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2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题
Paper One(试卷一) (90 minutes) Part I Dialogne Completion (15 points) Directions: There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part,each followed by 4 choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.
1、Speaker A: Would you like to go with me for a movie tonight? Speaker B: [A] You name it [C] If I can finish my homework . [B] l hope you don't mind [D] Thank you for inviting me

2、Sam: Oh, I am feeling dizzy now. You know I have just enjoyed much beer. Tracy: Really? Don't you know it is a very important party? [A] Behave yourself [C] Mind your own business [B] Mind how you go [D] Watch your back .

3、Naacy: Caroline must have left since your train arrived so late. Eiline: To my surprise, I found her waiting for me at the station. Nancy: [A] What a pity [C] Good for her 4、Janny: Well, it is time for boarding. Robcrt: [A] Nice to meet you [C] I hope you will soon feel better 5、Yvonne: You have a nice big room. Frank: . [A] It's not so big as you see it IC] I don't know what to say [BI I hope so [D] I’m glad you like it

. [B] How kind [D] No kidding

. [B] Have a nice party [D] I wish you a pleasant journey

6、Interviewer: Let me repeat. How would you describe your personality?

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案


. [A] Yes, I got you this time [C] I'd better ask you [ B ] I missed your question just now [D] I want to bother you with a few questions on the subject of solar energy.

7、Student: Teacher: Ok, go ahead. [A] I guess I can ask you [C] I’d better ask you

[B] I’d like to ask you [D] I want to bother you with

8、Johnnason: This has been very interesting. I'll discuss your plan with my boss. Cathy: . [B] I don't know what to do [D] That sounds fine with me

[A] Thank you for your time [C] Great. The pleasure is mine 9、Tom: Let's go picnic this Saturday.

Susan: Don't you think it's still a bit chilly at this time of year? Tom: [A] No wonder [C] Up to you 10、Vivian: .? . [B] Cheer up [D] Come on

Roger: Yes, our family moved in here only a few days ago. Vivian: Welcome to the neighborhood. IA] Do you need any help [C] Are you new here [B] Are you here for holiday [D] What are you doing here

11、Max: Do you mind waiting outside for a moment? Steve: [A] Not at all [C] I guess So . [B] Yes, please [D] I sure do

12、Speaker: Thank you all for your attention. Host: Professor Cohen, Speaker: Sure. [A] we'd like to thank you anyway. [B] I wish you a safe trip hack. [C] would you like to take some questions?


2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

[D] could you expand on it? 13、Adam: I’m very sorry for stepping on your foot. Bob: [A] That's right [C] I’ m fine . It's very crowded on the train. [B] Don't worry [D] Take it easy

14、Ted: I'm thinking of keeping a dog, and I wonder if you have any particular policy about animals? House owner: .

[A] Yes, dogs will be out of the question [B] Yes, I like dogs [C] No, dogs are not good pets [D] No l our policy is not particular 15、Chark: Would you like to have tea with us? Clara: No, thank you. Chark: You must come again. [A] I wish I can [C] I've had enough [B] I must be going [D] I'm all right .

Part II Reading Comprehension (40 points) Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by 5 questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. Passage One
When the terrorist attack on September 11th caused people to flee the building, Avremel Zelmanowitz risked his own chance of escape by staying behind with his friend and colleague, Ed Beyea, who was Confined to a wheelchair due to a par'alysis (瘫痪). Both men lost their lives, but the stray of Avremel's love and devotion to his friend conveys a life-giving message to all. Avremel never married, and he shared a house with his brother and his family. He was a loving uncle to his brother's children; and he was devoted to caring for his aging parents. He was a "family man" in every sense of the word. At the same time, he had his own life, his varied interests, and a job and friends. When the tragedy occurred, Avremel was age 55, and his friend, Ed Beyea, was age 42.

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

Ed became disabled after a diving accident at age 22, but he managed to work 14 years at Blue Cross since his injury Both he and Avremel were program analysts who worked on the 27th floor of World Trade Center. They both loved books and music, and they both served as the special uncle of their respective families. Like Avremel, Ed had no children of his own, but he was a father figure to his two nephews after their father died. On the morning of September 11, Ed wanted to wait until he could be securely carried down by several rescue workers, as it was dangerous for someone with his disability to be moved. Avremel wouldn't allow his friend to wait alone when everyone else was fleeing the building, and he stayed with him. In the days that followed, the media learned about Aw'emel's selfless act, and the story began to spread. President Bush, in his national prayer address to the American people, referred to Avremel's act as one of the many "outstanding acts of sacrifice" that were demonstrated by Americans during this crisis. 16、What happened to Avremel and Ed during the 9 . 11 terrorist attack? [A] Avremel rescued Ed at tile cost of his life. [B] Both Avremel and Ed gave up their chance of escape. [C] Avremel stayed with Ed and both lost their lives. [D] Both Avremel and Ed were finally rescued. 17、What were the similarities between the two men? [A] Both of them loved hooks and music. [B] Both of them were in their 50s. [C] Both of them were disabled.. [D] Both lived with their brother's families. 18、Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? [A] Avremel took care of Ed's life after work. [B] Avremel liked diving when he was young. [C] Ed treated his nephews as his own children. [D] Ed became disabled after a driving accident. 19、Why did Avremel choose to stay when others were fleeing the building? [A] Because he expected the rescuers to help him. [B] Because he tried to carry Ed downstairs. [C] Because he thought it was safer to stay inside. [D] Because he didn't want to leave Ed behind.

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

20、The word "address'' in the last paragraph means .... [A] solution [B] speech [C] information [D] title

Passage Two
What you've always heard? We're eating way too much salt. The average American gets about 3.4 grams of sodium every day, far more than the upper limit of 2. 3 grams recommended by the USDA. The Institute of Medicine estimates that reducing sodium intake ( 摄取量 ) nationwide could prevent 100,000 deaths every year. The headlines now? It's time to get tough. The New York City health department recently kicked off a national effort to cut the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant food by 25% over five years. 80% of the salt in the average person's diet comes from those sources, not from the sahshaker (盐瓶). But wait! The benefits of salt reduction are surprisingly mruky. At least 13 studies have tried to find out what happens to people who choose to eat salty or not-so-salty food--and the results have pointed in eve~3~ direction. Sonre studies suggest that cutting salt protects the heart; others suggest that intense salt reduction can actually increase heart problems. What's needed,Dr. Michael Alderman says, is a randomized (随机的) , controlled trial, in which people are put on different diets and followed for years. It's the only way to get a reliable answer, but it's never been done. So what should you do? Go easy on processed foods and eat more produce. Those changes will improve your diet in a variety of ways and cut the amount of sodium you consume. If your blood pressure is high, work with your doctor to control it with drugs and lifestyle changes. If your blood pressure is healthy? At this point, there's no convincing reason for you to count every grain. 21、It is stated in Paragraph 1 that our sodium intake [A] is within the healthy range [B] is a bit over the upper limit [C] is far beyond what is necessary [D] is well below the lower limit 22、The main sources of salt in our diet are [A] home-made food and packaged food [B] restaurant food and saltshakers [C] home-made food and saltshakers [D] restaurant food and packaged food 23、What does the word "murky' (Para. 3) probably mean? [A] Unclear [B] Significant

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

[C] Obvious

[D] Exaggerated

24、What does Dr. Michael Alderman say about a randonfized, controlled trial? [A] It has been successfully conducted [B] It should be carded out. [C] It is already under way. [D] It is too late to try it. 25、As stated in the last paragraph, people with normal blood pressure [A] should consider a change of their lifestyle [B] have every reason to be careful about sodium [C] will not be affected by the amount of sodium taken [D] do not have to take sodium too seriously

Passage Three
There is a tale that straw is the worst material from which to build a house, particularly if you are a pig with a hungry wolf around. So the cards were stacked against Warren Brush when local officials learned that he had several buildings made of straw bales ( 大捆 ) on his land. They have tried to fine him a lot. But the case is still unresolved. The problem is that California's building codes make no provision for the use of straw. And Mr Brush has many defenders--among them several university scientists and David Eisenberg, the chairman of the United States Green Building Council's code connnittee. They would like to see the prejudice against straw houses eliminated, for straw is, in many ways, an ideal building material. It is, for one thing, a great insulator (绝缘体). That keeps down the heating bills in houses made from it. It is also a waste product that would otherwise be burned, and is therefore cheap, and very much to the point in a place like California, it is earthquake-resistant. Last year a test conducted at the University of Nevada showed that straw-bale constructions could' withstand twice the amount of ground motion recorded in the Northridge earthquake that hit LosAngeles in 1994. There are other straws in the wind: a post office in suburban Albuquerque, a school in Maryland, and an office complex in suburban Los Angeles have all been built from straw. Even California is having a rethink, and may change its rules to adapt to straw-bale construction. As Mr Eisenberg observes, "the lesson of the Three Little Pigs isn't to avoid straw. It's that you don't let a pig build your house." 26、By "the cards were stacked against Warren Brush, the author means that Brash [A] received punishment [c] would be in trouble [B] made a breakthrough [D] might win a prize

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

27、David Eisenberg is mentioned [A] as a representative of official opinions [B] for the purpose of supporting Warren Brush [C] to provide evidence against straw houses [D] to show the importance of the building codes 28、What is Paragraph 3 mainly about? [A] The structure of straw houses. [B] The possibility of building straw houses. [C] The suggestions for building straw houses. [D] The advantages of straw houses. 29、It can be learned from the last paragraph that California [Al will fine Warren Brush as planned [B] will reduce the fine on Warren Brush [C] may consider a heavier fine on Warren Brush [D] may not fine Warren Brash 30、The author's purpose in writing the passage is to [A] show that straw can be used to build houses [B] highlight the prejudice against straw houses [C] explain how to build a house with straw [D] introduce a new building material

Passage Four
I was talking with a senior Public Relations manager the other day about "The Game Trainers" and he expressed much doubt about both the possibility and value of getting senior professionals to play games. These are serious people with serious jobs, and they are not going to waste time running around like school children,' he told me. This statement highlighted many of his assumptions. He also provided me with a golden opportunity to talk about how these "serious people with serious jobs" could actually learn something about themselves, their staff, their company, and their business opportunities by allowing creativity to flow more freely through "games". His position is not uncommon and it comes from a deep seated misunderstanding of what a "game" is and what it is for, as well as a set notion of what "work" nmst look like for it to be

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

considered of value. It's not a coincidence (巧合) that the most successful companies of the last decade, including Apple and Google, were all started by college students, and perhaps as a consequence have at their core a spirit of fun, creativity and innovation. Their success has not been achieved through a strict work environment, dull meetings and a 9 to 5 work time. Instead they have flowing and flexible work spaces, a culture of cooperation, opportunities for creativity and relaxed work structures. The Game Trainers support this innovative and highly productive approach to work by developing games to integrate into the working environment, And so, I said to the PR man, it's a good thing that they are "serious people with serious jobs", because we also are extremely serious about play, and in today's environment they simply cannot afford not to play games. 31、What does the PR manager think of the author’s proposal of playing games? [Al It is against the rule. [C] It is worth a try. [B] It makes no sense. [D] It would be beneficial.

32、The author suggests that the PR manager’s position on games [A] represents a common misunderstanding [B] allows for greater work efficiency [C] is based on scientifically proven concepts [D] is hard to understand in today's world? 33、The examples of Apple and Google show that [A] it helps to combine work with games [B] games should be separated from work [C] work and games can be clearly defined [D] no work can be done well without games 34、"The Game Trainers" is probably a [A] computer game [C] game developer 35、In the passage the author [A] encourages people to work more creatively [B] describes how to balance work with life [C] analyzes why it is important to enjoy work [D] promotes an innovative approach to work [B] search engine [D] research system

Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.
36、Poor educational performance is sometimes [Al connected [B] related [C] associated to emotional disturbance. [D] joined the visitors today..

37、The size of the castle and its commanding position still [A] impress [B] stress [C] affect

[D] emphasize

38、Their home is situated within easy [A] acquisition [B] reach

of shops and other facilities. [C] possession [D] access

39、Lee is coming on very well now and it's a [A] problem [B] matter [C]thing

of deciding how to fit him into the team. [D] concern

40、Once the excitement of watching TV all day has __ off, holidays can be boring. [Al shown [B] laid [C] worn [D] passed

41、Feed plants and they grow; [A] disgust [B] dismiss

them and they suffer. [C] omit [D] neglect

42、It was considered impolite by many to discuss business on social [ Al events [ B] moments [C] occasions [ D] affairs life is to give him an operation.

43、 Doctors have decided the only way he can live anything near a(n) [A] normal [B] ordinary [C] regular [D] average

44、There are many theories that IA] declare [B] claim

to be able to predict whether you will give birth to a girl a boy. [C] announce [D] state to the job.

45、It is very important for the staff to dress in something [ A ] proper 46、After

[ B ] approximate [ C ] appropriate [ D ] relevant

the numbers' in every possible combination, we finally hit on a solution. [ A ] running through [ C ] running over [ B ] running after [ D ] running out , he was never seen again. [ D] no case

47、Either he escaped, or he was put in prison, in [ Al all cases [ B] every case

[C] any case

48、The authorities wouldn’t [ A ] grant 49、We should

us permission to fly all the way down to San Francisco. [ C ] provide

[ B ] allow

[ D ] admit

our differences and discuss the things we have in common.

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

[ A ] put away

[ B ] put aside

[ C ] put off

[ D ] put forward himself together.

50、It was only by a great effort of will and courage that he was able to [A] pull [B] put [C] drag [D] push

51、Seldom did we realize that many of our hair problems [A] rely on 52、Mark needs to travel [A] extensively 53、Even though I'm quite a [A] preserved [B] conserved [B] refer to

what we eat.

[C] result from [D] respond to with his varied business interests.

[B] intensely

[C] broadly

[D] widely

person, I like meeting people. [C] deserved [D] reserved

54、Few people nowadays are able to [A] postpone [B] maintain

friendship into their senior years. [C] withdraw [D] insist a lot of money.

55、Tile necklace has 96 pieces and they are worth, individually and [A] wholly 56、A country [Al where [B] jointly [C] collectively [D] completely

birth rate is higher than its death rate will have an increasing population. [B] which [C] that ID] whose

57、If' you don't agree with me, [A] neither they will [C] neither will they [B] so won't they [D] so they won't neither

58、Although Americans have different views on many issues, they tend to agree __ one subject: taxes are too high. [A] on [B] to [C] with [D] at

59、There is nothing about women [A] to give up 60、His sickness, [A] combining [B] give up

careers to look after children. [C] giving up [D] will give up

with terrible weather, has completely ruined this long expected trip. [B] combined [C] to combine [D] to be combined not to work at all.

61、A recent poll suggested that if money were not an issue, most people [A] should prefer [B] prefer 62、After [A] that 63、It is worth [C] would prefer [D] preferred

seemed to be an endless wait, it was finally his turn to have the interview. [B] when [C] what [D] which

that even the most complex scientific ideas can eventually affect one's daily life. [B] remember

[A] to remember

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

[C] remembered 64、The degree factors. [A] which

[D] remembering

you maintain your mental health may depend on certain simple environmental

[B] to which

[C] that

[D] to that to cover the increased cost of living.

65、The demand made by the workers is that their salaries [A] increased [C] be increasing 66、He is, by far, and will be for a time [A] coming [B] to come [B] be increased [D] were increased

, the best basketball player in the history of the game. [C] to have come [D] to be coming

67、When we arrived at the airport, we were told our flight [A] cancelled [C] has been cancelled [ B] had cancelled [D] had been cancelled the film began.

68、Scarcely had they settled in their seats in the cinema [A] when [BI than' [C] as

[D] until to be untrue.

69、After careful investigation we find that one of the statements [Al is turned out [c] has turned out 70、This project is said

[B] have been turned out [D] have turned out right now and so far everything is going on quite [B] having been carried out [D] to be being carried out smoothly.

[Al to have carried out [C] to have been carried out 71、Without the sun's light [A] warms

the earth's surface, no life could exist on the earth. [B] warmed [C] warming [D] to warm

72、It is generally agreed that the Internet has brought people together [A] more than any invention [B] than any other invention

[C] than any other invention has [D] more than has any other invention 73、 the price, it is a thousand times worth it. [A] Whatever [B] However [C] Whichever [D] Wherever a strong influence on the character of their children. [D] had together to fight against terrorism. [D] working

74、How close parents are to their children [A] have [B]has [C] having

75、It is high time that the international community [A] work [B] works [C] worked

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

Part 1V Cloze Test (10 points) Directions: There are 10 numbered blanks in the following passage. For each blank, there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.
Everyone seems to know that grandma's cookies taste better because they're made with love. But is that really 76 ? A researcher from Marydand University devised experiments that put it to the 77 . In the first experiment, people were given candy with a note attached. One note read: "I 78 this just for you. Hope it makes you happy. "A second note read: "Whatever. I don't care. I just took it randomly. " 79 he people tested, tile candy that came with the former tasted better and sweeter. In the second experiment, people sat in a chair with an electric massage (按摩) device that was either 80 by a real human being or a computer. The massages were 81 , but people got more pleasure from the massages operated by a human. The massages operated by the computer weren't viewed as 82 . These simple experiments show how good intentions can 83 to life: food tastes better and pleasure is more pleasant. And it doesn't even 84 if the intentions actually exist--it's tile perception 85 they're there, that's important. The general message is that trusting in people's good intentions makes for a happier life. 76、[A] fine 77、[A] thought 78、[A] liked 79、[A] Because of 80、[A] turned on 81、[A] important 82、[A] safe 83、[A] put 84、[A] matter 85、[A] while [B] serious [B] test [B] meant [B] In spite of [B] taken out [B] available [B] good [B] make [B] hold [B] when [C] strange [C] proof [C] picked [C] Thanks to [C] sent back [C] identical [C] direct [C] reach [C] work [C] that [D] true [D] question [D] carried [D] According to [D] handed in [D] necessary [D] worthy [D] add [D] stand [D] which


2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题
Paper One(试卷二) (30 minutes) Part V Writing (15 points) Directions: You are to write in, 100~120 words about the title "Is It Useful to Go to University Now?” You should base your composition on the outline given in, Chinese below:
1、有人认为,上大学没有用; 2、有人认为,上大学非常有用; 3、你的看法是怎么样的?为什么?


2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题及答案

2012 年广东省成人高等教育学士学位英语统考真题答案
Part I Dialogne Completion (15 points)

1、D 2、C 3、D 4、D 5、D 6、D 7、B 8、A 9、C 10、C 11、A 12、D 13、A 14、A 14、A、15、A

Part II

Reading Comprehension (40 points)

Passage One 16、C 17、A 18、D 19、B 20、D Passage Two 21、B 22、D 23、C 24、B 25、A Passage Three 26、C 27、B 28、D 29、D 30、D Passage Four 31、B 32、A 33、C 34、C 35、A

Part III

Vocabulary and Structure (20 points) 41、D 42、C 43、A 44、B 45、D

36、B 37、A 38、B 39、B 40、C 46、A 47、C 48、A 49、D 50、A 56、D 57、C 58、A 59、D 60、B 66、B 67、D 68、A 69、C 70、D

51、C 52、D 53、B 54、B 55、A 61、C 62、C 63、D 64、C 65、B 71、D 72、C 73、A 74、B 75、C

Part 1V Cloze Test (10 points) 76、D 77、B 78、C 79、D 80、A 81、C 82、B 83、D 84、A 85、C