscuits were really well. My only mistake was that I dropped some on the floor after I was packing them up. At a party, my coach, with a biscuit in his mouth, asked surprisingly who made them and joked, “I might have to retire again next year just get some more of these biscuits.” My favorite picture at the party is of my coach and me enjoy the biscuits with happy laughter!

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