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人教版英语选修七 Unit2 Robots 知识点及语法归纳

核心单词 1. desire n. 渴望 vt. 想要 常用结构: desire sth. 渴望得到某物 desire to do sth. 希望/渴望做某事 desire that sb. (should) do 要求?? have a desire for sth./to do sth. 渴望得到某物/希望做某事 at one’s desire 照某人的希望 We all desire happiness and health.我们都希望幸福健康。 Everyone has a desire for success, but not everyone desires to get rich. 每个人都渴望成功,但并非人人都渴望金钱。 He desires you to go to see him at once. =He desires that you should go to see him at once. 他要求你马上去见他。 翻译句子 (原创) ①他想接受大学教育。 ②他们要我快点回来。 ③我请他立即回信。 ④她要你立即见她。 ⑤她应邀演奏了一曲。 解析:①He desired a college education. ②They desire me to return soon. ③I desire an immediate answer of his. ④She desires that you (should) see her at once. ⑤She played a piece at others’desire/by desire. 2. alarm n.警报 vt.使??惊恐 We were much alarmed by the fire in the forest. 森林失火使我们大为惊慌。 常用结构: give /raise the alarm 发警报 ring the alarm 敲警钟 sound the alarm 发警报; 吹警报号 take (the) alarm at 对??感到吃惊; 因??而惊恐 be alarmed at ... 被??吓一跳 As soon as he saw the smoke, he sounded the alarm. 一看见烟雾,他就鸣响了警报。 翻译句子 ① 看到孩子们在返校时遭遇车祸的消息,家长们很害怕。 ② 看到大火,社区的居民发出警报。 答案: ①The parents took (the) alarm at the news that their children caught a traffic accident when returning the school. ②The residents in the community raised the alarm when seeing the great fire. 3. accompany vt. 陪伴 常用结构: accompany sb. to a place 陪伴某人去某地 accompany sth. with/by sth. 与??同时存在 He accompanied his old father to the hospital to see what’ wrong with his stomach. 他陪他的老 s 父亲去医院查看胃部出了什么问题。

Thunders accompanied by heavy rain in this season are very common. 这个季节,雷鸣常常伴有大雨。 翻译句子 ① 总统出现了,被六个健壮的保镖护随着。 ② 回到家乡,他的老同学们陪着他参观了这个城市。 答案:①The president appeared and was accompanied by six strong bodyguards. ②When returning hometown, he was shown around the city accompanied by his old classmates. 4. envy n.& vt. 妒忌;羡慕 常用结构: envy sb. doing/for sth. 忌妒或羡慕某人做某事 with envy 羡慕地;忌妒地 be the envy of 是令人羡慕/忌妒的事物 out of envy 出于妒忌 I envy you having such a good friend! 我羡慕你有这么一位好朋友! They looked at her new car with envy. 他们羡慕地看着她的新车。 He was filled with envy of me at my success. 他十分羡慕我的成功。 They only say such unkind things about you out of envy. 他们纯粹出于忌妒才说你这些坏话。 联想拓展 envious adj. 羡慕的; 妒忌的 be envious of 妒忌??;羡慕?? 翻译句子 ①她出于忌妒说了关于你的这些话。 ②汤姆妒忌他哥哥事业上的成功。 答案:①She said these words about you out of envy. ②Tom was envious of his brother’s success in business. 重点短语 5. reach for 伸手碰到/去拿/够到?? He reached for his gun when he heard the enemy’s sound. 当他听到敌人的声音时就伸手去拿自己的枪。 He reached into his pocket for his keys. 他把手伸到口袋里找钥匙。 联想拓展 reach to 达到;触到 within/out of/beyond one’s reach 在某人伸手可及/够不到的距离 单项填空 I keep medicines on the top shelf, out of the children’s_______.(2010·01·江苏徐州检测) A. reach B. hand C. hold D. place 解析:选 A。考查固定搭配。out of one’s reach 意为“在某人伸手够不到的距离” ;符合句 意“孩子够不着” 。 6. test out 考验;试验 This model had been tested out before it was put into production.

这个型号经过试验后才进行大批量生产。 Before the lecture, the professor is used to testing out the whole experiment. 上课前,这个教授习惯先将整个实验试验一番。 联想拓展 test on sb./sth. 在??(身上)做实验/试验 have/take a test in 参加??考试 翻译句子 ①成千上万的人们将参加这周日的公务员考试。 ②那个咨询顾问总是先将新的政策在他自己的公司里进行实验。 答案: ①Tens of thousands of people will take an entrance test for government officers this Sunday. ②The consultant always testing the new policy on his own company first. 7. ring up 打电话给?? On arriving at the airport, he rang up his mother to say everything was OK. 一到达机场,他就打电话给母亲报平安。 联想拓展 ring back 回电话 ring off 挂断电话;停止讲话 ring a bell 唤醒(经常是模糊的记忆) ring up the curtain 开始(一场演出,一个事件或一次行动) I have to ring off now because my friend is waiting for me. 我朋友在等我,我得挂电话了。 翻译句子 ①今早他刚起床就有人给他打电话了。 ③ 见到老板进来,他赶紧挂断电话假装在工作。 答案:①The moment he got up this morning, someone rang him up. ②Seeing his boss coming, he hurried to ring off and pretended to be working. 8. leave ...alone 不打扰 Leave him alone and he will produce. 别打扰他,他会写出来的。 You shouldn’t have left Andy alone in the mountains, it was very dangerous. 你不该将安迪一个人留在山上,因为那样非常危险。 联想拓展 leave behind 留下,遗留 leave aside (把某事)搁置一边 leave for 出发前往 leave out 省去;遗漏;不考虑 He was asked to leave for another city in 24 hours. 他被要求 24 小时内离开到另一个城市去。 The teacher required us to leave out some unnecessary words in our essays. 老师让我们将论文中一些不必要的词语省去。 翻译句子 ①老板携款潜逃了,只留下一间空厂房。

②听到警报,警察丢下家人冲出去看发生了什么事。 答案: ①The boss escaped with all his fortune and left an empty factory behind. ②Hearing the alarm, the policeman left his family behind and rushed out to see what happened. 9. set aside 将??放到一边;节省或保留(钱或时间) ;暂时不考虑 He set all offers aside. 所有的提议他都置之不理。 联想拓展 set down 记下,写下 set off 动身;爆炸 set out 出发;开始做?? set up 创立,建立;竖起 He set off for work. 他动身去上班。 单项填空 Try to ______at least an hour each day for learning new vocabulary. (2010·01·山东烟台检测) A. set off B. set out C. set aside D. set down 解析:选 C。句意为:争取每天至少抽出 1 小时时间学习新词汇。 set aside 为某种目的留出、拨出(金钱、时间)等,符合句意。 10. turn around 转向 He heard a voice but when he turned around, he saw nobody. 他听到一个声音,但转身却没发现有人。 As he walked towards the hotel, he suddenly turned around and found an old lady following him. 当他朝旅馆走去时,突然转身发现一个老妇人跟着他。 联想拓展 turn away 把(脸)转过去 turn against 背叛;反抗 turn on/off 打开/关掉 turn up 出现;调大(音量) turn down 拒绝;调小(音量) turn out 结果是;证明是 翻译句子 ① 那个年轻的女士无法想像要是她的丈夫背叛她的话会是怎么样。 ② 虽然贫穷,但是女孩毅然地拒绝了别人的帮助。 答案: ①The young lady can’t imagine what if her husband turns against her. ②Though poor, the girl turned down others’help firmly. 重点句型 11. Claire didn’t want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn’t harm her or allow her to be harmed. 克莱尔并不想把机器人留在家里,特别是在她丈夫离别三周的这个期间。但是,克莱尔被拉 里说服了。他说,机器人不会伤害她,也不会让别人来伤害她。 to be harmed 为动词不定式的被动语态。 All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as to be received in time for Christmas.

所有的这些礼物必须马上邮寄,以便在圣诞节时及时收到。 It remains to be seen whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals. 吉姆最后是否适合演出仍将拭目以待。 翻译句子 ①小汤姆假装被射中了哭喊着要糖吃。 ②此药得一日三次,饭后服用。 答案: ① Little Tom pretended to be shot and cried for a candy. ②The medicine is required to be taken three times a day after meals. 12. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 当她转过身时, (她发现)Gladys 站在那儿。 there stood Gladys Claffern 为倒装句。 在谓语为动词 go, come, run, stand, live 等表示位置转移 的动词及 be 动词的句子中,为了强调句子中一些副词 there, here, up, down, in, out, away 等, 可将副词置于句首,若这时主语是名词,句子用全倒装;若是代词,则不用倒装。 There comes the teacher and her students. 老师和她的学生们来了。 Out rushed the boys.男孩们冲了出去。 翻译句子 ① 年轻的母亲抱着怀里两个月大的婴儿跑开了。(用倒装结构) ② 生气的老板和他的秘书走了进来。 答案: ① Away ran the young mother with a two-month-old baby in her arms.?? ② In came the angry boss and his secretary.

Period 3 Grammar Teaching aims
1 ? Revise the passive voice(including the infinitive) and know the exact meaning of the structure. 2 ? Be able to use the useful words ? expressions and structures correctly.

Teaching procedures
Step 1 Revision


Ask students to answer the following questions without referring to the textbook. 1 ? What was going to be tested out by Larry's wife ? Claire? 2 ? How did Larry Belmont finally persuade his wife to accept the experiment? 3 ? How did Claire feel when she was offered sympathy by a robot? 4 ? What did Tony expect to do about the house before he was to leave and Larry was to return? 5 ? How did Claire feel when she was envied by those women? 6 ? What happened to Tony at last? Suggested answers ? 1 ? The robot was going to be tested out by Larry's wife ? Claire. 2 ? Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn't harm her or allow her to be harmed. 3 ? She thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot.

4 ? Tony expected the house to be completely transformed. 5 ? She felt it a sweet victory to be envied by those women. 6 ? Tony had to be rebuilt. ?

Step 2 Grammar learning
1 ?不定式的被动形式 当不定式与逻辑主语之间是被动关系时?即不定式的逻辑主语是不定式所表示动作的承受 者?不定式一般要用被动形式。其被动式可以分为两种?一般式和完成式。 (1) 一般式? to be done ?表示不定式动作在谓语动词之后或者同时发生。 It is a great honor_to_be_invited_to speak here. 很荣幸被邀请在这里讲话。 The novel is said_to_be_published_next month. 据说这本小说下月要出版。 (2) 完成式? to have been done ?表示不定式动作发生在谓语动词之前。 The book is said to_have_been_translated_into six languages. 这本书据说已经被翻译成六种语言。 The boss preferred_to_have_been_given_more work to do. 老板宁愿被分给更多的工作做。 被动 一般式 to be done 完成式 to have been done 2.不定式被动形式的作用 (1)作主语 It's an honor to_be_invited to the ceremony. 很荣幸被邀请赴宴。 It's a pity to_be_kept in the house in such fine weather. 在这样好的天气被关在家里真是遗憾。 (2)作表语 The letter is_to_be_sent_by airmail. 这封信笺要空邮。 (3) 作宾语 She didn't like to_be_treated as a child. 她不喜欢被当成孩子。 The boy asked to_be_given an opportunity to try again. 那男孩要求给他再试一次的机会。 (4)作宾语补足语 I'd like my bedroom to_be_cleaned. 我想整理一下我的卧室。 (5)作定语 He was the last one_to_be_asked to speak at the meeting. 他是最后一个在会上被邀请发言的人。 (6)作状语 His mother left the small village never_to_be_seen again. 他母亲离开了那个小山村?再也没有人见过她。 3 ?不定式有些要注意的地方 (1) 感官动词和一些使役动词的不定式的主动形式要省去 to ?但在变成被动语态后需要加 上 to ?能这样用的动词或动词词组有? make ? have ? let ? see ? hear ? notice ? listen

to ? watch 等。 如? We often see him act like that.? He is often seen to act like that. 我们常常看到他那样做。 (2)在 can't help but ? have nothing to do but 结构中?介词 but 后的不定式省去 to。 如? I can't_help_but suspect his motive. 我不禁怀疑起他的动机。 I have_nothing_to_do_but_watch TV. 我没什么事情可做?除了看电视。 (3)不定式有时要用主动形式表示被动意义 ①形容词以及含有形容词的名词后的不定式?一般用主动形式表示被动意义?其中形容词 常见的有 easy ? difficult ? important ? impossible 等。 如? The work is impossible_to_finish in two days. 工作不可能两天之内完成。 English is not so easy_to_learn. 英语并不好学。 ③ 一些固定用法?如“挨骂?受责备?受批评” 用 be to blame ? “(东西等)出租”用 to let。 He is to blame for what he has done. 他应为他所做的受责备。 The house is to let.房子要出租。 ?

Step 3 Exercises
1 ? The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang ? who was reported ______ the world record in the 110 ? meter hurdle race. A ? breaking B ? having broken C ? to have broken D ? to break 2 ? I like getting up very early in summer.The morning air is so good ______. A ? to be breathed B ? to breathe C ? breathing D ? being breathed 3 ?______ the project as planned ? we'll have to work two more hours a day. A ? Completing B ? Complete C ? Completed D ? To complete 4 ? Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple ? but it remains______ whether they will enjoy it. A ? to see B ? to be seen C ? seeing D ? seen 5 ? I hurried to the meeting hall ? only______ that the meeting had been put off. A ? to tell B ? to be told C ? telling D ? told 6 ? Do let your mother know all the truth ? she appears______ everything. A ? to tell B ? to be told C ? to be telling D ? to have been told 7 ? Little Tom should love______ to the theater this evening. A ? to be taken B ? to take C ? being taken D ? taking 8 ? It is said that plastics can be used to______ many things.Now people are used to______ plastics products. A ? make ? using B ? making ? using C ? making ? use D ? make ? use 9 ? With a lot of problems______? the newly ? elected president is having a hard time. A ? settled B ? settling C ? to settle D ? being settled Keys ? 1 ? 5 CBDBB 6 ? 9 DAAC ?

Step 4 Drilling
Ask students to do Exercise 1 on Page 14 and then check the answers together. Keys ? Exercise 1 be tested out ? be harmed ? be offered ? was amazed ? was not allowed ? be discovered ? be completely transformed ? were impressed ? be envied ? be rebuilt Ask students to do Exercise 2 and then check the answers together.

Keys ? Exercise 2 1 ? to be designed 2.to be rebuilt 3.to be accompanied 4.to be known as 5.to be filled with 6.to be tested out 7.to be envied 8.to be set aside ?

Step 5 Using the passive infinitive Translate the following sentences into English using the passive infinitive.
1 ?那本关于《圣经》的书需要在这个周末之前还给图书馆。 2 ?下周末前?这个旧扶手椅将由一个沙发代替。 3 ?不要着急?你有足够的时间把那个传真发到你的公司。 4 ?你同妻子离婚的决定必须要得到她的同意。 5 ?刚刚出了一起事故?不过没有必要惊慌?没有人受伤。 6 ?虽然她考得不错?但是她预料父母还是会对考试的结果感到失望。 7 ?当在医院进行大手术的时候?她得到了家人的关爱和支持?为此她感到非常高兴。 8 ?他为自己被宣布成为智力竞赛冠军得主的事感到十分兴奋。 9 ?他把他们已经得到的 2000 元与将提供的 1500 元加在一起?总共 3500 元。 10 ?没有主力队员的参与?他们一定会在即将到来的比赛中被打败。 Suggested answers ? 1 ? That book on the Holy Bible needs to be returned to the library by/before the end of the week. 2 ? That old armchair is to be replaced by a sofa next week. 3 ? Don't worry—you still have plenty of time for that fax to be sent to your company. 4 ? Your decision to divorce your wife has to be made with her agreement. 5 ? There has been an accident but there is no need to be alarmed.Nobody has been hurt. 6 ? Although she had done well ? she expected her parents to be disappointed by her exam results. 7 ? She was happy to be supported by the affection of her family when she had a serious operation in hospital. 8 ? He was so excited to be declared the winner of the talent competition. 9 ? He added the 2000 yuan they had received to the 1500 yuan to be offered ? making 3500 yuan in all. 10 ? Without their key/leading player ? they're bound to be beaten in the coming competition. ? Step 6 Homework Finish off Exercises 1 and 2 on Page 56.

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