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【高考领航】2016届高三英语二轮复习 题型攻略 专题2 完形填空 美中补足 第1节 攻克记叙文检测


Cloze A (2016·河南洛阳高三统一考试 ) I felt very depressed the other day.The

weather had been dark and rainy, and I just didn’t feel so __1__. As I was sitting at my desk, I __2__ it was the birthday of a dear long?time friend—a single, middle?aged woman who has devoted the past 30 years to nursing and loving her __3__. Knowing that she didn’t have family in town, I __4__ to give her a call.Sure enough, she was on her shift, __5__ to work late into the evening, and wouldn’t have __6__

of a birthday this year.As always, though, she __7__ cheerful and was happy that I __8__. After I hung up, I couldn’t __9__ the feeling that she would really

appreciate a little attention on her special day.__10__ feeling a little depressed myself, I tried to put it out of my mind, but as the day passed, I couldn’t shake the thought.I __11__ gave in, and set off to the hospital with a card, a cheese cake, and some balloons that evening.My friend’s surprise __12__ me that I’d done the grateful smile and joyful

right thing, and they were a generous

__13__ for the little effort it had taken. When I got home, I realized that not only had I cheered up a __14__ friend

on her birthday, but my own negative feelings had also disappeared.Making her day had __15__ my own! Isn’t that the way it is __16__ we take the time and make the

__17__ to do something for someone else? It’s just like the saying, “Loving kindness is twice blessed; it blesses him who gives, and him who __18__ ”. Cheering up people on their birthdays isn’t the only thing we can do to make their day.Life constantly presents us with __19__ to take an extra step or do a kind deed that will make a difference to __20__.And the wonderful thing is that as we do, it changes things for the better for us too. 1. A.special C.nervous 2.A.explained C.remembered 3.A.family B.positive D.scared B.complained D.informed B.training


C.work 4.A.decided C.agreed 5.A.surprised C.bored 6. A.much C.little 7.A.sounded C.grew 8.A.admitted C.succeeded 9.A.experience C.shake 10.A.Almost C.Never 11.A.luckily C.unhappily 12.A.convinced C.promised 13.A.response C.reward 14.A.careless C.weak 15.A.troubled C.wasted 16.A.when C.why 17.A.suggestion C.effort 18.A.tries C.expects 19.A.opportunities C.choices 20.A.someone

D.school B.continued D.refused B.disappointed D.prepared B.many D.few B.looked D.found B.called D.apologized B.imagine D.understand B.Even D.Still B.finally D.hardly B.advised D.reminded B.contribution D.share B.lonely D.curious B.taken D.made B.where D.how B.money D.call B.receives D.cares B.dreams D.regrets B.something



【语篇解读】 作者讲述了在自己心情不好的一天给一个从事护士职业的朋友过生日而得到 的感悟:生活总是为我们提供机会,让我们多迈出一步或者做一件对别人有影响的善事。 1.解析:选 B。根据空格前的“I felt very depressed the other day.The weather had been dark and rainy”可知,“我”的心情不好,positive 意为“乐观的”,符合语境。 2.解析:选 C。当“我”坐在书桌前的时候,记起今天是一个朋友的生日。故选 C 项。 3.解析:选 C。根据空格前的“who has devoted the past 30 years to nursing”可知, 她从事护士职业 30 年,说明她很喜欢自己的工作(work)。故选 C 项。 4.解析:选 A。根据语境可知,此处用 decided 表示“我决定给她打个电话”。故选 A 项。 5.解析:选 D。根据前面的“Sure enough,she was on her shift”可知,这是她的当班 时间,她准备工作到晚上。故选 D 项。 6.解析:选 A。此处表示“不会有太多的时间过生日”。many 和 few 用来修饰或替代可数 名词,故排除;little 本身含有否定的意思,在此处可排除。故选 much。 7.解析:选 A。“我”打电话给她,她听上去很高兴。故选 A 项。 8.解析:选 B。参见上题解析。选 B 项。 9.解析:选 C。此处表示“我没法去除这种感觉”,应用 shake,表示“去除, 摆脱”。 故选 C 项。 10.解析:选 D。此处用“Still”表明作者仍然感到沮丧,与文章开头相呼应。故选 D 项。 11.解析:选 B。“我”的心情沮丧,“我”尽力去清理掉这种心情,但是经过一天的时间, 还是没能摆脱,最终“我”屈服了。finally “最后,终于”。故选 B 项。 12.解析:选 A。根据空格前面的“My friend’s grateful smile and joyful surprise” 和空格后面的“I’d done the right thing”可知,朋友的神情让“我”确信自己做对了。 convince 意为“使确信”,符合语境。故选 A 项。 13.解析:选 C。她的笑容和惊喜使“我”确信“我”做对了,这也是对“我”慷慨的回报 (reward)。故选 C 项。 14.解析:选 B。由前文的“a single,middle?aged woman”和“she didn’t have family in town”可知,作者的朋友是孤独的。故选 B 项。 15.解析:选 D。让这位孤独的朋友快乐的同时,又扫除了作者的沮丧, 所以说“Making her day had made my own!”。故选 D 项。 16.解析:选 A。从句子的结构和语境看,此处应该用引导时间状语从句的连词,表示“当 我们花费时间为别人努力做一些事情的时候”。故选 A 项。 17.解析:选 C。参见上题解析。make the effort to do sth.“努力做某事”。 18.解析:选 B。根据空格前的“gives”可知,应用 receives 与 gives 相对应。故选 B 项。 19.解析:选 A。生活总是为我们提供机会。opportunity 意为“机会”,符合语境。故选

A 项。 20.解析:选 A。生活总是为我们提供机会,让我们多迈出一步或者做一件对某人产生影响 的善事。故选 A 项。 Cloze B I became a professional boxer at a young age, and I devoted my life to the sport.Athletic competition was an addiction for me, and it __1__—I was the European champion five times and the world champion three times—but the success came at a(n) __2__.By focusing on boxing, I had missed other important parts of life, like spending time with my__3__. The summer of 2012 was a particularly __4__ time for me.The woman who was by my side for 20 years was leaving me,which __5__ I was also being __6__ from my son,Melchior,the youngest of my four children. I hadn’t been very __7__ on Facebook before;I __8__ it from time to time to talk with my family in South America and my friends in the U.S..But with this despair and this hate I had for myself,I wanted to __9__ myself.So,after falling into a drunken stupor(昏迷,恍惚),I __10__ my Facebook with the following words:“To everyone,to all my friends,I love you but I have to go...”Later,the police came to find me after being __11__ by one of my close friends who had __12__ the Facebook post.Thanks to them,I was __13__. My __14__ for those who think about suicide(自杀)is to force yourself to talk with people who can __15__ you:your friends,your doctor,even strangers. __16__ that suicide is by no means a solution;it is only a form of cowardice(懦弱)in the face of difficulty.If you __17__ deep inside yourself,I believe you’ll understand why you shouldn’t end your life,but the best __18__ is to see somebody who can help you,because there is always someone __19__. Finally,remember this:“__20__ is like boxing.You have to try to keep your feet on the ground,and learn to live with the scars!” 1.A.paid off C.went on 2.A.addiction C.price 3.A.friend C.opponent 4.A.happy B.turned out D.counted on B.time D.conclusion B.family D.coach B.high

C.difficult 5.A.meant C.requested 6.A.made C.prevented 7.A.cheerful C.sensitive 8.A.watched C.used 9.A.help C.improve 10.A.deleted C.forgave 11.A.commanded C.remarked 12.A.written C.permitted 13.A.punished C.surrounded 14.A.advice C.technique 15.A.congratulate C.help 16.A.Expect C.Imagine 17.A.dig C.look 18.A.result C.impression 19.A.sometime C.something 20.A.Life C.Future

D.perfect B.proved D.admitted B.separated D.discouraged B.sincere D.active B.hated D.left B.harm D.enjoy B.deserted D.updated B.told D.responded B.favored D.seen B.supported D.saved B.summary D.concept B.defeat D.employ B.Forecast D.Understand B.breathe D.voice B.approach D.lesson B.somehow D.somewhere B.Work D.Success

【语篇解读】 本文通过记叙作者经受不住生活的打击选择自杀被救的经历, 告诉我们他对

生活的感悟。 1.解析:选 A。pay off 有报偿,有回报,符合语境。turn out 结果是;go on 继续;count on 依赖,依靠,都与语境不相符。 2.解析:选 C。price 在这里的意思是“代价”。 3.解析:选 B。family 家人,符合语境。 4.解析:选 C。difficult 困难的,符合语境。happy 快乐的;high 高的,高度的;perfect 完美的,都不符合语境。 5.解析:选 A。mean 意味着,符合语境。prove 证明;request 要求;admit 承认,供认, 都与语境不相符。 6.解析:选 B。separate...from...把??和??分开,符合语境。 7.解析:选 D。active 活泼的,活跃的,积极的,符合语境。 8.解析:选 C。use 使用,符合语境。 9.解析:选 B。harm 伤害,符合语境。 10.解析:选 D。update 更新,符合语境。 11.解析:选 B。tell 告诉,符合语境。command 命令;remark 评论;respond 回答,响应, 都不符合语境。 12.解析:选 D。根据宾语 the Facebook post 可知“看到”符合语境。 13.解析:选 D。save 拯救,挽救,符合语境。 14.解析:选 A。advice 建议,符合语境。 15.解析:选 C。help 帮助,符合语境。 16.解析:选 D。understand 理解,明白,符合语境。 17.解析:选 C。look deep inside 朝??里面看,深入了解??,符合语境。 18.解析:选 B。approach 方式,方法,符合语境;impression 印象,不符合语境。 19.解析:选 D。somewhere 在这里的意思是“在附近”。 20.解析:选 A。life 人生,符合语境。


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