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一、翻译下列短语 1. on the sand_________2. 出海_____3. full of______4. 放下; 记下______5. on the radio___6. 赶快___________7. a broken ship_________ 8.一块陆地__________9.in the middle of the sea_________10. 遗忘;留下_____11. think about_________ 12. 学习做某事__________13. the marks of…_________14. 迫不及待做某事____________15.fight over___________16. 属于__________________17. a kind of ____________18. 过去常常做某事__________________ 19. come to realize__________________ 20. 教某人某事__________________ 二、 词汇(30’)A) 根据汉语或首字母提示完成下列句子。 1. China science and t______________is developing(发展) fast.2. His son has studied a _____________for five years.3. We all know Diaoyu Islands b_____________ to China forever. 4.My father__________________(过去常常)go to work by car,but now he rides his bike.5. They live in one of the most _______________(现代的)cities in the world.6. A boy came across the gaden__________________(朝着)them . 7. He is from France and he can speak F______________ very well.8. I will remember the day _______________(永远). 9. Tom found a lot of ____________(财宝) on the old island.10. We should read _____________(至少) two books a month. B)用所给单词的适当形式填空。1. Yesterday’s talent show was a great ______________(succeed). 2. She has already ______________(read) the book.3. Do you realize the ______________(important) of health. 4. _____________(listen) to music is a good way to relax.5. May students are ________________(interest) in pop music. 三、单项选择。 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,将答案填入题前的括号内。 1. ---I’ve just got a new computer.---Where _________ you _________ it. A. have; bought A. saw B. did; buy C. see C. are; bought D. will see C. Have; found D. Have; find B. yet C. two days ago D. No, she hasn’t D.in two days D. were; get 2. ---Can you go and see the movie Net Mother with me?---Sorry, I __________ it already. B. have seen 3. ---I heard you lost your keys. _________ you _________ it?--Not yet. A. Did; found B. Did; find 4. Tom has gone to Beijing _____________.A. already A. No, she has B. Yes, she did

5.---Has she finished her homework yet?---__________. She finished it ten minutes ago. C. Yes, she has 6.She is __________ in the story. She thinks it’s __________. A. interested; interested B. interesting; interesting C. interesting; interested D. interested; interesting B. feel B. killed C. felt C. kills D. to feel D. is used to D. to kill B. be used to C. was used to 7. The peaceful music made the students __________ relaxed.A. feeling 8.My mother _______getting up early on weekends..A.used to 9.Crusoe went out with his gun every day ____animals for food.A. killing A. plays; interested A. Did; see B. Will; see B.play; interesting C. Have; saw C. play; interested D. have;seen B. wrote C. has written D. will write

10.---Tom has changed a lot, hasn’t he?---Yes. He used to _________the guitar, but now he is more _________ in soccer. D. playing; interest 11.---_________ you ________the movie Gongfu Panda? ---Not yet. I’ll see it next week. 12.My father is a writer. He ____more than ten books since 1980.A. write

13. ---Are you going to the bank, Amy?---No, I ___to the bank already.A. have been B. have gone C. am going D. went 14.---I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation. What about you?--I haven’t decided where _________. A. go B. to go C. going D. went 15.Could you _________ soccer with us this afternoon?A.to play B. playing C. plays D.play ( )31. Japan is ________ island country.A. a B. the C. / D. an ( )32. — What is Jim doing?— He is waiting ________ his friends.A. For B. with C. on D. to ( )33. I have never got a letter from him ____he left.A. as soon as B. when C. ever since D. while ( )34. — May I borrow your pen? I can’t find mine.— Sorry, mine is broken. Maybe Tom can lend ________ to you.A. 1

his B. this C. it D. ones ( )35. You can use an eraser to clean the ____ on the page.A. bamboo B. mark C. stress D. report ( )36. — ___ have you lived here?— For 20 years.A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How far ( )37. — Would you please ______ yourself to us?— OK. My name is Max and I’m from America. A. introduce B. enjoy C. record D. follow ( )38. — What do you think of the computer?— It’s very important in the ________ world. A. modern B. small C. wild D. ancient ( )39. I used to _______ a cup of coffee in the afternoon, but now I’m used to ______ tea. A. drinking; drink B. drink; drinking C. drink; drink D. drinking; drinking ( )40. — It’s already two o’clock.— We ___ hurry up, or we will miss the train.A. must B. may C. could D. can ( )41. — Is it an exciting book?— Yes, it’s____excitements.A. up to B. instead of C. full of D. at least ( )42. It’s very brave of you _______ the child from the big fire.A. save B. saved C. saving D. to save ( )43. — Lisa, have you finished your homework _______?— No, but I will finish it in half an hour. A. still B. yet C. just D. so ( )44. — Whose watch is this?— It ___________ Mary. She bought it yesterday. A. depends on B. falls over C. gives up D. belongs to ( )45. — Let’s listen to music.— _________ Music is my favorite. A. Good idea! B. It doesn’t matter. C. Sorry to hear that. D. What a pity! 四、完形填空。从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,将答案填入题前的括号内。 As we all know, Charles Dickens is considered(被认为) to be a great English writer. He's very famous not only in Britain, but also in many other 1 in the world. He was born in 1812 and he lived in London. He wrote lots of books, and he also liked 2 .He was an actor. Maybe it's interesting to hear that and that's 3 his books were so good. He gave public readings of his stories that were very popular. His stories first appeared in a magazine, in parts. People always wanted 4 part. He wrote a lot, and most of them are popular. There are films and plays of them 5 : Oliver Twist became a famous musical play, and Great Expectations was a wonderful 6 __.Dickens' early life was very hard. His family was poor, and his mother sent him out to work in a factory when he was 12. He 7 it, but he used his experiences(经历) in his writing. He married(娶了) Catherine Hogarth and they had a big family. He continued(继续) to write 8 he died. When he died in 1870, he was 9 a story. But what a pity! We'll never know_ 10 _ it ended. 31. A. cities B. countries C. towns D. villages32. A. reading B. writing C. acting D. playing 33. A. what B. how C. when D. why34. A. the next B. next C. next to D. next time 35. A. too B. as well C. as well as D. also36. A. book B. story C. play D. film 37. A. hated B. enjoyed C. wanted D. shamed38. A. as B. while C. until D. since 39. A. drawing B. singing C. writing D. making40. A. what B. how C. who D. which 六、完成句子。 (1. 他已写完信了。He ______ _______ ________ his letter. 2. 我还没读完那本书。I ________ _______ the book ________.3. 问题是下一步做什么。The question is ________ _______ _______ next. 4. 王老师教我们英语已经有三年了。Mr Wang _________ _________ _________ _________ for three years. 5. 他已砍伐了许多树建了一座房子。He has already __________ __________trees and built a house. (二) 单词拼写)76. — Do you know Mr. Green? — Yes. He is a big f______ of country music. 77. Children are playing with s________ on the beach. 78. I can speak a little F__________. 79. I don’t like reading the science f_________. It’s difficult for me.80. The l________ comes from the next door. Mr. Green is telling jokes to his students. 81. They tried to look for the lost ___________ (枪), but didn’t succeed. 82. I need a ______________ (工具) to fix the computer.83. My sister and I plan to go there by _________ (船) .84. She went to study _________ (到国外) last year.


八年级下册英语 Unit 8 检测题参考答案
一、 1. 在沙子上 2. go out to sea 3. 充满 4. put … down 5. 通过收音机 6.hurry up 7.一艘坏船 8. a piece of land 9. 在海的中央 10. leave behind 11. 考虑 12. learn to do sth. 13. ……的印痕 14. can’t wait to do sth. 15. 与……争吵;争斗 16. belong to 17.一种 18. used to do sth.19. 逐渐意识到 20. teach sb. Sth. 二、A) 1. technology 2. abroad 3. belong 4. used to 5. modern 6. towards 7. French 8. forever 9. treasures 10. at least B) 1. success 2. read 3. importance 4. Listening 5. interested 三、1—5 BBCAC 6—10 DBDDC 11—15 DCABD 四、 1—5 BCDAB 6—10 DACCB 五、 1—5 ABBAD 6—10 DACDA 六、 1. has finished writing2. haven’t finished; yet3. what to do4. has taught us English5. cut down 七、One possible version: In the past,my hometown was not very big, people lived a poor life. The houses were old and small.Pollution was serious,and there was rubbish everywhere.the traffic was not very convenient that so few people came here. Now great changes have taken place in my hometown.The environment has become more beautiful.The mountains are all green,the river clearer and the sky bluer.Many people all have thier own cars and have a happy life everyday.And now, every year,thousands of people from all over the world come to visit our hometown.My hometown becomes more and more famous. I'm sure my hometown will become better and better in the future. 中文 在过去,我的家乡并不大,人们过着简朴的生活.房子又老又旧又小,生活垃圾很多而且污染很严重.再加上家乡的 交通不方便,所以很少人会知道我的家乡,很少人来旅游. 不过现在我的家乡发生了巨大的变化.家乡的环境变得非常美丽,山绿了,河清了,天蓝了.人们的生活也改变了,好 多人都买了车,幸福的过着生活.并且,每年都有来自世界各地成千上万的的游客来参观我的家乡,也让我的家乡越来 越出名了. 我相信,在不久的将来,我的家乡会变的越来越好,越来越美. Another possible version: Great Changes in My Hometown I used to live in a small town with trees all around. There was no tall building and the only street was narrow. Just 3

outside the town,there was a river. You can see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water. People here lived a simple life. Great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings,big department stores and factories everywhere. Different kinds of cars and buses are running in the big streets. But with the development of the industry,we have fewer trees. Air and water pollution is becoming more and more serious. We must do something to stop pollution and make our town even more beautiful.

Unit 8 参考答案
二、31-35 DACAB 36-40 BAABA 41-45 CDBDA 三、46-50 BDCAD 51-55 BACBD 四、56-60 DDCAB 61-65 ACBDD 66-70 CCADB 五、71. pop 72. beauty 73. modern 74. treasure 75. belongs 76. fan 77. sand 78. French 79. fiction 80. laughter 81. gun 82. tool 83. ship 84. abroad 85. forever 六、 86. In an old house in New York. 87. Play games. 88. Because the noise pollution affects Kate’s Grandma’s health. 89. No, she doesn’t. 90. The environment club. 七、One possible version: I read a book called Robinson Crusoe this week. It was written by Daniel Defoe who was an English writer. It tells us a classic adventure story of a man on an island for nearly 30 years. During his living on the island, he saved a man’s life on a Friday, so he named him Friday. From then on, they lived together on the island. It is a very interesting and meaningful novel and I like it very much. Robinson is great and he is the hero in my heart.


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