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山西省太原市2014高考英语一轮 阅读理解暑假训练题(8)

太原市 2014 高考英语阅读理解一轮(暑假)训练题(8)及答案

As you move around your home, take a good look at the things you have. It is likely that your living room will have a television set and a video, and your kitchen a washing machine and a microwave oven. Your bedroom drawers will be filled with almost three times as many clothes as you need. You almost certainly own a car and possibly a home computer, holiday abroad at least once a year and eat out at least once a week. Now, perhaps, more than ever before, people are wondering what life is all about, and what it is for. Seeking material success is beginning to trouble large numbers of people around the world. They feel that the long hours work culture to make more money is eating up their lives, leaving them very little time or energy for family or pastimes. Many are turning to other ways of living and downshifting is one of them. Six percent of workers in Britain took the decision to downshift last year. One couple who downshifted is Daniel and Liz. They used to work in central London. He was a newspaper reporter and she used to work for an international bank. They would go to work by train every day from their large house in the suburbs, leaving their two children with a nanny. Most evenings Daniel wouldn’t get home until eight or nine o’clock and nearly twice a month he would have to fly to New York for meetings. They both earned a large amount of money but began to feel that life was passing them by. Nowadays, they run a farm in the mountains of Wales. “I always wanted to have a farm then,” says Daniel, “and we took almost a year to make the decision to downshift. It’s taken some time getting used to, but it’s been worth it. We have to think twice now about spending money on car repairs and we no longer have any holidays. However, I think it’s made us stronger as a family, and the children are much happier. Liz, however, is not quite sure. “I used to enjoy my job, even though it was hard work and long hours. I’m not really a country girl, but I suppose I’m gradually getting used to looking after the animals. One thing I do like, however, is being able to see more of my children. My advice for other people wanting to do the same

is not to think about it too much, or you might not do it at all.” 44. The passage tells us that .

A. people seldom work long hours to make money B. people hardly buy more things than necessary C. people are sure everything they own is in the right place D. people realize there is more to life than just making money 45. When Daniel was a reporter, he ______. A. lived in central London B. was well paid C. missed his children D. disliked his job 46. Daniel and Liz both agree that the move to the farm ______. A. was easy to organize B. was extremely expensive

C. has improved family life D. has been a total success 47. The underlined word “downshifting” in the 2nd paragraph refers to ______. A. repairing your car by yourself B. spending money carefully C. moving out to the countryside to live a simpler and better life D. living in a big house in the suburbs and dining out once a week

C) 44—47 DBCC; *******************************************************结束

(山东省烟台市高三调研测试) I f cars had wings, they could fly and that just might happen, beginning in 2011.The company Terrafugia, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, says it plans to deliver its car-plane, the Transition, to customers by the end of 2011.


"It's the next 'wow' vehicle, "said Terrafugia vice president Richard Gersh." Anybody can buy a Ferrari, but as we say, Ferraris don't fly."

The car-plane has wings that unfold for flying — a process the company says takes one minute — and fold back up for driving. A runway is still required to take off and land.

The Transition is being marketed more as a plane that drives than a car that flies, although it is both. The company has been working with FAA to meet aircraft regulations, and with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to meet vehicle safety regulations.

The company is aiming to sell the Transition to private pilots as a more convenient and cheaper way to fly. They say it saves you the trouble from trying to find another mode of transportation to get to and from airports: You drive the car to the airport and then you're good to go. When you land, you fold up the wings and hit the road. There are no expensive parking fees because you don't have to sto re it at an airport — you park it in the garage at home.

The car-plane is designed to fly primarily under 10,000 feet. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,430 pounds, including fuel and passengers. Terrafugia says the Transition reduces the potential for an accident by allowing pilots to drive under the bad weather instead of flying into marginal(临界的)conditions.

The Transition's price tag: 94,000. But there may be additional charges for options like a radio, a transponder or a GPS. Another, option is a full-plane parachute.

"If you get into a very awful situation, it is the necessary safety option," Gersh said.

So far, the company has more than 70 orders with deposits." We're working very closely with them, but there are still some remaining steps," Brown said.

(1)We can learn from the first two paragraphs that ____.

A.car-planes will be popular in 2011

B.people might drive a car-plane in 2011

C.both the Transition and Ferrari can take off and land

D.Richard Gersh is the vice president of Massachusetts

(2)It t akes the car-plane one minute to ____.

A.fold and unfold its wings

B.unfold wings for flying

C.land in the airport

D.meet flying safety regulations

(3)According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A.The car-plane needs a runway to take off and land.

B.To meet aircraft regulations, the company has been working with FAA.

C.The car-plane may fly as high as normal planes.

D.People can park the car-plane in the garage at their home.


(4)The underlined word "it" in the last but one paragraph refers to ____.

A.the radio

B.the transponder

C.the GPS

D.the full-plane parachute

(5)What's the best title for the passage?

A.Cars with wings maybe just around the corner

B.Which to choose: a Ferrari or a car-plane?

C.A more convenient and cheaper way to fly

D.Cars with wings can fly as fast as planes


大千世 界,无奇不有。一种既能够在陆地上行驶,又可以在空中飞行的汽车式飞


(1)B 推理判断题。第一段提到这家公司计划在 2011 年的年底之前推出这款新产品,由此可 推测 B 项正确。

(2)B 细节理解题。根据第三段可知它打开飞行用的机翼需要一分钟的时间。故选 B。

(3)C 正误判断题。第六段的第一句提到这款产品设计的起初飞行高度是一万英尺以下,由 此可知它不能和正常的飞机飞行同样的高度。

(4)D 猜测词义题。根据本句前半句中的内容可推测此处指代的是上一段最后一句中提到的 full-plane parachute(降落伞)。

(5)A 主旨大意题。本文是新闻报道,第一段是中心段,再结合下文可知 A 项最能概括文章 大意。



(河北省正定中学三模) Daredevil climber Alain Robert, known as the French Spiderman, stood strong winds and rain to climb the world's tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101, Saturday. Robert, dressed in red rain jacket, tights and climbing shoes, climbed up ropes hung down the side of the 101 storey, 1,667-foot office tower, reaching the top in around four hours."It was a very big moment and I felt a lot of satisfaction though I was so tired and nearly all of my muscles were painful.I felt completely eased." said Robert after taking the ride down in one of the tower's lifts, the world's fastest. Several hundred on-lookers and shoppers gathered at the base of the tower watching and cheering Robert's progress through live pictures on a large television screen.At times he disappeared from view as clouds passed by the top of the tower surrounding the upper stories. The 42-year-old Frenchman has covered scores of well-known structures ar ound the world including the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower——without permission or any safety equipment or ropes. This time Robert was wearing a harness (背带) fastened to safety ropes for the entire climb.He used the ropes to pull himself up most of the way, using his hands and feet to climb up the walls for only short sections.He said that the management had requested he wear the ropes and safety equipment, which had also become necessary due to the rain making the windows and frames very slippery.Robert said he would not carry his pity the next time. 57.The text mainly tells us that _________. A.another world record was broken by a Frenchman B.The French Spiderman climbed the world's tallest building C.How Alain Robert got the name" Daredevil" D.Alain Robert was praised for his great success 58.During his climbing up Taipei 101, Alain Robert ________.

A.never felt tired all the time B.never used his hands and feet C.stayed somewhere for a short rest D.was not seen on the television screen now and then 59.When Alain Robert climbed the Empire State Building, he was likely to ________. A.use only his hands and feet C.carry some safety equipment B.be 42 years old D.get permission of someone

60.According to the text, we can infer that Alain Robert ________. A.spent three hours climbing Taipei 101 B.chose a rainy day on purpose C.will climb Taipei 101 a second time D.got lots of help from on-lookers



4、 (2010·河南省开封市三模) Disposing (处理) of waste has been a problem since humans started producing it. As more and more people choose to live close together in cities, the w aste disposal problem becomes increasingly difficult. During the eighteenth century, it was usual for several neighboring towns to get together to select a faraway spot as a dump site. Residents or trash haulers (垃 圾拖运者) would transport household rubbish, rotted wood, and old possessions to the site. Periodically some of the trash was burned and the rest was buried. The unpleasant sights and smells caused no problem because nobody lived close by. Factories, mills, and other industrial sites also had waste to be disposed of. Those located on rivers often just dumped the unwanted remains into the water. Others built huge burners with chimneys to deal with the problem. Several facts make these choices unacceptable to modern society. The first problem

is space. Dumps, which are now called landfills, are most needed in heavily populated areas. Such areas rarely have empty land suitable for this purpose. Property is either too expensive or too close to residential neighborhoods. Long distance trash hauling has been a common practice, but once farm areas are refusing to accept rubbish from elsewhere, cheap land within trucking distance of major city areas is nonexistent. Awareness (意识) of pollution dangers has resulted in more strict rules of waste disposal. Pollution of rivers, ground water, land and air is a price people cannot longer pay to get rid of waste. The amount of waste, however, continues to grow. Recycling efforts have become common place, and many towns require their people to take part. Even the most efficient recycling programs, however, can hope to deal with only about 50 percent of a city's reusable waste. 64. The most suitable title for this passage would be .

A. Places for Disposing Waste C. Ways of Getting Rid of Waste

B. Waste Pollution Dangers D. Waste Disposal Problem

65. During the 18th century, people disposed their waste in many ways except for . A. burying it C. burning it B. recycling it D. throwing it into rivers

66. What can be inferred from the third paragraph? A. Farm areas will continue accepting waste from the city in modern society. B. There is cheap land to bury waste in modern society. C. It is difficult to find space to bury waste in modern society. D. Ways to deal with waste in modern society stay the same. 67. The main purpose of writing this article is to .

A. draw people's attention to waste management B. warn people of the pollution dangers we are facing C. call on people to take part in recycling programs D. tell people a better way to get rid of the waste

4、参考答案--------------D B C A



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