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2012-2013 学年下学期高一英语必修四英语导学案






Book IV Unit 1 Women of achievement 词汇学习

1) She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. 2) I never argue with my husband about money. 3) He strongly argued against the plan to go for a picnic because of the bad weather. ★4. intend vt. 打算, 计划; 打算使…(成为); 供…(用)(常与 for; as; to do 连用) 1) How long do you intend to stay here? 你打算在这呆多久? 2) I intend that all humans become vegetarian. 我意愿所有人都成为素食者。 3) I realized that it was intended for women in the countryside. ★5. deliver vt. 递送;生(小孩) ;发表(演说等) n. delivery 分娩;递送 1) He delivered an important speech at the meeting. 2) The ordered goods are to be delivered in ten days.
【自我梳理】 方法导引:请

3. argue 短语: 1)__________ 2)为了某事和 某人争论 ___________ 3) 辩 论 赞 成 / 反对某项建 议 ___________ 4.intend to 的 短语 1)__________ 2)__________ 3)__________ 5.deliver 意思 1)__________ 2)__________ 3)__________ 6.inspire____ inspired_____ Inspiring____ 7.move off 的 意思_______ ___________ move 的其他 短语: ___________ 8.work out 的 意思: 1)__________ 2)__________ 3)__________

Class:____ Group:____ No.____ Name:__________ 组内评价:___________教师评价:_________ 【学习目标】 1. 扎实掌握 6 个单词、7 个短语和 2 个句型的用法,提高理解记忆后翻译句子的能力。 2. 通过自主学习、合作探究,学会分析例句并在语境中灵活运用所学知识的方法。 3. 激情投入,全力以赴,在运用中体验学习英语的快乐。 【使用说明及学法指导】

同学们一定要深刻理解并熟练掌握 worthwhile, observe, argue, intend 等词的用法, 记住 move off, work out, refer to 等短语的意思,并能熟练灵活运用所学知识。 1. 15 分钟答疑解惑,疯狂背诵例句知识点。 2. 5 分钟,对桌互查 5 个单词 7 个短语和 1 个句型的用法,提问例句。 3. 15 分钟合作探究, 讨论点评知识运用。

4. 10 分钟巩固落实、当堂检测。 【分层目标】 ★ ★★ C 层:熟练掌握单词、短语和句型的用法及例句。 B 层:使用本单元所学的单词、短语和句型造句。

★★★ A 层:灵活运用所学翻译句子。

用法,最后背诵例句。 )


3) The doctor delivered the twins safely. ★6. inspire vt. 鼓舞,鼓励 1) She inspired us to work hard. 2) All the students are ________ by the________ lecture made by the headmaster.(用 inspire 的正确形式填空) II. Phrases: ★★1. move off 离开;起程;出发 Last night he moved off without saying goodbye. move out 搬出去;迁出 move over/up 挪开;让位 inspiring adj. 鼓动的;令人鼓舞的 inspired adj. 有灵感的;受神感召的

I. Words:(方法导引:自学《非常学案》和课后注释,根据例句梳理单词的 根 据 自 学 内 容及《非常学 ★1. worthwhile adj. 值得的;值得做的
案》画出以下 词汇的知识 树。 1)__________ 2)__________


1) It is worthwhile to read/ reading this book. 这本书值得一读。 拓展: 1) worth adj. 值得的 be worth doing

2) Teaching is a very worthwhile career. (表示“值得花时间或精力的”) 1.worthwhile 2) worthy adj. 值得的, 高尚的 be worthy of + n./being done/to be done 3)__________ ★2. observe vt. 观察;察觉到; 遵守;庆祝;欢度 observer n. 观察者 1) She spent years observing and recording their daily activities. 2) Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still observe the 2. Observe 的 traditional customs. 3) I observed him enter the bank. ★3.argue vi.& vt. 争论;辩论; 说服 argument n.
意思: 1)__________ 2)__________ 3)__________

拓展:move in/into 搬进? move on(to sth.)开始做(别的事) ;换(话题) ___________ ★★2. work out 辨认出; 计算,算出; 解决; 锻炼身体,做运动 1) Can you work out what these signals mean? 2) He has worked out our expense (费用). 3) I don’t know how to work out this problem.
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2012-2013 学年下学期高一英语必修四英语导学案






4) I work out regularly to keep fit.____________ ★★3. refer to 查阅;参考;谈到 1) It is the first time that he has referred to the problem at the meeting. 2) Refer to the dictionary and you will work it out. 3) The problem was referred to the court(法庭). 4) The American Indians referred to salt as “magic white sand”. ★★4. look down upon/on 蔑视;看不起 Women were looked down upon before liberation(解放). ★★5. crowd in 涌入;挤进 Memories crowded in on me.. 往事一齐涌上我心头。 ★★6. lead a ...life 过着??的生活 She leads a happy life. 她过着幸福的生活。 ★★7. come across (偶然)遇见;碰见 I came across an old friend in the school yard this morning. 拓展:come about 发生;产生
III. Sentence patterns:

4)__________ 9.refer to 的意 思_________ be referred to ___________ refer sth. as ___________ 10.与 look 相 关的短语还 有 哪 些 ? ___________ ___________ ___________ 11.看不起; 蔑 视_________ 12.涌入; 挤进 ___________

活学活用:利用本节所学的词汇、短语或句型翻译下列句子。 1. 努力保护环境是值得做的事情。(worthwhile )

1.先列出运用 到的词汇、短 语,选用恰当 的句型,注意 人称和时态。 2.加工润色, 连词成句,连 句成篇,添加 适当的过渡 词,使之连贯 顺畅。

2. 作为一名学生,你不应该瞧不起哪些知道得比你少的同学。(look down on) _______________________________________________________________ 3. 如果你想知道如何翻译这个句子,你最好查字典。(refer to) _______________________________________________________________ 4. 当队伍离开广场后,人群拥了进来。(move off; crowd in) _______________________________________________________________ 5. 她的行为鼓舞了我们。(behavior;inspire) _______________________________________________________________

1. The problem is ________. A. worth paying attention C. worthy being paid attention to B. worthy to be paid attention D. worthy of being paid attention to

come after 追赶

come along 到来;出现

3.注意要书写 规范认真并 用红笔标记 重点课后整 理落实词汇 句型的用法。 在做题中,思 考,总结用 法,提高语言 活用能力。

come out 出版;开花; (消息,真相等)传出

★★★1. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was 13.过 着 ? 的 she allowed to begin her project 这是个倒装句型,原因是 only+______ 置于句首,主句要用半倒装。 ★★★2. Further reading made me realize that it was hard work and determination as well as her gentle nature that had got her into medical school. realize 后是一个由 that 引导的________从句,这个从句本身是一个____ ____________句型。
生活_______ 14.部 分 倒 装 的句型: 1)__________ 2)__________ 15.强 调 句 型 的构成_____

2. The way he thought of ______ the problem is wonderful. A. working at B. to work at C. to work out D. working out 3. The flowers ____ my girl friend, but my sister thought they were for her and took them. A. were intended for B. intended for C. intended to give D. intended giving 4. She has ____ the stars all the night. A. noticed B. observed C. discovered D. seen 5. He had to do an extra job after work, for he had a big family _______. A. to look at B. to be observed C. to support for D. to support 6. The head master will have the opening speech _____ by a student. A. deliver B. delivered C. delivering D. to deliver 7. What he said at the meeting means____ those who had cut down the forests. A. to argue against B. to argue for C. arguing for D. arguing about 8. Don’t _____ a person only because he has failed in an examination A. look up B. look down C. look down on D. look up to
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分层目标: ★ C 层:熟练掌握单词、短语和句型的用法及例句。 ★★ B 层: 使用本单元所学的单词、短语和句型造句。 ★★★A 层: 灵活运用所学创作小作文,恰当使用衔接词,使之流畅。

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