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高中英语单句改错专练(改正) 1. Everyone of us is working hard in the factory. 2. I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it. 3. This is the steel plant where we visited last week. 4. Following the road and you will find the store. 5. This is all what Dr. Smith said at the meeting. 6. He promised to come and see us after the supper. 7. John had been here to see you, but he left five minutes ago. 8. My mother is busy preparing for supper. 9. I’ve heard him but I never know him. 10. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park. 1.Everyone-Every one 2.caught-had 3.where-which 4.Following-Following 5.what-that;or drop “all” 6.drop “the” 7.had been -came 8.drop “for” 9.heard of 10.which-it 11. From what I have seen and heard, I must say Chinese people are living happily. 12. Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about the problem. 13. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 14. Why don’t you ask anybody else to help you? 15. The pen is missing, for we cannot find it everywhere. 16. Sorry, I have a such book. 17. The two languages are not at all the same in neither spelling or grammar. 18. Most people can quick get help from a doctor when ill. 19. He told me that how important it is to learn English. 20. Can’t you remember tell me that the other day? 11.must-can 12.which-that.13.drop “he” 14.anybody-somebody 15.anywhere 16.a-no 17.neither-either 18.quick-quickly 19 drop “that” 20. tell-telling 21. She asked me if I had found out my new pen. 22. He had changed so much that I could hardly know him. 23. I learnt of from Joan that Mary had fallen ill. 24. I didn’t hear you. Please repeat the sentence again., 25. Would you please speak something about your family? 26. We must study hard in order to serve for the people better in the future. 27. I know little about Tom, but I know Mary better than he. 28. The writing of the report spent me two evenings. 29. If I had time, I shall see the new film. 30. Don’t let the children who are so young to go swimming. 21. drop “out” 22.know-recognize 23.drop “of” 24 drop “again” 25 speak-say 26 drop “for” 27 add “about” before Mary 28.spent -took 29.shall-would 30 drop “to” 31. It took place in France, an European country.

32. Would you bought the dictionary if you had had more money yesterday? 33. I shall lend the money to who comes first. 34. That is known to all, Taiwan belongs to China. 35. What was it which woke up the baby? 36. “Do you mind getting me some water?” “Certainly don’t.” 37. He enjoyed nothing but listen to music. 38. Cotton feels softly. 39. He is by far the clever student in our class. 40. I came here especially to ask you for advice. 31. an-a 32 add “have” before “bought” 33 who-whoever 34That-As 35 which-that 36 don’t-not 37but-but to38 softly-soft39clever-cleverest 40especially-specially. 41. I don’t doubt whether I’m able to finish the work on time. 42. Would you be kind as to turn off the TV set? 43. Do you know what do these words mean? 44. Hearing her name calling, she rushed out of the room. 45. Do you know anything about the accident happened in the village yesterday? 46. The little girl hurried home with the remained money. 47. Speak slowly and try to make yourself understand 48. The population of Zhengzhou is fewer than that of Beijing. 49. My father has two brothers , both of them are Party members. 50. I followed Mr.Smith entering the office. 41 drop “don’t” 42be-be so 43drop “do” 44 calling-called 45 happened-that happened 46 remained-remaining 47 understand-understood 48 fewer-smaller 49 them-which 50 entering-into 51. He’ll leave Beijing to Paris tomorrow. 52. He devoted his life for his country. 53. There having no buses, we had to walk home. 54. Being Sunday today, we don’t have to work. 55. Not had studied his lessons well, he failed in the exam. 56. My brother has turned an engineer for two years. 57. I have three letters to be answer this afternoon. 58. The recorder needs be repaired before it can be used. 59. Having been ill for a long time, so she fell behind her classmates. 60. They may go to London, but they were not certain . 51to-for 52 for-to 53 having-being 54 being-It being 55had-having 56turned-been 57drop “be” 58needs-needs to 59 drop “so” 60 may-might 61. I don’t think he can do the work well, can’t he? 62. The book which brought for me by my brother cost a lot of money. 63. You must do everything you can help them. 64. The farmers re very busy today and they will stop working until dark.

65. After mixing the three together, he dipped one of his finger into the cup. 66. The old man asked a policeman,” Could you show me how get to the post office? 67. The teacher found a cup broken and tried to find who had broken it. 68. In England as early as the twelve century, young people enjoyed playing football. 69. Jack regretted not go to the meeting last week. 70. I have lost my key; I can’t remember where I forgot it. 61can’t-can 62which-which was 63help-to help 64will-will not 65finger-fingers 66how-how to 67find-find out 68twelve-twelfth 69go-going 70forgot-left 71. What a terrible weather we have been having! 72. The composition is well written except a few spelling mistakes. 73. The students have to follow the teacher’s advice, haven’t they? 74. Autumn has come and it is time for harvest the rice. 75. Please put everything back and tidy the lab in the end of your experiment. 76. “Listen to me carefully; do all what I’ll tell you to do,” said the teacher.. 77. The other day we dropped in on the village. 78. There will not be enough rooms for such a large population in the future. 79. “Help yourselves with the fish. It’s very delicious.” mother said to the guests. 80. To my opinion, computers will enter every family in the near future. 71 drop “a”72except-except for 73haven’t-don’t 74harvest-harvesting 75in-at 76what-that 77on-at 78rooms-room79with-to 80To-In 81. The machine is used to working for man. 82. She married the man because what he had done for her. 83. A hundred of people attended the meeting last night. 84. Tell me how long she will be back, in ten days or a week? 85. What did you do in the evening of May Day? 86. “You will be late for school unless you will get up at five.”said mother. 87. It is much easy to make plans than to carry them out. 88. Thanks the teacher’s help, I have made great progress in my English study. 89. People both at home and abroad have been great helped by the new computer. 90. The computer is an useful machine that can do many things for us. 81working-work 82because-because of 83drop “of” 84long-soon 85 in-on 86 drop “will”87easy-easier88Thanks-Thanks to 89great-greatly 90an-a 91. You had better go and see him, didn’t you? 92. We must devote every effort to finish the task on time. 93. We’ll never forget the days when we spent together happily in the middle school. 94. He has written many books , two of them are widely read. 95. How did you like the dancers and their performances which you saw at the

party? 96. Is there any place for me in the car? 97. He hid himself after a tree. 98. My neighbor is a seventy-years-old woman. 99. He was wounded with a stone. 100. It was yesterday when he broke the window. 91didn’t-hadn’t 92finish-finishing 93when-which 94whem-which 95which-that 96place-space 97after-behind 98years-year 99with-by 100when-that 101.There was a heavy rain last night. 102.This is one of the most exciting football games which I have ever seen. 103.Where is my trousers? 104.Generally speaking, when a child learns to read, he usually begins from A,B,C. 105. Mr Zhang’s English is perfect, so he has made lots of foreign friends from English-spoken countries. 106.The police has been going all out to search for the prisoner all over the country for two weeks. 107.I was caught by the rain last night. 108.Has he returned back yet? 109.It took us two hours to walk across the forest. 110.He had little to eat and a large house to live in. 101drop “a” 102 which-that 103is-are 104from-with 105English-spoken→Englsih-speaking 106has-have 107by-in 108drop “back” 109across-through 110and-but 111. Mother doesn’t like milk and so do I. 112.I lay down again with my head covering. 113. He was wounded on the left leg. 114.I have only a pen, not two. 115.China is very lager than Japan. 116.His advise is very useful. 117.Unless he said he wasn’t hungry, he ate a big breakfast. 118.It will make you good to have some outdoor exercise. 119.There are lots of money left. 120.He entered from the room. 111so→neither 112 covering→covered113on→in 114a →one 115very-much 116advise→advice 117wasn’t-was 118make→do 119 are→is120drop “from” 121.One thousand dollars are enough to live on. 122.His book is quite different from me. 123.He rose his hand before asking the question. 124.I visited a place where is surrounded by mountains. 125.What beautiful the sun is!

126.He had no sooner arrived when he fell ill. 127.Mrs Johnson gave her friends , Mary and I, a tea party. 128.A house built of bricks lasts longer than a one that is made of woods. 129.I like English better than my brother likes. 130.I will be used to live in the south. 121 are→is122me→mine 123rose→raised 124where→which 125what→how 126when→than 127I→me 128woods→wood 129likes→like 130 live→living 131.He was warmly welcome by his friends. 132.I received a letter writing in green ink. 133.She did nothing but cried all day. 134.The old man walked slowly cross the street. 135.The boy’s face is like his father. 136.The weather was so hot and we could not read much. 137.This piece of fish smelled badly. 138.The young is taught to respect the old. 139.—You have not yet finished your work, have you? --- Yes, I haven’t. 140.There is nothing interesting on today’s paper. 131 welcome→welcomed132writing→written 133cried→cry 134cross→across 135father→father’s 136and→that 137badly→bad 138is→are 139haven’t→have 140on→in 141.They won us in the football game last week. 142.He thinks he needs not do it in a hurry. 143.The teacher with many students have gone to the exhibition. 144.He seems to be a bright student, isn’t he? 145.He returned home in the afternoon of his holiday. 146.He was educated at an university. 147.You won’t fail unless you work harder. 148.The robber was an one-eyed man. 149.Who of them is your father? 150.These shoes are too little for me. 141won→beat 142needs→need 143have→has 144 isn’t→doesn’t 145in →on 146an→a 147won’t→will 148an→a 149who→which 150little→small 151.Do you fond of hunting? 152.The mistakes made by the Chinese students of English are different from that by the Japanese students. 153.He left home last year and I haven’t seen him from then. 154.He cannot do it like your father does. 155.Between the trees stand a stranger. 156.Enough have been said about it. 157.Neither of the books are difficult to read.

158.He hoped to complete the work before he leaves the city. 159.The thief wanted to get in and stole something. 160.He hanged his coat by the window. 151 Do→are152that→those 153from→since 154like→as 155 stand→stands156have→has 157are→is 158hoped→hopes 159stole→steal 160hanged→hung 161.We all thought it was him who had stolen it. 162.He is going to shoot some sparrows in the trees. 163.The king let him chose what he liked. 164.He ordered us not speak so loudly. 165.Turn to the right, you will find the post office. 166.We all felt if we were going to fly. 167.Tell me the best way which to express my thanks. 168.It is certain he will come. 169.I found strange that she had not come yet. 170.We all considered it a pity you could not come with us. 161him→he 162shoot→shoot at 163chose→choose 164not→not to 165you→and you 166if→as if 167drop “which” 168he→that he 169found→found it 170pity→pity that 171.As weather is fine, let us take a long walk. 172.Have the police found the knife which the man was killed? 173.The moon moves round the earth is well known to us all. 174.After we seated at the table, she suddenly felt a pain in the stomach. 175.This is the classroom for us to study. 176.The ship hardly left the port when the storm came. 177.I have been waiting you for a long time. 178.How dare you say such thing to my face? 179.The predict is sure to come true which our team will win . 180.I really don’t know how to do. 171As→Since 172which→with which 173add “That” before the sentence 174seated→were seated 175study→study in 176hardly→had hardly 177 waiting→waiting for 178such→such a 179 when→that180how→what 181.He suggested me that I go to see the manager. 182.I lent him the book I bought the day before. 183.I never buy anything unless it is not really needed. 184.You need not to go with me unless you are free now. 185.I am sure it will be dark before we won’t get there. 186.I don’t know if they will come, but if they will come, please show them the way to my house. 187.I could not make myself understood entirely well. 188.This book is too hard for me to read it

189.As he was careless, so he failed 190.I was too tired not to walk any further. 181 drop “me”182bought→had bought 183drop “not” 184drop “to” 185drop “won’t” 186drop the second “will” 187drop “entirely” or “well” 188drop “it” 189drop “as” or “so” 190drop “not” 191.Why not to take a holiday for a few days? 192.This book is cheap enough for him to buy it. 193.She did nothing but to cry. 194.Would you kindly let me to know as soon as possible? 195.I asked him to tell me that how much he paid a year for his son’s education. 196.I don’t know when he will be come back home. 197.He nodded his head in silence, and his eyes bright with tears. 198.Though rich, but he works very hard. 199.That is all what I want to tell you. 200.There is somebody whom you want to see him. 191drop “to” 192 drop “it”193drop “to” 194drop “to” 195drop “that” 196 drop “be”197drop “and” 198drop “but” 199 drop “all” or change “what” into “that”200drop “him” 201.Which is much cheap, this one or that one? 202.We have to work hard on physics this term. 203.Is there any deer in the zoo? 204.She hasn’t returned back home yet. 205.The boy is old enough to take care of him. 206.It’s too hot in day and too cold at night on the noon. 207.John studies much more harder than any of the others. 208.Physics is one of the most difficult subject for us. 209.After quick supper, Tom returned to the cinema. 210.We must be strict in ourselves in everything. 201cheap→cheaper202on→at203is→are204drop“back”205him→himself206in d ay→in the day 207drop “more” 208subject→su bjects 209quick→a quick 210change the first “in”into “with” 211.The girl doesn’t dare to go out at night lonely. 212.Will I get you a piece of chalk, Mr.White? 213.As a boy, he made a life by selling newspapers. 214.When he came in, the speaker found the listeners all seating. 215.John had to make some rooms for Joe and Mike. 216.After the supper the singer didn’t go upstairs. 217.There are around one hundred woman workers in this factory. 218.Jack was said to be made stay behind by his teacher after school yesterday. 219.Great changes have been taken place in the past year. 220.Hear! How nicely the girl is playing the piano!

211 lonely→alone 212Will→Shall 213 life→living 214 seating→seated 215rooms→room 216 drop “the” 217woman→women 218 stay→to stay219drop “been” 220Hear→Listen 221.I didn’t go to the film because I have seen it before. 222.How shall I do with the old machine? 223.She was about to get into sleep while the baby woke up and began to cry. 224.We have friends over the world. 225.He failed but wanted to try the second time. 226.He left Shanghai at a cold winter night. 227.Sorry, I forgot your book in my office yesterday. 228.They have only a little room to live. 229.Tom didn’t leave until his sister was seen to enter into the village. 230.My idea is quite different from you. 221have→had 222How→What 223into→to 224 over→all over 225change “the”into “a” 226at→on 227forgot→left 228 live→live in 229 drop “into” 230 you→yours 231.He raised his sound so that we could hear him. 232.I want to make clear that I don’t want the price. 233.When wet clothes are hanged up near a fire, steam can be seen rising from them. 234.I haven’t received a letter from him in the past a few years. 235.The dustmen have gone on strike for more than two weeks. 236.’Will the play be put on again?” Yes, I think it. 237.Though it was very cold, but he went out without an overcoat. 238.My uncle began to study French in the fifties. 239.How do you think of the bicycle of this model? 240.I used to dance a lot when I was an university student. 231could hear→heard 232 make→make it 233hanged→hung 234 drop the second “a” 235on→been 236 it→so 237drop “but” or “Though” 238 the→his239How→What 240an→a 241.I always find physics difficulty to learn. 242.It was polite for him to make room for you. 243.That’s quite far from here to the bus stop. 244. He made such many mistakes in his homework that the teacher made him do it again. 245. There were many restaurants and we were not sure which to eat. 246. She fixed all the radios besides the smallest one ,because there were no parts for it. 247. “Which of the two buses goes to the hospital? “None of them does.” 248. Be careful not to loose the money. 249. Many new homes have been built in the past few months in our village.

250. New York is the larger city in the U.S. 241difficulty→difficult 242 for→of 243That→It 244 such→so 245eat→eat in 246 besides→except247 None→Neither 2548loose→lose 249homes→houses 250 larger→largest 251. She takes much interest in the Chinese history. 252. My brother left the school at the age of fifteen. So he hasn’t much knowledge. 253. Mary got up, dressed her and went to the party. 254. Made of plastics, so the machine is quite light in weight. 255. Even a boy of three knows it’s wrong to say lies. 256. My father has two brothers and three of them are all Party member. 257. The discovery is great importance in science. 258. Do you know who’s English is the best in your class? 259. “Are those apples green or red? “Yes, they are red.” 260. We play basketballs at four in the afternoon. 251 drop “the”252drop the first “the” 253her→herself 254drop “so” 255say→tell 256 three→both 257is→is of 258who’s→whose 259drop “yes” 260 basketballs→basketball 261. About two hundred fifty workers attended the meeting. 262. Pass Rose and I two pieces of bread, please. 263. Here are some news for you, Mary. 264. Look! A police is coming this way. 265. You’d better borrow your bike to her. 266. The teacher will have a talk with you after the class. 267. I’m sorry, sir. I was late to school this morning. 268. The match between Class 4 and Class 5 is sure to be excited. 269. The talk is going to give by a famous professor. 270. The teacher told me that Mary did very good in drawing. 261hundred→hundred and 262 I→me 263are→is 264police→policeman 265to→from 266drop “the” 267to→for 268 excited→exciting 269 to give→to be given 270good→well 271. You can’t jump so highly on the earth as on the moon. 272. There’s going to be a match this afternoon, isn’t it? 273. She said she was leaving the second morning. 274. Tell him about it if you will see him tomorrow. 275. Do more speaking, you will be good at spoken English. 276. The boy was too tired not to walk any farther. 277. The students are really pleased after such a pleasing trip. 278. It has been too dry this year and there are a few apples on the tree. 279. Hundreds college students gathered for the meeting. 280. In the past three years, the doctor saved many people’s lives.

271 highly→high 272it→there 273second→next 274drop “will” 275 you→and you 276 drop “not” 277pleasing→pleasant 278drop “a” 279 hundreds→hundreds of 290 saved→ has saved 281. We all hope he will stay here for another some days. 282. The town is two miles far away from our school. 283. To them joy, they got two tickets for the football match. 284. Mary is an active girl when his brother is a man of few words. 285. Our physics teacher said light traveled faster than sound. 286. His grandfather has been death for nearly a year. 287. The teacher handed over the textbooks to the students. 288. A plane is the machine that can fly. 289. You will have to give other example. One is not enough. 290. The letter was sent by an old friend of John. 281 some→few282drop “far” 283them→their 284when→while 285traveled→travels 286death→dead 287 over→out288 the→a289other→another290John→John’s 291. None job is easy enough for him to do. 292. Every of them has a copy of the handbook. 293. Who’s the young man playing a violin? 294. I feel very asleep now because I didn’t sleep well last night. 295. You are wanted by the phone. 296. Better don’t leave your little daughter by herself at home. 297. Do you still remember the house there we used to play? 298. She stopped cry and told me what had happened. 299. A language can only be learned with using it. 300. The police works hard day and night for the safety of the people. 291None→No 292Every→Each 293a →the 294 asleep→sleepy295by→on 296don’t→not 297there→where 298 cry→crying299 with→by300works→work 301. I used to having a drink before going to bed. 302. She’s very ill but the doctor won’t give her away. 303. All needs to be done should be done quickly. 304. Fish can’t live there’s no water. 305. He came to the party without invited. 306. He raised his noise in order to be heard by us all. 307. I have no clean clothes and have to have the dirty clothes washing. 308. The ground is covered with falling leaves. 309. Man can now travel in the space. 310. Usually in the beginning of class, we read aloud our texts. 301 works→work302away→up 303All→All that 304live→if live 305invited→being invited 306noise→voice 307washing→washed 308falling→fallen 309drop “the” 310in →at

311. Three-fourths of the apple were eaten by the rat. 312. The boy was sent to hospital with one of his legs breaking. 313. I have made this clear to her that her job is very important. 314. I once suggested that we students must be given more free time. 315. I had hardly set out than it began to rain. 316. It was as he was ill that he missed the chance. 317. I have never seen a snake so thick as a log. 318. How I hope I hadn’t missed the lecture yesterday.! 319. My home town has taken on a new look. How great it has changed ! 320. He didn’t marry with my sister until he was thirty. 311were→was 312breaking→broken 313this→it 314must→should 315than→when 316as→because 317so→as 318hadn’t missed→didn’t miss 319great→greatly 320drop “with” 321. I don’t suppose he will be back in six. 322. Their football team has won ours several times. 323. Do you know our team leader we call him Big Wang? 324. We’d like to see your birthday present. 325. She reached early in order to sit in the front. 326. In the end of the class, the teacher taught us an English song. 327. We all find it difficulty to learn physics. 328. I t is known to all that Lu Xun died in 30’s. 329. Is it true that some Germen will come to our school next week? 330. We shall never forget what that the person said at yesterday’s meeting. 321in→at322won→beaten323drop“him”324see→look at 325reached→arrived 326In→At327difficulty→difficult328in→in his 329 Germen→Germans 330drop “that” 331. My brother didn’t stop play outside until my mother called him. 332. The students were praised because having made rapid progress. 333. It is I who is right. 334. Is this the pen you bought it last Sunday? 335. John looks much like his mother than his father. 336. I t was happened that he was not at home when we called. 337. It’s very nice for you to help me with that heavy bag. 338. My son isn’t old enough not to go to school. 339. I didn’t think it one of the best films that has been shown here this year. 340. Each of the students in our class have got such a dictionary. 331play→playing 332because→for 333is→am 334drop “it” 335much→more 336drop “was” 337for→of 338drop “not” 339has→have 340have→has 341. It is the soldier which was wounded in that battle. 342. I have to get up early tomorrow so that I catch the first bus. 343. She left her hometown to Shanghai early this morning.

344. He will be well again in three days’ time . I hope you to take it easy. 345. We make him our monitor, but he refused. 346. She knows quite a few English words, she’s only a girl of six. 347. From this fact we can see that one shouldn’t be too sure of oneself. 348. His advice how to improve our writing sounds reasonable. 349. There are such many mistakes in his homework. 350. You see what clever the boy is. 341which→that 342catch→can catch 343to→for 344drop “to” 345drop “ our” 346she’s→though she’s 347oneself→himself 348how→on how 349such→so 350what→how 351. They kept on coming to the hospital and see him. 352. I don’t think the TV set took him so much money. 353. He’s getting old. He doesn’t eat as many as before. 354. Why not stopping for a rest under that tree? 355. Your voice sounds quite different in the phone. 356. It’s very nice for you to help me. 357. Who’s younger, Rose and Mary? 358. Could you tell me when he has arrived? 359. I’m sorry I have such little money on me. 360. By that time, she had falled asleep. 351see→seeing352took→cost353many→much 354stopping→stop 35 5in →on 356for→of 357and→or 358drop “has” 359such→so 360falled→fallen 361. I can’t decide if to go and see him or not. 362. I won’t believe it until I had seen it myself. 363. Let me fit the new clothes in my son. 364. The fact which he gave up smoking delighted his wife. 365. The young man looks strange on that suit. 366. Do you know who is in the charge of the children here? 367. I need a piece cloth to wipe out the mud with. 368. All he could do were to go back home. 369. Thank you for the pleasing evening. 370. I was told to go there at once, that I followed. 361 if→whether 362had→have 36 3in→on 364which→that 365on→in 366drop “the”367 piece→ piece of 368were→was369pleasing→pleasant 370that→so 371. Why don’t you worried? It’s nothing serious. 372. It’s years after I painted a picture. 373. He ran in and told us the excited news. 374. As a student, I didn’t use to playing football. 375. All the work here was done by hands. 376. Excuse me, shall I have the word with you? 377. He is not here. He can have gone to the library.

378. The dress my aunt bought me isn’t fit me. 379. I t was raining hard and he prevented from going out. 380. You’d better not have the machine work too long. 371worried→worry372after→since373excited→exciting374playing→play375hand s→hand376the→a377can→may378isn’t→doesn’t 379prevnted→was prevented 380work→working 381. Having read the magazine, so he put it in its place. 382. The woman stands there is a friend of my mother’ s. 383. Food, such as rice and vegetables , have been wasted a lot by the students. 384. Much have been done about the pollution. 385. There will be a lot of more people in this developing area. 386. The sun’s light and heat make possible for plants to grow better. 387. Does the air in this city use to be very dirty? 388. His parents prevented him from sent to Tibet. 389. Mary had her hair burning while doing cooking. 390. Plastics is used to taking the place of wood in many fields. 381drop “so” 382stands→standing 383have→has 384have→has 385drop “of” 386make→make it 387Does→Did 388sent→being sent 389buring→burned 390taking→take 391. Does this river go across the town or around it? 392. The town has population of forty thousand. 393. Please tell me all what he told you the other day. 394.Though he is considered a great writer, still his works are not widely read. 395. It won’t be long before they will get married. 396. What a fun it is to go swimming in summer. 397. They spent many years save enough money to build a house of their own. 398. Man can travel in the space. 399. Will you join in us if we decide to do the new experiment? 400. She is thinking about what do next. 391across-through392has→has a 393what→that 394still→yet 395drop “will” 396drop “a” 397save→saving 398drop “the” 399drop “in” 400do→to do 401. Only then did I realized that I had made a mistake. 402. I wonder if you will be kind to carry the bag for me. 403. I didn’t learn to ride a car until I was forty. 404. We hoped each other the best of luck in the exam. 405. Sorry, your letter is still in my pocket. I forgot post it. 406. The speaker is an old professor in his sixty’s. 407. The fish has gone bad. It smells terribly. 408. When she came, you were on your way to get the key you have left home. 409. My father worked late into the night, prepared a report for the meeting. 410. I once suggested give us students more free time.

401realized→realize 402kind→kind enough 403ride→drive 404hoped→wished 405post→to post 406sixty’s→sixties 407terribly→terrible 408have→had 419 prepared →preparing410give→giving 411. The light in the hall is still turned on. I have to go and turn it off. 412. Why did she refused to take his presents is not known. 413. Usually at the begin of a meeting, we sang the national song. 414. He was quite out of breathe when he got there. 415. After quickly washing my clothes, I went to met her at the station. 416. Look up! There’s danger ahead. 417. ”Do you know she doesn’t like you?” “No, I don’t. Nor don’t I care.” 418. “How is your mother now. “She is a lot of better, .thank you. 419. To my mind, this novel is far much interesting than that one. 420. Tom is a good boy, except he is sometimes a little careless. 411drop “turned” 412drop “did” 413begin→beginning 414 breathe→breath415 met-meet416up→out 417don’t→do 418drop “of” 419much→more 420except→except that 421. These days I am considering change my job. 422. Will the people sit at the back please keep quiet? 423. Probably I’ll stay four and five days with my uncle. 424. Three fourths of the earth are covered by water. 425. That she learned from you made her very sad for a few weeks. 426. Now a color TV set costs much less than it was years ago. 427. It is said that the man has been found and was sent to hospital. 428. I could have helped her but she didn’t ask me. 429. She was just about get into sleep when the baby began to cry. 430. Last Sunday I went to town, buying some apples and visited my grandma. 421change→changing 422sit→sitting 423and→or 424 are→is425 That→What426was→did 427drop “was” 428me→me to 429about→about to 430visited→visiting 431. I remember she was killed in an accident in a rainy day. 432. She hasn’t got used to speak in public yet. 433. Tom failed again in his English exam, this made his father very angry. 434. Jane hasn’t come yet. What do you suppose having happened to her? 435. Even if inviting , I won’t go. 436. The Yangtze River is the fourth long river in the world. 437. One of the students sit in front gave a different answer to the question. 438. The trousers are made very small. The cloth have been wasted. 439. It’ll be some time when the building is completed. 440. They lost the game. How they wish they didn’t.
431in→on432speak→speaking433this→which434having→has435inviting→invited436long→l ongest437sit→sitting438have→has439when→before440didn’t→hadn’t

441. Does she matter if she is a bit late for the meeting? 442. Did you have any difficulties in making the machine move again? 443. Having lived in Shanghai for many years , he knew the city very much. 444. How about invited her to dinner tonight? 445. We made up our mind to do our best to make progress. 446. It has rained for days and the river has raised about five feet. 447.There was nothing in his talk which interested me. 448.Mary was among the girls who was praised at the meeting. 449.The number of the passengers killed in the accident are surprising. 450.I have made this clear to her that the job is very important. 441change the first “she” into “it” 442difficulties→difficulty 443 much→well444invited→inviting445mind→minds446raised→risen447which→that 448 was →were449 are→is450this→it 451.I can’t go with you, but I really wish I can. 452.If you told me about it , I would have helped you. 453.She insisted that she hadn’t took my magazine. 454.We haven’t moved into the building because the rooms are being painting. 455.The more he thought about it , the more questions he thought of ask. 456.His order is that the rules don’t be broken anytime. 457.The play to be put up next week is an exciting one. 458.He is well known in this city with that new invention. 459.The boy is always making a lot of noises. 460.I just couldn’t think of a way solving the problem at that time.
451can→could452told→hadtold453took→taken454painting→painted455ask→asking456don’ t→shouldn’t457up→on458with→for459noises→noise460way→way of

461.No one in my family but my parents are interested in the play. 462.Little I know when it was impolite to get in a word. 463. “You make a mistake here, Li Ping.” “Why , so I was.” 464.It was until midnight that he felt asleep. 465.The puzzling mother couldn’t understand why her daughter got so excited. 466.I have handed in all the exercise books except John. 467.I had hardly set out than it began to rain. 468.Since she understood you, why not to try to explain it to him? 469.By the time you will come back , we shall have had our final examination. 470. I’m afraid I will have a little time to come and see you. 461are→is462I→didI463was→did464felt→fell465puzzling→puzzled466John→Jo hn’s 467than→when 468 drop the first “to”469 drop “will”470drop “a” 471.All happened in our school was quite unexpected. 472.Bamboo is very useful. We can make it of many kinds of things . 473.You are only one of the workers I can trust. 474.The food in our country is quite different from one in Britain.

475.Was it last Sunday when you met her in the street? 476.That is two days since I came here. 477.What was it which you sent her the next day. 478.Mary fell seriously ill last week but now she looks as good as before. 479.Can you tell me how much the TV set took you? 480.It took place in the afternoon when I met you in the street 471All→All that 472 of→into473only→the only 474one→that 475when→that 476 That→It477which→that 478good→well 479took→cost 480in →on 481.The book is said to have translated into several languages. 482. “ It’s not a good room for you, isn’t it” 483. The sight of a snake very frightened her. 484. I have never seen such thick a snow. 485.I just can’t imagine how a satellite looks like. 486.The young man lives upstairs is a man of few words. 487.I don’t think the woman easy to get along with. 488.Please tell me how long she has got married. 489. The old man was found lying death in bed a week later. 490.The professor who arrives this morning is from Beijing University. 481 have→have been482isn’t→is 483very→quite 484drop “a” 485 how→what486lives→living 487easy→is easy 488got→been 489death→dead 490arrives→arrived 491.He stood up to make himself see and was soon found by his friends. 492.It was late but the peasants still had their tractor work in the fields. 493. Don’t worry. I’ll have John finishing the work for you. 494. She doesn’t talk as many as she used to . 495. Stay where you are, boys. Wait until I will come back. 496.I was running after Tom’s bike while I fell over a stone. 497.John and I have done our homework, Mother. So let me go for a swim, will you? 498. Of all the students I made few mistakes in the exam. 499. The boy told the teacher all had happened. 500.There are more than fifty students in his class, but only few of them like music. 491see→seen492work→working493finishing→finish494many→much495drop“will ”496while→when 497 me→us498 few→the fewest499all→all that 500few→a few


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