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高中英语 Unit Science and nature Word power &Grammar and usage练习(含解析)牛津译林版必修-课件

Section Ⅱ
一、用所给单词的正确形式填空 1.The experience 答案:gained

Word power & Grammar and usage
Past participle

(gain) will be of great value for us. (lose) in thought.

2.He continued to walk up and down, 答案:lost 3.They took the 答案:injured 4.I’m a bit 答案:puzzled 5.Everything output quickly. 答案:considered 6.On these questions,we have made our views 答案:understood 7.Can those 答案:seated

(injure) woman to the nearby hospital at once. (puzzle) that I haven’t heard from Tom for so long. (consider),it is possible for their factory to raise the


(seat) at the back of the classroom hear me?

8.The old man looked very pleased to see his apartment beautifully (decorate). 答案:decorated 9. 答案:Absorbed 10.(2014·重庆高考改编)The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras (return) to our shop for quality problems. 答案:returned 二、用过去分词(短语)改写下列句子或把两个句子合并为一个句子 1.Tom and the other two astronauts landed safely and they were warmly welcomed. Tom and the other two astronauts landed safely, 答案:warmly welcomed 2.If trees are taken good care of,they will grow well. If 答案:taken good care of 3.The princess woke up.She found seven dwarfs were surrounding her. The princess woke up and found herself 答案:surrounded by seven dwarfs . ,the trees will grow well. . (absorb) in painting,John didn’t notice what happened just now.


4.Mike’s father bought him a bicycle.The bicycle was very beautiful. The bicycle 答案:bought by Mike’s father 5.Heat water to a certain temperature.It will turn into vapour. When 答案:heated to a certain temperature 6.(2014·天津高考改编)Because the book is clearly and thoughtfully written,it inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answer. ,the book inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answer. 答案:Clearly and thoughtfully written 7.If the machine is used properly,it can last at least 10 years. ,the machine can last at least 10 years. 答案:Used properly 8.After the house was cleaned completely,it looked like a new one. ,the house looked like a new one. 答案:Cleaned completely 9.They were filled with fears and hopes and entered the cave. They entered the cave, 答案:filled with fears and hopes 10.As the factory was regarded as the best one in the city,it was given a medal. ,the factory was given a medal. 答案:Regarded as the best one in the city 三、单句改错 1.When first introducing to the market,these products enjoyed great success. 答案:introducing→introduced 2.It shames me to say it,but I told a lie when questioning at the meeting by my boss. 答案:questioning→questioned 3.Once beginning nothing can be done to change it. 答案:beginning→begun 4.Losing in the mountains for a week,the two students were finally saved by the local police. 答案:Losing→Lost . ,water will turn into vapour. was very beautiful.


5.Dressing in a white uniform,he looks more like a cook than a doctor. 答案:Dressing→Dressed 6.Surprising and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize. 答案:Surprising→Surprised 7.—What’s the language speaking in New Zealand? —English. 答案:speaking→spoken 8.You’d better have your sports jacket wash.It’s too dirty. 答案:wash→washed 9.Told many times,but he still couldn’t understand it. 答案:去掉 but 四、用过去分词完成下列句子 1.When I turned to the person was my old classmate. 答案:seated by me 2.I will have term,if my plan goes well. 答案:my task completed 3. mistakes. 答案:Written so carelessly 4.With great weight interview. 答案:taken off her mind 5.The old man entered the room, 下). 答案:supported by his wife 6. at the door. 答案:Absorbed in reading 7. 答案:Dressed in red (由于穿着红色衣服),she stood out among the crowds. (由于专心看书),he didn’t hear my knocking (在妻子的搀扶 (卸下心中的重担),she passed the (写得那么不仔细),the report was full of (完成我的任务)by the end of this (坐在我旁边的),I recognized he


8.Many things common now. 答案:considered impossible in the past 9. studying. 答案:Determined to get the first prize 10. care for his family. 答案:Devoted to his work 五、完形填空 导学号 90130020


(决心拿到第一名),he stayed up late

(致力于工作),he has no time and energy to

My mom cooked for my classmates in my elementary school.Although she loved me so much,I still hated her.I was talking with her in my school. One day my mom accidentally met me and greeted me with 4 said,“Your mom is very burned with about my rude 6 barely noticed her 7 5 3 .To her surprise,I her on purpose,threw her a hateful look and ran away.Later,one of my classmates with only one eye.”Just then,I did nothing but my face 8 stopped to think for a second .On reaching home,I complained to her that she made me embarrassed.I because of anger,much 9 .I must have hurt her feelings. 10 eventually paid off and was admitted to a university.After 11 came home.One ,I returned to attend our 13 ,which shocked me and 17 watching me 1 to accept the fact that she was different and 2

Being eager to escape from my home,I studied hard,hoping for a chance to live far away.Years later,my graduation,I settled in another city,devoted to my family and day,I received a call regarding a school reunion. 12 reunion where I chatted with my teacher.She told me a made a 14 .She said she 15 to say it.Then she said she was growing up with 16

to do this because she had promised my mother not of my mother,who couldn’t

18 .When I was very little,I was involved in an accident,and lost 19 .I

one eye.As a mother,she gave me hers. At that moment,I burst into tears and rushed out to my home with great came to know that our mother loved us 1.A.hopeless C.pleased 答案:D 解析:前文提到了母亲虽然爱自己,但是自己却很讨厌她,所以作者不愿意接受母亲和别人不一样的 事实,也尽量避免在学校和母亲交谈。 2.A.avoided C.risked B.started D.enjoyed D.unwilling 20 and never expected any reward. B.determined


答案:A 解析:见上题解析。 3.A.anxiety 答案:B 解析:由全文可看出母亲很爱作者,母亲很高兴地和作者打招呼。 4.A.resisted C.ignored 答案:C 解析:由母亲的惊讶可知,作者有意忽略了母亲的问候,还以一个憎恶的表情然后跑开了。 5.A.special C.annoyed 答案:A 解析:由下文作者的脸发烫及此空后提到的母亲只有一只眼睛可知,她的同学说她母亲很特别。 6.A.sorrow C.guilt 答案:B 解析:由上文作者刻意回避母亲,到同学看到自己的母亲并说她很特别可推断出,作者此时感到的是 一种耻辱。 7.A.attitude 答案:D 解析:回到家的作者抱怨母亲让自己尴尬,也因生气没注意母亲对自己抱怨的反应。 8.A.later C.less 答案:C 解析:作者因生气连母亲的反应都没注意到,更不用说停下来思考自己的无理行为了。 9.A.thought C.courage 答案:B 解析:见上题解析。 10.A.enthusiasm B.confidence C.effort 答案:C 解析:作者努力学习并最终被大学录取,作者的努力得到了回报。 11.A.hardly C.frequently 答案:A B.occasionally D.immediately D.determination B.behavior D.reaction B.worse D.further B.wisdom D.response C.misunderstanding B.shame D.dissatisfaction B.typical D.disappointed B.refused D.scared B.pleasure C.appreciation D.curiosity


解析:由上文作者渴望逃离家及下文老师告诉自己秘密后作者的反应可以推断,作者在另外一个城 市定居下来后很少回家看母亲。 12.A.Instead C.Otherwise 答案:D 解析:作者接到学校举行聚会的电话后回去参加聚会,前后为因果关系。 13.A.lie C.secret 答案:C 解析:由下文作者的震惊可知,这里是表示作者不知道的秘密。 14.A.fortune C.decision 答案:B 解析:由下文作者的改变可知,这个秘密不仅让作者震惊而且很重要。 15.A.hesitated B.attempted C.failed 答案:A 解析:老师曾经答应过母亲不说出这个秘密,所以老师在犹豫是否要告诉作者这件事。 16.A.tired C.ashamed 答案:D 解析:母亲无私地把眼睛给了自己的孩子,老师为母亲感到骄傲。 17.A.insist C.admit 答案:D 解析:母亲不忍心看到自己的孩子伴随着残疾长大,母亲捐出了自己的眼睛。 18.A.disability B.shortcoming C.doubt 答案:A 解析:见上题解析。 19.A.devotion C.regret 答案:C 解析:由上文作者对母亲的态度及哭着跑回家可知,作者很后悔自己的行为。 20.A.violently B.unconditionally C.faithfully 答案:B 解析:由全文作者母亲为作者捐献眼睛这件事可知,我们的母亲在无条件地爱着我们。 D.automatically B.admiration D.relief D.protection B.deny D.stand B.frightened D.proud D.pretended B.difference D.contribution B.story D.joke B.However D.Therefore


六、语篇填空 导学号 90130021 Yangshuo,China It was raining lightly when I 1. dawn.But I didn’t care.A few hours2. Kong,with 3. the rain. I’d skipped nearby Guilin,a dream place for tourists seeking the limestone mountain tops and dark waters of the Li River 4. in so many Chinese 5. are pictured by artists car and (painting).Instead,I’d headed straight for (arrive) in Yangshuo just before ,I’d been at home in Hong

(it) choking smog.Here,the air was clean and fresh,even with

Yangshuo.For those who fly to Guilin,it’s only an hour away 6. offers all the scenery of the better-known city. Yangshuo 7. 8. (be) really beautiful.A study of travelers

(conduct) by the website TripAdvisor names Yangshuo as one of the top

10 destinations in the world.And the town is fast becoming a popular weekend destination for people in Asia.Abercrombie & Kent,a travel company in Hong Kong,says it 9. 10. (regular)arranges quick getaways here for people (live) in Shanghai and Hong Kong. 5.paintings 6.by 7.is 10.living

答案:1.arrived 2.before/earlier 3.its 4.that/which 8.conducted 9.regularly 七、七选五阅读 导学号 90130022

Americans use many expressions with the word “dog”.People in the United States love their dogs and treat them well. 1 .However,dogs without owners to care for them lead a different kind of life.The expression,to lead a dog’s life,describes a person who has an unhappy life. Some people say we live in a dog-eat-dog world. 2 .They say that to be successful,a person has to work like a dog.This means they have to work very,very hard.Such hard work can make people tired.And,the situation would be even worse if they became sick as a dog. 3 .This means that every person enjoys a successful period during his or her life.To be successful,people often have to learn new skills.Yet,some people say that you can never teach an old dog new tricks.They believe that older people do not like to learn new things and will not change the way they do things. 4 .People who are unkind or uncaring can be described as meaner than a junkyard dog.Junkyard dogs live in places where people throw away things they do not want.But mean dogs are often used to guard this property.They bark or attack people


who try to enter the property.However,sometimes a person who appears to be mean and threatening is really not so bad.We say his bark is worse than his bite. Dog expressions are also used to describe the weather.The dog days of summer are the hottest days of the year.A rainstorm may cool the weather.But we do not want it to rain too hard. 5 . A.We do not want it to rain cats and dogs B.Still,people say every dog has its day C.Some people are compared to dogs in bad ways D.There are many other expressions waiting for you to explore E.Dogs are their best friends and they are loyal to people F.That means many people are competing for the same things,like good jobs G.They take their dogs for walks,let them play outside and give them good food and medical care 答案:1~5 GFBCA


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