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2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(2)

完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 Generally speaking, a British is widely regarded as a quiet, shy and conservative (保守) person who is 1 only among those with whom he is familiar. When a stranger 2 embarrassed. You have to take a commuter 3 the truth of this. Serious-looking 4 off in a corner; hardly

is present, he often seems nervous,

train (通勤车) any morning or evening to

businessmen and women sit reading their newspapers or

anybody talks, since to do so would be considered quite offensive (冒犯的). 5 once , there is an unwritten but clearly understood code of behavior, which, 6 , makes the offender immediately the object of 7 .

One of the few things we can say about the British with certainty is that a British takes a(n) 8 to the discussion of their weather and that, if given a chance, 9 . Some people argue that it is because the British weather

he will talk about it 10

follows forecast and thus becomes a source of interest to everyone. This may 11 in the weathermen, whose

be so. Certainly a British cannot have much predictions, in many cases, 12

to be wrong! The man in the street seems to be 13 14 . weather that the

as accurate – or as inaccurate – as the weathermen in his Foreigners may be surprised at the number of references

British make to each other in the course of a single day. Very often conversational greetings are 15 by comments on the weather. “Nice day, isn’t it?” 16

“Beautiful day!” may well be heard instead of “Good morning, how are you?”

the foreigner may consider this exaggerated ( 夸 大 ) and comic, it is worthwhile pointing out that it could be used to his with a British but is 18 17 . If he wants to start a conversation

to know where to begin, he could do well to mention 19 subject to which a response may well

the state of the weather. It is a(n) be 20

of even the most reserved of the British. B. frustrated C. amused

1. A. relaxed D. exhausted


2. A. yet 3. A. experience D. undertake


otherwise B. witness


even C. watch



4. A. whispering 5. A. Hopefully D. Obviously

B. murmuring B. Exactly C.

C. nodding Frequently

D. laughing

6. A. developed D. broken





7. A. doubt D. praise





8. A. emotion D. judgment





9. A. at length D. at least


at last


at most

10. A. always 11. A. D. faith credit

B. often B. relief

C. constantly C. honor

D. seldom

12. A. put out 13. A. D. 14. A. D. 15. A. D. 16. A. D. consideration appreciation about to started proposed Since Only if

B. make out B. prediction

C. turn out C.

D. find out approval













17. A. benefit 18. A. at a loss D. on occasion

B. advantage B. in detail

C. disadvantage C. in groups

D. favor

19. A. avoidable

B. steady

C. optional

D. safe

20. A. expected 【参考答案】 1—5 ACBCD

B. asked

C. wished

D. reminded

6—10 DCBAD

11—15 ACBDC

16—20 BBADA

完形填空 【2013·石家庄市高中毕业班复习教学质量检测二】 A little boy always thought of himself as the most unfortunate child in the world because a disease made him lame.He __1__played with his classmates.When the teacher asked him to answer questions,he always__2__his head without a word. One__3__,the boy’s father asked for some saplings (树苗) from the neighbor.He wanted the__4__to plant a sapling each person in front of the house.The father said, “Whose sapling grows best, I will buy him or her a favorite__5__.” Seeing his brothers and sisters watering the trees,the boy had an idea.He hoped that the tree he planted would__6___ soon.So,after watering it once or twice,he never__7__it.

A few days later,when the little boy went to see his tree again,he was__8__to find that it didn’t fade but grew some fresh leaves.__9__the trees of his brothers and sisters,his tree was even greener.His father kept his__10__,bought the little boy his favorite gift and said that from the tree he planted,he would become an outstanding __11__when he grew up. Since then,the little boy slowly became__12__.One night,he lay on the bed but couldn’t fall asleep.Then he got up and came to the__13__.To his surprise, his__14__was splashing something onto his tree.__15__,he understood his father had been __16__fertilizing his small tree!He returned to his room,__17__running down. __18__passed.The little boy didn’t become a botanist,but he was elected President of the United States.His name was Franklin Roosevelt. Love is the__19__nourishment (营养) of life.__20__it is just a drop of clear water,it can still help the tree thrive (茁壮成长). 1.A.bravely C.freely 2.A.raised C.lowered B.seldom D.always B.nodded D.knocked


3.A.spring C.winter 4.A.neighbors C.children 5.A.sapling C.gift 6.A.die C.break 7.A.led to C.belonged to 8.A.pleased C.worried 9.A.Compared with C.Connected to 10.A.request C.promise 11.A.president C.artist 12.A.smart C.optimistic 13.A.field C.park 14.A.brother C.father 15.A.All of a sudden C.In time 16.A.busily C.cautiously 17.A.water C.sweat 18.A.Hours C.Decades 19.A.last C.least

B.moment D.week B.friends D.boys B.tree D.toy B.grow D.survive B.attended to D.objected to B.upset D.surprised B.Similar to D.Popular with B.schedule D.goal B.botanist D.researcher B.desperate D.practical B.courtyard D.farm B.sister D.neighbor B.For a moment D.From then on B.quietly D.secretly B.tears D.rain B.Months D.Centuries B.only D.best

20.A.Even if C.If only

B.Now that D.What if

语篇解读 一个小男孩由于腿部残疾整天意志消沉,父亲为了帮助他树立自信心,让兄 弟姐妹们一起种树,之后父亲偷偷地帮助他,结果他的树长得最好。小男孩找回了自信,长 大后他没有成为植物学家而是当选为美国总统,他就是富兰克林·罗斯福。 1.解析: 由上文的“thought of himself as the most unfortunate child in the world”可知,他“很少”和同学玩耍。 答案: B 2.解析: 根据上下文的内容可知,因为残疾,他缺少自信,所以当老师提问他的时候, 他总是“低”着头不说话。 答案: C 3.解析: 根据常识可知应该是在“春天”种树。 答案: A 4.解析: 下文的“Seeing his brothers and sisters watering the trees”可知, 父亲让“孩子们”在房子前面一人种一棵树。 答案: C 5.解析: 父亲对孩子们说,谁种的树苗长得最好,就给他/她买一个“礼物”。下文 的“favorite gift”是线索提示。 答案: C 6.解析: 因为他的兄弟姐妹们都给树苗浇水,而他行动不便,于是他想出了一个主意: 希望他的树苗赶快“死”去。 答案: A 7.解析: 所以浇了一两次水后,他就不再“照料”树苗了。 答案: B 8.解析: 他本以为树苗会枯萎,结果却看到它长得很好,所以他感到“吃惊”。 答案: D 9.解析: 他是通过“比较”得到的结果:他种的树比兄弟姐妹的更绿。 答案: A 10.解析: 由空后的“bought the little boy his favorite gift”可知,父亲遵守 了他的“承诺”。 答案: C 11.解析: 按照常理,树种得好应该有希望成为“植物学家”。后文的“become a botanist”是线索提示。



12.解析: 从那以后,小男孩慢慢变得“乐观”了。 答案: C 13.解析: 他起床来到“院子”里,让他吃惊的是他看到“父亲”正给他的树喷洒什 么东西。 答案: B 14.答案: C 15.解析: 父亲的行为让他“突然”明白他的树苗之所以长得好,是因为父亲一直在 “秘密地”给它施肥。 答案: A 16.答案: D 17.解析: 他回到了自己的房间,感动得落“泪”了。 答案: B 18.解析: 一个人的一生应该是几十年时间。decades 数十年,符合语境。 答案: C 19.解析: 爱是人的一生中“最好的”营养品。 答案: D 20.解析: “即使”是一滴清水也能帮助树木茁壮成长。 答案: A。

完型填空。 阅读下面短文,掌握大意,从短文后各题所给的四个选项( A、B、C、D)中选出可以填 入空白处的最佳选项。 Growing trees in the concrete jungle of Los Angels brings neighbors benefits beyond beauty. As the 36 of TreePeople, a nonprofit organization he founded in 1973, Andy, now 54, has inspired hundreds of thousands of volunteers to 37 plant more than two million trees throughout Southern California. TreePeople 38 tools, blueprints, planting demonstrations, and tree-care supervisors free to all the participants, 39 me. “You will need their support,” Andy said, referring to my neighbors. “ 40


the community behind you, the trees you plant will die in five years.” So I started knocking on doors, hoping to share 41 I’d learnt in TreePeople’s seminar(培训 班) about the critical role of trees in removing smog from the 42 , cooling our homes and preventing water runoff. Strange 43 it may seem, some people are afraid of trees. “The roots destroy sidewalks,” one neighbor said, “ leaves.” 45 told me. 44 will ruin my pipes. And I don’t want

When I called Andy about the 46 I was getting from my neighbors, he encouraged me to keep trying. So my son and my wife delivered cookies while I went door to door. It 47 us half a year to sign permission forms from 16 neighbors for 21 trees. When the big day arrived, I was excited and 48 . What if I threw a planting tree and 49 else came? But as I set out shovels(铁铲), my son and wife made cakes and doughnuts, 50 started to gather. Friends brought friends. Neighbors came with cousins and grandchildren. A local middle school even 51 with half the seventh grade. More than 300 people joined us. Then Andy led us in a 52 : welcoming each tree into the world and 53 it name.

After the ceremony, as I shook hands with volunteers and my neighbors, I 54 help but feel we’d accomplished trees. 36. A. friend 37. A. bravely 38. A. supports 39. A. including 40. A. For 41. A. what 42. A. cloud 43. A. while 44. A. You 45. A. The other 46. A. resistance B. interviewer B. actively B. affords B. considering B. Without B. which B. wind B. if B. I B. Another B. acceptance C. president C. anxiously C. shows C. containing C. With C. that C. sky C. however C. They C. Other C. agreement D. volunteer D. generously D. provides D. reminding D. Except D. how D. air D. as D. It D. Others D. praise

55 great. After all, trees need people, and people need

47. A. spent 48. A. moved 49. A. everybody 50. A. volunteers 51. A. made up 52. A. ceremony 53. A. calling 54. A. wouldn’t needn’t 55. A. anything

B. paid B. disappointed B. nobody B. journalists B. took up B. march B. leaving B. shouldn’t

C. took C. surprised C. somebody C. friends C. showed up C. activity C. making

D. covered D. nervous D. anybody D. neighbors D. cheered up D. celebration D. giving D.

C. couldn’t

B. something

C. nothing

D. everything







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