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2019年秋季高中英语 Unit 1 Cultural relics Period 4 Using Language课后阅读训练 新人教版必修2

爱你一万 年

Unit 1 Cultural relics Period 4 Using Language 课后阅读训练
Ⅰ. 阅读理解 A

Choose Your One-Day Tours! Tour A—Bath & Stonehenge including entrance fees to the ancient Roman bathrooms and Stonehenge—£37 until 26 March and£39 thereafter. Visit the city with over 2, 000 years of history and Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent and the Costume Museum. Stonehenge is one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments dating back over 5, 000 years. Tour B—Oxford & Stratford including entrance fees to the University St Mary’s Church Tower and Anne Hathaway’s house—£32 until 12 March and£36 thereafter. Oxford: Includes a guided tour of England’s oldest university city and colleges. Look over the “city of dreaming spires(尖顶)”from St Mary’s Church Tower. Stratford: Includes a guided tour exploring much of the Shakespeare wonder. Tour C—Windsor Castle & Hampton Court including entrance fees to Hampton Court Palace— £34 until 11 March and£37 thereafter. Includes a guided tour of Windsor and Hampton Court, Henry Mill’s favourite palace. Free time to visit Windsor Castle(entrance fees not included). With 500 years of history, Hampton Court was once the home of four Kings and one Queen. Now this former royal palace is open to the public as a major tourist attraction. Visit the palace and its various historic gardens, which include the famous maze(迷宫)where it is easy to get lost! Tour D—Cambridge including entrance fees to the Tower of Saint Mary the Great—£33 until 18 March and£37 thereafter. Includes a guided tour of Cambridge, the famous university town, and the gardens of the 18th century. 【语篇概述】本文主要介绍了四个一日游的路线以及它们的费用等。 1. Which tour will you choose if you want to see England’s oldest university city?

爱你一万 年

A. Tour A. C. Tour C.

B. Tour B. D. Tour D.

【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据 Tour B 中的 Oxford: Includes a guided tour of England’s oldest university city and colleges. 可知。 2. Which of the following tours charges the lowest fee on 17 March? A. Windsor Castle & Hampton Court. B. Oxford & Stratford. C. Bath &Stonehenge. D. Cambridge. 【解析】选 D。推理判断题。比较四个一日游中的 17 March 这一天的价格可知, Tour D 中的 Cambridge 中的£33 最便宜。 3. Why is Hampton Court a major tourist attraction? A. It used to be the home of royal families. B. It used to be a well-known maze. C. It is the oldest palace in Britain. D. It is a world-famous castle. 【解析】选 A。推理判断题。根据 Tour C 中的 With 500 years of history, Hampton Court was once the home of four Kings and one Queen. 可知。 B Imagine, one day, getting out of bed in Beijing and being at your office in Shanghai in only a couple of hours, and then, after a full day of work, going back home to Beijing and having dinner there. Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? But it’s not that unrealistic, with the development of China’s high-speed railway system. And that’s not all. China has an even greater high-speed railway plan—to connect the country with Southeast Asia, and eventually Eastern Europe. China is negotiating to extend its own high-speed railway network to up to 17 countries in 10 to 15 years, eventually reaching London and Singapore. China has proposed three such projects. The first would possibly connect Kunming with Singapore via Vietnam and Malaysia. Another could start in Urumqi and go through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and possibly to Germany. The third would start in the northeast and go north through

爱你一万 年

Russia and then into Western Europe. If China’s plan for the high-speed railway goes forward, people could zip over from London to Beijing in under two days. The new system would still follow China’s high-speed railway standard. And the trains would be able to go 346 kilometers an hour, almost as fast as some airplanes. China’s bullet train(高速客车), the one connecting Wuhan to Guangzhou, already has the world’s fastest average speed. It covers 1, 069 kilometers in about three hours. Of course, there are some technical challenges to overcome. There are so many issues that need to be settled, such as safety, rail gauge(轨距), maintenance of railway tracks. So, it’s important to pay attention to every detail. But the key issue is really money. China is already spending hundreds of billions of yuan on domestic railway expansion. China prefers that the other countries pay in natural resources rather than with capital investment. Resources from those countries could stream into China to sustain development. It’ll be a win-win project. For other countries, the railway network will definitely create more opportunities for business, tourism and so on, not to mention the better communication among those countries. For China, such a project would not only connect it with the rest of Asia and bring some much-needed resources, but would also help develop China’s far west. We foresee that in the coming decades, millions of people will migrate to the western regions, where the land is empty and resources unused. With high-speed trains, people will set up factories and business centers in the west once and for all. And they’ll trade with Central Asian and Eastern European countries. 【语篇概述】本文主要介绍中国的环球高速铁路计划。 4. China’s new high-speed railway plan will be a win-win project because_________. A. China will get much-needed resources and develop its western regions B. China and the other countries involved will benefit from the project in various ways C. China will develop its railway system and communication with other countries D. the foreign countries involved will develop their railway transportation, business and tourism 【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段可知, 既然是“双赢的项目”, 那么就应该是双方, 即 China and the other countries involved, 所以选择 B 项。其余选项都是单方面的国家, 所以排除。

爱你一万 年

5. According to the passage, the greatest challenge to the new high-speed railway plan is_________. A. technical issues B. safety of the system C. financial problems D. maintenance of railway tracks 【解析】选 C。细节理解题。通读全文可知文章第八、九两段都是实施中国的环球高铁计划会遇到的困难; 第九段中 But the key issue is really money 说明了最大的困难是钱的问题(financial problems), 所 以选择 C 项。 6. Which of the following words best describes the author’s attitude towards China’s high-speed railway plan? A. Critical. C. Doubtful. B. Reserved. D. Positive.

【解析】选 D。推理判断题。要求考生推断作者的态度。尽管文章第八、九段中提到困难, 但从最后两段 中可以看出作者是持积极的、支持的态度(Positive)。 7. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage? A. New Railway Standards B. Big Railway Dreams C. High-speed Bullet Trains D. International Railway Network 【解析】 选 B。 主旨大意题。 通读全文可知环球高速铁路还只是计划, 是尚未实现的远大梦想(Big Railway Dreams), 所以选择 B 项。A 项和 C 项只是文章中的“点”, 并不能概括大意;而 D 项混淆范围, 把“中国 的计划”扩大成了“国际的(International)”, 所以不能选。 Ⅱ. 完形填空 Heritage Education China’s “Cultural Heritage Day” falls on the second Saturday of June every year. Many celebrations are held and all cultural relic protection sites are 1 to open free to the public on the day. There is no 2 4 6 that various celebrating 3 across the country will arouse public 5 the young people to love the fine

of the importance of cultural heritage protection and culture of the motherland.


爱你一万 年

China faces a heavy task to protect and rescue its cultural 7 . We need to consider seriously the 8 to lack awareness about cultural heritage. 9 , Heritage Education is one of our main 11 it is important

approaches. People cannot

10 value a cultural heritage if they do not know

or how to protect it. Over the past seven years, CHP(文化遗产保护中心)has 12 over a hundred educational 13 to various groups, such as schools, government offices, 14 the general

public. Many people have attended CHP seminars. Typically, each seminar lasts two to three hours and 15 of an informative presentation, 16 by a longer question-and-answer session and 18 it to be just the 19 to the

discussion. Each attendee with 17 knowledge of the cultural heritage,

Forbidden City(紫禁城)and the Great Wall. People often think that the duty only government. So “Cultural Heritage Day” will be a welcome heritage conservation.

20 to educate a wide public on world

【语篇概述】文化遗产是世界文明的源泉, 是人类智慧的宝藏, 是民族精神的财富, 是古今沟通的桥梁。 普及文化遗产保护知识 , 提高公众对保护文化遗产重要性的认识, 增强全社会文化遗产保护意识, 已是 迫在眉睫的事情。 1. A. forbidden B. suggested C. made D. designed

【解析】选 D。词语辨析题。design“打算, 计划”, be designed to do. . . “计划做……”。 2. A. need B. doubt C. wonder D. reason

【解析】选 B。习语搭配题。There is no doubt“毫无疑问……”, 符合文意。There is no need“没有 必要”;其他两个选项不能与 there is no. . . 搭配。 3. A. parties C. receptions B. activities D. program

【解析】选 B。词语辨析题。句意:毫无疑问, 全国各种各样的庆祝活动会唤起文化遗产保护重要性的公众 意识, 激励年轻人热爱祖国美好的传统文化。activity 活动。 4. A. awareness C. affairs B. knowledge D. opinion

【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。awareness 意识。根据句意“唤起公众意识”, 可知答案选 A。knowledge 知 识;affairs 事务;opinion 观点。 5. A. inform C. persuade B. advise D. encourage

【解析】选 D。逻辑推理题。encourage“鼓励, 鼓舞”, 其他选项不合句意。

爱你一万 年

6. A. natural C. traditional

B. modern D. artificial

【解析】 选 C。 逻辑推理题。 根据句中的“cultural heritage protection”, 可知应该选 traditional“传 统的”。 7. A. discoveries C. things B. treasures D. wonders

【解析】选 B。词语辨析题。文化遗产, 宝藏。 8. A. harm C. meaning B. record D. importance

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。意识到缺乏文物保护意识的危害(harm)。其他选项不合语境。 9. A. So B. Instead C. And D. Thus

【解析】选 D。词语辨析题。thus“因此”, 承接关系;so 后不能加逗号, 也不能构成因果关系。 10. A. properly C. carefully B. simply D. actually

【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。properly“正确地, 恰当地”, 其他选项不合句意。 11. A. what B. why C. how D. when

【解析】选 B。背景常识题。句意:如果人们不能知道它为什么重要和如何保护它, 就不能恰当地评估出文 化遗产的价值。根据句意可知答案选 B。 12. A. offered C. insisted B. ignored D. presented

【解析】选 D。词语辨析题。此处 present 为“推荐, 举行, 展示”的意思, 构成 present. . . to. . . 。 13. A. honors B. quizzes C. seminars D. rights

【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。seminar“研讨会”, 利用排除法可以得出答案, 另外根据下文的提示, 也可 以选出答案。 14. A. as well as C. as good as B. as much as D. as long as

【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。此处 as well as 相当于 not only. . . but also. . . 。 15. A. consists C. lies B. becomes D. forms

【解析】选 A。习语搭配题。consist of“由……组成”, 其他虽与 of 搭配, 但意义不符。form 为及物

爱你一万 年

动词。 16. A. recognized C. retold B. requested D. followed

【解析】选 D。词语辨析题。句意:接下来是长长的问答环节和辩论, followed by 接着是……, 根据句意 可知答案选 D。 17. A. professional C. learned B. limited D. required

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。根据下文可以看出与会者对文物方面的知识是有限的。 18. A. considering C. realizing B. understanding D. concluding

【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。句意:每一位与会者仅仅是把它(文化遗产)看作是紫禁城和长城, consider 看作, 故答案选 A。 19. A. comes B. stands C. belongs D. calls

【解析】选 C。词语辨析题。认为保护文物是属于国家的责任。belong to“属于”, 其他选项不合语境。 20. A. possibility C. opportunity B. relic D. chance

【解析】 选 C。 词语辨析题。 chance 多指偶然的机会, 含有侥幸的意味在内;opportunity 多指特殊的机会, 含有期待的意味。 Ⅲ. 短文改错 Mr Smith has two sons. One is seven but the other is five. One morning, when he is cleaning the car, his younger son came and asked about him for some money for sweets. “Sweets are badly for your teeth, ” Mr Smith said, “Take these two oranges instead, and give one to your elder brother. ”One of the orange was very big while the other was small. As the boy liked oranges very much, he kept the big one for him and gave his brother the small one. When the other boy saw that his brother had a much large orange than his own, he said to him, “That is selfish to take the bigger one for yourself. If Father had given me oranges, I’d have given you the bigger one. ” “I know you would, ”answered his brother. “That’s how I took it. ” 答案:


爱你一万 年

1. 【解析】第二句中 but→and。考查并列连词。一个男孩七岁, 一个男孩五岁, 此处表并列关系用 and。 2. 【解析】第三句中 is→was。考查时态。陈述的是过去的动作, 故用一般过去时。 3. 【解析】第三句中去掉 about。考查动词用法。ask sb. for sth. 向某人要某物, 固定句式。 4. 【解析】第四句中 badly→bad。考查形容词。系动词后面跟形容词作表语, 故用 bad。 5. 【解析】第五句中 orange→oranges。考查名词。orange 是可数名词, one of 后面跟复数 oranges。 6. 【解析】第六句中 him→himself。考查代词。for oneself 固定搭配, 表示“为某人自己”。 7. 【解析】第七句中 large→larger。考查比较级。根据其后的 than 可知该用比较级形式。 8. 【解析】第七句中第二个 That→It。考查固定句式。It is +adj. + to do sth. 是固定句式。 9. 【解析】第八句中在 me 和 oranges 之间加 the。考查冠词。此处指上文提到的两个橘子, 故用定冠词

爱你一万 年

the。 10. 【解析】第十句中 how→why。考查疑问词。那就是小男孩给自己留最大橘子的原因, 故 how 改为 why。