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高中英语 介词用法记忆口诀

inat in in... at in with by in in at to on* "......"on of on in oncabcarriage in at with ...... by know to man thisthattomorrowyesterdaynextlastone
overunder abovebelow ' beyond against* besidesexcept among along except for because of, owing to due to under offrom beforeafter , agolater before ago since during since beside last but one for towards but for ing ...... in to to
in in the morning in the afternoon in the evening in the day at

: at dawn, at daybreak at noon at night at midnight at six o'clock 6 at 730 (seven thirty) 7 at half past eleven 11 at nine fifteen 9 15 at ten thirty a.m. 10 30 seven to five 5 7 () five minutes after two 2 5 at a quarter to two 1 45 at the weekend """""" ( on) in in 1986 1986 in 1927 1927 in April in March in December 1986 1986 12 in July l983 1983 7 in spring in summer in autumn in winter in the fist week of this semester in the third week in in Don't read in dim light. They are reviewing their lessons in the bright light. They are sitting in the shade of a tree. a prisoner in irons He went in the rain to meet me at the station. The poor dressed (clothed) in rags in old society.
in the bright sunlight a merchant in disguise the woman in white (black, red, yellow) () in uniform in mourning in brown shoes

in his shirt sleeves
in... : They will come back in 10 days. 10 I'll come round in a day or two. We'll be back in no time. Come and see me in two days' time. () after... ()
at in Li and I arrived at Heishan county safe and sound, all is well. Don't worry.
I live in a great city (big city), my sister lives at a small town while my parents
live at a village. I'm in Liaoning, at Anshan. with by in
The workers are paving a road with stone. () The teacher is correcting the paper with a new pen.
() "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy" is a good opera. <<>>-
() The product is separated by distilation into gasoline and gas oil.
(--) I really can't express my idea in English freely in-deed
( in) I wrote a novel in Russian. () The kilometer is the biggest unit of length in the metric system
( in ) The length is measured in meter, kilometre, and centimetre.
() This board was cast in bronze not in gold. in : The Democratic Party was then in power. They found the patient in a coma. He has not been in good health for some years. Many who came in despair went away in hope.
The house was in ruins. The poor girl was in tears.
Her clothes were in rags. His shoes were in holes. I only said it in fun. She spoke in grief rather than in anger.

in in jest in joke in spite in fairness in revenge
, in mercy in sorrow His mind was in great confusion. Today everybody is in high spirits and no one is in low ebb.
She and her classmates are in flower ages. The compaign was in full swing. we accepted the item in principle.
They are never backward in giving their views. The backward area has achieved self-sufficient in grain.
A good teacher must be an example in study. All the speeches were taken down in shorthand. The Party has always educated us in the spirit of patriotism and internationalism.
in in all in advance in the meantime in place in hopes of( in the hope of) ....... in connection with ...... in contact with ...... in addition to ...... in case of in conflict with ...... in force in depth in regard to in the neighborhood of in retrospect in behalf of ...... in the least in alarm in the opinion of ...... in the long run
in one's opinion ...... in word in a word

in vain , in case in detail in haste in conclusion in spite of in other words... in return in the name of ...... be confident in ...... be interested in ...... in doubt in love in debt in fun (jestjoke) in hesitation in wonder in public (secret) () in a good humour () " atto " at to ; at to 1. AShe came at me. BShe came to me. 2AJake ran at John. BJake ran to John. 3A. He rushed at the woman with a sword. B. He rushed to the woman with a sword. 4AHe shouted at the old man. B. He shouted to the old man. 5AI heard her muttering at Xiao Li. BI heard her muttering to Xiao Li. 6A. She talked at you just now. BShe talked to you just now. . 7AShe threw a bone at the dog. BShe threw a bone to the dog. 8AHe presented a pistol at me. BHe presented a pistol to me. ; on : on Octorber the first 1949 1949 10 1 on February the thirteenth l893 1893 2 13 on May the first 5 1 on the first 1 on the sixteenth 16

on the second of January on January the second 1 2
on a summer evening on Boxing Day () on New Year's Day on my birthday in the Christmas holidays ; in the eighteenth century
; in ancient times ; in earlier times ; in modern times inthe present time at the present day at
on May Day "" on winter day on Decenber 12th 1950 l950 12 12 on Sunday on Monday on Tuesday morning on Saturday afternoon on Friday evening last night in the evening ; on time in time of on in on the morning of 18th 18 on the evening of 4th 4 On the eve of their departure they gave a farewell banquet and their head gave a garewell speech. on Did your supervisor like the story over (or on) the radio last night? ? I heard the news over (or on) the radio. taIk over the radio on TV ...... hear something on the wireless My brother works on an Army reclamation farm. The students are working on a school farm. This is a farmer's house on a farm. Who is on duty, tody? ? We go on duty at 8 a.m. 8
* : This afternoon we are going to listen to a report on the international
situation. Professor Shen will give us a talk on travelling in America.
You are wrong on all these issues. The belief is based on practical experience. Theory must be based on practice.

The people in the south live on rice. (*) The citizens live on their salaries. * You can't afford luxuries, on an income of 100 yuan a month * 100 Her pet dogs were fed on the choicest food He is just a scrounger, who lives on other people. * Keep the kettle on the boil (=boiling). The enemy are on the run (=running). on the on the march on the mend on the prowl on the move on the scrounge ()on the go on the lookout , on the watch on the hop on the People's Democratic Dictatorship<<>><<>> on the People's Democratic Dictatorship<<>>
"on Coalition Government" <<>>
The house next to mine was on fire. The workers of the railway station were on strike. Grapes and big water melons from Sinkiang are on sale on a large sale. do something on the sly (quiet). () I've come here on business. They went to Bern on a mission. They has been away on a long trip. I'll go home on leave next month. I went on business to Shanghai. I did not take leave. She came to see you on purpose. He came here on purpose to discuss it with you. This lunch is on me. "No. let's go Dutch." "" "" On the contrary, it was very easy to understand. P1ease come on time. (on schedule). in time "" The train arrived on schedule. "......" on Gases expand on heating and contract on cooling. ()

On entering the room, he found his friends dancing in high spirits.
On reaching the city he called up Lao Yang. I'll write to him on hearing from you. (......) on the left, right on the stair oncabcarriage in On foot ; on horse ; on donkey He rode on, blood flowing from his side. The soldier of the Eighth Route Army rode 100 li on a horse a day in order to catch up with his unit. Go on horse back! You are having me on! ! in cab in carriage on by cab carrige at ............ at At the foot of the mountain, there are thirty of our comrades. 30 There is a beautiful lake at the foot of the hill. At the gate of the house there are many children playing glassball. Who's standing there at the door? ? I don't need the dictionary at present. He is at present in Washington. The train runs at fifty kilometres an hour. 50 we built the plant at top speed and minimun cost. at home at ten degrees centigrade 10 at minus ten degrees centigrade 10
Water freezes at 0centigrade. Water usually boils at 100. loo at zero at the rate of 45 miles an hour at full speed at a good price at a low cost at a great cost at that time Evaporation takes place at all tempertures.
at 1000RPM (revolution per minute) 1000 at a high speed The soldiers launched an attack upon the enemy at sunset.

at daybreak The force at the core leading our cause forward is the Chinese Communist Party.
The atom has a nucleus at its core. At the beginning of this term the teacher in charge of our class was very strict
with us.