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广东高考英语语法填空练习 50 篇(附解答) 语法填空讲练第 1 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数:166 完成时间:8 分 难度:*** 钟 According to a recent survey, violence did exist in schools. Students showed their fear and parents and teachers also expressed their great concern about it. Experts hope the whole society pay more attention to the mental health of adolescents. Nowadays, school violence is 31 hot issue. I think this is a phenomenon, 32 calls for our great concern. We should try every effort 33 (prevent) violence happening at school for more and more students would drop out of school 34 their personal safety could not 35 (guarantee). In fact, violence can 36 (learn). Children learn violent behavior from adults or from 37 they see on television or on the Internet. If I meet with school violence, I will not answer violence 38 violence, for it will result in 39 (much) fighting. I will tell my teachers or parents about it. I think they will help me deal with it well and they will protect me from the bad guys. All in all, every student should behave 40 (he) and keep away from violence. 答案: 文章向我们介绍了作者对校园暴力的看法。 31.a 这里需要一个不定冠词表示某个的意思。 32.这里要用 which 引导一个非限制性定语从句,因为先行词为物,所以要用 which。 33.to prevent 不定式作目的状语。 34.if/as long as 人身安全得不到保障是辍学的条件,所以应该用引导连接条 件状语从句的连词。 35.be guaranteed 所给动词和其逻辑主语是动宾关系,所以要用被动语态。 36.be learned 事实上;暴力是可以学的。 37.what 引导一个宾语从句,并且在从句中作宾语,所以要用 what。 38.with 表示方式,意思是“用”。 39.more 由语境可知,以暴力对付暴力,只能产生更多的暴力。 40.himself behave oneself 表现良好,行为良好。 语法填空讲练第 2 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数:162 完成时间:8 分 难度:***

钟 In the 1950s, a family that owned a farm near Beulah, Michigan kept a bull chained to an elm (榆树). The bull paced 31 the tree, dragging the heavy iron chain, which led to a groove (槽) in the bark (树皮). The groove 32 (deep) over the years. Though for whatever reason, it did not kill the tree. 33 some years, the family took their bull away. They cut the chain, leaving the loop around the tree and one link 34 (hang down). Then one year, agricultural catastrophe struck Michigan in 35 form of Dutch elm disease. All of the elms lining the road leading to the farm became infected 36 died. Everyone thought that the old elm would be the next. The farm owners considered 37 (go) the safe thing: pulling it out and chopping it up into firewood before it died. 38 (amazing), the tree did not die. Nobody could understand 39 it was the only elm still standing in the county. It' s said that 40 doesn' t kill you will make you stronger. Or, as a plant pathologists (病理学家 ) put it , "Life breaks us all, but afterwards, many of us are strongest at the broken places." 答案: 这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。文章通过叙述一棵老榆树大难不死的故事告诉我 们这样一个道理:经历疼痛才能变得坚强,才能抵挡住更大的困难甚至是灾难。 31.around 下文告诉我们,树皮被铁链磨出了一个槽。由此可以看出,这是 由牛绕着树来回踱步造成的。 32. was deepened 随着岁月的流逝, 磨出来的槽逐渐被加深了。 所以要用被动, 另外,由于动作发生在过去,所以动词要用过去式。 33.After after+时间段,表示经过一段时间之后。 34.hanging down hang down 和其逻辑主语 one link 是主谓关系,所以用现在 分词表示主动,构成 leave+宾语+现在分词。 35.the in the form of 固定用法,意思是:以……的形式。 36.and 榆树受到感染,继而死去。 37.going consider 后跟动名词作宾语。 38. Amazingly 副词作状语,修饰整个句子。 39.why 谁都不理解为什么只有这棵榆树依然耸立在那里。 40.what 引导一个主语从句,并在从句中作主语,所以用 what。 语法填空讲练 第 3 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数:213 完成时间:8 分 难度:** 钟 I was going to the store one cold evening and as I was approaching the store there 31 a man in the front of the store. He looked at me and said really loud "Hi." I replied, "Hi, how are you?" He said "I am fine." and then he looked at

me as if he recognized me and asked, " 32 is your mother?" Of course, I didn't know what to say to that question 33 my mother had been 34 (die) for several years. I found this really strange so I finally said, "She is fine, thank you and how are you?" He also said he was fine. I then answered, "Good. Can I do 35 to help you at all?" All he said 36 I really could use a hug. I 37 (hug) him for a while this poor soul and a stranger. I said, "Where are you staying? Do you 38 a ride?" He said, "No, I have my bike. I am living at the Church down the street." I answered, "Let me give you something. It's not much, but that is all I 39 afford." So I took out $10 from my purse and gave it to him then went home. To tell you the truth, I always feel helping others 40 really great. 答案: 31.Was.此处是 there be 句型,时态为过去式,另外句子主语为单数形式。 32.How.根据下文的内容,这里是问“你妈妈好吗?”。 33.because.从此处的逻辑关系和意义看,从句部分表示原因。 34.dead.此处用 die 的形容词形式,用作表语。 35.anything.该词用在疑问和否定句中,意为“我能帮你做点什么吗?”。 36.was.句子主语 all he said 为单数。 37.hugged.这里的时态为过去时形式。 38.need.该句的意思为“你需要坐车吗?”。 39.can.afford 常和情态动词连用。 40.is.主语是 helping others,分词作主语按单数处理,这里的时态为一般现在 时。 语法填空讲练第 4 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数:154 完成时间:8 分 难度:** 钟 No one knows what would happen in the future for sure. 31 we often think of the future and wonder what the world would be like 32 a hundred years' time. Think of space. Perhaps 33 permanent station on the moon will have been set up. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon 34 tourists. Cheap rockets for space travel will have been developed, 35 (permit) long journeys throughout the solar system. 36 that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space 37 visiting other planets, such as the Mars Colony and the Venus Exploration Outpost. Scientists of the future will almost certainly find other ways to make life last 38 (long). 39 probably will find cures for most diseases. Hospitals will probably have "body banks" that can give you almost any new part you need to keep on 40 (live). People of the future may live to be a lot older than 100 years.

答案: 31.But.本句与上一句是转折关系,故用转折连词 but。 32.in. 表示将来多长时间之后时用“介词 in+一段时间名词”结构。 33.a. station 是可数名词且表示泛指,前面应有不定冠词 a。 34.as. as 表示“作为”,符合题意。 35.permitting. cheap rockets 与 permit 之间是主动关系,应用现在分词短语 作状语表示伴随情况。 36.When. 此处表示将来的时间,应用 when 引导时间状语从句。 37.and. 因两个动作表示并列关系,应用并列连词 and 连接。 38.longer.由意义可知,此处表示找到延长人类寿命的方式,故 long 应用比 较级形式。 39.They. they 用来指代上句中主语 scientists。 40.living. keep on doing sth.意为“继续……”,故此处应用 live 的现在分词 形式。 语法填空讲练第 5 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数:153 完成时间:8 分 难度:** 钟 Although most people believe that formal schooling is required for scientific success, a college degree is not always necessary. 31 excellent example of a man who won fame as a scientist 32 academic(学术的) training is Vincent J. Schaefer. His formal education ended 33 two years of high school when he had to go to work in an untrained job at General Electric. Because 34 his inventive mind and his skill as a model maker, he was soon allowed to try his own experiments in the company laboratory. His natural 35 (curious) made him wonder about clouds. He developed, after many tries, a method of making clouds rain 36 they would not normally do so. This method, 37 (call) seeding, has been very 38 (help) to farmers, and 39 made him win much fame. Schaefer believes that for people 40 most of all, are interested in the world and everything in it, a college degree is unnecessary. 答案: 31.An. 因 excellent 以元音音素开头,应用不定冠词 an。 32.without.without 和名词连用表示某种状况,意为“没有”。 33.after. 表示过去的一段时间之后应和介词 after 连用。 34.of. because of 是复合介词,意为“因为”,后接名词或代词。 35.curiosity. 此处须用名词作主语,curious 的名词形式是 curiosity。 36.when. 此处表示时间,应用 when 引导时间状语从句。 37.called. this method 与 call 存在被动关系,应用过去分词作定语。 38.helpful. very 后应接 help 的形容词 helpful“有益的”。 39.it. it 此处指前一分句的整个情况。 40.who. who 用来引导定语从句,在从句中作主语,先行词是 people。

语法填空讲练第 6 篇 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入 一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号 为 31――40 的相应位置上。 词数 197 完成时间 9 分钟 难度 *** I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma. I remember tearing across town 31 my bike to visit her on the day my big sister dropped the bomb. "There is no Santa Claus." she laughed. “Even dummies(傻 瓜) know that!" I 32 (flee) to Grandma 33 I knew she would be straight with me. She always told the truth. "No Santa Claus?" she said. "Ridiculous! Don't 34 . Put on your coat, and let's go." "Go where, Grandma?" I asked. As we walked through the doors of the general store Grandma handed me ten dollars and said, "Buy something for someone 35 needs it. I'll wait for you in the car." I was only eight years old. Never had I shopped for anything all by myself. For a few moments I just stood there, 36 (wonder) what to buy, and who 37 (buy) it for. I thought of everybody I knew. Then I thought about Bobbie Decker. He was my classmate with bad breath and 38 (mess) hair, and he sat right behind me. He didn't have a coat. I knew that because he never went out to play games during the winter. I fingered 39 bill with growing 40 (excite). I would buy Bobbie a coat. 答案: 本文主要讲述的是“我”与爷爷一起经历一次难忘的圣诞节。 31.On on one’s/the/a bike=by bike。 32.fled 结合全文可知此处应使用一般过去时,注意其不规则的形式。本题 稍难。 · 33.because/as 因为相信爷爷会对我说真话,所以立马跑到他那儿去求证。 本题稍难。 34.it/that 指代“There is no Santa Claus.”。 35.who/that 判断分析句子结构可知,此处为 who/that 引导的定语从句 修饰 someone。 36.wondering 根据前面的逗号,可知应该使用动词的—lng 形式作伴随状 语,表示主动含义。 37.To buy 与.What to buy 构成并列平行结构。本题稍难。 38.messy 修饰名词 hair 当然用形容词 messy。 39.the 特指上文爷爷给的“ten dollars”。 40.excitement 作介词 with 的宾语,要用名词,但注意 excitement 为不可 数名词。


2010 年广东高考英语语法填空练习 40 篇 (1) When you are in England you must be very careful in the streets 1

the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street you must look to the right first 2 then the left. In the morning and in the evening when people go 3 , the streets are very busy. Traffic is most 4

to or come from (danger) then.

When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful,


. 6

always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful. Have a look first, or you will go 7 wrong way. 8

In many English cities, there are big buses the 9 (tow) floor, from 10

two floors. Your can sit on

you can see the city very well. It’s very


(2) Finishing their shopping at the supermarket, a middle-aged couple found their new car 1__________ (steal). They filed a report 2__________the police station and a detective drove them back 3___________ the parking lot to look for evidence. To their 4___________ (amaze), the car had been returned 5__________ there was a note in it that said: “I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having a baby and I had to send her to the 6____________ as soon as possible. Please forget the inconvenience. There are two tickets 7___________ tonight's Rowan Atkinson concert.” Their faith in humanity restored(恢复). The couple attended 8_________ concert. But when they returned home, they immediately found that their house 9___________ (be) ransacked(洗劫) . On the bathroom mirror was 10__________ note: “I have to put my kid through college somehow, don't I?”


(3) People 1_________ (live) in different countries made different kinds of words. Today there are about fifteen hundred 2_________ in the world. Each contains many thousands of words. A very large dictionary, for example, contains four 3_________ five hundred thousand words. But we do not need 4_________ these. To read short stories you need to know only about two thousand words. 5_________ you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more. The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your vocabulary 6__________ (big). Read as many books as we can. There are a lot of books 7__________ (write) in easy English. You will enjoy them. When you meet 8_________ new word, look it 9_________ in your dictionary. Your dictionary is your 10__________ (much) useful book.

(4) When you are in England you must be very careful in the streets 1_________ the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street you must look to the right first 2__________ then the left. In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from 3__________, the streets are very busy. Traffic is most 4________ (danger) then. When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, 5_________. Always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful. 6_________ (have) a look first, or you will go 7_________ wrong way. In many English cities, there are big buses 8_________ two floors. You can sit on the 9_________ (two) floor. From 10_________ you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (5) 1________ artist had a small daughter. Sometimes he painted women 2_________ any clothes on, and he and his 3________ always tried to keep the small girl out 4_________ he was doing this, “She is 5_________ young to

understand,” they said. But one day, when the artist 6_________ (paint) a woman with no clothes on, he forgot to lock the door, and the girl suddenly ran into the room. Her mother ran up the stairs 7________ her, but when she got to the room, the little girl was already in the room and looking at the woman. 8________ her parents waited for her to speak. For a few seconds the little girl said 9_________, but then she ran to her mother and said 10________ (angry), “Why do you let her go about without shoes and socks on when you don’t let me?” (6) Most Americans don’t like to get advice 1___________members of their family. They get advice from “2__________ (strange) ”. When they need advice, they don’t usually go to people they know. 3__________ many of them write letters to newspapers and magazines 4_________ give advice on many different subjects, 5__________ (include) family problems, the use of language, health, cooking, child care, clothes, and even on how 6__________ (buy) a house or a car. Most newspapers regularly print letters from 7___________ (read) with problems. Along with the letters 8___________ are answers written by people who are supposed to know how to solve such problems. Some of these writers are doctors, 9__________ are lawyers or educators. But two of the most famous writers of advice are women without special 10_________ (train) for this kind of work.

(7) Without proper planning, tourism can cause 1_________. For example, too many tourists can crowd public places 2__________ are also enjoyed by the inhabitants(居民) of a country. If tourism creates too much traffic, the inhabitants will become 3__________ (annoy) and unhappy. They begin to dislike tourists 4_________ to treat them impolitely. They forget how much

tourism can help the country’s economy. 5__________ is important to think about the people of a destination country and 6__________tourism affects them. Tourism should help 7_________ country keep the customs and beauty that attracts tourists. Tourism should also advance the wealth and 8_________ (happy) of local inhabitants. Too much tourism can be a problem. If tourism 9__________ (grow) too quickly, people must leave other jobs to work 10__________ the tourism industry. This means that other parts of the country’s economy can suffer. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (8) London was awarded 1_________ 2012 Olympic Games on Wednesday, 2__________ (defeat) European rival Paris in the final round of voting to take the games back to British capital 3__________ the first time since 1948. 4_________ Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated (淘汰) in the first three rounds London beat Paris 54—50 on the fourth ballot(投票表决) of the IOC. In London crowds cheered and waved flags as 5_________ watched the announcement from Singapore 6_________ a giant screen in Trafalgar Square and in the east London area 7________ the main Olympic complex (建筑群) will be based. Blair spent two days in lobbying (游说) in Singapore 8_________ leaving to host the G8 summit (8 国峰会) in Scotland. “My promise to you is we will be your very 9_________ (good) partners,” Blair said. It’s the fourth bid (申办) from Britain after 10_________ (fail) attempts by Birmingham for the 1992 Olympics and Manchester for the 1996 and 2000. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (9) Why is setting goals so 1___________? Because goals can help you do, be, 2___________ experience everything you want in life. Instead 3_________ just letting life happen to you, goals allow 4___________ to make your life happen.

5__________ (success) and happy people have set lots of goals to help them reach their aims. By setting goals you are taking control of your life. It’s 6_________ having a map to show you 7_________ you want to go. Winners in life set goals and follow through with them. Winners decide 8__________they want in life and then get there by making plans and setting goals. Unsuccessful people just let life happen by accident. Goals aren’t difficult to set, and 9__________aren’t difficult to reach. It is up to you to find out what your goals really are. You are 10_________one who must decide what to do and in what direction to aim your life.

(10) We often think of future. We often wonder 1__________the world will be like in a hundred years’ time. Think of 2__________ space. Perhaps a permanent station on the 3__________will have been set up. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon as 4__________. Cheap rockets for space travel will have been developed, 5_________ (permit) long journeys through the solar system. When that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space and visiting 6_________ planets. Great progress will have been made 7__________ medicine, too. Pollution will have been controlled in a hundred years’ time. All the world will have been developed—even Antarctica. We will have used 8__________ most of the earth’s land to build our cities, 9___________ floating cities will have been built. The Japanese have already plans of this kind. And there will be cities 10__________ the sea.

(11) The Internet as become part of young people’s life. 1_________ report shows that 38% of students often use the Internet . Most of them get 2__________ (use) information on the Internet 3_________ use the Internet to help in their studies. But many students don’t use it 4_________ a good way.

Some play games too much, some visit websites 5_________ shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen 6_________ students spend too much time on the Internet. 7_________ is important for students to use the Internet properly. Now we have a textbook, 8_________ uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the Internet. It gives useful advice. Some students also make 9_________ on the Internet. But if you want to have a face-to-face 10_________ (meet) with your online friends, let your parents know and meet in a proper place. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (12) Rivers are one of our most important natural resources. Many of the world’s great 1_________ are located on rivers, and almost 2__________ country has at least one river flowing through it that plays 3__________ important part in the lives of its people. Since the beginning of history, people 4_________ (use) rivers for transportation. The longest one in the United States is the Mississippi, and the lifeline of Egypt is the Nile.5 __________ transportation, rivers give water to drink, water for crops, and chances for fun and recreation for the people 6_________ live along their banks. However, large cities and industries that are located on rivers often make problems. As the cities grow 7__________ size and industries increase in number, the water in the rivers becomes 8__________ (pollute) with chemicals and other materials. People are learning the 9__________ (important) of doing more to keep their rivers clean 10__________ they want to enjoy the benefits of this natural resource.

(13) Liu Xiang was the first Asian 1___________ (win) the men’s 110m hurdles


at the Olympics in Athens. 2__________ that he became an idol(偶像) to the young people. “I never thought I would run under 13 seconds and break the Olympic 3__________.”said Liu Xiang in tears, “I am very very excited. I’m proud not just for myself and for Chinese 4_________ for Asia. My race went 5___________ (wonderful) from start to finish.” Liu added. “It is 6__________ amazing experience being the Olympic champion. I want to thank my coach and my friends for 7_________their help. I think today we Chinese have showed the world we 8_________ run as fast as anybody else.” Since his return from Athens, Liu Xiang 9__________ (be) at the center of a media circus and he has been to many press appearances and meetings. But Liu thinks 2004 is just the beginning, and he expects to be at his peak in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Liu said, “For some players, it’s just a job. For me, it’s 10_________ I love.” w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (14) Will 1_________ matter if you don’t take your breakfast? Some time ago a test 2__________ (give) in the United Sates. Those tests included people of different 3__________ from 12 to 83. During the experiment, these people were given all kinds of breakfasts, and sometimes they got 4___________ breakfast at all. Special tests were set up to see 5___________ well their bodies worked and when they had eaten 6___________ certain kind of breakfast. The results show that if a person eats a proper breakfast, he or she will work with better effect 7___________ if he or she has no breakfast. This fact appears to be 8___________ (especial) true if a person works 9__________ his brains. For example, if a student eats fruit, eggs, bread and milk before going to school, he will learn more quickly and listen with 10__________ (much) attention in class.

(15) Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep needed

1__________ on the age of the person and the conditions in 2__________ sleep takes place. The young may need more sleep than 3__________ old, but usually eight hours are enough for the health of grown-ups. Some can do with 4__________ than this amount, but others may need more. Every person knows his own need. 5__________ is then a matter of good judgment to satisfy his need. Sleep 6__________ always be enough to make one bring back his 7__________ (strong) and get ready for a day’s work. Fresh air is necessary to sound sleep. So it is not 8___________ reason for some people to think that it is practicable to sleep in the open air. A bath at bedtime, 9__________ hot nor cool but of body temperature, may be helpful to sleep. Sleepproducing drug(帮助睡眠的药物) should never be taken except when 10__________ (suggest) by a doctor. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (16) Snake dishes have become popular 1________ recent years. Snake meat in various flavors (风味) can 2_________ (see) in restaurant ads very often. Eating snake seems to be now in vogue (盛行) , and if you haven’t eaten snake yet, you are considered “out of date”. But I wonder 3__________ all the trends are worth following. Some people may defend themselves 4__________ saying that snake meat is nutritious. But these people don’t realize that many parasites(寄生虫) , 5_________ do harm to our health, are found inside snakes. According 6________ a survey, about 1000 tons of snakes are eaten every year in China and sometimes as 7__________ as 10 tons of snakes are served on dinner tables in Shenzhen in a single day! These figures warns us that if no action is taken, 8_________ number of snakes will drop and make an increase in mice and worms population, which will 9_________ in a decrease(减产) of crop output. Who will see such tragedy happen? So let’s start not to eat snakes any more because “to protect the snake is to

protect 10__________.” w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (17) A few years ago, SARS 1_________ out in the mainland of China, causing some people 2_________ (kill). And some nearly got close to death. The situation was so severe that there was3_________ time to debate who is to blame. The most important thing for the government to do is to find out the 4__________ of this deadly disease. They invited all the most 5___________ (experience) experts in this field to discuss and quite a few suggestions were put forward. Some of the top experts then tested them to see 6_________ they were available. Doctor Zhong Nanshan chose one patient who was seriously ill and had little hope 7_________ picking up and had the new medicine tested on him. 8__________ his great joy, this patient recovered! He made his way to his office and telephoned the top official, 9_________ (tell) him this exciting news. For convenience, he moved to live in his office. His method did make sense. Not soon after that, the 10_________ hospitals also controlled this terrible disease and kicked it out finally.

(18) I asked my uncle, who plays 1_________ piano well, 2_________ he would assess (评定) the tone of a second hand piano I was hoping to buy. We arrived 3__________ the house and Uncle Frank looked the piano over, then 4__________ (sit) down and played a mixture of honky-tonk numbers and classical pieces. When he finished, we told the family that we would call 5__________ in 15 minutes. Outside, Uncle Frank said that 6___________ the wood was battered (坏掉 的) ,the sound was good and we should buy it. When I phoned the woman back, she sounded as if she was crying. Concerned, I asked, “What’s the 7__________?” “We didn’t know the piano 8___________ play like that,” she replied. The

piano wasn’t 9__________ sale, and her daughter had to resume(重新开始) taking piano 10__________. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (19) In North America people are always in 1__________ hurry. Children have special lessons or sports activities 2__________ school. Parents often work late and 3___________ get home until 7 or 8 o’clock at night. Most North American families don’t have time to prepare a meal. That is 4___________ fast food is so popular in North America. People 5__________ about 40% of their dollars on fast food. People usually buy fast food from restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, or KFC, 6_________ they can enjoy pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, and so on. Fast food saves work and time, but it is not 7___________ (nutrition). Fast food is popular in many countries. American fast-food companies now have restaurants all over the world. But not 8__________ is happy about the spread(扩展) of North American fast food. A group of people in Italy want to fight 9__________ the spread of American fast food. They don’t like the idea of more fast food chains 10___________(open) restaurants in their country.

(20) Many people keep small fish 1_________ pets. They keep them in a tank of water. The tank is made of glass. People can 2_________ through it. They can see inside the tank and watch the fish. The fish need room. They mustn’t be crowded. They need 3_________ to breathe. 4__________ must be enough water for all fish. So the size of the tank is very important. In the tank people put small plants 5__________ are good for fish. They give oxygen to the water. Plants help in other ways, too. They can hide 6_________ the plants and sleep, lay eggs there. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

The fish 7_________ be kept in water all the time. Some can jump high. So the tank should be covered. This keeps the fish from 8__________ (jump) out. The fish need food and should be fed every day. But 9__________ you give them too much food, it is very bad, for the extra food will fall to the bottom and make the water dirty. So the fish should get just enough food and finish 10_________ in ten minutes. Nothing should be left. (21) Once upon a time there was a rich merchant 1 ________ had 4 wives. He

loved the 4th wife the most. He took great care of her and gave her nothing 2__________ the best. He also loved the 3rd wife very much. He was very 3 ___________ (pride) of her and always wanted to show off her to his friends. He also loved his 2nd wife. She is 4 ___________very considerate person, always patient and in fact is the merchant’s close friend. 5___________ the merchant faced some problems, he always turned to his 2nd wife and 6____________ would always help him out and tide (帮助渡过) him 7__________ difficult times. Now, the merchant’s 1st wife is a very loyal partner and has made great 8___________ (contribute) in maintaining his wealth and business as well as 9___________ (take) care of the household. 10___________, the merchant did not love the first wife and although she loved him deeply, he hardly took notice of her.

(22) There once were a goat and a donkey 1___________ lived on a farm. The donkey worked the hardest so the farmer fed it the most 2___________. Sometimes the donkey was given more food 3 __________ it could eat. This made the goat so jealous 4__________ it began plotting against (谋划对付)the donkey. "Hey, donkey," the goat said one day. "I think you do too much work on this farm. You carry such heavy things from morning to night. Why don't you pretend 5__________(get) sick so you can take a day 6___________?'' The donkey thought the goat had a great idea. So the next morning, the donkey lay in


the stable (畜栏) on its side with its eyes 7__________ (close) . Right away, the farmer called the doctor. 8____________ looking at the donkey, the doctor said it needed a special medicine made 9___________ the heart of a goat. So the farmer killed 10__________ goat and gave the donkey medicine made from its heart. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (23) Dawn graduated several years ago. She 1 __________ (be) a successful model, and finding a job had not been a 2__________ ---until recently. When Dawn did start trying to find another type of 3__________, she found in interview after interview that computer literacy(能力)was a must to 4___________ (employ). Since Dawn had always been afraid 5_________ learning computer while in college—our school didn't require to learn computer at that time—she managed to get a degree 6_________ ever confronting(面对) a computer. Finally, after months of searching for a job, Dawn failed. She had to admit that sidestepping (回避) computer literacy(读写能力) hadn't been a good idea. 7___________, She enrolled in a computer course at 8 vocational school. 9____________(surprise), although she had been afraid of learning computer, she took to computers10__________much that after about a year she opened her own computer-based business. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (24) Some day,1_________you are lucky, you may see a bongo(大羚羊). But the only way most people will see it is in a 2__________. They are found in Africa, 3__________ they live deep in forests. Even in Africa, very few people ever get to see a bongo. The bongo does not come out of the forest very often. It is an animal that keeps to 4__________. The bongo has beautiful coloring. Its hair is bright brown 5_________ ____adult


(mix) with orange and red. Down its back and across its sides the bongo has yellow-white strips(条纹). Animals that look 6__________ food at night usually have big eyes. This helps them see 7________ (good) at night. The forests in which bongos live are very dark. The eyes of bongos are very big. So, they have no trouble 8_________ (live) in the darkness. Bongos in zoos do not like to go outside on 9_________days. They only go outside on those days 10_________ it is dark or very cloudy.

(25) Gandhi, an Indian national hero, was honored 1__________ the father of the Indian nation. He has been respected and beloved by the Indians. He was born in India in 1869. Following the local custom, he got 2__________(marry) at the age of 13. In 1888 he sailed to England, 3__________ he studied law for three years and became a lawyer. On his return to India, he was sent to South Africa to work on a law case. In South Africa he 4__________ (surprise) to find that the problem of racial discrimination (种族歧视)was serious. There he formed an organization and started a magazine to fight 5__________ equal rights. Gandhi returned to India in 1915, 6__________ India was controlled by the British. He led the Indians to fight for an end to the British rule and 7___________ (depend) for his country. In the political movement many Indians including Gandhi were put in prison. 8___________, the struggles never stopped. The British government had to give 9___________and India won its independence in 1947. 10___________ (fortunate) Gandhi was shot by an Indian who opposed his views and died on January 30th, 1948. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (26) Mrs. Wilson, the wife of a rich man, 1___________some of her friends to lunch. She was trying a new way to cook fish and she was very pleased with 2__________when the fish was ready. As the fish was very hot, she put it near the open window to 3_________ _for a few minutes. Five minutes later, when she

came back for it, she was 4___________to find the neighbor’s cat at the fish. She was in time to stop the cat 5____________ it was too late. That afternoon every one enjoyed the fish. They talked and laughed 6__________four o’clock. After the guests left, Mrs. Wilson felt tired 7_________ happy. She was sitting down in a chair near the window when she saw the neighbor’s cat dead in her garden. She was sure the fish was bad. What 8__________ happen to her

friends? She at once telephoned the family doctor for help. The doctor liked each guest 9___________(meet)him. Once again Mrs. Wilson was alone in her chair still tired but not longer happy. Just then the telephone rang. 10__________ was her neighbor, “Oh, Mrs. Wilson,” he cried.” My cat is dead. She was killed by someone in a car and put in your garden….”

(27) Nowadays, almost everyone 1__________(realize) that smoking is 2__________ (harm) to people’s health. Sometimes it 3__________ causes fire. In China, about 38% of the people smoke. Every year, they smoke millions of packets of 4__________. It’s bad news for the health of nation. It’s known that smoking can cause different kinds of disease. Every year, many people die 5_________ these illnesses, such as lung and throat cancers. It also costs the government much money to look 6___________ these sick people. Smoking is also harmful to those 7________ don’t smoke, 8___________ (especial) to children and women. In a word, smoking is no good. 9__________ you want to smoke, just think of those who suffer from diseases 10_________ the fires that destroy people’s lives and properties!

(28) Many people like to 1_________ the latest newspaper. But 2_________ is it produced so quickly? The most important man may be 3__________ chief editor. He decides

4__________ to do. Every morning the 5___________ (journal) are sent to report the events. Sometimes they need a face-to-face interview with people 6_________ do telephone interviews. Meanwhile, the picture editor sends photographer to take the 7___________ they need. Later in the day, they pass the stories and the 8___________ (develop) photos to the editor. The chief editor will choose the most important news for the front page. 9___________ editors read the stories, make some necessary changes and write headlines for them. 10___________ the newspaper is printed and delivered to different places. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (29) With the 1____________ (develop) of industry, air pollution is getting more and more serious. In Beijing, many people suffer different kinds of illnesses because 2___________ air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the following 3_________: about half of the problem is caused by vehicles. There are more and more cars, buses on the roads, and they give off 4__________ (poison) gases. 25% of air pollution is caused by factories. Another factor is the smokers. Smoking not only does harm to their health 5__________ to others. 6_________ these, about 10%of air pollution is caused by other reasons. We should take some measures to fight 7____________ pollution. New fuel can be used to take 8___________ place of gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realizes the 9___________ (important) of environment and does something to stop pollution, the problem will 10____________ (solve).

(30) Recently, a website has carried 1__________ a survey about the common view on graduates 2__________ Beijing University.


28% of the interviewed companies think that they 3__________ (satisfy) with the graduates from Beijing University. The graduates in their companies have a wide range of 4__________ (know) and they learn things very quickly and easily. 5___________, most of the companies don’t think much of graduates from Beijing University. In their eyes, the graduates always stick 6___________ their own opinions and lack the teamwork spirit 7__________ they are working. Besides, they may not be satisfied with their jobs even with big companies, and they usually ask too 8___________. As a result, 34% of the companies insist that 9__________ will not employ graduates from Beijing University. In brief, society and even the students themselves expect too much from graduates from Beijing University. That’s 10__________ a graduate claims that he is rubbish.

(31) Did you know that in the mountains it can start to snow in August? It snows through the fall and winter. 1__________, in spring, when all that snow melts, water falls down the mountain sides. Streams (溪流) form and come together to form 2__________ . Let’s follow one of the rivers in Utah. The Bear River begins nearly 13,000 feet 3__________ in the mountains. It ends only 90 miles away, 4__________ it will have dropped about 9,000 feet first! The most surprising thing about this river is where 5_____ ____ends. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m If you look at a map, you will see that nearly all rivers 6_________(empty) into the sea. But 7___________ the water of the Bear River. This river flows into the Great Salt Lake, the largest lake in the West. The rivers and streams 8__________ flow into the lake bring with them about two million tons of salt each year. And no fresh water flows away from the lake. 9___________, the summer sun evaporates (蒸发) the fresh water, 10___________ (leave) the salt behind. The lake water is so salty that you can’t sink in it, no matter how

hard you try.

(32) 1 ___________ neither she nor her husband smoked, Mrs. Trench was surprised to see cigarette ash on her doorstep as she entered the house. When she opened the living-room door, she was astonished to see a strange man fast 2__________ in an armchair! Taking care not to disturb him, Mrs. Trench left the house at once. She called a taxi and went 3 __________(straight) to the police station. When she got there, she lost no time to explain 4___________ had happened and added that the man 5__________ have got into the house 6___________ an open window. Mrs. Trench returned home 7___________ a police car together with two policemen. But it was too late: the man had disappeared. 8___________ (hurry) upstairs, she went to her dressing-table. She smiled 9__________ relief when she saw the only thing that man had taken was an imitation(仿制品) diamond necklace that was almost 10 ___________!

(33) About six years ago I was eating lunch in a restaurant in New York City 1___________ a woman and a yougn boy sat down 2___________ the next table. I couldn’t help 3__________ (overhear) parts of their conversation. At one point 4___________ woman asked: “ So, how have you been?” And the boy, 5__________ couldn’t have been more than seven or eight years old, replied, “Frankly, I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately.” This incident 6___________ (stick) in my mind because it confirmed my growing belief that children are cahnging. As 7___________ as I can remember, my friends and I didn’t find out we were “depressed” until we were in high school. The evidence of a change in children 8__________ (increase) steadily in recent years. Children don’t seem childlike anymore. Children speak more like adults, dress more like adults and behave more like adults

9___________ they used to. 10___________ this is good or bad is difficult to say, but it certainly is different. Children as it once was no longer exists, why?

(34) Johnny Carson began his career in television 1 ____________ his twenties. First he worked at local stations in Nebraska. Several years 2___________, he moved to Los Angeles, California. It was “The Tonight Show” 3____________ made Johnny Carson famous for thirty years. He became 4 ____________ most popular star of American television. He 5_____________ (call) “the king of late night.” Critics said Americans from all parts of the country liked him and felt they knew him. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m He did not take his fame 6_____________ (serious) . For example, when asked 7____________ he became a “star”, he answered: “I started in a gaseous (气体的) state and I cooled.” Carson’s special skill was his sense of 8____________. Audiences laughed at his jokes he made at the beginning of his show. However, sometimes they laughed 9____________ harder at the jokes that failed. He was the most powerful performer on televison. Many 10____________ (comedy) and singers became successful after appearing on “The Tonight Show”.

(35) Although many Chinese students say that 1____________ knowledge of English grammar is good, 2 ____________most would admit that their oral English is poor. 3 ____________ I speak to a Chinese student they always say, “My oral English is poor.” 4 ____________, their oral English does not have to remain “poor!” I would like to suggest that there may be some reasons 5_____________ their problems with oral English. First, they fail to find suitable words to express 6_____________ due to (由


于) a limited vocabulary. 7_____________, they are afraid of making mistakes. The third reason is that not enough attention 8 ______________ (pay) to listening. 9_____________ you use your English beyond the classroom you will forget what English you know. Remember: USE IT OR LOSE IT! You can learn how to speak English better 10____________ speaking English more.

(36) Until recently daydreaming was viewed as a waste of time. Or it ___1_______(consider) an unhealthy escape from real life and its duties. But now some people are taking a fresh look at daydreaming. Some think it may be a very ______2_____ (health) thing to do. Some reseachers are finding that daydreaming may be important to mental health. Daydreaming, they tell us ,_____3___(be) a good means of relaxation. But its benefits go 4

this. A number of psychologists have conducted experiments and have reached some 5 (surprise) conclusions.

Dr. Joan T. Freyberg has conclued that daydreaming contributes to intellectual growth. It ____6_____ improves 7

(concentrate),attention span, and the ability to get along with others. Idustrialist Henry J. Kaiser believed that much of his success was due to the positive use of daydreaming. Florence Nightingale dreamed of becoming a nurse. The young Thomas Edison pictured notable achieveers, it appears 9 8 as an inventor. For these

their daydreams came true. Dr. Harry

Emerson Fosdick offered this advice: “hold a picture of yourself… in your mind’s eye, and you will be drawn toward it. Picture yourself 10 as

defeated and that alone will make victory impossible. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

(37) We ofter think of future. We often wonder ____1____ the world will be like a hundred years’ time.

Think of


space. Perhaps a permanent station on the moon 4

3 . Cheap

(set up) . Perhapes people will be able to visit the moon as rockets for space travel will have been developed, 5

(permit) long

journeys through the solar system. When that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space and visiting been made 7 6 planets. Great propress will have

medicine, too. Pollution will have been controlled in a

hundred years’ time. 8 the world will have been developed—even Antarctica. We will 9 floating

have used up most of the earth’s land to build our cities,

cities will have been built. The Japanese have already plans of this kind. And there will be cities (38) In the United States, there were 222 people billionaires in 2003. The 2 1 (report) to be 10 the sea.

of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $41 3 starting the company Microsoft. Mr Gates was

billion, who made his money only 21 years old was a billionaire 6 at even 7 5 4

he first helped to set up the company in 1976. He the time he was 31.

, there are still some other people who have made lots of money

(young) ages. Other young people who have struch it rich 8 of these child actors

include Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple. made over a million dollars 10 9

(act)in movies before they were 14. But

youngest billionaire is Albert von Thurn and Taxis of Germany, who, in

2001, inherited a billion dollars when he turned 18. (39) Most Americans don’t like to get advice family. They get advice from “ 2 1 members of their

(strong) .” When they need advice, 3 many of them write letters to

they don’t usually go to people thtey know. newspaers and magazines 4

give advice on amny different subjects



(include) family problems, the use of language, health, cooking, child 6 even on how to buy a house or a car. 7 (regular) print letters from readers with 8 written by people who are

care, clothes,

Most newspapers

problems. Along with the letters there are

supposed to know how to solve such problems. Some of these writers are doctors, 9 are lawyers or educators. But two of the most famous writers of advice are women without special w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (40) In the United States, there were 222 people 1_________ (report) to be billionaires(亿万富翁) in 2003. The 2_________ of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $ 41 billion, who made his money 3__________ starting the company Microsoft. Mr. Gates was only 21 years old 4_________ he first helped to set 5_________ the company in 1976. He was a billionaire by the time he was 31. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 6_________, there are still some other people who have made lots of money at even 7_________ (young) ages. Other young people who have struck it rich include Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple. 8________ of these child actors made over a million dollars 9_________ (act) in movies before they were 14. But the youngest billionaire is Albert von Thurn und Taxis of Germany, 10_________ inherited (继承) a billion dollars when he turned 18 in 2001! 10 (train) for this kind of work.


参考答案 (1) 1. because 7. the 8 with 2. and 9. second 2. at 3. to 3. work 10. which 4. amazement 5. and 6. hospital 7. 4. dangerous 5. too 6. Have

(2) 1. stolen for 8. the

9. had been 10. another w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 2. languages 9. up 2. and 9. second 2. without 3. or/to 10. most 3. work 10. there 3. wife 4. when/while 5. too 6. was 4. dangerous 5. too 6. Have 4. all 5. Before 6. bigger

(3) 1. living 7. written 8. a

(4) 1. because 7. the 8. with

(5) 1. An painting 7. after (6) 1. from 6. to buy

8. Both/Then 2. strangers 8. there 2. that/which 9. grows

9. nothing 3. Instead 9. others 3. annoyed 10. in 3. for 4. After

10. angrily 4. that/which 10. training 4. and 5. It 6. how 5. including

7. readers

(7) 1. problems 7. a 8. happiness (8) 1. the where 8. before (9) 1. important 7. where 8. what

2. defeating 9. best 2. and 9. they 2. / 7. in 2. useful

5. they

6. on


10. failed 3. of 10. the 4. tourists/visitors/travelers5.permitting 9. so/thus/therefore 4. in 5. they 10. under 6. if 7. It 8. 6. 4. yourself 5. Successful 6. like

(10)1. what other (11) 1. A which 9. friends

3. moon 8. up 3. and

10. meeting 2. every/each 3. an 4. have used 10. if 4. but(also) 10. what 4. no 5. how 6. a 7. than 5. wonderfully 6. 5. Besides 6.

(12)1. cities who 7. in

8. polluted 2. After

9. importance 3. record

(13)1. to win an 7. all (14) 1. it 8. especially 8. can

9. has been 3. ages

2. was given 9. with

10. more w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 2. which 3. the

(15) 1. depends

4. less

5. It

6. should



8. without

9. neither

10. suggested 4. by 5. which 6. to 7.

(16) 1. in many 8. the

2. be seen 9. result

3. if/whether 10. ourselves 3. no

(17) 1. broke whether/if 7. of

2. to be killed 8. To 2. whether/if 9. telling

4. cause 10. other 4. sat

5. experienced


(18) 1. the though/although (19) 1. a 7. nutritious (20) 1. as

3. at

5. them 9. for 5. spend 10. opening

6. 10. lessons 6. where/and

7. matter/trouble 8. could/should 2. after 3. don’t 4. why 9. against 4. There 9. if 4. a

8. everyone/everybody 2. look 3. oxygen 8. jumping 3. proud

5. that/which

6. among

7. must/should (21) 1. who 7. through 2. but

10. it 5. When/Whenever 6. she

8. contributions 2. food

9. taking 3. than 9. from

10. However 4. that 10. his/the 3. job 4. employment 10. so 6. for 7. 5. of 6. 5. to get 6. off 7.

(22) 1. that

closed 8. After (23) 1. had been without

2. problem 8. an 3. where

7. Therefore/Thus 2. zoo 9. bright 2. married

9. Surprisingly 4. itself

(24) 1. if better 8. living (25) 1. as

5. mixed

10. when w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 3. where 8. However 3. cool 8. would 4. was surprised 9. in 5. for 6. when

7. independence (26) 1. invited 6. till/until (27) 1. has realized 6. after 7. who

10. Unfortunately 5. before 10. It 5. of/from

2. herself 7. but

4. surprised 9. to meet 3. even 10. and

2. harmful 9. If 3. the 9. Other 2. of 8. the

4. cigarettes

8. especially 2. how 8. developed

(28) 1. read pictures/photos

4. what

5. journalists

6. or


10. Finally 4. poisonous 10. be solved 5. but(also)

(29) 1. development 6. Besides 7. against

3. reasons 9. importance


(30) 1. out 7. when/while

2. from 8. much

3. are satisfied 9. they 10. why

4. knowledge

5. However 6. to

(31) 1. Then that/which 9. Instead

2. rivers 3.up 4.but 5.it 6.empty 10.leaving 2. asleep 9. with 3. straight 4. what

7. not


(32) 1. Because/As through 7. in 8. Hurrying 2. at

5. must


10. worthless/ valueless 4. the 5. who 6. stuck

(33) 1. when 7. far

3. overhearing 9. than 3. that

8. has increased 2. later

10. Whether 4. the 5. was called 6. seriously

(34) 1. in 7. how 8. humor

9. even

10. comedians 4. However 5. for 6. themselves

(35) 1. their 2 yet 7. Second 8. is paid

3. Whenever 9. Unless 2. healthy 10. by

(36)1. was considered surprising 6. also (37)1. what travelers 5. permitting under w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (38)1. reported 6. However strangers 6. and

3. is 8. himself

4. beyond 9. that

5. 10. vividly

7. concentration 2. / 6. other

3. will have been set up 7. in 8.All

4. tourists/ visitors/ 9. so/ thus/ therefore 10.

2. richest/ wealthiest 8. Both 4. that/ which 8. answers

3. by 9. acting

4. when 10. the (39) 1. from

5. by 2.

7. younger 3. Instead 7. rugularly

5. including 9. others 3. by 9. acting 10. training. 4. when 5.up 6.

(40) 1. reported However

2. richest/wealthiest 7. younger 8. Both

10. who


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