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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 3 Going places 句型冲关



As_with_hiking,you should always think about your safety and wear good clothes. 正如徒步旅行一样,你应该时刻考虑你的安全并且要穿合适的衣服。 As with hiking 为省略说法,相当于 As is the case with hiking,as 引导定语从句,带有 方式意味,常译为“正如”。 ①As with running,learning English needs will. 学习英语同跑步一样都需要毅力。 ②As_with drawing a picture,you should be patient and careful in doing this job. 正如画画一样,在做这项工作时你应该耐心仔细。 ③As with many companies,we pay more attention to foreign trade. 像许多公司一样,我们更加注重国际贸易。

1.________many developing countries,China is in great need of science and technology. A.As C.Which is the case with B.As with D.As like

解析: 句意: 和许多发展中国家一样, 中国急需科学和技术。 逗号后是一个完整的句子, 逗号前必须是省略结构或从句。As with ...为省略结构,相当于 As is the case with ...。 答案:B 2.At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the UN Secretary General points out that, ________, the climate situation will get worse and worse. A.if not dealing with properly B.unless dealing with properly C.if properly dealt with D.unless properly dealt with 解析:句意:在联合国气候变化大会上,秘书长指出,气候形势将进一步恶化,除非被 合理地处理。unless properly dealt with = unless (it is) properly dealt with。 答案:D

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013· 山东实验中学诊断)When Elias met Mandela, the black was in a situation

________ they were treated badly. A.which C.when B.where D.that

解析:句意:当 Elias 遇到 Mandela 时,黑人处于被虐待的境地。此处 situation 相当于 表地点的先行词,而从句中缺少地点状语,故选 B。 答案:B 2.(2013· 太原模拟)His wife is very ________ about dress and she is strong ________ wearing ________ clothes on formal occasions. A.special; against; informal B.particular; opposed to; casual C.especial; against; casual D.strict; opposed to; usual 解析:句意:他的妻子对服装很挑剔,她强烈反对在正式场合穿休闲服。第一个空考查 的是 particular,意为“挑剔的”,和 casual“随便的”意思正好相反,但是用法是一样的。 第二个空考查的是 be opposed to,意为“反对”。 答案:B 3.(2013· 潍坊模拟)________ in the leg made it impossible for me to walk as fast as usual. A.Being injured C.Having injured B.To be injured D.Injured

解析:考查非谓语动词。此处缺少主语,而现在分词和过去分词不能作主语,排除 C 项和 D 项;B 项不定式表示未发生的动作,与语境不符。据此选 A 项,用动名词短语作主 语。 答案:A 4.You will be successful in the interview________you have confidence. A.before C.until B.once D.though

解析:句意:在面试中,一旦你有了信心,你就会成功的。once“一旦”,符合句意; before“在??之前”;until 常用于 not ...until 结构中;though“尽管,虽然”。 答案:B 5.Mike is leaving for London tomorrow and I will________him________at the airport. A.send;away C.leave;off B.see;off D.show;around

解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:迈克明天准备去伦敦,我要到机场送他。see sb.off(到 飞机场等处)“为某人送行”,符合句意。send away“发送,派遣”;leave off“不把??列

入”,不包括;show around“领(某人)参观”。 答案:B 6.She has successfully ________ a career with bringing up a family. A.joined C.managed B.connected D.combined

解析:考查动词辨析。句意:她成功地把自己的事业和持家结合在一起。 combine ...with ...“把??和??结合起来”;connect ...with ...“把??和??联系起来”。 答案:D 7.—Instead of lending a hand, Jim stood by, laughing at us in trouble. —Oh, it's ________ of him to be so coldhearted. A.normal C.common B.ordinary D.typical

解析: 根据“Jim 非但没有伸出援手, 反而袖手旁观, 嘲笑陷入困境的我们”可知, “他 一向这么冷酷无情”。It is typical of sb. to do sth.“某人一贯做某事”。 答案:D 8.All possible means ________.However,nothing can________ him dying of lung cancer. A.has tried;stop C.have been tried;prevent B.have been tried;keep D.has been tried;stop

解析: 句意: 所有的方法都尝试了, 但是, 什么也阻止不了他因肺癌死去。 all possible 由 means 可知谓语动词用复数, 故排除 A、 选项; D keep sb. from doing sth. “阻止某人做某事”, from 不可省略。 答案:C 9.Researchers are engaging in developing new energy cars ________ are bright with enormous market potential. A.that are believed C.the experts believe that B.which the experts believe D.the experts believe

解析:考查关系代词引导的定语从句。句意:研究者正在致力于开发新能源汽车,专家 们认为它们的市场潜力巨大,前景十分广阔。the experts believe 是插入语,new energy cars 是先行词,表物,所以用关系代词 which 引导定语从句,在从句中作主语,不能省略。 答案:B 10.For Tom this was the beginning of a new life,________he thought he would never see. A.what C.one B.that D.it


在这里作同位语,后为其定语从句。 答案:C 11.We don't want to________ him as chairman of the meeting.He is not fit for the position. A.consider C.refer B.pick D.appoint

解析:句意:我们不想任命他为会议的主席。他还不适合这个职位。consider “认为; 当作” (consider sb.as sth.); pick “选择; 挑选”(pick sth.from sth.); refer “提交; 委托”(refer sth.to sb.);appoint “委派;任命”(appoint sb.as sth.)。根据题意可知答案。 答案:D 12.He is a skillful worker.I'm sure he has enough ________ to fix all the ________. A.experience;equipment C.experience;equipments B.experiences;equipments D.experiences;equipment

解析:experience 在此表示“经验”,是不可数名词;equipment 是不可数名词,也不用 复数形式。 答案:A 13.As we joined the big crowd I got ________ from my friends. A.separated C.lost B.divided D.missed

解析:句意:当我们加入一大群人的时候,我与我的朋友们分散了。get separated“被 分散(开)了”。 答案:A 14. I heard that the famous player________his coach would come to our school for a visit. — — I heard the news________. A.and; too C.as well as; as well as B.as well as; as well D.with; either

解析:as well as 连接两个并列成分,意为“和”,相当于 and; as well 主要用于肯定句 和疑问句中,多用于口语,一般放在句尾,表示“也”。 答案:B 15.As is known to all, Leung Chunying, ________ outstanding politician, has been elected as ________ fourth chief executive of Hong Kong. A.an; a C./; the B.an; the D.the; the

解析:句意:众所周知,梁振英,一位杰出的政治人物,当选为香港第四任行政长官。 第一个空用 an,表示数量,意为“一个”;第二个空用 the 是因为有序数词 fourth 的缘故。

答案:B Ⅱ.完形填空 (2013· 郑州二模)As waiters, we deal with customers every day and when something goes wrong, somehow we have the ability to keep on going. It's our responsibility to __1__ the customer. I remember my first __2__ job was at a fine restaurant. One afternoon, the manager informed all the cooks and waiters that a VIP __3__ were coming for lunch. The group were __4__ VIPs in the city's fashion industry. After the group arrived and got __5__ comfortably, drinks were __6__. Normally, the head waiter would be in charge of wine service. __7__, the manager asked me to serve that afternoon. I had __8__ done wine service, nor had I ever served a group of twelve. I arranged 12 wine glasses on the tray and went to the table. As I __9__ one of the glasses in front of the first customer, somehow I had __10__ my grip(抓,握)and six glasses fell on top of a young woman, and then to the floor and __11__ in pieces. I felt frightened and my face turned red. I apologized many times to the __12__ and to the rest of the group. Quickly, the manager __13__ my aid and helped in the clean- and sent out their drinks up, right away. I didn't understand why, but the group were forgiving me and the young woman __14__ informed me it was OK. My manager pulled me to the side and said, you know why an accident happened, __15__ “If from it and move on. You still have a table to serve and you can't show your __16__ or your disappointment. Mistakes and accidents do happen. Keep your __17__ up and be confident. The glasses are replaceable.” I understood why he was truly a well __18__ restaurant manager within the neighborhood. His __19__ relationship with the group made the situation __20__ and the group forgave me for that.
语篇解读:作者在饭店中给贵宾服务时不慎失手,经理在处理完僵局后非但没有指责,反而悉心传授服务 秘诀。作者赢得了客人的谅解,对经理的敬佩之情油然而生。

1.A.welcome C.invite

B.feed D.please

解析:上一句提到服务员每天都与顾客打交道,出现问题时,服务员有能力用某种方式 让事态顺利进行,由此可知让顾客满意是服务员的职责。please“使满意”。 答案:D 2.A.waiter C.servant B.cook D.director

解析:第一段的开头部分明确提到作者是“服务员”,此处选 A 与之相呼应。 答案:A

3.A.group C.family

B.number D.class

解析: 根据下一句的开头部分以及下一段的开头部分可知前来就餐的是一个非常重要的 “团体”。 答案:A 4.A.let in as C.added up to B.made up of D.recognized as

解析:be made up of 表示“由??组成”。 本句的意思是“这个团体是由本市时尚界的 重要人物组成的”。 答案:B 5.A.introduced C.seated B.satisfied D.dressed

解析: 上一段提到这个团体来到饭店是为了吃午餐, 所以此处表示的是他们舒服地“就 座”后。A 项在文章中没有信息支持;B 项与本句中的 comfortably 搭配不合理。 答案:C 6.A.bought C.ordered B.sold D.got

解析: 这个团体来到饭店舒适地就座后, “点”好了饮料。 此处的 order 表示“点(饭菜、 饮料)”。前两项都不符合常识;根据下文可知他们当时还没有得到饮料,所以 D 项错误。 答案:C 7.A.Therefore C.Besides B.However D.Though

解析:上一句提到正常情况下,领班负责酒水类服务,本句提到经理让作者在那天下午 为客人服务,由此可推断此处表示的是转折关系。 答案:B 8.A.often C.never B.once D.little

解析:本句后半部分提到作者也从未给 12 个人的团体提供过服务,而且本句后半句又 是倒装结构, 由此可知前半部分表示的同样是否定意义, 即作者“从未”进行过酒水类服务。 答案:C 9.A.set C.cleaned B.broke D.shook

解析:上一句提到作者把 12 个酒杯放在托盘上并朝餐桌走去,所以是把其中一个酒杯 “摆放”在第一位顾客的面前。打破酒杯是后来发生的事情,因此 B 项错误;C、D 两项不

符合常识。 答案:A 10.A.got C.forgot B.caught D.lost

解析:本句后半部分提到 6 个酒杯掉在了地上,由此可知作者当时没有握紧,所以使用 lost,表示“失去”。 答案:D 11.A.stood C.kept B.lay D.stayed

解析:根据常识可知酒杯打破后应该是“躺”在地上,碎片遍地。如果选择 C 项,需 要使用被动形式;D 项表示“停留”,语意不恰当。 答案:B 12.A.manager C.man B.head waiter D.woman

解析:本段中间部分提到 6 个酒杯掉在了一位年轻女士的头上,所以作者多次向这位 “女士”道歉。 答案:D 13.A.took over C.gave up B.came to D.rushed against

解析:经理闻讯迅速“赶来”帮助作者进行清理。take over 表示“接管”,give up 表 示“放弃”,rush against 表示“与??碰撞”,都不符合语境。 答案:B 14.A.repeatedly C.impatiently B.regretfully D.angrily

解析: 上一段最后一句提到作者多次向那位女士和团体中其他的人道歉。 本句叙述的是 这个团体宽恕了作者,由此可知女士“重复地”告诉作者没关系。 答案:A 15.A.hear C.change B.tell D.learn

解析: 此处是经理在向作者传授经验, 显然是让作者从中吸取教训, “学”到新的技能。 答案:D 16.A.apology C.nervousness B.excitement D.carelessness


已经发生,因此 D 项不正确。 答案:C 17.A.nose C.head B.face D.hand

解析:根据本句中的 confident 一词可知经理鼓励作者昂“首”挺胸。 答案:C 18.A.behaved C.visited B.respected D.understood

解析:虽然作者一时失手打破了几个酒杯,并冒犯了其中的一位重要顾客,可是经理并 没有指责,而是迅速控制了局面,并向作者面授经验,由此可推断这位经理非常受人“尊 重”。 答案:B 19.A.new C.terrible B.famous D.close

解析: 上文中提到女士和这个团体的其他人员宽恕了作者的失误, 本段中提到饭店经理 在附近地区颇受尊重,由此可推断经理和这个团体关系“密切”。B 项在文章中没有信息支 持。 答案:D 20.A.calm C.special B.comfortable D.possible

解析: 经理的声望以及他与该团体之间的密切关系让事态“平静”下来, 并因此赢得了 团体对作者的宽恕。 答案:A Ⅲ.阅读理解 (2013· 山西师大附中一模)Why do men live a shorter life than women? The latest research indicates that men's hearts going into a rapid decline when they reach middle age could be the cause. The research of ageing on the heart has shown that women's longevity may be linked to the fact that their hearts do not lose much pumping power with age. “We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20 percent~25 percent between 20 and 70 years of age,”said the head of the study, Samantha of Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. “Within the heart there are millions of cells which make it beat. Between the ages of 20 and 70, onethird of those cells die and are not replaced in men,” said Samantha.“This is part of the ageing process.”

What amazes scientists is that the female heart suffers very little loss of these cells. A healthy 70year- woman's heart could work almost as perfectly as a 20old year- one's. old “This gender( 性 别 ) difference might give the reason why men live shorter than women,”said Samantha. They studied over 250 healthy men and women between the ages of 17 and 80, who are mainly healthy persons so as to reduce the influence of disease. “The team has yet to think about why ageing suffers a greater loss on the male heart,”said Samantha. But there is also good news—men can enjoy the health of their hearts with regular exercise. Samantha stressed that women should also take regular exercise to stop their leg muscles getting weaker as they age.
语篇解读:本文介绍了一项科学研究的结果:男人比女人寿命短主要是男人的心脏细胞在 20 岁到 70 岁之 间损失掉三分之一,因而心脏的能力降低了 20%~25%,而女人的心脏细胞在这一年龄阶段损失得很少。

1.The underlined word “longevity” in the second paragraph means“________”. A.health C.ageing B.long life D.effect

解析:猜测词义题。根据第一段的第一句话“Why do men live a shorter life than women?”可推知“longevity”的意思是“长寿”。 答案:B 2.The text mainly talks about ________. A.men's heart cells B.women's ageing process C.the gender difference D.hearts and long life 解析:主旨大意题。本文探讨了男人比女人寿命短的主要原因,那就是与心脏细胞数量 的减少有关。 男人的心脏在 20 岁到 70 岁之间会丧失三分之一, 因而心脏的能力降低了 20%~ 25%,而女人的心脏细胞在这个年龄阶段几乎没有丧失。因此,本文的中心话题是心脏与长 寿。 答案:D 3.According to the text, the UK scientists have known that ________. A.men have fewer cells than women when they are born B.women can produce the cells that make the heart beat C.the female heart suffers less loss of the cells with age D.women will never suffer the loss of pumping power with age 解析:细节理解题。根据第五段的第一句“What amazes scientists is that the female heart suffers very little loss of these cells”可知答案为 C。 答案:C

4.If you want to live a long life, you should ________. A.enable your heart to beat much faster B.think about the reason for ageing C.take regular exercise D.stop your cells from being lost 解析: 细节理解题。 根据最后一段的内容可知, 男人经常进行锻炼可以拥有健康的心脏, 女人经常进行锻炼可以抵制腿部的肌肉衰弱无力。因此,要想长寿,就要积极锻炼。 答案:C

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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 7 Cultural relics 短语冲关_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit_7 Cultural_relics 1.give in 让步;投降;屈服;交...
2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 9 Tec....doc
2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 9 Technology 单词冲关_英语_...经典句型必会 提出 1. Cellphones, or mobile phones, make it possible for...
2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 7 Cul....doc
2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 7 Cultural relics 单词冲关_...(3)breath 12.look_out Ⅲ.经典句型必会 留神;照料 1.Where there is a ...
2012届高三英语一轮复习教案:Unit3 Going places(旧人....doc
2012届高三英语一轮复习教案:Unit3 Going places(旧人教版第一册)_英语_高中...at the same time; for pleasure 2.句型 Instead of spending your vacation ...
...2015届高考英语(人教版)第一轮总复习课件 Unit 3 Going places....ppt
【走向高考】2015届高考英语(人教版)第一轮总复习课件 Unit 3 Going places_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2015届高考英语(人教版)第一轮总复习课件 ...