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四川省安岳县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(5)

四川省安岳县 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮练习(5)
完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 Diana Velez does everything with maximum effort-and at maximum speed. That 1 learning a new language, completing two certificates and opening a store. When arriving in Canada in 2008, she had one in Colombia. “I didn’t want to 3 2 :to have what she had back home

what I do ,like so many who come to a new 5 myself

country .” she said , “I 4 to open a store here in Canada but knew I had to properly.”

Diana quickly realized that making her dream of shop ownership in Canada a meant going to school to get the 7


education and certification, “My experience

of owning a shop and working as a designer in Colombia gave me 8 in my abilities but I couldn’t speak the language and I had to 9 how to do things in Canada. It

was like having to 10 all over again ,” said Diana. 11 , she found just the help she needed for her prelaunch (重新开张) 12

continuing education at George Brown College. She began taking

13 for both the

Essential Skills in Fashion Certificate and the Images Consulting Certificate in May 2009. 14 at college. By the end of October 2009, she had completed all certificate requirements. Within two years after her 16 in Canada, Diana at last achieved her 17 goal when Diana met with the language barrier, she was always going 15 while

her new store opened its doors in Toronto’s Sheppard Centre. She was on the fast-track to 18 . Looking back, Diana, a fashion (时装) designer, 19 her achievements to the 20 ,the efforts

goal she set, the education she received from the college, and she made. Now Diana is very happy doing what she is doing. ( ( ( ) 1. A. requires ) 2. A. goal ) 3. A. continue B. encourages B. memory B. choose C. include C. choice C. change

D. advises D. problem D. lose


( ( (

) 4. A. demanded ) 5. A. teach ) 6. A. reality

B. decided B. prepare B. fact B. private B. judgment B. depend on B. start B. Gradually B. for

C. agreed C. enjoy C. challenge C. primary C. influence C. learn about C. suffer C. Luckily C. before

D. hesitated D. persuade D. wonder D. necessary D. confidence D. look into D. work D. Clearly D. with D. courses D. Once D. out D. journey D. distant D. happiness D. owes D. at first

( ) 7. A. physical ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 8. A. pressure ) 9. A. put away ) 10. A. advance ) 11. A. Naturally ) 12. A. through ) 13. A. notes ) 14. A. Though ) 15. A. around ) 16. A. adventure ) 17. A. original ) 18. A. success ) 19. A. adds ) 20. A. after all

B. responsibilities C. chances B. As B. back B. arrival B. common B. wealth B. connects B. above all C. Since C. ahead C. performance C. another C. glory C. devotes C. at least

1. C 解析:考查动词,此处意为“包括”。其余选项 A 要求,B 鼓励;D 建议都不符合意思 2. A 解析:考察名词,goal 意为“目标”;运用原词重现原理,在最后一段有提到 her

achievements to the goal she set. 3. C 考查动词,此句意为“和很多来到一个新的城市一样,我不想改变我做的事情”

4. B 考查动词,此句意为“我决定开一家店”。 5. B 考查动词,此句意为“但是我知道你应该准备好” 6. A 考察名词,make dream a reality 意为“是梦想成为现实” 7. 答案 D 解析:考查形容词, necessary , 必要的。 8. 答案 D 解析:考查名词, 此句意为“在哥伦比亚开店和作设计师的经历给我对能力的信心。“ 9. 答案 C 解析:考查动词短语。A. put away 把...收起;放好 B. depend on 取决于, 视?而定

C. learn about 学习 D. look into 深入地检查,研究。此处意为“学习“才合适。 10. 答案 B 解析:考查动词。因为不会语言, 要学习, 当然是从新开始了。 11. 答案 C 解析:考查副词。A. Naturally 自然地 D. Clearly 显然地,无疑地 12. A 解析:考查介词,through 通过。此句意为“幸运的是,她通过在 George Brown 大学 的学习中找到了重新开张所要的帮助。 13. D 解析:考察名词。在学校里学习的当然是课程啦。 14. A 解析:考查连词。Though 尽管,此句意为:尽管她已经达到了语言的要求,她还是继 续学习。 15. C 解析:考查介词。Go ahead 意为:向前进;继续下去 16. B 解析:考查动词,此句意为“在他达到加拿大的两年内 Diana 至少实现了她最初的目 标,在 Toronto’s Sheppard Centre 开店。 17. 答案 A 解析:考查形容词, 解析见上题。 18. 答案 A 解析:考查名词, 此处意为“成功”。Success 与下文的 achievements 对应。 19. 答案 D 解析:考查动词短语。Owe to 归因于。 20. 答案 B 解析:考查介词短语。A. after all 毕竟;终究;到底 要的是 C. at least 至少 D. at first 最初, 首先。 B. above all 首先;尤其是;最重 B. Gradually 逐渐地 C. Luckily 幸运地

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 [说明文型完形填空] Almost everyone around us uses a phone. Phones provide a simple and efficient means

to conduct work or __1__

social arrangements from day to day.

Several times in course of a work day, you may be __2__ by phone with colleagues, students, lab assistants, secretaries or others on __3__ matters. If you want an appointment with your department head, you would __4__ call him and arrange a time with him. If you were unable to __5__ your appointment, or if you found you had to be late for it, you would phone and change the __6__. In this way, no one __7__ time waiting for someone who is not coming. If you want to buy something, you would “let your __8__ do the walking”. That is, you call __9__ to make sure the store has what you need. If it is an expensive item, you might call several stores to __10__ prices. If you want to take a train or plane, after finding out __11__ and prices, you can call to make a __12__; if you want to shop for clothes after work, you might call to ask how late the store is open __13__ you travel all the way there. Phones are easily __14__. In streets, you can see public phones in which you __15__ coins to make a call. Phones have __16__ answering services; if you are not at home

or in the office, or don't wish to be __17__, you switch on a machine, which will answer the call for you. A prerecorded __18__ will say to the caller, “I'm __19__. I'm not in at the moment. Please leave your name and number and I will call you back as __20__ as possible.” It's more efficient to leave one's name and number than

to waste their time calling again and again. 1. A.handle B.attend C.offer D.match 2. A.conveyed B.consulted C.interrupted D.advised 3. A.private B.selfrelated C.public D.workrelated 4. A.carefully C.normally B.finally


5. A.make B.keep C.break D.remember 6. A.mind B.subject



7. A.arranges B.takes C.kills D.wastes 8. A.fingers B.feet C.head D.legs

9. A.off B.in C.out D.ahead 10. A.bargain B.compare C.pay D.cut 11. A.destination B.route C.schedule D.course

12. A.reservation B.choice C.decision D.study

13. A.until B.unless C.after D.before 14. A.accessible B.acceptable C.portable D.suitable

15. A.deliver B.feed C.change D.use 16. A.proper B.artificial C.automatic D.free 17. A.worried B.upset C.disturbed D.woken 18. A.speech B.message C.notice D.dialogue 19. A.glad B.afraid

C.regretful D.sorry 20. A.soon C.much B.quickly

D.long (一)

【要点综述】你想和你的上司预约见面的时间吗?你想预订机票、火车票吗?拿起你的电话 吧,它会让你方便快捷地完成这些任务。如果你不在家或办公室,如果你不想接电话,它还 可以帮你自动接听。这些都是电话带给我们的方便。 1.A handle 处理;attend 出席,参加;offer 提供;match 匹配。

2.B 在日常工作中经常会有同事、学生等通过电话向你咨询与工作相关的事情。convey 表 达;consult 请教,咨询;interrupt 打扰,打断;advise 建议。 3.D private 私人的; selfrelated 与自我相关的;public 公众的;workrelated 与工作 相关的。第一段提到使用电话开展工作,因此这里是咨询与工作相关的事情。 4. C 正常情况下, 如果你要和你的部门领导预约, 你会打电话与他协商一个时间。 carefully 认真地;finally 最后;normally 正常地;secretly 秘密地。 5.B 由下文可知,如果你不能赴约或者迟到的话,你可以电话告知并改变计划。 6.C 7.D 别人就不会浪费时间等待一个不来的人。waste time (in) doing sth 浪费时间做某事。 8.A finger 手指;foot 脚;head 头;leg 腿。由下文可知,用电话购物可以让你的手指替 你跑腿。 9.D 提前打电话确认商店是否有你要买的东西。 10.B bargain 讨价还价;compare 比较; pay 付款;cut 切割。给几家商店打电话比较一 下价格。 11.C 如果你要乘飞机或火车,查明时刻表和价格后,你就可以打电话订票了。destination 目的地;route 路线;schedule 时刻表;course 课程,过程。 12.A 车票。 13.D 在你到达之前,通过电话问一下商店营业到多晚。 14.A 由下文可知,电话到处都有。accessible 易接近的,可利用的;acceptable 可接受 的;portable 轻便的;suitable 适合的。 15.B deliver 递送;feed 注入;change 兑换; 电话。 16.C 由下文和常识可知,电话有自动回复功能。proper 合适的; artificial 虚 假 的 ; automatic 自动的;free 自由的,免费的。 17.C 如果你不想被打扰,那你就把机器打开替你自动回电话。disturb 打扰,打断。

reservation 预订;choice 选择; decision 决定; study 研究。打电话预订机票或

use 使用。 往公共电话投入硬币才能打

18.B 机器将用事先录制好的留言自动回复电话。 19.D 20.A

2016 高考完形填空选练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 Communication is an important part of any relationship.Many of us are 41 to

share our experiences or emotions with our friends.But when it's our turn to lend a(n)42,we soon become bored or are short of idea on how to _43 and offer advice. That's because of what researchers call "listener burnout(倦怠)”.Friend might talk to us 44,often complaining about the same 45 problems.When we offer quick

advice to _46 the situation, we may be unconsciously trying to 47 0urselves from buyout.However, good listeners 48 their natural tendency to solve the other's problems hurriedly and to keep the conversation brief. To be a good__49 ,you need to use "active listening".It starts with the real _50 to help others and think through their feelings.Don't 51 things.You can start by putting your phone__ 52 and sitting close to your friend.Let your facial expressions53 一 what he or she is saying.__ 54 you are able to fully understand, aeknowledge the other person's 55 by reflecting them back:" That must be really hard for you.”Use 56 words or even sounds such as “yes”, "right”,and"hmm"”t0 57 the other person to continue. 0f course, a.58 can be extremely hard if the other person is too critical.But don't get defensive.Effective listeners don't 59 negative criticism.Instead, they listen and understand 41.A.afraid 42.A.shoulder 43.A.respond 44.A.aimlessly what the person is trying to convey 60 responding. C.shy C.ear C.argue C.deliberately D.eager D.eye D.quit D.cautiously

B.hesitant B.hand B.explain B.endlessly

45.A.difficult 46.A.fix 47.A.forgive 48.A.food 49.A.reader 50.A.demand 51.A.skip 52.A.away 53.A.record 54.A.Whittler

B.old B.discuss B.protect B.display B.partner B.habit B.rush B.off B.restrict B.Since

C.acute C.create C.discourage C.form C.1istener C.desire C.overlook C.out C.reject C.While C.responses C.strong C.encourage C.problem

D.sensitive D.describe D.prevent D.overcome D.speaker D.ability D.postpone D.up D.replace D.If D.feelings D.shun D.convince D.1ecture D.block out D.once 56-60 DCADB

55.A.suggestions B.purposes 56.A.big 57.A.force 58.A.conversation 59.A.give up 60.A.after 参考答案 41-45 DCABB B.tough B.remind

B.suggestion B.make up B.before 46-50 ABDCC

C.1eaVe out C.while 51-55 BACAD


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