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【广东专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(十三) [必修3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note]


[必修 3 Unit 3

The Million Pound Bank Note]

(限时:30 分钟)

Ⅰ.完形填空 The story happened years ago,when my daughter was still little. I was driving across the country with my daughter to __1__ my husband. Since I intended to get to my destination before supper time, I drove __2__ for a long time without a stop. Then after driving for many miles, I became tired and needed to stop for a break to get __3__. I found a rest area. It was mostly deserted, in a quiet area of the highway. I parked the car and carried my __4__ into the restroom. When I came out I saw a middle?aged __5__ wandering around. Feeling __6__ about that, I asked the lady. What __7__ me was: they were waiting for us! The lady told me that she and her husband wanted to see us safely back into our __8__. She explained that sometimes rest areas could be a __9__ place for a young lady like me. She told me that she had a daughter almost my age, so they wanted to make sure that I got safely back on my way. I was very touched by their __10__. Being young, and probably naive to the potential __11__ of rest areas, it had never occurred to me that there was any possibility of something going wrong. I __12__ them for their kindness. My daughter and I continued our journey and __13__ our destination safely. I never got their names but years have passed and their kindness is still not __14__. Sometimes angels come in make?up and just because you can't see their __15__ it doesn't mean they aren't angels. 1.A.desert B.stop C.join D.save 2.A.slowly B.quickly C.safely D.quietly 3.A.excited B.bored C.interested D.refreshed 4.A.daughter B.luggage C.license D.car 5.A.lady B.man C.couple D.angel 6.A.angry B.curious C.jealous D.terrible 7.A.surprised B.worried C.annoyed D.upset 8.A.room B.car C.area D.park 9.A.quiet B.noisy C.dangerous D.safe 10.A.devotion B.honesty C.potential D.consideration 11.A.stops B.dangers C.mistakes D.changes 12.A.forgave B.asked C.thanked D.blamed 13.A.reached B.left C.missed D.passed 14.A.seen B.forgotten

C.deserted D.recognized 15.A.kindness B.safety C.faces D.wings Ⅱ.阅读理解 A In a growing number of English classes, teachers are leaving the classic novels on the shelf and letting students select the books they read. Supporters say that the new approach, called reader's workshop, helps develop a love for reading in students who are bored with classic literature. They argue that the best way to motivate students to read more is to offer them more choices. Not_all_educators_are_on_the_same_page,_however. They worry that students who choose trendy, less challenging titles over the classics won't be exposed to the great writing and key themes of important works of literature. Student reporters Donald and Sarah express their ideas about this new approach. Donald thinks that they should turn the page. Students should be allowed to select the books they read in English class. He says he and his classmates are allowed to pick their own books in class. That makes them more focused, and they look forward to class time. Tristin, a classmate of his at Clinton Middle School agrees. “I'm reading books that I want to read, which makes class more fun and interesting,” he says. Offering students a choice may also improve test scores. Studies by Professor John Guthrie of the University of Maryland found that students in grades 4 through 6 who had some choices in the books they read showed improved reading comprehension skills during testing. Giving students the chance to decide what they read helps build a lifelong love for reading. Isn't that what we want for our students? Sarah holds a different view. She thinks teachers know more about books than students do. When an English teacher assigns a book, he or she keeps in mind the reading level of most students in the class. Students who choose their own books might be cheating themselves by picking books that are not up to their reading level or that are too difficult. Furthermore, a whole class can discuss a book it reads together. That makes it easier for some kids to understand what they are reading. “The students wouldn't be able to hold a meaningful conversation if they were all reading different books,” says Kristin, an English teacher at Fleetwood Area Middle School. “If they read the same book, their conversations would be more indepth.” 16.What's the meaning of the underlined sentence “Not all educators are on the same page”? A.Educators have different opinions. B.Educators didn't appear at the same time. C.Educators wrote in different pages. D.Educators didn't agree with the author. 17.Donald thinks that the new approach could ________. A.help students be more focused in class B.draw students to reading classic novels C.make students less worried in English class D.encourage students to read more challenging books 18.Sarah thinks that the new approach might ________. A.help students improve reading comprehension skills B.help students hold meaningful conversations in class C.make some students read books not suitable for them D.make some students ignore the important works of literature 19.Who has the same attitude towards the new approach with Kristin? A.Donald. B.Sarah. C.Tristin. D.John Guthrie. 20.The author develops the text mainly by ________. A.listing cases B.making comparisons C.following time order

D.explaining causes and effects B Arthur Miller(1915-2005)is universally recognized as one of the greatest dramatists of the 20th century. Miller's father had moved to the USA from AustriaHungary,drawn like so many others by the “Great American Dream”. However, he experienced severe financial hardship when his family business was ruined in the Great Depression of the early 1930s. Miller's most famous play, Death of a Salesman, is a powerful attack on the American system,with its aggressive way of doing business and its insistence on money and social status as indicators of worth. In Willy Loman, the hero of the play, we see a man who has got into trouble with this system. Willy is “burnt out” and in the cruel world of business there is no room for sentiment: if he can't do the work, then he is no good to his employer, the Wagner Company, and he must go. Willy is painfully aware of this, and at a loss as to what to do with his lack of success. He refuses to face the fact that he has failed and kills himself in the end. When it was first staged in 1949,the play was greeted with enthusiastic reviews,and it won the Tony Award for Best Play,the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award,and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.It was the first play to win all three of these major awards. Miller died of heart failure at his home in Roxbury,Connecticut,on the evening of February 10, 2005,the 56th anniversary of the first performance of Death of a Salesman on Broadway. 21.Why did Arthur Miller's father move to the USA? A.He suffered from severe hunger in his home country. B.He was attracted by the “Great American Dream”. C.He hoped to make his son a dramatist. D.His family business failed. 22.The play Death of a Salesman ________. A.exposes the cruelty of the American business world B.discusses the ways to get promoted in a company C.talks about the business career of Arthur Miller D.focuses on the skills in doing business 23. What can we learn about Willy Loman? A.He treats his employer badly. B.He runs the Wagner Company. C.He is a victim of the American system. D.He is regarded as a hero by his colleagues. 24.After it was first staged, Death of a Salesman________. A.achieved huge success B.won the first Tony Award C.was warmly welcomed by salesmen D.was severely attacked by dramatists 25.What is the text mainly about? A.Arthur Miller and his family. B.The awards Arthur Miller won. C.The hardship Arthur Miller experienced. D.Arthur Miller and his best?known play.

课时作业(十三) Ⅰ.这是一篇记叙文,讲述作者长途开车,中途暂停休息时,被一对中年夫妇的善举所感动的 故事。 1.C 从第二段大意可推断作者开车去跟丈夫会合,其他选项均不符合语境。 2.B 从前面的 I intended to get to my destination before supper time 及后面的 without a stop 可 以推测,作者开得很快,因此选 quickly。 3.D 从本句中的 after driving for many miles 及 became tired 可知,作者需要稍作休息以恢复 精力,故选 refreshed。 4.A 从第二段首句中的 with my daughter 可知作者带着她的女儿进公共洗手间。 5.C 从本段最后一句中的人称代词 they,以及第四段第一句中的 she and her husband 可推断 此处应该选 couple。 6.B 看到有人在外面徘徊,作者自然会感到好奇;且从后面的 I asked the lady 也可知是选 curious。 7.A 从后面的 they were waiting for us 以及标点符号(感叹号)可知,作者是感到惊奇。 8.B 从第四段最后一句中的 they wanted to make sure that I got safely back on my way 可知此 处意为:他们想看着作者和她女儿安全回到车上。故选 car。 9.C 本段中首句和末句中都用了 safely。这对中年夫妇要看作者安全上路,是因为这种地方 可能会不安全,因此用 dangerous。 10.D 这对中年夫妇在洗手间外等作者,想看作者安全上车的做法令人感动,而这种做法正 是考虑周到的表现,因此用 consideration。 11.B 从后面的 there was any possibility of something going wrong 可知此处应用 dangers。 12.C 这对中年夫妇对作者如此照顾,作者对他们自然是非常感激的,用 thanked 才符合语 境。 13.A 继续旅程之后自然是到达目的地,故用 reached。 14.B 从 but 一词可知,虽然“我”连他们的名字都不知道,但很多年过去,“我”仍忘不 了他们对“我”的关怀。 15.D wings(翅膀)是天使的标志,此处作者把这对中年夫妻比喻成没有翅膀的天使。我们看 不到他们的翅膀,不代表他们就不是天使。 Ⅱ.A 文章提出了让学生选择他们阅读的书籍,对这一新的教学方法,不同的人有不同的观点和看 法。 16.A 句意理解题。第一段说:他们争论激发学生阅读最好的方法是给他们提供更多的选 择。本句话的意思是:并不是所有的教育家都能达成共识。也就是说他们有着不同的观点。 17.A 细节理解题。第四段的 That makes them more focused, and they look forward to class time. 看出 Donald 的观点。 18.C 细节理解题。第五段的 Students who choose their own books might be cheating themselves by picking books that are not up to their reading level or that are too difficult. 看出 Sarah 的观点。 19.B 细节理解题。从第五段的 The students wouldn't be able to hold a meaningful conversation if they were all reading different books 看出 Kristin 和 Sarah 对新方法的态度是一样的。 20.B 篇章结构题。文章提出了让学生选择他们阅读的书籍,对这一新的教学方法,不同的 人有不同的观点和看法。这篇文章通过陈述不同的人的不同观点,用比较的方法来写的。 B 文章向我们介绍了被公认为 20 世纪最伟大的剧作家阿瑟· 米勒以及他的代表作《推销员之 死》。 21.B 细节理解题。根据第一段第二句可知原因:drawn(对应选项中的 attracted)?by the “Great American Dream”,由此可知应选 B。 22.A 细节理解题。第二段第一句告诉我们,《推销员之死》是对美国制度的有力的抨击, 也就是选项 A 所说的:揭露了美国商业世界的残酷(exposes the cruelty of the American business world)。

23.C 细节理解题。戏剧中的主人公 Willy Loman 最终自杀,成为了残酷的美国商业制度的 牺牲品(victim)。 24.A 推理判断题。由第三段可知,该剧第一次上演,就受到了好评,获得了三项大奖,成 为第一个获得三项主要大奖的戏剧。由此可以看出,该剧本取得了巨大的成功,即选项所说的 achieved huge success。 25.D 主旨大意题。纵观全文可以看出,文章由两部分组成:20 世纪最伟大的剧作家阿 瑟· 米勒以及他最著名的剧本《推销员之死》的剧情、所取得的奖项。由此可以看出 D 项最能概括 全文。