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音乐相关词汇 music, musical, musician singer, actor, actress, model CD, record, tape, MP3 player classical music, modern music Western music, Chinese music rock’ n’ roll , jazz, folk music, country music, stage, concert, band perform, performer, performance hit fan, clap, applaud, applause, reputation, honour, fame

Musical instruments: pipe string drum (drummer) piano (pianist) violin (violinist) guitar (guitarist) (抄写并记住你感到陌生的词!)

词汇拓展 1. music n. 音乐 6. attractive 吸引人的,有吸引力的 adj. ________音乐家 n. _______吸引 vt. ________音乐的 adj. _______吸引力n 2. honest adj. 诚实的 7. perform表演,履行,执行 vt.&vi. ________坦诚地 adv. ________表演,履行 n. ________诚实,坦率 n. 8. stick坚持,粘贴,张贴 vt&vi 3. loosely adv.松散地 _______过去式 ________松散的 adj. ________紧的,牢固的 adj. ________过去分词 ________紧地,牢固地 adv.9. ability 能力 n _______有能力的adj. 4. advertisement n广告 _______登广告 vt. ______使能够 vt. 5. actor n.(男)演员 _______使无能 vt. ______ 扮演 vt. _______残疾的 adj. ______ 女演员 n. _______无能,残疾n. ______ 行动 n. 10. unknown不知道的,不知名的adj. ______ 活动n. _______已知的,知名的 adj.

三、词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. As is known to all that Li Guyi is a famous __________ singer (sing) . 2. John’s ______________ performance (perform) in the exam was really disappointing. 3. She had a ___________ musical (music) voice when she was young,. attractive 4. Kitchen utensils(用具) should be __________ (attract) as well as functional. action 5. We need more ___________ (act) and less talk.

6. These creatures have the __________ ability (able) to withstand(忍受)very low temperature. 7. A lack of ___________ confidence (confident) seems to be her main problem. 8. Just tie it ____________ (loose). loosely 9. We all felt ____________ (excite) when we heard excited the good news that our basketball team had won the match.. 10.Do you enjoy Mozart’s ___________ classical (class) pieces of music.

四、词组互译 将下列词组或短语译成中文或英文。 梦见 1.dream of_______________ 首先, 最重要的是 2. above all _____________________ 出故障 3. go wrong ____________________ 以……为基础 4. be based on ____________________ 不仅 5. more than ______________________ 分类 6. sort out _____________________ 大约,左右 7. or so _________________________ 向四面八方 8. in different directions ______________ 出版,发表 9. come out_______________________ 坚持 10. stick to ___________________________

11. ___________ by chance 偶然,意外地 12. __________________ 使某人想起 remind sb. of 13. __________________ 对……说实话 be honest with come true 14.___________________ 实现 form a band 15. __________________ 组建乐队 play jokes on 16. __________________ 戏弄 17. __________________ 浪费时间 a waste of time 18. __________________ 打碎,解体 break up 19. ____________________ be confident about/of 对……有信心; 20. __________________ 认真对待 be serious about

五、词组运用 词组填空 根据句子提供的语境,从第四大题中选 一个适当的词组并用其适当的形式填空。 1.Although his plan is difficult to carry out, he ___________ sticks to it. 2.There are thousands of toys here, could you sort out please ____________ those that can be thrown away? 3.A journey around the world is just something dream of / about most of us can only ___________________. To be honest with 4.______________________ yourself, do you really need that much money?

翻译填空 根据汉语意思,从上述短语中选一个恰 当的词组完成句子。 reminds me of my 5. The interesting story ________________ childhood. is based on a novel written by Qiong 6. The film _____________ Yao. 7. We should never have gone there. It was really a waste of time total ____________________.

句子翻译 从上述短语中选择恰当的短语翻译下列句 子。 8. 我昨天在街上意外地碰到了一位老同学。 Yesterday I met an old classmates of mine in the street by chance. 9. 他梦想长大要当一名科学家。 He dreams of becoming a scientist when he grows up. 10. 李平公正勤劳,最重要的诚实。 Li ping is fair, hardworking, and above all honest.

2. 3.


一个人年轻时就要养成良好的习惯。 他靠做工人来谋生。 鲜艳的颜色对小孩有吸引力。 他的新影片十分成功。 一次强烈的地震袭击了这个城市。

1. One should form good habits when he is young.

2. He earns his living as a factory worker. 3. Bright colors are attractive to the children. 4. His new film is quite a hit. 5. A powerful earthquake hit the city.

Do you know the Monkees ?

1. dream of sth./doing sth.梦想… dream of a better future dream of becoming famous 她年轻时梦想将来当医生。 ? When she was young, she dreamt of being a doctor in the future. 2. with+n. +现在分词或过去分词 构成复合结构在句中做状语 ? With winter coming it’s time for us to prepare for our final exam. ? With the homework done, he went home happily.

? The

first manned spacecraft was launched in 2003, with China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei, on board. ? In 2005, Shenzhou VI was launched with two astronauts on board, Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng.

? The

death toll in south China from Typhoon Hagupit rose to 10, with two still missing, as of 8 am yesterday, the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said.

2.with+n./pron. + doing sth(伴随的动作) done(已经完成被动的动作) to do(将要执行的动作) adj. adv. prep phrases

? More

than 11.5 million people in Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi reaching provinces were affected by the disaster, with direct economic losses ___________ (reach) 13.46 billion yuan ($1.97 billion), Ministry of Civil Affairs figures showed.

? ?



following The professor came in with a lot of students _____________(跟着). solved With the problem to help ________(解决), we all feel very happy. with the door open With Lily __________ (帮助) us, we can away finish the work in an hour.from He likes to sleep (门开着) on her back ____________________________. With her son (离开adv.) _________________home, she felt very lonely. With a bag (背着adj.)__________________, the girl went home happily.

3. honest adj. 诚实的 adj.不诚实的 dishonest n. 忠实 honesty 对…说老实话,对某人以诚相待 with

be honest

I will be honest with you. ? If you are honest with the others, they will help you a lot.

4. extra adj. 额外的,特别的 adv.特别的,非常的

He is strong enough to carry the cargo,I don’t think he needs some extra help.
I bought this picture at an extra high price.


5. play jokes on sb. 在某人身上开玩笑 ? He is a serious man, don’t play jokes on him. ? Though old, they often play jokes on each other. play tricks on 捉弄某人 ? We should never play tricks on others.

on 6.base _________ 基于…, 以…为根据 ? His argument is based on facts. ? The writer based his book on a true story. 7. at first 起初,开头,含有后来不这样的意思 ? At first, she was afraid of water, but she soon learned to swim.

8. attractive adj. 有吸引力的,有魅力的 vt. 吸引,引起_____ attract n. 吸引力_______ attraction ? The girl is very attractive.

9. They became even more popular than “The Beatle”in the USA and sold even more records. even +比较级 It’s even colder than yesterday. even/much/a lot/far+比较级 The garden is much more beautiful than that one.

Freddy was now quite confident when he went into the hall. be confident + 从句 对……有信心 be confident of (about, in ) 对……有信心 He is quite confident that he’ll pass the driving text. Don’t be too confident in your own opinion. Tom is confident of his ability to overcome the difficulty.

2. He had to go to London, wear an expensive suit and give a performance to a TV camera. performance n. 表演 They put on a performance last night. performer n. 表演者 ____ perform v. 表演,履行,执行,表现,性能 _____________ What play will be performed tomorrow? Perform your promise. The car performs well on hills. One should perform one’s duties.

3. Then things went wrong, Freddy and his band could not go out without being followed. go wrong ……出了毛病 = Something is wrong with… = There is something wrong with… My watch went wrong yesterday. What’s wrong with you? He was done wrong. 他受了冤枉。

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