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2012 届高考英语二轮专题复习经典导学案资料(七十三)
每日一句 He has been away from home for almost one month, so he is likely to lack food for lack of cash, his father estimated. 他已经离家出走近一个月了,所以他可能因为缺少现金而买不起食物,他父亲估计道。 基础词汇强化练习 11. He signed the letter “A________, your brotherBill.” 12. The river forms the d________ between the old and new parts of the city. 13. To my great r________, her injuries were slight. 14. They danced round in circles until they were d________. 15. The car a________ to overtake me. 16. The book was written s________ for children. 17. The audience warmly a________ the perfomers for their wonderful performance. 18. This new discovery of oil is of great s________ to the country’s economy. 19. The ancient Egyptians knew ways to p________ dead bodies from decay (腐烂). 20. He was with an eldly man and woman, whom I a________ to be his grandparents. Affectionately division relief dizzy accelerated specifically applauded significance preserve assumed 书面表达经典句式强化记忆 217. Make sure to do sth.—定要做某事. Make sure to leave a note if you go out. 你出去的话一定要留个条. 218. Maybe it's better to... 可能??会更好一些. Maybe it's better to stay at the hospital for another few days. 你在医院再住几天可能会更好一些. 219. ... means a great deal to me.??对我意义重大. Your encouragement means a great deal to me. 你的鼓励对我来说意义重大. 书面表达经典朗读素材 岁月不待人-Time and Tide Wait for No Man “Time and tide wait for no man.”This is a proverb we learned in high school. Simple as it is, it tells an everlasting①truth of life. Since time never stops for anyone or anything, all people have to give in to its quick-passing steps. The pressing problem then is this: how to make good use of it? People may have different attitudes towards it. Some think time is never to be used up. If today ends, there is still tomorrow. So they do not think it necessary to finish today's work within the day. They always put it until tomorrow. In the end they will succeed in nothing. Another sort of people do not think this way. They know the limit of time. Although as a whole, time is infinite② but it is finite③ to every single person. An average person may have 70 years of life, much of which has to be spent on eating, sleeping and other ordinary matters. That which one uses on study and work takes only a small part. But it is this small part that really counts. Whether one is successful or one's work is meaningful④ depends on it. Now the answer to the question raised in the first paragraph seems clear. To work hard and never leave today's work till tomorrow are the best ways to spend time.
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经典谚语积累 Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child. 不懂世故, 幼稚可笑。 高频考点拾贝 阅读理解系列 高考阅读理解文章的材料一般都出自英美国家阅读材料原文或适当修改,体现原汁原味。 文章更加注重语言材料的真实性。 阅读理解试题体裁广泛,一般有记叙文,议论文,说明文和应用文。题材涉及内容广,在 选材方面,突出生态环保、人物传记、名人轶事、社会风俗文化、大众科普、广告、文学作 品、社会热点、时文报道等,这些题材能使考生扩大对异域文化的接触。 ?记叙文 The engineer Camillo Olivetti was 40 years old when he started the company in 1908. At his factory in Ivrea, he designed and produced the first Italian typewriter, Today the company’s head office is still in Ivrea, near Turin, but the company is much larger than it was in those days and there are offices all around the world. By 1930 there was a staff of 700 and the company turned out 13, 000 machines a year. Some went to customers in Italy, but Olivetti exported more typewriters to other countries. Camillo’s son, Adriano, started working for the company in 1924 and later he became the boss. He introduced a standard speed for the production line and he employed technology and design specialists. The company developed new and better typewriters and then calculators(计算机). In 1959 it produced the ELEA computer system. This was the first mainframe(主机)computer designed and made in Italy. After Adriano died in 1960, the company had a period of financial problems. Other companies, especially the Japanese, made faster progress in electronic technology than the Italian company. In 1978, Carlo de Benedetti became the new boss. Olivetti increased its marketing and service networks and made agreements with other companies to design and produce more advanced office equipment. Soon it became one of the world’s leading companies in information technology and communications. There are now five independent companies in the Olivetti group—one for personal computers, one for other office equipment, one for systems and services, and two for telecommunications. 1.From the text we learn that________. A.by 1930 Olivetti produced 13, 000 typewriters a year B.Olivetti earned more in the 1960s than in the 1950s C.some of Olivetti’s 700 staff regularly visited customers in Italy D.Olivetti set up offices in other countries from the very beginning 解析:事实理解题。根据第二段第一句可知 Olivetti 公司到 1930 年时每年可生产 13, 000 台打字机。故选 A。由第四段第一句中的 the company had a period of financial problems 可知公司在 20 世纪 60 年代出现了经济问题, 故排除 B; 由第二段第二句可知 C 中的 regularly 错误,故排除 C;由第一段第二句可知 D 中的 from the very beginning 错误。 答案:A 2. What was probably the direct result of Olivetti’s falling behind in electronic technology?
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A.Adriano’s death. B.A period of financial problems. C.Its faster progress. D.Its agreements with other companies. 解析:推理判断题。由第四段可知 Olivetti 公司在 1960 年存在经济问题,而其他公司却在 飞速发展,故推断出 B。 答案:B 3.What do we know about Olivetti? A.It produced the best typewriter in the world. B.It designed the world’s first mainframe computer. C.It exported more typewriters than other companies. D.It has five independent companies with its head office in Ivrea. 解析: 事实细节题。 由第一段最后一句和最后一段最后一句可知 Olivetti 公司的总部在 Ivrea, 另外有五个分公司。故选 D。A 中的 the best typewriter 错误;由第三段最后一句可知它设 计出意大利的第一台电脑主机,而不是世界第一台,故排除 B;由第二段最后一句可知“它向 其他国家出口更多打字机”,而不是“比其他国家出口更多的打字机”,故排除 C。 答案:D 4.The best title for the text would be________. A.The Origin of Olivetti B.The Success of Olivetti C.The History of Olivetti D.The Production of Olivetti 解析:主旨大意题。通读全文可知:作者从第一段开始以时间为线索分别向我们叙述了 Olivetti 公司的发展史,故选 C。而 A、B 和 D 只是文章中的部分内容,比较片面,故排除。 答案:C 高考考纲词汇记忆 重点单词 gradually [?ɡr?dj??l?] ad. 逐渐地 graduate [?ɡr?dj??t] v. 毕业 graduation [ɡr?dj??e??(?)n] n. 毕业,毕业典礼 grain [ɡre?n] n. 谷物,谷类 gram [ɡr?m] n. 克(重量单位) grammar [?ɡr?m?(r)] n. 语法 grand [ɡr?nd] a. 宏伟的 grandchild ['gr?nt?a?ld] n.(外)孙或孙女.孙辈 granddaughter [?ɡr?nd??t?(r)] n. (外)孙女 grandma = grandmother [?ɡr?nmɑ?, ?ɡr?ndmɑ?] n. 奶奶;外婆 grandpa = grandfather [?ɡr?npɑ?, ?ɡr?ndpɑ?] n.爷爷,外公 grandparents [?ɡr?ndpe?r?nt] n.祖父母.外祖父母 grandson [?ɡr?nds?n] n. (外)孙子 granny [?ɡr?n?] n. 老奶奶;祖母;外婆 grape [ɡre?p] n. 葡萄 graph [ɡrɑ?f; (US) ɡr?f] n. 图表,曲线图 grasp [ɡrɑ?sp; (US) ɡr?sp] v. 抓住;紧握 grass [ɡrɑ?s; (US) ɡr?s] n. 草;草场;牧草 grateful [?ɡre?tf?l] a. 感激的,感谢的 gravity [?ɡr?v?t?] n. 重力,地球引力 great [ɡre?t] a. 伟大的,重要的,好极了 ad. (口语)好极了,很好 Greece [ɡri?s] * n. 希腊
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重点短语 go/ be on a diet 节食 differ from?in? 在 sth 方面不同于 sth small difference 微小的差异 make a difference 造成不同/差异 be different from 不同于 have difficulty/ trouble (in) doing 做 sth 有困难 in difficulty 处于困境 with dignity 有尊严的 in the direction of;朝...的方面 in the opposite direction;朝相反的方向 to sb’s disappointment 使 sb 失望的是 disapprove of sth;不同意 sth natural disaster;自然灾害 discourage sb from doing 使 sb 灰心丧气不去做 sth discuss sth with sb 和 sb 谈论 sth under discussion;在讨论中 suffer from a disease 患病 dismiss sb from sth;从 sth 职位开除 sb dismiss sb for sth 因为 sth 而开除 sb mental disorder 精神错乱 in disorder 没有秩序 on display 在展示中 in the distance 在远处 at some/ a distance 在一定的距离 within walking distance 在步行距离内 divide?into?把 sth 分成 have something/ nothing to do with;和 sth 有关/无关 do with;处理 domestic animals 家畜 donate sth to sb 把 sth 捐赠给 sb No doubt 毫无疑问 There is no doubt that? without doubt 毫无置疑、、 、 be down with 由于 sth 而病倒了

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