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2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(4)

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1-15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项。 Unlike high school where braces are often as common as ponytails, my crooked teeth (歪牙) had been embarrassing me when I had to wear braces (牙箍) at college. At first, my 1 made me feel self-conscious and 2 to smile. The money I had to 3

each month made me less willing to spend money on other things, like nice dinners or a new pair of jeans. And because I went to 4 out of state, I had to find 5 in

the time to drive several hundred miles back home every time I needed a(n) hospital, which was usually every I got my braces off for the college. I was 7 6 6 to 8 weeks.

time at the beginning of my last semester of

with the results, although I thought I liked my smile better

after the first time I had got them off. Through this experience, I learned that you can 8 find something about your appearance that you don't like. If you can 9

it, cool. If not, it's not the end of- the world. Once I got over the fact that my 10 fun. I've come to that realization, so I would not like to go through this experience again. That's why my retainer(牙架) eating. If I had 12 11 in my mouth unless I'm cleaning it or was going to be a little rough for a while, I was able to go to parties and have

my dentist's instructions the first time around, I could 13 some pain and inconvenience.

have saved myself a lot of time and money and In a few more weeks, I'll 14

have to wear my retainer at night. A few months 15 . I hope my teeth

after that, I'll probably be told that I can stop wearing it will be healthy and I will never feel embarrassed again. 1. A. teeth C. braces 2. A. unable C. convenient 3. A. pay B. shoes D. glasses B. willing D. unwilling B. take


C. have 4. A. college C. market 5. A. realization C. judgment 6. A. third C. first 7. A. pleased C. careful 8. A. rarely C. never 9. A. use C. hate 10. A. face C. appearance 11. A. joins C. brings 12. A. followed C. refused 13. A. received C. avoided 14. A. hardly C. almost 15. A. altogether C. informally

D. find B. church D. hospital B. adjustment D. instruction B. last D. second B. popular D. comfortable B. always D. daily B. lose D. fix B. smile D. mouth B. fills D. stays B. made D. owed B. accepted D. saved B. seldom D. only B. instead D. partly

【参考答案】1-5 CDAAB 6-10 DABDB 11-15 DACDA 完形填空 本文作者讲述了自己上大学时戴“牙箍”的感受与心理历程。 1. C。 原词复现。 从上句 I had to wear braces (牙箍) at college 可知应是“牙箍”(braces)。 2. D。从文中 self-conscious(害羞的,不自然的)可知作者“不愿意(unwilling)”笑。

3. A。根据句意,在戴牙箍后每月花的钱使得我不大愿意花钱在其他事情上。 4. A。 原词复现。根据第一句“...my crooked teeth had been embarrassing me when I had to wear braces at college”可知,应选 A。本句句意为“我要去外州上大学”。 5. B。根据常识戴“牙箍”一段时间以后应需要医生“调整,校正 (adjustment)”,因此应 选 B。 6. D。根据首句和后文“although I thought I liked my smile better after the first time I’d got them off”可知,现在是第二次,因此应选 D。 7. A。从后文的让步状语可知,作者对结果还是满意的(pleased),因此选 A。 8. B。根据文意及常识可知,每个人总是(always)能发现自己外表上的一些不足,因此应选 B。 9. D。根据文章意思可知,每个人总能发现自己外表上的不足,如果你能调整(fix)这些不 足的话,就很好。 10. B。原词复现。从上文“although I thought I liked my smile better after the first time I had got them off”可知应选 B。 11. D。根据常识可知牙架应在我的嘴里(stay in my mouth),其他选项均不符合句意。 12. A。固定搭配。句意为“听(follow)牙医的话”,因此应选 A。 13. C。本句为虚拟语气,与事实相反,从前句 saved 可知,既节省时间又避免(avoid)疼痛。 14. D。句意为“再过几周,我只(only)在晚上戴了”,即白天不用戴了。 15. A。从上句的只在晚上戴可知,再过几个月,“我”就完全 (altogether)停止戴牙架了, 即再也不用戴了。

完形填空(20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A 12-year-old boy saw something in a shop window that set his heart racing.But the price—five dollars—was far beyond Reuben Earle's wealth.Five dollars would buy almost a week's groceries for his family. But hearing the sound of hammering from a side street, Reuben had an idea. He ran towards the 31 and stopped at a construction site.People built their own homes in Bay Roberts, using nails _32_ in hessian sacks (麻袋) from a local

factory.Sometimes the sacks were _33_, and Reuben knew he could sell them back to the 34_ for five cents a piece. Back home, he looked at his mother Dora and _35_.Sunlight from the window gilded her shoulder-length blonde hair.Slim and beautiful, she was the center of the home, the glue that held it together. Every day after school, Reuben walked down the town, _36_ the hessian nail bags.On the day the school closed for the summer, no student was more 37 than Reuben.Now he would have more time for his _38_.Then one day the _39_ had come. Reuben ran down Water Street to the store."Please, Mister.I have to sell the sacks now." The man took the sacks, 40 his pocket and put four coins in Reuben's hand.Reuben murmured (小声说)a thank you and 41 , home.

When he got home.Reuben _42_ the tin can.He poured the coins out and began to 43 . He had enough. Then, he headed for the shop, "I have the _44_," he told the owner. The man went to the window and took out Reuben's 45 .He wiped the dust off

and gently wrapped it in brown paper.Then he placed it in Reuben's hands. Racing home, Reuben _46_ the front door."Here, Mum! Here'." He placed a small box in her work-roughened hands. She 47 it carefully. A jewel box appeared. Dora lifted the cover, 48 beginning

to blur (模糊)her vision. Dora had never received such a 49 ; she had no jewellery except her wedding ring. 50 ,she smiled and gathered her son into her arms. 31.A.window 32.A.purchased 33.A.taken apart 34.A.people 35.A.wept 36.A.collecting 37.A.disappointed B.Sound B.produced B.seta side B.site B.hesitated B.selling B.delighted C.store C.delivered C.sorted out C.factory C.smiled C.recycling C.determined D.school D.packed D.thrown away D.shop D.murmured D.carrying D.devoted

38.A.mother 39.A.challenge 40.A.searched for 41.A.ran 42.A.sought 43.A.laugh 44.A.jewel 45.A.treasure 46.A.got in 47.A.opened 48.A.tears 49.A.celebration 50.A.Thankful

B.schedule B.possibility B.reached into B.walked B.buried B.count B.box B.coins B.slid into B.unwrapped B.fog B.wish B.Breathless

C.burden C.time

D.mission D.opportunity

C.glanced through D.stared at C.left C.broke C.judge C.money C.present C.squeezed out C.unfolded C.dust C.gift C.Unexpected D.arrived D.uncovered D.observe D.ring D.sacks D.burst through D.fastened D.sunlight D.blessing D.Speechless

【参考答案】 31-35: BADCC 36-40: ABDCB 41-45: ADBCA 46-50: DBACD

完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21~40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 Life is not always smooth. There was a man who had his life. But he said, “One success is 37 36 numerous failures in

for me!”

When he was five years old, his father died of illness without leaving him any 38 . Since then, his mother worked outside 39 he had to stay at home and

take care of his siblings. He learnt cooking since then. When he was fourteen, he dropped 40 and began his life of loving. 41 , sold out all his properties

When he was eighteen, he married a girl, who,

and went back to her home several months after their marriage. When he was twenty, he 42 his job from electrician to ferry staff to railway

worker. All his jobs were


for him. 44 on him. When he was driving

When he was thirty-five, misfortune again

across a huge bridge, the steel ropes along the edge of the bridge were broken and he fell into the river with his car. He suffered such severe injuries that he could no longer continue his When he was 46 45 . 47

, he opened a gas station in a town. However, he 48

dispute (争端) because he beat his competitors problems. When he was forty-seven, he his three children. When he was sixty-six, he made a living by to various restaurants in different places. When he was seventy-five, he felt 52 51 49

the billboard hanging

his second wife, which had



his chicken-frying techniques

to maintain his company, so he

transferred his brand and patent to others. The new owner suggested giving him ten thousand stock shares as part of the purchasing price. But he 53 the

suggestion. Later the price of the stocks of the company soared and he lost the chance of being a billionaire. When he was eighty-eight, he achieved great success and became well-known to the whole world. He was exactly the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ha Lunda Sandoz. He often said, “People always complain about the bad at all. As long as you are good weather every day. ” 36. A. achieved 37. A. great 38. A. words 39. A. while 40. A. in 41. A. meanwhile 42. A. started B. undergone B. important B. money B. but B. out B. moreover B. took C. tried C. valuable C. property C. when C. down C. however C. lost D. undertook D. enough D. families D. so D. up D. therefore D. changed


. Actually it is not bad


and confident all the time, you will have a

43. A. fit 44. A. fell 45. A. life 46. A. forty 47. A. went through 48. A. contributing to to 49. A. changed 50. A. deeply 51. A. learning 52. A. powerless 53. A. turned up 54. A. difficulties life 55. A. hard-working

B. tough B. hit B. major B. thirty-five B. came into B. judging from

C. unusual C. put C. job C. fifty-three C. came about C. owing to

D. adequate D. rested D. education D. seventy D. went against D. leading

B. married B. highly B. promoting B. depressed B. turned to

C. missed C. generally C. developing C. disappointed C. turned down

D. divorced D. thickly D. teaching D. hopeless D. turned in C.

B. misfortune D. weather B. brave C. cautious

D. optimistic



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