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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 7 Cultural relics 单词冲关



体裁: 记叙文(2012 湖南高考作文题) 话题: 生活中我们曾有丢失物品而又找回的经历, 其间有烦恼、喜悦、感慨?? [佳作选登] ①I have a precious pen, which was given to me as a birthday present by one of my best friends. I like it very much. However, this pen once had an unusual experience. When I was a student of Grade Two, I lost my precious pen because of carelessness when our school was holding a sports meeting. I almost felt crazy when I realized that it was missing. I searched the playground carefully and even the road leading to my home. I put up several notices with its title-My Precious Pen Lost, in which I promised to pay the one who gives me the pen back to 100 yuan. Several days later, I heard my name called by someone. It was a girl with a pen in her hand. ②I felt excited to see my precious pen back. I thanked this kind girl again and again, who didn't accept the money I gave her as a reward. From the unusual experience of my precious pen, I learn that we should be thankful to those who always do good deeds and also be ready to do what we can to help others.,[佳句变式] ①-A:I have a precious pen, which was a birthday present given to me by one of my best friends. ①-B: I have a precious pen and it was a birthday present that was given to me by one of my best friends. ②-A:I felt so excited to see my precious pen back that I thanked this kind girl again and again, who didn't accept the money I gave her as a reward. ②-B:I felt excited to see my precious pen back and thanked this kind girl again and again, but she didn't accept the money I gave her as a reward.

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 一、考纲词汇识记 1.include vt. 2.ruin n. 3.restore vt. 包括;包含 废墟;遗迹;毁灭;崩溃 修复;重建

4.rebuild vt. 5.damage vt.& n. 6.ancient adj. 7.project n. 8.official n. adj. 官方的;

重建;复原;改造 损害;伤害 古代的;古老的 计划;方案;工程 官员;公务员 正式的;公务的

9.represent vt.代表;表现→representative n.代表 adj.典型的;有代表性的 10.beauty n.美;美景;美好的人或事物→beautify vt.美化→beautiful adj.美好的;美 丽的 11.unite vi.联合;团结→union n.联合;结合;联盟 12.limit vt.限制;限定 n.界限;限度→limited adj.有限的→limitless adj.无限的 二、高频词汇活用 (一)一言辨异 13.In our daily life,we use fuels which ________ the environment badly.It is reported that 25,000 deaths peryear are caused by air ________.(pollute) 答案:pollute;pollution (二)用 breath 及其派生词的适当形式填空 14.(1)We had great difficulty in ________,for the air was thin. (2)The performance left me ________ with excitement. (3)Jack took a deep ________ and then dived into the water. 答案:(1)breathing Ⅱ.重点短语必背 1.base_on 2.under_attack 3.give_in 4.in_ruins 5.give_up 基于 遭受袭击 让步;投降 成为废墟;遭到严重破坏 放弃(念头、希望等);停止; 抛弃;认输;对??绝望 6.bring_...back_to_life 7.come_true 8.pull_down 9.cause/do_damage_to 10.set_up 11.change_one's_mind 使苏醒;使生动;使活泼 实现 拆毁;摧毁;推翻 损害,破坏 设立;创立 改变主意 (2)breathless (3)breath

12.look_out Ⅲ.经典句型必会


1.Where there is a river,there is a city. 凡有河流的地方,必有城市。 解读:where 引导地点状语从句,含有条件意味。 仿写:有希望之处,生命就生生不息。 ________ there is hope,there is life. 答案:Where 2. We will not let our history and culture be destroyed, and we will do everything we can to save our city! 我们不会让我们的历史和文化被毁坏,我们要竭尽全力来拯救我们的城市! 解读:do everything we can to do sth.尽力做某事。 仿写:她总是乐于尽力帮助有困难的人。 She is always ready to __________________________ those in trouble. 答案:do everything she can to help 3. Strong, proud and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia. 圣彼得堡的人民坚强、自豪、团结一致,他们是当代的俄罗斯英雄。 解读:strong,proud and united 为形容词短语作状语。 仿写:又冷又饿,他挨家挨户乞讨。 ________________________,he begged from door to door. 答案:Cold and hungry 4.It is said to be the city's largest ever cultural relics repair project. 据说这项工程是这个城市有史以来最大的文化遗址修复工程。 解读:sb./sth. is said to be 据说某人/某物是??。 仿写:据说她是班里最优秀的学生。 ________________________________the best student in the class. 答案:She is said to be

1.represent vt.代表,表示;表现;描述;象征;相当于 [教材 P44 原句]You can select five things that represent Chinese culture, but you cannot put any living things in the capsule. 你可以选出五种能够代表中国文化的事物,但不能将有生命的物品放入太空舱。

(1)represent ...to do sth. represent ...as/to be ... represent oneself as/to be ... represent sth.to sb. (2)representative n. adj.

代表??做某事 把??描绘成??,声称??是?? 自称是?? 向某人陈述?? 代表 典型的,有代表性的

①He will represent our class to attend the meeting. 他将代表我们班出席会议。 ②He had represented_himself_as an employee in order to gain access to the files. 为了能够看到这些档案,他佯称自己是公司员工。 ③Parents must represent to their children the risk of getting addicted to the Internet. 父母必须向孩子说明沉迷于网络的危险性。 2.include v.包括,把??列在内 [教材 P44 原句]You may also include a short message (two sentences) in any language in the box ... 你还可以放进盒子里一张用任何一种语言写成的短信息(两句话)?? ①His courses include various makeup classes and a number of lectures for future primary school teachers. (2012· 北京高考阅读 A) 他的课程包括各种化妆课和许多给未来的小学教师设立的讲座。

(1)include sb./sth.(in/among/on sth.) 使某人/某物成为整体中的一部分 include doing sth. (2)including prep. (3)included 包括做某事 包括??(常引起一个解释性短语) 包括??在内(常用于独立结构中,放于名词或代词之后)

②Robert had always wanted to include such a man in a story. 罗伯特一直希望故事里有这样一个人物。 ③China is willing to face the problem of the climate change with all countries,including the developing and the developed. 中国愿意同所有国家一道来应对气候变化问题,包括发展中国家和发达国家。 ④Twelve people were awarded at the meeting,a boy of twelve included. 十二人在会上受到嘉奖,其中包括一名十二岁的男孩。

contain,include (1)contain 含有,包含,容纳,里面装有,侧重所含的量和成分,不用于进行时态。另 外,contain 有“克制,抑制”之意。 (2)include 着重强调所包括的人或事物为整体的一部分。

轻巧 识记

[自填助记] 用 contain,include 的适当形式填空 ①The threeday tour will include a visit to the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. ②This new book contains all the poems by the writer from 1980 to 1996. 3.ruin n.毁灭;崩溃 (pl.)废墟;遗迹 vt.毁灭;毁坏 [教材 P45 原句]St Petersburg was almost in ruins:fires burned everywhere. 圣彼得堡几乎变成废墟:到处都是大火。 ①Don't let a small disagreement ruin your friendship. 不要让小小的争执损害你们的友谊。 ②She returned home and found all her furniture had been ruined by the flood. 她回到家发现家具全被洪水毁坏了。

(1)(be/lie) in ruins fall into ruin/go to ruin bring sb.to ruin (2)ruin one's reputation ruin one's health

成为废墟 毁灭;灭亡 使某人失败;使倾家荡产 使某人名声扫地 把身体搞垮

③The big fire left the whole city in_ruins in only two days.仅用了两天的时间大火就使整 个城市成为了废墟。 ④A large number of temples fell into ruin before liberation. 解放前,许多寺庙都毁了。 4.breath n.呼吸;气息 [教材 P48 原句]The carbon dioxide from their breath is damaging the paintings. 他们呼出的二氧化碳正损坏着这些画。

(1)take a deep breath hold one's breath lose one's breath out of breath (2)breathe v. breathe hard/heavily breathe in/out (3)breathless adj.

深深地吸一口气 屏住呼吸 喘不过气来 上气不接下气 呼吸 大口喘气,费力喘气 吸/呼气 屏息的;气喘吁吁的

①We'd take some deep breaths on our way to work, instead of complaining about heavy traffic. (2012· 湖北高考阅读 E) 在上班的路上我们要做几次深呼吸,而不是抱怨繁忙的交通。 ②Time was running out.We all held_our_breath to see which team would win the match. 时间快用完了,我们都屏住呼吸看看哪个队将赢得比赛。 ③When he hurried home,he was almost out_of_breath. 当他匆匆赶回家时,几乎是上气不接下气。 ④He was breathing hard when he finished the race. 赛跑结束时,他不停地大口喘气。 5.limit vt.限制;限定 n.[C]限度;限制 (pl.)范围;极限 [教材 P48 原句]Second,the number of visitors should be limited. 第二,游客的数量应该受到限制。 ①There are no obvious limits to the escalation (增加) of demands for quality.(2012· 重庆高 考阅读 E) 在质量上不断提升的要求似乎是没有止境的。 ②A lack of formal education will limit your job opportunities. 缺少正规的教育会限制你就业的机会。 (1)set a limit/limits to reach one's limit within the limit of (2)limit ...to (3)limited adj. 对??加以限制 达到极限 在??范围内 把??限制??之内 有限的;少的;小的

③They did well within_the_limit_of their knowledge. 由于知识所限,他们已经做得很好了。 ④I believe teaching should not be_limited_to the classroom.我认为教学不应该局限在教室


(2011· 湖北高考)Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be successful, they may also ________ our thinking. A.direct C.change B.limit D.improve


解析: 考查动词词义辨析。 句意: 如是我们想成功, 学识很重要, 但是它们也可 能会限制我们的思维。 direct“ 指导, 管理 ” ; limit“ 限制 ” ; improve“改善, 改进”。 答案:B change“ 改变 ” ;

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.________(污染) causes a threat to the continued existence of this species. 答案:Pollution 2.Numbers of people were buried under the ________(废墟) in the earthquake. 答案:ruins 3.Many students in our class took part in the summer camp,________(包括) Susan and Mary. 答案:including 4.Many people suffered from ________(文化) shock when they came abroad. 答案:culture 5.The garden they visited was such a great ________(美) that they didn't want to leave. 答案:beauty 6.As long as we ________(团结) together,we can finally succeed. 答案:unite 7.The house has been ________(修复) to the way it looked in 1900 when it was built. 答案:restored 8.Joe was on his feet again after such a long ________(一段时期) in hospital. 答案:period Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2013· 济南高三检测)When we got to top of the mountain, we were nearly ________. A.under our breath C.caught our breath B.lost our breath D.out of breath

解析:句意:到达山顶时,我们几乎上气不接下气了。out of breath“上气不接下气”,

符合句意。lose one's breath“喘不过气来”;catch one's breath“屏息”。 答案:D 2.(2013· 南安高三检测)Today the public is much concerned about the way ________. A.nature is being ruined C.on which to ruin nature B.which nature is ruined D.of nature to be ruined

解析: 考查 the way 的定语。 句意: 当今公众非常关心大自然正遭受怎样的破坏。 the way 表示“方式,方法”时,其后可跟 that,in which 引导的定语从句,实际应用中关系词常省 略;也可跟不定式或 of 短语,构成 the way to do sth.或 the way of doing sth.结构。 答案:A 3.(2012· 皖南八校联考)—How much shall I pay for the trip? —$800 in total,hotels and meals ________. A.to include C.included B.including D.are included

解析:答句句意:总共八百美元,宾馆住宿和饮食也包括在内。included 常放在名词或 代词之后,构成独立主格结构。 答案:C 4.The traffic department has taken effective measures ________ the car speed in the town and ________ the traffic accidents. A.limiting; cut off C.limiting; cut out B.to limit; cut up D.to limit; cut down

解析:句意:交通部门已采取有效措施以限制城镇的车辆速度,减少交通事故。第一个 空表示目的,and 连接两个并列的成分,所以选 D。 答案:D 5.As our head teacher ________ it, “Lei Feng will always live in our hearts, because his spirit ________ some of the best qualities of us human beings.” A.says; presents C.explains; stands B.puts; represents D.expresses; means

解析:句意:正如我们班主任说的,“雷锋永远活在我们心中,因为他的精神代表了人 类最优秀的品质。” put“表达(思想,评论)”;第二个空应该用 represent“代表”。 答案:B

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