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Module 3 【课堂习题】 1. quality. A.Driven 2. Mistakes in A.being translated

Adventure in Literature and the Cinema

by a greater demand for green products, the food company has set higher standards to ensure the

B.Being driven

C.To drive

D.Having driven

public notices can be seen here and there. B.translating C.having translated D.translated

3._____ the chapter four times, I finally understood the author's theory. A.Reading B.Having read C.To read D.Read

4.It's always better to tell the truth.Lies have a bad habit of _________ you! A.catching up with C.taking care of B.calling on D.looking for

5. The Hotel Al Arab ______ the first and only 7-star hotel in the world was designed in the shape of a sail of 321 meters. A.was considered 6 .Henry can?t attend the party A.hold 7.Try A.press 8. B.considering C.being considered D.considered at Tom?s house at present because he is preparing tomorrow?s presentation. B.to hold C.to be held D.being held

the green button to see if the machine will start. B.to press C.pressing D.to have pressed

with the threat of water shortages, Beijing and Shanghai are taking effective measures to save water

and protect water resources. A.Face 9. meeting. A.Have B.Having C.Had D.To have 10._________all the required papers, he didn?t answer the questions fluently in class. A.Having not read C.Not read 【课后作业】 单项填空 1.In order to find A.the;a better job,he decided to study B.a;a C.the;the D.a:the where she was . B.lying;laid D.lying;lain at the company by ten. B.will be success”. A.1ies in C.1eads to 5.This is the reason A.that 6.They, will not be allowed B.results from D.begins with he gave in the meeting,but the boss didn?t accept it. B.why C.how D.what in the finals if they don?t get the highest score in the coining match this C.be D.would be second foreign language. B.Not having read D.Not to read B.Faced C.Facing D.To face

a full discussion of the problem, the committee spent a whole hour exchanging their ideas at the

2.The wounded girl is still A.laying;laid C.laid;laying 3.The boss requires that John A.is

4.One needs to work hard to realize his or her dream,as the saying goes”Hard work

weekend. A.participating C.to be participated D.being participating. Alice to give up the foolish idea. C.persuade D.persuading B.to participate

7.You can hardly imagine what difficulty I had A.persuaded 一 I don?t care. B.to persuade 8.—David didn?t invite us to his birthday party. A.It?s a pity. C.It's tip to him. 9.The old man came station. A.and ran;found C.running;to find 10.know nothing about the match A.besides C.except that 一 .Thank you,anyway. B.running;finding

B.So what? D.why not? to tile railway station,only the train was slowly pulling out of the

D.to run;finding I read in the newspaper. B.expect D.except what

11.一 Would you like me to get you an English dictionary while I'm there?

A.But I have already got one C.But I have already got it 12.I think this shirt fits you.You Call try it on if you A.are like 13.一 I?not the man B.1ike to

B.What a nice dictionary D.Yes, please


D.have liked

the phone.She asked for Henry.

一 I?in sorry I was mistaken. A.called on 14.NOW that he has missed his A.chance 一 Yes.It was . B.calling over C.wan.ted on D.rung up on ,he?ll have to wait for the next round. B.turn C.duty D.class

15.—Were you worried about him last night?

A.until he returned that I went to bed B.until be returned that I slept well C.not until he returned that I went to bed D.not until did he return that I went to sleep 完形填空 When I come across a good article in reading newspapers. often want to cut and keep it. just as I am about to I But do so I find the article on the good health,of is likely to 刀)would 19 21 18 16 side is as much,interesting、It may be a discussion of the way to 17 in

about how to behave and conduct oneself in society.If I cut front article,the opposite one 20 the title. Therefore, scissors(剪 the 23 24 result. . You can only take up one of

damage, leaving out half of it or keeping the text before they start, 22

halfway done when I find out the

Sometimes two things are to be done at the same time, both worth your them,the other has to wait or be 25 .Thus you are

up.But you know the future is unpredictable(不可预料)—the changed 26 27 in a difficult position and feel

situation may not allow you to do what is left sad.How 28 life 29

that nice chances and brilliant ideas should gather around all at once? It may happen that your

greatly on your preference of one choice to the other.

In fact that is what


is like:we are often


with the two opposite sides of a thing which are 32 we 34 may

both desirable like a newspaper cutting.It often occurs that our attention is drawn to one thing only get into another.The 33 remember a philosopher?s remarks: “When one door shuts, another opens in life. a casual(不经意) 35 ”So not be a bad one. 16.A.front 17.A.get 18.A.advice 19.A.suffer 20.A.on 21.A.use 22.A.or 23.A.satisfying 24.A.courage 25.A.given 26.A.near 27.A.filled 28.A.dares 29.A.improves 30.A.study 31.A.1aced 32.A.before 33.A.following 34.A.still 35.A.treatment 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 B.action B.same B.keep B. news B.reduce B.for B.handle B.but B.regretful B.strength B.held B.alone B.attracted B.comes B.changes B.society B.supplied B.after B.next B.also C.choice C.either C.1ead C.a theory C.prevent C.without C.prepare C.so C.surprising C.attention C.made C.about C.caught C.deals C.progresses C.nature C.connected C.until C.above C.once D.remark. D.opposite D.bring D.a report D.cause D.off D.stay D.for

may be more important than the latter and give rise to a divided mind.I

D.impossible D.patience D.picked D.behind D.struck D.does D.goes D.1ife D.fixed D.as D.former D.almost

For almost forty years the Empire State Building in New York City was the world's tallest skyscraper(摩天大 楼).The building reaches a height of 1,250 feet.It has 102 floors.The use of steel frames made its height possible.Steel walls can rise height without needing to be thick.Steel frame construction is strong.All plates are fixed firmly together by metal bolts(螺栓)called rivets(铆钉).When set in place,rivets are usually red-hot.One end is already rounded.A riveter uses a special hammer to shape the other end.Then the rivet cools.It holds the plates firmly. High winds can move this strong building. wind of a hundred miles an hour has caused it to move A almost one and a half inches. 36.The writer says that the Empire State Building A.hasn?t been finished B.is in New York City C.is the tallest skyscraper in the world now D.had fewer floors than the New World Trade Center 37.In steel-flame building,the bottom walls A.must be very thick C.are usually red-hot 38.Rivets are described as being A.picked up by tools when red-hot B.hit by tools when red-hot B.must be rounded D.do not need to be thick .

C.usually caught in a hole D.usually put in place when red-hot 39.The word“plates”in this article might mean A.盘子 短文改错 Dear Editor, I?m the boy student in a key middle school in our city. I fond of play the piano. It is known by us that the college entrance examination is approaching. I must get good prepared for it. So I have only fifteen minutes to play the piano on every day. I don?t want to give up my favorite, and my parents forbade me to continue playing it. They think it a waste of time to do it now. How do you think of it? Could you give me some advices on how to deal with the problem? I am looking forward to your early reply. Thank you. John B.钢板 in Chinese: C.横木板 D.铜牌

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