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看完本贴,你的英语就无敌了[经验交流]英语日常口语、习惯语 1500 句(高级)

??英语日常口语、习惯语 500 句(高级)(之一) 1. Hold on 等一下 (口语中, 人们不太用 wait a minute)如果两人辩论,吵架,抬杠,你要别人―打住‖,可以说,hold i t right there. 2. I hate his guts. 我最讨厌他。也有说 I hate him guts. Guts 是肠子, 相当于―恨之入骨‖的意思。He doesn’t have much guts. 他是个胆小鬼。 ut feeling 直觉 3. Nuts, 果仁,核,为复数时,意为―疯子‖,He is nuts。他有神经病。He went nuts a nd killed a guy.他发疯了,结果杀了一个人。You are driving me nuts. 你真是要把我逼疯。 a tough nut to crack, 一项艰巨的任务,一个难解之题 4. How is everything? (还好 吗?) I am just stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day. I wish I could do someth ing different. (烦死了,每天都是干同样的活,我真想换个活法。) rut 日常的,每天都如此, get in a rut,日复一日,天天如此 5. I have totally sold out to your idea. 我 100%地 赞同赞同你的意见。 类似的话还有 If you are not careful enough, you will buy into his bad i dea. 如果你不小心的话,你就会采纳他的这馊主意。 6. I am just ecstatic about goi ng to visit you soon. 马上要见你,我高兴死了。 7. A dap and dip 打个照面,露下脸 就走。 Matt: Are we going to Jon’s party?我们去琼的聚会吗? Darryl: Yeah, bu t I don’t want to stay long, so let’s make it a dap and dip.那就去吧,不过我可不想多呆, 顶多就打个照面就走人。 8. I would like to get a job within couching distance. 我想 找个不用走路就可以上班的工作。Couching distance,沙发距离,就是坐在沙发上不起身也 能够得着。这是那种 couch potato 喜欢做的美梦。 9. Yukky 难吃,说这个词时还要 做一个难吃的表情。Where did you get this food? It was yukky. 你从哪里弄了这吃的?那 么难吃。 10. 与 yukky 相反的词是 yummy,好吃极了。说这个词时,要不然就把音拖 一下, 要不然说它两次, 表示你真的喜欢主人做的这道菜。 之二 11 I cannot take it a ny more. 我再也无法忍受了。前面还可以加上一句:don’t push me. 不要再逼我呀。 同 样意思的句子还有:I cannot stand him any longer. 12 Don’t take it out on me! 不要 把气出在我身上。 13 You have my word. 我向你保证(是这样)。 14 Look, I hav e got going. 就这样了,我还得干活呢(还得赶路)。这是向人告辞的说法。 15 You t alk crazy. 你满嘴胡言。相当于 you talk nonsense 之意。 从语法上看,将形容词放在动词 后不是很正规, 但人家都这么说, 也就可以将就了。 16 I don’t mean to cross the line. 直 译是―我不想越界‖。这句话的意思是,我并不是想管闲事呀,只是随便问问。―I don’t mea n to cross the line, is she your new girl friend ?‖ 17 Thank you for .....(the tea, an d so on), and everything else. 谢谢你的(茶水款待),以及一切。当你向人道谢时,你一 下只想起了一件具体的事,但又接受了不止一项的好处,就加上一句 and everything else, 这样就不会漏谢什么了。 18 I won’t take that crap.我才不会信那套鬼话。也可以说: I won’t buy that beef.同样的意思。 19 Calm down. 不要激动好不好? 20 sic k 恶心 you make me sick. 你叫我恶心。People do sick things to young girls nowadays. 现 在总有人对小女孩做那些恶心的事。 He is sick. 如果你把 sick 一词念得很重,意思就是―他 令人恶心。‖如果念得不重,意思就只是―他病了。‖ 所以要小心。 之三 21 You look c oncerned. What’s on your mind 你看上去有点心思沉沉,在担心什么呢? 22 I’ve got t o quiet down and get focused. 我该冷静下来,集中注意力。 23 I know he has the bl ues (He is feeling very down!) but it doesn’t mean he can vent his anger on me. 我知道 , 他心情不好,但他也不能把气发在我身上呀。the blues 心情不好,If a girl is sad, an ice-c ream cone can normally chase the blues away. 如果女孩心情不好的话,给她一个冰淇淋, 她就会转哭为笑了。也可说,an ice-cream cone can normally help shake off the blues.


24 I’m up to my neck in work.这句话的意思就是 I am quite busy. 我太忙了,这工作 把我忙得晕头转向。I have got a pretty tight schedule today. 我今天的日程安排得很紧。 25 Easy! 悠着点;不要性急;轻一点;也可以说:Go easy. Go easy on it(省着点用). E asy-going, 很容易相处:She is caring and easy-going. 26 Crush 原意为―粉碎‖,现常 指―暗恋‖,又常指青涩少年的那种爱,并不稳定,例如,小女生对老师的爱恋,过一阵就烟 消云散。Peter has a crush on Jenny. 27 Ask somebody out 与人约会,谈恋爱:He d oesn’t have the guts to ask her out because he is afraid she will turn him down. 他不敢告 诉她他爱她,因为他生怕会遭到她的拒绝。类似的有 go out with somebody: I heard you’r e going out with Jane. 我听说了你在与 Jane 谈恋爱。 28 Mr. Right: 白马王子,He’s g entle, patient, successful, and MATURE. I think He’s my Mr. Right! 他温柔体贴,有耐心, 成功又成熟。我知道他就是我的意中人(我未来的丈夫非他莫属;也可以说是真命天子)。 (白马王子的另一个说法:prince charming) 29 Jack 对朋友 John 说,他刚刚与 Esth er 拜拜了,(I just broke up with Esther.)John 安慰 Jack 说, I don’t know what to say t o comfort you, but cheer up! There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll find your soul ma te, your perfect match! 30 My relationship with her is already a history.我与她的关 系早已成历史了。 之四 31 我们赞扬儿童时最常用的话有:Isn’t he cute H e is so cute. He is adorable. Beautiful baby! 逗一两岁的小孩时, 人们常说: Peek-a-boo, I s ee you.给小孩说再见:See you later, alligator! 32 Yes, 这是现在的小学生都会的单 词。但是大学英语专业的人有时也搞错,例如,对于对方的否定句表示赞同时,很多时候, 很多人仍旧会回答 yes,而不会说 no。英语中表示同意的词很多,如果实在无法立马反应 过来,不妨用其他的词。Absolutely, OK, you are right, exactly, certainly, yep, aye, just s o, sure, right, correct, you said it. I agree with you, 常用的还有 sweat, you bet。 或者你可 以说:I hear you.你说的我明白。说 no 的词也有好几个:nope, I don’t think so,等等。 33 有个人说:A 82 year-old man married a 28 year-old woman. That is the most bizarr e thing that has ever happened recently. (一个 82 岁的老头娶了 28 岁的姑娘,这是近来 最为离奇的事。)另一个人蛮有同情心,他可能会说:Well, age shouldn’t be something t hat comes in the way of a person’s marriage. As long as they love each other, age is no t an issue.(嗯,年龄在婚姻中应该不是障碍,重要的是他们爱着对方,年龄不是问题。) bizarre 是一个美国人喜欢用的词, 意思是―稀奇古怪, 不正常的‖; That is a bizarre story.(这 个故事太荒唐。) The nine-head-bird is really bizarre.(九头鸟是不可能有的事。)这是一 句中国俗话,上、下联是什么呢? comes in the way of 的意思是―成为绊脚石‖。 34 有 个朋友要我每到一地就给她写几个字,这英语的表达法可以用―drop me a line‖: Don’t for get to drop me a line when you visit a new place. 我则可以回答:―Trust me. I won’t. I’ll k eep you posted.‖(没问题,我不会忘记的,我会随时让你知道我的近况。)post 当动词用, 则是―邮寄,转递‖,keep someone posted 意思是 keep in touch with someone, or touch b ase with someone often。只是很可惜,现在的中国邮局大部分都不办理邮政业务,而是成 为银行了,所以信也没法寄。Drop by 的意思是,顺便访问(没有计划的那种访问。)Plea se drop by sometime for a drink. - I dropped by my best friend’s house to see if he was h ome. 不要朋友写信,就叫朋友打电话好了:Give me a buzz. or Give me a ring. 都可以。 35 上一篇中提到了一个词 soul mate, 是那种心灵感应的朋友, 也可以用 heart,例如说, sweat heart,但这指恋人或关系特别密切的人。a heart to heart chat 很诚恳的沟通。I tri ed to have a heart to heart chat with him on this issue, but it didn’t work. 我费了一番力 气想与他坦诚沟通,但没有什么用。 36 他喝醉了。英文有好些说法,很口语化的是: He is loaded. 就是 drunk 的意思。"When I talked to the president, he was loaded." Kissin


ger said about Nixon. 基辛格谈到尼克松时说:―我跟总统谈话时,他已经喝得烂醉。‖unde r the influence of alcohol 也是喝醉了的意思,但这是个法律词汇,意思是犯法了,尤其是 在开车时,如果查出了司机是 under the influence of alcohol 则可能要坐牢。而 drunk, loa ded 虽是醉酒,但不违法。很书面语的词汇是―intoxicated, intoxication‖。写到这里,我想 起了昆明巫家坝机场的一副广告:令人陶醉的地方--云南(大意),旁边的英语是:Intoxi cation: Yunnan. 这是典型的中式英语,外国人看了不知所云,听上去好像是云南人都是酒 鬼一样。正确的英文应该是:The most attractive place: Yunnan;也可以说:Breathtaking s cenery:Yunnan. 37 He is a little bit punchy. 如果一个人晚上睡眠不足,早晨起来睡眼 惺忪的样子,我们可以说他 punchy.所以可以接着说:He needs a cup of coffee to wake u p. 一个人看上去云里雾里的样子都是 punchy,与喝醉酒貌差不多。 38 与 load 还有一 个相关的口语词:freeloading, 揩油,滥用别人的慷慨。My roommate won’t pay anything f or the grocery. I end up feeding him three meals. I am really fed up with his freeloading. (他这样揩我的油我实在是受不了。 )揩油的人就叫―freeloader‖, 就是那种喜欢免费的午餐的 人(those who enjoy free lunch)。 39 市场上有很多关于学英语诀窍的书,但实际上, 学英语就是一个背单词、与遗忘作斗争的过程。记忆力好的人总是少数。I cannot think of t hese English words off hand. One of the effective ways is to brush up on grammar rule s a little bit everyday. There is simply no short cut. Off hand,我无法一下子就能想起这些 英文单词。 Brush up on 常常复习,short cut,捷径。学英语最好是每天学一点,坚持不懈, 集腋成裘:―Precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, idea by idea,‖(一次学个 概念, 这里学一点, 那里学一点, 一次接触一个思想) 或者我们可以说 A little at a time, w 。 e can eat up an elephant eventually.(一次吃一口,我们最终可以把头大象给吞了。) It i s a big job, but we can get it done. 这个工作巨大,但我们可以把它做好。所以不要相信那 些 100 天就可以把英语学好的广告。如果有学生或一位网友 100 天可以学好英语的话,那 我不就要失业了? 40 堵塞。看到―堵塞‖二字,人们一般会想起―jam‖,如果是交通堵塞, 用 jam 是没错的。但是如果是下水道给堵塞了,最好要用 clog。It is too bad, my sink is cl ogged up again.―堵塞‖还有一个英文词―clot‖: The street was clotted with traffic. 街上交通 阻塞。血栓堵塞:blood clot。―堵塞‖正式的名词是 Congestion, 如果吃东西给咽了,则是 c hoking (food clogging in the throat.) 41 Hang 是个常用的单词,几本意思是―挂,吊‖。 口语中加上 in 或者 on 后,其意思是坚持。Hang in there, OK? 再在那里坚持一会。Everyb ody hanging on. 每个人都再坚持一下。Stay on. 也是―再坚持一会‖ All relationships g o through rough times. You just have to hang in there. 每种关系都会经历难关,所以你坚 持下去就好了。 Just hang on in there. The physical training is tough but it’s worth i t. 你一定要坚持下去,体育训练难度较大,但这代价是值得付的。 Hang around 的意思 是闲逛。你进商店,老板会问:What can I do for you? 你则可以回答:I am just hanging a round.我只是随便看看。 Most husbands hate hanging around with their wives in th e mall. It’s so boring! 大部分的先生都不喜欢跟老婆去逛商场, 太无聊了。 I don’t like t o hang around here after dark. 天黑后我不喜欢在这里逛了。 He had stupidly hung ar ound — just to see what the cops were doing — and ended up being arrested!他在这里 看热闹实在是笨,他就是想看看警察在干什么,结果把自己给弄抓起来了。 Hang up w ith 是约会的意思。He is hanging up now with Jane. 42. 如果有人无所事事,你就可 以说:Get a job. 去做点正事吧。 43.No need to panic. Don’t panic 不要慌张。 44. You made your point. 我明白你的观点(意见)了。或者:I heard you. 45.You are n asty. 你真是可恶。nasty weather; a nasty trick nasty 是个常用词,表示厌恶。 46.Sta y cool, man. 老兄,多多保重。相当于 Take care. 47.That is a wishful thinking. 想得


美。 也可以说是 day dream 白日梦。 You are day dreaming. "He lives in a dream that has n othing to do with reality" 48.Let us keep it that way. 还是原样吧。就这么办吧。 49.Can you drop it? 能不能不谈这事了? 50.What is there for me (you)?两个人谈合 作,你看了半天,都是对方得益,于是你就可以说这句话了:我的好处在哪里?也可以说: Where is my cut? 51.Back To Basics 从头来,回到起点,回到基础的东西。 This is r eally complicated for me now, please get back to basics, OK?这真的有点复杂了,我搞不 懂,能不能从头说一遍? 又可以说:Back To Square One 这是一个美式足球的术语, 球又从新开始。 Voters send tax relief back to square one. 投票人将缓税计划打回原 宫。 表示―基本‖的另一个词组是 the nuts and bolts The nuts and bolts of colleg e writing 大学写作初阶 nut 是螺帽, bolt 螺钉,螺帽螺钉是最基本的的东西,合在一 起就是―基础‖。 52.Licking good 味道好极了,licking 是舔的意思,例如手抓羊肉,吃完 后,再舔舔手,证明好吃。 It is licking good. 53.My toes feel very itchy. It’s really irr itating. I think I have an athlete’s foot. 我脚趾痒得很,真烦人,我想我是得了香港脚气。 夏天还一个常常弄得皮肤很痒的是痱子 Heat rash 或 heat burns, 中暑是 heat stroke, 那就 不是痒的问题了,搞不好要命。 54.I really miss my good old days. Now age has set i n.我真怀念以前那些美好的日子, 现在是年岁不饶人呀。 55. owe you. 我欠你一次情。 I 56.Do they buy it? 他们买帐吗? 57.Don’t just talk to his mind, talk to his hea rt. 不仅要诉之于理,更是要动之以情。 58.That psycho scared me. 美国曾有部恐怖 片,片名就是是《psycho》,主角是一个连环杀手,患有精神病。所以那些行为古怪的人 也叫 psycho. 59. You need to get yourself together. 你得清醒清醒。 60. Guru 这 个词最近几年最流行,原意是指印度教、佛教里的教师,现在也指新兴的宗教里的老师,进 而泛指大师,也可译成大鳄。有时有戏称的味道。Diet guru 营养大师 这次的话题有点严 肃,可能并不是每天日常生活中能用的,但你与别人交谈时,可能有天还是会用得着。 61.It’s a pro-democracy movement. And it’s not only Chinese, it is global. 这是一场 民主化运动,这不仅是中国人的追求,而是世界性的运动。在谈到民主化时,在 democrac y 前要加 pro 这个前缀,表示拥护。 62.Genuine pro-democracy movements are alwa ys profoundly threatening to those with their polished boots on the necks of the poor. 真 正的民主运动势必会从根本上动摇那些骑在穷人身上作威作福人的利益。Polished boots 擦 得锃亮的靴子,the neck of the poor 穷人的脖子,这个词组很形象,就是富人阶层把穿了 靴子的脚架在穷人的脖子上。 63.China will not move forward towards the ultimate g oal of universal suffrage without the active participation of the citizens.没有公民的积极参 与, 中国就不能进步, 达到普选的最终目标。 Universal suffrage 人人都投票。 65. W ithout human rights and political freedoms, we are simply a bunch of pigs. Without check s and balance, man will surely abuse power and concentrate power, and eventually dictat orship is born. abuse power 滥用权力,concentrate power 抓权, 67.We’re lear ning to reach out across borders and many other barriers, finding out how to affirm our c ommon humanity while struggling against the dictatorship.我们在渐渐地学习如何跨越各 团体之间的界限、打破各团体之间的障碍,学习寻找如何来追求我们普遍的人类价值,同时 一起与专制作斗争。 南京大屠杀的链接: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo W2WYdOsvg 本篇作于 6.4. 女性常用的一些句子 71. She’s really pret ty, isn’t she? Her skin looks so baby smooth! 她太靓了。 你看她的皮肤, 看上去就像婴孩一 样光滑。 72.It is no good to put lots of make-up and notion on your face. It is bette r to look natural. 把那么多化妆品往脸上堆实在不好,自然美看起来更好。 73.It is g ood to put cucumbers on your face every night. These are natural skin soothers, natura


l healers of the skin. They soften the skin, wipe out the roughness, remove lines and ag e signs.每晚在脸上贴些黄瓜效果不错。这是一种天然润肤、天然理疗皮肤的方法。黄瓜能 使皮肤细嫩,使皮肤光滑,消除皱纹,让人显得更年轻。 74.My darling, if my breast s were saggy, would you still love me? 这是女人最担心的一个问题。 75.My forehea d is wrinkled, the eyes are puffy, the sacks under the eyes are dark, and the skin is no lo nger as resilient as it was. I need a plastic surgery, and a breast enlargement. (我额头满 是皱纹,眼睛浮肿,眼袋发黑,皮肤也不再像以前那么光亮,我要去做美容手术和隆胸。) 76. Darling, Beijing Mall is having a big sale this weekend. You wanna go? But we ar e broke this month. Well, we still can do window shopping. Women, women. 亲爱的,这 个周末北京商厦大甩卖,你要去吗?可是这个月我们已经破产了呀。那也不要紧,我们去饱 饱眼福就行了。 女人呀, 女人。 Window shopping 就是去商场逛逛, 什么也不买。 77. I a m a woman in love. And I do anything to get you into my world. 这是一首歌里的歌词。 78. I really love him to death. I am head over heels in love with him. Head over heel s 翻了一个跟头, 晕头转向, 爱得死去活来, 神魂颠倒。 was running so fast that when h He e jumped and got hit he went head over heels. 也可以说:I have been head over heels a bout my girlfriend since the day I met her. 79. Shop until you drop. Drop 这里的意 思是,你买东西多得都拿不下了,东西直掉,所以可以译为:―手不塞满,采购不停‖。―只 要还能提得动,采购一路就不停‖。She is type of woman of shop until you drop. 她是那种 采购狂女人。(她进了商店就什么都想买。) 80. Isn’t my baby the most beautiful ba by in the world? 每个母亲都有权力吹这个牛。 81. I am fed up! 受够了。 am fed u I p with 脑白金’s commercial. It is on TV all the time. 我真是有点厌恶脑白金的广告了,电 视节目里老是它的广告。―受够了某人‖也可以说:I have had enough of Shi, he made a for tune by selling snake oil. 这个史真是让我烦,他靠卖狗皮膏药发了大财, or I have had eno ugh of his bad behavior. 82. I have been there. Or I have been around.这事我经历 过。I have been there, so I know how you feel. 这些事我都经历过,所以我能明白你的感 受。I have been around long enough to know this kind of guys. I can rip him to pieces i n a second. 这种场合我经历多了,对这类人我太了解,我可以瞬间就把他给打得落花流水。 (直译:把他撕得粉碎)My brother has always been there for me. 我(有困难时)哥哥是我 随时的帮助。 83. We are at bingo. 成功了,干完了。如果你赢了,就大喊一声:Bing o。 84. If you make a mistake, just fess up to it. Take your licks and we’ll press o n. 如果你犯了错, 承认就好了, 忍住伤痛, 然后我们继续进行下去。 Lick 通常的意义是―舔‖, 这里作―打击‖。 85. I am swamped. 我太忙了。 86. I am tired. My legs are giving o ut, my brain is going to neutral, I need to take a shower and go to bed. 我累了, 脚也走不 动,头脑也昏沉,我要洗个澡然后睡觉。 87. 口语中说没有考好可以用 flunk, ―fail‖ 相 对来说比较正规了点。 flunked all of his courses. 如果门门课都不及格的话, He 就会被学校 开除,因此可以说―flunk out‖:It is kind of sad, after Jason flunked out of high school, it i s hard for him to find a job. 88. 说一个学生全面发展: ―He is fully dimensional.‖dime nsion 的基本意思是―面‖,例如―三维‖:three dimensions。说一个人优秀,比平常人多了点 才华,可以说:He is excellent, and has the extra dimension. 89. Cookie 本意是―饼 干‖,口语中指你特别喜欢的人。That is my girl, that is my cookie。她就是我的,正是合我 口味的姑娘。A clever cookie, 一个聪明的伙计,a lawyer who was a tough cookie 一个难 对付的律师 90. 说一个人很紧张我们一般会说―nervous‖, 口语里可说―edgy‖, you are s o edgy. Relax, man. 你太紧张了,放松一点,老兄。The performers were edgy as they w aited for the show to begin. 演出开始前,演员们紧张得要命。 之十 91. He i


s a stud.他很帅,他是个帅哥。注意 stud 只能用于男性,而且是那种具阳刚气、棱角分明、 健壮的人(well-cut)。女性相对应的词是 bombshell,美得像炸弹,她一出现,就要炸翻 一片男士。She is a sure-fire bombshell。以前江南一带形容女孩漂亮的俚语也有―她很炸‖。 不知道现在说女孩漂亮的俚语是什么了。还有一个类似的说法:She is a knock-out.knockout 是拳击词汇,一拳把对手打出圈外。 92. Lighten up!不用那么紧张。Lighten up o n yourself. 93. Knuckle-head,笨蛋,傻。He is really a knuckle-head. 94. He h as a strong ego. He believes he is a big shot, and beats his chest. A strong ego, 很强烈 的自我优越感,Big shot, 大腕,重要的人物。Beat one’s chest,那些篮球运动员灌篮后都 要捶打自己的胸脯,表示得意自豪。Do you wanna try another shot. Shot 在这句的意思是 ―试试‖, ―想再试一次吗?‖It is your shot.这是你的工作了。 95. Goofy 是个很有用的词, 意思有点像 silly。Goofy 是个卡通狗,长长的耳朵,表情古怪,引人发笑。If you do somet hing goofy, you will gain children’s attention. You are acting goofy. They were worrying a bout their goofy kids. 傻,不懂事。 96. Spooky 可疑,可怕。He is trying to sell some thing to me, but it looks spooky to me. 他想向我推销东西,不过看起来可疑。 It is dark d own the ally, quite spooky.小巷子很暗,有点可怕。 97. Fishy,不诚实,可疑。It sound s fishy. 听起来不可信。 98. Buff 原意是牛皮,口语中指―对某事务有强烈爱好,知识 丰富的人‖a Civil War buff 内战史迷。 happens to be a genealogy buff. Those who are n He ot beef buffs can order something else. Buff 又指那种肌肉发达的人:Some buff athletes l ifting weights at the gym. 99. It may be a cock-and-bull story. Cock-and-bull 没有 书对的事。He is good at telling cock-and-bull stories. 他最会胡编乱讲。 100. That wil l crank you up. 意思是―That will cheer you up.‖ 101. I have a fire in my belly to do some thing for this village. 我有一股强烈的愿望,能为这个村庄做点什么。特别注意,这个成语 与―一肚子火‖没有关系,是表示有一种正面的强烈愿望。 I love this desire which come s from a fire in my belly. 一首歌的歌词: Fire in my heart, fire in my belly too Got a h eart and a mind and a fire inside And I’m crazy about you You, you on your high flying cl oud You, you when you’re laughing out loud. Have a yen for 也是口语, 同样表示―I h ave a desire for‖: I have a yen for a thick juicy steak. He has a yen for this girl. 10 2.Digital cameras are cheap now, you can get one for peanuts. 最便宜的东西莫过于花 生,用买花生的钱就能买的东西,那当然是很便宜了。以前美国南部产棉花,但棉花对土地 有结板块的作用。后来农民发现棉花收割后种花生对土地有帮助,于是开始种花生。那时花 生不过像杂草一样,农民任其烂在田里。直到发明了花生酱后,花生才渐渐地成为人们喜欢 的食物。 103.Blow out 与 blow away With this dress, you are going to blow a way everybody at your party. I am blown out to find out that she would not come. 104.You are so jumpy. 你真是有点神经质。一个人兴奋得乱蹦乱跳,所以显得有点神 经质. 105. you getting the picture You are going to get the whole picture. Are 1 06.Tough, 这个词是口语中使用频率比较高的,a tough guy, It is pretty tough to g et a reservation. 这里的 tough 就是 difficult 得意思。You just have to tough it out. 1 07. Rough, 注意, rough 与 touch 意思不同, 容易混淆。 I have some rough patches w ith my wife. 我有好些地方得与老婆去磨合磨合了。 108.I am here now, I need to ge t in a swing of it. 我已经到了, 该投入行动了。 109. More brawn than brain 四肢发达, 头脑简单 Nowadays, pop-culture icons are more brawn than brain. 现在流行文化中的偶 像都是些四肢发达, 头脑简单的家伙。 110. Once you get to the meat of the subject, y ou will start to enjoy it. Meat 肉,这里做―精髓‖解。Nub 也有这个意思:the nub of the st ory 111.Watch out for bait-and-switch tactics. 街头骗子常用的手法就是快速地掉包,


先用一个诱饵,乘你不注意掉包。 112.Ball 这个词人人都识,就是球的意思。但在口 语里,还有三个其他的含义。The little girl had a ball at school today. 这个小女孩今天在学 校参加了一个舞会。 另外 on the ball 的含义是,有知识,有才华,懂行,办事利索。 He is a teacher who is really on the ball. 他是个了不起的老师。a manager who ha s a lot on the ball 很懂行的经理; a student who has nothing on the ball 学得一塌糊涂的 学生 另一个说法表示一个人―能干‖,可以说 hot-shot:The boss would like to hire a h ot-shot employee 能干的职员 a hot-shot teacher, 能干的老师, Ball 的第三个用法是 h aving sex:They met, they clicked, they are having a ball. I am glad you have start ed the ball rolling. 很高兴你把这事推动起来了。 113. Blur 模糊, Taiwan talk is just a b lur. 台湾问题的讨论不过是在搅混水。 The next hour is a blur to me.接下来的一个小时我就 稀里糊涂了。 114.I have worked my butt out.我干活干得筋疲力尽了。中国人―我干 这活都掉了两斤肉。‖英语里是累得屁股都掉了。 115.Snake oil 江湖郎中开的药 a s nake oil salesman, 一个骗子推销商,传销卖的东西基本上都是 snake oil。中国的保健品基 本上也都是 snake oil, 中国最有名的 snake oil 恐怕是脑白金了。 116. saw several o I ld geezers walking in the street. old geezer 老人,老头子(有幽默味道,并不含贬义), 表示老头子还有另两种说法:old chap, old stick,这只能熟人之间用, 117. She is a ngry with me, but I stick to my guns.她对我很愤怒,但我决不让步。stick to one’s guns 表 示坚持原则。 坚守原则的另一说法是: You need to hold your ground even if some people o ppose you. 就算有人攻击你,你也一定要坚守立场。 118.A night owl 熬夜的人 He i s a night owl. 相当于 He likes to burn night oil. 119.Mr. Li never throws anything a way, he is a pack rat. 李先生从不扔掉任何东西,他简直是垃圾收藏家。 120. He has b een my sidekick for several years.他是我多年的好友。Sidekick 可以是老朋友,也指在关系 中处于小弟的位置:I have been his sidekick for many years, now it is time that I break i nto my own business. 我作他的跟班已经好些年了, 现在我该自己创业了。 补充 112 句: The ball is in your court now.现在球已到你那边了。 (意即得由你作次决定了,作出回 应了) Fireball:火球,例如像原子弹爆炸一般,引申为―成功、热情、精力旺盛‖之意。 I hope John will join us, he is a fireball.(or he is a ball of fire.)我希望约翰能加入我们,他 是个热情旺盛的人。 121. Close but no cigar. 差不多就答对了,但尚不能获奖。(大概 是答对了就会奖励一支雪茄吧)同样的结构有 Thanks but no thanks.如果你谢绝别人要给 你提供的帮助或东西时,你可以这么说,―谢谢,但不需要。‖ 122. three strikes, you a re out. 这是一句棒球语,但也开始用在日常生活中,往往意思为:―如果你犯三次,就把你 开除。‖好些年前,美国曾讨论一个叫―three strikes law‖,又叫―habitual offender laws‖,该 法律主要是针对那些刑事犯罪惯犯,如果一连犯了三次重罪,刑期就得自动延长,甚至是终 生监禁,有点中国―严-打‖的味道,但也有人指出这法律不合宪法,因为宪法中规定,一罪 不二罚。 123. The returns are good but the stakes are high. 回报诱人,但风险极高。 124. Every year, four hundred Americans die from heat stroke. Heat stroke 就是中 暑,今年中暑的人特别多。 125. I need some back-up from you. 我需要你的支持。Su pport 是书面语,backup 是口语。Police: I need backup, I need backup.请求支援,请求支 援。Back off, 让开。 126. get out of here. 直接的意思是,滚到一边去吧。也可以意 为:得了吧。如果你不同别人的话,也可这么说。 127. I am pulling an all-nighter. 熬 夜 128. Let me get my head around this. 让我把这件事想清楚。 129. you need to ge t your head straight. 你得头脑清醒清醒。 这十句话把我搞得晕头转向,成了支离 破碎。不知道天涯的系统出了什么问题。看样子是 129 句有问题,通不过。 只好改。 130. the sticks,这里的 sticks 是―树林,深林‖的意思。He is a guy in the sticks, how co


uld you expect him to know that? 他住深山老林,他怎么可能知道这事?stick-thin, 或者 a s thin as a stick 骨瘦如柴 I remember her as a stick-thin teenager. 我的记忆里,她是个骨 瘦如柴的青少年。 比较: of the woods 脱离深林, out 意即―脱离危险‖。 131. Streamliner 高 速列车,我国最近开通的 D 字头车就可称为 streamliner,另一个词是子弹头车 bullet train, 赛车也可以说是 streamlined cars; 132. I try to fix Michael up with my sister’s classm ate Mary. 我想要撮合 Michael 与我妹妹的同学 Mary 成一对。 133. One for the books 值 得记一笔的事件,难以置信的事件。 134. You should bypass the mind and go straig ht to the bloodstream of your listeners. 你不要跟听众讲大道理,而应该直接去打动他们的 心。 Or say: go straight to their gut feeling 135. Many Chinese people like to play de vil’s advocate in politics. 许多中国人最喜欢在讨论政治时唱反调。play devil’s advocate 就 是―抬杠‖的意思。 136. I don’t like his devil-may-care attitude. 我不喜欢他那毫不在乎 的态度 137. ―恶搞‖如何说?spoof, spoofing attack, ―When a good product gets spoof ed, that is too bad.‖ 138. "I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher" or "He couldn’t ru n for dogcatcher in this country". Dogcatcher 捕狗员,如有流浪狗在街上,捕狗员的工作 就是抓这些狗,这是最低贱的活了。―连捕狗员我都不会选他去当。‖(实际意思是:他又如 何可以竞选当县长?) 139. 出血大甩卖 deep discount, blowout sale, 清仓大甩卖 closi ng sale, clearance sale, 减价 on sale, slashed by half, 140. Turnoff, 本意是―关灯‖, 如果一个人一来就关灯,这个人就是―turnoff‖(扫兴): One of the girls’ biggest turn-offs i s guys who are indecisive. 女孩最不喜欢的人就是那些老犹豫不决的男子。A woman who i s aggressive is a turnoff to men. 什么事都抢先争赢的女人不受男人的欢迎。Zhang Yimou’ s movies are always turnoffs. 张艺谋的电影都叫人看不下去。 141. Gotcha. 是 got you 的口语形式,意思就是―明白‖。 142. She can really turn a phrase. 她的语言文字能力 极强。 又可以说: turn of phrase, She has a nice turn of phrase which should serve her w a ell in journalism. 她善于文字表达,因此适合从事新闻业。又作―表达法‖解释:Significant o ther’, meaning ’partner’, now that’s an interesting turn of phrase. 143. there is a lo t of ground work to do. 还有好多预备工作要做。这大概是源于航空业,在飞机起飞前,要 做很多的地面工作。 144. That is the real deal. 这才是真正的目的,真正的实惠所在。 145. I don’t mean to cry over your shoulder, but here is my reality, I have lots of bill s to pay. 我并不是想赚取你的同情,但我的实际情况是,我真的有好多账单还没有付。 146. Net Gestapos track down and punish offenders for even some minor perceived rul e-breaking offense. Track down 追踪, 哪怕是那些微不足道的犯规,网盖都会要穷追不舍 把犯规者法办。 147. 他是代课老师。 可以说 a temporary teacher, 不过口语的说法是 H e is a fill-in teacher. Fill-in 临时替代。 148. He is quite spunky today. Spunky, 兴高采 烈,情绪好。From the spunky look on his face you could tell he must have done well in t he test. 从他有精神的表情上可以得出他一定考得不错。 149. They beat us fair and sq uare. 我们输得心服口服。Everyone wants to get rich ovenight, they don’t care if they wil l earn something fair and square. 150. I want you to get your room in shipshap e. 请把房间收拾好。Everything is shipshape.一切都好,一切准备就绪。Shipshape 指的是 军舰上一切都是有条不紊。 151. that really gets under one’s skin 意思是 It really upset s me. 钻到了某个人的皮肤下,就是很令人厌烦的意思。She really gets under my skin no w. 她真的有点令我生厌了。 还有一个类似的说法: be honest it is starting to get on my n To erves. 讲老实话,我对这事很不感冒了。 152. 一个人要大小便了如何说?最通常的说 法是:Excuse me, I need to use bathroom. 如果一定要表明是小便还是大便,可以说 I wa nt to pee, or I want to poo. pee and poo 都是儿童用语,poo 大人一般会避免不用,因为


听起来太粗俗。小便大便的正式说法是:urine and bowel movements。肚子不舒服拉稀为: I have some loose stools,这是比较口语的说法,正规说法是 diarrhea. 便秘是 constipatio n。 I have urge to go to bathroom. 尿胀了。 irregular bowel movements:大便不正常 153. He is a rather layback person. 他是一个平和的人。也就是不会容易激动的人,反面 词是 jumpy。I’m enjoying the lay back culture of Lijiang. 我很喜欢丽江的安逸的环境。 154. He looked at his laptop and said: ―I am afraid I don’t have much juice now.‖ 这里 的 juice 的意思是电池电量很低了。 155. She is a chatter box. 她的话匣子从来关不住。 156. She is nosy. 她喜欢多管闲事。 157. We have to start from scratch again. 我 们又得从头开始了。现在流行说 ground zero。例如美国世贸大厦被炸后就成了 Ground Zer o. 158. The doctor told me that I had to slow down- or else. ―or else‖ 表示比较严重 的事会发生。医生叫我放慢节奏,否则的话……。这个结构可以比较英语口语第二题中的第 七句的结构:Thank you for .....(the tea, and so on), and everything else. 159. Stud y hard, pass the exams or bust. Bust 是―失败,出局‖的意思。―要好好学习、考试及格,要 不然就玩完了。 else, 和 or bust 都属于同样的结果, ‖or 表示更严重的后果。 160. 与―座 位‖有关的几个口语词组: am very fortunate to get the ringside seat to the event. 靠近比 I 赛台的座位,比喻为近距离观察。 The consumer is in the driving seat due to the huge ra nge of goods on the market. driving seat 表示―掌控大局‖, You must rent this video. It k eeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the end. 你得去租这部电影看看,从头到尾 都会让你聚精会神。还有一个常用的词组:back seat driver 坐在后面喜欢告诉开车的人如 何开车,意思就是幕后操纵,垂帘听政。邓小平就是一个 back-seat driver. 161 口语中 一些描绘人物的词汇:上次提到了 layback, 意为―与世无争的‖,He is a rather layback per son. Spunky: 很活泼、很有生气的样子,She is quite spunky。这词也有生气的意思:Nob ody knows why my father has been spunky lately. Jumpy 有神经质的样子,一惊一炸的, He is jumpy.(high-strung)。She has bubbly personality. Bubble 有气泡的,形容人热情。 Sassy, 没有教养,说话粗鲁,例如小孩子顶嘴。也有活泼的含义。与 sassy 有关的东西一般 都是青少年类的。 162. every nook and cranny 每个角落,The story surely has reach ed every nook and cranny in the city. 这件事传遍的大街小巷。 Every nook and cranny ha s brought back memories. This house is where I grew up. I know every nook and crann y of it. Law books were stuffed into every nook and cranny of his office. 163.tidy 很 可观,巨大,She sold it for a tidy profit.说―钱多‖还可以说 handsome, handsome profit 也 是利润可观的意思。Tidy 另一个意思是整洁:the room is clean and tidy. 还有一个口语词 表达巨大的:colossal, Tis really a colossal success. a colossal waste of time, 164.b e off one’s rocker, rocker 是摇椅, 一个人坐在摇椅上得意忘形就摇到地上去了, 意思就是 c razy。 Spending that much on a car! He must be off his rocker! Have you gone totally off y our rocker? Rocker 又叫 lazy chair。 the wall 也是不可思议的意思。 165.台湾人说―呛 Off 阿扁‖如何说?可以用 hoot, They hooted at the speaker. 他们对做报告的人发出呛声。Th e audience hooted the actor. 观众都向这个演员喝倒采。Before too long, they hooted th e singer off the stage.很快他们就把这个歌手轰下了台。 166. 垃圾文章,trashy articl es, or junk articles, 垃圾小说也可以这么说:trashy novels, junk novels, 167. It is to asty outside. 外面很热。 168. a curve ball, curve 意为―曲线‖,棒球投球手(pitcher) 投出难接的曲线球,意为―意外的难题‖, The weather threw a curve at their outdoor picni c and they had to eat indoors. 天气忽然变得很糟糕,他们不得不中断室外的野餐,而到室 内吃。函数表格中常常出现曲线,表示两个点之间的关系,现在也喻事务中间的关系:the l earning curve,progress curve, cost improvement curve,gradual learning curve(学习要


循序渐进)等等, 都有这个意思。 169. She got him in her back pocket. Back pocket, 裤 后面的口袋,意思是―囊中物,跑不了‖,这句话的意思因此是―她已经把他驯得对她死心塌 地。‖ 170. whack 狠狠揍了。。。一顿,或干掉了谁。He got whacked.他被狠揍了一 顿。但注意 They have all had a whack. 这里的 whack 意思为 cut, 一份:他们大家都得到 了一份。 171. I am not a sugar daddy. 我可不是要什么给什么的人。甜爸爸,非常慷慨 的意思。 172. It is obvious that he doesn’t have all of his marbles. Marble 的意思是大 理石,但口语中为―理智‖。这句话的意思是:很显然,他头脑(或思维)有点问题。He co mpletely lost his marbles after the stock market crashed. 股市崩盘后,他差点跳楼。 1 73. huffy 形容词,生气的,骄傲的,脸皮薄的。If they get all huffy, you know they are n ot humble people. 如果他们老是动辄生气, 你就知道他们根本没有什么涵养。 She stayed h uffy a good while. 她气了好一阵。 174. Got the picture? 明白了吗?I just can’t get th e picture. Picture 指事物的真相。 175. It was a great venture. It was going great gu ns. 这是非常值得的投资,很成功。I’m not worried about our company’s future — we’re g oing great guns, and I expect it to continue.我根本就不为我们公司的将来去担忧,我们发 展得很好,我觉得还会一直很好地发展。 Stick to his guns 不放弃,坚持 David’s fami ly were against him becoming an actor but he stuck to his guns. 大卫的家人都反对他去 当演员,但他却不放弃。Stand by your guns and don’t let them talk you into working full t ime if you don’t want to. 坚持你自己的方式,如果你不想全时间工作,就不要听他们这样 的建议。 Shotgun marriage 奉子成亲(来源:女子未婚怀孕,女子父亲拿枪逼男子与 女子成婚),胁迫婚姻(forced marriage), Their cohabitation led to a shotgun wed ding and a bitter divorce before too long.他们同居后,女方怀孕,不得不结婚,然后很快 就离了婚。 A shotgun political marriage (民进党与国民党)两个政敌迫不得已的联手 176. throwback 生物学上返祖現象。这是进化论的观点。比如有人肝门部位突出了一 点,进化论者就说那是返祖现象,说明人是猴子变的。当然这情况不常有,常有的倒是不少 人有六个指头, 但从来没有听到进化论者说那是返祖现象。 不过这个词在日常生活中的意思 是―旧派、守旧‖,例如我一位朋友,在大学教书,那里人人都为当教授争得头破血流,而她 却厌恶为了教授的席位去争风吃醋。 这样的人在现今的年代已几乎绝迹了, 可以说她是个返 祖现象。 She is a throwback to an era when people would not sell out. 她还是属于不 出卖灵魂时代的人。 His sentiments were a throwback to the old communist days. 他 的观点属于从前过时的共产党时代。 Being a sort of throwback to the Victorian age, s he won’t go against her old dad’s wishes. 她具有维多利亚时代的气质,不会跟老爸的意愿 过不去。 177. put on the back burner, 意为―将一项事延后‖(可能是不重视)I don’t t hink we will have time to complete it this year. Let’s put it on the back burner. 我觉得今 年是没有时间完成这项工作了,我们就把它延后一点吧。 Plans for a new sports compl ex have been put on the back burner. 修建一座体育馆的计划不得不延后。 178. lay a f inger at 碰…..一下,但这个词组一般只用在否定句中。 Don’t lay a finger at him. 不要打他。 Dare you lay a finger at him, I will kill him. 只要你敢碰他,我就宰了你。You’d better not l ay a finger on those documents! 这些文件你最好碰都不要碰。 you lay a finger on me, I’ If ll sue. 如果你敢碰我,我就把你告上法庭。 179. 如果一个人收到一份请帖,如婚礼请 帖, 后面会有几个字母: R.S.V.P. 这几个字母是法文―répondez, s’il vous plaît,‖的缩写, 意为―请回答‖。按照礼节(Etiquette rules),收信人应该在当天就回信。有时有人会把缩 写转为动词用:Have you R.S.V.P.ed to that invitation? 180. They are fighting for cru mbs. Crumb 是面包渣。他们在为生存苦苦挣扎。 191. cookie-cutter 同样的模式的, 千篇一律的 The architects were determined that it wouldn't be just another cookie-cu


tter mall. Management too often uses a cookie-cutter approach to solving problem s. 192. You can be loose in our house. I am loose. 在我家你可以很随便, 我是一个随 便的人。还有一个成语:loose as a goose, 进而发展出 loosey-goosey:―Despite the press ure, he was loosey-goosey throughout the game.‖尽管压力很大,他整个球赛打得都轻松 自如。 They are having a loosey-goosey time. 193. I would like to touch base with yo u. 我想跟你保持联络。 194. the end of one’s rope, = out of options: Having tried eve rything he could think of to get admitted to law school, Robert finally found himself at th e end of his rope. 也可以说:at my wits’ end, 195. plug sb/sth in 把。。排进来(时间 表、或其它) ;参加 You tell me when you are available, I will plug you in.告诉我你什么时 间有空,我就给你排上。The best way to study English is to plug in a program. Pull plug o n 对付 The net police is pulling plug on those pro-democracy articles on net. 196. su re thing 可以,肯定可以。表示赞同,有人也会说:sweet. 197. ―他退步了,后来有了 很大的转变‖英文如何说?He got backslidden,but he has had a great turn. Backslide 退 步,下降,堕落。 198. suck: suck up 这个栏目里已经提到了好几个拍马屁的词汇,su ck up 是另一个: She's always sucking up to the boss, telling him how wonderful he is. The public school sucks. 公立学校最烂。 This bike sucks. 这辆自行车不好骑。I don’t w ant to get sucked in that scheme. 我才不想给弄到那个鬼计划里去呢。 In winter, thi s area will be sucked in heavy snow. 199. This costs only five bucks, you cannot be at that. 这才五块钱,你无论如何也不可能找到比这更低的价了。 200.Blip 在雷达显 示屏显出的一个小点 It appears to be a one-time blip in the historic trend. 201. Ar e you two ganging up on me? 你们两人是不是在串通来整我呀?gang 作动词就是串通一 气, 例如打牌, 几个人串通一气来对付一个人。 You should not gang up on the weak ones. g ang 的本来意思是帮派, 街上的那些混混在一起就是 gang.。 中国几十年前流行的一个词组, ―gang of four‖(四人帮),这个译法总有点让人感到不严肃。应该译为―The Extreminists F our‖, ―Four Extreme Leftists‖or ―Mao’s Four‖ 。 202. He beat his brains out studying b ut could not keep up with the rest of his class. Beat one’s brains 意思是用工努力, ―他已经 绞尽脑汁,但是赶不上同班同学。‖―绞尽脑汁‖还一个说法:rack up one’s brain,例句:I a m racking my brain, but I can’t imagine why you’ll make this up. 我绞尽脑汁也弄不明白 你为什么要编这瞎话。No-brainer 名词:根本就不必用脑去想都能明白的事,Learning Chi nese can be a no-brainer if you know the right method. 如果方法得当, 学中文不过是小菜 一碟。The exam is a no-brainer. 这次考试闭了眼也能答出。No-brainer 也可以做形容词: a no-brainer action movie 情节简单的动作片,This book contains 20 no-brainer ways to i mprove your English vocabulary. 这本书介绍了 20 种简易的方法来提高英语。 203. of f-shore bank account, 境外的银行帐户,意思是为躲避纳税,或说明钱的来路不正。Many c ommunist party officials have off-shore bank accounts, this is an open secret. 204. fl ip-flop 变来变去,例如某党的政策变来变去就是 flip flop。 205. trendy, 时髦,是 fashi onable 的意思。 206. It is time to strike up the band, air up the baloons and invite al l of your friends to join in the celebration. strike up the band 乐队奏乐; Air up the baloo n 放气球。 207. They treat me like a doormat. I felt so let down.大家把我简直就不当 人对待, 我感到太沮丧了。 Doormat 是进门前的门垫, 任由人踩。 208. bleeding edge 直 译的意思是让人出血的刀刃, 实际意思是―还没有完善、 成熟的尖端技术 (所以会让人受伤) ‖ No longer bleeding edge, mobile and wireless are becoming essential part of the moder n office. 移动无线已已经今非昔比了,现在成为办公室不可缺少的工具。 209. blue-sk y 蓝天,转意为―大胆‖,例句: The government has been doing some blue-sky thinking o


n how to improve public transport. 210. chillout music 由电子乐器演奏的安静的音 乐。 love chillout music. It is a great way to lie back, relax, and drift into another world. I 211. raise the red flag 报警,引起注意 If you write too much on democracy, i t will raise the red flag and the National Security guys will watch you.如果你写太多关于 民主的文章,就会引起当局的注意,国-安局的人就会盯上你。 212. He is spending lik e a drunken sailer. Sailer(水手)一到一个海港便急着找地方花钱,所以形容一个大手大脚就 说他花钱像一个喝醉了水手。 213. After nap, I feel foggy for a while. 午睡后,我会云 里雾里一阵子。 214. Democracy is the defining issue of our time. 民主我们这个时代最 强的诉求。define 定义,区别事物最重要的证据。 215. or what 美国人喜欢在句末用这 个词组。 we good friends or what 我们可不是好朋友?Are you going or what 你到底去 Are 不去? 216. Wedge 本意为―楔子‖, 口语意为―不和‖。 As long as there is a wedge b etween them, they cannot work together on this project. 只要他们之间有嫌隙,他们就不 能在这个项目上进行合作。 drive a wedge between 挑起谁与谁之间的不和 Frank h ad to travel a lot and this finally drove a wedge between him and his wife.弗兰克必须经 常旅行,这终于导致了他和妻子间的矛盾。 Her mother-in-law drove a wedge betwee n her and her husband.他的岳母在他和妻子间挑拨离间。 217. I feel so unloved and a lone. Last year, when my dad died, I hit bottom. 我感觉不到有人爱我,很是孤独。去年我 父亲去世后, 我就感到万念俱灰。 bottom 感到绝望, hit 痛苦得不能再痛苦了, 差到极限了。 When a student's grades hit bottom it is time to hit the books. 当一个学生门门课都考得 一塌糊涂时,他就该看看书了吧。hit bottom 的延伸说法:hit rock bottom,绝望透顶。 类似的说法还有,hit the wall: We've just about hit the wall in terms of what we can do t o balance the budget.―在平衡预算方案一事上,我们现在已经是束手无策。‖ 218. A h usband should not twist his wife’s arm to do his will. 警察抓人就喜欢把人的手拧到背后, 这就是 twist one’s arm, 也就是―强行‖的意思。 ―做丈夫的不应该把自己的意志强加给妻子。 ‖ 219. What bugged me, though, was that she blamed me! bug 本意为虫子,口语里 有另外两个意思,一是 令人讨厌,就像一个虫子一样,这句话里的 bug 就是这个意思。Sh e keeps bugging me.她老是烦我。还一个意思是―窃听‖。National Security guys bug me al l the time. 国家安-全局的那几个家伙老是窃听我的电话。这句话也可以这么说:Those guy s like to eavesdrop on ordinary Chinese citizens. 这些家伙窃听普通中国公民上了瘾。Thos e guys developed a program to rapidly monitor the phone calls and other communication s of people.那些家伙开发了一种程序能迅速监控人们的电话和其它通讯往来。 220. Ki ckoff, 开始 He kicked off his White House campaign yesterday.他昨天正式开始了竞选美 国总统。 221. Whenever I'm down in the dumps, rather than wallow in my troubles, I t ry to do things that will get my mind off them. dump 垃圾场, wallow, 猪在泥中打滚,ge t my mind off 不去想这些事。每当我遇到烦心的事事,我总会找些事做,不让自己想不开, 不老想着这些事。 222. When they play, it is history. 只要他们参赛,就会书写历史。 注意例句 30:My relationship with her is already a history.a history 与 history 意思很不相 同。 223. roll 的基本意思是―滚动‖,在口语里常用。 Can the Chinese team ke ep rolling 中国队还能保持势头吗? Let’s roll. 让我们开始吧!让我们继续前进吧。 They should roll back their support of a dictatorship government. 他们应该终止对独 裁政权的支持。 Rock n Roll, 摇滚 Do you like Rock n Roll music I am glad tha t you have got the ball rolling.我很高兴你已经把事情推动运作起来了。 224. Life is lik e a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. ―生活就像过山车,有高潮、有低潮(有时得 意,有时失意)。‖这是安慰人的话,一般是在对方失意的时候说的。 225. Gratify, 我


们一般知道―满足‖的英文是 satisfy,口语里现在常用―gratify‖:That is very gratifying to m e. 226. Get to the point, don’t beat the bush. 有话直说好了,不要弯弯绕好不好。I g ot your point, OK 我明白你的意思了,好不好?(言下之意就是不要再罗嗦了。)What is y our point 你究竟想说什么? 227. get to you: You are silly for letting this get to yo u. 让这事来烦你, 你是有点傻。 228. put your foot in your mouth 得罪 If you speak t he truth, you will often put your foot in your mouth. Put foot in 冒犯 I really put my foo t in it with Julie. I didn't realise she was a vegetarian. 229. I try to get myself out o f the way as quickly as possible. Out of the way,退出,不碍事。参见 in the way 23 0. Thank goodness. 谢天谢地。一般人们会说,Thank God.但也有人不是信徒,他们或许 会说,Thank goodness. 也有人用 My Goodness 来代替 My God,或者说:My gosh.我的天 呀! 231. They are going to throw a party, are you interested in going Throw a part y, 举行聚会 to throw someone into prison,把某关进监狱 The FBI threw every availabl e agent into the case. 联邦调查局把所有的警力全都投入到了这个案子. 232. Sh e just had a car accident. She is treated now with intravenous fluids and she is not out o f the woods yet. 她刚遭遇车祸,她现在在接受打点滴(打吊针)治疗,还没有脱离危险。Ou t of the woods, 脱离危险。 一个人在深林里迷了路那是很可怕的事, 出了深林就是脱离了危 险。 233. Be cheerful, man. The cloud cover is beginning to lift. 振作一点, 老兄, 乌云已经开始消散了。 234. He is really puffed up. 他很是得意。 23 5. Don't Beat Yourself up Over Every little Mishap, Cut Yourself Some Slack! 不要为了一 点小时就捶胸顿足的,没什么大了不起的事。 ―Don't beat yourself up over some thing that you have no control over,,,,Others have fallen....that doesn't mean that you wi ll.‖ 不要一有什么事你办不了就垂头丧气好不好?别人因此失败了,并不意味着你也会失 败。 236. Down the road 过程,以后,将来, The question is how far down th at road you go to allow citizens exposure of pleasure in gambling in Macau that they ma y not be able to control themselves. 也可以说, down the line。 He will change down t he road. 他日后会改变的. 237. in addition to, He works as a security guard an d attends college in addition to raising two sons. 相当于 besides, ―他除了要抚养两个儿子, 还要兼职做保安以及读大学。‖ 238. ins and outs, 里里外外,彻底。He knows t he ins and outs of how the government function, so it is easy for him to escape the chec kout by the officials. 他对政府运作了如指掌,所以他很容易就能逃避政府的检查. 239. He sounds upbeat. 看样子他很开朗。 240. I am so happy you are well sit uated now. 你都安顿好了, 真叫我高兴。 am calling to see how you are situated. 241. 你 I 到别人家做客,主人问你,Do you need anything else?还需要什么吗?你可回答:That ca n settle me well. (对我来说)这就够好了。 242. Everyone should go off the grid. Gri d 的意思是―格子‖, 也作―高压电线, 电网‖解, 这话直译是, ―每个人都应该脱离电网的生活。 ‖ 没有了电网,生活就回到了原始状态。因此 Off the grid 的含义是,―不使用电器、反潮流、 反传统,返璞归真‖。 Everyone in this community lives "off the grid", they now draw all t heir power from solar, wind, propane and other sources. 243. To be honest with yo u, to be a millionaire doesn’t hold much interest for me. That kind of life style is quite co ntrolling. I would rather be free to make choices, and take chances that keep me learnin g. 坦率地说吧,我没有兴趣当百万富翁,那种生活方式太钳制人。我宁可自由自在地生活, 时刻学习。My family holds much interest for me. 家庭对我来说极为重要。 244. Ther e are freaky things going on here. 这里好些事都觉得不对劲。Freaky 恐怖的,可怕的。It i s so freaky. 很吓人的呢。It really freaks me out. 我吓得半死。 245. way,可作副词,


表示程度,way too much, I just have way too much going on in my life right now, I cann ot visit you as I would like to. 我现在忙得一塌糊涂,我想多看你但没有办法。 It is way to o far/ way too much. Two thumbs way up. 实在是太棒了。 246. scoop 本意为一勺, 例如 a scoop of ice-cream. 口语里作―抢新闻报道‖―收集‖解释:He got all the big scoops f or the paper. 他为这家报纸抢到了所有的头号新闻。He always has some ways for the insi de scoop on getting some freebies.他总是有些办法通过内部渠道搞到免费的票。 will get t I he scoop tomorrow. 247. I'm having a hard time with somebody or something. 对 谁或事有很大的意见。 248. run for the hills, 往安全地带跑,避免伤害。You need t o take his advice and run for the hills before you get hurt. 你应该听听他的意见, 采取保护 自己的措施,免得受伤害。Run for the hills 这成语出自圣经马太福音 24:16 ―Then let the m which be in Judaea flee into the mountains. ‖ 249. brush-off 拒绝,伤害 She jus t walked away without greeting me. This brush-off really hurt my feelings. 如果一个男生 邀请女朋友吃饭,女朋友一连几次都拒绝,男生可能就会问了:Is this a brush-off?你想甩 掉我了,是吗?The new policy is a brush-off to business. 新政策对生意大泼了冷水。 250. I consider my relationship with him a closed chapter. A closed chapter, 最后一章, 结尾。 251. You have really got me.这你还真的难倒我了。 252. It cannot g et you very far. 这帮不了你太大的忙。 例如可以说: One hundred Yuan nowadays cannot g et you very far. 现在一百元钱花不了几天了。 253.I just want to be sure I am on t he same page with you. 我就想确信一下,我与你是同步的。这话也可以说成,I want to s ee if I am in the same boat with you. 254.I feel like this is a whole new ballgam e. 我觉得只是一次全新的经历(全新的工作/挑战)。 255. That is a hush-hush s ecret between them. 这是只有他们之间才知道的秘密。 256. Everything he does i s below the belt. Below the belt 拳击时不能攻击对手皮带以下的位置,但有时有人会这么 做,所以转义为―阴谋、不道德的‖ 257. Don’t you have to wash your dirty laundr y in public 你一定要把你的这些家丑外传吗? 258. 有个男生对女生说: Everyone s ays I have a bright future on the horizon. 女生回答:The horizon always recedes once yo u approach it. 人人都说地平线上有大好前途正在等待我。但是当你接近地平线时,地平线 却总是消失了。(讽刺男生,说他永远也不会有什么好日子。) 259.在 117 句里 提到过 gun, 这句话里也涉及到 gun :gun shy, I am a little bit gun shy. Gun shy 就是关键 时刻不敢扣扳机。敌人站在你面前,你却不敢扣手中枪的扳机,这个人也实在是太害羞了。 260.brainchild 想法, (带有那种专利的)主意:Democracy is not a brainchild of j ust white people, it is universal. 更多的文章请看 englishlaoshi.blog.tom.com 本博客开设以下栏目,文章全部为原创,欢迎留言交流: 英语学习:本栏目重点是介绍当代英语口语。读本栏保证你学到最佳的口语。 反动 观点:本栏目的许多文章都被网-警给删掉,但就是剩下的文章可读性也颇高。 信 仰漫谈:本栏目讨论基督教有关问题。 游遍天下:本栏目告诉你一些好玩的地方, 以及如何省钱。 电影欣赏:主要介绍英语电影。 国际观察:文章不多,但 是是作为一个平常人应该关心的事务。 三言两语:想说但没有时间说的一些问题。 261 I was so hopeful that my relationship with him would work out. 我一直以为我与他 的关系能得到改善。(I was so hopeful that...= i was once convinced that)I did some work out this morning. 今早晨我做了点健身运动。Workout 是较流行的词,人们很少再说:I di d some exercise this morning. Workout 指一般指那种在健身房的锻炼。 Can you work out t he issues between you two 你们两人之间的问题你们自己能解决吗?work out the differe nce.解决分歧 Guys in mainland China and guys in Taiwan should work out their differenc


es rather than bicker over these differences. Can you work out some details before you s ubmit the proposal 262. Such an unpopular decision is bound to draw a lot of fl ak. Flak 高射炮,炮弹。―这样不得人心的决定肯定会招致大家的反对。‖ 防弹衣:flak jack et, 更加通俗的词是 bulletproof vest,保险公司的人向医生推销保险时说会:Nowadays pat ients tend to take their doctors to court for nothing, so it is better to put on some kind o f bulletproof vest before you practice. 现在的病人动不动就告把医生告到法庭, 所以还是在 开业前买点保险比较好。 263. He promised to make good on your contract. 他 保证会兑现与你签的合同。make good on 还钱,兑现合同。在当今社会,这是一个很有用 的词组。I want to make good on that loan I got from Joan. 我一定要把向琼借的钱给还 了。He often fails to make good on his promises. 他说话常常不算数。People expect that t he Communist Party will make good on democracy someday. 人们期待共产党有天会兑现 对实现民主的承诺。 264. check out 这是一个用途很广的词,在旅店退房叫 che ckout(结帐),(住房登记叫 checkin),机场登机前办理 checkin;Go out and check thi s guy out.去查一查这个人的背景。You can do some Google checkout before you start wri ting. 在动笔前你可以先做一些谷歌查询。 you have some down time? Check out these t Do hings to do. 如果你还有点空闲时间,你可以找这些事情来消遣。 265. wear out T hat job is a wearout, it is cold, dirty. He really wears me out. 他把我整得精疲力竭。 266.That is a dumb move. 你这样做很笨。这步棋走得很臭。 267. you kno w what You can…这是一个很实用的句子,用在给人提建议前缓和气氛。 268. G ood for you. 赞赏人说的话。例如有人说,他得了 100 分。I got 100 for my test today.你 就回答:good for you. 他说他中奖了,你就说:good for you. 269. I am convin ced that…. Convince 比 believe 的语气更加肯定一些。I am convinced I can do it. 我相信 我能做好。 270. driving force 推动力, 主要力量 He is the driving force for this p roject.他是这个项目的主要推动人。It is naïve to believe that the Party could be a d riving force for democracy. 相信这个党能成为民主的推动力量,那是有点天真了。 27 1. My husband is a sports fanatic. Every night he flops on the sofa, flips on the TV. He's s o crazy about Yaoming. He googles Yaoming for every bit of his story. He loves Yaomin g more than me. My husband is a selfish, insensitive oaf who puts basketball before hi s wife's happiness. fanatic.狂热分子,比粉丝-fan 要更投入,可以说是 superfan。oaf 白痴, 相当于 idiot。我丈夫是个体育狂,每天晚上他倒在沙发上,一个个台看,他网上搜寻只要 是姚明的消息,他爱姚明而不爱我。我丈夫是个自私鬼,木头人,可以置篮球于妻子的幸福 之上。 272. He and I seem to be extremely compatible. But there is a problem. He do esn't open up to me and has his walls up. 他和我看起来是蛮匹配的,但还是有个问题,他 对我并不是完全敞开, 他总是竖起一道墙。 You need to take these possibilities that open u p for you. 你应该抓住这些为你敞开的机会。 273. How is everything going between y ou and John? John is seeing another woman, so I kicked him to the curb. 你与约翰的关 系怎样了?他跟另一个女人好上了,所以我把他给踢了。Kick to the curb, 男女关系中一方 把另一方给甩了,也可以意为―解雇‖A woman was kicked to the curb by the company for f inding drug use in her hair sample. 公司解雇了一位女职工,因为在化验头发时,发现了她 在使用毒品。 274. He is so important in my heart of hearts. In my heart of hearts, 比 in my heart 更强调, 在我内心深处, 275. Wait for Mr. Right. Just keep your eyes and e ars peeled. Peel 的意思本来是―剥皮‖, 例如 to peel potatoes, 但在这里的意思是―睁大眼睛, 竖起耳朵,留意‖。Keep one’s eyes peeled 与 keep a close eye on 几乎是同一个意思。 Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next challenge. 276. When you meet som


eone you like, tell her/him. Don’t be afraid. it is normal to get knocked out. Expect to ge t rebuffed or rejected. Knock out, 是拳击里的术语,把谁给放倒了,get knocked out, 就是 你去约别人时,被拒绝了。整个句子的意思是:如果你喜欢上了一个人,就去告诉他/她好 了。如果被拒绝那是再正常不过的事。在看这句:Don't Get Knocked Out in the Second R ound of Layoffs. 277. Tell your boyfriend that you want the whole enchilada and wil l end the relationship if he does not step up. enchilada 是类似我们的春卷的一种食品,要 整个的 enchilada 就是―要全部‖的意思。―告诉你男朋友,他不能这么三心二意的,如果他不 再完全投入的话,你就跟他断绝往来了。‖We had the flowers, the speeches, the present s - the whole enchilada. 我们得到了鲜花、贺辞、礼物,总之应有尽有。Enchilada 也可以 作―老板‖解释: the big enchilada what he really means. 问问大老板的主意。 Ask 278. F or some reason, whenever I see her I feel like there is something there. But she says sh e doesn’t feel anything is there. 我每次见到她,冥冥中我总感到有那么点意思,但她说她 从来就感觉不到什么意思。 279. You need to get past the old relationship, lick your w ounds, and learn your lessons, don’t get involved with a married man, and start a new p age. 你就放弃这段情吧,舔舔伤口,学段功课,以后不要再去与已婚男人发生恋情,重新 开始吧。 280. It is obvious you dig me. 很显然, 你喜欢我。 bet she really digs him. 她 I 肯定是爱上他了。口语里 dig 作―喜欢‖解。另外还有:Can you dig it? 你明白吗?Ya dig? 明 白吗? 281. Where are you from? I am local. I was born and bred here.(你是哪里人? 我是本地人,我是生于斯长于斯) breed 喂养。一般说法是 grow up, I grew up here dirt-p oor. 我生长在一个贫穷的家庭。我是外地人:I am from out of town. 282. Be my gue st.请便,随你的便,你想干嘛就干嘛。 283. Suit yourself. 随你的便。 284. The fir st step is a doosey. Watch that first step, it is a doosey. 万事开头难。第一步总是有风险 的。 285. Don’t worry about that situation. It will eventually work itself out. 不要为那 种状况担心, 肯定会车到山前必有路的。 286. I am sorry. I’m just zoned out for some r eason. Can you say that again? 对不起, 不知道为什么, 我有点迷糊了。你能再说一遍吗? zone out 走神,不能集中注意力。I don't know what happened after that. I just sorta zon ed out. 287. tight 是口语中常用的一个词汇,应该多多了解。 Airtight case 无可争 辩的事实 It’s an airtight case: New green building is very energy efficient.无可争辩,新的 环保建筑的确节省能源。 Tightknit 关系密切 We are a tightknit tribe here. 我们这帮哥 们关系可铁呢。或者就说 tight,也是这个意思:Do you know Tim? Sure, he and I are tig ht. 你认识 Tim 吗?那当然,他和我可铁了。 tightlipped smiles.皮笑肉不笑,强挤出来 的笑 He is tightlipped about the information. 他对这些情况守口如瓶。 He doesn' t go out with the lads so much these days. Michelle keeps him on a tight leash. On a leas h 的意思是牵着狗,on a tight leash 就是溜狗时紧紧抓住绳索。―这些日子他不再跟见其他 女孩子了,米薛看他可看得紧了。‖ Just sit tight while I go and phone for help. 我去 打电话求救,你坐好不要动。 Sit tight and don't move that leg. 你安静地坐好,不要老 动那条腿。 Tight spot 困境: If there is a shortage of fuel, everyone who drives to w ork will be in a tight spot. 如果汽油供应再跟不上,开车上班族就麻烦了。 Bob's in a t ight spot right now because he has fallen behind in his work. 巴伯完不成任务,麻烦大了。 You need to get your story down tight. The time for interview is limited. 你得把经历 讲得短而精,因为你面试的时间十分有限。 I want to argue with him but his logic is w ay too tight. 我想跟他辩, 但他的逻辑是滴水不漏。 288. He ran for five miles, and he e ven didn’t break a sweat. 他跑了五英里,连汗都不出,小菜一碟。 289. What is that a ll about? 到底发生了什么事?这究竟是怎么回事? 290. I am racking my brain, bu


t I can’t imagine why you’ll make this up. 我绞尽脑汁,也想不出你为什么要编这样一个故 事来哄我? 291. Pay 与 payoff 意思不一样。Pay 是工资,是进帐;payoff 是付款,是支 出。 This is my pay day. 今天我发薪水。Is that your payoff to the debt? 这笔钱是用 来还款的吗? Efforts and perseverance will finally pay off for democracy. 只有坚持、 努力,民主必将成正果。 Patience has a future payoff, but impulse pays off now. 耐心 的收成在日后,性急的收成在眼前。 Being a government stooge doesn't always pay o ff 做政府的哈巴狗并不是次次都会得意。 Payoff 也作―贿赂‖解释,Payoff to the gover nment officials is a common practice in this country. 在这个国家贿赂政府官员是种例行公 事。 292. I have a little situation here. 这里的 Situation 意思是 problem。285 例句中 的 situation 实际上也是这个意思。 293. Hats off to Andy, who teaches English for fre e here. 美国人唱国歌时,要脱帽。所以脱帽就是―致敬‖的意思。向 Andy 致敬,他在这里免 费教英语。如果你没有帽子,觉得说这话不妥,也可以直接说 salute,Salute to Andy. 294. fired up: I am really fired up for the race. Fired up 情绪高昂,斗志高昂 295. S oup up 原指把普通车改装成赛车, 现在也指改进设备。 souped up his old car. 他自己把 He 就车改装成了赛车。The company spend billions on souped-up broadband services. 公司 投资数十亿用来提高宽带网的服务质量。Souped-Up Student Housing 豪华学生公寓(指里 面设施齐全) 296. coffeed up 有人早晨非得喝杯咖啡来提神才能开始一天的生活,这 就叫 coffee up, He needs to be coffeed up before starting his work. 297. Beef up 吃 牛肉就会有力,You need to be beefed up a little more. 298. A tomboy attitude 女孩 子学男孩样, 假小子, As soon as she entered middle school, Xiaoli developed a tomboy a ttitude and got in fights. 小莉一进中学, 就野得像男孩一样, 常常打架。 299. I will go f ull out for it. 我会全力以赴的。 300. Nice job. 干的不错。 Nice efforts. 用了不少功, 努力可嘉。相当于中文的―精神可嘉‖,注意,这是多半在一个人失败时,或取得的成绩不理 想时说的话,属于安慰语。Interesting.说这个词时,多半是委婉语,表示不太相信别人说 的话,或不太赞同一件事。初学者不要随便用这个词,最好不要对别人说:Your story is v ery interesting. 你的故事很有趣呀。这句话听起来是说,我并不相信你的故事。 301.I w ish there could be a course on surviving the office jungle. 我真希望有个课程教我们在办 公室丛林中如何生存。Office jungle, 指办公室里复杂的人事关系,流言蜚语。 30 2.I have to attend an off-site meeting. 我要外出开会。I will be off-site and unreachable f or the rest of the afternoon. 我要出去一下,下午就不要找我了。 303.Let me giv e you some broadstroke ideas and you can fill in the rest.如果你是老板,你就可以这么对 下属说:我给你一些基本的想法,其余细节的由你去补充。―补充细节‖还一个说法:I will l et you iron out the details. 请你把细节弄妥。Can you iron that out? 你能把那件事摆平 吗? 304.I'll be out of the office for a couple hours with senior management,bu t you can reach me on my mobile. 我要出去一两个小时,陪高层管理人员,要找我的话, 你可以打我的手机。 305. Great job on the report. It's good to see you take suc h boldinitiative! 报告写的不错, 你能这样积极主动实在不错。 306. I'll think about i t. 让我考虑考虑。这话实际上是拒绝的委婉语。 307. Let's push the boundaries o n this project. We need something reallyinnovative! Throw out the conventions, I want s omething edgy! 这个项目需要一些更加大胆的想法,我们得找些真正的创新意念。不要管 那些老黄历,我要的是创新。 308. Think up ways of solving these problems. 动动 脑,想些法子解决这些问题。 309. I hate my dead-end, crappy job. 我恨死了这个 没有任何前途、烦人的工作。I am a greeter at this five star hotel, it is a dead-end job. 我 是这个五星级酒店的迎宾员,毫无晋升的机会。But you canlook at this issue this way: A d


ead-end job is there to provide a steppingstone for upward-bound employees. 但你可以 这样来看这个问题:这种死工作是为那种有上进心员工预备的一块跳板。 310. We 're often pulling some long hours but without extra pay. 我们常常超常加班, 可是没有加班 工资。 311. To make people like you in the office: Start a friendly chitchat with you r colleagues. Chitchat 很随意的聊天,交谈; 312. Make your cubicle neat, tidy and m ake it a homey charm. 把你的办公桌弄得干净整洁,像家一样温馨。 313. Pay for gas i f you carpool with your colleagues. 如果你搭顺风车,记得给车主加油。 314. Are yo u a consumer-friendly person? 你对顾客体贴入微吗? 315. It is a foul play not to tel l the customers upfront what the cost is. 你在一开始就告诉客人费用是多少,否则的话是 很不公平的。 316. In the best of all worlds, you will get 80% of what you have bee n offered for your salary. Oftentimes you won’t even get that. 在世界上最好的公司,你的 工资能达到公司所承诺的 80%就很不错了,常常你连这个数都得不到。 317. Don’t ap ply for credit cards willy-nilly, don’t use the credit cards willy-nilly. 不要随意地去申请信用 卡,也不要随意地去使用信用卡。 318. You need be always ready for a ballpark ide a of the cost to your clients. Give me a ballpark figure.告诉我大致数额是多少。 ballpark 大 致,一定范围内的, 319. You will get crunched if you have a poor credit history. 如果 你信用记录差的话,你做事就不会那么容易了。在口语里,crunch 又作俯卧撑解:I need t o do 200 crunches everyday to get rid of my spare tire. 我每天得做两百次俯卧撑来消除 我的肚腩。 320. You must greet new clients with polite professionalism. 凡有新顾客, 你都得做到敬业周到。 321. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. 得由我来宣布坏消息 真烦。 322. run on the coat-tails of 沾别人的光, Al Gore did no original science. T o reach his conclusions, he has merely run on the coat-tails of others. 戈尔根本就没有什 么原创科学,他的结论不过是贪他人之功为己有。 Those members of Crown Prince Pa rty have risen to fame on the coat-tails of their fathers. 太子党成员之所以得势不过是靠 父亲而已。 323. I said that to say this. 我说了上面一段话是为了说这句话。这句口语 很适用,你最后要做结论时可以用得上这句话。 324. There is a puny amount of it. Pu ny 很少。 325. We need money badly, but there's the rub: no one will lend us any. 我 们急需要钱,但偏偏谁也不会借钱给我们。Rub 的一般意思是―擦、磨‖,这里做―困难‖解释。 Given that Jackie Chan is one of the Chinese government's biggest supporters, I fin d it a little more than ironic that one of his films would get rubbed out by government ce nsors. 你想想看,成龙最铁心支持中国政府,所以连他拍的电影都被政府所禁,我觉得有点 讽刺意味了。 326. It is your call. It is your shot. 这两句话的意思基本一样:这是你的 任务,这是你的使命,由你做决定。 327. high-strung, over-strung, strung 是 string 的 分词,这两个复合词意思都是―神经绷得紧紧地、脆弱‖,也就是―神经质‖的意思。He is clu msy, irritable and high-strung. 他笨手笨脚、不惹人爱,总是神经兮兮的。High-strung 也 可以是 highly strung。Edgy 也是这个意思。 328. vibe 感觉,气氛 There was a really g ood vibe at that party last night. 昨晚的聚会气氛不错。 He is dumb, he cannot pick up o n my very subtle vibes. 他是个木头人, 他不懂我表情下面的感情。 329. The boy said t o her that he liked her. That has swept her off her feet. 那个男孩告诉她他很中意她, 这让 她有点神魂颠倒了。 330. loaded 直译是―装满了的‖,也转义为―附带含义很深的‖,例 如:a loaded question(a loaded word)意思是一个表面问题后还有很多其他意味的问题: Patriotism is a loaded question in China. It actually means that you have to love the Com munist Party. 爱国在中国是个带有圈套的问题,实际上的意思是,你必须爱共产党。(注意 第 36 例中 loaded 的不同含义). There’s no such thing as simple talk about democracy; it’


s always a loaded subject, it is about power sharing. 谈论民主决不是一个轻松的话题,这 是一个深沉的题目,它涉及到权力的分配。 今天谈谈一些关于健身的口语: 33 1. You need to do something about your abs now. abs 是 abdomen 的简写,意为腹部,肚 子。―你得为你那个肚腩想想办法了吧。‖ Everyday I do hundreds of crunches to flatten m y abs. 我每天做仰卧起坐数百次,就是想打平我的肚腩。 332. Six-pack abs: 腹部六块 肌肉。健美的腹肌有六块肌肉(甚至八块,但一般为六块),而一般人都是圆圆的肚子。E veryone dreams of six-pack abs, but it is not easy to get it. 人人都想要有健美的腹肌,但 谈何容易。Do you have any suggestion how to reduce the belly flab? 333. 大肚腩的 几种说法: belly flab, belly fat, spare tire, a big tummy, a paunch; a potbelly, abdominal m uscle 腹肌,a taut midsection 健壮的腹肌 334. flabby muscle 松垮垮的肌肉,taut mu scle 绷紧的肌肉 335. I wish I could get rid of this layer of fat here. 我真希望去掉这一 层脂肪。 The first step to losing body fat is changing your diet. 要去掉身体脂肪的第一步是 改变你的饮食。 336. To reduce your weight, make sure you eat less than you are bur ning. Burn 的本意是燃烧,这里做―烧掉你的脂肪‖解,―如果要想减肥,你一定要做到吃的 要比消耗的少。‖ 337. Eating several small meals throughout the day will boost you r metabolism and help you burn more calories. 每天少吃多餐能帮助提高新陈代谢, 从而达 到减肥的目的。 Calorie 卡[热量的单位] 338. Sometimes hunger pangs are actually yo ur body's plea for water. So drink lot of water when you feel hungry. 有时候难熬的饥饿 感不过是你身体需要水分,所以你感到饥饿时,多喝点水。 339. Almost everyone reac hes a weight loss plateau at some point in their fitness lives. Weight loss plateau 有人翻 译为―减肥高原‖,不知所云。这个词组的意思是―减肥停滞‖,就是减到一定程度后,就减不 下去了。这是一个常用的词组。 340. Don’t waste your money on expensive "fat burn er" pills or other bogus supplements. To reduce calorie intake and to workout are both es sential to a good health. 341.Play hooky 逃学 Student: My grandpa is sick. I cannot g o to school. Teacher: I have met him not long ago. You are just playing hooky. 34 2. 男老师上课时最尴尬的事莫过于裤拉链没有拉好。英语的说法是:Your barn door is ope n. 或者 Your fly is open. 343. What is the difference between man and woman? Ma n thinks but woman feels. 男人与女人的区别是什么?男人用脑,女人用情。 34 4. He is hitched. 他结婚了。 345. the white picket fence 白色围栏,一栋房子由白色围 栏围着,代表一种很普通但很满足的生活。中文里有俗话说:老婆孩子热炕头,用英文讲就 是:the wife, kids and the white picket fence. You know, i am an ordinary guy. My drea m is a wife, two kids, and the white picket fence. 又可称为:the white picket fence drea m 346. I am in my late 20. I feel like there is so much pressure from my parents tha t I should get married, but it personally gives me a sour and depressing feeling that I giv e up my freedom into a boring life. 347. 现在很多时髦女性喜欢涂指甲,这叫 manic ure(手指甲), 或 pedicure(脚指甲), 两者合在一起,叫 mani-pedi:My friend gets ma ni-pedis all the time. 348. He will come around. 他会想通的,他会明白的 349. M y boss went nuclear on me today.今天我的老板对我大吼大叫。 350. oops, 表示惊讶, 也有写成 ooops,Oops, I did it again.糟糕,我又犯了。This is an oops child.这个孩子是意 外怀上的。 351. I am not getting into this with you right now. 我现在不想和你仔细谈这 件事。 352. He is just a small-time actor. 他不过是个跑龙套的演员。He is a small-tim e ganster. 他是个小混混。Small-time, 微不足道的,不重要的。另一个说法是 ―a nickle an d dime‖, a nickel-and-dime business run out of a single rented room, 在一间出租房内经 营的业务,像皮包公司之类的。a small-time crime 轻罪,小偷小摸,He used just to be a s


mall-time mayor, but now he is a polibureau guy. 他以前不过是位名不经传的市长而已, 但现在他成了政治局成员。 353. Why don’t you download that into your brain? 为什么 不长记性好好记住这件事? 354. Keep your feet on the ground while you dream a pro mising future. 你可一边脚踏实地,一边展望未来。 355. 如果小孩在那里吵闹,你可以 说:Cut it out.不要吵了。 356. 现在超市流行―营养快线‖,英文是 eggnog,也可以说是 ―energy drink‖ 357. dork, nerd, geek, 这几个词的意思很相近,都是―呆头呆脑,书呆 子, 老气‖。 cannot take my mom with me to the party, or I would look like a big dork. 我 I 不能带妈妈参加这项活动,否则我会看起来像个十足的老土。 358. I am going to hav e a long afternoon today.今天下午我会忙得不可开交。 这里的 long 做―busy‖解。 359. H ave a blast. 祝你玩得痛快。 相当于―Enjoy yourself as much as possible.‖I had a blast on N ew Year’s Eve.除夕我玩的尽兴极了。blast 意为―爆炸,冲击波‖,Eggnog can add a blast o f energy into your life.营养快线可以让你活力四射。(申明:我从来没有喝过营养快线,编 这句话纯是为了学习英文。) 360. You only paid 20 Yuan for this T-shirt? It is a real s teal. 这件 T 衫只花了 20 元?那真是白捡来的。 361. Listen up, guys, for some advic e. 伙计们,认真听听一下这些好的主意。Listen up 意思是―仔细听听‖,与 listen to 不同, 后者是听―谁、或事。‖ 362. first off, 相当于 first of all, First off, you need to clean th e room. 你先把房间打扫一下。 363. If things seem like a go, you can make the secon d move. 如果一切顺利,你再做下一步的行动。Look like a go, or seem like a go, 行得通, 还行。 364. I’m just zoned out for some reason. 不知道为什么我有点走神。Zone ou t 走神,漫不经心,When I'm singing I zone out and feel like I'm the only one in the roo m. 我放声高唱时,就觉得旁若无人,觉得房间就我一个人。 I just arrived by train this mo rning, so don't get upset if I just zone out in the middle of the meeting. 我是今早坐火车 刚到,所以如果会议中我走神的话,请不要不高兴。Zone 区域,现在很多城市有―英语角‖, 一般翻译为―English Corner‖, 但更好的翻译应为: English Zone, 或者译为: English Bay。 I n the zone:进入状态, goalie who was in the zone throughout the playoffs 比赛至始至终 a 都精力旺盛的守门员。Comfort zone 原意为不冷不热,最适合人的体温的区域;每个人都 有自己感到舒适的范围:You need to get out of your comfort zone and work for one yea r as volunteer in a village. 你应该走出自己狭小的舒适环境,到一个村庄去一年做义工。 365. I have learned this lesson the hard way. 这个教训是付了高昂学费才学来的。th e hard way 付出一定代价得来的。 365. 如果 the white picket fence (白色围栏)象征 一种普通市民或曰小康生活的话(见 345 条),那么 the yellow brick road 则是小资的生活 了。 is able to provide me the yellow-brick road, so I will marry him. 他能够给我提供富 He 裕的生活,所以我愿意嫁给他。 366. Many things can sink an interview, such as ma king a bad first impression; a tendency to ramble, and so on. Sink 这里作―搞砸‖解释。―很 多事都可能把面试搞砸,例如,第一印象不佳,说话吞吞吐吐等等。‖ 367. Candidate s should always error on the side of a suit and tie, even if they've been told that the hirin g company has a casual dress policy. 这里的 error on the side of 是什么意思呢? (在几方 面可能犯错时)宁可在这方面犯错。 ―见工候选人哪怕得知要雇用的公司在衣着上有穿便装的 规矩,但还是要穿西装打领带为妙,哪怕这可能不合规矩。‖dress up, 穿正装,穿礼服。dr ess down 衣着十分随便。 368. There should be no limp or cold fish handshakes. Loo k the interviewer in the eye and give a firm handshake, that's part of first impressions. 握 手时不能有气无力,目无表情,一定要看着面试官的眼睛,有力地握下手,这是第一印象。 Cold fish 就是死鱼,表示冷漠,生疏。Limp 为―跛行‖,也是说―一个人要死不死的样子。‖ 369. Before the interview, you need to learn what the company’s hot bottons are. H


ot bottons 重要的事项,禁忌。Gender issues have become something of a hot button of l ate. 性别问题最近成为热门话题。 370. I am sorry I cannot remember his name, m y mind has gone blank. 对不起,我一时想不起他的名字,我头脑是一片空白。 361. Lis ten up, guys, for some advice. 伙计们,认真听听一下这些好的主意。Listen up 意思是―仔 细听听‖,与 listen to 不同,后者是听―谁、或事。‖ 362. first off, 相当于 first of all, Fi rst off, you need to clean the room. 你先把房间打扫一下。 363. If things seem lik e a go, you can make the second move. 如果一切顺利,你再做下一步的行动。Look lik e a go, or seem like a go, 行得通, 还行。 364. I’m just zoned out for some reason. 不 知道为什么我有点走神。 Zone out 走神, 漫不经心, When I'm singing I zone out and feel l ike I'm the only one in the room. 我放声高唱时,就觉得旁若无人,觉得房间就我一个 人。 I just arrived by train this morning, so don't get upset if I just zone out in the middl e of the meeting. 我是今早坐火车刚到,所以如果会议中我走神的话,请不要不高兴。Zon e 区域,现在很多城市有―英语角‖,一般翻译为―English Corner‖,但更好的翻译应为:Engl ish Zone,或者译为:English Bay。 In the zone:进入状态,a goalie who was in the zone t hroughout the playoffs 比赛至始至终都精力旺盛的守门员。Comfort zone 原意为不冷不 热,最适合人的体温的区域;每个人都有自己感到舒适的范围:You need to get out of yo ur comfort zone and work for one year as volunteer in a village. 你应该走出自己狭小的舒 适环境, 到一个村庄去一年做义工。 365. I have learned this lesson the hard way. 这 个教训是付了高昂学费才学来的。 hard way 付出一定代价得来的。 the 365. 如果 the w hite picket fence (白色围栏)象征一种普通市民或曰小康生活的话(见 345 条),那么 t he yellow brick road 则是小资的生活了。He is able to provide me the yellow-brick road, s o I will marry him. 他能够给我提供富裕的生活,所以我愿意嫁给他。 366. Many thing s can sink an interview, such as making a bad first impression; a tendency to ramble, an d so on. Sink 这里作―搞砸‖解释。―很多事都可能把面试搞砸,例如,第一印象不佳,说话 吞吞吐吐等等。‖ 367. Candidates should always error on the side of a suit and tie, e ven if they've been told that the hiring company has a casual dress policy. 这里的 error o n the side of 是什么意思呢? (在几方面可能犯错时)宁可在这方面犯错。 ―见工候选人哪怕得 知要雇用的公司在衣着上有穿便装的规矩, 但还是要穿西装打领带为妙, 哪怕这可能不合规 矩。‖dress up, 穿正装,穿礼服。dress down 衣着十分随便。 368. There should be n o limp or cold fish handshakes. Look the interviewer in the eye and give a firm handshak e, that's part of first impressions. 握手时不能有气无力,目无表情,一定要看着面试官的眼 睛,有力地握下手,这是第一印象。Cold fish 就是死鱼,表示冷漠,生疏。Limp 为―跛行‖, 也是说―一个人要死不死的样子。 ‖ 369. Before the interview, you need to learn what t he company’s hot bottons are. Hot bottons 重要的事项,禁忌。Gender issues have beco me something of a hot button of late. 性别问题最近成为热门话题。 370. I am sorr y I cannot remember his name, my mind has gone blank. 对不起,我一时想不起他的名 字, 我头脑是一片空白。 371. drum out 逼某人失业 G ao Zh isheng was drummed out o f the law business a couple of years ago because he was suspected of being a human rig hts activist. 因为当局怀疑高是人权活动家, 逼着他把律师事务所给关门了。 372. red m eat 带血的肉,意思是―投机所好的、能煽动情绪的发言‖,原意是面对一条饿狗,仍一条带 血的肉,狗就不会叫了。Her father asked her if she was ever to get married, and she thr ew him some red meat. 他父亲问她到底要不要结婚,她回答说,他已经有了个不错的男朋 友。(她父亲就不再问了。)The Party is good at red-meat rhetoric on nationalism. 它最 拿手的好戏就是使用煽动民族主义的宣传。Chen won presidential victories by exploiting di


visions, by the red-meat politics of playing to his base. 373. a no-no( a nono) 绝对 不行,绝对不可以 In a corporate environment, wearing flip-flops is a no-no. 在公司上班, 穿拖鞋是绝对不可以的。也可以说 a don’t:Plastic is definitely a don't in the office. 在办公 室不能穿凉鞋。In North Korea, human rights are a nono. 在北朝鲜根本就没有人权。(你 也可以把北朝鲜换上另一个国家。)These are six top no-no’s. 这是六件绝对不能做的事。 相应的一个词是 win-win. 374. For women, it is OK to show some of toe, as long as i t's in a high-heeled strappy sandal. But for men, it is best not to show your toes at all. 对 女性而言,大脚趾露出一点不要紧,只要是穿带鞋带的高跟拖鞋,但是男士就最好不要露出 大脚趾了。 375. bipolar 喜怒无常,两极症:一时情绪低落,一时情绪高昂。Bipolar di sorder is a serious and disabling mental illness. 376. A lot of policies in our society c annot hold up so well to scrutiny, even though they are widely accepted. Hold up to scru tiny 经得起检验。 377. These corrupted officials are bad to the bone. 这些贪官烂透 了。 378. You need to tell the customers upfront what the price is, and there should b e no hidden price, otherwise it is foul play. 你应该开诚布公告诉顾客价格,不应该有任何 隐藏的价格,否则的话那就是在玩鬼了。 379. playing Russian roulette 玩俄国左轮。 这是一种赌命的游戏。在左轮手枪(a revolver)里装上一颗子弹,再将轮子旋转,然后对 着自己的头扣动扳机。 显然, 死亡机率是六分之一。 you drink and drive, you’re playing R If ussian roulette with your life and the lives of others. 如果你酒后开车,你就是在拿自己的 和别人的命在做赌具了。No one should have to play Russian roulette when debating on d emocracy and human rights in this country. 这个国家不应该让人感到他们一讨论民主人权 时就是在玩命。 380. the straight dope 真相,事实 The cop said, "Give me the straigh t dope, Shorty. I haven't got time for your stories today." 381. Chinese zodiac 中国生 肖 Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig To bear child ren in the year of the pig is considered to be very fortunate, for they will be happy and h onest. 382. shrink 意为―收缩‖,口语里的意思是―心理学家‖。He got a shrink degre e. 他得了一个心理学学位。 383. 当有人向你致谢―Thank you‖时, 很随意的口语回答是: Anytime. 或者 You bet. 384. 第 23 句例句是: 拿某人出气: know he has the blues, b I ut it doesn’t mean he can vent his anger on me. 这句的意思也是如此: She dumped all he r problems with her husband onto me. 385. I am knee deep in debt. 我欠了一身的 债。knee deep in 深深陷入,投入:I’m knee-deep in work at the moment, so I’m not sto pping for lunch. 我现在忙得不可开交,没时间去吃饭。 386. 这两个水域在此意思很相 近:I am in financial hot water. 我现在的财务相当吃紧。I feel like I am in uncharted wat ers. 我感到一头雾水,不知道前面的方向。 387. The professor trashes conservative p roposals as well as liberal nostrums. 作名词是―垃圾‖意,也可作动词,把什么当垃圾,把什 么贬得一钱不值。―这位教授把保守派的提案以及自由派的所谓良方都贬得一钱不值。‖nost rum 是―任何病都能治的药‖, 相当于前面提过的 snake oil。 388. I am not your guinea p ig, give me the right medicine. 我又不是你的几内亚猪,给我点对路的药。制造商常常拿 g uinea 用来试验新药。但是 guinea pig 并不是真正的猪,而是天竺鼠(a rodent),产于南 美。南美人喂养天竺鼠就像我们喂养猪,用来做食品的。 389. Loop 的基本含义是―圈、 环‖,in the loop:圈内人,局中人,You can tell she’s in the loop. She always knows abo ut policy decisions before the rest of us. Out of the loop 局外人:I’ve been out of th e loop since I changed jobs. I didn’t realize Wendy and Bob had gotten engaged. A few p eople at the top knew what was going on, but everybody else was out of the loop. 3 90. Unbelievable I am half way through this term already and somehow or other everythi


ng seems to be going OK. 真是难以置信,这个学期已经过了一半了,不管怎样,一切看上 去都不错。 Half way through 过了一半, somehow or other 不管怎样 I walked out halfway t hrough the movie. 电影看了一半,我就走了。 391. After failing the midterm, he was on t hin ice with his math teacher. 其中考试没有及格,他与数学老师就不易相处了。on thin ic e with 与。。。的关系微妙。 392. In a way 与 stand in the way 的区别:In a way, 从 某种程度上来讲,In a way, he is indeed. 在某种程度上讲,他的确如此。in the way, 拦路, 碍事 I don’t want to be in the way.(or in your way)我不想拦你的路。复习:out of the w ay, 229. I try to get myself out of the way as quickly as possible. Spring Festival is gettin g under way. There are some damages, but we are working our way back. Sh e had this problem for many years, going way back to before… That is just the wa y it is. She has repeatedly gone out of her way to help him. 393. That is tha t. 事情就这样。 394. A: I have a question. 我有个问题。B. Shoot.问吧。 复习:127. s hoot me at aaa@aaa.com 给我这个地址发电邮。 395. Give me a shout when you are i nthe area. 你如果来这一带,记得给我打个招呼。 396. You are inches away from bei ng fired. 你差一点就被解雇了。A peace deal is inches away. 和平协议指日可待。 39 7. bite one’s head off 小题大做,反应激烈 He will bite your head off. 他会把你给吃了的。 A. Excuse me, where is the bathroom? 对不起,请问厕所在哪里? B. What are you, l azy? Why don’t you just look for it yourself, instead of asking some random person wher e it is? People like you are the reason America is known as the laziest country in the worl d! 你这个懒鬼,你为什么不自己去找,而问一个素不相识的人?就是因为像你这样的人多, 美国才被全世界都认为是个最懒惰的国家。 A. Geez, what’s your problem, you didn’t h ave to bite my head off! 哎呀,你有病呀,这么小题大作。 398. creeps 原意为―爬‖, 口语里意思是―恐惧感,‖That house gives me the creeps. It gives me creeps to think tha t he would do such a thing. 399. strange 是人人都知道的词,但在口语里,有四个词 表达―怪怪的‖,wacky stories or weird stories, 都是―稀奇古怪的故事‖;weird stuff 乱七八 糟的东西;That guy looks weird. 那个家伙看上去怪怪的。That guy is a wacky person. ee rie, I have an eerie feeling. eccentric (自我为中心的)神经质:You are eccentric. 4 00. He is a control freak. 他控制欲极强。他是个控制狂。 401. Is he your former flam e? 他是你以前的男朋友吗?to fan the flame of democracy, 挑旺民主的火焰 402. Don’ t do it, it is sure a deal breaker. 不要做这样的事,肯定会坏事的。He is a deal breaker.他 是个扫把星。 要特别注意 breaker 与 broker 的意思不一样。 403. He tipped the bottle w hile on the job. 他上班时喝酒。 这句话也是同样意思:He downs alcohol at work.. 4 04. This is the most clicked story of 2007. 这是 2007 年点击率最高的故事。 405. Whe n you see a bear what do you do? Tuck in your arms and play dead! 你遇见熊时如何办? 挽起手臂装死。My son tucked in a whole pizza.我儿子把整个一个匹萨饼给吞了。 40 6. to buck the trend 在熊市仍赚钱 He bucked the trend by investing in real estate. 407. Please do not stretch yourself too thin and miss the time needed to recharge yourse lf and to be connected with your family. Stretch too thin 把面铺得太广; 忙得晕头转向, ―不 要太忙了,给自己留点时间,充充电,和家人多在一起。‖ 408. piggy bank, 快乐小猪 存钱罐 or a change jar, 存钱罐,The children took a great deal of joy filling up piggy ban ks. 409. You are missing the point. 你没有明白这里真正的意思。You got the poin t. 你明白了。 410. 早晨遇见人时说: Good morning! 分手时可以说 Have a good day. o r Have a good one! 这比说 Good-bye 要随意得多。 411. They are pretty hammered. 他 们个个喝得酩酊大醉。 (喝得不省人事,醉得一塌糊涂)这种醉指酒醒后对当时的事一无所


知。比前面的 loaded 还要厉害。 412. Where is the chow? Chow 的意思是―食物‖,a c howtour across Guangzhou 广州寻找美食之旅。Chow 又特别指宠物的食品,例如 dog cho w 狗食,chow chow dog, 小松狮狗,毛厚的小狗。 413. The girl(the boy) is out of yo ur league. 对你来说,这个女孩就是只天鹅(是望尘莫及)。League 是棒球队,棒球队有高级 队(major league)与初级队(minor league),高级队对初级队的人来说是望尘莫及的事。 一般此词只用于男女孩之间。 414. He is a sqrare peg in a round hole here. 他根本就 不适合这里。 415. bonehead:stupid, silly, That is a bonehead thing to do. 简直是胡 来。 Don’t be such a bonehead. 不要胡来好不好! 416. Finish your homework before y ou skedaddle away. 溜走前把作业做完。 Skedaddle 一般是对小孩说的。 417. riffraff 白 丁,Don’t hand around with those riffraff. 不要和这些没教养的人混在一起。 418. Tha nks, you are a real trooper. 你真是位勇士。a real trooper 是一位不屈不挠的勇士,为自己 的理想愿意付出代价。 mom is a real trooper. My 419. If you want to study English w ell, you need to spend two solid hours under your belt. 如果你想学好英语,那你就得扎扎 实实花上两年的时间。Under your belt 扎扎实实。Once a medical student has anatomy u nder her belt, she’ll have much less to memorize. 医学生如果把解剖学扎实学好了,那么 其他要记的东西就不多了。 注意与 268 句中的 below the belt 的区别。 420. Don’t diss m e, OK? 不要挖苦我,好不好?They are dissing each other. 他们彼此瞧不起。 421. The re is a dark cloud over her. 她的前景不妙。 422. He is a late-blooming challenge r. 他是个后起之秀。 423. Love doesn’t necessarily translate into a marriage. 爱情 并不意味着总会演变成结婚。 424.He is going to take the No.2 spot. 他会当第二 把手。 425. If you want to study English well, you need to spend two solidhour s under your belt. 如果你想学好英语,那你就得扎扎实实花上两年的时间。Under your bel t 扎扎实实。Once a medical student has anatomyunder her belt, she’ll have much less t o memorize. 医学生如果把解剖学扎实学好了,那么其他要记的东西就不多了。注意与 268 句中的 below the belt 的区别。 426. He is addicted to the computer games, and h e is playing it 24/7. 24/7 指 24 小时与七天,所以这句话的意思―他玩电脑游戏上了瘾,一 天到晚沉迷其中。‖ 427. His proposal doesn’t sit well with him, manager of thed epartment. 他的议案不太合他这个部门经理的意。 428. Ihear you. 我明白你的意 思。我明白你所指。也可以说:I got you. 429. Everyone likes his rags-to-riches s tory. 大家都喜欢他脱贫致富的故事。 430. It is the rugged origina. 这绝对是原创。 the rugged original 前人没有做过的事 431 She snooped through his things for his affai rs. 她把他的东西都翻了一遍, 想要找他外遇的证据。 432. Why don’t you cut the c rap? 你不要胡说一通了。Just cut the crap, will you, and tell me what really happened las t night. 不要胡诌了,告诉我昨晚真正发生的事情。要注意这个用法比较粗鲁。 43 3. He doesn’t know how to manage his money, and he has already landed himself almos t 10,000 Yuan in debt. Land 这里做―陷入‖解释。 landed a good job immediately after h He is graduation. 他一毕业就找到了一份不错的工作。 434. A glass of red wine a da y could keep tumors at bay, according to a study of men with lung cancer. 一项对男子肺 癌研究的报告表明:每天红酒一杯可以防癌。keep something at bay 不让。。近身;防止 恶化 But white wine seemed to have the opposite effect. 但是白酒却有相反的效应。 435. out of the blue, 突然,Out of the blue, he started yelling at everyone. 他突然对 大家大声嚷了起来。 436. USA is a cultural melange. 美国是个文化大熔炉。Melan ge 的另一个更为流行的说法是:melting-pot 437. He dipped his food twice at th e sauce. Double dipping is just gross. 他两次把食物去沾佐料。 重复沾佐料太恶心。 That’s l


ike putting your whole mouth right in the dip! 这就好像是把整个嘴都舔进佐料了。 438. Her creative idea won her a lot of oohs and aahs from her co-workers. oohs an d aahs 赞叹声。她的创意为她赢得了同事们的一片赞叹声。 439. Now I’m going t hrough a living hell without you. My life is falling apart. 没有你,我此刻简直就是掉进了活 生生的地狱。 我的生活正变得破碎不堪。 440. Giving should never be a contract; i t should be a gift without strings.付出(奉献)决不是合同,而应该是不附带任何条件的礼 物。 without strings 不附加任何条件 441.Can you just give me a snapshot of yoursel f? 你能不能给我做一个简单的自我介绍?snapshot:一分钟快照。 442.He has inte rviewed a few people but nothing has panned out, so he isstill looking for someone. pa n 淘金,成功。The project didn’t pan out. 这个项目没有做成。If I don’t pan out as a mu sician,I can always go back to school. 如果我无法成为音乐家的话, 我随时都还可以再退回 到学校重来。I don’tknow how things will pan out now the company’s been taken over. 现 在公司被收购了,我不知道下一步的进展如何。 443.Don’t be such a stubborn fool f or holding out hope that he’ll changehis mind. 不要犯傻了, 寄希望他会回心转意的。 Hold o ut hope 坚持希望 There is no sign the storm will stop, we can only hold out hope thatso meone will come to our rescue. 444. I really enjoy my escapades bywandering arou nd in mountains. Escapade 相当于 adventure. 445. Linda is strictly by-the-book. 林 达是位严格照章办事的人。Judge Neil runs his courtroom efficiently and by the book. by t hebook, 照章办事。有部电影叫―Going by the book‖,中文翻译是―率性而活‖,这个翻译恰 好翻反了。 446.His coldnesshas put me off. put off 一般意思是―推迟‖,例如:He al ways puts off paying his bills.但这里的意思是―他的冷淡让我不敢接近他。 ‖His bad manner s put her off.他恶劣的态度让她倒胃口。 447.His joke really cracked me up.他的笑话 真把我给逗晕了。 crack up 大笑不已 Everyone in the room is cracking up. 房间里的每个人 都开怀大笑起来。 448.Herrecent divorce has sent her into an emotional tailspin. 她 最近离婚后, 情绪极度低落。 tailspin: 飞机向下俯冲 449. blah, blah, blah.等等一些(废) 话。He said thank-you, think-of-you,blah, blah, blah. 他道过谢,又说了想念你等好些话。 450. to talk with Jack. Heknows him so it shouldn’t be hard for you to get his low Go down. lowdown 内部消息,个人信息。―去跟杰克谈谈,他认识他,所以你应该很容易得到 他的一些个人资料。‖ 451.三个结构相似的词组:Wall to wall;Bumper to bumper;P aycheck to paycheck 第一个词组的意思是―挤满了,所有的‖,There are wall to wall stude nts in every classroom. (现在的高中)每间教室都挤满了学生。Independent channels ar e promising wall-to-wall coverage of the Olympics. 第二个词组的意思是―车挤得一辆接一 辆‖(bumper 是汽车的前后保险杠)。The cars are bumper to bumper everyday in Beijing. Only crazy people love to make a living there. 每天北京的交通是挤得水泄不通,只有神经 病人才愿意在那里去讨生活。第三个词组的意思是―工薪族‖:We are ordinary people, mak ing ends meet by paycheck to paycheck. 我们不过是普通百姓,靠每月的工资才能度日。 (不会有存款之意) 452.redux 这个词很多辞典没有收录,但有时也会有人使用, 意思是―旧事重提‖,Their redux reopens old wounds. 他们旧事重提,揭开了旧的伤痕。另 一个类似的口语是 rub it in:I know I was stupid at that time, but you don’t have to rub i t in. 我知道我当时极不明智,但你也不必老是提此事好不好。 453.tradeoff: 利益 交换,权衡,折中 I am still debating the tradeoffs between going or not going. 我仍在想 来想去,是去还是不去。A classic trade-off in business is the trio of time, money and qual ity. It is generally considered that only two of the three can be anchored at any given mo ment. 商业中一个经典的利益交换例子就是时间、金钱与质量三者之间的关系。一般认为,


在一个时刻,三者中只能同时获得两者。经济学的核心问题就是一个 tradeoff 的问题。 454. Can you just give me a snapshot of yourself? 你能不能给我做一个简单的自我介 绍?snapshot:一分钟快照。 455. Ifeel wilted now after a full day of work. 干了 整整一天的活后, 我感到筋疲力尽了。 Wilt 本来的意思是指植物―枯萎‖, wilted flowers, 借 如 指―疲劳,麻木‖,a wilted soul。 456.shoddy:a crappy job/furniture crappy wea ther What a crappy thing to say about anyone! Why do you like these crappy movies? Sh oddy 质量很差的东西 China is well-known for its shoddy and unsafe products. 4 57.I am no spring chicken. 我已经不是(精力旺盛的)年轻人了。spring chicken 不到一 年的嫩鸡,喻年轻人。不一定只用于女性。 458.Can you crank up the volume a l ittle bit? 你能把音量调高一点吗? 459.He is raised in a tight-knit family. 他在一 个关系亲密的家庭长大。 tight-knit 关系密切或严密, tight-knit organization 一个严密的 a a 组织,例如共产党。 460.My daughter blows me a kiss. 我的女儿给了我一个飞 吻。 461.You need to keep your instincts under wraps. 你要克制住冲动。The financi al details of the case have been kept firmly under wraps. 这单生意的财务细节绝不向外人 透露(仍旧处在保密中)。The identity of the buyer is still under wraps. 买家身份仍旧是 个迷。 462. A surprise witness proved to be the wild card at the trial. wildcard:出 其不意的一招。One wild card is to propose to her in front of the whole class. 当着全班的 面向她求婚,这会是最厉害的一招。 463.egg on 促使,唆使,加剧 egg on:Jac k is always egging me on to drive faster.杰克老是怂恿我开快车。 Seemingly quiet,Margo a ctually eggs on Donald to quarrel with his staff. Margo 看起来一言不发,但他实际上在唆 使 Donald 与职工们干仗。People are upset with the bad roads, egged on by soaring foo d prices.大家对路况本来就厌恶了,现在食品价格飞涨更是让人不安。要注意的是,这里的 egg 与鸡蛋无关,此词的来源是从―eggja‖衍生来的,意思是―edge‖,所以―edge on‖与―egg o n‖是同义词,但是 egg on 更流行一点。 464.toss oneself into 不知不觉投入 He t ossed himself into this pro-democracy movement that is gaining slowly thousands of adh erents.他不知不觉中投入到了民主运动的行列,现在民运正在慢慢成长,获得了成千上万 的积极投入者。 465.Carve out 获取 He carved out a successful career.他事业有 成。She carved out a reputation for herself asa high-powered lawyer. 466.run i nto a wall, run into a stone wall or run into a brick wall 意思都一样, 都是―碰壁, 遇阻‖。W e tried to get faster approvalfrom the town and ran into a stone wall, For Allan, learnin g a foreign language amounted to running into a brick wall. 对 Allen 而言,学习一门外语 意味着要克服巨大的困难。 467. Laoyang, you are at work now. You should be w orking hard, not cruising thedating sites. 老杨,你现在在工作,就得好好工作,拜托不要 老在那些婚介网站上跑来跑去好不好?cruise 巡航,游览。He cruised to the victory. 他一 路顺利,直到最后胜利。Cruise 是个很有用的词,现在很多汽车里都有 cruise 的装置,―自 动巡航‖。Youcan set on the cruise, and relax. cruise missile 巡航导弹。That dude hasbuil t a cruise missile in his own garage, on a budget of just US$5,000.那个老兄在自己家的车 库了花了不过 5000 美元就造出了一枚巡航导弹。 468.You should put your mon ey where your mouth is. 你提倡这事,就得在这事上花钱。 469.She is a bust, a l oser. 她是个破罐子。They are bust. 他们破产了。 470.Let's go,pedal to the me tal! 走了,我们现在全速前进。pedal to the metal 是―一脚油门踩到底‖的意思,也就是把车 开到最高速度。Chinese car industry puts pedal to the metal for Auto-Expo.中国汽车工业 卯足全力来参加汽车展览。 471. We have some big projects in the pipeline. Pipeline 是 油管的意思。此句的意思是:我们有好几个大的项目即将进行。 472. He is a brainy gu


y. 他非常有头脑。 473. I caved in and gave him my phone number. 我妥协了, 给了他 我的电话号码。 474. Finally, my luck is taking a turn. 终于,我时来运转了。 I fee l like I’ve hit the jackpot. 我感到我撞大运了。Jackpot 是赌博用的工具,hit the jackpot 就 是赢了大钱。 475.Friends on net can email each other till cows come home, but a rea l live phone call can mean much more. till cows come home 很长时间, 无止境 You don’t h ave to wait till cows come home. I will do it for you right away. 476. I can’t ima gine my role as house frau after marriage. a house frau 家庭主妇(有点不快乐的那种)S he is not a suburban house frau any more. frau 是个德文单词, 意思是―女士, 夫人‖, 例如: Frau Smith, Frau Holle。 477. In the small hours of that day, he killed 10 people.那天 他在短短的几个小时内就杀了十个人。small hours 就几个小时 478. I like to come ho me from work, have dinner, chill out for a little bit, and then go to bed. 下班后, 我只想回 家,吃顿晚饭,放松一会,然后睡觉。 I was worried about the kids, and he told me I sho uld just chill out. We are chilling out great. Don't let it bother you--just chill out. chill ou t 放松,高兴高兴。 479. I feel like I am having an out-of-body experience. 我感到我 有点魂不附体了。(我觉得我是语无伦次了。) 480. A. Where are your chil dren? B. I assume they’re lurking somewhere. A 你的小孩呢?B. 我想他们就在附近玩耍 吧。 481. I am consumed with thoughts of you since theday you left and can’t p ossibly live another moment without you. 从你离开了的那一天起,我就无时不刻地思念着 你,没有你我简直是一天也活不下去。consume 一般作―消耗‖解,也作―带有一种强烈的感 情: Heis consumed with guilt/anxiety. Americais consumed with gloom. 美国笼罩在一片悲 观气氛之中。 482. But she has got her eye on someone already. 但是她已经看 上别人了。 483. I hear that Steve is gunning for you. 我听说斯蒂夫在准备要整 你。gunfor 攻击 484. He is widely acknowledged as masterpuppeteer, pulling e veryone’s strings. 他善于操纵每一个人,大家都知道他是个木偶大师。 (他是个擅长权术的 人) masterpuppeteer 木偶大师 485.He is a blabbermouth. 他说起话来滔滔不绝。 上次我们提到过―chatterbox‖, 也是这个意思。 或者说: Heis a talkaholic. 486. I f irmly believe that white lies are OK whenemployed to spare someone’s feelings. White lie s, a white lie 善意的谎言, 无伤大雅的谎言。 was lying through his teeth. 他谎言连篇且 He 毫不羞愧。 487. I took her advice to heart. 我牢记了她的忠告。记住,―牢记‖是 to heart,不是 to memory 488. She is not serious with love,she is just a golddigger. 她不是想真的爱,她不过是在想傍个大款。gold digger 原本指西部淘金人,现指那 些想傍大款的女孩。That golddigging tramp was never in love with him; she was in lovew ith his money. She would use him up and suck him dry and move on to the nextunsuspe cting victim.吃软饭的人是―a gigolo or boytoy‖ 489.―A little birdie told me you h ave anadmirer,‖ she says. 她说: 听说你还有崇拜者呢。 little birdie told me, 相当于 Iam t a old that….也可以说:A little bird tells me that…. 490. on theoff chance, 但愿, 万一 I bought a first edition of the book on the off chance that it mightbe valuable somed ay. On the off chance Barack Obama wins. 万一奥巴马赢了呢? 491. 大家知道 a piec e of cake 的意思是―很容易‖,与 cake 有关类似意思表达还有一个:cakewalk.Cakewalk 是 一种很轻松的舞步。Itis no easy cakewalk for him, but uphill climbs. 对他而言,这决不会 是一件容易的挑战,而是得很费力气的事。It would be foolish to believe that to land in Ta iwan would be a cakewalk. 如果以为登陆台湾是件很容易的事那就很愚蠢了。 49 2. jive with, jive 原意为爵士音乐,口语的意思是―聊天,胡说八道,跳爵士舞‖Don’t try t o jive me, I know where you were last night. Don’t give me that jive, Iknow where you w


ere last night. Promoting democracy doesn’t jive with our social values any mo re. 推动民主不再与我们的社会价值观合拍了。 493. CPR 人工呼吸 He is giving h er CPR. 494. "I shall give no quarter." Said the first dueller. "None given o r asked." Replied his opponent. ―我不会对你客气啦‖, 第一个决斗者说。 ―不希罕, 也不想‖, 他的对手回答。give no quarter 不显仁慈,不让步 It's the kind of grunt work whe re Obama's forces have excelled, but Clinton's are giving no quarter. 495. My h unch is that what you’rereally asking is money. 我本能的猜测是你所要的实际上是钱。 496. She had a heart-to-heart talk with her beau. 他与男朋友做了一次推心置腹的交 谈。beau 男朋友 497. Where the heck are you? theheck 相当于 on earth,你到 底在哪里? 498. I heard that Steve is gunning for you. 我听说斯蒂夫想要整 你。 for 给谁穿小鞋。 gun 499.hardwire 电脑固定不变的硬件部分, 转义―本性‖。I b elieve that man has somepretty rotten things buried deep in his hardwiring. 我相信人有 一些与生俱来的邪恶本能 We're born hard-wired with the desire for freedom. 我们生而有 种追求自由的本能。 500. Fly high 振奋,成功。When the Olympics comes to C hina, the whole country is flying high. 当奥林匹克落户中国时,全国为之沸腾。After readi ng Englishteacher’s blog, everyone can fly high now as an English student. 读了英语老师 的博客后,每个学生都可以象英语专业学生一样成功了。 想不到三个月前停笔的文章还 有人在顶,很受感动与鼓励,现在再接再厉,以示感谢。 1. States scramble to fi nd funds to fix roads and bridges. 各州都在竭力寻找资金来修路补桥。 His campaign scra mbled to defuse possible damage. 他的竞选班子在竭尽全力来挽回可能的损失。Scrambl e 通常意思是―搅拌‖,例如:scrambled egg,这里的意思是―竭力干一件事‖。 2. This c aused some tie-ups.事情会有些耽搁。 Get ready for some traffic tie-ups. 做好塞车的准备 吧。 Tie-up 不顺利,拥挤,堵塞,塞车。 3. It costs a dollar a mile now to drive a big r ig. 开货柜车的成本是一美元一英里。Rig 这里的意思是―大型货柜车、卡车‖,还可以做―海 上油井‖解释。 4. Finally he got his wish. 终于他如愿以偿。 5. Give it a good push /pull.用力拉(推)一下。 (例如关门时)good 有时候的意思是表示程度,有―很‖的意思。I r ode my bike from Gongzhufen to Bawangfen. That is a good ride.我从公主坟骑车骑到了 八王坟。 那骑了不少路呀。 6. Don’t push me, OK?不要强迫我做这事, 好不好?She is p ushing me around, I really doesn’t like that. 她老是对我指手划脚地,我很不爽。 7. Y ou know what. 你知道吗。这是口语里常用的句子,主要是一种―过渡语气‖。 8. We ar e well-positioned for the challenge in the near future. 我们为即将到来的挑战已经作好了 充分准备。He is the best positioned for this job. 他是这个职位的最好人选。 9. Fuel p rices fatten up airfares again. Fatten 使 肥胖,这里是―加价‖的意思。My friends all call m e a walking stick, I want to be fattened up.我的朋友们都称我瘦如竹竿,我得增加点体重 了。 10. He naively put his hopes in an imperfect vessel. 他把所有的希望都投入到这 个残缺的计划之中,真是十分幼稚 11. The rewards have come in spades.回报无疑十分 丰厚。 in spades 毫无疑问地,大量的,They are having money problems, in spades. 毫无 疑问,他们遭遇到了巨大的财务困难。 12. They had words. 他们吵架了。注意 word 在这里要用复数, 就像 name 在 call someone names 时要用复数一样。 13. in name 名 义上 a democracy in name, a police state in fact 名义上是民主国家, 实际上是个警察国家。 There are 70 million Communist Party members in this country, but majority of them ar e communist believers in name only. 这个国家号称有七千万党员,但绝大多数多不过是名 义上的共产主义分子。 14. make hay:利用,大做文章,The candidate’s opponents m ade hay of the scandal. 反对该候选人的势力在这个丑闻上大做文章。Farmers are makin


g hay out of trash, a contribution to pollution prevention.农民将垃圾废物利用,对控制污 染是个很大的贡献。 15. Some people believe that education is cure-all for social pr oblems. 有人以为教育是包治一切社会问题的灵丹妙药。Cure-all 包治一切 16. confess 与 admit:中国学生常常搞不清楚这两个词的区别,其实区别很简单,confess 是―承认罪或 错误‖,而 admit 只是―承认一个事实‖,而这个事实通常并不是―罪或错‖。He sheepishly ad mits that he doesn’t know the name of Shanghai mayor. 他不好意思地承认,他不知道谁 是上海市市长。(讲老实话,我也不知道。)He confessed his sins before God.他在神面前 认罪悔改。 17. We can dig it out some place. 我们总会找到这东西的。(有人在找东 西总也找不到,这时你可以说这句话。) 18. He got hooked on the stamps. 他以前集 邮很上瘾。 19. After his retirement, he devoted his time to relic hunting. Relic huntin g 收藏古董。古董收藏家:relic hunter,或 relic collector 20. The school is tightenin g its belt. I’ve had to tighten my belt since I stopped working full time. to tighten one’s b elt, 勒紧裤带,表示要减少开支。也有人用形容词结构:A tight belt is no fun. I paid my cr edit card bill and boy I have about nothing left. It is very scary for me as I almost alway s have a cushion of some sort. 口袋里没有钱真不是滋味。我付了信用卡账单后,老天,我 是所剩无几了。 真是吓人, 因为我以前口袋里总是有些备用钱的。 cushion of some sort, 软 a 垫, 可起缓冲用途。 21. My hope is that common people such as myself will reject t he red herring excuses of the government and stop shooting themselves in the foot. 我希 望像我这样的普通人会拒绝政府的这些障眼法,不再做这些于己无益的事。red herring 转 移目标,声东击西,障眼法。shoot oneself in the foot 干伤害自己利益的事 22. I am b usy today, and I have a bunch of odds and ends that I have to do before noon. 我有好些 零碎活要赶,得在中午前做完,因此忙得很。 23. When you bring up these hot-botto m issues, tempers are already frayed. Hot-bottom 引起争议性的, 热点。 24. She just d oesn't have enough straws left to clutch. 她剩下的救命稻草不多了。They are grasping a t straws. 他们在捞救命稻草。Straw 还有一个常用的词组是:The last straw breaks the ca mel’s back. 压垮骆驼的最后一根稻草。This is the absolute last straw for me. I'm done wi th this ridiculous, pandering, untruthful dope.我绝对是无法再忍受他了, 我完全放弃了这个 荒唐透顶、拉政治皮条、谎话连篇的小丑。有人不用 straw, 而用 feather, 是一个意思。 25. A lot of people plunked 300 Yuan down to reserve the Olympic tickets. 很多人毫不 犹豫地掏出 300 元定奥林匹克的票。He plunked onto the couch with a sigh of relief. 他倒 在沙发上,舒适地出了口气。 26. They showed guts, intelligence, and sheer elbow gr ease on issues that mean a lot to ordinary people.对于这些民众所关心的事物,他们展现 出来了勇气、智慧以及实干精神。Sheer elbow grease,直译是―满手臂都是油垢‖,意思是 不是那种―光说不练‖的人。 27. My small business operates on a razor-thin profit marg in. 我的生意属小本经营,利润微薄。 28. But more important than head-of-a-pin argu ments over patriotism, we need to focus on the real issues such as human rights. Head-o f-a-pin arguments 钻牛角尖的辩论。不要去就爱国主义进行钻牛角尖一样的辩了,我们更 应该关注像人权一样的实质性问题。 29. anybody’s guess 结果无法预料 How it will tur n out is anybody’s guess.结果最后如何实在难以预料。 30. Recovery from inflation is n owhere in sight. 根本就看不到近期有可能从通货膨胀中恢复过来。 The end is nowhere in s ight.根本就看不到头。 31. plop down 把….放在一个地方, 坐下。 lot of parents w A ill plop down their children in front of the TV so that they can finish their task. 很多父母 要赶着做些事,就把小孩往电视机前一扔了事。He plopped down on the bed and went str aight to sleep.他往床上一倒便睡了。 32. We are just laboratory rats in the national re


form in education system. 在这场全国教育体制改革中,我们了实验品。laboratory rats 或 简称 lab rats 33. be deep knee in 直译是―深到膝盖‖,转意为―太深了,太多了‖,I'm k nee-deep in work at the moment, so I'm not stopping for lunch. 我现在忙得不可开交,就 不去吃中饭了。 34. Joining the family business is a tall order. 投入到家族的生意是件 很难得决定。a tall order 很难的,艰巨的挑战。To finish the task in time was a tall order b ut we did it. 要按时完成这项工作是个艰巨的挑战,但是我们完成了。To stop corruption i s a tall order for the communist Party. 35. Freud is unwelcome in most intellectual p arlors these days. 当今弗洛伊德在知识界并不受追捧。parlor 客厅,会客室,转义为阶层。 It is just the subject of an intellectual parlor game. 这不过是知识界所喜爱的一个话题。 36. initiative 这是一个最近很流行的词,意思大概与―movement‖差不多,与 movement 不同的是,可以指较小规模的运动,或一个领域内的努力。They have embarked on a gree n initiative that includes replacing old bulbs with new ones. 他们投入到了环保运动的行 列, 他们做的是将旧灯泡都换成了新的。 Initiatives For China 中国公民运动 37. Watch o ut, he has something up his sleeve. 小心, 他在玩障眼法。 21 句。 见 38. His family is p oor, so he has to settle for a third tier college instead of Beijing University. 他家境贫寒, 所以他只能选择了一所三流的大学,而放弃了北大。 a third tier 第三流的 39. frills 中 看不中用的东西,附加物。no frills 不要那些不实惠的东西(这样价格就会要便宜许多,例 如飞机上的用餐,汽车内的音箱等等。)We prefer low price over frills.只要价格便宜,没 有那些设施也很好。什么都没有的毛胚车叫―car with no frills‖或者叫―stripped car‖. 4 0. I am on the last lap for this project. 这个项目我很快就要攻克下来了。the last lap 赛跑 比赛时最后一圈,意思是快要接近尾声了,快要完了。 41. bite the dust 直译是―啃 泥土‖,转义是―死了‖。He made his enemies bite the dust.他让敌人甘拜下风。 I think tha t my computer has finally bitten the dust.我想我的电脑已经寿终正寝了。 His car bit the d ust after 200,000 miles!他的车跑了 20 万英里后报废了。这个俚语的另一个说法是―kick th e bucket‖。 42. He feels he gets the short end of the stick. 他觉得他吃亏了。get the s hort end of the stick, 吃亏。 The people who get the short end of the stick are those whos e income is just too high to qualify for help from the government. (在这个制度里)吃亏 的人往往是那些收入刚刚高过能接受政府补助门槛的人群。 43. Tell me about it. 注意, 这句话的意思不是真的要别人告诉他什么,而是―你说对了。我完全同意你‖看这句话:―Yo u must have gotten into a lot of trouble.‖ He said. ―Tell me about it.‖ 44. Jealousy i s a negative trait. trait 性格 45. I didn’t sleep much last night, so I was tired and gro ggy. groggy 站都站不稳的样子。 46. They are forced to go hat in hand to special inte rests that typically expect a return on their investment. 见上级或有权势的人时,人们往往 会把戴的帽子取下,拿在手中,以示对上级的毕恭毕敬。―他们必须卑躬屈膝地面对那些索 要回报的利益集团。 He came back the next day, hat in hand, to correct the problem he l ‖ eft behind. 他第二天回了来,老老实实地把头天扔下的问题给解决了。 47. He has fre e rein to destroy fragile ecosystems, flout our laws and trample on the rights of ordinar y citizens. free rein 可以随心所欲地, ―他可以随意来破坏脆弱的生态, 蔑视我们的法律以及 践踏普通公民的权利。‖ Some foreigners believe Chinese bloggers get free rein as earthq uake slows censors. 有些外国人以为因为地震网络管制放松了,所以中国人写博客可以有 了较大的空间。 48. These scientists are in fact nut heads, they are going through a b i-polar personality disorder.这些科学家实际上都十分迂腐,他们表现出两级人格分裂症。 49. The TV is the mainstay of his free time. mainstay 主要依靠,主要来源。―他主要 靠电视来打发他空余的时间。‖ 50. I'm such a goodie goodie. I don’t even smoke.我


可是老好人,连烟都不抽。 goodie goodie 原来指小礼品,如铅笔,糖果之类,现也指老好 人,什么错都不犯的人。 51. It is obvious that someone made a big boo-boo. a big bo o-boo = a big mistake. I made a big boo-boo on my taxes. 我报税时犯了一个大错。 5 2. rag: 报纸,可读性不是很高的地方报纸,You know People’s Daily is just a rag.你知道人 民日报不过是一份烂报。 I started my career in journalism by working at a small newspap er. It was a rag, but the editors gave me some good advice. 我最开始做记者时是在一份 地方小报工作,但是那里的编辑给了我很好的指导。如果是女性说:I am on the rag.意思 是―我来例假了。‖I cannot swim, I am on the rag. 53. weigh in 就一件事表达强烈的 意见。Pro-democracy leaders weigh in on meaning of nationalist pride.就这种民族主义傲 慢,民运领袖表述了他们的看法。They have weighed in and the job is back.他们强烈抗议 后,工作又回来了。They weigh in on key issues.他们就关键性的问题发表了看法。I fully e xpect you to weigh in with your own opinions. 我完全可以料到你会就此发表高论的。 54. zero 的意思很简单,为―零‖但 zero 可以做动词用。zero in 靠近(相当于现在流行的一个 词汇: 零距离); 集中火力瞄准目标 If you just condemn a few corrupt officials, that is OK, b ut when you zero in on the corrupt system, you will be in jail. 如果你只是谴责一下几个贪 官,那没有什么,但是如果你想动一下腐败的制度的话,那你就得坐牢了。The children ze roed in on the display of the toys. 孩子们挤着靠前看玩具展览。Hackers zero in on onlin e bank accounts. 骇客在瞄准网上银行账户。 55. She is not expecting an easy ride. S he is not easily intimidated. 她做好了准备,知道事情不会是一帆风顺的,因此她不会轻易 妥协的。An easy ride 一帆风顺。或者说:But I knew it would be a tough road. 但是我知 道这件事会很不容易。 56. Let us put our heads together. I am sure we can come u p with a better design. 我们大家都来想想,我相信我们一定能拿出一个更好的方案。 5 7. He will lose his shot for this job if he is ill prepared for the interview. 如果他不好好准 备, 他会得不到这个工作的。 lose the shot for 失去机会 58. It goes against the grain f or William to admit that he's wrong. 威廉通常是不会认错的。I don't think she likes to pra ise men. It goes against the grain. go against the grain 通常情况是。 59. for the purp oses of window-dressing 粉饰太平,装模作样,搞宣传。He did that just for the purpose o f window-dressing. The communist party is very good at window-dressing.粉饰太平中共 最拿手。 60. This is the thumbnail overview of the case. thumbnail 大拇指指甲,现在 电脑词汇的意思是―缩略图‖,因为―缩略图‖大概就是大拇指指甲那么大,所以这句话的意思 是:这是这个案例的大致内容。类似的有 snapshot, this is the most comprehensive snaps hot. 61. mindset 心态,口语里代替 mentality。He has a good mind-set. 他的心态比较 好。 62. backdrop 背景,口语里代替 background,It is with this backdrop that he on ce again asks for his right. 因着这种环境,他再次提出了要实现自己的权利。 63. I a m with you. Are you with me? 我明白你说的,我说的你明白吗? 64. Hope this will ge t you thinking.但愿这能让你好好想想。Hope you will think it through. 但愿你把这件事想 通。 65. I am just thinking aloud. 我在动脑筋;我在费心想办法。 66. To begin wi th, I don’t like that guy much. 首先,我根本就不喜欢那个家伙。 67. You look wiped o ut. 你看上去精疲力尽了。I am totally wiped out. 我累死了。wipe out 一般作―消灭‖解释。 68. We have come a long way but we have a long way to go. 我们已经取得了不小的 成绩,但要作的努力仍然巨大。(我们已经走过了很长的路,但要走的路仍旧很长。成绩不 小, 但革命尚未成功。 ) 69. This is a good place to relax and unwind. Wind 上紧发条, unwind 松发条,就是―放松‖的意思。 70. Nonsense! 胡说!这是最常用的词汇。表示―荒 谬‖还有好几种说法:That is a cockeyed idea. cockeyed, absurd, ridiculous, 都是同义词。l


udicrous 荒唐得令人发笑。If you ask a nonsensical question, you will get a nonsensical a nswer. 如果你问无聊的问题,就只会得到无聊的答案。preposterous 也是―荒谬‖之意,是 书面语:It is a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history. 想开历史的倒车门 都没有。 上面说了,如果有五人顶,就发新的,结果一天之内就有 5 人在顶,顿时觉得 不小的压力了。 为了避免让人觉得是在重复,现在把新发的与第一次的次序接到一起。 所以现在是 500 多句了: 571. 现在流行的一个词是―拐点‖,英文为 the tipping po int。 We have passed that tipping point. Have we reached a tipping point? We now see ho using bears everywhere. 已到拐点了吗?现在到处都是房价下跌。 又可以说 breaking point. 572. I think the pendulum has shifted. This policy is under review now. 我认为现在 形势发生了变化,这项政策也在检讨之中了。 pendulum 钟摆。 573. wind vane 风向 标 This is the wind vane for mobile market. 这是汽车市场的风向标。He is just a politica l wind vane and can never be a political compass. 政治上他不过是个见风使舵的人,不可 能提供政治上的出路。compass 指南针 He has a well-oiled wind vane.他最擅长见风使舵。 574. The only thing politicians like to do is to puff up their chests and talk. They wo n’t stick their neck out for the other guys. stick one’s neck out for 为朋友两肋插刀 puff u p chest, 表现勇敢之意。政治家热衷做的事就是拍胸脯,夸夸其谈,但要他们为别人承担风 险,那是不可能的事。 575. You are on the radar of the National Security now, be car eful. 国家安全局已经在注意你了,你得小心。―上了雷达‖,意味着引起了某人的注意。也可 以说 on the radar screen。You are right below the radar. 不会有人注意你的。 576. T he first time I met him, my antenna was up because I knew his political background. 我 第一次见到他时,我就本能地警惕,因为我已经听说了他的政治背景。Antenna 天线,一个 人的天线竖起了,就是―提高警惕‖的意思。类似的说法还有 raise the red flag 577. GD P (Gross Domestic Product) is not universally accepted as the right yardstick for recessio n. We need to take an additional yardstick to our leaders and measure their total value. 我们得另找标准来衡量我们的领导,权衡他们的整体价值。 578. barometer, 气压计 Th e Olympics is a global power barometer now. 奥运成了全球权力较量的晴雨表。 57 9. a wake-up call 强烈提醒, 唤醒。 this can happen to me, it can happen to everyone. F If or all of us, this should be a wake-up call. 如果我会遭遇到这样的事,每个人就都会有同样 的遭遇,所以这对我们大家而言真是敲了一次警钟。 580. ―我很高兴‖,最简单的说法 就是 I am so glad to…一个稍微更正式的说法是:I am heartened that you have spoken o ut on my behalf. 你为我仗义执言, 我大感欣慰。 effort met with hearty applause from e His veryone. 他的努力得到了大家由衷的赞赏。 581. road map 地图,指南。It has been a r oad map for the investment in China. The "road map" for peace is a plan to resolve the I sraeli-Palestinian conflict. 和平路线图是旨在解决以色列与巴勒斯坦冲突的一揽子计划。 582. That will help you identify landmines. 这会帮助你发现麻烦。 (直译,找到地雷。办 公室内地雷最多。 There are many landmines in my company. ) 583. lens: The comm unist party tends to see everything through a political lens. 共产党习惯于用政治标准来衡 量一切。He is talking about modern democracy through a historical lens. 注意,虽然 Lens 用的是复数,前面要用 a。 584. The new secretary started today so I spent most of t he morning showing her the ropes. show someone the ropes 给某人做出详细的解释。 r 与 opes 有关的口语有:Good managers know the ropes. They have skills and experience. 优 秀的经理都很在行,他们具备技能与经验。He wants to learn the ropes, to learn how to s peak English.他想学些最基本的东西,学会英语口语。 585. 有人喜欢说:―人渣!‖英文 是: riffraff. 一般来说 gangs; drunks; prostitutes; drug dealers; miss-fits; winos 都是 riffraf


f。 586. signature: 大家都知道,此词的意思是―签名‖,因为每人的笔迹不一样,所以, 这个词又转义为―独特的,此家独有‖,―You will be served with our signature sandwich.‖我 们会给你上独家三明治。 587. I am a bit of a food person. 我是一个对食品有点挑剔的 人,或可以译为―我是个好吃鬼。‖还一个说法:I am a dedicated foodie. 注意第 50 句中的 goodie 一词。 588. Push the envelope 努力、勉强。If you are going to lead this indus try, you must push the envelope. 如果你想在这个行业执牛耳的话, 你就得努力创新。Don’ t push the envelope. 不要太过分了。We are pushing the envelope of free speech. 我们在 尽全力来争取言论自由。 589. You know that the People’s Daily is the most importan t outlet for communist propaganda. outlet 出口 Factory outlet 厂价直销。 590. big 放 在名词前表示―特别‖:Kunming is a big bike city. 昆明这个城市,自行车特别流行。He ha s a job that requires big-time traveling. 他的工作要求他常常出差。 591. Those actors a nd actresses vie for attention in a crowded media landscape. 太多的人想在媒体抛头露 面,这些男女演员也为此使出浑身解数。media landscape 媒体领域 592. We have ach ieved our goals, but there are clouds on the horizon. The government is going to cance l our funding. 我们已经完成了既定目标,不过前面好像困难不小,政府即将取消对我们的 财政支持。on the horizon 前面。More demonstrations are on the horizon.即将发生更多的 游行示威。Travel, read, discuss - expand your horizons! 旅游,阅读,讨论-扩展你的视野! 593. It is only one month from their hookup to their breakup. 他们从相好到分手仅仅 过了一个月。 594. This is a terrible letdown. 这太令人失望了。口语里 letdown 代替 di sappointment。 promise I won’t let you down. 我保证我不会让你失望的。 I 595. That i s where I went off course. 这是我出错的地方。 注意 off course 与 of course 意思是不同的。 596. The trade deficit has gone off the chart. 贸易赤字大得都已经是无法想象了。 t off he chart 超于寻常,This basket player’s income is off the chart. 这个篮球运动员的收入令 人惊讶。 597. off the wall 奇怪,荒唐 He did something totally off the wall. 他做的事 简直是荒唐透顶。The idea of a free election in China is totally off the wall. 想在中国举行 自由选举真是荒唐。 598. off the record, 不公开, 私下 What he was about to say, he t old the reporters, was strictly off the record. 他给记者打招呼说, 他下面要说的绝对不要见 报。 599. off the beaten path, 又作 off the beaten track, 人烟稀少的地方 I like to trav el to regions off the beaten path. 我喜欢去常人少去的那些地方。 600. far-flung, 相当 于 remote, in a far-flung village, 在一个偏远的村庄。In the far-flung future, human being s are going to immigrate to Mars. 在遥远的将来,人类会要移民到火星。(比较:in the n ear future, 在不久的将来)far-flung adventure 到偏远的地方冒险。 601. His home is in t he middle of nowhere. 搞不清他的家在哪里(或者说,他的家在很偏远的一个地方。)。 相反的说法是,in the middle of everything, 靠一切都很近,很方便。We are right in the m iddle of everything. 我们的位置非常便利。 602. On the business battlefield, the powe r of marketing can be blown to bits by happenstance. 在生意战场上, 市场营销的力量在细 节上体现出来。 603. My life is at a crossroads. 我的人生正处在一个十字路口。注意, 如同 a lens 一样,复数前用 a。 604. You don't have to give me your decision now. Sl eep on it, and let me know tomorrow. sleep on it, 不要急于回答或做决定,可以等一天或 几天。 605. Kick 基本含义是―踢‖, kick 有关的几个口语: got a big kick out of it. 这 与 I 事让我乐了好一阵。 She is trying to help him and she feels she is kicked in the teeth. 她 在尽力地要帮助他,但她觉得他根本就不领情,还给她白眼。(不能直译,翻译成把谁的牙 齿给踢掉了。)kickback 回扣。It is against law to get kickbacks in USA. 在美国拿回扣是 违法行为。Tianjin is just a sidekick to Beijing. 天津不过是北京的一个陪衬城市。He is jus


t a sidekick of the boss, he cannot make any decision. 他不过是老板的陪衬,作不了决定。 His letter kicked off the investigation. 他的信促使了有关人开始了调查。kick off 开始。Wh en they kicked in gear to save the old buildings, most of them had been demolished. 就 在他们要努力拯救那些老式建筑时,很多已经被扒掉了。kick in gear,开始作努力。 6 06. They are throwing me kind of a going-away party. throw a party 开舞会、聚会;thro w a going-away party 开欢送会 = farewell party 607. She cried her eyes out. 她眼 都哭肿了。 608. Forget about it. You are making too much out of it. 得了吧,你不要 为这事大惊小怪好不好。 这样的事不值得这样小题大作。 609. He is an under-miner. 他 是个拖后腿的人。 610. play dumb, 装傻。Playing dumb is being smart. 大智若愚。 611. play dirty 玩鬼。 Even if his opponents cheat and lie, Pat won't play dirty. 尽管对手 故意犯规,Pat 也不玩鬼。 612. He's been playing games with us. We can't believe wh at he says. play games with: 耍心眼,搞鬼计。他不过是在跟我们闹着玩,我们信不了他说 的话。 613. She doesn’t want to come across as a party pooper. come across as 以什 么样的形象出现。―她不想让大家觉得她是个扫大家兴的人‖ He came across as a dull-witte d manager incapable of running the department. 他这个人呆头呆脑,无法管理这个部门。 614. comfort zone: 舒适带, (自己习惯了的窝) You have to get out of your comfort z one if you really want to challenge yourself. 如果你要向自己挑战的话,你就得从自己的安 乐窝里走出来。(激励自己或他人一句很有用的话。) 615. You have to go beyond y our own borders to better understand how others perceive you. 你得走出自己的小圈子, 这样才能更好地理解别人对你看法。 go beyond your own borders, 走出自己的圈子 61 6. That is what we know all along. 这些事我们一直以来都知道。 (虽然从来没有证实。)a ll along 一直以来。 617. 美国人喜欢用这个句型开玩笑。There is a theory that there a re two kinds of people in this world: people…; people…. 有种说法,这个世界上只有两类 人,一类是…,另一类是…。例如:I believe there are only two kinds of people in the busi ness world, fast people and dead people. 我相信在生意场上,只有两类人,一类是行动快 的人,一类是死人。 (言下之意就是如果你动作慢了,就会被淘汰。)有个移民说:There a re only two kinds of people in the world: people who are living in America, people who w ant to live in America. 如果你是自我优越感强的北京人,你就可以套这个句型了。There ar e two kinds of women in this world: women who love to put on makeup, and women wh o don’t want to put it off. 这个世界上只有两类女人,一是喜欢化妆的女人,一是不愿卸妆 的女人。There are two kinds of people in this world: those who ride Harley-Davidsons an d those who wish they did. 世界上只有两类人,一是骑哈雷族,一是但愿自己属哈雷族。 (这是哈雷的广告词。)我上次套这个句型说了这样一句话,把周围人逗乐了:There are o nly two kinds of communist bureaucrats: the corrupted ones and the ones yet to be corr upted. 只有两类共产党官员,一类是已经腐败了,一类是就要腐败了。记住,这个句型的 诀窍是,表面上看是在说有两类人,实际上只有一类人。有哪位朋友想试一下这个句型? 618. If the Olympics are not your bag, don’t sweat it. 如果你并不热衷奥运, 就不要去凑 热闹了。 619. Most athletes in China don’t have a well-rounded life. 中国的运动员大 部分发展都不均衡。You need to develop a well-round life. 你的人生应该全面发展才好。 620. The overall workload is too much for young students in China. 中国青少年学生 每天学习任务都太重。 The job is tough, but overall, I enjoy it. 这工作不容做, 但总的来说, 我还是蛮喜欢的。 suffer is part of your overall experience. overall 是个常用的口语词汇。 To 621. ―(学生)进步了‖,我们大概都会说,The students made progress. 也可以说:Al l students made gains/improvements/good scores on this year’s exams. 今年考试, 所有的


学生都有较大的进步。注意:progress 为不可数名词。 622. I know you are bursting y our buttons as a proud papa. 我知道作为一个骄傲的爸爸,你喜得在手舞足蹈了。一个人 得意洋洋时,会把胸挺起,结果把衬衣的纽扣都挣断了。 623. Although I am not a st ellar student in his class by any stretch of the imagination, Professor Zhou really takes go od care of me. 虽然我从来算不上一个优秀的学生,不过周教授真的挺照顾我。by any stre tch of the imagination, 无论如何想象 (用于否定句。 ) 624. He is making a name for h imself in this field. 他正在这个领域崭露头角。另一个类似的说法:He is casting his own s hadow. 他正在成为一个有影响力的人。He has cast a long shadow as president of the col lege. 他是学院院长,影响力深厚。She is trying to escape his father’s shadow and be inde pendent. 625. When your fate is in our hands, it won’t go out of hand. 把你的命运 交在我们的手中,你的命运就不会失手了。 626. 在中国,锤子上了中共的党旗,所以 说是锤子应该是个正面的东东。 但是在英文里就不见得如此了。 You can’t teach a hammer t o love nails. 你不可能让锤子爱上钉子。(我为鱼肉,人为刀俎之意) To a hammer, everythi ng is a nail. 对锤子而言,其余的都是钉子。(对我而言,中共就是锤子,我们普通人都是 钉子。)由此句话发展出了很多相关的话,例如:If the only tool you have is a hammer, y ou will see every problem as a nail. 如果你唯一的工具就是锤子的话, 你就会视每个问题都 是钉子。(此句意思是,你得多掌握解决问题的办法,不要只一根筋。)Your boss is a ham mer, don’t be a nail. 你的老板是锤子,你不要成为钉子。(不要被他任意宰割之意。)Do yo u need a hammer? 627. Dragon 在国人看来是祖宗,但在英文里可不是什么可爱的东 东。 ―AIDS is a very big dragon,‖ Clinton said. ―This dragon must be slain by millions of f oot soldiers.‖ 艾滋病是个庞然怪兽,只有靠成千上万的平凡勇士才能制服这头怪兽。foot s oldier 步兵,在前线作战的平凡战士。 628. Never bite the hands that feed your mout h/ you. 这句话的意思是: 不要做得不偿失的事, 不要做忘恩负义的事。 629. How can w e trust him when we know he talks out of both sides of his mouth?这个人见人说人话,见 鬼说鬼话,叫我们如何相信他?talk out of both sides of his mouth, 说话没有立场;想怎样 说就怎样说。有人把这句话发展为 talk out of three sides of his mouth, 左、前、右。 6 30. (今年的金牌)这超过了我的所求所想:This exceeds my expectations. 口语说法是:Thi s simply blows my mind away. 631. Yaoming has achieved the great acclaim in th e hoops. His hoops career is legendary. 他有着传奇般的篮球生涯。 hoops: 篮球。原意为 球框。 632. Yaoming is the guy who pulls the crowds. 姚明很能吸引人。Attract 是比 较正式的用法。He pulls in one million dollars a month. pull in 挣(大)钱。 633. She cr acked the top 10. 她进入了前十名。口语里,crack 是个很常用的单词,兹举以下例子:I h ave set up 30 characters in length for my password so that no one can crack it easily. t o crack a password, 解密码。我把密码设到 30 位那么长,这可以减少被盗的危险。Crack 另一个常用含义为―毒品‖:As a rule of thumb, it is profoundly unwise to get addicted to c rack.记住最要紧的事,吸毒是最愚蠢的事。She was a normal gal until she started smokin g crack, now she is a prostitute for $5 to buy another rock. 吸毒前她是个很正常的女孩, 现在她成了妓女,5 美元就卖身,好去再买一剂毒品。Ford said he had always wanted to t ake a crack at writing a novel. 福特说,他总怀有一个念头就是要尝试写本小说。Winter i s a great time to prep for a last crack at the Entrance Exam. 寒假是很好的时间, 预备高考 的最后机会。 634. He is a bargain hunter。他最会讨价还价。 635. I have just los t my job, and I have to stretch my dollars. 我失业了,得精打细算过日子。Stretch dollar s 一块钱做两块钱用。She has a passion for penny-pinching. 只要谈到省钱,她就来劲。 636. Economy is not good. They struggle to stay afloat. 经济萧条, 他们竭力设法能生存


下去。 637. a standout 与 outstanding 意思一样。 a standout player or an outstandi ng player 优秀的球员。 638. Can you cover it for me? 你能不能顶替我一下? 63 9. It was no picnic. 这事可不是看上去那么简单。相反的说法是:That is a piece of cake. 这事易如反掌。 640. There is no stopping a man on a mission to accomplish this. 他 决心要完成这使命, 没有什么力量能使他放弃。 We are low on food now, can y ou go and do some shopping? 吃的东西不多了,你能不能去买点菜?We are running lo w on food. 现在食品供应紧张。 642. He credits his success to his deep-seeded Christi an faith. 他把自己的成功归结为根植于基督教的信仰。I work hard, but my boss won’t giv e me any credit. 我努力工作,但老板并不买账。 643. Kudos to Jim, who has worked r eally hard to make this possible. 向 Jim 致敬,因为他的努力,这一切才有可能。或者说: A tip of the hat to Junko for his contribution. Thank you, Junko! a tip of the hat to 向某 人致敬 to tip the hat to someone, 见前面的例句。 644. That is when the light bulb we nt off. 那时,我忽然顿开茅塞。很多人都说 go off, 但也有人说 go on. 645. There is t he impression that I have been calling all the shots in this company, but that couldn’t b e more wrong. 有人以为我在公司包揽做一切都决定,但这根本就不是事实。call shots 做 决定 646. It took him three shots to pass the bar. 他考了三次才通过律师资格。 6 47. a close call, 差不多, 几乎 My car almost hit the guy, what a close call.我的车几乎撞到 那个人了,真是好险呀。The White House race is a close call. 竞选白宫现在是难分胜负。 类似的说法还有 close shave. narrow escape, near miss. 648. Stop dreaming. Back t o reality for a moment, OK? Tell me what you are going to do now. 不要做梦了, 谈谈眼前 吧,好吗?告诉我你现在想干嘛。back to reality,回到现实世界。 有部电影,叫 Back to t he Future,我想片名大概就是根据这个词组来的吧。 649. branch out: 成立分支机构, 向什么副业发展。I would like to branch out into drama. 我想慢慢向演艺发展。This resta urant is branching out into several major cities now. 这家餐厅现在已经在好几个大城市开 设了分店。(或者译为开设了连锁店) 650. I hope you know what you get yourself i nto. 但愿你会好自为之吧。(直译:但愿你清楚你现在在干嘛!) 651. 白领人喜欢 说:我很忙。这句话有好几个说法:I have my hands full. I have too many irons in the fir e; I am sorry I cannot help you right now. My life right now is in the fast track. ―我的生 活节奏太快。我的生活驶入了快车道‖等等。 652. A normal life in Beijing means time i s scarce, stress is high and an ordinary day- filled with chatter and other noise-permits b arely a moment for the mind to rest in silence.这是描述北京生活的一个很好的句子。 ―在北 京一般人的生活是,没时间,压力大,每天被喋喋不休、杂音所包围,根本就不会有片刻安 静的时间,让大脑休息不想事。‖ 653. The Politburo is made up of faceless bureaucr ats hardly known in their own country let alone abroad. 注意,这里的 faceless 不是―没有 脸面、不要脸‖,而是作―神秘‖解释,就是―你看不到这些人‖。―在国内谁也不熟悉中央政治 局的这些官僚,更不要说对海外的人了。‖ 654. He is just a flunky of the Party secret ary. 他不过是党支部书记的跟屁虫。flunky 奴仆,跟屁虫,走狗。或者说 stooge, He is a s tooge for the Party secretary. 类似的词还有 yes-man, pushover, lackey, toady, hanger-o n, puppet, camp-follower 655. Everywhere you look in this small American town, th ere are red, white and blue banners. Denver has rolled out the red, white and blue carpe t for the delegates. 这里的―红、白、蓝‖三色是美国国旗的图案,所以这句话可以译为―在这 个美国小镇,到处都可以看见小巧的美国国旗‖。―丹佛为迎接代表们铺上了印有国旗图案的 地毯。 ‖如果直译为―红白蓝旗子‖或―红白蓝地毯‖, 中国的读者可能一般体会不到这是什么样 的旗子。 656. He is a genuinely self-made man. 他完全靠个人奋斗才成功。如果是靠


在哈佛读书才成功的人, 就是 Harvard-made man。 657. He is photogenic. 他这个人很 上镜头。很多人在网上的相片楚楚动人,在实际生活中却很普通,这就是 photogenic。如 果你不善上镜头,可以说:I always come out hideous in photos. 658. You need alw ays ask: Is this all there is? 你要常常问: 已经达到目标了吗?潜力都挖掘出来了吗? 6 59. cash cow 来钱来得快的生意、项目。The sale of land is the holy cash cow to the gove rnment. 政府靠出卖土地获得了巨额资金。 660. 这个黑心律师贪污了顾客数百万。Thi s ruthless attorney embezzled millions from clients. embezzle, 贪污,这是书面语。口语说 法有两个词:一是 This lawyer fleeced his clients by millions. fleece 原意为拔羊毛,转义为 贪污、剥削。 二是 He skimmed millions of dollars for his lavish lifestyle. skim: 烧牛奶时, 表面会起一层膜,也就是奶酪,你把这层奶酪捞起来的过程就是 skim,转义为非法侵占、 掠夺、贪污、逃税。The casino skimmed two million a year. 这家赌场每年逃税两百万。 651. 白领人喜欢说:我很忙。这句话有好几个说法:I have my hands full. I have too m any irons in the fire; I am sorry I cannot help you right now. My life right now is in the fa st track. ―我的生活节奏太快。我的生活驶入了快车道‖等等。 652. A normal life in Beij ing means time is scarce, stress is high and an ordinary day- filled with chatter and othe r noise-permits barely a moment for the mind to rest in silence.这是描述北京生活的一个 很好的句子。―在北京一般人的生活是,没时间,压力大,每天被喋喋不休、杂音所包围, 根本就不会有片刻安静的时间,让大脑休息不想事。‖ 653. The Polit-buro is made u p of faceless bureau-crats hardly known in their own country let alone abroad. 注意, 这里 的 faceless 不是―没有脸面、不要脸‖,而是作―神秘‖解释,就是―你看不到这些人‖。―在国内 谁也不熟悉中-央政-治局的这些官僚,更不要说对海外的人了。‖ 654. He is just a flun ky of the P-arty s ecretary. 他不过是党-支部书记的跟屁虫。flunky 奴仆,跟屁虫,走狗。 或者说 stooge, He is a stooge for the P-arty se-cretary. 类似的词还有 yes-man, puppet, c amp-follower 等。 655. Everywhere you look in this small American town, there're re d, white and blue banners. Denver has rolled out the red, white and blue carpet for the d elegates. 这里的―红、白、蓝‖三色是美国国旗的图案,所以这句话可以译为―在这个美国小 镇,到处都可以看见小巧的美国国旗‖。―丹佛为迎接代表们铺上了印有国旗图案的地毯。‖ 如果直译为―红白蓝旗子‖或―红白蓝地毯‖,中国的读者可能一般体会不到这是什么样的旗 子。 656. He is a genuinely self-made man. 他完全靠个人奋斗才成功。如果是靠在哈 佛读书才成功的人, 就是 Harvard-made man。 657. He is photogenic. 他这个人很上镜 头。很多人在网上的相片楚楚动人,在实际生活中却很普通,这就是 photogenic。如果你 不善上镜头,可以说:I always come out hideous in photos. 658. You need always a sk: Is this all there is? 你要常常问:已经达到目标了吗?潜力都挖掘出来了吗? 659. c ash cow 来钱来得快的生意、项目。The sale of land is the holy cash cow to the governme nt. 政府靠出卖土地获得了巨额资金。 660. 这个黑心律师贪-污了顾客数百万。This rut hless attorney embezzled millions from clients. embezzle, 贪-污,这是书面语。口语说法有 两个词: 一是 This lawyer fleeced his clients by millions. fleece 原意为拔羊毛, 转义为贪污、 剥削。 二是 He skimmed millions of dollars for his lavish lifestyle. skim: 烧牛奶时,表面会 起一层膜,也就是奶酪,你把这层奶酪捞起来的过程就是 skim,转义为非-法侵占、掠夺、 贪-污、逃税。The casino skimmed two million a year. 这家赌场每年逃税两百万。 Show me the place to put the level and I shall move the world.- Archimedes 阿基米德说, 给我一个杠杆的支点,我就可以撬动世界。 662. You are tossing the baby out with th e bathwater. 你在把婴孩连同洗澡水都一起倒掉。 663. Life can be such a juggling ac t. We need to learn the difference between the urgent and the important things. 生活犹


如玩杂耍,我们要搞清楚急事与要事之间的区别。 664. 我很喜欢 George Orwell( ―动 物庄园 Animal Farm‖; ―1984‖)对自由的定义:If liberty means anything at all, it means t he right to tell people what they do not want to hear. ―自由的最基本含义是,人们有权拒 绝他们不爱听的东西。‖但这中国太难了,每天媒体上充斥的都是 propaganda,你不想听也 得听, 所以中国每天生产的都是不想事的人, 包括那些愤青。 665. You have won. You h ave bragging rights, OK? ―你赢了,你想怎么吹就怎么吹吧。‖谈到 rights 时,我们想起的是 人权(human rights),劳工权(labor rights),bragging rights―吹牛权‖是什么权?我们 中国人说,吹牛又不上税,你想怎么吹就怎么吹吧,这就是吹牛权。 666. Boast and b rag 之间的区别:boast 很多时候作―自豪‖解释:We boasts the services of a fine hotel wit h staff ready to satisfy any need.我们很自豪地说,我们酒店服务精良,全体员工都做好了 准备,随时满足顾客的一切需要。 667. When you give your word, honor your obligati on. 如果你作了保证,你就得兑现! 668. Don’t talk in circles, instead, get to the poin t. 不要绕来绕去的,直截了当地说吧!另一个说法是:don’t beat the bush! 669. He v iolated the trust of everyone. 他违背了大家都信任。也可以说 betray。 670. He is a H unanese through and through. 他是个地地道道的湖南人。through and through 彻底的, 彻头彻尾的,从这头穿过到那头,例如一个子弹,从你胸口这头进,从背部出来,就是两次 through。I love you through and through. 我是真心地爱你。 671. a pilot proj ect, 为以后推广的实验项目。 They funded a pilot project in six states. 他们在六个州资助了 一项新的实验计划。This is a virgin territory. 这是一片未从未开耕的土地。这是一片崭新的 领域。 a virgin trip, 672. Coca-cola is Atlanta’s flagship company. 可口可乐是亚特兰 大的旗舰公司(最重要的公司)。flagship 旗舰,引申为―最重要的‖。 673. They are j ust getting into this business and taking their baby steps. 他们刚刚进入这个行业,还嫩得 很。 674. Shanghai is the ―Fashion Mecca‖ in China. 上海是中国的―服装麦加‖,或者可 以译为―上海是中国的服装之都。‖ 675. The park, though small, is my oasis in the co ncrete jungles. 这个公园虽然很小,但在这片钢筋水泥丛林里却是我的绿洲。 676. Xiji ang is an ethnic tinder-box. 新疆是个少数民族问题的火药箱。 677. He started with n othing, and ended up with everything. 他创业时一无所有, 后来就什么都有了。 678. H e lives on the outskirts of Changsha. 他住长沙郊区。 以前―郊区‖一般使用―suburb‖, 目前多 使用 outskirt。 679. 现在是和平时代,但我们常常看见―battle‖这个词,显而易见,现 在的 ―battle‖都是寓意的:An all-out battle for citizen's votes begins. 争取公民投票权的战 斗已经全方位打响。This will be an uphill battle. 这将是一场激烈的斗争。Newly graduate d students battle outsourcing in job market. 新毕业生在就业市场苦苦挣扎,因为工作都流 失了海外。 This is the final battle! 这将是决战。 hard drill makes an easy battle.熟能生巧。 A The workers win bloody battle against the wicked boss. 劳工经过血战, 终于赢得了对贪婪 老板的诉讼。 680. He plans on being arrested for civil disobedience. 他做好了计划, 准备为公民抗命坐牢。 681. Never let go of your dream. It will be a reality so meday.绝不要放弃梦想,终有一天会实现的。 682. Never say never. 这是一句很实用 的话。 683. round up 这是个很常用的词组,意为―把什么给圈起来,往什么靠‖。 Hum an-rights activists are rounded up by BJ police. 这些维-权人士都被北京警-察给抓起来了。 There is a religious round-up in this city. 这个城最近逮了几个宗教人士。 Just round up to t he nearest dollar. 舍弃小数到一元的单位吧。 (例如,你该付人家 5.4 美元,就付 6 美元好 了。)这是一种大方的付款方式。Time to round everybody up! Dinner is ready! 把大家都 叫过来,要开饭了。Two dogs helped round up the sheep. 两只牧羊犬把羊群赶到一起。 684. 北美印第安人的文化特征之一就是图腾,所以现在 totem 这个词也非常流行。图


腾上雕刻着许多人和动物,有些人在上,有些人在下。You know I am at the bottom of th e totem pole in this organization. I am afraid I can’t help you much. 你知道我在这个机构 里是人微言轻,恐怕帮不上你什么忙。They are at the bottom of the economic totem pol e. 也有人说:I am the low man on the totem pole. 意思是每个人都是我的上级。At the b ottom of the totem pole 相反的说法则是 at the top of the totem pole. When I was youn g, I was too worried about my position on the social totem pole. 我年轻时总是为自己的 社会地位担忧。Your hard working will take you to the next level of the totem pole. Intere st in your apartment is quiet. You have to lower the numbers if you want to sell it. Lowe r the numbers: 降价。 没有什么人对你的房子感兴趣, 你要想卖掉就得降价。 685. end t o end: 从头到尾 We hiked the Great Wall from end to end. 我们步行走长城,从头走到了 尾。My belief is that we can truly establish end to end trust with each other. 我相信我们 能建立一种完全互相信任的关系。 686. I am afraid they will put screws on you 我想他 们会你施加压力。That is a big screw-up 那简直就是一堆乱麻。糟透了! 687. drop de ad:滚蛋吧,去死吧。When he started to bother me, I told him to drop dead. 他开始骚扰 我时,我叫他滚蛋。I should do all that work for you? Drop dead! 你想让我为你把这些事 都干完?你想得美吧,你。但是注意,这个词还有一些意义截然不同的用法:He is drop-d ead handsome. 他英俊迷人。They supply drop-dead headwear for women. 他们为女人提 供漂亮的头饰品。Professor said the drop-dead date is December 31 — after that, no wor k will be accepted. 教授说了,最后期限是 12 月 31 日,超过了此日期就不再接受作业。―D rop Dead Beautiful‖是一本小说的书名。 688. Nearly half of Americans say President B ush is in over his head according to a survey. in over one’s head, 被。。。弄得焦头烂额。 He got in over his head with gambling problems and mounting debt. 他的赌瘾搞得他债台 高筑,里外不是人。 689. I am suggesting this just off the top of my head. 我只是随 便建议一下而已。off the top of one’s head 没有经过深思熟虑,随便想想。 690. a wo rse kind of: 更糟糕的是:Starting a start-up is hard, but having a 9 to 5 job is hard too, a nd in some ways a worse kind of hard. 创业固然不易,但过早九晚五的日子也不容易,常 常是更不容易。He has cancer. It is a worse kind of cancer: blood cancer. He just has a 6 0/40 odds of living 5 years. Should he get married? 他患有癌症,是一种极为严重的癌症: 血癌。他能活五年的机率只有六成。他应该结婚吗? 691. Wall, 墙;the Great Wall, 长 城。In China, when you are in a meeting with the Chinese bureaucrats, you are talking t o the brick wall a lot of times. talk with the brick wall 对牛弹琴 hit the wall 无计可施:We 've just about hit the wall in terms of what we can do to balance the budget. My neighbo r always plays loud music late at night, driving everyone in the neighborhood up the wal l. 我的隔壁总是半夜三更搞乐器,吵得附近是鸡犬不宁。见第 466 句。 692. roof, 屋顶; Interest in this product was "through the roof" and that the management was going thro ugh them now. 人们对这个产品的兴趣极高,负责人正在研究如何把握机会。Oil price jus t went through the roof as a result of the war. 因为战争,现在油价已经高得都无法承受 了。through the roof 的典故出于―圣经马可 2:3-5‖。从这个词,人们又发展出了一个相反 的说法:House prices have gone through the floor this year, so it is a good time to bu y a house. 今年房地产跌得厉害,是购房的好机会。 693. glass ceiling:玻璃顶;因着歧 视,一个人无法升职(有一种拦阻,但你却无法看见)。Non Party members face the glas s ceiling in their promotion in government positions. 在政府部门中,非党员到了一定程度 就无法再往上提拔了。 694. The sky is the limit. ―天高任鸟飞‖之意, 或者说―上不封顶‖。 这是一句鼓励人的话:Work hard, young man, only the sky is the limit. 年轻人,努力吧,


你的前途无可限量。 695. John is a funny comedian. His jokes always bring down th e house. 约翰是会很逗的喜剧演员,他常常把一屋子的人要笑翻。 696. Kim and Kare n get on like a house on fire. They are good friends and do everything together. Kim 和 K aren 如胶似漆,干什么都要两个人一起干。 697. It’s on the house today. 今天由餐厅 作东,一切免费。 698. Jim hit the roof when he found out his new car had been stol en. Jim 发现车被偷了, 怒气冲天。 699. She was very happy at the beginning of her m arriage. Then her husband died and the roof caved in. 结婚开始时她过得挺滋润的,后来 她老公死了,她觉得天都塌了下来。 700. out of the closet 走向公开(原来是躲在衣柜 中)Those bureaucrats should come out of the closet. Do you have any skeletons in the c loset? 你有什么见不得人的勾当吗? 701. You have to place your emotional keepsake s in storage to pursue your career. 你既然在追求职业,就当把那些引发情感的东西都锁到 储藏室。emotional keepsake 引起感情回忆的(伤感的)纪念物品 。 702. You need t o put your heart into English if you really want to learn it well. 如果你真想把英语学好, 你 就得全心地投入。I am young at heart. at heart 从根本上来说。We are all Democrats at h eart. 我们打心底都是民主党人。 703. I jumped in the fray when my friend Christie tol d me she had the perfect guy for me. 我的朋友告诉我她给我物色到了一个最为般配的男 友,我高兴得都发晕了。 704. The service is quick. It's helpful. It's good karma for th e day. 因着美国女影星 Stone 的一句话,karma(报应)也立即为大众所知。但是这个词其实 并不仅仅用来表达贬义,同时也有褒义,如此句: ―这项服务快捷、方便,给一天带来好运 气。‖How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. 别人如何待你是别人的 人生,你如何待人却是你的人生。Stone 的话完全被中国记者恶意曲解,结果中国人的气不 打一处来, 真是 Much ado for nothing.中国人经历了六十年的政治运动, 还是没有学会一个 简单的道理: 在和平年代, 凡是煽动民族情绪的运动, 都是政客的别有用心。 705. We c an be close and far away. 我们可以相距千里,但仍旧心心相印。这是你可以写给你所爱的 人的一句话: Though we are hundreds of miles apart, I can feel you squeeze my hand. 虽 然我俩远隔千里,但我可以感受到你这紧握我手心。They are physically close, but mentall y far away.他们同床异梦。你给人打电话,可以说:So close, so far away. 远隔千里,却近 在眼前。 706. Look back, 回首。有人主张要常常回首,这样可以少犯错误,也有人不 主张回首, 因为这样会徒添痛苦。 所以也就有了两种人生观: Look back, reinvent yourself. 回 首顾,再出发。Never look back, enjoy your life. 绝对不要回首,享受你的生活吧。朋友, 你是属哪种人? 707. Just two or three lifetimes ago, most people in what are now ca lled industrialized countries lived by farming. 在现在称之为工业化国家, 仅仅在两三代人之 前,大家都是生活中农业社会。口语里用 lifetime 来代替 generation。 708. The petroc hemical refining industry helped lift Singapore out of the economic baseline.石油冶炼将 新加坡从简单的经济中提升了出来。Give us a baseline definition of culture. 文化最基本的 定义是什么? 709. The bubble burst of the stock market has brought the high inflatio n. 股票市场的泡沫破灭带来了巨大的通货膨胀。bubble up 是―上升‖的意思 bubble-up eco nomic 作长期计划的经济,例如投资教育、基础设施等。Marxism bubbled up in China in 4 0s. 四十年代, 马克思主义在中国得到兴起。 710. The end of the last millennium was b est remembered as the birth of the triad ―Bio, Nano and Info‖. 上一个千年的末期因为诞 生了这三样科学而将被人纪念:生命科学、纳米技术以及信息产业。nano 是 nanotechnolo gy 的简称。 711. There are many good native eats in this town.这里的 eat 做 ―餐厅‖解。native eats 经营本地风味特色的餐厅。 712. The Swan is a classy Chongqi ng restaurant that attracts hoards of famous (and non-famous) people. ―天鹅‖是家上档


次的、经营重庆风味的餐厅,吸引了不少名流(和非名流)。 713. This is a posh rest aurant. I would suggest dressing up. No flip-flops.这是家装修豪华的餐厅,我想大家还是 穿正式点,不要穿拖鞋。This is a rather swanky restaurant that serves up fine Chinese fo od at a price. 这是家高档餐厅,中国菜做得相当不错,价钱也不菲。Posh 和 swanky 都是 指高档餐厅。 714. Is the restaurant in Beijing International Hotel casual or dressy? I s there a dress code for its restaurants? 北京国际饭店内的餐厅穿着可以是便装呢还是要 比较正规?穿着有什么要求吗? 713. eatery, 相对于正式的餐厅,比较随便点的餐厅叫 eatery, 到这种餐厅打赤膊、 穿拖鞋都可以。 You can’t treat our guest in that eatery, take h im to some place really nice. 你不要再那家没档次的餐厅招待我们的客人, 带他去家好点的 餐厅。 715. I won’t recommend that restaurant to anyone. 那个餐厅太次,不要去。 (直译是,我才不会给任何人推荐那家餐厅呢!)This is the last restaurant I will recomm end. 我绝不会推荐这家餐厅。(不要翻译成―这是最后一家我要推荐的餐厅。‖)He is the l ast person I want to see.我才不想见他呢。或者:He is the last person I want to be aroun d. 716. You know what, it is not clean; people found rat droppings in the food one ti me, and some other health hazards as well. The owner is running this restaurant into th e ground. 你知道吗,这家餐厅不干净,有人曾在菜里发现了老鼠屎,还有其他一些伤身的 东西,这家餐厅正毁在这老板手里。 run something into the ground 把东西给毁了。 7 17. In fast food restaurants, you look for what you want at the chart on the wall, while i n regular ones, you will be given menus. 718. He is engaged in the food and bever age business (industry). 他从事餐饮业。 719. There is a lot of booze at the party. Yo u need to tell your children not to touch it. booze 酒,―这个聚会上会有大量的酒,你得告 诉你的孩子不要去碰。 ‖boozy dinner / boozy lunch 有酒喝的晚餐或午餐。 720. Eating b reakfast helps to jumpstart the brain, so to speak! 有这么一说,吃早餐能帮助启动大脑功 能。jumpstart, 启动,so to speak 有这么一说 721. 在 112 句里我们讨论了 ball 的 三个口语用法,其中有:The ball is in your court now. 轮到你了;由你发言了;由你做决 定了。 或者说, You have the ball now. 现在我们再来讨论几个涉及 ball 的用法: That is a t otally different ball game. 那是完全不同的一种环境(制度)。 722. drop the ball, 失 手, (球到手了却不知为什么丢了) You can trust me. B. I don't know. Every time I d 犯错 A. epend on you, you drop the ball. A. 你可以相信我。B. 那我就不知道了。每次我需要你时, 你都辜负了我。I thought Sam was going to reserve the room, but somebody dropped th e ball. 我以为 Sam 会定房间呢,看来有人并没有定。 723. That’s the way the ball bou nces. 这是没办法的事。球蹦起来是无法掌控的,可能会把窗给砸了。你犯了错,就替自己 开脱说 That’s the way the ball bounces. 724. He has a lot of balls in the air, such a s writing, giving lectures and so on; and he can handle them all. 他又是写作,又是授课, 事情很多,但他都能应付。这个用语出自杂耍,一个人要抛出几个球都能接住。 725. E very time when there is a problem, politicians will play the blame game. 每次出问题,政 客们就忙着玩起推卸责任的游戏。 726. He is just a rookie police officer, and in two ye ars, he will be just as corrupt as anyone. 他刚刚当上警察,用不了两年,他就一样贪了。 刚参加工作不到一年的人叫 rookie,a rookie teacher, a rookie officer, and so on. 72 7. The bureaucrats have a strong itch to control the life of ordinary citizens. 官僚都有一 种强烈的愿望,就是要控制普通公民的生活。I have a strong itch to travel.我很想去旅游。 728. Ronald Reagan 最有名的一句话:Government is not solution to our problems; g overnment is the problem. 政府不是我们问题的答案,政府就是问题本身。 729. The g overnment is making windfall profits from everyone. windfall 横财 730. Restriction o


f human rights is morally and ethically wrong. 限制人权从道德与道义上来讲都是错误的。 731. He has been railroaded by a government agency that is out-of-control. 在口 语中,railroad 做动词使用时,意思是―诬陷、陷害‖。―政府部门无法无天,将他陷害。‖ 732. They go and worship idols because of their fear that their ill-gotten gains will be t aken away sooner or later. ill-gotten gains 非法所得。 他们求神拜佛因为他们害怕他们的那 些不义之财会迟早被缴获。 733. She said: ―I have to drink with my leaders again toni ght. That’s part and parcel of the job‖. 她说,―今晚又得去陪领导喝酒了,这是我工作范围 内的活。‖part and parcel of, 逃不了的一部分。 734. As a result, we have to rewrite o ur playbook for the way we do business in these challenging times. 结果, 我们得重新制定 出工作策略,来应付时代的挑战。 735. High 这个词谁都认识,如果用得好,也有妙趣。 Anyone who can take the time and learn English is high on my list. 凡愿意花时间学英语 的人都受到我的敬佩。high on one’s list 受到敬佩 736. I have high hopes for this clas s. 我对这个班寄予了很高的期望。 You are getting my hopes high for him. 你让我对他寄予 了极高的希望。 737. Don’t mess with me; I have friends in high places. 不要惹我,我 在政府里有很硬的后台。 738. in high gear, 全速,高潮。in high spirits,情绪高昂。T he exam season is in high gear and everyone is in high spirits. 这两个词组意思很相近, 前 者的主语可以是物也可以是人,后者的主语一般就只能是人了。When Yaoming is in high g ear, no one can stop him. 739. To achieve human rights, we have to refuse violenc e and seek the moral high ground. 要想获得人权, 我们一定要拒绝暴力, 而寻求道德高地。 Taking The Moral High Blogging Ground 网络写作的道德要求 (例如那些转帖又不表明为转 贴的,都是无德贴。) 740. This can help you reach that higher ground. 这会帮你更上 一层楼;这会帮你进入更高的境界。 741. The new job keeps you on your toe s? 新的工作让你忙得晕头转向吧。The boss gave me a couple of extra things to do just t o keep me on my toes. 老板又给我指派了几件额外的事做,就是不想让我有半点空隙。 742. hard-nosed, 又可以说 hard-headed,讲究实效的,务实的,不拖泥带水的,不讲面子 的。He is a hard-nosed boss.这个老板精得很。 743. down-to-earth,这是个褒义词, 为人诚恳,不骄傲。He is down-to-earth. 他这个人很实在。例如,down-to-earth 的人是不 会花一大笔钱去买名牌的。We need to develop a down-to-earth approach to learn Englis h. 学英语要采取务实的方法。(例如不去梦想半年内突破英语和韩语。) 744. downhome: 很简单的、每天都经历的、单纯(只能放在名词前做形容词):He did it with down-h ome heart. 他带着一颗诚挚的心完成了这事。My tastes are turning to down-home cookin g. 最近我的胃口只想吃家常便菜。 (你天天陪人大鱼大肉吃了几天后可以说的话)I enjoy d own-home cooking. 我就喜欢家常便菜。 建议旅游区的小餐厅可以用这个做英文招牌, 可以 吸引很多外国游客。 He's a down-home sort of guy. 他心地善良。 745. down with the k ids, 我们看到 down with 时容易联系到―打倒‖如 Down with the Party,但这个词的意思是, ―与孩子打成一片,有年轻人的朝气,像孩子般,‖。I almost broke my neck the other day l earning how to skateboard but hey I'm down with the kids!前两天我学玩滑板,差点把脖 子都给摔断了,但是我在和孩子打成一片了。 746. 但是―down on the kids‖意思与―do wn with the kids‖截然相反,是―辜负了孩子‖的意思。I don’t want to be a kid in today’s Ch ina, toxic milk powders for babies, shoddy buildings for kids, heavy load of homework fo r teens. We grown-ups are down on the kids. 我才不想做当今的中国的小孩,婴孩吃毒奶 粉,孩子去豆腐渣学校,青少年有堆积如山的作业。我们成年人在儿童培养上完全失败。W e can be down on anything, but we should never be down on the kids. 相当于我们说的, 再穷也不能穷孩子。 747. After my graduation, I was thrown a real-world test immedi


ately. 我刚一毕业就遇上了一次真实世界的考试。 748. I could count the number of da ys she was really studying back in school on one hand. count on one hand, 又作 count o n the fingers of one hand:屈指可数。 她在学校读书的日子我是可以屈指可数。 can count o I n the fingers of one hand the number of times she's actually offered to buy me a drin k. 她请我喝过几次茶那是屈指可数。 749. a straight-laced boss: 对员工要求严格、苛 刻、横挑鼻子竖挑眼的老板。Her straight-laced mom doesn’t like her miniskirts because i t makes her look like a floozy. 她那严谨的老妈不喜欢她的超短裙,因为这会让她这看上去 像坏女孩。 floozy 妓女, 生活放荡的女人。 英语中有许多词表示―妓女‖, 常用的有: hustler, s treet girl, streetwalker, hooker, harlot, lady of pleasure, prostitute, sporting lady(千万不 要翻译成―爱好运动的淑女‖), whore, woman of the street, working girl, call girl, comfor t woman(慰安妇)。 750. The new job might bring you more money, but it requires lo nger hours, so you’d better balance that out in your thoughts. 新的工作可能会有更高的 薪水,但工作时间也更长,所以你得好好想想,权衡清楚。balance out:权衡利弊,平衡。 You need to balance out your stress. 你的设法减轻压力。 要注意, 不要把 balance out 与 o ut of balance 搞混淆。 偶尔去了第一页,才忽然发现,此帖已发了整整一年。写 完了 500 句后,觉得达到了目标,所以封了笔。三个月后再来―英语杂谈‖,发现还有人在顶 这帖,看大家如此厚爱,深觉鼓舞,于是又重新开始,并且把目标由原来的 500 句提高到 了 1500 句。而今天已经走过了 750 句,刚好一半。前 750 句花了约 9 个月时间,所以后 7 50 句预计应该九个月后能完工。 我的句子来源基本上有两个,一是在与老外接触时听 到的句子。 我一般随身带一个小笔记本, 听到什么口语就即刻记下, 第二来源就是通过阅读, 包括网上的一些辞典。 写外语学习帖一般不要求作者自己去造英文句子, 但翻译部分应该由 作者完成。我就是走的此道,除了少部分句子是我自己造的,绝大部分都是网上、书上摘录 的、或―道听途说‖的。翻译部分都是由本人完成。 在―英语杂谈‖连载帖中,好像

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