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Unit 2 The universal language Reading

Turandot in Beijing

Language points

Just imagine performing such an opera in the Forbidden City-there could not be a more awesome setting! 否定词never/ no/ not /nothing等与 比较级连用,往往表达最高级含义。

* 世上没有比那些书更有价值的东西了。 Nothing in the world is more valuable than those books.

?Instead of a stage curtain, there were
decorated screens covered with red and

gold, and traditional Chinese drums were
used to announce the start of the opera.
Vt. 宣布,宣称

?Those who cannot answer all these riddles, however, will be condemned to

?condemn vt.判刑,宣判;指责,谴责 ? condemn sb. to sth. 判处某人某种刑罚

? condemn sb. for sth. 因为…指责某人

be condemned to sth. 被处以某种刑罚
be condemned to death

be condemned to a life imprisonment



B him for fraud. The judge ___ A. denounced
C. charged

B. condemned
D. accused

? This means that few men would dare to ask for her hand in marriage. ? He doesn’t dare (to) meet his father’s eyes. ? 实义动词:后可带to也可不带to, 有人称,数, 时态的变化。 ? ----Dare you catch the mouse? ? ----I dare not do that. ? 情态动词:后接动词原形,主要用于疑问句,否 定句和条件句中。

?The story begins when a prince is killed for

failing to solve her riddles. The emperor
finds the death disturbing. ?fail to do sth. :没能做某事
adj. 令人不安的; 引起恐慌的

?find + 宾语+宾语补足语:“发现 …处于某 种状态”

?宾补可以是:名词,形容词, 副词,介词短语,


working ?I found a number of people already ______ there. (work) D pleasant to be with your ?I found _____ family. ?A. me B. one C. that D.it

? 主+谓语+it+宾补+真正宾语(不定式,动名词,that 从句) ? 常用于这种结构的动词有: ? feel, find, think, make, take, consider等 ? 我感到很难和你沟通。


?However, although he would like to, he cannot break his promise and must allow Turandot to do as she wishes. ?英语中为了避免重复,经常省略上下文已提 到的动词原形,只保留不定式中的“to”。

?She asked me to dance with her, but I didn’t
want to dance with her.

The story then takes on a classic love triangle between Calaf, Turandot, and Liu.

take on 呈现,体现

What does take on mean in each sentence? * She is not in good health these days, and cannot take on more work.
承担(工作等) * Great changes have taken place in the city in the past few decades, and now it has taken on a completely new look.

* We’re not taking on any new staff at the moment. 开始雇佣

(2011陕西卷)Some insects ______ the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take out 答案:C 。 take in吸收,欺骗;take off拿走, 取下,脱去 (衣服等),起飞; take on承担,呈现,雇用; take out把…带出去,清除, 除掉。

Reading strategy: reading a review of an opera ?What’s the definition of a review? A: A review is a report or an essay giving some information as well as some opinion or ideas about a book, performance, a painting or something similar.

?What should we pay attention to while reading a review of an opera? 1. A review of opera usually starts with some background information. 2. The review can have something important such as the actor’s names and finally a comment. 3. The review may include lots of very descriptive words that reflect feelings.

A 1. What is Turandot? Turandot is an opera that tells the story of a stubborn and cruel Chinese princess, named Turandot, who lives in the Forbidden City. To avoid marriage, she says that any potential husband must answer three riddles correctly or die.

2. What decision does Calaf make when he first sees Turandot? Calaf falls in love with Turandot at the first sight and decides to solve the riddles so that he can marry her. 3. What happens at the end of the story? At the end of the story, Calaf and Turandot unite in marriage.

? The writer: Italian composer Giacomo Puccini ? The main characters of the story: Turandot ---- a Chinese princess Calaf ---- a prince Liu ---- a young slave of Calaf’s father ? The place where the story happened: in Beijing’s Forbidden City

Read for the outline
Part I: Background information (Paras.1-2) about Turandot.
Part II: The plot of Turandot.

Turandot in Beijing

Part III: Other information (Paras.8-9) about Turandot.

Read in details and then fill in the blanks.
I. (Paras. 1-2) Background information Setting: in __ the __________ Forbidden City _____ Writer: Giacomo _______ ________ Puccini’s ——a world-fa mous opera writer What: Turandot is the story of a ________ stubborn cruel Chinese princess and ______ _______.

II. (Paras. 3-7) The plot of Turandot
Chinese princess Main characters: Turandot- a _______ ______ Calaf- a prince ______ Liu- Calaf’s father’s _____ young ______ slave love triangle Plot: the classic ____ ______ of the three main fallen in love with characters; Calaf has _____ __ ____ ___ Turandot; Turandot does not want to get _______; married she declares anyone who wants to riddles or marry her must answer her three ______ die _____.

III. (Paras.8-9) Other information about Turandot Director: Zhang ____________ Yimou Conductor: _____________, Zubin Mehta a superb conductor born in _______ India Actors and actresses: Sharon Sweet ______________-Turandot; Barbara Hendricks -Liu; __________________ ___________________-Calaf. Kristjan Johannsson

C1 1. Who was the author of Turandot? Giacomo Puccini, an Italian. 2. Why does the writer think that the Forbidden City is a good setting for Turandot? Because she felt that she could almost feel the history.

3. What kind of person is Turandot? She is cold-hearted. 4. What has Turandot’s father promised her? He promised to allow Turandot to choose her own husband. 5. What happens to the prince who can not answer the princess’s riddles? He is killed.

6. What does Calaf say will happen if Turandot can guess his name by sunset? She does not have to marry him. 7. What does Liu do to protect Calaf and his father? To protect Calaf and his father, Liu claims that she alone knows Calaf’s name, but resists telling Turandot. Then she grabs a sword from a guard and kills herself.

8. What makes the Production
amazing? The bringing together of the group of people from many countries, the music and the grand setting make the production amazing.

C2 6 __ Calaf manages to answer the riddles. 3 However, Liu, the slave girl, __ expresses her love for Calaf. __ 5 Turandot seizes Liu, and Liu kills herself. __ 2 Calaf sees the princess and falls in love with her.

__ 1 A prince is killed as he can’t answer the Princess’ riddles. 8 __ The prince wins the princess’ heart with a kiss. 4 Calaf decides that he should solve __ the riddles and marry Turandot. __ 7 Princess Turandot is so angry that Calaf says he will not marry her if she can guess his name.

D cast condemn disturbing


c. Say what someone’s punishment will be f. give actors particular roles in a performance a. take someone or something using force g. making people feel worried or upset.

evident scold

e. A time by which something must be done b. clear or easy to see d. speak in anger towards someone because they have done something wrong


Dear David, Last night, I went to see Shaoxing opera. It’s like Beijing opera, but the singers do not wear as much face paint. The opera told an interesting, old Chinese story. In the story, a girl named Zhu Yingtai is stubborn _________ and wants to go to school, but can’t because only boys are admitted. However, her father is __________ merciful and lets her pretend to be a boy so she can study in a distant city. While

at school, she becomes good friends with dare Liang Shanbo, but does not ________ tell him she is a girl. After several years, she returns home. When Liang Sahnbo later visits her, he discovers her secret. Immediately, the two fall in love with each other. However, Zhu ___________ demand that see marries Yingtai’s parents_________ another man. Liang Shanbo returns home to die of a broken heart. On the way to her wedding, Zhu Yingtai goes past where Liang Shanbo is buried. She stops and begins to cry

unwilling to be parted from because she is __________ him again. Suddenly there is a lightning flash and she disappears, but there are two little ___________ butterflies flying about-the couple is now together forever. awesome --I wanted to The opera was really _________ cry at the end. I hope to see another one soon. Maybe you can go with me next time when you visit. Eleanor

Language points
1. Last night, I witnessed the first of only eight performances of Giacomo Puccini’s worldfamous opera, … witness v. 见证,目睹 She was shocked by the violent scenes she had witnessed. n. 目击者,证人

2. Turandot is the story of a stubborn and cruel Chinese princess, … stubborn adj. 固执的,倔强的 He was too stubborn to admit that he was wrong. cruel adj. 残忍的 I can’t stand people who are cruel to animals.

3. Those who cannot answer all three riddles, however, will be condemned to death. condemn v. 指责,谴责 The government issued a statement condemning the killings. condemn sb. to death 宣判某人死罪 He was condemned to death on a charge of murder.

be condemned to death

被判死刑 被判无期徒刑

be condemned to a life imprisonment condemn sb.for theft 判某人盗窃罪


B him for fraud. The judge ___ A. denounced
C. charged

B. condemned
D. accused

4. Just imagine performing such an opera in the Forbidden City —there could not be a better setting!想想在紫禁城上演这出歌剧吧—不可能 有比这更好的场景了! (1) imagine verb [T] to form or have a mental picture or idea of something: 想象 [+ (that)] Imagine (that) you’re eating an ice cream— try to feel how cold it is.

[+ question word] Can you imagine how it feels to be blind? [+ ing form of verb] She imagined herself sitting in her favorite armchair back home. 5. In order to avoid marriage, she says that any potential husband must answer three riddles if he wants to marry her. 为了不出 嫁,她说任何想要成为他的丈夫的人必须猜 中三道谜语。 avoid verb [T] to stay away from someone or something, or prevent something from happening or not allow yourself to do something: 避免

I try to avoid supermarkets on Saturdays— they’re always so busy. [+ ing form of verb] I try to avoid going shopping on Saturdays. 6. Shortly afterwards, another prince, Calaf falls in love with Turandot at first sight and decides to solve the riddles so that he can marry her. 过后不久,另一位王子卡拉夫爱上了图兰朵, 并决定猜中谜语,来娶她。 1) shortly adverb: 很快 We will shortly be arriving in King’s Cross station.

shortly after/before sth. (2) fall in love to be very attracted to someone and begin to love them: fall in love (with sb.) to start to love someone romantically and sexually: I was 20 when I first fell in love. be in love表示状态。 They were in love for five years, then they broke up.

7. The emperor finds the deaths disturbing. However, although he would like to, he cannot break his promise and must allow Truandot to do as she wishes. 皇上为杀人而感到很不安,虽 然他很想收回这一允诺,但又不能食言,不得不 让图兰朵按照自己的意愿来选择自己的丈夫。 (1) disturb verb [T] to interrupt what someone is doing: 打断 to cause someone to be anxious or upset: 使心烦 (2) promise verb [I or T] : 承诺,允诺 [+ to infinitive] He promised faithfully to call me every week.

? However, although he would like to, he cannot break his promise.... break one’s promise 违背诺言 Mike always breaks his promise. keep one’s promise 遵守诺言 It’s good manners to keep one’s promise.

政府违背了减税的承诺。(promise) The government broke its promise of lowering the taxes.

8. The story then takes on a classic love triangle featuring Calaf, Turandot, and Liu. 故事随后演 绎了发生在卡拉夫、图兰朵和柳儿三人之间的 经典三角恋情。 (1) take on take sth. on phrasal verb to accept a particular job or responsibility: 承担 工作或责任等 to employ someone: 雇佣某人 She was taken on as a laboratory assistant.

to compete against or fight someone: 与某人竞 争过打斗 The Government took on the unions and won. to begin to have a particular quality: 呈现出 take after sb. phrasal verb to be similar to an older member of your family in appearance or character: 长相遗传 take sth. down phrasal verb to write something that another person has just said: 记下,写下 take sth. from sb. phrasal verb you use or develop them in some way: 选自, 摘自 The plot is taken from Shakespeare.

take sth. in phrasal verb (1) to understand completely the meaning or importance of something: 理解 (2) to include something: 吸收 The new town takes in three former villages. (3) to go to watch a film or performance, or to visit a place such as a museum: 观看,参观 I thought we might get something to eat and then take in a movie. (4) to cause someone to believe something which is not true, or to trick or deceive someone: 欺骗 (5) to take care of someone and provide a place

in your home for them: 照顾并提供住宿 (6) take sth. off phrasal verb (1): 脱去 (2): 起飞 (3): 休假 (4): 成功 take sth. out phrasal verb : 拔去, 除去 take sb. out phrasal verb: 带某人出去 take sth. up phrasal verb : 从事工作,活动等

(2011陕西卷)Some insects ______ the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take out 答案:C 解析:考查短语动词的辨析。take in吸收,欺骗;take off拿走, 取下,脱去(衣 服等),起飞;take on承担,呈现,雇用; take out把…带出去,清除, 除掉。句意为 “一些昆虫为了保护自己,让自己的体色与 其周围环境的颜色相似。”

9. Seeing this, Calaf says that if she can guess his name by sunrise, she does not have to marry him. 见此, 卡拉夫说如果她能在太阳升起之前猜 出他的名字,她就可以不嫁给他。 marry verb [I or T]: 结婚 [T]: 举办结婚仪式 married adjective : 已婚的 get married : 结婚

10. When it becomes evident what happened, Calaf scolds Turandot for not being more merciful. scold v. 指责,责备 He scolded them for arriving late. 常用搭配: scold sb. for sth. 因……责备某人 He was scolded for not handing in his homework on time.

11. Unfortunately, Puccini died of a heart attack before he completed this final scene,… die of 死于 Nowadays many people die of cancer. 辨析 die of / from die of 死于疾病、饥饿,通常是指自然生理 方面的死亡; die from 常用死于创伤、交通事故,通常指 人为外部造成的死亡。

Pandas will ____ D if we continue destroying

ecosystem. A. die of
C. die from

B. die away
D. die out

1. Do you agree that music is an international language? Why or why not? 2. Have you been to any musical events or seen any on TV? If you have, what did you think of them?

1. Read the text again and again. 2. Do Parts A1 and A2 on page 107 of the Workbook.