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江苏省常州市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空训练(15)

江苏省常州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空训练(15)含答案
完形填空 Words:293 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:16 分钟 One day,not too long ago,the employees of a large company in St.Louis,Missouri returned from their lunch break and were greeted with a sign on the front door.The sign said,“Yesterday the person who had been hindering(阻碍)your __1__ in this company passed away.We __2__ you to join the funeral in the room that has been __3__ in the gym.” At first everyone was sad to __4__ that one of their colleagues had died,__5__ after a while they started getting __6__ about who this person might be. The excitement __7__ as the employees arrived at the gym to pay their last __8__.Everyone wondered,“Who is this person that was hindering my growth? Well, __9__ he’s no longer here!” One by one the __10__ got closer to the coffin(棺材)and when they looked inside it, they __11__ became speechless.They stood over the coffin,__12__ into silence,as if someone had __13__ the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin—everyone who looked inside it could see himself.There was also a __14__ next to the mirror that __15__,“There is only one person who is capable to__16__limits to your growth:it is YOU.” You are the only person who can revolutionize your __17__.You are the only person who can__18__your happiness,realization and success.You are the only person who can help yourself.Your life does not change when your boss changes,your friends change, your parents change,your partner changes or your company changes.Your life changes when YOU change,when you go__19__your limiting beliefs and when you realize that you are the only one__20__for your life. 1. A.ability C.talent B.progress D.practice

解析:选 B。根据第三段中的“Who is this person that was hindering my growth?”可 知是“进步;成长”。 2. A.beg C.invite B.allow D.advise

解析:选 C。既然是让员工参加同事的葬礼,应该是“邀请”。


3. A.started C.opened 解析:选 B。葬礼是在体育馆中“准备”的。 4. A.learn C.notice

B.prepared D.created

B.observe D.find

解析:选 A。起初,每个人“得知”其中一个同事逝世后都非常伤心。 5. A.for C.so B.or D.but

解析:选 D。本句的前半部分提到众人十分难过,后半句的意思是大家想知道这个人是谁,由 此可知前后部分的内容发生了转折。 6. A.angry C.curious B.sorry D.nervous

解析:选 C。由于众人不知道是谁的葬礼,因此非常“好奇”,想知道究竟是谁。 7. A.grew C.improved B.appeared D.developed

解析:选 A。当员工到达体育馆向死者告别时,更加难以抑制内心的激动,迫切想知道死者究 竟是谁,此处 grow 表示“增加”。 8. A.sights C.appreciations B.attentions D.respects

解析:选 D。参加葬礼的人前来悼念,以示“尊重”。 9.A.at least C.at once B.in fact D.in general

解析:选 A。众人想知道究竟是谁阻碍了自己的发展,同时也感到庆幸,“至少”此人已经不 在人世。 10.A.employees C.friends B.managers D.citizens

解析:选 A。上文提到“员工”前去体育馆参加葬礼,由此可知是员工一个接一个地走近棺材 并朝里面观看。 11. A.quickly C.obviously B.finally D.suddenly

解析:选 D。上文提到员工议论纷纷,想知道死者究竟是谁,此处则是他们鸦雀无声,显然强 调的是“突然”的变化。 12. A.worried C.shocked B.depressed D.embarrassed

解析:选 C。他们本以为是参加某个同事的葬礼,未曾想到棺材中放置的竟然是一面镜子,自 然无比“震惊”,目瞪口呆。 13. A.broken C.stolen B.touched D.changed

解析:选 B。众人默默地站在棺材旁边,呆若木鸡,似乎有人“触及”了他们的内心最深处。 14. A.letter C.mark B.sign D.page

解析:选 B。文章开头部分提到前门有一个“牌子”,再结合此处的 also 可判断 B 项正确。 15. A.told C.wrote 解析:选 D。此处 read 表示“写着”。 16. A.set C.put B.take D.get B.warned D.read

解析:选 A。只有一个人可以限制你的发展:那就是你。 17. A.business C.life B.heart D.success

解析:选 C。上述事例引发了作者的感慨,只有自己才可以彻底改变自己的“人生”。 18. A.realize C.influence B.satisfy D.consider

解析:选 C。上文提到的是阻碍自身的发展,由此可知此处用“影响”最恰当。 19. A.for C.over B.upon D.beyond

解析:选 D。上文提到别人的改变与自己的改变无关,只有自身改变时,自己的人生才能发生 改变,而改变自己的人生需要突破信仰的束缚。表示“超出”。 20. A.reasonable C.suitable B.responsible D.valuable

解析:选 B。作者意在表明只有自己才可以改变自己,自己是唯一一个对自己人生“负责”的 人,任何人无法取代。


4、 (2010·河南省开封市三模) Disposing (处理) of waste has been a problem since humans started producing it.


As more and more people choose to live close together in cities, the w aste disposal problem becomes increasingly difficult. During the eighteenth century, it was usual for several neighboring towns to get together to select a faraway spot as a dump site. Residents or trash haulers (垃 圾拖运者) would transport household rubbish, rotted wood, and old possessions to the site. Periodically some of the trash was burned and the rest was buried. The unpleasant sights and smells caused no problem because nobody lived close by. Factories, mills, and other industrial sites also had waste to be disposed of. Those located on rivers often just dumped the unwanted remains into the water. Others built huge burners with chimneys to deal with the problem. Several facts make these choices unacceptable to modern society. The first problem is space. Dumps, which are now called landfills, are most needed in heavily populated areas. Such areas rarely have empty land suitable for this purpose. Property is either too expensive or too close to residential neighborhoods. Long distance trash hauling has been a common practice, but once farm areas are refusing to accept rubbish from elsewhere, cheap land within trucking distance of major city areas is nonexistent. Awareness (意识) of pollution dangers has resulted in more strict rules of waste disposal. Pollution of rivers, ground water, land and air is a price people cannot longer pay to get rid of waste. The amount of waste, however, continues to grow. Recycling efforts have become common place, and many towns require their people to take part. Even the most efficient recycling programs, however, can hope to deal with only about 50 percent of a city's reusable waste. 64. The most suitable title for this passage would be .

A. Places for Disposing Waste C. Ways of Getting Rid of Waste

B. Waste Pollution Dangers D. Waste Disposal Problem

65. During the 18th century, people disposed their waste in many ways except for . A. burying it C. burning it B. recycling it D. throwing it into rivers

66. What can be inferred from the third paragraph?

A. Farm areas will continue accepting waste from the city in modern society. B. There is cheap land to bury waste in modern society. C. It is difficult to find space to bury waste in modern society. D. Ways to deal with waste in modern society stay the same. 67. The main purpose of writing this article is to .

A. draw people's attention to waste management B. warn people of the pollution dangers we are facing C. call on people to take part in recycling programs D. tell people a better way to get rid of the waste

4、参考答案--------------D B C A


高考预练 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2012·山东省实验中学诊断)What was considered impolite years ago has become __________ now. A.accessible C.unbelievable B.adjustable D.acceptable

解析:选 D。考查形容词辨析。accessible 意为“易接近的,可理解的”;adjustable 意为“可调整的”;unbelievable 意为“难以相信的”;acceptable 意为“可接受的”。句 意:多年前被认为不礼貌的事情现在已经开始逐渐被接受了。根据句意可知,应选 D 项。 2.(2012·山东省实验中学一模)I’m afraid I’m not __________ to help with the show,for I am fully occupied with my own project. A.acceptable C.available B.adaptable D.accessible

解析:选 C。考查形容词。acceptable 值得接受的,可接受的;adaptable 可适应的,有 适应能力的;available 有空的,空闲的,有时间的;accessible 容易取得的,可接近的。 句意:恐怕我不能在这次展览上帮忙了,因为我正忙于自己的项目。故选 C 项。 3.(2012·济南模拟)I keep on walking after supper because I can’t think of a __________ way to keep fit.

A.better C.worse

B.best D.worst

解析:选 A。考查形容词比较级。句意:我坚持晚饭后散步,因为我想不到比这更好的保 持健康的方法了。根据语境可知,A 项正确。 4.(2012·淄博模拟)The government should develop________ system to predict when wildfires occur and give warnings in time. A.previous C.reasonable B.reliable D.responsible

解析:选 B。考查形容词词义辨析。previous 意为“以前的;早先的”;reliable 意为 “可靠的”;reasonable 意为“合理的”;responsible 意为“负责的”。句意:政府应开 发出可靠的预测系统,以便火灾发生时能及时发出警报。故 B 项正确。 5.(2012·临沂质量检测)—Jenny is always __________ for appointments.Why is she late today? —She might have got trapped in a traffic jam in the rush hour. A.patient C.punctual B.grateful D.available

解析: C。 选 考查形容词词义辨析。 patient 意为“有耐心的”; grateful 意为“感激的”; punctual 意为“准时的”;available 意为“有效的,可利用的”。句意:——Jenny 约会 总是很准时,今天她怎么迟到了?——她可能碰到上下班高峰期的交通堵塞了。根据语境可 知。此处用 punctual。即 C 项正确。 6.(2012·辽宁期中测试题)The little girl couldn’t work the problem out.She wasn’t________clever. A.that C.enough B.much D.rather

解析:选 A。句意:那个小女孩解不出这道题。她没那么聪明。that 作副词时,相当于 so; much 常修饰形容词或副词的比较级以及动词; enough 用在形容词或副词后; rather 相当。 7.(2012·盐城第二次调研)—Who do you have in mind for the position? —I think Peter is the most________person for it. A.generous C.optimistic B.likely D.voluntary

解析:选 B。考查形容词辨析。句意:——你觉得谁适合那个职位?——我认为彼得最合 适。likely“合适的,恰当的”,符合语意。generous“慷慨的,大方的”;optimistic“乐 观的”;voluntary“自愿的,义务的”。 8.(2012·太原市部分重点中学检测)It is reported that a new planet has been

discovered recently.It’s ________ Earth,and hopefully it can support human life. A.almost three times the size of B.three times the size than C.three times almost as large than D.almost three times as larger as 解 析 : 选 A 。 考 查 倍 数 表 达 法 。 倍 数 表 达 法 要 注 意 三 种 结 构 : A is + 倍 数 + the size/height/weight/...of+B;A is+倍数+bigger/larger/...than+B;A is+倍数+as big/large/...as+B。故 A 项的表达正确。 9.(2012·山西太原模拟)Look!How much________ Alice looks wearing her new show dress! A.well C.better B.good D.best

解析:选 C。考查形容词的比较级。much 后面不能接形容词的原级和最高级,而应该用 形容词的比较级,结合语意选 C 项。 10.(2012·潍坊 5 月份训练)The new discovery challenged the __________ theory about life’s origins. A.conventional C.contrary B.particular D.casual

解析:选 A。考查形容词辨析。句意:这个新发现向生命起源的传统理论提出了挑战。 conventional 意为“习惯的;传统的”,符合题意。particular 意为“特别的”;contrary 意为“相反的;不利的”;casual 意为“随意的”。


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