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I. Choose the right answer. (25 items, 50 points, 2 points for each)

1. Mark Twain, one of the greatest 19th century American writers, is well known for

his_____. A. international theme B. waste- land imagery C. local color D. symbolism 2. Emily Dickinson’s verse is most aptly characterized as ______. A. exposing the evils of the society B. paving the way for the following generation of free verse poets C. sharing the same poetic conventions as Walt Whitman D. exhibiting sensitiveness to the symbolic implications of experience, such as love, death, immortality etc. 3. Which essay of Emerson is regarded as an unofficial manifesto for the “Transcendental Club”? A. Self-reliance B. Nature C. The American Scholar D. The Over-soul 4. Samuel Langhorne Clemens is better known by the pen name ______. A. Mark Twain B. Henry James C. William D. Howells D. Theodore Dreiser 5. Which of the following statements is said about most of the poems in Whitman’s Leaves of Grass? A. They identify his ego with the conservative America. B. They celebrate the self and ignore sexuality. C. They sing of the “en-masse” and the self as well. D. They reject the pursuit of love and happiness of individuals. 6. Edgar Allan Poe’s stories are roughly divided into two kinds: those of ________. A. horror and ratiocination B. love and nature C. horror and love D. love and death 7. All the following are the works by Nathaniel Hawthorne EXCEPT _____. A .The Marble Faun B. Typee C. The Scarlet Letter D. Mosses from an Old Manse 8. Whitman’s poems are characterized by all the following features EXCEPT ____. A. the strict poetic form B. the free and natural rhythm C. the easy flow of feelings D. the simple and conversational language 9. In Hawthorne’s novel and short stories, intellectuals usually appear as ________. A. commentators B. observers C. saviors D. villains 10. William Faukener is the author of ____ A. Far From the Madding Crowd B. Sound and Fury C. For Whom the Bell Tolls D. Scarlet Letter 11. Who is the author of the work "The Grapes of Wrath"?






A. John Steinbeck B. Eugene O'Neil C. F. Scott Fitzgerald D. Theodore Dreiser Which of the following statements can be said about the novel Sister Carrie? A. Its heroine is a country girl, who strives to gain her material rise in big cities but soon gets tired of her success. B. Its heroine is a Southern aristocratic woman, who refuses to come to terms with the present. C. It tells about a young sailor, who struggles to reach the upper society but soon gets disillusioned. D. The heroine is a young vain girl, who indulges herself in grand parties and luxurious trips but soon becomes penniless. The Hemingway Code heroes are best remembered for their _____. A. indestructible spirit B .pessimistic view of life C. war experiences D. masculinity After The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain gives a literary independence to Tom's buddy Huck in a book entitled ___. A. Life on the Mississippi B. The Gilded Age C. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn D. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court About Washington Irving, Father of American short stories, which of the following statement is right? A. Many of his writings focused on American subjects, landscapes, particularly the legends of the Hudson River region of the fresh young land. B. His writings preferred the Old World to the New. C. As a writer, he always exalted a disappearing past. D. He is well-known for his international theme across the Atlantic. Which of the following is NOT a typical feature of Henry James’s writing style? A. Exquisite and elaborate language B. Minute detailed description C. Lengthy psychological analysis D. American colloquialism Which of the following indicates a permanent convention of American literature which is evident in both of Cooper’s Leather-stocking Tales and Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? A. The desire for an escape from society and a return to nature. B. The desire to push forward to the west frontier. C. The self-reliance and independence of the individual. D. Both A and B. Born of one common cultural heritage, the American Romanticists shared some common features — , with the English Romanticists. A. an increasing emphasis on the free expression of emotions B. an increasing attention to the psychic states of their characters C. an increasing emphasis on the desire to return to nature D. both A and B



Who wrote The American? A. Herman Melville B. Nathaniel Hawthorne C. Henry James D. Theodore Dreiser 20. In The Lake Isle of Innisfree, William Butler Yeats expresses his __________. A. hope to go abroad B. desire to escape into a “fairyland”. C. love for common life D. hatred for war 21. The major concern of ________ fiction lies in the tracing of the psychological development of his characters and in his energetic criticism of the dehumanizing effect of the capitalist industrialization on human nature. A. E. M. Forster’s B. Thomas Hardy’s C. D. H. Lawrence’s D. Charles Dickens’ 22. Of the following poems by T. S. Eliot, which is hailed as a landmark and a model of the 20th-century English poetry? A. Poems 1909- 1925 B. The Hollow Men C. Prufrock and Other Observations D. The Waste Land 23. Which of the following is not true about James Joyce? A. Ulysses has become a prime example of modernism in literature. B. Joyce is regarded as the most prominent stream-of-consciousness novelist. C. Joyce is a realistic writer in English literature history. D. His novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” is a naturalistic account of the hero’s bitter experiences and his final artistic and spiritual liberation. 24. In Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter”, “A” may stand for_________. A. Adultery B. Angel C. Amiable D. All of the above 25. The book from which “all modern American literature comes” refers to ________. A. The Great Gatsby B. The Sun Also Rises C. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn D. Moby-Dick II. Choose the relevant match from column B for each item in column A. (10 points, 1 point each) Column A Column B 1. Nathaniel Hawthorne A. Hugh Selwyn Mauberley 2. Herman Melville B. The Sketch Book 3. F. Scott Fitzgerald C. The House of the Seven Gables 4. Ernest Hemingway D. A Farewell to Arms 5. Washington Irving E. White Jacket 6. Henry James F. The Great Gatsby 7. William Faulkner G. The Sound and the Fury 8. Jack London H. Jennie Gerhardt 9. Ezra Pound I. Daisy Miller 10. Theodore Dreiser J. White Fang III. Explain the following literary terms (2 items, 10 points, 5 points for each)


1. 2.

Transcendentalism Oedipus Complex

IV. Give brief answers to the following questions. (30 points) 1. Read the following poem, and then answer the questions given. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 From which poem is the stanza taken? (3 points) Who is the writer? (3 points) What is the theme of the stanza? (4 points)

2. What are the major themes of D.H Lawrence’s novels? (5 points) 3. Give a brief comment on the“tough guys” in Ernest Hemingway’s novels by taking the protagonist in The Old Man and the Sea as an example. (15 points)
。选择正确的答案。 (25 个项目,50 个点,每 2 分) 1。马克吐温最伟大的 19 世纪,一个美国作家,是众所周知的 his_____。 答:国际主题乙废物土地意象 三地方色彩四象征 2。艾米莉狄金森的诗是最能为______的特点。 答:揭露社会丑恶现象 二铺平了自由诗的诗人以下一代的方式 正因为沃尔特惠特曼共享相同的诗意公约 四参展经验的敏感性,以象征性的意义,例如爱,死亡,永生等, 3。艾默生哪一篇文章是一个非官方的宣言,为把“先验俱乐部”? 答:自力更生乙自然 C 的美国学者四,过度的灵魂 4。塞缪尔克莱门斯是兰霍恩更广为人知的笔名______。 答:马克吐温乙亨利詹姆斯 豪厄尔斯正威廉 D 四德莱塞 5。下列哪些说法是说,大约在惠特曼的草叶集的诗是什么? 答:他们认同的,保守的美国,他的自我。 B.它们庆祝自己和忽略性。 C.他们唱的“恩,集体”和自我以及。 D.他们拒绝了爱和个人幸福的追求。 6。埃德加爱伦坡的故事大致分为两类:对________的。 答:恐怖和推理二爱与性 三爱四恐怖和爱情和死亡 7。以下是所有除_____霍桑的作品。

甲。大理石牧神乙泰彼 C 的红字四苔藓从旧芒斯 8。惠特曼的诗是由以下所有功能特点,除了____。 答:严格的诗歌形式 B 的自由和自然的节奏 C 的感情很容易流 D 中的简单会话语言 9。在霍桑的小说和短篇故事,知识分子通常显示为________。 答:评论员乙观察员 三救星四恶棍 10。威廉 Faukener 是笔者的____ 答:远离尘嚣喧哗与骚动乙 三丧钟为谁而鸣四红字 11。谁是该作品的作者“愤怒的葡萄”? 答:约翰斯坦贝克乙尤金奥尼尔 CF 卡菲茨杰拉德四德莱塞 12。下列哪项陈述可以说对小说嘉莉妹妹? 答:它的主人公是一个乡下姑娘,她谁努力争取在大城市物料上涨,但很快得到她的成功感 到厌烦。 B 的女主人公是一个南方贵族女子,谁不来与目前的妥协。 C.它讲述了一个年轻的水手,谁的斗争达到上层社会,但很快得到醒悟。 四,女主人公是一个年轻的虚荣的女孩,谁在大沉溺于政党和豪华旅行,但她很快变得一贫 如洗。 13。海明威式英雄的最好怀念他们的_____。 答坚不可摧的精神乙。生命的悲观看法 C.战争经验四阳刚之气 14。经过汤姆历险记,马克吐温给出了一个文学的独立性,汤姆的好友哈克在题为___一书。 答:在密西西比河上的生命 二,镀金时代 丙哈克贝利芬历险记芬兰 D.一种在亚瑟王法庭康涅狄格美国佬 15。关于华盛顿欧文,美国短篇小说,下列哪些说法是正确的父亲? 答:他的许多著作集中于美国的主题,山水,尤其是哈得逊河的新鲜年轻的土地,地区的传 说。 B.他的著作更喜欢旧世界到新的。 作为一个作家长,他始终高举一个消失的过去。 四,他非常为他的横渡大西洋的国际知名的主题。 16。以下哪一项不是一个亨利詹姆斯的写作风格的典型特征? 答:精美细致的语言详细描述二分钟 三冗长的心理分析 D.美国俗语 17。 以下哪一项表明美国文学是显而易见的库珀的牛皮放养故事和马克吐温的哈克贝利费恩 历险记常任公约? 答:为逃避希望从社会和大自然的回报。 二,希望推进到西部边疆。

C 的自力更生和独立的个体。 四A和B 18。一个共同的文化遗产,出生于美国浪漫主义共享一些共同的特点 - 与英国浪漫主义。 答:对情绪的自由表达越来越重视 二是越来越重视对他们的角色的心理状态 三是对回归自然的愿望越来越重视 四A和B 19。谁写了美国? 答:赫尔曼梅尔维尔乙霍桑 三亨利詹姆斯 D 德莱塞 20。在因尼斯弗里莱克伊勒,威廉巴特勒叶芝对他的__________。 答:希望出国乙渴望逃避到一个“仙境” 。 三爱共同生活 D.供战争仇恨 21。 ________小说的主要关心的是在追查他的人物的心理发展和他对大自然对人类充满活 力的资本主义工业化的灾难性影响的批评。 航空电磁福斯特的乙哈代的 鼎晖劳伦斯的四查尔斯狄更斯 22。由 TS 艾略特,这是一个里程碑,是 20 世纪英国诗歌模型欢呼以下诗? 答:诗 1909 年至 1925 年二,空心男子 三普鲁弗洛克及其他观察四,荒原 23。以下哪一项不是对詹姆斯乔伊斯真的吗? 答:尤利西斯已成为现代主义文学中的典范。 二乔伊斯被认为是最突出的流的意识的小说家。 三乔伊斯是英国文学史上现实的作家。 四他的小说 “作为一个年轻的人” 艺术家的画像是一个英雄的痛苦经历和他最后的艺术和精 神的解放自然帐户。 24。在霍桑的“红字”“阿”可能立场 for_________。 , 答:通奸乙天使 三阿米亚布勒 D.所有上述 25。该书从哪个“一切现代美国文学来”指的是________。 答:了不起的盖茨比乙太阳照样升起 丙哈克贝利芬历险记芬兰四白鲸 二。选择从 B 列中的每个列的项目甲(10 分,1 分相关匹配) A栏B栏 1。答:霍桑休塞尔温莫伯利 2。赫尔曼梅尔维尔二,素描书 3。菲茨杰拉德长的七家山墙 4。海明威四永别了,武器 5。华盛顿欧文大肠杆菌白色外套 6。亨利詹姆斯 F 了不起的盖茨比 7。福克纳 G 的喧哗与骚动 8。杰克伦敦阁下珍妮姑娘 9。庞德一黛西米勒 10。德莱塞 j 的白方

三。下列术语解释文学(2 项,10 分,5 分一个) 1。先验论 2。俄狄浦斯情结 四。对以下问题给予简短的回答。 (30 分) 1。阅读下面的诗,然后回答给定的问题。 我会告诉叹了一口气本 在很久很久以后: 两条路分叉在树林里,和 I 我选择了一个人迹罕至的, 这使所有的差异。 问题 1 是从哪个诗节多久? (3 分) 问题 2 谁是作家? (3 分) 问题 3 什么是该节的主题? (4 分) 2。什么是劳伦斯小说的主题? (5 分) 3。通过采取在给老男人的主角,作为一个例子,在海边的“硬汉海明威的小说”的简短评 论。 (15 分)

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