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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Modules1-2 Basketball&HighlightsofMySeniorYear 外研版选修7

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:选修 7Modules12 Basketball&HighlightsofMySeniorYear
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.你的建议值得考虑。 Your suggestion ______ ______. 2.这篇文章旨在引起人们对伊拉克局势的关注。 The article was intended to ______ ______ ______ the situation in Iraq. 3.天亮时,战士们发现到了山顶。 When day broke,the soldiers ______ ______ at the top of the mountain. 4.毫无疑问,我们的产品在全国是最好的。 ______ ______ ______ ______ that our products are the best all over the country. 5.就我而言,这听起来是个很好的主意。 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______,it sounds like a great idea. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Great attention must ______ education,especially in the countryside. A.be paid to developing B.pay to develop C.be paid to develop D.pay to developing 2.All the students at school are required to ______ lectures by the experts on how to save themselves when accidents occur,such as fires,a gas leak and so on. A.join in B.take part in C.attend D.participate in 3. (2013 甘肃平川中恒学校考试,32)The team has more famous players,so it deserves______ the game. A.winning B.to win C.to defeat D.defeating 4.Human behaviour is mostly a product of learning,______ the behaviour of animals depends mainly on instinct(本能). A.whereas B.so C.unless D.that 5. (2013 湖北荆州中学一检,26)He graduated from a key university with great honors and I think he is ______ to the job. A.delicate B.compulsory C.adequate D.suitable 6.With so much excitement,the teacher couldn't ______ and start her lesson. A.put down B.settle down C.break down D.take down 7.Young man,if you hurry up,I think ______ quite ______ that you will catch the next train. A.that;probably B.this;certainly C.it;likely D.you;nearly 8. (2013 江西南昌十九中月考,32)With so many noises outside my room,I couldn't ______ and focused on my work. A.put down B.settle down C.cut down D.set down 9.The city's water supply is no longer ______ for its growing population. A.adequate B.plenty C.efficient D.extra 10.He was once in low spirits and even considered ______. A.to go away B.to going away


C.going away D.having gone away 11.In yesterday's football game,our school football players performed well — they were in ______ of the ball most of the time. A.favor B.need C.memory D.possession 12.The newly discovered star was named ______ a Chinese astronomer ______ honour of his contributions to astronomy. A.for;in B.after;for C.as;in D.after;in 13.She ______ working at night and it took her a few months to ______ it. A.was not used to;used to B.used to;was not used to C.did not used to;get used to D.was not used to;get used to 14. (2013 福建漳州芗城中学月考,31)With our knowledge ______ practice,we can make contributions to our socie ty. A.to base on B.basing on C.based on D.base on 15 .______ of the people on the Internet ______ China's economy is among the strongest in the world. A.Four fifth;believes B.Four fifth;believe C.Four fifths;believe D.Four fifths;believes Ⅲ.阅读理解 A public high school in the rural town of Boonsboro,Maryland,offers a special program.Top students in the ninth and tenth grades can attend single?sex classes for math,science,English and social studies. The aim is to help teenagers keep their mind on their work by keeping males and females apart.Rebecca Brown chooses the students for what Boonsboro High School calls the Academy.“What w e really want to do is take that top group of kids to the very highest level they can achieve here, that they're prepared for college, so ” she said.They need high marks,test scores and strong teacher recommendations.They also need to be involved in activities. Michael Bair has been at Boonsboro High for twenty years and directs the Academy.His ninth?grade English class for boys centers on books that he believes boys find interesting.“The novels they're reading now are very manly novels.They're novels that deal with the arrogance(傲慢)of man and the pride of man.” One of those books,for example,is The Call of the Wild by Jack London.This classic story tells of a dog stolen from his home and sold to work as a sled dog in Canada's Klondike Gold Rush. On this day,the students are working in small groups.Vincent and Logan explain why they are drawing pictures that rela te to the story.Vincent said,“The main character, Buck, gets abducted (绑架)and they send him off to the Yukon in a train.So I'm drawing part of the story where he's in the train.It gets you to visualize the setting of the story and gets you to think more about what's going on in the story, the important events of the story.” “Instead of just doing work sheets about it, this is a lot more fun,” Logan added happily. Morgan Van Fleet is a senior at Boonsboro High.She liked being in the Academy.She says boys and girls act differently when they are together in a classroom.“To me, it almost seems like it's hindering 妨碍) ( your chances at developing yourself because you're more focused on ‘Oh, I wish they'd shut up.Oh, what do they think of me?’instead of focusing on what's the homework or what's going on in this class,

what's the lesson.” 1.What is the purpose of the text? A.To introduce. B.To persuade. C.To instruct. D.To educate. 2.The underlined word “visualize” in Paragraph 4 probably means “______”. A.pay a visit to B.form a picture of C.take a look at D.have a gift for 3.What can we conclude from the text? A.Michael Bair considers it unsuitable for boys to read the book The Call of the Wild. B.Jack London is a main character in the book The Call of the Wild. C.Vincent thinks that his drawings can help understand the novel better. D.Morgan Van Fleet thinks the program does no good to her. 4.The text is prob ably taken from ______. A.a school's introduction B.a teacher's diary C.a headmaster's speech D.a news report Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选项中有两项为 多余选项。 (2013 黑龙江双鸭山一中期中) No.1 Will the economic climate improve this year? I don't think we will see too much improvement this year,but of course I hope so. No.2 How important is an MBA compared to experience? I won't say a degree isn't important.__1__ When I look at potential employees, I look at what they have done in the past that I can use to help me tomorrow. No.3 How can you ensure your job is safe with the economy so shaky? No job is safe.Never will it be.The half?life(半衰期)of any particular skill set is,at most,five years.And that's long enough.__2__ Be curious,be willing to learn,have a moral compass and know what gives your life meaning. No.4 When the job market is this bad,how can you distinguish yourself as a job candidate? Know the company,its competitive position,recent announcements,stock?price history.Do a Google or Yahoo search on the person you'll be meeting with and you should be able to find something about him or her.Then develop an “outsider's view” of their key needs and opportunities.__3__ No.5 I'm graduating from business school this spring.__4__ If you haven't already secured an internship(职业院校证)within your chosen field,do so now.Take any internship;forget about being paid.__5__ The experience in your field and the opportunity to check out a possible employee.Your connections will be the hot ticket to get you in the door for job interviews. A.You are after two things. B.Do all you can to be the solution to someone else's problem. C.Will technology create more jobs? D.Any job advice? E.But nothing beats experience. F.What will keep you alive? G.Different jobs needs different skills.


参考答案 Ⅰ. deserves considering 2. 1. draw attention to 3. found themselves 4. There is no doubt 5.As far as I'm concerned Ⅱ.1.A pay attention to 意 为“注意”,其中 to 为介词。该题为 pay attention to 的被动语态,所以选 A 项。 2.C A、B、C 项均指参加活动,attend a lecture 表示“参加报告会”。 3.B win 意为“赢得”,defeat 意为“战胜、击败(对手)”,根据词义可排除 C、 D 项;deserve to do sth.意为“应该做某事”,sth.deserves doing/to be done 意为“某 事值得(被)做”,所以答案为 B 项,表示“这支球队应该赢得比赛”。 4. A whereas 意为“反之;然而;却”。该题应用 A 项表示对比。 5.C delicate 意为“易碎的;娇弱的”;compulsory 意为“强制性的;义务的”; adequate 意为“足够的;胜任的”,后面一般搭配介词 to;suitable 意为“适合的”,后 面一般搭配介词 for。根据空后的 to 和句意判断应选 C 项,表示“他胜任这项工作”。 6.B put down 意为“放下;写下;镇压 ”;settle down 意为“安居;安家;冷静 下来”;break down 意为“抛锚;出故障”;take down 意为“写下;记下”。根据句意判 断应选 B 项,表示“老师无法静下心来开始上课”。 7. 第 一个空为形式宾语, C 代替后面的 that 从句, 形式主语和形式宾语只能使用 it; 第二个空用形容词 likely,表示“??是可 能的”。 8.B put down 意为“放下;记下”;settle down 意为“定居下来;安静下来”; cut down 意为“砍倒;削减”;set down 意为“制定;记下”。根据句意判断应选 B 项, 表示“我无法安静下来集中精力工作”。 9. adequate 意为“足够的”; A plenty 不能用作形容词; efficient 意为“有效的”; extra 意为“额外的”。该题应用 A 项表示“对于不断增长的人口来说是不够的”。 10. 根据语境可知本句中的 consider 是“考虑”的意思, C 故其后应接动名词形式作 宾语,而 having gone away 表示动作已完成,故选 C 项。 11.D in favor of 意为“支持”;in need of 意为“需要”;in memory of 意为“纪 念”;in possession of 意为“拥有;持有”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,表示“大多数时 间他们控球”。 12.D name after 意为“以??命名”;in honour of 意为“为了纪念”。 13.D be used to doing sth.意为“习惯于做某事”,强调状态;get used to sth. 则强调过程,表示“变得习惯”;used to do sth.意为“过去常常做某事”。句意:她不 习惯上夜班,过了好几个月她才习惯。 14.C be based on 意为“以??为基础;基于??”,knowledge 与 base 为被动关 系,所以应选过去分词形式作补语。 15.C 分数的表达方法为“分子基数词,分母序数词,分子大于一,分母加 s”,所 以第一个空应用 Four fifths;分数或百分数作主语时,如果说明的是人或可数的东西,谓 语应用复数。所以答案为 C 项。 Ⅲ.1.A 纵观全文可以看出,文章介绍了一个新的教育项目,把成绩优异的学生按性 别编班,以使他们更好地为大学生活做好准备。 2.B 根据前文的 drawing pictures 以及 I'm drawing part of the story 可以推出 该词表示“形成图像;想象”。 3.C 第四段 It gets you to visualize...events of the story.告诉我们,他认为 通过用图画描绘故事的方式,可以使学生更好地理解故事。 4.D 纵观全文可以看出,文章是对新出现的一个教育项目的介绍,包括发起人、操作 方式、目的、意义等等,符合新闻报道的形式,故选 D 项。 Ⅳ.1~5 EFBDA