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【高考领航】2016届高三英语二轮复习 课时训练20 阅读理解+完形填空+语法填空+书面表达

训练 20

(建议用时 45 分钟)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2016·安徽六校教育研究会联考) Does your local town have a nickname? If

so,what does it say about the area and the people who live there? Many cities are recognized across the world by their unofficial names.New York is the Big Apple, London is the Smoke,and Los Angeles is famously called La La Land. Now,as part of English Language Day on Wednesday,two British organizations, the English Project and Ordnance Survey,are launching (发起) an interactive project which aims to identify the nicknames which people use in their daily lives for the places which they like or dislike. “The name that people create for a place forms a connection with feelings,” explains Winchester University’s Professor Bill Lucas,a patron (赞助者) of the English Project. “So Basingstoke becomes Amazingstoke; Swindon is known as Swindump and Padstow, hometown of chef Rick Stein,is nicknamed Padstein.” Basingstoke is a town in central England.The local nickname,Amazingstoke, shows the love that locals seem to have for the area.Swindan,on the other hand, is sometimes called Swindump,showing that some people think it’s a dump (垃圾 堆).Stanford Le Hope in Essex is called Stanford No Hope by locals.And Padstow in Cornwall is so closely connected with the local famous person Rick Stein that it’s become known as Padstein. Since launching the online survey last week,the creators have already received 3,000 alternative titles for places and landmarks. As well as creating what promises to be a fascinating resource of nicknames, there is a practical side to the project.“With the huge variety of place nicknames that exist,we could never hope to collect them all ourselves,” says Glen Hart, Ordnance Survey’s head of research.“But the information from the project could prove vital.Organizations like the emergency services rely on our information when responding to 999 calls,so by having the most complete set of nicknames we could help the emergency services quickly locate the right place,and maybe even save lives.”


1.What is the passage mainly about? A.Some stories about nicknames for places. B.Activities launched by two British organizations. C.A survey of nicknames for places. D.The attractiveness of place nicknames. 2.Unlike the town Basingstoke,Swindon is a place that ________. A.has a long history B.attracts a lot of tourists C.has few people living there D.seems unpleasant to some people 3.According to the passage,people’s response to the project is ________. A.active C.opposed 4.What does Glen Hart think of the project? A.It proves that most nicknames are interesting. B.It may help increase the number of nicknames. C.It is very helpful to emergency services. D.It has helped prevent deaths from happening. 【语篇解读】 本文为说明文。作者介绍了一次有关地名别称的调查情况。 1.解析:选 C。主旨大意题。通读全文并结合倒数第二段中的关键词 survey 可知答案为 C 项。 2.解析:选 D。事实细节题。根据第五段中“The local nickname,Amazingstoke,shows the love that locals seem to have for the area.Swindon , on the other hand ,is B.indifferent D.strange

sometimes called Swindump,showing that some people think it’s a dump(垃圾堆).” 可知答案为 D 项。 3.解析:选 A。事实细节题。根据倒数第二段可知人们对本次的调查表现得很积极,故答 案为 A 项。 4.解析:选 C。推理判断题。根据最后一段中 Glen Hart 的话可知,他认为本次调查对于 急救服务很有用,故答案为 C 项。 Ⅱ.完形填空 A Helping Hand of Applause As a teaching student,I was sent on my first class at a suburban high school. Jess was a Year 8 student who always __1__ her classmates,despite the lack of respect she usually received in return.Kids constantly laughed at her__2__ her

back.As a teacher,your nature is to __3__ students like Jess,but you soon realize that there’s only so much you can actually do. On the contrary ,Tyson was always __4__ by mates.It was clear that he was a confident and __5__ young man. When the school talent show came around,Jess asked to __6__ a solo act.I was hesitant to allow her to take the __7__ , fearing that she might face

teasing.However,I knew that it would be __8__ to say no on these grounds,so her name made it onto the list of performers. The day of the show,the whole school __9__ in the hall.The acts began and I was __10__ surprised when each performance was __11__ with cheers and praise. Then it was Jess’s __12__.Beaming,she stepped onto the stage.The music started and,to my horror,she missed the first line of the song.She became __13__,sang in the wrong key and forgot her words.As she __14__ through the song,kids whispered and giggled.Jess looked devastated(极难过的) and was about to give up __15__ the most amazing thing happened.The sound of somebody clapping along to the __16__ of the song began to rise above the crowd.I looked around to see who it was.It was Tyson. He was clapping proudly.He __17__ his friends to join in and,to my amazement, they did.Slowly,the __18__ spread from Tyson’s group to the rest of Year 12, then throughout the hall.As the song ended,the whole audience __19__. The smile on Jess’s face that day is one that I’ll never forget.Tyson changed my life by restoring my __20__ in the goodness of youth. 1.A.consulted C.impressed 2.A.off C.behind 3.A.inspire C.praise 4.A.surrounded C.tricked 5.A.popular C.brave 6.A.watch C.perform 7.A.risk B.respected D.fooled B.beyond D.under B.ignore D.protect B.bullied D.inspired B.intelligent D.generous B.direct D.record B.stage

C.lead 8.A.necessary C.natural 9.A.gathered C.pressed 10.A.secretly C.pleasantly 11.A.greeted C.compared 12.A.choice C.chance 13.A.curious C.reluctant 14.A.pulled C.struggled 15.A.unless C.before 16.A.tone C.melody 17.A demanded C.urged 18.A.smiles C.complaints 19.A.sighed C.debated 20.A.desire C.faith

D.challenge B.easy D.unfair B.crowded D.attended B.nervously D.miserably B.exchanged D.shared B.challenge D.turn B.upset D.calm B.wondered D.hesitated B.though D.when B.beat D.voice B.tempted D.reminded B.claps D.doubts B.decreased D.cheered B.memory D.doubt

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。主要描写了 Tyson 是一个非常有人缘的同学,当 Jess 在演唱的时候,遇到了尴尬,他带头率领着同学们给予掌声,表示鼓励。 1.解析:选 B。根据空格后面的 despite the lack of respect she usually received in return.尽管她没有得到其他同学们的尊重,表明她尊重他人。 2.解析:选 C。结合意义,此处表示“背后”,behind the back 是一个固定词组。 3.解析:选 D。结合前面的 Kids constantly laughed at her 孩子们总是在背后嘲笑她, 因此作者作为老师会本能地想保护她。

4.解析:选 A。由前面的 on the contrary“相反地”可知,与 Jess 不同的是,Tyson 非 常受同学们欢迎,因此应该是被同学们围着。 5.解析:选 A。由前面的 be surrounded by 被包围着,表明 Tyson 非常受同学们的欢迎, 非常有人缘。 6.解析:选 C。结合后面的 a solo act 可知,Jess 应该是向作者要求独自表演。 7.解析:选 B。与后面的 fearing that she might face teasing 呼应,指因为作者害怕 Jess 被同学们嘲笑,因此不想让 Jess 上台表演。 8.解析:选 D。根据后面的 to say no on these grounds 可知,作者认为害怕 Jess 被嘲 笑,而不让她表演,这对 Jess 来说是不公平地。 9.解析:选 A。结合前面的 The day of the show 和后面的 the act began 可知,在演出 的当天,全学校的人聚集在礼堂里面。 10.解析:选 C。根据后面的 surprised when each performance was greeted with cheers and praise.可知,作者看到每个节目都得到了欢呼和赞美,因此感到有点吃惊,但是这种 吃惊是愉快的。 11.解析:选 A。结合空格前面的 each performance 和后面的 with cheers and praise 可 知,每个节目都受到了赞美和欢呼。 12.解析:选 D。结合后面的 Beaming,she stepped onto the stage,可知,这时 Jess 该上台了,即轮到她表演了。 13.解析:选 B。根据前面的 to my horror,she missed the first line of the song 可 知,Jess 忘了词,因此感到不安了。 14.解析:选 C。从空格前面的 sang in the wrong key and forgot her words 可知,她 忘了词,跑调,因此挣扎着唱完歌。 15.解析:选 D。根据前面的 and was about to give up 可知,此处表示 be about to do sth.when...??即将干某事的时候,突然??。 16. 解析: 选 B。 结合空格前面的 clapping along to 和后面的 the song began to rise above the crowd 可知,有人突然随着这首歌的节拍打起了拍子。 17.解析:选 C。根据后面的 his friends to join in and,to my amazement,they did. 可知,Tyson 敦促他的同学们也一起鼓掌,给予 Jess 鼓励。 18.解析:选 B。由上文已经提到的 The sound of somebody clapping 可知,这里指鼓掌 声在大厅里传播开来。 19.解析:选 D。由上文已经提到的 with cheers and praise 可知,当 Jess 唱完之后,大 厅的学生们都站起来欢呼。 20.解析:选 C。根据前面的 Tyson changed my life 可知,Tyson 的这种做法,使得作者 对于年轻人的友好产生了坚定的信念。

Ⅲ.语法填空 I was visiting the Cape Verde Islands with some friends.Although it was a 1.____________ (wind) day , the water was clear and my friends were out on the reef.Going out to snorkel (潜泳),I 2.____________ (notice) that an ocean current had spread to the bay , pushing me towards rocks 3.____________ (cover) in sea urchins(海胆).Since I wasn’t close to the shore,4.____________ would have been a tiring exercise to swim against it,so,using the current,I made it back to shore in about an hour. 5.____________ (lie) on the beach and out of breath,I heard a voice.A man, 6.____________ was one of the guys I had just met,was getting pushed past the rocks and would be quickly carried out to sea.No one else was close,7.____________ I jumped into the water.Keeping a mark on all of the submerged rocks and sand bars(沙洲), I swam out to him. “ Get hold of my arm and when you reach a sand bar,grip it with your feet,” I said over the roar of the waves. With one hand,I held onto the man,and with 8.____________ other,I was using all of my remaining 9.____________ (strong) to reach the sand bars.Again,I used

the current to get across the bay,towards the shallows.10.____________ (final), we crawled up the sand and lay there watching the sun. 1.考查词性转换。此处用形容词 windy(多风的)修饰其后的名词 day。 windy 2.考查动词时态。动作发生在过去,故用一般过去时。 noticed 3.考查非谓语动词。动词 cover 与其逻辑主语 rocks 之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过 去分词短语作后置定语。 covered 4.考查不定代词。此处 it 作形式主语,真正的主语是不定式短语 to swim against it。 it 5.考查非谓语动词。此处用现在分词短语作伴随状语。 Lying 6.考查定语从句。此处用关系代词 who 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词“A man”。 who 7.考查从属连词。句意为:因为没有人离得近,所以我跳入了水中。此处 so 引导结果状语 从句。

so 8.考查冠词。the other 表示“两者中的另一个”。 the 9.考查词性转换。根据空前的形容词“remaining”可知,此处填名词形式,表示“剩余的 力气”。 strength 10.考查词性转换。此处用副词作状语,修饰整个句子。 Finally Ⅳ.书面表达 请阅读下面的漫画,按要求用英文写一篇短文。


1.描述漫画内容; 2.分析漫画所揭示的问题; 3.提出你的看法。 注意: 1.考生可适当发挥,使文章内容充实、连贯; 2.词数 100 左右; 3.文中不能出现考生的具体信息。 _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 答案: From the picture we can see that there is a red flower and two green leaves


on the stem in the sunshine and a person is watering it.The flower grows like a child with a smiling face.Above the flower there are some words:Praising children is like to water a flower,what’s important is to provide suitable amount of water. The picture tells us that children shouldn’t be overpraised in their lives, otherwise,it may bring a bad effect on their minds.They should treat praises with a correct attitude,not feeling proud about themselves.It is necessary for them to realize that winning praise is just a sign of what they achieved in the past,they need to turn them into the encouragement for further progress. In my opinion,children who receive too many praises may fall behind because those praises may become a burden to them.They may be satisfied with themselves.So they should be praised properly in every aspect.


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