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山西省太原市2014高考英语一轮 阅读理解暑假训练题(7)

太原市 2014 高考英语阅读理解一轮(暑假)训练题(7)及答案

(南昌市 2011 年高三年级第一次模拟考试) CHICAGO(Reuters)—Smoking not only can wrinkle( 起 皱 纹 )the face and turn it yellow—it can do the same to the whole body. researchers reported on Monday.

The study,published in the Archives of Dermatology, shows that smoking affects the skin all over the body—even the skin protected from the sun.

"We examined non-facial skin that was protected from the sun, and found that the total number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day and the total years a person has smoked were linked with the amount of skin damage a person experienced. "Dr. Yolanda Helfrich of the University of Michigan,who led the study, said in a statement.

"In participants older than 65 years, smokers had significantly more fine wrinkling than nonsmokers. Similar findings were seen in participants ag ed from 45 to 65 years, "Helfrich’s team added in their report.

The researchers tested 82 people, smokers and nonsmokers, taking pictures of the inner fight alms. They ranged in age from 22 to 9l and half were smokers. Independent judges decided how wrinkled each person’s skin was.

When skin is exposed to sunlight, notably the face, it becomes coarse. wrinkled and discolored with a pale y ellow tint. Helfrich’s team wrote.

Several previous studies have found that cigarette smoking contributes to premature(过早的)skin aging as measured by facial wrinkles, the study said, but little has been done to measure the aging of skin not exposed to light.


The report did not discuss the mechanism involved but previous research has found that cigarette smoke, among other things, causes blood vessels(血管)beneath the skin to constrict(紧缩), reducing blood supply to the skin.

Smoking can also damage the connective tissue that supports both the skin and the internal organs.

(1)When your skin is exposed to sunlight long, it becomes all of the following but______.

A. flexible

B. coarse

C. wrinkled

D. discolored

(2)How wrinkled a person’s skin is doesn’t relate to______.

A. the number of cigarettes a person smokes

B. the kind and characteristics of skin

C. how long a person smokes

D. how long skin is under sunlight

(3).From the passage smoking results in skin aging mainly because______________.

A. it will lower blood supply to skin

B. it can make you feel tired

C. it can make skin come off

D. it can make blood run faster

(4)The main purpose of the passage is to__________________.

A. inform people about the result of the study


B. advise people how to protect skin

C. warn people not to smoke again

D. introduce a new way of avoiding skin aging

【解析】研究表明,吸烟对皮肤的危害极大,如加快皮肤衰老,改变皮肤颜色等。才外,还 会破坏结缔组织。不知种种触目惊心的研究结果是否能给广大烟民敲响警钟?

(1)A 细节理解题。根据倒数第四段中的内容可知当皮肤长时间暴露在阳光下时,皮肤不会变 得“柔韧”。

(2)B 细节理解题。文章中没有提到皮肤起皱纹的程度与皮肤的种类和特征有关。

(3)A 细节理解题。倒数第三段提到抽烟会让皮肤过早衰老,下一段中提到抽烟使皮肤下的血 管紧缩,减少血液对皮肤的供应,由此可知抽烟导致皮肤衰老的主要原因是降低了血液对皮 肤的供应量。

(4)C 写作目的题。文章阐述了吸烟的种种危害,触目惊心,目的显然是警告人们不要再抽烟 了。


6、 (威海二模) Anchors on China Central Television (CCTV) will need to do some fast talking to replace the popular English acronyms(首字母缩略词) they’re now banned from using. Shanghai Daily reports that “anchors at China Central Television [CCTV] have been banned from saying the Engli sh acronyms NBA, CBA, GDP, and the like in their programs.” The replacement for those handy acronyms? Chinese presenters must use the full

Chinese name, standardized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Although CCTV (oops, we mean China Central Television) presenters must already have a score of at least 94 in their government-rated oral Mandarin proficiency exam, saying the full name of o rganizations like the CBA or WTO ― 10 and 6 character’s long separately ― is sure to challenge even the most skillful anchors. CCTV sports anchor Sun Zhengping tells Shanghai Daily, “A full Chinese explanation of the English initials must be followed if my tongue slips. It is a little trouble but a necessary one because not every audience member can understand the initials.” Although the government isn’t g iving any official explanation for the shift, it is believed to have to do with a proposal by Huang Youyi, director of the China International Publishing Group, at March’s NPC meeting. In his speech, Huang said, “With more and more publications mixing Chinese with English, measures and regulations should be adopted to avoid English invading Chinese. If we don’t pay attention and don’t take measures to stop the expansion of mixing Chinese with English, Chinese won’t be a pure language in a couple of years.” Although China is far from the first country to take measures to protect local languages (the French and Québécois beat them to it by a long way), acronyms are more about saving time than they are about corrupting a language, we would think. Good luck to the CCTV anchors. 56. CCTV anchors have to “do some fast talking” because they can no longer ______. A. speak as slowly as they like C. use shortened Chinese expressions program 57. According the writer, “CBA” is supposed to be replaced with “______” by CCTV anchors. A. 中国男子篮球甲级联赛 C. 中国篮球联赛 B. 中国篮球协会全国男女篮球职业联赛 D. The Chinese Basketball Association B. mix English into Chinese D. have so much time for their

58. When Sun Zhengping said “if my tongue slips”, he meant “if I _____”. A. habitually use an English acronym C. make a mistake in pronunciation B. speak a little bit too fast D. say something impolite or improper

59. What’s Huang Youyi’s proposal? A. Using full English names instead of short forms. B. Translating Chinese terms into proper English. C. Avoiding Chinese words mixing into English. D. Keeping our mother tongue as a pure language. 60. What’s the main idea of the last paragraph? A. China has fallen behind in the matter. B. The ban is not necessary. C. Chinese shouldn’t be corrupted . D. CCTV anchors will have a hard time./

参考答案 6、参考答案--------------56-60 BAADB


American Newspapers No country in the world has more daily newspapers than the USA. There are almost 2000 of them, as compared with 180 in Japan, 164 in Argentina and 111 in Britain. The quality of some American papers is extremely high and their views are quoted(引 用) all over the influence all over the country. However the Post and the Times are not national newspapers in the sense that the Times is in Britain or le Monde is in France, since each American city has its own daily newspaper. The best of these present detailed accounts of national and international news, but many tend to limit themselves to state or city news. Like the press in most other countries, American newspapers range from the“sensational”, which feature crime, sex and gossip, to the serious, which focus on factual news and the analysis of world events. But with few exceptions American newspapers try to entertain as well as give information, for they have to compete

with the attraction of television. Just as American newspapers satisfy all tastes, so do they also try and appeal to readers of all political persuasions(信念).A few newspapers support extremist groups on the far right and on the far left, but most daily newspapers attempt to attract middle-of-the-road Americans who are essentially moderate(中立的).Many of these papers print columns by well-known journalists of different political and social views, in order to present a balanced picture. As in other countries American newspapers can be either responsible or irresponsible, but it is generally accepted that the American press serves its country well and that it has more than once courageously exposed political scandals(诽谤)or crimes, for instance, the Watergate Affair. The newspaper drew the attention of the public to the horrors of the Vietnam War. 63. There are fewer national newspapers in__________. A. Britain than in the USE. C. the USA than in Britain or France B. France than in Britain D. France than in the USA or Britain

64. Most American newspapers try hard to entertain their readers because________. A. they have to keep up a good relation with them B. they have to compete with television C. they have to write about crime, sex and gossip D. they have to give factual news in an interesting way 65. Many American newspaper attract readers of different political preference by__________. A. supporting extre mist groups from time to time B. inviting middle-of-the-road American to write articles for them C. avoiding carrying articles about extremists D. printing articles representing different political viewpoint 66. The passage is mainly about_________. A. the characteristics of American newspapers B. the development of American newspapers C. the function of American newspapers

D. the advantages and disadvantages of American newspapers


63-66 CBDA


D Water Pollution and Man Water pollution affects man’s health, recreational use of water and sense of beauty. The spread of water-carried disease is of great concern. In highly developed countries in particular, emphasis has changed from concern over bacterial disease to concern over water-carried viral(病毒性的) disease. Viral hepatitis(肝炎), for example, has been found to occur more frequently in cities whose water supplies have comparatively high levels of water impurity. Poisonous chemicals found in streams that are ultimately used for water supplies also create an important public health problem. It is clear that poisonous chemicals must be excluded from water, but more and more chemicals from new pesticides(杀虫剂), fertilizers, and other new products have been found in water. Since the public health importance of these chemicals is not yet fully known, they are of increasing concern. The chemicals from fertilizers are also finding their way into water supplies from pollution. As man’s desire for water-based recreation increases, greater demands are placed on the quality of the water. The water must not only but be attractive in appearance but also meet certain other conditions. Sports such as swimming involve direct

contact with water, and so water standards are raised higher. The range of water quality necessary for industrial processes varies greatly with the intended use of the water. The water used in steel mills, foe example, must have a lower chloride(氧化物)level than that accepted for drinking water. Cooling water can often be of comparatively low sanitary(卫生的)quality. A large part of the water used in the paper-making industry an be of relatively low quality in some aspects,

but must contain little iron and carbon dioxide. 67. The chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers found in water are of increasing concern because_________. A. B. their importance to man’s he alth has not been completely known they may cause groundwater pollution

C. they can find their way into water supplies for farmers D. they are important factors contributing to the spread of disease 68. According to the passage, water-based recreation demands that_________. A. The water contain a higher level of oxygen B. The water contain little iron and carbon dioxide C. The water be attractive and of high quality D. The water standards be appropriate for all sports 69. In the last paragraph, the author mentions all of the follow in its full text?_________ A. water quality necessary for steel mills industrial C. cooling water of low sanitary quality D. water standards for people mills B. soft water and hard water for

70. As the passage is not complete, what do you think would follow in its full text?_________ A. The relationship between carbon dioxide and people making B. Water pollution’s direct economic effects on man. C. Examples of continued water pollution. D. Man’s views on water pollution in terms of beauty values.

参考答案 67-70 ACBD ********************************************结束


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