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高考英语 阅读理解考前训练(5)

2013 青岛市高考英语(阅读理解)考前训练(5)及答案解析

(第******篇) In ancient Egypt ,the pharaoh(法老) treated the poor message runner like a prince when he arrived at the palace, if he brought good news. However, if the exhausted runner had the misfortune to bring the pharaoh unhappy news, his head was cut off. Shades of that spirit spread over today’ s conversations.Once a friend and I packed up some peanut butter and sandwiches for an outing. As we walked ,picnic basket in hand, a smiling neighbor looked up at the sky and said, “Oh boy, bad day for a picnic. The weatherman says it’ s going to rain.” I wanted to strike him on the face with the peanut butter and sandwiches. Not for his stupid weather report, for his smile. Several months ago I was racing to catch a bus.As I breathlessly put my handful of cash across the Greyhound counter, the sales agent said with a broad smile, “Oh that bus left five minutes ago.” Dreams of head It’ s not the news that makes someone angry. It’ s the unsympathetic attitude with which it’ s delivered. Everyone must give bad news from time to time, and winning professionals do it with the proper attitude. A doctor advising a patient that she needs an operation does it in a caring way. A boss informing an employee he didn’ t get the job takes on a sympathetic tone.Big winners know, when delivering any bad news, they should share the feeling of the receiver. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this. When you are tired from a long flight, has a hotel clerk cheerfully said that your room isn’ t ready yet? When you had your heart set on the toast beef, has your waiter merrily told you that he just served the last piece? It makes you as traveler or diner want to land your fist right on their unsympathetic faces. Had my neighbor told me of the upcoming rainstorm with sympathy, I would have appreciated his warning.Had the Greyhound salesclerk sympathetically informed me that my bus had already left, I probably would have said, “Oh, that ’ s all right. I’ll catch the next one. ”Big winners, when they bear bad news, deliver bombs with the emotion the bombarded (被轰炸的) person is sure to have. [语篇解读] 当我们告诉别人不好的消息时,我们应该以同情的表情和语气来表达。 1.In Paragraph 1 ,the writer tells the story of the pharaoh to________.

A. make a comparison C. describe a scene [解析] 答案选 B。 [答案] B

B. introduce a topic D. offer an argument


2.In the writer’ s opinion, his neighbor was________. A. friendly C. not considerate [解析] D. not helpful


有考虑作者的感受,由此可知作者的邻居很不会体贴人,考虑事情不周全。 [答案] C 3 . From “Dreams of writer________. A. was mad at the sales agent B. was reminded of the cruel pharaoh C. wished that the sales agent would have bad dreams D. dreamed of cutting the sales agent’ s head that night [解析] 以答案选 A。 [答案] A 4.What is the main idea of the text? A. Delivering bad news properly is important in communication. B. Helping others sincerely is the key to business success. C. Receiving bad news requires great courage. D. Learning ancient traditions can be useful. [解析] 主旨大意题。本文告诉我们“在日常交流中,当向别人传达坏消息时应该委婉 逻辑推理题。从文章第三段推断可知,作者对售票员的这种行为非常愤怒,所 ! ” ( Paragraph 3 ), we learn that the

地表达出来,以照顾到对方的感受,这在日常交流中是非常重要的”。由此可知答案为 A 项。 [答案] A **************************************************结束

5 Some people have the feeling that nothing can be done about their poor reading ability


(能力). They feel hopeless about it. Can you learn to read better, or must you agree that nothing can be done about it? To be sure, people are different. You cannot to do everything as well as certain other people do. It al the students in a class tried out for basketball, some would be very good players; others would be very poor; and many would be in between. But even the very poor players can become much better players if they are guided in the right way, and with plenty of practice. It is the same with reading. Some seem to enjoy reading and to read well without any special help. Others find reading a slow and tiring job. In between, there are all degrees of reading ability. Many experiments have shown that just about every poor reader can improve his reading ability. In these experiments, the poor readers were given tests of reading ability. After some of the causes of their poor reading were discovered, they were given special instruction and practice in reading. After a few months, another test of the same kind was given. In nearly all cases, these people had raised their reading scores. 46.With the example of basketball players, the author shows ____. A. why certain people are poor readers people’s abilities C. why some people are good basketball players D. that good basketball players can be good readers 47.To improve their reading ability, people should ____. A. work long and hard C. have special help and practice B. take different forms of tests D. try different reading materials B. that there are differences in

48.The experiments mentioned in the text show that ____. A. good readers seem to enjoy reading B. almost all poor readers can make progress C. causes of poor reading are difficult to find out D. tests help people improve their reading ability

5. 答案

46.B 47.C 48.B


(第******篇) A rainforest is an area covered by tall trees with the total high rainfall spreading quite equally through the year and the temperature rarely dipping below 16℃.Rainforests have a great effect on the world environment because they can take in heat from the sun and adjust the climate. Without the forest cover, these areas would reflect more heat into the atmosphere,warming the rest of the world.Losing the rainforests may also influence wind and rainfall patterns, potentially causing certain natural disasters all over the world. In the past hundred years, humans have begun destroying rainforests in search of three major resources (资源): land for crops, wood for paper and other products, land for raising farm animals. This action affects the environment as a whole. For example, a lot of carbon dioxide(二氧化碳)in the air comes from burning the rainforests. People obviously have a need for the resources we gain from cutting trees but we will suffer much more than we will benefit. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, when people cut down trees, generally they can only use the land for a year or two. Secondly, cutting large sections of rainforests may provide a good supply of wood right now, but in the long run it actually reduces the world’ s wood supply. Rainforests are often called the world’s drug store. More than 25% of the medicines we use today come from plants in rainforests. However, fewer than 1% of rainforest plants have been examined for their medical value. It is extremely likely that our best chance to cure diseases lies somewhere in the world’s shrinking rainforests. [语篇解读] 文章论述了热带雨林的重要作用以及对环境的影响。 5.Rainforests can help to adjust the climate because they________. A. reflect more heat into the atmosphere B. bring about high rainfall throughout the world C. rarely cause the temperature to drop lower than 16℃ D. reduce the effect of heat from the sun on the earth [解析] 因果判断题。由文章第一段内容可以得出答案。 [答案] D 6.What does the word “this” underlined in the third paragraph refer to?

A. We will lose much more than we can gain. B. Humans have begun destroying rainforests. C. People have a strong desire for resources. D. Much carbon dioxide comes from burning rainforests. [解析] 由上下文内容可知,A 项正确。 [答案] A 7.It can be inferred from the text that________. A. we can get enough resources without rainforests B. there is great medicine potential in rainforests C. we will grow fewer kinds of crops in the gained land D. the level of annual rainfall affects wind patterns [解析] 推测判断题。由文章最后一段内容即可得出答案。 [答案] B 8.What might be the best title for the text? A. How to Save Rainforests B. How to Protect Nature C. Rainforests and the Environment D. Rainforests and Medical Development [解析] 主旨大意题。整篇文章主要论述了热带雨林的重要作用以及砍伐热带雨林对环

境所造成的影响。 [答案] C ***************************************************结束


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