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2015高考英语大二轮总复习 第3部分 完形填空 专题1 完形填空高分三原则—攻克记叙文

Cloze 1



时间:15 分钟

“Sixteen,” I said.I have forgotten the math question my secondgrade teacher, Joyce Cooper asked that day, but I will never forget my__1__.As soon as the number left my mouth , the whole class started__2__.I felt like the __3__person in the world. Mrs.Cooper fixed them with a look.Then she said: “We're all here to __4__.” Once Mrs.Cooper asked us to write a__5__about what we hoped to do in the future.I wrote:“I want to be a __6__like Mrs.Cooper.” She wrote on my report,“You would__7__an outstanding teacher__8__you are determined and you try hard.”I was to carry those__9__in my heart for the next 27 years. After I graduated from high school,I got married and had children. We needed every penny just to__10__.College and teaching were out of the question. Then one day I thought of my __11__of how I wanted to help children.I talked it over with my family and __12__to attend college classes in the __13__before work.And when I got home from work,I would __14__.Finally, after seven years,my dream had been realized and I became a teacher. Not long after I started__15__ , something happened that brought the


__16__back to me.I had written a sentence with grammatical errors on the blackboard.Then I asked some students to come and __17__the mistakes. One girl got halfway, became__18__and stopped.As the other children laughed,__19__rolled down her cheeks.I gave her a hug and told her to have a drink of water.Then,remembering Mrs.Cooper,I fixed__20__of the class with a firm look.“We're all here to learn,”I said. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者回忆了上学时,由于回答错了老师

的问题而遭到同学们的嘲笑,老师阻止了他们并告诉他们:“我们到这儿都 是来学习的。”在老师的鼓励下,作者后来凭借自己的努力也成了一名老师。 同样作者也遇到了他上学时的那种情况,作者想起了他的老师,也用了同样 的方式和同样的话语教育了他的学生。 1.A.question C.result 解析 B.answer D.reaction


个数学问题,但他永远不会忘记自己给的答案。 答案 B B.shouting D.laughing

2.A.talking C.discussing 解析


作者遭到同学们的嘲笑。 答案 D B.happiest D.most important

3.A.stupidest C.least amusing 解析


所以作者当时觉得自己是世界上最愚蠢的人。 答案 A B.learn D.watch

4.A.work C.play 解析


者和 Mrs.Cooper 一样, 对学生们说:“我们到这里都是来学习的。”故选 B。


B B.song D.story

5.A.letter C.report 解析

上下文暗示题。根据下文中的“She wrote on my report”可知,此处表示

老师让同学们写一篇报告(report)。 答案 C B.friend D.parent

6.A.teacher C.reporter 解析

语境理解题。由空格后面的 “like Mrs.Cooper”可知作者想成为一名像

Mrs.Cooper 那样的教师。 答案 A B.change D.make

7.A.develop C.return 解析

词汇运用题。由上文内容可知此处是 Mrs.Cooper 对作者的鼓励。

Mrs.Cooper 写道:“你会成为一名出色的教师??”,所以此处只能选 D, make 表示“成为”,相当于 become。 答案 D B.unless D.before

8.A.because C.until 解析 答案

语境理解题。前后两个分句之间存在因果关系,故选 A。 A B.words D.classmates

9.A.reports C.teachers 解析 答案

语境理解题。此处表示作者把老师的话记在心里了。 B B.get past D.go ahead

10.A.get by C.go by 解析


者家里经济困难,需要每一分钱来维持生计,故 get by“维持生计,设法过 活”符合题意。


A B.work D.idea

11.A.plan C.dream 解析


自己的梦想。 答案 C B.promised D.agreed

12.A.supposed C.decided 解析


里听课。C 项符合语境。 答案 C B.mornings D.nights

13.A.evenings C.afternoons 解析

语境理解题。 根据下文中的“before work”可知此处表示“早上”。 故B

项正确。 答案 B B.study D.play

14.A.sleep C.rest 解析


来继续学习。 答案 B B.writing D.teaching

15.A.studying C.thinking 解析

语境理解题。根据下文中的“I had written a sentence with grammatical

errors on the blackboard.”可知此处应表示开始教书后不久。 答案 D B.life D.feeling

16.A.teacher C.past 解析 答案

语境理解题。这里表示教书时发生的一件事使作者回忆起了过去。 C

17.A.correct C.check 解析 错。 答案 A

B.prove D.read


18.A.mad C.confused 解析

B.excited D.confident


女孩因做不出来而不知所措。 答案 C B.tears D.smiles

19.A.water C.sweat 解析 答案

语境理解题。由于别的孩子嘲笑她,这个女孩的眼泪流了下来。 B B.most D.the rest

20.A.half C.the whole 解析


二段照应。 答案 D Cloze 2



时间:15 分钟

“So teach him to close the door,”my daughter Emma responded after listening to me __1__,again,about the dog coming in from the back door, bringing with him a blast of Buffalo January __2__ air. Teach a dog to close a door behind him? That has got to be a really,really __3__ thing to do.But then she took it a step __4__.“Come on,Kolby”,she said, grabbing(抓住)some treats and __5__ him in front of the open door.“Touch.” And “touch” he did,which moved the door to a __6__ position.She __7__ him with a treat,smiled,looked at me,and said “see!” And I saw and became

__8__.Over the last few days I have been consistent(一致的) with Kolby.Each time he comes in I __9__ him back to the open door patiently and ask him to close.There have been __10__ in the beginning , but lately more and more successes. However,there remains much work to be done.I have to get him to follow my hand signal again and again __11__ he will close the door from a distance.But,I now realize,as long as you keep to the __12__,the task will be completed,and,in the way things are progressing,__13__ quickly. What a __14__ treat to have a dog that can close the door after himself! Even more wonder can be found in the __15__ I learned so clearly from both Emma and Kolby. A wish is just a wish until you decide to take __16__.Once you __17__ the belief that it is “too hard”,then it remains“too hard” and out of __18__.Once you decide to accomplish a goal, and __19__ that it is“easy”, then it becomes“easy” to do what needs to be done.Just __20__ doing it. 【语篇导读】 训练小狗关门并非易事,但作者经过不懈的努力取得成功了。 通过这件事,作者悟出了深刻的道理。 1.A.complain C.worry 解析 B.scream D.scare

句意: 听到我抱怨(complain)狗从后门进来, 带进来一股一股的冷(cold)

风时, 我女儿 Emma 回应道: “教它关门。 ”complain about...抱怨??; scream 尖叫;worry about 担心;scare 吓唬。 答案 2.A.thin C.dirty 解析 答案 3.A.last C.hard 解析 答案 A B.fresh D.cold

由句意及 January(一月)可知天气寒冷(cold)。 D B.funny D.possible

根据常识及下文可知:教狗关门一定是一件很难的(hard)事情。 C

4.A.again C.deeper 解析 向后。 答案 B

B.further D.backward

句意: 但是紧接着她又进了一步。 further 进一步; deep 深的; backward

5.A.pushing C.seating 解析

B.tying D.positioning

句意:??让狗去开着的门前。position sb 让某人去某个位置; push

推; tie(tying)拴,绑;seat sb 坐下,均不符合语境。 答案 D B.fixed D.locked

6.A.stopped C.closed 解析 答案

句意:这个动作让门向“关”(closed)的方向动。 C B.provided D.thanked

7.A.rewarded C.offered 解析 某人。 答案 A

句意:女儿就用食物奖励(rewarded)它。reward sb with sth 用某物奖励

8.A.persuaded C.inspired 解析

B.convinced D.puzzled

句意: 我看到了, 并且信服了(convinced)。 A.被说服; C. 被鼓舞; D. 被

迷惑了。 答案 B B.pull D.call

9.A.bring C.drag 解析

句意:每次狗进来时,我都耐心地把它带回到(bring him back)开着的

门口,要求它关上门。pull 拉;drag 拖;call sb back 给某人回电话。 答案 A B.experiments


C.failures 解析 答案


根据句意及后面的 successes 可知,此处为 failures(失败)。 C B.even if D.so that

11.A.in case C.as if 解析


门。in case 以防万一; even if 即便,即使;as if 好像。 答案 D B.focus D.harmony

12.A.interest C.progress 解析 答案

keep to the focus 集中注意力。 B B.taught D.completed

13.A.determined C.bought 解析


而且遵循事物发展的规律,就会完成(completed)得很快。根据句意及前面的 completed,and,以及空格后的 quickly 可知答案。 答案 D B.small D.simple

14.A.wonderful C.different 解析

句意:拥有一只会关门的狗是一件多么美好的 (wonderful) 乐事(treat)

啊!其他三项均不符合语境。 答案 A B.skills D.experiment

15.A.knowledge C.lessons 解析

在这次教训中我发现了更多的惊奇之事。 lesson 教训; knowledge 知识;

skills 技能; experiment 实验。 答案 C B.part D.action

16.A.patience C.delight


句意:如果不付诸行动,愿望终究是愿望。take action 采取行动;take

patience 忍耐;take part 参加;take delight 得到快乐。 答案 D B.pay attention to D.get used to

17.A.hold on to C.come up with 解析

句意: 一旦你持有(hold on to)这种信念??。 A.坚持; B.注意; C.提出,

提供;D.习惯于。 答案 A B.touch D.power

18.A.date C.reach 解析

out of reach 难以实现/达到;out of date 过时;out of touch 失去联络;

out of power 失去权力;C 项符合题意。 答案 C B.decide D.realize

19.A.prove C.conclude 解析


prove 证明;conclude 得出结论;realize 意识到(客观事实)。根据语境可知, 此处指未做之事,所以只能是进行推断。 答案 B B.start D.enjoy

20.A.imagine C.keep 解析 答案

既然一切都变得容易了,那就“开始(start)做吧”。 B Cloze 3



时间:17 分钟

It was 11:40 at night when we finished hairdressing.__1__ to miss the time of our school closing the door,we quickened our steps.As we __2__ the door of the apartment building,we saw our headmaster standing outside.__3__ smiles, we rushed towards the door guarded by a teacher.__4__ the teacher could clearly

see us.She shouted, “Where have you been? Why are you not answering my calls? Your __5__ have gone out to look for you.Now please call them back immediately!” Just then,in the dim moonlight,we saw two familiar __6__ moving slowly towards us.By their stature (身高),we __7__ they were our roommates.Finally, Linda and Rosemary came back with a group of strangers.“What happened to you? Are you OK?” Linda asked eagerly and __8__. Seeing Linda and Rosemary in pajamas and slippers,we all felt __9__, bowing our heads for our mistake.At the same time, we were __10__ the pure love we owned and the faithful friends we had.We were feeling very __11__. “We did not do this __12__.Maggie and Wendy didn't take their cellphones and my cellphone was uncharged.__13__,we couldn't make any calls,” I __14__.The teacher cut me short ,“It is too __15__.Please go back to your dormitory now.” As we were approaching our dormitory,we all tiptoed in order not to __16__ others' sleep.But to our __17__, none of our roommates were asleep.They were all sitting up worrying about us. Before closing my eyes,I thought a lot about this little __18__.It suddenly dawned on me that we are actually part of one big family.Whatever we do may __19__ others' lives.I feel safe and satisfied,__20__ I know my friends will always be there for me. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者和几个同学晚上外出很晚才回学校, 这让老师和其他室友都很担心。这件事情让作者认识到,学校是一个大家庭, 每一个人的行为都会影响到其他人的生活。 1.A.Deciding C.Choosing 解析 B.Failing D.Fearing

考查具体语境中的动词辨析。根据下文中的“we quickened our steps”可

知,此处表示作者她们“担心”学校关门之前回不去。fail 是“失败,未做” 之意,不符合语境。 答案 D


2.A.approached C.opened 解析

B.climbed D.locked

考查具体语境中动词的用法。根据语境可知此处选 A。当我们走近公

寓楼的时候,我们看到校长站在门口。 答案 A B.Ignoring D.Discovering

3.A.Forgiving C.Forcing 解析


脸上勉强挤出笑容。 答案 C B.Gradually D.Similarly

4.A.Strangely C.Obviously 解析


够清晰地看到作者她们。 答案 C B.roommates D.sisters

5.A.parents C.teachers 解析

考 查 具 体 语 境 中 名 词 的 用 法 。 根 据 第 二 段 中 的 “they were our

roommates”等信息可以推知,此处指“室友”出去找作者她们了。 答案 B B.foreigners D.relations

6.A.officials C.figures 解析


是看到两个熟悉的“人影”向她们走过去,也就是下文中提到的室友。 答案 C B.declared D.recognized

7.A.guaranteed C.insisted 解析


她们的室友。 答案 D

8.A.fluently C.slowly 解析

B.anxiously D.faithfully


选 B。anxiously 意为“焦虑地”。 答案 B B.excited D.relaxed

9.A.ashamed C.puzzled 解析


者等人,作者她们感到很“羞愧”。 答案 A B.appreciating D.expressing

10.A.advancing C.sacrificing 解析

考查具体语境中动词的用法。根据语境可知应选 B。看到眼前的一幕,

作者等人非常感激,因为她们所拥有的爱以及真诚的朋友。 答案 B B.angry D.confident 考查具体语境中形容词的辨析。根据上文中提到的 “pure love” 和

11.A.warm C.soft 解析

“faithful friends”等信息可以推知,作者等人都感到很“温暖”。 答案 A B.at risk D.on purpose

12.A.for free C.in vain 解析

考查具体语境中介词短语的辨析。 作者在向 Linda 和 Rosemary 说明情

况,表明她们不是故意的。for free 意为“免费”,at risk 意为“冒风险”, in vain 意为“白费力气”。 答案 D B.However D.Meanwhile

13.A.Therefore C.Besides 解析

考查上下文的逻辑关系。 Maggie 和 Wendy 没有带手机, 而作者的手机



A B.answered D.shouted

14.A.paused C.explained 解析


在解释自己的行为。 答案 C B.long D.late

15.A.short C.boring 解析

考查具体语境中形容词的辨析。 根据文章第一段中的“It was 11: 40 at

night”及“the time of our school closing the door”等信息可知,此处表示很晚 了。 答案 D B.disturb D.get

16.A.burst C.catch 解析

考查具体语境中动词的辨析。 作者等人蹑手蹑脚地走路, 目的是不“打

扰”其他人睡觉。 答案 17.A.joy C.surprise 解析 B B.hope D.relief

考查固定短语。根据下文中的“none of our roommates were asleep”可知

答案。 to one's surprise 的意思是“出乎某人的意料”。 答案 18.A.gift C.incident 解析 多。 答案 C B.save D.lead C B.progress D.problem


19.A.affect C.improve 解析


室友等,所以作者认为:我们所做的任何事情可能会影响到别人的生活。 答案 20.A.for C.so 解析 A B.or D.but 考查上下文的逻辑关系。作者感到安全和满足,因为作者知道朋友总

是和自己在一起。 答案 A


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【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总复习测试:完形填空专题 专题三 完形填空解题四防范]_高中教育_教育专区。【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总...
...2015高考英语大二轮复习完形填空专题:专题三 完形填....ppt
【创新设计】2015高考英语大二轮复习完形填空专题:专题三 完形填空解题四防范解密说明文、议论文_英语_高中教育_教育专区。 ? ? 、说明文型完形填空的特点与...
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【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总复习测试:完形填空专题 专题完形填空解题五技巧]_高中教育_教育专区。【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总...