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江苏省常州市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空训练(7)

江苏省常州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空训练(7)含答案
Ⅰ.完形填空 Words:300 难度系数:★★ 建议用时:16 分钟 As a music teacher,I have always known that music touches the soul.It can__1__all kinds of barriers to reach students in a very special way.It can be the__2__for each child to find their light.I would like to__3__a story about it. For a few years I was__4__with the opportunity to teach disabled students.One of my most__5__students was a five?year?old girl called Vanessa, had difficulty walking, who and could not speak.We__6__sat on the floor for our music lessons and Vanessa liked to__7__on my lap(大腿).One of her favorite songs was John the Rabbit.It was a call and response song where I sang the call and the students__8__twice while singing the repeating phrase,“Oh,yes!”Vanessa liked to__9__her hands together with mine and clap with me.We probably performed that song during every class,Vanessa and I clapping together.But she__10__said or sang a word. One day,when the song was finished,Vanessa turned around,__11__me in the eye, clapped her tiny hands twice and said the words“Oh , yes ! ”I opened my mouth in__12__and for that moment I was the one who could not speak.When my heart__13__started beating again,I looked over at the assistant teacher to find her also__14__.Through music,we had made an awesome connection. Several years later,I met Vanessa on the street in town.She waved with a big__15__on her face and then clapped her hands twice,imitating the song we had__16__so many times in our music class.The little girl,__17__her connection with music,left an impression on me that will last forever.Every child has the__18__to learn and grow.It is up to us to__19__the way to reach each and every one of our students.We all must find each child’s__20__. 【解题导语】 音乐能够触及人的心灵,创造奇迹。 1.A.get across C.take over B.put away D.break through

解析: D。 选 它能用一种特殊的方式突破各种障碍直击学生的心灵。 across 被理解, get 把?? 讲清楚;put away 将??收起,积蓄;take over 接替,控制;break through 突破,克服(障 碍等)。 2.A.means B.direction




解析:选 A。它可能是让每个学生发现自己的闪光点的方法。means 方式;direction 方向; process 过程;effort 努力。 3.A.add C.share B.talk D.write

解析:选 C。我愿意和大家分享一个故事。share 分享。 4.A.blessed C.covered B.tired D.filled

解析:选 A。在过去的一些年中,我曾经有机会教残疾孩子。be blessed with 享有(幸福等), 具有。 5.A.troublesome C.memorable B.hard?working D.sensitive

解析:选 C。其中我最难忘的是一个五岁的孩子。troublesome 带来麻烦的;hard?working 努 力工作的,尽心尽力的;memorable 容易记住的,值得纪念的;sensitive 敏感的。 6.A.hardly C.nearly B.almost D.mostly

解析:选 D。我们通常坐在地板上上音乐课。hardly 几乎不,几乎没有;almost 几乎;nearly 将近;mostly 主要地,通常。 7.A.stand C.lie B.sit D.jump

解析:选 B。联系上文“who had difficulty walking”可知这个小女孩是坐在我的大腿上的。 8.A.sang C.followed B.said D.clapped

解析:选 D。从下文“clap with me”可知答案,clap 意为“拍手”。 9.A.strike C.give B.put D.shake

解析:选 B。Vanessa 喜欢把她的手和我的手放在一起,然后和我一起拍手。strike 敲击;put 放;give 给;shake 摇动。 10.A.ever C.still 解析:选 B。但她从来不说也不唱一个字。 11.A.looked C.glared B.saw D.noticed B.never D.even

解析:选 A。Vanessa 转过身,直视着我的眼睛。look sb.in the eye 直视某人的眼睛。

12.A.horror C.astonishment

B.delight D.embarrassment

解析:选 C。我非常吃惊地张大了嘴。horror 恐惧;delight 高兴;astonishment 吃惊; embarrassment 尴尬。 13.A.immediately C.slowly B.fortunately D.finally

解析:选 D。因吃惊忘了呼吸,忘了心跳,但并不是不呼吸,不心跳了,而是最终回过神来了, 所以不能用 slowly,而用 finally。 14.A.happy C.speechless B.grateful D.hopeless

解析:选 C。我看着那个助理教师,发现她也惊讶地说不出话来了。speechless 无语的。 15.A.greeting C.expression 解析:选 B。她脸上挂着微笑,向我招手。 16.A.performed C.trained B.operated D.organized B.smile D.sign

解析:选 A。模仿我们在音乐课上唱了好几次的歌。perform 表演;operate 操作;train 训 练;organize 组织。 17.A.upon C.from B.through D.beyond

解析:选 B。联系上文“Through music”可知答案。 18.A.standard C.plan B.ability D.necessity

解析:选 B。每个孩子都有学习和成长的能力。 19.A.discover C.test B.invent D.make

解析:选 A。得靠我们去发现通往学生心灵的路。discover 发现;invent 发明;test 检测; make 做。 20.A.virtue C.light B.dream D.rhythm

解析:选 C。我们都必须找到每个孩子的亮点,这句话和第一段中的“It can be...find their light.”相照应。


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【解析】 本文是一篇应用文,主要 介绍了几类实用的广告以及它们的相关信息。

(1)D 事实细节题。从 Rentals 部分可以看出,如果你要在纽约租房子可以发送邮件到

centerperform@aol.com,由此答案选 D 项。
(2)C 事实细节题。从 Positions Hunted 部分可以看出,邮箱地址是 bdsmac@gmail.com 的人 想要找一份工作,再结合"personal assistance”可知他想找一份助理的工作,由此答案选 C 项。

(3)D 事实细节题。从 Books 部分可以看出,如果要买绝版的书(out-of-print books)的话, 可以拨打电话(212)595-4219,由此答案选 D 项。

(4)B 事实细节题。从文章最后的 Personals 部分可以看出这里是关于交友的信息,故 65 岁的 Douglas 想摆脱孤独可以在这里得到些许帮助,答案选 B 项。


高考预练 易错【单项选择】模块 1.________,the girl worked in a hurry. A.Having swept the room B.Another room swept C.Having another room to sweep D.Having another room to be swept 解析:选 C。根据题意可知,空格处不是表时间,而是表原因,据此可排除 A 项。B、D 两项 结构上有错误,故排除。 2.________ the earth to be flat,many feared that Columbus would fall off the edge of the earth. A.Having believed C.Believed B.Believing D.Being believed

解析:选 B。主语 many 指代“许多人”,与 believe 是逻辑上的主动关系。Believing...作 原因状语。 3.—What’s the matter with Tim? —Oh,Tim’s cellphone was left in a taxi accidentally,never ________ again. A.to find C.finding B.to be found D.being found

解析:选 B。考查非谓语动词的运用。根据非谓语动词与逻辑主语的关系,可排除选项 A、C; 而选项 B 表示出乎意料的结果;选项 D 表示自然的、经常性的结果。 4.We often provide our children with toys,footballs or basketballs,________ that all children like these things. A.thinking C.to think B.think D.thought

解析:选 A。句意:我们经常会给孩子一些玩具、足球、篮球等,认为所有的孩子都会喜欢这 些东西。本题主要考查非谓语动词的用法,其中主语 We 就是一个关键词,它与 think 之间是 逻辑上的主动关系,表原因。 5.________the project in time,the staff were working at weekends. A.Completing C.To have completed B.Having completed D.To complete

解析:选 D。此处是不定式作目的状语,意为“为了及时完成这项工程??”。C 项是不定式 的完成式,表示动作在谓语之前发生,不符合题意。