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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 3 Going places 单词冲关



体裁:记叙文(2011 北京高考作文题) 话题: 记述老师上课摔倒,并带病为同学上课 的感人故事

[佳作选登] Last Monday, we were having our Chinese class when the teacher suddenly slipped and fell. We were all worried about her. One of the boys carried her on the back, with the help of some others, to the clinic immediately. ①It turned out that her right leg was broken and she had to stay in the hospital. The following day, we went to visit her with flowers and fruit. ②Seeing her lying in bed with her leg wrapped in bandages, we felt sorry for her and hoped that she would recover soon. This Thursday she returned to the class on a wheelchair to give us lessons. We were all deeply moved and proud of having such a responsible teacher.,[佳句变式] ①-A:As a result, her right leg was broken, thus forcing her to stay in the hospital. ①-B:Her right leg broken, she had to stay in the hospital. ②-A:Seeing her lying in bed with her leg wrapped in bandages made us feel sorry for her and we hoped that she would recover soon. ②-B: were all sorry to see her lying in bed with her leg wrapped in bandages and we all We hoped that she would recover soon.

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 一、考纲词汇识记 1.means n. 2.transportation n. 3.board vt. 4.destination n. 5.vacation n. 6.handle vt. n. 7.particular adj. 手段;方法 运输;运送 上(船、飞机等) 目的地 假期;休假 操作;处理 柄;把手 特别的;特殊的

8.normal adj. n.

正常的;正规的;标准的 正规;常态

9.experience vt.& n.体验;经历;经验→experienced adj.有经验的 10.nature n.自然;自然界;本性→natural adj.自然的→naturally adv.自然地 11.similarity n.类似;类似处→similar adj.相似的,类似的→similarly adv.同样地,类 似于 12.separate adj.单独的;分开的 vt.分开;隔离→separately adv.个别地,分离地 →separation n.分离,分开 二、高频词汇活用 (一)一言辨异 13.Several factors have ________ to ruin our plans,but experts believe that a ________ of bad weather and human error led to the accident.(combine) 答案:combined;combination (二)用 consider 及其派生词的适当形式填空 14.(1)________ he's only just started,he knows quite a lot about it. (2)What made her succeed later on was the kindness and ________ she showed to all her patients. (3)Mr. Green is ________ to be an excellent teacher. 答案:(1)Considering Ⅱ.重点短语必背 1.get_away_from 2.instead_of 3.get_close_to 4.watch_out 5.protect_sb./sth.from 6.as_with 7.see_sb_off 8.combine_with 9.on_the_other_hand 10.as_well_as 11.take_care_of 12.take_exercise Ⅲ.经典句型必会 1.Hiking is easy to do and doesn't have to be very expensive. 逃离 代替;而不是 接近,靠近 注意;当心 保护、保卫某人/某事物免受?? 像??一样 到火车站、飞机场等处为某人送行 与??结合 另一方面 也;还;而且 照顾 做体操,做健身活动 (2)consideration (3)considered

徒步旅行简单易行,且不需要花很多钱。 解读:be+adj.+to do sth.结构。 仿写:据说他很容易相处。 It is said that he __________________________. 答案:is easy to get along well 2.It is done on rivers and streams where the water moves quickly. 它是在水流更加湍急的河流和溪流上进行的。 解读:where 引导定语从句,在从句中作地点状语。 仿写:我的家乡以风景优美而闻名。 The town ________ I was born is noted for its scenic beauty. 答案:where 3.As with hiking,you should always think about your safety and wear good clothes. 正如徒步旅行一样,你应该时刻考虑你的安全并且要穿合适的衣服。 解读:as with “正如,正像”。 仿写:像许多中学一样,我们学校越来越注重英语教学。 __________________________________,our school pays more and more attention to English teaching. 答案:As with many middle schools 4.You should not go rafting unless you know how to swim,and you should always wear a life jacket. 如果你不会游泳,就不要去做木筏漂流,而且漂流必须始终穿着救生衣。 解读:unless 除非,引导条件状语从句。 仿写:如果不出现意外情况,我就不会给你打电话。 I won't call you _____________________________________________________________. 答案:unless something unexpected happens

1.consider v.考虑,打算;认为,以为 [教材 P15 原句]What do you have to consider before you decide which means of transportation you will use? 在你决定使用哪种交通方式之前你将会考虑什么?

?sb./sth.+adj./n. ? (1)consider(认为,以为)?sb./sth.?to be/as? ?that? clause
be considered to have done sth.被认为做过某事
?doing sth. ? consider(考虑,打算)? +to do sth. ?wh?

(2)consideration n. take ...into consideration be under consideration (3)considering(that) ...

考虑,体谅 把??考虑在内;考虑;顾及 在考虑中 就??而论,考虑到??

①Tom considered the problem mentioned at the meeting yesterday (to be) important. 汤姆认为昨天会议上提到的那个问题目非常重要。 ②Lincoln is_considered_(as) one of the greatest presidents of the USA. 林肯被认为是美国最伟大的总统之一。 ③He is considered to have performed well in the match. 他被认为在比赛中表现得非常出色。 ④Have you recently considered_getting more prepared for the coming sports meeting? 你最近考虑过为即将到来的运动会多做些准备了吗? ⑤Considering (that) he did not study hard,he did well on the test. 考虑到他没有用功学习,他考得还算不错。 2.means n.手段;方法(单复数相同) [朗文 P1220 原句] What would be the most effective means of advertising our product? 宣传我们产品的最有效手段是什么呢? by all means 务必,不惜一切地;(用于交际英 语表示同意)当然可以,没问题 by no means by (the) means of by this means 绝不(置于句首时,句子需倒装) 通过,用,借助于 用这种方法

①By all means,drink plenty of water while exercising. 锻炼的时候多喝水完全可以。 ②By no means am_I_satisfied_with your work. 我对你的工作一点也不满意。 ③She couldn't speak,but made her wishes known by the means of signs. 她不会说话,但她借助于手势让大家知道了她的愿望。

(2011· 浙江高考)—Can I come and have a look at your new house? —Yes, ______! A.with pleasure C.I quite agree B.I like it D.by all means

解析: 考查情景对话。 句意: “我可以来看看你的新家吗?”“当然可以。 ”此处 by all means 表示“当然行,没问题”,符合语境。with pleasure 表示“愿意效劳”,为别人要求 帮助时的答语;I quite agree 表示“我十分同意”,为别人提出意见或看法时答语。 答案:D 3.experience vt.经验,体验;经历;感受;阅历 n.经验[U];经历[C] [教材 P17 原句]People also travel to meet new friends,to try new kinds of food,to experience life in other parts of the world or simply to get away from cold weather. 人们旅游还为了结交新朋友,品尝新食品,体验世界各地的生活,或者干脆为了避寒。 ①Whoever has experienced the terrible bullet train accident knows how precious a life is. 任何一个经历过那场可怕的动车事故的人都会懂得生命的宝贵。 ②It is important to try and learn from experience. 努力从经验中学习是很重要的。 (1)experience happiness/pleasure experience difficulties (2)by/from experience gain experience in ... learn by/from experience have experience in (doing) sth. (3)experienced adj. be experienced in 感受幸福/快乐 遇到困难 凭经验/从经验中 获得??经验 从经验中学到/懂得 有??的经验 富有经验的 在??方面有经验

③Being a fresh hand,he doesn't have_much_experience_in_the_fashion_design. 作为新手,在设计时装方面他还没有多少经验。 ④A successful secretary should not only be_very_experienced_in his/her work,but should have positive personal qualities. 一个成功的秘书不仅要有丰富的工作经验,而且还要有良好的个人素质。 4.normal adj.正常的;正规的;标准的 n.正规;常态 [教材 P17 原句]If you want a normal rafting trip,choose a quiet stream or river that is wide and has few fallen trees or rocks. 如果你想进行普通乘筏漂流,选择一条平缓的溪流,水面要宽阔,水下倒伏的树木或礁

石也要少。 ①So as you can see from what I've said,I'm a normal kind of people. 所以从我的叙述你可以了解到,我是一个很普通的人。 (1)normal state up to normal above/below normal get back/return to normal (2)normally adv. abnormal adj. 正常状态 达到标准 标准以上/下 恢复正常 正常地 不正常的

②The rainfall has been below normal for this time of year.这个时期的降雨量低于正常水 平。 ③ It will take a long time before the people's life returns_to_normal in the earthquakestricken area. 要过很长时间地震灾区人们的生活才会恢复正常。

(2010· 福建高考)Drunk driving,which was once a ________ occurrence,is now under control. A.general C.normal B.frequent D.particular

解析:考查形容词辨析。general“一般的,大体上的”;frequent“常见的,频繁的”; normal“正常的”;particular“特别的,特殊的”。根据句意“酒驾,曾经很频繁发生的事, 现在被控制了”可知 B 正确。 答案:B 5.separate vt.分开,分离;隔离;分居 adj.单独的,分开的,个别的 [教材 P19 原句]Jane and Betty are going on separate holidays in a few days' time. 珍妮和贝蒂几天后要分别去度假。 ①The two old friends talked until midnight and then separated. 两位老友谈到午夜才分手。 (1)separate ...from be separated by separate into (2)separation n. (3)separately adv. 把??与??分开 被??隔离 分离成 分离,分开 个别地,分别地

②I always separate business from pleasure.

我总是把工作和娱乐分开。 ③They were pleased to meet after such a long separation.久别重逢,他们非常高兴。

separate,divide (1)separate 通常指把原来结合在一起或靠近的人(物)分开或隔离,一般和 from 搭配,构 成 separate A from B;separate 也可指“离别,分手”。 (2)divide 着重指把整体分成若干部分, 其后常跟 into, among 等。 divide 还有“除, 用?? 来除”之意。

轻 巧 识 记

[自填助记] 用 separate,divide 的适当形式填空 ①As the work can be divided among several people,it can be done efficiently. ②Any attempt to separate Taiwan from China will not be tolerated.

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. you ________(考虑) that she has only been studying English for six months, speaks If she it very well. 答案:consider 2.Life can be likened to a journey with an unknown ________(目的地). 答案:destination 3.We learn from the past,________(体验) the present and hope for success in the future. 答案:experience 4.We should make a better use of the existing ________(设备) to produce more. 答案:equipment 5. Bungee jumping is a kind of sports full of ________(刺激), you shouldn't forget safety. but 答案:excitement 6.My husband loves ________(冒险的) life while I enjoy a more peaceful domestic life. 答案:adventurous

7.The teacher told us the word had three ________(单独的) meanings. 答案:separate 8.Be careful with the beautiful plants,for they may have ________(毒). 答案:poison Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2013· 济南一中阶段测试)Paper, which is widely used in our daily life, is considered ________ by Chinese people. A.invented C.to have been invented B.having been invented D.to be invented

解析:考查 consider 的用法。consider doing“考虑去做某事”,consider ... to do“认 为??”;纸已经被发明,所以答案为 C。 答案:C 2.(2013· 浙江六校联考)He is ________ as a leader but he doesn't have ________ in teaching. A.success; many experience B.a success; much experience C.success; an experience D.a success; a lot of experiences 解析:句意:作为领导他是一个成功者,但是在教学方面他没有太多的经验。success 作不可数名词时意为“成功”,作可数名词时意为“成功的人或事”;experience 作不可数 名词时意为“经验”,作可数名词时意为“经历”。 答案:B 3.I've tried very hard to improve my English.But by no means________with my progress. A.the teacher is no satisfied B.is the teacher not satisfied C.the teacher is satisfied D.is the teacher satisfied 解析:句意:我已经非常努力来提高英语水平,但老师对我的进步一点儿也不满意。by no means“绝不,一点也不”。当否定词或词组位于句首时,句子需要部分倒装。 答案:D 4.What made her husband annoyed is that Mrs Brown is so________ about what she wears. A.particular C.skillful B.neat D.special

解析: 考查形容词辨析。 句意: 使她丈夫恼怒的是, 布朗夫人对穿着那么挑剔。 particular be

about 表示“对??挑剔”,符合句意。 答案:A 5.As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine,we must send for an engineer to ________ the problem. A.handle C.face B.raise D.present

解析: handle“处理, 解决”; raise“上升, 提高, 饲养”; face“面对, 面临”; present“出 席,提出,呈现”。由句意知选 A 项。 答案:A 6.________ from other continents for millions of years, Australia has many plants and animals not found in any other country in the world. A.Being separated C.Having been separated B.Having separated D.To be separated

解析:考查非谓语动词。separate 与句子的主语 Australia 为被动关系,并且 separate 发 生在主句谓语动词之前,所以应该选 C。 答案:C

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