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2014 改错



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Every day John goes to work by trains .He always buys a newspaper to read on the train .So he feels that time pass quickly .One day on the train he was reading a report about important football match .The report was such interesting that he forgot get off at his station . He didn't know it until he saw the sea ,but he had to get off at the next station ,and waiting a long time for another train to go back .He arrived lately at he office .His boss was angry to him when he told him why he was late .The boss said ."Work is more importance than football !"

On Children's Day last year, our city held an interested activity, in which children and their parents play the rich and the poor. In the dinner, the rich could have more delicious food, but the poor could only have breads with porridge(粥). Parents both hoped to have the dinner for the poor with the children. They hoped that their children could be taught the lesson from the dinner. Now many people on the earth don't have enough food and clothes. Every day only one half the world could enjoy enough food. The

(二) I like riding my bike .Though it is not very new ,but it is my best friend .I find very convenient to go anywhere with a bike ,Ride gives me not only exercises but also pleasure .I use my bike mostly on summer when the weather is warm and dry .It can very unpleasant in winter when it is cold and rain is pouring down . It can be very danger .Of course I will be very careful on my bike .In facts ,accidents are not the only problems .One day I went to school and come back to find his front wheel was missing .It was a long walk to the repairer's shop .Now I have two strong lock.

activity was held make the families understand the differences from the poor and the rich and also to make the parents know that too much material life won't always do good to the children. (5)

A boy who was cleaning the shoes in the street said to a young man passed by,“Let me clean your boots. It just spends you only

One day I happen to find a chatting room in my QQ , there people were chatting in English ,I tried to chat with some of them . To my surprised , I found the oral English of some junior students were better than me , I asked them for advice and they told me to practise more on QQ .But every day after that I would spend one hour practise my oral English on QQ .Day by day I learned from many useful words and expressions .With time went by ,I found that I could even communicate some college students freely .

a penny.”But the man refused. Then the boy told him that he will clean his boots for nothing. The man agreed, and soon one of the boot shone brightly. Then he put the other boot on the box, and the boy refused to clean it if he was paid two pence for his work. The young man refused pay anything and went away. But the well-cleaning boot made the dirty one so bad that he could not walk on. He returned back and gave the boy two pence.


When Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to theatre, they left their


My car just wouldn’t move any farther. It was complete dead, and I dog to guard his home. When two burglars broke into and the was a few miles away from my home in that cold, wet night. I decided walk burglar alarm rang, the dog was waiting for them. Unfortunately, around a little before accepting I’d have to spend the night in the car.

one of the burglars was dog-lover, and he with it. While the alarm was ringing,

quickly made friends

Maybe I can find a telephone. Actually, I didn’t have to walk far before I found the small ho use standing in a field with a ligh t shone from the

but the burglars were

sitting room. I knocked at the door and was delighting when a pleasant old stealing cash and jewelry, worth over man opened the door but listened to my story carefully. He said he had no dog laid down in his basket and went telephone and that it wasn’t any within walking distance, but the old man arrived at twenty minutes later, the who offered to go to repair my car. (7) In March 1984, Dr John Fellows, who lived in England, and decided to visit his married daughter in the USA. He bought a return air ticket to New York and flew Kennedy Airport. When he reached, however, he realized that he had forgotten his daughter’s address. Worse even, he discovered he can’t remember her family name too! Dr Fellows spent several hours at the airport tried to think what his daughter’s name was and where it was which she lived, but with much luck. Eventually, he decided that he would have to give up his plan to visit her and he caught a next plane back to England.

$10,000, from a safe, the to sleep. When the police burglars had gone. The dog When the first policeman attacked him, tearing his

was proud guarding the empty safe. entered into the room, it immediately trousers and bit him in the leg. (9)

It would be difficult to imagine modern life with the

telephone. It has become an useful instrument of communication, save much time and travel b y enabling people to talk one another over great distances. Nowadays it is so easy to talk cross a continent or even overseas as it is to talk to one's next-door neighbor. Therefore, it is in emergencies which the telephone really proves its usefulness. When there is a fire , and when someone is suddenly ill , the first thing one thinks of it is " Where is the nearest telephone?"

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