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语法填空 (一) 1. There is now no __possibility__ (possible) that she comes to apologize to us.
2. Not only you but also he _is__(be) going to the meeting tomorrow. 3. It was such a __satisfying___(satisfy) experience that he would never forget it. 4. She entered the lab without _permission__ (permit). 5. I wonder if_ women can reach very high achievements in many fields of science. 6. Having been abroad for 10 years, he looked forward to _returning_(return) to China soon. 7. It must _have rained_(rain) last night, for the ground is wet. 8. May I have _an_ honor of dining with you? –Sure, I feel quite honored, because you are an honor to our city. 9. The wedding day _that_ you two are looking forward to is coming nearer and nearer. 10. _What_ is needed for the space trip is careful preparation. 11. His loud voice _was drowned_ (drown) by the noises of the fireworks when they celebrated the coming of New Year together. 12. The man __dressed_(dress)in his old clothes is Mr. Baker while the lady wearing a very beautiful skirt is his wife. 13. When his turn came, he found the question very difficult _to answer_(answer). 14. I find _it_ impossible to finish such a task in one day. 15. There was Hu Jin __weaving_(weave) at him and calling. 句子考查 (1-4 每题 2 分 6-8 每题 3 分) 1. We don’t permit the students to smoke. 改写 The students _are_ not __permitted_ __to __ ___smoke____. 2. The doctors took immediate measures in case the disease spread quickly.(改写) The doctors took immediate measures___to____ ___prevent____ the disease___from____ __spread_____ quickly. 3. It looks as if he were enjoying himself at the party.(改写) He _seemed__ ____to____ ____be____ ___enjoying_____ himself at the party. 4. Three boys were playing basketball on the playground. (改写) ___There_____ ___were_____ three boys ____playing____ _basketball_______ on the playground. 5. The baby calmed down only after his mother came back.(改写) Only __after his mother came back did the baby calm down. 6. He was admitted to Beijing University. It surprised me greatly.(合并为含主语从句的复合句) ___That he was admitted to Beijing University surprised me greatly_. 7. He told us that his confidence and courage helped him succeed.(强调划线部分) He told us it ____was his confidence and courage that helped him succeed__. 8. 一旦她下定决心,没有什么可以改变她的主意。 ____Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it________

语法填空 (二)
1. Looking up, he suddenly found himself surrounded by a group of teenagers, who looked at ____curiously_____(curious). 2. The _puzzled_ (puzzle) teenager worked very hard to find out what had happened to the space capsule. 3. What reminded me _of_ your father is the way you speak. 4. I have an__arguing__(argue) with her on such a dangerous journey. 5. Henry Adams ___were walking__ (walk) through the street when he caught sight of a tailor’s shop. 6. We had our wallet _stolen__ ( steal) when doing shopping in the supermarket yesterday. 7. ___What_ Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. 8. ___Making__ (make) friends is a necessary part in our life. 9. The shells on the sand were placed in___the__ shape of the letters PKU. 10.The topic we are discussing is __whether__ the rescue will come in time if such a thing happens. 11.The girl insisted on _caring_ (care) for their sick mother as her brother had to go abroad on business. 12.Usually, smoking __is referred_(refer) to as a bad habit. 13.I think __it_ wise that you seek your father’s advice when you come to any difficulty. 14.They were very excited to hear the news __that_ their son was admitted to Beijing University. him

15.To capture Saddam cost the USA a large amount of money, __which__ amazed the world. 句子考查 (1-4 每题 2 分 6-8 每题 3 分) 10. To be honest, smoking is _harmful_ ___to___ ___your___ __health___.(对你的健康有害) 11. The film is worth seeing. (改写) ____It______ __is___ __worthwhile___ ____to___ see the film. 12. Obviously, he is waiting for you to make an apology to him. (同义改写) ___It_ __is__ ___obvious___ __that___he is waiting for you to make an apology to him. 13. It seems that she has determined not to argue with him.(同义改写) She seems ___to_ __have__ ___determined___ __not_______ to argue with him. 14. Jane would rather stay at home by herself than go traveling with others.(用 prefer---to-- 改写) Jane __prefer_ __to__ stay at home by herself___rather_____ ___than___ travel with others. 6. When will we take a trip? It hasn’t been decided.(合并为含主语从的句子) ____When we will take a trip hasn’t been decided._______________________ 7. 我不知道他是否盼望收到我的来信。(翻译句子) ____ I don’t know whether he looks forward to hearing from my letter.________ 8.你赞同学生周末上课的观点吗?(用同位语从句翻译) ___ Do you agree with the idea that students have classes on weekends?___ Book 3 Unit 2

一、用所给词适当形式填空。 1. _Standing______(stand) in a long queue, we waited for the store to open to buy a New iPad 2. I haven’t the ____strength____________ ( strong) to lift this stone. 3. Be confident! Your ability is __limited__________ ( limit). 4. Exercise is ___beneficial_________ ( benefit ) to our health. 5. The boy had burning _curiosity_______ (curious) about what was going on. 6. The government decided to take some measures to __strengthen_______ (strength) the economy. 7. The storm left, _causing_______(cause) a lot of damage to this area. 8. It’ s important to know your own strengths and __weaknesses______ (weak). 9. It is impossible for them to get away __with____ having damaged the car. 10. It is healthier to keep a __balanced___________ (balance) diet every day. 11. The Smiths had everything in their house __stolen______(steal). 12. He doesn’t listen to what I say and it’s so __frustrating__________ (frustrate). 13. The two men had a fierce quarrel __glaring_________ (glare) at each other. 14. _What______ he said at the meeting shocked everyone present. 15 The suggestion __that____ we will take a trip to Xian made us excited. 二、选用短语完成句子(注意变形) 1. The sun gives off light and heat, which _makes____ _it____ _possible_____to __grow_____(使生长成 为可能) 2. It is wet outside on the ground. It__must___ __have_____ _rained______ _heavily_____(一定下雨) last night. 3. It _ __seemed_____ ___as_____ __if___ (看起来好像) they would marry in the end. _not_______ _be___ _worse____ . (再糟糕不过

4. What do you think of the movie? It ___could___

了) 5 China has the largest population in the world China’s population is _larger_____ __than____ __any_____ __other______country in the world 6 只要你有坚定的决心和巨大的勇气,你就能实现你的梦想。(倒装句翻译) Only when you have strong determination and great courage can you realize your dream 7 他获得第一名的消息让整个校园都兴奋了起来。(名词性从句翻译) The news that he got the first place made the whole school excited. 8 Two thirds of all girls in Britain are on a diet. The fact worries their parents and teachers a lot. (用名词性从句合并) The fact that two thirds of all girls in Britain are on a diet worries their parents and teachers a lot 9 不管她想做什么,她的妈妈都给予她很大的支持 Whatever she wants to do, her mother gives her a lot of support

Book 4 unit 2 一、用所给词适当形式填空。 1. It’s said that in the past some people even die from ____hunger________. (hungry) 2. We are considering _visiting_______(visit) the Science Museum. 3. Dr. Yuan is busy __circulating___________(circulate) his knowledge in some less developed countries. 4. It is a waste of time _arguing______(argue) with the rude woman. 5. They are accustomed to _leading_______(lead) a quiet and simple life. 6. We were all totally ___confused_________ at her unexpected arrival. She said sorry for throwing us into total confusion. (confuse) 7. There is no doubt __that_____ he will win the gold medals in London Olympic Games. 8. While shopping women sometimes can’t help _being persuaded_______(persuade) into buying more clothes than necessary. 9. With his eyes __focused_____(focus) on the outside of the window, he didn’t hear what the teacher said. 10. We were told to keep all our sports ____equipment________ (equip) in the lockers downstairs. 11. It is known to all that the __discovery____________(discover) of electricity was Franklin. 12. I regret ___disturbing/having disturbed______ (disturb) you, but the nationality of the victim has been found. 13. You shouldn’t make comments __on_____ your teacher’ appearance 14. I was about to go out _when_______ the telephone rang. 15. The children are allowed to do__what_____ they like on weekends. 二、选用短语完成句子(注意变形) 1. 毕业后,他宁愿留在上海而不愿回家乡。 He _preferred_____ _to____ stay in Shanghai _rather____ _than_____ return to his hometown after his graduation. 2. 农民对今年的稻谷产量很满意。 Farmers __are______ quite __satisfied______ __with______ this year ’s _output______ of rice.

3. 他们集中精力想保持土壤肥沃且免受病害 They _focus______ ___on__ keeping their soil rich and ___free______ _of/from_______disease. 4. 最终他们到达了被称作新美洲的地方。 At last, they reached _what_____ _is ____ _called____ the New America. 5. 高中应该用知识和能力武装自己。 High school students should ___be____ __equipped_______ ___with______ knowledge and abilities. 6. Do you __find ____ _it ____ _funny_____(发现…滑稽) to see someone sliding on a banana skin? 7. 增强自信和集中经历可以引领你成功。 _building___ _up___ confidence and __focusing____ __on____ what you are doing will lead to success
8 Obviously, the guests from the USA were impressed with the beautiful scenery of the Great Wall(改写) __It____ __is _____ ___obvious_____ ___that______ the guests from the USA were impressed with the beautiful scenery of the Great Wall. 9 It is probable that the meeting will have to be put off again.(改写) _It_____ __is ____ __likely_______ __that_____ the meeting will have to be put off again. 10 As soon as she had made the beds, she started making breakfast. (用分词做状语改写) Having made the beds, she started making breakfast.

答案 B3U3
语法填空: (38 分) 1. She made ___a___ bet with her sister about the result of this game, but she lost it. 2. She approached to us and greeted us ___in____ a friendly manner. 3. We can do whatever we like now, for we have our head teacher’s___permission____ (permit) to do our favorite. 4. At last the singer appeared at the stage, and the audience were amazed at his ___appearance_ (appear). 5._________It______ is not clear why she leave the party so soon. 6. When he came to life, he found his car _____stolen__________ (steal) and himself lying in the woods. 7. We don’t permit ___parking____________ (park) here. You’d better find another place. 8. He was about to leave for the supermarket ___when_________ the telephone in the living room rang. 9. Large amounts of money ____were_______ (be) wasted on the project which turned out to be a failure. 10. The doctor insisted that the patient _____be sent______(send) to a big city soon. 11. Choosing a right dictionary depends on ___what_____ you want to use it for. 12. It is a play ___based__ (base) on a short story by an American writer, who is known for his novels set in his boyhood world on the river.. 13. Xiao Ming ___was spotted____ (spot) cheating in the exam yesterday. 14. _Unbelievably____(believe), she could remember 200 English words in 20 minutes. 15. __As___ is well-known, he sings well. 16. Only laziness could account __for_ his poor school achievement because nobody is cleverer than him in his class. IV 句子考查:(1-4 每空 1 分, 5-9 每题 3 分 共 30 分)根据下列各个句子的要求,完成、改写或翻译句子. 1. He failed in the English examination because he was careless. = ___On__account__ ____of__ his __carelessness__, he failed in the English examination. 2. In fact, I don’t know the news they are talking about at all. =__As_ ___a __matter_ __of ___fact____, I don’t know the news they are talking about at all. 3. What he said is not beneficial to your study; instead it has some bad effect on you. =What he said is not beneficial to your study; _On_ __the_ _contrary_ it has some bad effect on you. 4. She didn’t remember her appointment with the doctor until she had arrived home. (改为强调句) ____It was not until she had arrived home that she remembered her appointment with the doctor ______ 5. 办公室里不允许吸烟. __ Smoking is not permitted in the office.____

6. He found a box of gold in the deserted house. (用强调句对划线部分提问) ____It was in the deserted house that he found a box of gold._______ 7. 老师的第一个问题就是我们是否已经完成了所有的周末作业。 (表语从句翻译) ___Our teacher ’s first question is whether we have finished all weekend homework_____ 8. 我们往下看时,发现自己被一群衣衫褴褛的孩子包围着。 (现在分词做伴随状语,find oneself…) ___Looking down, we found ourselves surrounded by a group of children in rags_______

B4U3 语法填空: 1.He was a __failure___ (fail) in business and ended in heavy debt. 2.It is __whispered_ (whisper) that Jim and Mary are to separate just because of a minor misunderstanding. 3.____Fortunately__ (fortune), you have at least two ways to settle the problems. 4.Although I soon convinced him of__ my innocence, I think he still has serious doubts about my sanity. 5._As_ is mentioned in the letter, he is to be present at the meeting today. 6.With the famous actress __starring_ (star) in the program, we managed to win back the audience. 7.We are living in a time __when__ the competitions in job hunting are fierce. 8.Judging from his contented look, he was quite content __with_ what he had finished. 9.After taking his ticket from the window, he reached down for his laptop case, only _to find__ (find) it gone 10.The management reacted _to__ the demand of workers by increasing their wages since April. 11.Up to now, all of us __have overcome__ (overcome) various difficulties in study. 12.The falling trees in the tornado hit the electric line, _cutting_ (cut) off the electricity there. 13._Whatever___ changes take place, I will never change my mind. 14.The speech delivered by Tim was really __boring_ (bore), but nobody was allowed to leave. 15.In the 1990s, Mr. Bean, __a_ extraordinary star, used mime to highlight difficult social situations much as Chaplin had done. 句子考查: a) In fact most people in the mountainous village are __better off_ (富裕) than they were ten years ago. b) __With time going by___, (随着时间流逝) we get a better understanding of life value. c) She moved closer and said something in a low voice, so I didn’t hear. (同义句转换) She moved closer and said something __in whisper__, so I didn’t hear. d) It astonished us that he dared to rob the bank in broad daylight. (同义句转换) _____To our astonishment___, he dared to rob the bank in broad daylight. _What astonished us is_ that he dared to rob the bank in broad daylight _What made us astonished__ is that he dared to rob the bank in broad daylight. e) He ate every mouthful with great enjoyment as if he ___had never eaten___ (从没吃过) a more delicious dinner before. f) A competition was held _to pick out _ (选出)the best table tennis player. g) 在舞台上表演的这个女孩吸引了大家的注意力。 (-ing 作定语) The girl performing on the stage attracted everyone’s attention h) 有那么多的功课要复习,我发现取得好成绩很难。 (with 复合结构,it 形式宾语)

With so many lessons to review/go over, I find it difficult get a good result.

Book 3 Unit 4


根据句子结构的语法性,在空格处填入一个适当的词语或使用括号中词语的适当形式填空 . 1. The sandstorm led to a chain reaction, ____which_________ caused a car crash. 2. After the gun fired, all the birds on the tree flew in all _directions________(direct). 3. The fashion show usually begins ___with_______ a speech delivered by the designer. 4. Buddhism is the ____religion___________(religious) founded by Buddha in North India. 5. It is the first time that he___has got________(get) this award. 6. The doctor said that drinking a little wine is ____harmless____ (harm) to our health, but smoking is harmful. 7. Her___puzzled___(puzzle) look on her face suggested that she didn’t understand what I said. 8. A truck went out of control and crashed ____into________ the back of a bus. 9. _What________ many scientists believe is that this kind of grass is poisonous. 10. Noticing something _____floating________(float) on the water, he jumped into the river. 11. She wears some sun scream to prevent her skin ______from_________being sunburnt. 12. __It_______ makes me crazy that some students are always sleeping in the class. 13. His calm reaction ____to_______ the astonishing news is out of my expectation. 14. The mother _____gently_______(gentle) wiped off the tears on the baby’s face. 15. Like her mother, she likes music very much, while ___unlike________(like) her father, she is more interested in biology. 句子考查: 根据下列各个句子的要求,完成、改写或翻译句子. 1. This dining hall is eight times as large as our classroom. = This dining hall is __seven_____ ___times_____ __larger___ __than________ our classroom. 2. When I felt depressed ,my father told me funny stories ___to_ ___cheer___ ___me_ ____up_____(让我振奋 3. Obviously, he is a millionaire who is in rags. =_It_____ ___is_____ ___obvious______ ___that______ he is a millionaire who is in rags. 4. She is such a diligent girl that she always study between classes. = She is___so ______ ___diligent________ ____a ___ ___girl_____ that she always study between classes. 9. 让大家惊讶的是她拒绝嫁给这个富翁。 (主语从句翻译) _what surprised us was that she refused to get married to this millionaire. 10. 她的缺勤使得按时完成工作更困难了。 (it 做形式宾语) Her absence makes it harder to finish the work on time 11 我正要讲话的时候史密斯先生插话进来(汉译英) I was about to speak when Mr smith cut in. 12 Do you know__whom___Tom is speaking to______ (Tom 正在同谁讲话)

Book 4Unit 4

Body language

根据句子结构的语法性,在空格处填入一个适当的词语或使用括号中词语的适 当形式填空. 1.I told him I’d meet him here, but perhaps he misunderstood_ (misunderstand) and went straight to the pub. 2. _whether_____you can pass the exam depends on whether you will work harder than before. 3,Mother asked her whether she was hot __with___ so many clothes on. 4. A ___truly____(true) clever person is someone who always welcome new idea. 5, He threw the papers down on my desk and ___angrily____ walked out. (anger) 6 Chinese people often exchange greetings by __shaking_____(shake) hands with each other. 7,__In___ general, his work is very good, but this essay is really unacceptable.(generally) 8, When you work in an English-speaking country, your __spoken_____English can be improved rapidly. (speak) 9. ____It_____ is likely that he is liar, for his face is red and unnatural. 10.Music can put you ___at______ ease when you are depressed. 11. David was angry with himself for __letting____(let) the others see his true feelings. 12.The teacher had forgiven my foolish act before I made __an__ apology to her. 13 _Seeing______(see) from the top of mountain , we could see the beautiful sights. 14,I haven’t seen them since the year __when_____ they get married. 15, All _____flights___________(fly) to Tokyo were delayed because of bad weather. 句子考查: 根据下列各个句子的要求,完成、改写或翻译句子. 1,While watching TV, we heard the bell ring. While _we_____ ___were_____ __watching____ ___TV____, we heard the bell ring. 2 we are likely to have no homework this weekend. __It__ ___is__ ___likely__ __taht_ we have no homework this weekend. 3,The little girl showed great courage ___in__ __the__ __face__ ___of____ (面 对)danger.

4, I have never seen a more beautiful then Lucy.(改写成部分倒装) __Never__ ____have__ ____I_____ __seen___a more beautiful then Lucy 5 我们都非常好奇对于即将到来的期末考试。 (汉译英) We are all curious about the approaching final exam. 6,并不是所有的人都会相信你所说的话。 (用宾语从句) Not all people will believe what you say . 7,The man who is shaking hands with headmaster is my English teacher.(用 v-ing 改 写句子) The man shaking hands with headmaster is my English teacher. 8,总体说来,没有人喜欢被嘲笑。
In general , nobody likes being laughed at.


3 Unit 5 Canada-”The True North”

1. What Mo Yan wrote in his first book left a deep _impression___ (impress) on me. 2. As far as I am concerned, no one agrees that a(n) __wealthy____ (wealth) person without good health can be happy. 3. It is said that _slightly__ (slight) more than 50% students, which ranks the No.1 in the world, are short-sighted. 4. Bicycle, as a kind of __traditional_ (tradition) transportation, is still widely accepted for its convenience and benefit to people’s health. 5. Many of us are_terrified_(terrify) of handling our money because we don’t believe we can do it well, and to do it wrong would put our very existence at risk. 6. You rather than I are(be) going to go camping tomorrow. 7. The maple trees outside my window are red, __confirming__ (confirm) that fall has arrived. 8. With many fans _surrounding_(surround) her, Wang Shiling felt a little puzzled. 9. It was a remarkable _achievement_(achieve) for such a young teacher. 10. His behavior_(behave) towards me was becoming more and more aggressive. 11. She is always polite and _considerate_(consideration) towards her employees. 12. He is one of Hilary’s staunchest _supporters__. (support) 13. It is our __intension_(intend) to be the number one distributor of health products. 14. His orders were to keep the men under __observation_____ (observe). 15. It is no use _arguing_ (argue) with the boss about your salary, because he is very mean. 二、用短语的适当形式完成句子(1*13) 1.To her great joy, her daughter __has_____ _a____ __gift____ _for____ (有… 天赋) playing the piano. 2.What you presented at yesterday’s meeting _left _____ _a_____ _deep_____ impression______(留下深刻印象) on me. 3.what astonishes us a lot is that the kids live/lead______ __a____ __poor_____ _life____(过着非常贫困的生活) 4._Catching_____ sight______ of_____ (看见) what the robber did to his father,

she was frightened to death. 5.I would rather walk to the office than share a car with that mean girl. (同义句转换) I _prefer_ __walking to the office to __ sharing_ a car with that mean girl. The news is exciting. The news is that we will have holidays on the Dragon Boat Festival.(合并成名词性从句) The news that we will have holidays on the Dragon Boat Festival is exciting. 7. He told us that his confidence and courage helped him succeed.(强调划线部分) He told us that it was his confidence and courage that helped him succeed. 8.让他母亲生气的是他把所有业余时间都用来玩电脑游戏。 (名词性从句) What made his mother angry is that he spent all his time playing computer games. 语法填空

Book 4 Unit 5 Theme parks

1.While__watching _______(watch) television, we heard the doorbell ring. 2. He is _simply________ (simple) dressed and doesn’t care about what others think of him. 3.More and more people are signing up for yoga classes nowadays,_taking________ (take) advantage of health and relaxation benefits. 4. Jim was brought__up____in what is called flower city. 5. Peter received a letter just now_saying_______ (say) his grandpa would come to see him soon. 6. He is a student at Oxford University, _studying_________ (study) for a degree in computer science. 7. The manager ,__making___________(make) it clear to us that he didn’t agree with us, left the meeting room. 8.When the first English settlers arrived in the New world, the Indians__wearing_______ (wear) jewellery made of animal bones greeted them warmly. 9. This is a __truly______(true) beautiful picture. 10.They had a large__majority________ (major) over the other Party at the last election. 11. _Admission__________(admit) to the exhibition will be free by invitation only. 12.He works for the EU, _translating_______ (translate) documents from English into French. 13. This is the most _advanced__________(advance) type of engine available so it can run at such a rapid speed. 14.He decided to leave school for __various________ (variety) reasons. 15. They were the earliest __settlers________ (settle) in America.
. 句子考查 (1-4 每题 2 分 5-8 每题 3 分)

1.She likes sleeping__with_____ _the_____ _window______ __open________ .(窗 户开着) 2. You’d better not go to the party___to_____ _avoid______ _losing______

__face______(避免丢脸) 3.The theme park he _is______ _most______ __familiar_____ ___with_________ (最熟悉) is Disneyland. 4. The rent must__be_____ __paid_______ _in______ __advance_________.(提前 付) 5. He is likely to come this evening.(改写) It is likely _that he will come______ this evening. 6. There was a heavy rain and it caused floods in the area. (用非谓语动词改写) There was a heavy rain_causing_floods in the area__.
6. When will we take a trip? It hasn’t been decided.(合并为含主语从的句子) _It hasn’t been decided_When we will take a trip____________________ 7. 我不知道他是否盼望收到我的来信。(翻译句子) ___I have_no idea whether_he looks forward to hearing from me.____________ 8.你赞同学生周末上课的观点吗?(用同位语从句翻译) ___Do you_agree with the idea that students should have class at the weekend?.

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